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Practice Stillness

Message from ‘The Team’ via Peggy Black 

We will speak to you of stillness, for it is within the moments of stillness that balance is restored. 

In the future days, as the energy flooding your Earth increases, those who walk this timeframe will experience much chaos and the seeming out of balance of daily and global events. It is most important to develop the skill of maintaining your personal balance in the midst of these difficult and changing times. 

We invite you to make a practice of stillness, be quiet for a few minutes several times a day. As you practice and use this simple tool, it will become easier and quicker to reach your state of balance. Stillness allows your body/mind/emotions/spirit to realign. 

When you notice you are feeling the most stressed, the most harried, that is truly the time to pause, become quiet, and reset. Practice conscious stillness. This practice keeps your circuits open for guidance. 

This will become as natural as your breath and you will carry a balanced energy field which will assist you in your personal interface with life experiences and it will assist the global matrix, the global energy field to resonate a state of balance. 

Like all things in the hologame, this practice of stillness will shift the whole. Small, simple, dedicated actions infused with joy, gratitude, and appreciation will ripple outward from your life, shifting and transforming all other energy it touches. 

You and others who practice conscious stillness will offer an example, a safe harbor, and a balanced frequency for others to entrain and resonate with. Your numbers will increase as you offer balance to the energy fields you interact with in your daily activities. 

We encourage you to practice conscious stillness. This exercise will open many more doors of awareness for you and strengthen your connection with your guidance.

©2006 Peggy Black All Right Reserved. You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address: www.morningmessages.com subscribe to the FREE 88 messages.

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How to Exit the 3D Matrix

Archangel Michael's Energy Update via Asara for 20 February 2016 

Greetings, Beloved Ones. We send you blessings of Love and Light, in this Now moment, and we invite you to open your heart for our message for you... 

Dear Ones, we wish to share with you that you are still in the midst of the great energy Wave X, which will last until your March 22nd, 2016. 

At this time, you are experiencing different dimensions simultaneously, as you are going in and out between dimensions. 

At times, your experience might seem surreal, as if you are in an energetic vacuum. 

Some report that interactions with others and the surrounding feel strange. 

Also, the experience of time will change for you, as it will become more fluid. 

You are leaving ‘The Matrix’ of your 3rd Dimensional reality, so that you can explore the higher dimensions, whilst in your 3rd dimensional body. 

The more you are moving into the higher dimensions, the more you will bring these energies back into your experience. 

Pay attention to anything that will bring your "mood' down, which will bring your vibrational energies down, which will keep you in the 3rd dimensional matrix. 

The more you are focusing on higher dimensional information, uplifting information, entertainment and experiences, the more you are letting go of the 3rd dimensional matrix. 

Assisting you in this are intense Gamma rays that your Sun and other Planets and Stars of your Galaxy are sending to your planet Earth, right now. 

This has been orchestrated by your Higher Self to bring you into the reality of the Higher Dimensions. 

There is also a re-arranging of lives in many ways happening right now: 

People and animal companions will transition into the non-physical. 

You might experience the changing of your location, occupation and the experience of new relationships and friendships.

This is all a reflection of your higher dimensional energy field into your reality, as those who are on a different energetic path will leave your experience and those who align with your energies will come into your life. 

The more you become flexible and fluid in this experience, the easier these changes will be for you. 

Meditate often, rest often, center yourself often and most importantly: 

Enjoy the ride! 

Know That All Is Well, Beloved Ones.

We are walking beside you, every step of the way. 

Dear Ones, you are loved beyond measure. Always. 

I am Archangel Michael and I bring you this truth. 

Thank you Archangel Michael!

Σάββατο, 27 Φεβρουαρίου 2016

The peaceful life you have yearned for will soon be within your grasp

Mike Quinsey Channeling his Higher Self for 26 February 2016 

Events are still moving on at a fast pace, and the possibility of interference is becoming much less, as the power of the dark Ones is being diminished. Much depends upon their ability to continue funding their needs, and it is slowly becoming more difficult, as their activities are being affected by the lack of funds. The higher powers will continue to restrict their activities, as they have done for many years. Now, however, their options are becoming more limited and they struggle to keep their projects moving. Many times they have tried to get round the limitations imposed upon them. However, it is to no avail and they are unable to carry on with their plan to start a Third World War, and have been told in no uncertain terms that in no circumstances will they be allowed to start one. 

Meanwhile, moves to enable “Disclosure” to go forward are well advanced, and nothing will be allowed to prevent it from being announced. Other issues that are also planned to bring out the truth are proceeding well. On many fronts, people are finding the courage to tell their truth and they will be protected. The lies are no longer being accepted and the cover-up is being exposed. The time for the release of the truth has now arrived, and when history is re-written, it will be remembered as the Time of Revelations. The truth is so different to what you have been led to believe. In fact, many will find it incredible that you could have been misled for so long. 

The peaceful life you have yearned for will soon be within your grasp, and the changes will eventually be world-wide. All that has prevented you from enjoying your entitlement will be overcome and nothing of the old unacceptable ways will be allowed to remain. Your needs will be covered, so that eventually you shall be able to enjoy life to the full. The “bad dream” that you are just emerging from will end, and much assistance will be given to you, so that that necessary changes are manifested. Of course, they will  require your help along with your extra-terrestrial friends who have accompanied you on your journey. Even in your lifetimes, there have been several occasions on which they have prevented major catastrophes. 

