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Circumstances do not determine your state of mind

Message from Archangel Gabriel via Marlene Swetlishoff for 28 August 2014 

Beloved Ones, 

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as serenity. Serenity is a sense of inner peace with one’s Self and where one is at in this moment. It is a total surrender of all that is no longer a part of one’s life or path. It is releasing fear and turning instead to faith knowing that all is unfolding in one’s life with grace and ease. Serenity within helps make a person more accepting of what is occurring in their life, and they are able to think with more clarity. 

Serenity is a state of mind which allows the flow of energy to be free from becoming blocked or stagnant. It is a sense of being at peace, acknowledging the continuous flow of energy within and around one as one travels the path before them. The individual knows that the ability to stay calm no matter what is taking place around them is always located within them. It is all a matter of individual choice and the person knows that circumstances do not determine their state of mind, for that power rests within themselves for being aware of, and being responsible for, what they are feeling. When they maintain a peaceful inner posture, even in the midst of chaos, they are always in a state of balance and equilibrium. 

The door to this state of mind is opened by engaging both the soul and the spirit by involving one’s soul through love; the love of self, the love of others, the love of work, and the love of belonging, and through the spirit through believing; believing in the goodness of life, believing in unity, believing in the sacred, and believing in transformation by fostering the belief in and love of God. To be serene does not mean that the individual is bursting with joy; it just means that they are at peace within themselves, in a state of peace and tranquility. This is a desirable mental state to experience. It is the goal of most humans to achieve such a state of inner peace and serenity. Some people will experience serenity occasionally, but there are other individuals who manage to feel this way most of the time, as they are no longer a slave to their emotions. By changing their attitude towards problems, it helps them enormously to think positively of good things. Rather than viewing challenges as some type of punishment, they instead see it as an opportunity to grow, for it is only through experiencing pain that they can really reach their highest potential of soul growth. If each person viewed challenges more positively, it would increase their ability to deal with facing life on life’s terms. 

Serenity means being in the moment with one’s thoughts, words and actions. Then one may give the highest and best service to others within the scope of their abilities. A person’s strength of faith sustains and uplifts them in times of uncertainty, and the quality of love known as serenity washes over them like beautiful rays of light. Serenity invites an individual to reconnect with nature, seeing it as a golden opportunity to generate refreshing thoughts and experience a sense of renewal. Serenity provides a person the opportunity to recognize their feelings and thoughts so they can understand their emotions clearly and distinguish those that are constructive from those that are destructive to their inner peace and well-being. They become renewed and revitalized with vitality and life force energy, that they then express and manifest in their actions in their daily life. Serenity is to gradually discover the person the Creator has intended each individual to be and in becoming what and who one was made to be. 

Everyone at some time has experienced a feeling of being overwhelmed by life, when it seems to be spinning a little too fast, feeling a need to escape and find a place of serenity and simplicity, a secluded place to be alone with one’s thoughts, to find a quiet place to gather one’s thoughts and find the place of serenity, peace and harmony within them. When this state of being is embraced, there is no anxiety or feeling of complication, for the act of simplifying one’s thought processes is so freeing and feels so good. As each person starts to find the place of serenity, they find the place of solitude. Solitude expresses the glory of being alone and feeling serene. Solitude can be and often is, a very productive time. In serenity and solitude, they discover that the world is made of beauty, simplicity and order. 

In serenity and simplicity, they learn to meet life face to face, to unburden one’s life, to live one’s life more directly, unpretentiously and without encumbrances. By being direct and honest in all situations and taking life as it is, they find serenity, peace and the glory of life. By choosing to let go of all thoughts that keep their life force depleted, their life is as serene within as it is outwardly. One’s environment is rich and deep in silence and solitude and it is not hard to achieve without leaving civilization. By giving one’s self the chance to be alone and quiet, one will find the results amazing. Each individual will find they have never been happier, more confident or more intuitive than they are when they give themselves time to find serenity in solitude. 

Spending time in solitude nurtures one’s soul and frees one to transform any negative feelings toward solitude instead into an oasis of peace, tranquility and a state of grace - as something positive and productive - for by being good to one’s self, one brings calmness, peacefulness and serenity into one’s state of being. As one journeys inward, one opens one’s self to a new place, a place where the inner workings of one’s heart will come in touch with one’s outer realities, a world where a person’s heart’s desires begin to unfold. In solitude, one comes to one’s most intimate place and staying in that place creates aloneness without being lonely. In this sacred place, one is connected to one’s inner resources and the treasures inside of them that can bring healing as they dwell with God within. 

