Τρίτη, 30 Ιουνίου 2015

Trusting in God works!

Message from Jesus via John Smallman for June 30 2015 

Today is a new day. Of course, every day is a new day, but people often forget that, as they plod through their daily chores earning their living. But enormous changes can occur in one day, or in an instant. You are free to make choices in every moment, and you do, but they are very often the same choices that you have been making for years, in almost complete unawareness. Become aware of your choices, each and every one of them, and then decide if you would like to maintain them or change them – from which shoe you put on first in the morning to whether you really want another cup of coffee or tea, to whether you want to change jobs, careers, or relationships. So many of your choices have become automatic, and yet your choices determine how adequately or inadequately your lives flow. 

Make each day new by being aware of each choice you make, from the smallest to the largest. That does not mean just being aware that you have made a choice, but discerning if it is really the best choice you can possibly make in this moment. Drifting through life is what occurs when you do not see all the choices that lie open before you in every moment. But you can become aware of the great variety of choices open to you by practicing discernment in your little choices – which shoe shall I put on first, and why – because it leads you into full awareness of what you are doing in each moment and that enables you to question the wisdom of that particular choice. 

If you are not accustomed to being so aware of your daily routines in such detail, starting to become aware can seem like a very difficult task, but, with practice, as with all things, it becomes easier and then natural. It is a case of being present in every moment, so as you raise a cup of tea to your lips, you are aware of choosing to lift it, so that you may take a refreshing sip, and then enjoy the sip, and then, with awareness, putting the cup down again. That kind of awareness of each moment has incredible healing power. 

Once you have dressed in the morning, very frequently your awareness of your body and how it is functioning for you slips from view, unless you are sick or in pain, and yet it is constantly collecting information that can assist you in living more fluidly, more consciously, and thus getting far more from life than you normally do. That is the purpose of the saying: “Take time to smell the roses.” Too much of life goes by in a whirling rush, leaving you tired and exhausted at the day’s end. That need not be, because being fully aware, living each moment as it arrives, reduces your levels of stress and the amount of energy that you need to expend in the business of daily living. In fact, by choosing to be aware, you allow yourselves to open to the endless and abundant field of energy, Love, in which you have your eternal existence. 

You are pure energy, Love, but have chosen to restrict your awareness of and engagement with that natural state by enclosing yourselves in human bodies. By doing so, you do offer yourselves great opportunities to learn lessons that you chose to experience before you incarnated, but the downside is that the illusion seems to grab hold of you by its seemingly powerful vision – a world of change, variety, enticements, and, of course, survival issues, and suffering – thus hiding from you or closing off your access to your true and divine nature. And that is why it is absolutely essential that you take the time daily to go within, to your holy inner sanctuary, where access to the spiritual realms, to your guides and mentors, and to your true Self are constantly available, when you quieten the flow of distracting thoughts and anxieties with which the illusion is endlessly presenting you. Go within, every day, be at peace, and relax into the energy field of pure Love that envelops you. 

As you have been told so often, Love is your nature, It is Reality, and you are, as you struggle with the vagaries of daily living, mostly unaware that this could be so, let alone aware that it is so. The essential daily visits, or pilgrimages you make to your inner sanctuary help you to break down the barriers or dissolve the veils that hide Reality from you. When you get glimpses of what is possible, absolutely possible, because it is Reality, all that exists, you are uplifted, inspired, and encouraged to focus your attention on your spiritual calling – and you all have a spiritual calling, it is your reason and intent for being on Earth – which by that very intention eases your path through the illusion. 

This will not necessarily happen physically, because many of the events or situations you encounter are lessons that you have chosen, waiting for you to encounter them and learn from them, but it will happen spiritually and emotionally by assisting you to accept, moment by moment, what life offers you in the knowing that nothing is accidental, that everything occurring has a divine purpose. Frequently, is unclear what that purpose is, but if you just accept and deal with it – and, please, ask me, or your favorite saint or spiritual guide for assistance with whatever arises – you will find yourselves living more peacefully and more contentedly. Yes, even in what may appear to be the direst of circumstances, you can find peace and contentment. 

Most of you have met people who despite unenviable circumstances are happy and contented, and who demonstrate an inspiring example of living powerfully and lovingly in the moment. You may have wondered, why such a loving and indeed wonderful person should be in such an unfavorable situation. Well, maybe, it is to show others how effective it is to surrender to the situation, whatever it may be, and trust in the field of Love that always envelops you, and then allow it to actually embrace you. If and when you do practice acceptance of the now moment as it occurs, you will be amazed and uplifted. 

Try it, that is what we in the spiritual realms are constantly encouraging you to do. It has to be done wholeheartedly, not grudgingly, resentfully – why on Earth is this happening to me – or with conditions – if this doesn’t work, then I’m done with acceptance! Acceptance of what is has to be unconditional, in the same way that God’s Love and acceptance of everyone is unconditional. 

Reality is unconditional! And that is because there is no need for conditions. In Reality all is in perfect and utterly conflict-free harmony, any other state would be unreal. Just remind yourselves daily, regardless of how you feel emotionally and regardless of how dire your circumstances may be, that you are a beloved child of God, taken supreme care of in every moment, and turn to Him with an open heart so that He may fill it with His Love for you. When you do this with faith, and with acceptance of life as it is flowing for you in this now moment, you will feel the Love, and you will be uplifted. A knowing will grow within you that you are and never can be alone, because there is only the One, there is no separation. In that knowing, you can allow all doubts, all self-doubts, and all perceptions of unworthiness to fall away to be replaced by a positive and powerful sense of self-acceptance in the absolute knowing that you are and always will be a beloved child of God. 