There is a time that is approaching, when you shall have a close relationship with Beings who have lived within your Earth. They see that you have evolved sufficiently for them to make themselves known to you. There will also be others from off Earth who will help you with your transition to becoming Galactic Beings, although that event is still quite a way off. A wonderful future awaits you that will more than compensate for all of the lives you have had in the lower vibrations. You have learnt much over a long period of time and it will considerably help you with future experiences. As you are finding out, life is a whole series of experiences that have prepared you for greater things. 

Take the lessons of life seriously, as they have much to teach you that will enable you to rise up beyond the need to spend further lives on Earth. No one is any greater or lesser than anyone else, as it is simply a matter of where you are on the ladder of evolution. Help your fellow traveler where you can, as a kind word or a helping hand can be very uplifting. Karma is neither good nor bad, inasmuch that it simply covers lessons that need to be learnt if you are to continue evolving. Regardless of what experiences you go through, be assured that they are necessary, although some are voluntary and result from a desire to help another soul evolve. So, try to do your best in all circumstances, knowing that there is much to your credit in helping others. 

The dark Ones have encouraged you to see others as separate from you, whereas you are all One. So, look beyond the outer covering, as all of you have come from the Source of All That Is. Also remember that a soul has many lives experiencing in all races. As this is the end of a Solar Cycle, it is a time when many souls will ascend, having risen above the lower vibrations. Those who have not achieved a high level will continue as before in a new cycle that is another opportunity to make progress. No one is left without help and it is freely given when requested, although it may not be exactly as expected. In the lower vibrations, you can experience great happiness but also sorrow, and both will further your evolution. 

The End Times are in the course of dramatic changes that are well advanced. Mother Earth is naturally involved and is already starting to initiate necessary changes. She has allowed her “body” to be used in many negative ways, so as to help your evolution. However, she has decided that now is the time to concentrate on her own needs, and the cleansing of the Earth has commenced. The changes will cause people to move to safe grounds and adequate warning will be given, and ultimately the Earth will be transformed. At the higher levels, it will be restored to a time when it was referred to as the “Garden of Eden”. It will be a joy and pleasure to be part of such changes and live in harmony and peace once again. 

To many souls on Earth the position seems hopeless, as the dark ones seem to be in charge and too powerful to be removed. However, that is not the true position at all and as is often pointed out, much good work is going on behind the scenes. Indeed, it has been so for quite a long time, and to reach the successful stage you are at now has taken a lot of patience and careful work. The dark Ones have exalted themselves above all others believing that they are the masters of the world. Now they are realizing that the Light has progressively grown stronger on Earth. It has attracted the help of the higher powers, and the balance has changed places and the Light is now the dominant force. There is no way that the dark Ones can now achieve their objectives although they will fight to the last. 

Go about your work with every confidence that before long the promised changes will manifest. Some are very close at this time and you are getting hints of what is in store in your news reports. The truth has been hidden for so long, but not much longer, as it must come out very shortly to direct peoples energies in the right direction. The problem has been that the dark Ones have largely controlled your Press and have not allowed the real news to be presented to you. That situation is soon to change and then the true news will enlighten you, and where the dark Ones are concerned will shock many who have had little if any knowledge of their activities. There is no necessity to fear them any longer, as they are so closely monitored that nothing they do or plan can happen secretly any longer. They have trapped themselves in the very situation they planned for the Human Race and cannot now escape justice for the crimes they have committed. 

This message comes through my Higher Self. I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. 

In Love and Light. 

Mike Quinsey. 

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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What happens to souls after death?

Message from Matthew Ward via Suzanne Ward for 18 February 2016 

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. We begin by addressing issues foremost in thoughts around the world. North Korea’s recent successes in rocketry were not unexpected by analysts who have been observing activity in that country; nevertheless, this is of concern because Kim Jong-un is considered unstable, egoistic and ambitious. What none of them knows is that if North Korean scientists attempted to launch a missile bearing a nuclear warhead, crews in spacecraft surrounding Earth will assure its failure, just as they have done with more than a dozen Illuminati attempts during the past several years. 

Our perspective of “Putin’s aggression in Eastern Europe” is that this is an Illuminati-promulgated implication that he will forcibly bring Baltic countries and others under Russia’s governmental and economic control. That is not his intention, and as a reminder, the Illuminati feed on the energy of fear and resort to any means to engender fear. 

With talk of a ceasefire, albeit temporary, it is natural that violence has escalated in Syria, where energy long has been chaotically directed; and, with several diverse contingents at battle in that country and nearby countries, a lasting ceasefire will not come, until those energy streamers have run out their course. While Russia is criticized for its air strikes that aid the Assad regime, as well as help ground forces regain areas taken over by the Islamic State, President Putin and other influential individuals are working behind the scenes to bring stability throughout the Mideast and North Africa. 