Those who take the time to listen to themselves and make the time to experience moments of solitude will find that their effort brings them answers, insights, serenity and peace of mind. Creating this space within makes miracles happen, for this positive space within one’s heart and soul opens them up to creativity, spontaneity, and serendipity. The feeling of serenity and peace shows up in one’s heart, and tranquility is the quiet within that gives one access to one’s Higher Self. By tapping into the quiet of one’s heart, one can experience space, flow and possibility, key ingredients that help one to live in peace and serenity. This manifests outwardly in one’s physical space, one’s relationships and in one’s spirituality. 

I leave now with the intent that each individual finds serenity in the purpose of their lives, and peace and serenity within their families and in their communities. 

I AM Archangel Gabriel 

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Σάββατο, 30 Αυγούστου 2014

All is for a purpose and part of your final experiences in Duality

Message from Atmos via Mike Quinsey for 05 January 2009 

Your instinct for survival has led you to become very defensive, and that has been necessary right up to the present time. However, as you increasingly move into the higher vibrations, you can release from the old ways. There is an acceptance that attachments come from the judgment of others, and the need to project an image of you that meets with general approval. Some for example, almost without thinking deny the truth about themselves or their deeds. You would rather alter the facts to defend yourself from criticism or punishment, and avoid having to answer for them. You indulge in what you call “little white lies” although we must allow for the intent that is behind them. We know that sometimes the truth can be painful or upsetting to another person, and you often have to avoid it where it can be seen as interference. 

Why do I mention this subject, it is because in the near future there will come a time when if you speak anything other than the truth everyone around you will know it. These are the times when you have developed your auric sight, and can see from the colours and thought forms when words are being spoken. In fact, at a later stage you will even find the spoken word unnecessary, and communicate telepathically. If you research extraterrestrial contacts with you, you will find that it is the normal manner of communication. It is also worth noting that different languages are no barrier to telepathy. In other words, there is a time coming when you will need to be truthful in whatever you say, as deceit will not be possible. 

Think upon this subject and begin to watch your reaction to others, and notice how you respond. See if you can be truthful and honest at all times, and also note how much better you feel within self. Often you are scared of the repercussions, and Humans do have a desire to try to please everyone by not being seen to disagree with them. Now, I tell you that a difference of opinion is healthy, and promotes interesting discussions from which everyone can learn. One problem that has made you reticent to disagree is that you believe you can be accused of forcing your opinion onto others. If you only trusted each other and valued the variety in life, you would cherish those moments when people spoke from the heart and soul. 

Of course, it is not easy to suddenly change your approach to each other, when your most of your lives have been spent responding in a time worn manner that has become almost automatic. The old approach is becoming rapidly outworn, because the higher vibrations hold you in the Light where truth abounds. On Earth your laws are often draconian and punishment is not calculated to rehabilitate you, but seeks revenge. It is therefore bringing out resentment and hatred of the law, and all means are used to avoid its sentence. However, many of your confrontations are simply where you have been judged to have broken social taboos or customs, and have gone against tradition and forgiveness is in order. 

My thoughts are following a number of paths where you are subject to judgment, and each in its own way causes you to have to defend yourself. Therefore, as time passes, a new way of approaching these issues must be found. Understanding your Oneness with All That Is will remove that feeling of separation and differences between you. Accepting that there is but your One God will be part of that understanding. You are all equal in the eyes of God who holds immense Love for each and every soul. That you appear different or practice all manner of worship and follow various rituals, is of no consequence. These are simply expressions you have chosen as part of your evolutionary experiences. Come into the higher dimensions and there are still differences, but they do not cloud another souls understanding and acceptance of the Oneness that binds all together. This is something that you will be able to deal with, when you have had experiences of meeting entities from all types of backgrounds. You will notice that evolved souls emanate an energy that is unmistakably one of exceedingly powerful love. 

