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History of NESARA

by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
April 15, 2003
Greetings! Many marvels are unfolding! Consider them as a positive sign and learn to look inside with your discernment, rather than outside yourselves. By applying this insight, you will soon realize that your world is changing drastically, and for the better. Those who represent your world's last stubborn cabal have long and convoluted roots to the core of your society. These secret underpinnings must be transformed and turned into a life-giving part of your global society. It has taken many years for this operation to manifest upon your world. Now, it is occurring. Once you hear the announcements, realize that this is just the beginning. This encouraging start will succeed, and those who so fiercely have resisted will be forced to yield their illegally-acquired power. Even in the face of apparent victory, this cabal's predetermined defeat will come and their many illegal wars, at last, will reach a timely end. We tell you this not only to express our optimism, but also to herald the ultimate dawn of a new age in your reality. This miraculous time will help you to gain a better understanding of the many prodigious responsibilities that are destined to be yours.

This time will also be heralded by an infusion of great abundance. This prosperity will be due largely to the endurance of our earthly allies and the brilliant strategies set in motion, many centuries ago, by the Ascended Masters: Count St Germain, Master Hilarion, Seraphis Bey and Saint Paul the Venetian. These holy Beings were able to bring to this realm a financial and monetary system whose secret purpose was to enable great abundance to rain down at the appropriate time. Although St Germain was ultimately to be responsible for its success, each of the Ascended Masters we have mentioned has played a significant role in its present-day manifestation. Briefly, we would like to explain how the Ottoman Turks, the Hapsburgs of Austria, the Bourbons of France and the Holy See conspired to create a system of banking and trust that has lasted until this day. It is important, at this point, to be aware that these individuals are part of a vast, global council of earthly minions whose ultimate overlords were the Anunnaki. For nearly 13 millennia, these dark, hybrid off-worlders controlled your realm. They relinquished that control nearly a decade ago.

The origins of the fractional banking system are revealed in the ancient treasuries of Rome, Persia, India and China, and in the many empires of the New World. The Anunnaki kept a close watch over this financial operation. By Europe's Middle Ages, control of this system had passed to the Pope and a series of allied monarchs. This group was grievously threatened by the rise of the Ottomans in the Middle East, and by their capture of Constantinople. New arrangements were needed. St Paul the Venetian and Seraphis Bey were leaders in negotiating these secret treaties, but only to prepare the way for the final phase of their strategy. St. Germain carried this out beautifully, with help from Hilarion. The outcome was a world trust for this realm's Light Workers. Funds were to be disbursed with the advent of Christendom's Second Millennium. As that time approached, however, it became increasingly clear that the cabals who control your world wished to avoid this payout. Therefore, a number from these groups, who secretly had supported Count St Germain's original intention, devised a way to defeat the secret manipulations of these dark cabals.

This resulted in the rise of our earthly allies and an exceedingly complex strategy that took decades to bring to fruition. The process began as a way to ensure that the abundance promised by Count St Germain was actually made available to Earth's Light Workers. At first, this amounted to a number of trusts whose true purpose was kept secret. A few decades later, it concerned the bringing to light of a humanitarian project approved by the IMF. Over time, this led to the emergence of a number of governmental, economic and political coalitions, which were protected by the Ascended Masters. They also encouraged divine intervention by the Galactic Federation of Light. This first contact mission would be allied, eventually, with those who so courageously had encouraged the disclosure of Count St Germain's world trust. In 1998, this measure was officially carried into effect by a series of agreements promising that the UFO cover-up would cease when these funds were disbursed.!

The outcome of almost a decade of secret conflict waged between this global coalition and earth's many dark cabals culminated in the latter part of 2000. The dark cabals realized that it was imperative for them to seize the leadership of Earth's last superpower. Thus, they developed a policy that resembled a scheme they had employed in Germany during the 1930s. They hoped that this policy would enable them to block the disbursement of funds. They also hungered to engage in a perpetual war that would allow them to complete the dismantling of this superpower's Bill of Rights. At first, their policy seemed to succeed. However, their spitefulness resulted in a violent reaction that increased our earthly allies' ability to counterbalance the power amassed by these last cabals. Now, this coalition has used your planet's most recent, illegal war as the intolerable, final act that will break these last cabals' hold on the reins of power.

Clearly, a long and arduous drama is being brought to a close. Now, its final scenes are being performed. We in the Galactic Federation, together with the many Councils of Ascended Masters, wish to assure you that this state of affairs will end well. Our earthly allies have been forced to struggle against the schemes of these last cabals, as well as the presence of many well-placed secret intelligence agents. As a result, many of their earlier efforts have been temporarily thwarted. The consequence of these actions has been to witness an abrupt and dramatic increase of trust in our capabilities. Moreover, it has greatly decreased the level of remaining resistance to proclamations of our existence among the general public. This fact delights us, and assures the timely completion of first contact in a post-NESARA world. Then, at last, the nature of our first contact mission can be fully revealed to Earth's humanity.

With this in mind, we have closely monitored recent events. At long last, this illegal government and its ruling cabal have overstepped their boundaries. Further, their actions have tested the courage and convictions of our earthly allies. We all welcome this process, since it has allowed our earthly allies to remove certain individuals who may have tried to undermine the intentions of any post-NESARA transitional regime. Further, such delays have increased our earthly allies' determination to continue to take part in this operation until it is successfully concluded. The announcements will usher you into a new reality and end the long nightmare conceived, so very long ago, by the Anunnaki and their earthly minions. This new world will allow you to realize your true missions and make possible a reunion with your heavenly and space families.

As we enter the next stages of our first contact mission, we, the many worlds and star-nations that form this first contact team, wish to salute you. This road has been a long and tortuous one for you. Many times, it has left you frustrated and even questioning whether this mission would be carried out. Nonetheless, you have persevered and remained unflinchingly focused upon your goals and desires. Heaven will richly reward your commitment. You belong to a multitudinous team that has arrived on this world and will change it for the better. We cannot overemphasize, dear Hearts, the magnitude of your victory. It allows us to carry out this mission while minimizing the potential for panic or fear. It enables us to continue our work, while reinforcing your self-confidence and empowering you to fulfill your glorious destiny!

Today, we have amplified our discussion concerning some of the important events that are unfolding upon your world. Be ever aware, dear Ones, that this world is transforming and that this change is being guided most unwaveringly by the Ascended Masters and the infinite and gracious Orders of Heaven. We now take our leave. Blessings! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and unending Prosperity of Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Gajaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be blessed in Love.

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