Understandably, there is concern about people in war-torn areas continuing to undertake risky transits into countries that are not able to provide adequate housing, schooling, work or healthcare to the millions of refugees already there. In time, violence will end in the villages and cities from which the people fled and those who wish to return can start rebuilding their communities and lives. In the interim, compassion and good will on the part of the host citizenry and the immigrants’ contribution of talents, skills and assimilation efforts can result in compatibility and mutual benefit. In this moment and into the future, financial assistance from all prospering nations is necessary to ease, then end this humanitarian crisis. 

According to Nirvana’s monitors of Earth, investigative scientists know that a toxic chemical is causing the many cases of microcephaly associated with the Zika virus, but they don’t know if the source is bites from Aedes mosquitoes that were injected with the chemical or bites from those that mutated by absorbing the very toxin used to eradicate them, or if the condition is due to pregnant women drinking water containing the chemical. Thus, to readers who asked if the Illuminati are behind this spreading outbreak of Zika and microcephaly, we say yes, but it may be indirectly as opposed to their concerted but futile efforts to create pandemics by releasing laboratory-designed viruses such as SARS and bird flu. 

They deliberately put toxins in chemtrail spray, and others are in industrial pollution, fossil fuel energy usage, soil and underground water contaminated by nuclear waste or chemicals in fertilizer and insecticides. That this proliferation of toxicity is adversely affecting the planet and all of its life forms has been shamefully disregarded by chemical manufacturers abetted by powerful individuals in governments. And, the Illuminati’s amassing of wealth globally contributes in large measure to masses living in the impoverished conditions wherein disease-bearing mosquitoes thrive. 

No, karma is not involved in all cases of fleeing peoples or babies born with microcephaly and their families. Soul-level petitions are being granted in unprecedented numbers to permit advancement in evolvement status for enduring unchosen experiencing. Still, this honoring of soul requests isn’t consciously known by those persons or the world, and their situations are seen as the grievous hardships they are on the physical level. 

The reader who wrote that astrological readers and intuitives have predicted “the rest of this month and March will be extremely delicate on this planet” asked “in what areas will things be ‘delicate’ and challenging?” Certainly the aforementioned situations are delicate and fraught with challenges to the many millions directly affected and unnerving to all of society. Calmness about stock market volatility and reports of banks closing would be a challenge for investors, and confusion as to what is ahead economically very likely is worrisome to many others, too. In numerous countries candidates are vying for office and the citizens are anxious about election outcomes. Then there are predictions anew about catastrophic earthquakes and tsunamis as well as World War III imminent, starting in the Mideast. And, in the midst of all those energy streamers with tumultuous attachments, even lightworkers may find it challenging to consistently maintain optimism about Earth’s future. That said, when planetary alignment is more conducive to unsettlement than during periods of less interaction, individuals with negative attitudes and pessimistic outlook will manifest more challenging circumstances for themselves—the Law of Attraction operates 24/7. 

Beloved family, every happening whether perceived as progress or setbacks, tragedies or triumphs, is a reflection of vibrations that are ramping up turmoil, so it can run out its course and simultaneously expanding the success of grassroots movements around the world. How we wish that this very moment life on Earth were what you want: peace, truth, kindness, mutual respect and cooperation of all peoples. Ultimately, it will be, and your steadfastness in the Light is helping to create in linear time the world you want that already IS in the continuum. 

Now then, we shall address the remaining soul-related questions. The first, from a reader in the United States, is much the same asked by others, who also tied it to presidential campaigning in that country, but the relevance of this issue is global: “What happens to the souls of unborn children due to an abortion?” Janos, a soul in an eighth density civilization, spoke about this with my mother several years ago, and I asked her to copy that part of their lengthy conversation. 

[The following excerpt is from the chapter “Janos” in Voices of the Universe.] A soul does not need a body for life itself, as that is inherent in the essence of every soul. It is only for experiencing physically what cannot be without some mass for functioning that souls choose to have a body of some sort. 

Among your people, there is great misconception about “life” and the difference between a soul and a body. You have a process called “abortion” that some believe is the destruction of a new life, and there is argument about when a soul enters a body being formed in the womb. No soul’s life ever is destroyed by ending the formation of a developing body. Bodies grow independently of souls through the natural laws of physical mechanisms reproducing in accordance with the cellular programming of each civilization. 

Souls are not restricted to incarnating in a specific civilization. A soul’s spiritual evolutionary status automatically puts it within a certain vibratory level, and it chooses a civilization within that sphere that can provide the experiencing needed for its advancement. The greater the spiritual evolvement, the higher the light station within which a soul may choose the civilization for embodying, or living as a free spirit member. 

Souls whose spiritual growth needs are within the 3rd density of Earth or other placements of similar vibratory status have a number of choices regarding bodies. They may reside around the parents even before conception takes place, and after conception, they may enter the fetus to experience that growth sensation. If that kind of experience isn’t needed, they may remain “outside” for other kinds of experiencing prior to the birth, but with a soul contract “claim” on the developing body that other souls respect. If a soul enters a developing body and then reverses that decision, the woman experiences a miscarriage. A soul may inhabit a developing body until imminent birth, and then decide not to continue in that body, a stillbirth results. Also, a soul may make one of those decisions, experience what it requires emotionally, and in agreement with another soul, will exit and the second soul enters until miscarriage, stillbirth or live birth occurs. A soul with a “claim” on a developing body may permit another soul to reside in the body to experience the growth and birth sensation, then that soul leaves and the first one takes over the physical life. 