As must be coming apparent, there is only LOVE! Anything that is not in alignment with Love is unreal, illusory, and may be freely released. When you take that step, peace and contentment replace doubts and anxieties. Trusting in God works! The problem is most people do not trust, they expect that it will not work, and what you focus on – not totally trusting in God – is what you experience, distrust and disappointment. Call on me, at any time, and in any situation, and I will help you to trust. 

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Δευτέρα, 29 Ιουνίου 2015

Your lives will take on the appearance of the miraculous

Hilarion's Weekly Message from Marlene Swetlishoff for June 28-September 6, 2015 

Beloved Ones, 

As life on the planet continues to evolve and expand, many are being called to align to their reason and purpose for this particular incarnation. It behooves each individual to seek within themselves for the answers; for the unfolding of this preordained service to the Divine Plan and to consciously and with intention, align themselves to it each day. When you do this, events begin to occur that seem to be divinely directed. There will be more information about this that will come to you through various means, such as bringing people into your awareness and sphere of influence, who resonate with your soul’s purpose and those who can give the assistance that helps set you on your true path. There will be brought to your awareness information; in the form of books, websites and people which will activate your remembrance of the work you have come to do. You are now opening to your highest potential, one step at a time, so that it does not overwhelm and overpower you. Your path must feel good to you. 

There is a New Dawn on the horizon, a time of fulfilling and positive experiences which help to cement alliances that will be beneficial to you in the future. When confronted with a situation that you have not foreseen that requires making a choice and decision that overwhelms you, do not rush into action but bide your time and wait for signs that will lead to the highest outcome. Take time out to relax, to play, to laugh and just be. When you do this, you are immensely renewed and equilibrium is restored. This leads to greater clarity in all the situations and events that you encounter and you will be more in touch with your core essence, and that which is right for you to do. Others around you have their own paths to follow and this is to be respected and honored. It is true that All Is One; however, each individual is a unique spark of the Divine and has their own purpose. They must allow the Divine to express and manifest through them in a way that is empowering and uplifting to them. In this way, all are being served. 

You are now beginning to come into your personal power. You have done the majority of the work of clearing old thought patterns and ways of being that are not conducive to the path you have chosen and have let them go. Now you are like an empty vessel which the universe seeks to fill through opportunities and encounters that are more in alignment with your soul’s true calling. Like is beginning to attract like – those who are resonating at the same frequency and purpose. People will come into your life through chance encounter, through pre-destined agreements, through soul group activities. Your lives will take on the appearance of the miraculous at times, for when an individual is totally aligned with their Divine Essence and follows its directives, the appearance of the manifestation of their dreams and desires happens much more frequently in an ease and flow that feels natural and harmonious. 

You have established a firm foundation and now there will be no one and no-thing that can sway you from your true purpose and this is as it should be. On the higher realms, the workings of Divine Will are in effect and each soul is appraised of their role in the outer manifestation of it. Do not doubt your part in it, but rather trust that all is as ordained and follow your inner guidance as to what to do. Let the Divine’s Will be done in and through you. Be aware of the fact that the Divine Will for your life throughout the ages was and is always, that you experience the bounty and beauty that is available in co-creatorship in all its activities. Take the gifts that are offered to you in full confidence that it is in your highest and best interest. Align your heart to the well of Love and abundance of the universe and drink deeply of it. 

Keep in mind that the deeper you ground your roots into the Earth, the higher you will go. Allow your gentle soul to expand into everything you have asked for. Be the incredible brilliant star within the heart of the Infinite One. Be the chalice of pure Light overflowing with glory and grace. Drink in the nectar of joy flowing to you from your Divine Essence. The inner expansion of your Divine Essence within you will require physical action in the next steps of your blessed journey. Stay in tune with the perfection of all life. When you make the time for creative work, it is like making time for prayer, it is a unification activity which involves the visible and the invisible, the known and the unknown. You are worthy of the time it takes to create whatever you feel called to create. 

Until we meet again… 

I AM Hilarion 

©2009-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace 



Σάββατο, 27 Ιουνίου 2015

You are now moving out of 3rd dimension into the higher vibrations that the dark Ones cannot enter

Message from SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey for June 26, 2015 

For those of you who keep up to date with the new messages, recent times have shown that there are many activities taking place. You will no doubt also be aware that the dark Ones are being closely monitored, so as to ensure that they cannot continue with their plan for world rule. In fact, their activities are being restricted in ways that will ensure that they can no longer disrupt the plan for your freedom. We can for our part confirm that the changes are speeding up and great advances are being made. There is no doubt that very soon you shall become aware of major events that are going to take you into the New Age by fulfilling some of the promises that have already been made. 

We would urge you to keep firmly on your path of Light and not allow outside activities to take your focus away from it. There are difficult times ahead, but these will be short lived, and eventually it will become quite clear as to the direction that you are travelling in. Be assured that we have fully anticipated the problems that will arise, and are taking steps to overcome them or at the very least lessen their impact. We do not wish you to take your eye off events that are taking place, but we will tell you that all is moving along in accordance with our plan for your salvation. So many welcome changes are lined up ready to be introduced, but as we have informed you on many occasions, the time must be right, so that matters can go ahead unimpeded. 