Dear Ones, once we come out into the open, much of what you need to know will be given you. Basically it is placing your feet firmly on the path to Ascension, and going with the flow that allows you to be yourself in all ways of expression. It will come from loving Self first, and then all others without judgment and in Unconditional Love. That will be your target and whilst it may be nigh impossible to achieve at present, it will come within your sights before the end of this cycle. It is what you will need to aspire to, if you are to create your true reality. So many lower energies are around you at present that make your task difficult, but even by the end of this year these will have started clearing. The Light will be returning and a whole new attitude and approach to life made possible. 

The end of this cycle is not only about you, but also us and getting you to that level where you regain Full Consciousness. You will be moving into dimensions where all other Beings will be at similar levels of consciousness. Nothing can stop your progress except that you decline the opportunity to ascend, and that is highly unlikely if it is already desired. The Galactic Federation has the responsibility to guide you safely out of this cycle, and it will be achieved by divine decree. Very soon the conditions will have changed on Earth that will allow us more contact with you. It is about removing the threat to us that has always been there, and that is both on and off the Earth. There are civilizations that for eons of time have desired to take over your planet, but we have ensured that it cannot happen. We have a duty to God and the Creator to ensure your transition, and that preparations for Mother Earth’s Ascension are completed to allow for you to go together. 

I am Atmos from Sirius, and hope you understand the importance of your development in these coming months. There will be much to test your resolve, and as long as you keep your goal in sight, you will ride out the present chaos. Be outside of everything and let it pass you by, and bless it on its way. All is for a purpose and part of your final experiences in Duality. Our love is carried in the words you read, and will lift you up. Take heart from the voice of love and reason that is rising above all others, and energizing moves for world peace. It will come in your time, otherwise you could not move on. 

Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.           

Παρασκευή, 29 Αυγούστου 2014

Humanity’s return to its natural fully awakened and fully conscious state has never been in doubt

Message from Saul via John Smallman for 18 July 2014 

The fun has started!  Your awakening is, for all of you, unbelievably imminent!  Yes, you may well be thinking “Here we go again, setting ourselves up for another enormous disappointment!”  However, this is most definitely not the case.  Please prepare for the most amazing event ever to occur in humanity’s long and frequently most unhappy history. You are at the tipping point, your awakening is inescapable, divinely assured, and consequently there is absolutely no possibility of your slipping backwards into the mire that is the illusion. 

I am sure that this statement is, at the least, rather unsettling for many of you, because there have been so many apparent delays and disappointments over the years, as you have continued to determinedly and lovingly hold your Light on high, as wayshowers intending to lead humanity forward to its spiritual destiny, to awaken into its natural and blissful state – Love, Oneness with one another and with your heavenly Father, your Source, God. 

After so many “false starts”, it would be amazing if enormous numbers of Red Flags did not arise in your minds as you read or listen to these words.  Be ready to drop them, because your awakening into eternal joy will erase all the fears that caused you to raise them.  There is no need for them, because you are coming Home to Reality – Oneness with God. 

Since the moment of your apparent, and I stress the word “apparent,” separation from God, you have been on the path Home to Him – just like the prodigal son in Jesus’ story or parable in The New Testament.  And, just like the prodigal son in that parable, you have all, from time to time and from human incarnation to human incarnation, experienced the uplifting ups and the catastrophic downs of this illusory journey.  But, as in that story, when you finally arrive Home, disheveled, depressed, and fearful, your Father is already running to meet and greet you with His loving arms WIDE OPEN!  He KNOWS that you are coming, and He calls immediately for a great celebration to welcome you Home. 

He has missed you, and your imminent return brings Him immeasurable joy. And, of course, your joy on awakening will overwhelm you initially, until you remember where you are, and recognize that you have returned Home to where you belong, at One with Him, and realize that the ecstasy, the infinite joy, and the complete freedom from fear and anxiety that now enfold you are what you left behind when you engaged in the illusory experience of separation. 

Until you experienced that illusory state you did not know, and could not possibly have imagined fear, suffering, and anxiety.  And on your return Home – your awakening into your natural state as a divine and fully conscious child of God – all that has caused you pain and suffering will be gone as though it had never existed, and, as you will clearly understand when you awaken, it never did! 

Humanity’s return to its natural fully awakened and fully conscious state has never been in doubt, except in your severely limited illusory minds where doubt and anxiety is endless.  You are all divine beings created by God to enjoy eternal life.  No deaths and rebirths as humans were planned for you, just an eternal life of ecstatic happiness eternally connected to your Father Who’s joy was increased by the joy that each of you experienced. 