These various situations always are by agreement with all souls involved, which of course includes the parents and any other family members, and the purpose is to permit chosen experiencing to several souls at the level they need. Abortion, like all the other stages from prior to conception through a viable birth, provides opportunities for the participating souls to experience the attendant emotions that fill voids in their experiences to that moment. 

Bodies have a life force independent of a soul, and while it is an unusual situation that a body lives without a soul, this can happen. Souls have the choice to enter a cloned body or not, and if not, the clone still seems like anyone else, because the brain and all senses and motor abilities are functioning. Another example is when injured or ill people are comatose. The soul may choose to remain with the body or not, and if not, as long as nourishment is given, that body continues to live in a vegetative state, until it dies from deterioration of cells. 

Thank you, Mother. If all Earth’s peoples could know that every one of you is a soul having a physical experience and the many choices souls have, abortion would not be a political, social or religious issue. When you are living in the fullness of Earth’s Golden Age, there will be no abortions or divisiveness of any kind—life will be loving, peaceful and in harmony with all of Nature. 

“Is the 'soul' the essence of a person, or was it created to support the 'fundamental essence' as a storage unit for experiences? In other words, are we really the 'essence' ... with a 'soul'... 'mind' and 'body' as functional instruments only to support our true self, which is the 'essence' - which would suggest that the 'soul' is a spiritual function located in-between our 'fundamental essence' and our 'mind.'?” 

Your true self is a soul—an independent, inviolate, eternal Being, whether living in a physical or a spirit world or as a free spirit anywhere in this universe. Your essence, or composition, is the pure Love-Light energy of Creator—the source of everything in existence throughout the Cosmos—and this universe is of God. Using Creator’s energy and Its gift of free will with its component power of manifestation, you design a mind and a body that will enable you to function in accordance with what you want to experience after incarnating. You endow this person with a repository, or storage unit, of soul-level knowledge of The Beginnings in Creator and the collective wisdom and memories of your other lifetimes. It may be helpful to read a prior message that offers more extensive information about preparing for a new physical lifetime. [February 3, 2014] 

Thank you, Mother, for adding the date, and we add that a lifetime as a free spirit has nothing whatsoever to do with personality traits or behavior. It is a special kind of experiencing that may or may not require a body, not even an etheric body, whereby the soul communicates directly with God and knowledgeably accomplishes its pre-birth chosen mission. Jesus and other messengers of God are examples of souls that needed a body to accomplish their free spirit lifetime mission. 

“Why is it that some deceased souls remain attached to the Earth plane and not ascend to the Light? How come they have that choice? Don't we all have to go to Nirvana or another realm to account for our lives here, and assess whether we need to return or not?” 

It isn’t quite accurate to ascribe “choice” to the rare occasions when persons don’t go to Nirvana or another spirit world directly after physical death. The soul, which is pure Love-Light energy, is liberated from the person’s etheric body and psyche, and it is the psyche that is reluctant to leave. The power of belief is mighty indeed, and some of those people believe they still are alive and carrying on, maybe preparing for a loved one’s return or caring for their young children or consummating a new business venture. Others do know they had died, but want to stay on Earth until they have completed something of utmost importance—perhaps explain to families how to handle personal business affairs or continue fighting alongside their comrades or let police know who killed them. 

Whatever the reason, it is of such vital significance to people in either of those categories that the energy they exert enables their etheric bodies to linger nearby. Eventually, often with the assistance of angels, spirit guides or a proficient energy worker, all of those souls realize that they cannot do what they desire and willingly move on to a spirit world. If to Nirvana, they experience life review and take advantage of all the opportunities that wondrous realm offers, as they plan their next embodiment. 

Then, there is the considerably different situation that you call “possession,” which also is a very infrequent occurrence on Earth. A darkly-inclined soul purposefully lingers to look for a body to enter during sleep time and remain henceforth. When it enters a body, a struggle ensues, until one of the souls manages to oust the other. If the intruder soul takes possession, an experienced energy worker can perform what you call exorcism; when that is successful, the intruder is assisted to the Light and the original occupant returns. If exorcism is not performed or is unsuccessful, the original soul goes to Nirvana or the spirit world of its civilization and the intruder remains in the body and causes considerable changes in the person’s behavior. 

“What happens to the Soul when someone commits suicide?” First we say, there is NO punishment for suicide, as some religions teach. Just as in cases where physical death is by any other cause, the soul is liberated from the etheric body and psyche. Someone who takes his or her life does so in mental and emotional anguish, and the psyche enters Nirvana in that traumatized state. After a healing process of tender, customized care and constant attentiveness, the person joins the realm’s population and experiences life review just as all others do. When another incarnation is planned, it includes the karmic lessons that had been chosen, but not experienced, in the life cut short. Mother, please add the date of the message that covers this topic more comprehensively. [September 23, 2014] 

Thank you, and yes, I see that we have reached preferred space limits. I also see more questions about the soul on your list, but I feel that the information we have provided is the most relevant for the greatest number of readers. 

So, with the assurance that you are never alone in your Earth journey, we bid you loving farewell for this moment. 