Looking back to the end of 2012, we know that some of you still cannot throw off your disappointment that it did not make the impact that you expected. Yet, we hope you will agree that the foundations were laid down for changes to take place that have subsequently occurred. Without a doubt the vibrations are lifting up and more souls are awakening to their True Selves, and able to see how they have been manipulated and falsely held back. The Light is pouring down upon Earth and it is raising the vibrations, and there is no returning back to the “old days”, that will be gone forever, having no place in the higher vibrations. 

The future is Golden and holds many, many surprises that God has prepared for you. God is Love and humans lacking understanding blame God for their misfortunes. It is you alone that map out your destiny and determine through your actions what type of experiences you need to rise up again. Yet, God is always with you and never withdraws the Love that is always present. His servants, such as the Angelic Kingdom, carry out the plan that will release you from the hold of the negative vibrations. They also guide you to ensure you follow your life contract which you have agreed to as one that enables your steady progress. 

Dear Ones, you have many things to learn about life beyond Earth. Your Universe of many dimensions is teeming with life, and in many instances very much like your own. However, you have been kept in the dark as to your true selves and purpose for experiencing the third dimension. It is not your natural one, which is why you are now moving out of it into the higher vibrations that the dark Ones cannot enter. You will no doubt realize that in so doing you will live as intended, in happiness, freedom and absolute peace. Once you have become a Galactic Being, free and able to travel at will, your lives will take on a new meaning. Only you alone can change your future, so follow your desires with care and know that every opportunity is open to you. 

As you might say “the end of the road is in sight”, yet even as you prepare for it, the new path is opening up to reveal the promises of a New Age. In this respect, you will be guided and set upon a path that will fulfill all of those promises that have been made to you. We will be able to openly visit Earth and even take you on journeys within your Solar System. Exactly where will depend upon your plan for further enlightenment, and in this respect your Guides will be on hand to give their advice. You will soon forget the traumas and disappointments of some earthly experiences, knowing that they have given you a broad outlook that enables you to cope with all experiences. 

We are closer to you than ever, and after many years of contact with you, we know that you will accept and greet us as your Brothers and Sisters. Your background coming from various Star Systems means that you will have met us eons of time ago. Bear in mind that in the higher vibrations your life span is much greater than it is now. Also, that when you have completed your experience in one body, you can literally simply step into a new one. To say the least, “death” such as you know it does not take place, and it only involves simple changes that do not entail any form of aging such as you are used to experiencing. Birth as it is called is also different, and you do not have to go through the stages that you know as a “baby”. 

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and will confirm that all is in the “Now” and you will be able to move backwards and even forwards to satisfy your quest for experience. In fact, you will take quite easily to the changes, because in reality they are not new to you. However, it will be exciting to become aware of familiar things, and not least of all to again meet souls who are well known to you, and may have figured in a number of your earthly lives. Even if you only consider the number of strong relationships you may have made through your many lives, you will realize that quite a number of souls eagerly await the opportunity to meet you again. 

However, you still have work to do on Earth and your concentration must be kept focused upon your tasks. Every soul you can help now to “wake up” will appreciate your help, but many are unable to release their attachment to the lower vibrations. Yet, where they come in touch with information that will help lift them up, it can result in an awakening. 

Thank you SaLuSa. 

Mike Quinsey 

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Digital Artwork: Swami Sevaratna

Παρασκευή, 26 Ιουνίου 2015

With every passing day you are moving forward in transforming your world

Matthew Ward - June 24, 2015 

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. As information from countless sources pours in, please keep in mind that only some is factual—much is disinformation, misinformation, incomplete coverage, skewed perceptions or uninformed opinions—and that everything that actually is happening is purposeful. This includes teetering or bankrupt economies; protests about injustices; terrorism; weather extremes and natural disasters; massive numbers of refugees; corporate and governmental shake-ups; and yes, even FIFA’s scandalous operation. Everything going on in your world is serving to fulfill chosen karmic experiences or aiding Earth’s return to environmental health or stirring minds that have been stuck in the oblivion of third density’s limitations. 

It isn’t necessary in this moment that everyone understands current situations in the context of karma and balance, planetary cleansing and Ascension or souls awakening—eventually that understanding will come to each individual. What is necessary in this moment is happening, and it is evident around your world: the peoples’ ever-growing determination to no longer accept killing, oppression, corruption, deception, pollution and impoverishment as “just life.” All Light Beings throughout this universe are beaming Light and helping in many other ways to assist your dedicated endeavors to end “just life” conditions. 

A number of messages, some time ago, explained what caused the 10-year delay in your society’s attaining the consciousness level anticipated by the Highest Universal Council when they formulated Earth’s Golden Age master plan. In a more recent message, we told you that by the end of your year 2017, that decade of delay will be over—a fact that meant no more than that, yet it elicited a flood of emails. 

The questions can be summed up as follows: Do you mean that no important developments can happen until the end of 2017? Is that when spacecraft crews will land and ETs living here will identify themselves? Will Earth reach her Ascension destination in 2017? Can Earth really be restored to her original health and beauty in that short time? Does this mean all wars will continue until 2017? 