But you developed the “teenage syndrome”, the intense desire to demonstrate to your heavenly Father your independence from Him and your ability to live happily and freely without his guidance, interference, or oversight, and so you chose to build and enter into the illusion.  It was like drawing a very detailed picture that tells a story, and then imagining yourself within it, altering the plot as your interests and desires changed.  Finally, you became so absorbed in this unreal world that you could no longer see that it was unreal and illusory, and you forgot that you could adjust the story line.  You forgot that the Reality in which you had been created as children of God, and in which you were sublimely happy, was your true and eternal Home and heritage.  In fact, to make the illusion seem even more real you erased all your memories of your heavenly Home. 

You were lost!  And so you began a spiritual quest to find the supreme intelligence whom you were convinced had created this world of pain and suffering in which you were trapped.  It now seemed that you were helpless and weak beings whom the imaginary and vengeful god that you had invented could destroy at any moment.  You believed that you were unwilling victims in an insane and frightening world in which this vindictive and powerful being had confined you in order to control you and have you pay him obeisance, and then take delight in watching you suffering the punishments that he imposed on you.  Or, you believed that this physical world was all that existed, that god was an illusion, and that this life was your one and only chance to experience life. 

Holding either of these beliefs left you with two choices: 

1) Recognize that as a human of limited abilities and intelligence you needed to find God, a loving father, a superior and infinite intelligence who had obviously created the world, and beseech it to save you from the pain and suffering that you were undergoing – which is a result of your unwise choice to build and enter into the illusion and then forget that you had done so.  But of course, you were unaware that you were the cause of your pain and suffering, because you believed that God had imposed them on you to punish you for your sins.  You then spent your time beseeching this infinite intelligence to have mercy on you, to save you from the horrors that you believed He had created to punish you for your sins, sins that you had invented and judged as unacceptable to Him. 

2) Enjoy the illusion and experience every possibility that it offered you to have fun, to develop your egos and your independence, irrespective of the results that that unthinking and self-centered behavior might have on others.  Within the illusion, each individual found himself to be the absolute center of his own personal universe, able to claim that god, if he believed in a god, was on his side and that anyone else with whom he engaged was there purely to be used and abused as necessary to advance his personal ambitions and agendas, because this would place him in good standing with the god he had invented to support him.  And any pain or suffering that you experienced was as a direct result of others, your enemies, whom your god wanted you to destroy! 

Neither of these choices makes any sense at all, because God is Love, unconditionally accepting of all of His children, and He is constantly calling to them to awaken into Reality, where their eternal joy is assured and guaranteed. 

God is Love.  You were all created in Love, from Love, and by Him for eternal joy.  Anything that is not in alignment with Love is unreal, non-existent, and all that you have to do, need to do, is to let go of and completely release any aspects of yourselves that are not in alignment with Love – judgment, conflict, non-acceptance, attack or defense, dismissal, disrespect, intolerance – and open yourselves to accept and receive the abundant flow of Love that surrounds you in every moment, allowing It to completely suffuse you.  When you do that the Love that fills each one of you expands through you and embraces everyone else in the infinite field of Love where there is only the One. 

Truly, you are blessed and honored, because here in the spiritual realms we see very clearly the trials you have very courageously chosen to undergo, and the difficult lessons that you have chosen to learn and which are absolutely essential steps on your path to awakening.  And now the time for learning, for appreciating and dealing with the difficulties that your chosen paths have been constantly presenting you is drawing to a well-deserved moment of closure.

You, the Lightbearers and Wayshowers have completed all the lessons that humanity chose and needed to learn, and you have passed your “exams” with flying colors.  Continue your daily meditation, prayer, and contemplation practices as, through your heartfelt and God driven intent, you bring humanity to the point of awakening.  Your reward is your release from the limitations and suffering with which the illusion presents all who enter into it, and that release is close.  As you spend time daily intending that humanity awaken, the power of that uncompromising intent ensures that it is achieved.  Your demanding task is complete, so sit back, relax into your quiet inner sanctuaries, and enjoy the awakening as it happens, moment by moment. 

With so very much love, Saul.