Suzanne Ward 

Website: The Matthew Books

Τρίτη, 23 Φεβρουαρίου 2016

God’s message to you, delivered through many messengers and in many forms is that you are Love

Message from Saul via John Smallman for 26 January 2016 

Things on Earth are not as dark as they appear. Enormous changes are in progress, as you well know, and as these are implemented, they are causing a certain amount of disturbance and confusion in the planetary economic and political fields. To many of you, it appears that you are on an extremely fast “roller-coaster ride” that is out of control and in danger of crashing. Hold on to your hats, as you remind yourselves yet again that God’s Divine Plan is unfolding exactly as He intends. 

All you have to do, and you do have to do it, is intend to be loving in every moment and in every situation. 

Do not allow fear to distract you from this, because it is a major part of your life’s earthly purpose. Just keep briefly renewing that intention throughout the day while standing in line, waiting for the lights to change, or at any other moment when you are momentarily unoccupied with the business of daily living. Those very brief moments spent renewing your intent are far more powerful and effective than you can be aware of, so remind yourselves of that as well. 

Love is the energy, the Power, the Life-force that permeates all of God’s Divine Creation. It is All That Exists, and therefore, every sentient being, every conscious entity is an inseparable and eternal part of That! To be loving in every moment means honoring and respecting all life. 

As humans, in an illusory world of fear, pain, suffering, and death – in which you are always seeking pleasure, or at least safety and the relief from pain . . . and if possible, to eradicate death – you are engaged in the game of separation from Source. It seems to have been ongoing for billions of years, and yet now your science is beginning to understand that time is unreal, a concept that works inordinately well in the game that you are involved with, but which is nevertheless, unreal. 

While playing this game, lessons are presented to you, lessons that you chose to learn before incarnating on Earth as humans, and frequently they appear to make no sense at all. How many times have you asked yourselves “What is this supposed to be teaching me!?” 

Well of course, the answer is Love. But in the unstable and threatening environment that the world provides, it seems far more sensible to be fearful and construct defenses – psychological, emotional, physical, and even military – to keep you safe. Whereas, to be loving is often considered unwise or naïve, because it appears to lead inevitably to abuse and betrayal in what many of you consider to be a “dog eat dog” world. 

But what the vast majority want, in fact, what all sentient beings desire more than anything else is to be loved, and of course that is what you desire, because Love is your natural state! Deep within yourselves you know this, because deep within you dwells the divine and inextinguishable Flame of Love from which you were created, but from which you have hidden, and which is consequently “forgotten” knowledge, but nevertheless, knowledge that every single one of you possesses. 

It is that deep inner knowing that drives you to seek Love. However, you all seek it defensively! That is you want others to show their love for you, before you are prepared to show love for them. In other words, most choose conditional love, because due to previous experiences within the illusion, they have been betrayed, maybe many times, and so offer love only on condition that it is returned and never betrayed. Consequently, what you seek is never found, and all are disappointed and disillusioned. Well, an illusion can only be disillusioning! 

There are some among you who have seen the Light and have started to live lovingly, and they have been amazed at the transformation that has occurred in their life experiences, as a result of that wise and wondrous choice. To live lovingly or unlovingly is a choice that you make in every moment! And to live lovingly appears to many to be an invitation to others to take advantage of them. 

In fact, this is not the case! It takes courage initially to make the choice for Love, but the rewards are almost instantaneous. By making that choice and following through with a strong determined intention to be loving, you drop your defenses, and when your defenses are down, Love comes flooding in! Yes, of course there are still a multitude of fearful and therefore unloving souls out there, but you, having made the choice to be loving and then having followed up by being loving, will discover that your energy field attracts what it is offering – Love! 

Many with major problems in their intimate relationships have been blessed to obtain help from psychotherapists who are at the forefront of the field of interpersonal relationships. These psychotherapists have been able to persuade at least one of the parties in a damaged relationship to drop their defenses and offer only love. The results are often seemingly miraculous, because the other party finds acceptance instead of judgment, and then ceases attacks on the partner. Communication is re-established, and the issues that were driving them apart, in fact tearing them apart, can then be gently and lovingly resolved. Frequently, the issues are just misunderstandings that have been blown out of all proportion due to errors in communication or due to lack of communication, and a loving and satisfying relationship is then re-established. 

Some of you wonder about the food you eat. How can it be acceptable to eat meat and dairy products? Well, the game that you are engaged in, the game you are playing is a game that all the participants have chosen to take part in. All have lessons they wish to learn. There is an order to the food chain, and those at the more evolved levels need to feed on the orders below. As you know, the further down the food chain you look, the vaster the quantity of food (edible life forms) that is present. Until you fully awaken, this food chain will necessarily support you, and the other life forms on the planet. 

So, if you choose to eat meat and dairy products, this is not wrong. However, you must honor those that live to feed you. You do this by absolutely ensuring that all life forms are treated with honor and respect. That is done by ensuring humane, that is loving, living conditions are provided for those that provide your food, so that they can enjoy their lives in an environment that is appropriate to their needs. When it comes to the time to slaughter them to place them into the food chain, it is essential to ensure that the animals are taken gently and caringly to the place in which the slaughter occurs. It must be a place that is kept clean and fresh, and that is well-ventilated, so that the energy field of previous slaughters has totally dissipated before they are led in there. Then the slaughter must be done quickly and painlessly. 