Especially erroneous is the idea that our statement meant, or implied, that no significant developments can happen until the end of 2017. Beloved Earth family, with every passing day you are moving forward in transforming your world, an undertaking of unprecedented magnitude that is being achieved with unprecedented speed! We wish—as you do!—that everything this entails would happen in the blink of an eye, and it could, if enough souls there believed it could. But few know they have this innate power, so progress, in ways the populace can see, goes according to what they think is possible in linear time, and they have no idea about major developments “off stage.” 

That notwithstanding, with great joy we tell you that activity in strategic areas is reaching fever pitch, so to say, and Earth’s energy field of potential indicates that results with far-reaching benevolent effects is on the near horizon. Nothing can reverse this forward movement, but its momentum could be slowed, because the field is in constant motion, as energy streamers zigzag this way or that in accordance with thoughts, feelings and deeds of every life form on the planet. Steadfastness in radiating your Light will help to keep momentum in the fast lane. 

Now then, we are happy to respond to a variety of questions. No, we don’t perceive China as “trying to become #1 with economic and military superiority over the US and Russia.” China’s leaders are no different from those in the United States, Russia and all other countries—they want a satisfied citizenry, because that is the foundation of national stability. The government of China would like to show solidarity to the world, but largely due to social media, it is evident that there is conflict among those in power, much like it is in other countries during these tumultuous times. Powerful persons in all ruling bodies from community level to international are reacting to heightening vibrations—hardliners are digging in their heels, up-and-coming leaders are embracing the Light. As “good vibes” keep accelerating, the hardliners will wane in numbers and influence. 

Numerous readers in the United States have expressed concern that the military training exercise called ‘Jade Helm’ is a “red flag”, so the government can declare martial law, confiscate guns, and put dissenters in FEMA camps to undergo brainwashing. This is no different from the many other instances that also were labeled “red flags”—either outright false information disseminated to create panic or the assumption of individuals who tend to ascribe sinister intentions to whatever the government does. Please do not be drawn into the fear that is the basis of this melodrama from “either/or” source. 

Another area of some concern is the risk posed by potential malfunctioning of the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. First we say, if scientists in advanced civilizations and Nirvana had not deemed that your world was ready for this advancement, they would not have “filtered” to your physicists even the idea of this technology, much less construction and operating instructions. Yes, it is human to err, as your saying goes, and if someone does that, crews in ships overhead are prepared to prevent a serious outcome. 

We have been asked if all who were involved in the shooting in the historic church in Charleston, South Carolina, agreed to play those roles. The nine persons who died and their families did agree, but their agreement, like many others during this stage of Earth’s Ascension, contains what could be called a “contingency” clause. In this case, the clause stipulates that if racism no longer is an issue in your world, there would be no need to end the lifetime or grieve the loss of a loved one due to a racially-based incident. Lamentably, racism does still run deep in your society. The persons who died in the church and their families became the most recent souls to emphasize that the sickness inherent in bigotry must be cured, and that is the same purpose served by the young man who agreed to do the shooting. 

Individuals who change genders respond to their awareness that heart, mind and body, they are not the gender identified at birth. While physical changes may be a more complex mental and emotional undertaking than persons experience in uncovering their homosexuality or bisexuality, all of these souls are claiming their authentic selves. An aspect of your society’s advancement is the honoring of transgender individuals, who, like everyone else, don’t know that they chose in soul contracts to be pioneers in this sense. People who resist accepting the validity of gender change—or of any sexual nature other than heterosexual—still are rooted in religious dogmas that have barely even a nodding acquaintance with the sanctity and divinity of every soul. 

"Matthew said the Illuminati made their money illegally and immorally, so it can be recovered and used to eliminate poverty. Why don’t the people who’ll be in charge of the new economic system just take the money out of Illuminati banks now and distribute it where it’s desperately needed?" The individuals in positions to do this are acting with forthrightness within the laws of your society. To do otherwise would be acting in the same reprehensible ways the Illuminati have all along, thus employing the very tactics they are striving to eliminate. 

Another needless concern is overpopulation. The number of people in your world is not the cause of starvation, subsistence living and lack of health care—unequal distribution of monies and Illuminati control of natural resources is. Many planets in this universe smaller than Earth have far more residents, who live peacefully in abundance and with respect for all life forms in their worlds. When Earth is restored to her original health, she could easily accommodate all the needs of double your current population—but please do not assume that this means there will be a population explosion! 

Although the Illuminati no longer have access to the technology they formerly used to cause earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and severe storms, energy set in motion by those events has a domino effect. The energy of a quake, for instance, doesn’t stop when the tremors stop, but rather it continues to flow and generates a multitude of less powerful quakes before it dissipates. Although “ancient” negativity has been dealt with, “fresh” sources are bringing to the surface deeply entrenched remnants of the massive amount created long ago, and occasionally this happens in areas where natural disasters are considered anomalies. 

It is the same with Mother Nature’s activity, but the intent differs greatly and intent has its own energy streamers. The intent of the Illuminati is to create negativity, which could be considered self-replicating, because its energy sustains and empowers them; Mother Nature’s intent is to release negativity, so it isn’t available to create more of itself. 

A reader who saw a film of a reporter from the United States interviewing Vladimir Putin asked if there is any truth to his claim that he is not responsible for the unrest in Ukraine. Earth’s monitors in Nirvana apprised us of that interview, so we can state that Mr. Putin’s claim is truthful—it is Illuminati troublemakers who are responsible—and he also is correct in saying that the shared cultural history of people in Ukraine and Russia crosses national borders. 