Πέμπτη, 28 Αυγούστου 2014

You are approaching the next steps in your divine march to Full Consciousness

Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy for 26 August 2014 

3 Ben, 11 Uo, 11 Ik 

Dratzo! We return with many good things to talk about! The most important is the rising flow of funds throughout your globe. The ancient families have begun disbursements, which are to lead to the global exchange of RV and a major currency reset. In addition to these events, there is the disbursement of funds from the prosperity programs and the world humanitarian projects. These things are built around two other events. First, there is the proclaiming of a global jubilee or debt forgiveness, and secondly, the rise of the many GESARA governments, starting with the one in the USA. These various new governments are to pave the way not only for prosperity, but also for the moment of Disclosure. Once you have discovered that we exist, you can be ready for announcements from your cousins in Inner Earth and from us. Your living planet is hollow and has a very special core or central sun. This inner Sun is responsible for the auroras that you see nightly in the extreme northern and southern parts of your surface realm. This phenomenon is part of the many mysteries, which exist across your world. We are here to explain them to you. 

Your world is part of a vast solar system that is several billion miles in diameter. Despite its size, this system of planets is rather small. Yet it wondrously contains the remnants of four water worlds. This makes it unique in this Galaxy. One of the things, which are to occur, is the restoration of these worlds to their former states. When this is accomplished you are to be part of a most beautiful and unique home for humanity. Your primary stewardship is to watch over this magnificent place and to welcome many to your home worlds. Beings from across physicality are to come to create organizations to spread the Light and the sacred decrees of Heaven. The dark had this Galaxy in its charge for literally a billion years. Now, the Light is to come and learn from your accumulated wisdom on this matter. You were plunged by trickery into the horror of limited consciousness. The dark used your new limitations to create a race of slaves to work their darkness upon you. You had no choice but to obey. Yet within you was a Spirit, which chafed at this reckless domination. 

This spirit caused your off-world dark masters to destroy your global societies not once, but three times. You retain only a vague remembrance of this in your inner memories and in your jumbled histories. The Ascended Masters are to come and, in divine time, teach you this and more. We are to come to act as mentors and stewards to the process, which you are only in the beginnings of experiencing. Our mentors need to literally look you in the eye and teach you about yourself. You possess much that you barely acknowledge. This requires a drawing out process. At times, this can be emotionally and mentally quite painful. We understand how hard this is to be. Nevertheless, you need to face your demons and learn how to truly let them go. This is something we face in between our lifetimes, and when we work daily with a specially trained counselor. We have a process built around the Four Laws, which is sacred to us. We seek to refine our spiritual aspect and to vastly improve its relationship with its integrated physical aspect. 

We understand how vital it is to practice Love and to use the wisdom of the Light upon each other and ourselves. We live long lives, set up to explore physicality and learn immense wisdom from the stars. This wisdom is passed down in what we mutually call our Book of Understanding. Millions of years ago, we first faced the dark and learned of its ways across this galaxy. The Anchara continuum taught us numerous things. We took these and asked our heavenly counselors for advice. It is a series of answers, which has sustained us. Heaven gave us the Four Societal Laws and the beginnings of our Book of Understanding. We come to mentor you and show you how you can begin your own book of wisdom and understanding. We cherish what you are to teach us. Prophecy foretold long ago what is now occurring across this galaxy. We therefore come to fulfill this prophecy and shepherd the instrument, which returns you to the Light and to full consciousness. The events, which follow, are simply the means by which all of this happens! 

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come on this day with much to say! You are approaching the next steps in your divine march to full consciousness. The next set of Ascension symptoms is to concern the new balances between the new chakras and the old. These alterations also concern your body’s meridian system. Up till now, you have had the new chakras come online and affect the natural balance in your physical self. These changes need to start to realign how your body reacts to different kinds of stimuli. This allows your brain to be able to better regulate the new equilibrium being created by your various body guardians. During this time, we can start to develop new patterns, which can help your body lessen the stress produced by the introduction of 4 new body chakras and two that balance your connections to the divine female and male. Thus, your body can start to repair some of the distress created by the preparations for your coming Ascension. 

This blessed series of alterations is readying you for the introduction of your mentors. During our last lifetimes before our Ascension, we were given the opportunity to receive a better understanding of what we had elected in Heaven to achieve. You are now to be given this same opportunity. Each of you requires a better feeling about the transformations that you are going through. Heaven asked us to explain this to you and to ask you to request assistance from each of us as needed. Take this time to address us with your prayers and meditations. We are ready to show you what you are going through and provide means for alleviating your pains and sorrows. This assistance is a divine intervention. It is to permit you to gradually heal and prepare for the time when you are to meet your assigned mentor. Until then, we can assist you in a meaningful way. You are our blessed army of the Light! 