Before eating, always bless your food and give thanks to the animals who have given themselves so selflessly to sustain you. They, unlike you, do not judge, they accept what arises, and when treated well, enjoy their lives to the full. That is part of the lesson that the illusion offers. 

Humanity too needs to learn to accept what arises, and with Love. Attack in any form is a desperate cry for Love. Of course, mostly the attacker has so buried his true feelings, that when he attacks, he is convinced that he is defending himself against an unwarranted attack, an attack that threatens his life and his livelihood. Defense and attack are inseparable, two sides of the same insane issue. Only Love will bring peace. 

Love starts within yourselves. Many of you were to some extent unseen, unwanted, found not good enough, or abused as children, and that treatment led you to believe yourselves to be unworthy and unlovable. This belief is utterly wrong! 

God’s message to you, delivered through many messengers and in many forms is that you are Love, that you are unconditionally loved, because He created you perfect to live eternally with Him in everlasting Joy. The separation is unreal, an unpleasant dream or terrifying nightmare from which you will awaken. 

The path to that awakening goes within, to the deepest level of your awareness and then even deeper. You get there by spending time quietly alone, by letting all thoughts and distractions – emotional, psychological, or physical – just flow by without engaging with them. You may well be very surprised by some of the “stuff” that floats into your minds. Observe it, acknowledge it, and let it pass. 

Later, it may be sensible to look at some of the “stuff” that arose, and see if it is inappropriately coloring your attitudes and beliefs – for instance encouraging you to believe in your unworthiness or unlovableness. In that case, remind yourselves that because you are, and always have been, and always will be divine children of God, you remain perfect, just as He created you, and that therefore, you are completely lovable. 

From that moment of insight make a point of treating yourselves lovingly in every moment, regardless of what appears to be happening in the outside world. Another’s judgment of you will always be invalid. With God’s help, and that is always available to you, you can see anything that you may need to change about any of your ingrained beliefs and behaviors, while at the same time forgiving yourselves for any errors or mistakes you appear to have made. 

There is only Love. You, therefore, are Love. It really is that simple, and as Love you are infinitely loving and lovable. Keep reminding yourselves of this Divine Truth and rejoice in the peace and contentment it provides. 

With so very much love, Saul.

Δευτέρα, 22 Φεβρουαρίου 2016

Riding the Waves of Energies

Hilarion’s Weekly Message via Marlene Swetlishoff for 21-28 February 2016 

Beloved Ones, 

As the energies intensify even more than before, it is difficult to stay focused on any one thing for any length of time. One’s mind jumps from one thought to another without any logical conclusion. It is a case of having entered into unknown territory where everything is possible, and there are no handholds or footholds to grab onto. It is therefore important to be aware that you do not have to do anything or accomplish anything in particular during these moments; all you must do is ride the wave as it comes and experience it - nothing else is required. When you can, send blessing thoughts to everyone and everything around you including your common home, the Earth, and have faith that you will all make it through. 

Did you know that you are made of wondrous stuff - that you come from the stars and from many different planets? We are sure that you do, yet you do not yet fully believe that it is YOU! There is a barrier that must be overcome and it is contained within you. Do not look to other planets or off-planet beings to save you. When you do so, you give away your own power to create and transform your world. What you are being asked to do is unify all aspects of self, the Light Being and the shadow self, the happy and the sad, the courageous and the fearful, the gullible and the wise, to embrace and unify all the seemingly endless polarities in self. As you are doing this, it is best to simplify all areas of your life, so that it can help eliminate unreasonable expectations within yourself and instead give focus where it is expedient and necessary. You are all much too hard on yourselves, as you seek to master everything at once! 

Many of you are now experiencing non-stop downloads and this puts you in the position of going where no man or woman has gone before, into totally new territory that can affect your sensitivity to the energies that swirl around, also non-stop. Daily cleansing is absolutely necessary, especially of your chakra system - and do begin with your Earth Star chakra that is about a foot below your feet, each of your seven chakras and include the upper five etheric chakras, as well as your foot chakras. Many times, it is these that need cleansing and purifying, in order to keep all the meridians in your etheric field operating at the highest frequency. At least once a week, do the Total Energy Clearing exercise, as this will assist you immensely. 

As your human operating system adjusts to the new level of frequency, there is a feeling of intensity within, as the new aspects of self begin to interface with your system. You will experience greater levels of creative ideas and expressions, which begin to manifest outwardly into the world around you in ways that amaze and inspire you with their beauty and profoundness. You are realizing that it is you alone who is in control of the situations that confront you, by what it is that you empower by your focus on them. You become a part of the cosmic dance of life and expression and this empowers you to continue along this spiritual pathway, which ultimately leads to mastery of life in the physical plane of existence and beyond. 

As you come into the rhythm of creation, you realize that everything is perfect and this becomes your internal song of ever renewing manifestation of all that is right and good in your world. “Everything is perfect and always has been” can be the song that you sing to yourself. In this way, you draw to you all that you need and are ready to have. As you achieve inner harmony, it opens you to understanding the greater whole of existence and what it means to interact with all of life in every moment. With this experience, come healing and an expanded sense of love and the freedom to manifest on a higher level of being, which opens many new doors of opportunity for you. 