“Why is the US always seen as the bad guy no matter where on Earth trouble spots are?” Washington, DC, and Wall Street are the headquarters of the Illuminati’s Rockefeller faction, but since few know this, all of their operations are attributed to that country’s government. And not without good reason. From its very beginning that government has been riddled with Illuminati or operate under their influence, and later they infiltrated the CIA, FBI, FDA, NSA, CDC, UN, NASA and all other agencies that could further their aim of world domination. 

Furthermore, the Rockefeller faction was extremely forceful in expanding its influence well beyond the United State, whereas the Rothschild faction, which grew out of the original small group in Bavaria, concentrated its efforts in Europe. While the Rockefeller group still is clinging to some fragments of power, the Rothschild group is fast losing the last shreds of its former control of governments, banking and commerce, and the stronghold they once had in the Vatican is gone. Pope Francis is on a house-cleaning mission as well as speaking out against Illuminati-created world conditions that both factions have been trying to keep status quo. They are seeing their efforts becoming less and less effective; eventually they will see their utter futility. 

It is so that we haven’t attributed the increase in Light on the planet to solar flares; however, we have talked about the effects of Light from all sources. In addition to saving Earth’s very life, effects may include unusual and temporary physical, mental and emotional conditions, and definitely intensifying Light magnifies personal characteristics and behavior. Also we have told you Light’s long-term—and vital!—effects: It transforms carbon-based cells into the crystalline form that are viable in higher vibratory levels and enables advancement in spiritual and conscious awareness. So, yes, absolutely Sol’s activity is part and parcel of Earth’s Ascension and yours

We understand the feelings of the reader who wrote her difficulty in believing that anyone would choose a life of suffering or cause suffering to others, that the first is masochistic and the latter, sadistic. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine why souls would willingly choose either role—or that all of you have done the very same many times. It is with unconditional love for all others in the pre-birth agreement that some souls agree to act with extreme harshness, so others can experience what they need to balance lifetimes when they were the abusive ones. When people live together happily and harmoniously, life on Earth will be in balance and no more back-and-forth lifetimes will be needed. 

“Thousands of children are dying every day. How is it in keeping with LOVE and LIGHT that all these innocents are deprived of physically ascending with Earth?” The importance of the karmic aspect aside, Earth’s residents physically ascending with her never has meant living there throughout the journey to her destination in fifth density. Every single soul who has lived on the planet since its Ascension process began 80-some years ago was or is physically ascending location-wise. 

The aim of every soul in every lifetime is personal Ascension—growing spiritually and consciously—and this has little to do with incarnation longevity or location. By embodying only a short time, a soul can complete contract provisions and achieve personal Ascension. A person who lives 100 years and lifelong makes free will choices contrary to soul contract selections doesn’t experience what was needed to personally ascend. 

Dear brothers and sisters, like every other person who has entered Earth’s spirit realm, when you transition and review your lifetime, you won’t measure it by how long you lived, but by how you lived. 

Now, we bid you farewell in words only, as our unconditional love always is with you. 


Suzanne Ward 

Website: The Matthew Books 

Email: suzy@matthewbooks.com

Τετάρτη, 24 Ιουνίου 2015

A most marvelous and joyous Event is ready to happen

Sheldan Nidle's Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy for 23 June 2015 

5 Ix, 12 Kayab, 11 Ik 

Selamat Jalwa! (Be in Everlasting Joy!) We are here to report on the status of the initial transferences of funds to North America. At present, we are preparing to complete the process, which is to permit your blessings to become available to you all. We have been forced to make some additional corrections to what we thought was to be the final directives needed to finish this particular task. Our partners in this project report that a number of final tweaks are still required. Thus, we are now in the process of jointly doing what is necessary to assure our success. This entire process is at most extremely stressful to our earthly allies. The dark cabal continues to use its remaining positions of power as a way constantly to thwart them from achieving even a modicum of victory. It is reaching a point where we need to do what is essential for our allies to get the triumph they richly deserve. Meanwhile, the dark cabal is continuing to face defeat on every other issue. It is becoming quite clear that our intervention is now required. Heaven is decreeing in our favor and we expect every issue to be resolved shortly. 

The dark cabal is, after all, those who gladly carried out the dark wishes of the Anunnaki for nearly 13 millennia. These rogues have a deep inner feeling that even without their former lords they are still invincible. Somehow, they believe that a means can be found to delay the inevitable. We have over the years tolerated their miscreant behavior, since neither Heaven nor our allies wished to reject them from power. We are greatly disgusted by their adverse behavior. It is essential that these dark rascals be swiftly isolated and given a fate, which keeps them from your door. This need to get them "out of the way" is something that now needs to be done in a very drastic way. We are planning a surprise, which can easily achieve this prime purpose. Until then, expect no success and ready yourselves for some immediate disappointments. However, this process is not to be a long one. We intend to be able to hoist these vile rapscallions by their own petard! So do not fear! The end to this long wait is really quite near! 

As you prepare to finally be given your blessings, be able to see how these many funds can be used by you to carry out your humanitarian visions. These monies are to be used to bring peace, harmony and abundance to your societies. There is as well the need to use these funds to heal, inform and prepare your fellows for a new time in this realm. You are being asked to teach your societies about the great many changes that are to occur, once the manipulative propaganda of the dark cabal is out of the way. You need to explain the numerous changes that are to be the mainstay of your new governance and why it was implemented. There is a great need to provide answers to the way all of this is to be introduced to you. At present, you lack a basic understanding of why you are in limited consciousness and how this transition to Full Consciousness is to work. Much is to be provided by your mentors. Nevertheless, you need specially trained others to explain this knowledge further and ready you for how this reality operates. 