Until next week… 

I AM Hilarion 

2009-2016 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana 



You will reach a point where you will no longer be able to remain in the lower vibrations and will ascend

Mike Quinsey Channeling his Higher Self, 19 February 2016 

Time continues to speed up and your consciousness levels are growing all of the time. You will reach a point where you will no longer be able to remain in the lower vibrations, and will ascend. It is the point of change that you have been heading for since you first dropped down into them. This opportunity is open to every soul that has focused upon Ascension, and taken steps to prepare themselves for such an occasion. If you have been aware of it and raised your vibrations, there is no reason why you should not be successful. These opportunities are always open to any soul that has prepared for such an upliftment, and their Guides will help them to be successful. 

Earthly matters are in a great state of change, and some major decisions have been made that will soon bring the details into the public domain. Although given little publicity, the State of America has been brought into being and is now going through legal moves to validate it. Along with currency changes that are also well advanced, many countries are seeking to change from the dollar as their leading money standard. Also with the coming re-valuation of the currencies, no one should lose out as a result, as there are arrangements that when put in hand will ensure that all people will be catered for. It has also been planned for a very long time to distribute funds that have been growing under the protection of St. Germain. Be assured that everyone will ultimately be looked after, and have their living standards greatly raised. 

Changes have been planned for a successful completion of this cycle for a very long time, and powerful forces of Light have ensured that no interference is allowed. Freewill still operates where individuals are concerned, but for Humanity as a whole, its destiny has already been decided by great Beings that have guided you for eons of time. As your history shows you, at the end of a cycle there are always major changes and whether they are beneficial to you depends on how far you have raised your vibrations. It was anticipated that you would achieve sufficient progress to ascend, and nothing can now change the outcome. 

Whilst the changes are taking place, there will be a degree of discomfort, because as quick as they will be carried out, the task is of a mammoth size. So, be patient when things get under way and know that the outcome will be to everyone’s satisfaction. There will be few regrets, because you will be making up for lost time and will gain much more than you can possibly have lost. Instead of spending your lifetime working day in and day out, you will have so much more time to follow your own pursuits. You will no longer be spending virtually all of your time earning a living, and have more than ample time to follow your own interests. 

The dark Ones are well aware that their power is being severely curtailed, and no matter what they try, they will not be allowed to regain it. They are also conversant with the promises of those of the Light who are moving ahead at a rapid pace. The Beings of Light now control the future of the Earth and its people. Nothing will be allowed to interfere with the progress being made, and any delay will not be of great consequence. Dear people of Earth, your time has come to take a quantum leap forward, and thus make up for lost time that has held you back. Changes will soon manifest and you will understand the wonders that the future holds for you. It will be joy and happiness, as you are made free from the attention of the dark Ones. Keep positive and know all is proceeding well and the beneficial changes are beginning to take place. 

Many souls are eager to give of themselves at such an important time, but bide your time and know that soon there will plenty of opportunities to serve the Light. Many already give of themselves to the cause, and are serving in various ways that are enabling it to manifest. Simply take very opportunity to help others along and make the truth known to those you consider to be ready for it. People are waking up to the changes, even if they do not understand the greater purpose behind them. It is to be expected, as the vibrations continue to rise up, and many are now finding that their consciousness is opening up. This may cause confusion and this is where the Lightworkers can help by clarifying the situation for them. It will be some time before the Press is taken out of the control of the dark Ones, so until then, the best source of truth will be your Internet. However, it is also being used by the dark Ones, but if you are intuitive, you should be able to determine which sites are reliable, and whose messages are given in truth. 

Know that you are living in a hologram and that it does not represent the true reality from whence you came. It is of your own making and has given you the opportunity to create an environment of your choice. One in which you can experience a 3D reality in which you can achieve a faster evolution. Many aspects are enjoyable, but those souls of a low vibration ensure that you also experience negativity, bringing need and unhappiness. It is a mixture of both that presents changes and challenges all of the time. However, you of the Light have come through it with flying colors and have considerably evolved as a result. Never again will you have to face such mixed experiences. 

What is happening on Earth is quite normal at the end of a cycle, but not all end exactly in the same way. You have been successful in learning the lessons that a 3D existence has given you, whereas recent civilizations have failed to do so. You are to be congratulated on achieving so much more than you presently understand. The journey has been long and arduous and you have come through the fires of materialism and emerged victorious. The experience has served you well and will ensure you are well equipped for any future challenges. 

For many souls the chaos has accompanied them throughout their lives, all of it having been for their needed experience. Be assured that you will not need to go through them again. You may wonder why you volunteered for them, but before you came to Earth, you were made aware of the nature of your coming experiences. You understood that at no time would you travel through the lower dimensions without assistance, even if at the time you were unaware of it. Each lifetime you have had help to ensure that you followed your life plan that you agreed to before you incarnated. That is so important to you, as if you fail to do so, you will have to do it in another lifetime. Many things seem to happen by chance, but be assured that everything of importance is planned and necessary for your evolution. 

This message comes through my Higher Self. I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. 

In Love and Light. 

Mike Quinsey. 