As you can see, the delays have kept you from numerous truths and realities. We are counting on many of you to provide a vehicle, which permits anyone to look really deeply into any subject matter and can easily clarify what any one mentor is doing to prepare you for the transition to this New Reality of magnificent beauty. You need to have much, easily explained to you. You require devices, which can easily exhibit the power to heal any one. It is vital as well that you see in some fashion how you can "youth" and overcome present health difficulties. These changes are only examples of how to overcome those problems put forth long ago by the Atlantean scientists. What is truly vital is to look deeply into why you were so afflicted and how these new devices can alter you and provide a gateway to even more amazing results. Think in terms of what this means and do not be enamored by what they do. You are to be given a quick evolvement to your full potential. This is a gift, which you are expected to take on new responsibilities. 

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! What is blessedly happening in this reality is a final struggle between the Light and the dark. This conflict has been going on for a very long time. We are using our focus and vision to resolve the current phase of this unholy battle. The dark has long held an advantage. At present, this is coming apart and the scraps from this conflict are only temporarily delaying what is to happen. This next period of time promises to be when the dark's strengths can be ruptured. The result of these actions is to produce a means to successfully distribute the blessings that we have long promised. Our vision is for this moment to start a series of operations to begin a great alteration in your reality. Then, the Light can start in earnest to implement a vast series of programs, which are finally to change your realm forever. These are to set the stage for our lessons and the formal arrival of your spiritual and space families. 

Hossana! We look forward in glee to what can then be possible. The past 26,000 years (roughly a Great Galactic Year) set the stage for what has happened to Gaia and her people. Migrations to and from Gaia framed the very nature of what occurred. This time has passed. A new time is set! This time is not about a paradise lost and found. It is about a Great Reunion and a time to move outward to carry out a most grand set of heavenly directives for this sector of physicality. As you move back into the Divine State of galactic humanness, be ever mindful of the magnificent responsibilities that you are to gladly embrace. Creation is a sacred set of divine thoughts. You unfold these. You have innumerable companions to assist in this most incredible mission. Each of them is dedicated to completing what their part is! What you are required to do is to approach them and work out a mutually acceptable solution. 

As you can see, a most remarkable time lies ahead of you. Our supreme task is to guide you successfully through all the difficulties resulting from your actions. The next times are therefore to introduce you to those who are your ancestors and those who have agreed to help. This process is one, which is most complex. Long ago, in Atlantis, you began a quest that has taken you nearly 13 millennia to complete. In the beginning, we were important, yet still somewhat few in number and seemingly quite marginal to this vast project. Yet, as time moved forward, we became more in numbers and quite essential to the outcome. Therefore, we are fairly understanding of what needs to be done next. In this mode, we began about eight centuries ago to forge a way to allow us to guide you to the path most favored by Heaven. You are now at the very edge of what Heaven has fashioned. The rest is to be your joyous destiny! 

Today, as usual, we have given you an overview of what is about to occur. Take this data and know deep in your heart that a most marvelous and joyous event is ready to happen. With this, we leave you now. Be happy and Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Τρίτη, 23 Ιουνίου 2015

Hearts were made to be filled with Love

Message from Saul via John Smallman for 22 June 2015 

All your blocks are coming up for release, that is why you keep experiencing them. It is frustrating for you, it tends to get you thinking that you are, as some of you might put it, “a waste of space,” not good enough, as you observe all those seemingly well-balanced individuals living normal productive and satisfying lives. Nothing could be further from the truth – NO ONE is a waste of space, although some may appear to be wasting time, wasting their lives – nothing anyone does is wasted, there is always a lesson to be learned, and it is always learned, if not in that moment, then eventually. 

So, give yourself a break, as many as you feel like, because that is generally what you need. When you resist taking a break, when you fight the urge, you avoid the opportunity to experience something that has been buried or denied that needs to surface, be seen and be experienced, then it can be happily and easily released. 

That's what blocks are, a call to allow something deep seated to emerge and be healed and released. But most of you have been well-trained to bury, deny, or fight them. Allowing them to take time to surface is not procrastinating, it is essential inner work, but when you judge yourselves you slow down or stop the process, and then it may seem that you are procrastinating. 

Fighting does not work, only love works! How often do you have to be told that? You attempt to love others while condemning and blaming yourselves and it cannot work, because when you refuse to love yourselves, you shut Love out of your lives. Love is your natural state, you need It. Shutting It out exhausts you leaving you fearful, angry, and resentful, then you project those negative feelings on to others in order to feel better, but that only makes you feel worse. 

There is no other answer to all your problems, only Love, Love, Love; and then still more Love. And you have to start by accepting and loving yourselves. So why not do it now? Delaying makes no sense at all, it only adds to your dissatisfaction and unhappiness, or maybe causes you even more suffering. 

Now, as you rapidly approach the moment of humanity's awakening, is the time to release all your remaining ties to the illusion – fear, anger, bitterness, resentments, envies, unworthiness, unacceptability, judgments, etc. – and allow Love to fill your hearts. Hearts were made to be filled with Love, so open them up and let that happen. Many of you have experienced falling in love, or intense love for family or friends, and you know how good that feels; and this Love is everlasting, eternal, not even death intervenes or terminates It, so why shut It out? 

It is the Divine Will that you live permanently in a state of Love, and in truth you do, always, but you have chosen to hide It from your awareness. Without allowing It to fill your hearts, you will never find satisfaction or contentment; you will just continue searching, in all the wrong places, for that elusive and seemingly unobtainable state. But It is right there at the center of your being, and It will never leave you because It is You. 

You cannot, ever, escape from yourselves! Denying that you are Love, avoiding coming into contact with Love, burying the flame of Love that resides eternally within you is what causes all your fears, anxieties, angers, and conflicts. You feel alone, threatened, endangered, and so you attempt to protect yourselves either by surrounding yourselves with protective barriers (physical or psychological) or by attacking those whom you think threaten your survival, the “fight or flight” syndrome. But if All Are One, as you most definitely are, then you can only be attacking yourselves, or defending yourselves from your selves, and that makes no sense at all. You all have the same needs and desires, and if you would only cooperate harmoniously, compassionately, and lovingly, all issues could and would be resolved. 

It is but yourselves that you fear and defend against but, because of the skill with which you constructed the illusion, those fears seem very real, and you use your human bodies to maintain the appearance of separation from one another, judging each other as different, strange, untrustworthy, and dangerous. You mostly belong to teams – families, religions, corporations, political parties, sports teams, nations – all of which appear to demand different loyalties that you have to support and defend against perceived enemies – other similar teams. And during those periods, when there is no perceived outside threat, then you fight among yourselves. Fighting has become endemic, like a contagious disease that no one can escape. And your media builds up those fears of threat and conflict very aggressively to maintain the illusion. 

You are all One, but the illusion hides this from you, magnificently, because, within it, you are all absolute masters in self-deception! The illusion is all about self-deception, because there is absolutely no one else to deceive. Once you begin to accept yourselves, including your shadow side, the parts you bury or deny, then realization dawns that no one else can do this for you and that no one else can prevent you from doing so. 

Self-acceptance is the greatest gift you can bestow upon yourselves, and if God accepts you unconditionally, as he most certainly does, then why would you not do likewise? 

You were created perfect, as you have been told countless times, because whatever God creates is by its very nature perfect. Creation is the absolutely perfect demonstration of the infinite perfection of God, and the illusion is but an unreal attempt to separate yourselves from that eternal state of perfection, which is impossible because it is the only state that exists. 

Stop hiding the Light of your perfection from yourselves and others, open yourselves to receive and bathe in the ongoing Love-stream in which you are totally immersed, and all your fears, worries, and anxieties will be washed away, as It flows through you and aligns you with Reality in a completely harmonious integration with all of God's children. 

The only barriers to Love in your lives are those you yourselves have erected out of fear, and only you can lower them. Do so and let all the stress of maintaining them fall away, then peace will replace stress and you can give yourselves wholly to living, the reason for your creation in the first place. To be alive is to be awake, and signs of life are returning to your sleeping forms. 

With so very much love, Saul. 


Κυριακή, 21 Ιουνίου 2015

Expect the Unexpected

Hilarion's Weekly Message from Marlene Swetlishoff for June 21-28, 2015 

Beloved Ones, 

Each of you is coming closer to a stronger connection with your Divine Essence and this will help you feel more stable than has been evident in the past several months. This process is opening new doors of perception which will help you to move forward once again. There is ever the ebb and flow in the energetic waves that move through your personal and planetary cycles. As you become aware of these and how they affect you, you align with their influences and act accordingly. As you do this, life becomes more harmonious and pleasant. The people around you are more responsive to you and show you their appreciation and love. When you are in tune with your personal energy cycles, life becomes an ever expanding adventure of new experience. This new state of being requires its recipient to be willing to go beyond their established comfort zones and take the steps necessary into new directions. 

It takes courage and bravery to move past one’s former patterns of limitation and to begin taking action to forge a new path, as one leaves behind all that one experienced in their lives, to make a start in the new beginning that beckons them forward. Allow the self doubt and indecision to dissipate as to the right path you must follow; it will unfold in its own divine timing. It is difficult, we know, to focus on just one thing, as your senses are assailed by creative thoughts and ideas. Spend time in the outdoors, sitting quietly and experiencing the sights and sounds that array your senses. This helps to ground your energies and keep you aligned to your Divine Essence. The next step will be made clear to you through this activity of keeping things simple. Know that there are many loving, supportive, and nurturing Energy Beings constantly surrounding you. All is in the process of the unfolding story of your personal and collective lives. 

We find that many of you are now experiencing the return of the energetic flow through your human operating system. For many of you, this was a missing ingredient that felt like a disconnection from source energy. This process was necessary in order to give you the time needed to absorb, assimilate and integrate the new downloads of information and activations that are being sent on waves of love. This process is ongoing; sometimes it comes as great energy flow and at other times, as a time of rest. Life is a continuous cycle with valleys and peaks and there is always motion, even when you don’t feel it. Follow the signs your physical body gives you, for these are important to listen to for your continued health and well being on all levels of interplay. 