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Σάββατο, 20 Φεβρουαρίου 2016

You have what it takes to assist in humanity’s awakening process

Message from Saul via John Smallman for 23 January 2016 

Much is happening now that will delight you! Truly, enormous changes are taking place that will permanently alter the illusory world in which you experience being human. And these changes are for the good of all on Earth. Yes, even those who appear to be wedded to the dark. You have been praying for this and intending for it to happen, your collective intent has now become unalterable, and it will be maintained. 

Your Love and your loving intentions have changed the world! There is no going back to the old ways of deception, betrayal, and conflict, you (all of humanity) can only move forwards further into Love. It is your natural state, you have recognized It, and It is drawing you onwards, forwards, ever closer to your heavenly destiny, because you were created there in infinite joy to experience and enjoy that state eternally, and so you will return there. 

The nightmare, the separated state in which you have been experiencing so much suffering, seemingly for eons, is dissolving. You sense this, you feel this, as your unaddressed issues rise to the surface of your conscious awareness to be acknowledged and released. You may find this unsettling, disturbing, and be tempted to seek distraction. Do not! Face these dark energies arising within you, but do not identify with them or engage with them, just let them be. Observe them, realize that they are not you and let them flow through. To engage with them or identify with them gives them some of your energy, enabling them to fight with you and suggest that you are not good enough, that you are unworthy, thus leaving you feeling drained and depressed. 

Every sentient being that God has ever created, has his or her own individual energy field created at that same moment of creation, while at the same time remaining One eternally with Him. The field of Oneness, God’s divine energy field can never in any way be diminished, and you can never be separated from It, but you can allow yours to be diminished by choosing to engage with the dark or misguided ones who are lost and terrified in the illusion, and who need to feed on the energy of others, because they feel themselves utterly separated from their own energy fields, with their very existence dangerously threatened. 

Your individual energy fields are the life force that runs through your bodies. When you chose to experience separation from your Divine Source, you chose to experience your energy fields as separated from the Divine One. Then you found that you could hide from the Light and seemingly create the dark. The dark is but an absence of Light, but that absence is terrifying and it seems to have immense power. The reason that it appears to be so powerful is because you, having apparently separated your individual energy field from God’s energy field, feel extremely weakened – the Light has, as it were, gone out, and the darkness appears all-enveloping. 

Of course, the Light has not gone out, it is just that your awareness of it weakens, when you focus on the dark. Be cognizant of the dark, send it your love, your compassion, your forgiveness, but do not engage with it or mistake it for yourselves. It is unreal and you are Real! The love, compassion, and forgiveness you send to it assists others who are seemingly deeply immersed in it, shows them that there is Light at the end of the tunnel, and encourages them to move towards It. 

As you have been told so often, your loving intentions are enormously powerful, even when you are feeling low or depressed. Those feelings are just passing through, just like your unaddressed issues mentioned above, so do not engage with them as that slows their passing. Be aware of those feelings, acknowledge them. They may be as a result of painful events in your past that still have a hold on you. Offer them love and comfort rather than dismissing or denying them, and thus allow inner healing to occur. Peace will follow. 

Your nature, being Love, is therefore also Peace. When you worry about problems or issues that appear important to you, you shut yourselves off from peace, because peace is free of worry. Frequently, when you worry, the issues that you are worrying about seem to grow in importance, taking up more space in your minds, and leaving less room for peace, which at its simplest is just freedom from worry. Practical rational thought about how to deal with issues makes sense, and that, for instance, includes accepting that perhaps in this moment you do not have all the information you need to deal with a particular issue. 

Instead of worrying, while you wait, move on to another issue for which you do have information, or take time to smell the roses – or perhaps play in the snow! Doing something that you enjoy, without guilt, is very healing, because it demonstrates to you that you care for yourselves, and it will put smiles on your faces. And smiling intensifies your enjoyment, honoring you and helping to dissolve your worries. 

To honor and respect yourselves is very important. God created you as perfect beings and He always honors and respects you, so follow His example. 

As humans, you are limited in your awareness, in your intelligence, in your understanding, and so life is often very challenging for you. You make mistakes, you say or do things that are unloving, unkind, even intentionally so, and you either feel bad and guilty later, or even in the moment, or you refuse to acknowledge them and pretend that they never happened. But all these things are learning experiences from which you can and do grow, so accept your limitations, they are part of the illusion, forgive yourselves quickly for your mistakes, and honor yourselves for the lessons that you have learnt and for forgiving and loving yourselves. 

Unless you treat yourselves well, you will be unable to treat others well, because what you do to yourselves is what you do to others. So, to treat yourselves well creates a win-win situation and automatically extends your powerfully loving energy fields outwards to interact harmoniously with the energy fields of others. People then feel good around you, and you, of course, then feel good around them. With energy like that flowing, the information necessary to resolve issues and problems arises easily and quickly. 

You have what it takes to assist in humanity’s awakening process, that is why you are on Earth at this momentous time. Do not be discouraged when you feel tired or depressed. Go within, ask us, your loving guides and mentors, for assistance and a loving hug to raise your spirits. Then, suitably refreshed, reconfirm your intent to be loving in every situation and continue to awaken humanity. You are making it happen. 

With so very much love, Saul.