You are going through a rebirth and your body, mind and spirit are being brought into alignment and connection, so that you can manifest a greater reality than you have previously known. You are in a process of regeneration and transformation that offers you an opportunity to express yourselves in new ways. Seize these moments as they manifest in your lives for they bring to the surface new treasures from your soul. It is always up to you to choose how you grow, move forward and expand in your conscious awareness and evolvement; there is no one else who can do it for you. When you commit to taking a new direction, what you need to manifest it will be drawn to you. 

Experience the joy and fulfillment that comes with creation and expect the unexpected - for your life can take a new turn miraculously. In your new beginning, you are reaching a new level of understanding which is helping you to reach new dimensions within. By following your inner wisdom and listening to your inner guidance, you will achieve success in all of your endeavors. All that is required is your active involvement and that is the key that unlocks your great potential. 

Until next week… 

I AM Hilarion 

©2009-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace 



Σάββατο, 20 Ιουνίου 2015

How To Improve ANY Aspect Of Your Life

Source: http://www.creativevisualization.com/ 

It’s a big claim, but it’s true: you really can transform ANY aspect of your life, so you experience more abundance, love, happiness — or any other kind of “success” you desire. 

In fact, you can get results faster (and with less effort) than you can probably even imagine right now. 

Over the next few minutes, I’m going to reveal to you a tried and tested technique you can use to eliminate “failure” from your life, multiply your success, and start creating a life you are truly inspired by. 

Literally minutes from now, you will start to feel more empowered. 

You will feel inspired. And you will have clear evidence that YOU can become someone with the creativity, vision and resources to enjoy a truly epic life. 

(Even if you’ve ‘failed’ a thousand times before…) 

But before I reveal the secret to becoming someone who magnetizes their desires on demand, I have to debunk a myth about what it takes to succeed. It’s a myth that’s so misunderstood that people still cling to it — even though it rarely creates effective results. 

Here it is: a lot of self-help books and seminars are packed with advice to “take massive action towards your goals”… as if this suggestion, on its own, will transform your life. But this simply isn’t true. 

In fact… 

Taking Action Is Often Counter Productive 

Yes — naturally, you should aim to move in the direction of your goals. 

But most “experts” have it completely back to front. The truth is, a whole lot of inner work needs to be done before you start taking action. Otherwise, you’ll automatically experience negative states like procrastination, anxiety, stress — and even self-sabotage — each time you try to make positive changes. 

(I explain the science behind why this happens in a moment.) 

This is why you’ve found it challenging to make major positive changes in your life — until now. But here comes the good news: it’s not your fault. 

You’ve only been struggling because… 

You’ve Been Working Against The Vast Power Of Your Subconscious Mind 

Here’s the real problem: 

Most people only set goals at the conscious level… which limits you to only 1–5% of your potential resources. 

This is a fatal mistake for your dreams. 

This is because — according to cutting-edge research from Dr Bruce Lipton at Stanford University Medical Center — it is your subconscious mind that “ultimately casts the deciding vote” on how much success, abundance, happiness, health and freedom you experience in your life. 

And that’s only the start, because… 

Your Subconscious Blueprint Is “One Million Times More Powerful” Than Willpower Alone 

It’s no exaggeration to say that the #1 problem you face when trying to improve your life is changing your subconscious beliefs. 

This is because each of us has an influential “subconscious blueprint” — which contains limits for (among other things) how happy we’ll be, how much money we’ll make, what our relationships are like, what type of vacations you’ll take, how fit you are, what kind of car you’ll drive… 

This blueprint — dictated by our subconscious — tells us to a very precise degree what we can achieve. This is vital to understand: we can only act according to this blueprint. It is our comfort zone. 

Any performance outside this comfort zone will produce tension, struggle, anxiety and — ultimately — self-sabotage. 

Dr Lipton explains that “most people don’t even acknowledge that their subconscious mind is at play, when the fact is it is a million times more powerful that the conscious mind and that we operate 95 to 99 percent of our lives from subconscious programs…” 

Warning — The Real “Secret” Is NOT What You’ve Heard 

Dr Bruce Lipton isn’t the only expert sharing this discovery. 

T. Harv Eker, author of the smash #1 New York Times Bestseller Secrets of The Millionaire Mind, says: 

“It all comes down to this: if your subconscious ‘blueprint’ is not ‘set’ for success, nothing you learn, nothing you know, and nothing you do will make much of a difference… By changing your subconscious programming, you take the first essential step to changing your results.” 

What this means is that the real secret to success is NOT motivating yourself to “take massive action” towards your goals… it’s learning how to reprogram your subconscious beliefs, so that success is no longer hard, but automatic and effortless. 

When you fully understand this, and learn how to harness your subconscious mind’s phenomenal power to manifest your dreams, your life will change in positive ways you cannot even imagine. 

And here’s the good news: this is now easier than ever before. 

3 Simple Steps To Quickly Change
Your Subconscious Blueprint

There is a SIMPLE way for you to reprogram your subconscious blueprint, so you experience more success in almost any area of your life. This quantum leap breakthrough is so exciting it has been described in one bestselling book as “the discovery of the decade”. 

What is it? Your brain — rather than stopping growing around age 18 — is actually making new cells and “shortcuts” called neural connections all the time. 

These new neural connections directly change your deepest beliefs, thoughts and programs… meaning that you can now easily “reprogram” your subconscious blueprint — and expand your comfort zone. 

Best of all — it’s as easy as 1-2-3 steps: 

  • Vividly “imagine” an experience you’d like to have. 
  • Feel strong emotion — as if it’s already come true. 
  • Repeat. 

That’s it.