What Heaven is doing is to assure each of you that you are here for a sacred time and need to better understand this. You are not being punished. Instead, you are being blessed by the gentle energies of Heaven. Each of you has a special life contract and you need time to heal and to be touched divinely by our heavenly hosts and us. So do not forget to send prayers to Heaven and to us. It is a time for healing and a time to re-dedicate yourselves to this sacred cause. When the various gift programs pay out, you also need to look deep inside and once more pledge yourself to the Light! Look upon these as times in which some amazing events are to happen. See all of this as merely items which prophecy brought forth! You are here to bring the Light to this realm and to collectively vanquish the dark and its vile ways. Rejoice and accept the righteous gift of Heaven! Hossana! Hossana! Hosanna! 

Today, we continued our messages to you. The world is ready to accept the first events that are to move you toward prosperity, a global jubilee and new governance. This, of course, is to lead to Disclosure and events, which mark the arrival of your Spiritual and Space Family! Many great things are indeed ready to happen. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Τετάρτη, 27 Αυγούστου 2014

The intense magnetism of God’s Love for you is irresistible

Message from Jesus via John Smallman for 23 August 2014 

We are surging forwards towards the moment of humanity's awakening from the dream or nightmare in which it has seemingly been ensnared for eons. It is difficult for you to imagine how very close that wondrous moment is. You have had many disappointments and “false dawns”, as you have waited longingly and hopefully for this promised event, and so you are wary of forecasts and prognostications such as this one. 

Here in the spiritual realms part of our job is to encourage you to keep holding your divine Light on high, because that is your task and it ensures that the awakening happens; and one way we do this is to offer you uplifting guidance about its proximity. And it truly is very near! 

All that you have to do is to continue holding on high the Light of Love from which you were created and in which you have your eternal existence. Separation from It, from your divine Source, is not possible, because to be separate you have to remove yourselves from the proximity of that from which you wish to be separated, and there is nowhere else, so your experiences of separation, aloneness, or abandonment are utterly illusory. 

What is illusory is unreal, it is an hallucinatory state that you invented to pretend that separation was real, and you did your utmost to make it appear real by filling it with experiences that were totally alien to Reality – fear, pain, suffering, deceit, and betrayal – all surreal inventions that were in opposition to Love to which, as you well know, there is no possible opposite. 

And you have had enough of unreality. You, humanity, have collectively decided to release your hold on, your belief in this disquieting environment that has caused you so much fear, pain, and confusion, and return to your true and natural state at one with your ever loving Source. To awaken is to wake from this long endured dream of poverty, scarcity, danger, and solitariness into the ecstasy and joy of your eternal Home. The time for disturbing and painful games has passed, the last remnants of those “games” are occurring as I talk to you. Do not attempt to understand them, they are incomprehensible, just let them go, along with all the beliefs and attitudes that sustain them. 

Your way Home is through your hearts, not through logic or reason which are important instruments for use only in the illusion, where there is constant confusion and misunderstanding and an apparent urgent need to make clear. In Reality all is clear, utterly clear, all is known, thus making reason and logic meaningless tools that have no purpose, as you will discover to your delight and amazement. 

When your awakening occurs, as it will very shortly, a great clarity will fill your minds, as a full understanding of your human life's purpose is revealed to you, and a sense of unconditional acceptance and Love will embrace and delight you. Your long held hopes and dreams will be mightily and eternally delivered on a far grander scale than you can possibly imagine, as all your fears and anxieties dissolve into nothingness. 

You will be Home, and you will recognize and remember how you belong here, as you are welcomed into the wonder of these heavenly realms. We, too, will be filled with joy and wonder, as we observe you observing the marvels that surround you, and seeing your realization that it truly matters not how long you have spent in the illusion, because you were at all times homewards bound, and because your return was inevitable. Your arrival will totally resolve and remove any remaining traces of the time you spent apparently lost, confused, and seemingly alone and so often suffering in that strange and often threatening environment. 

Your arrival is excitedly anticipated here, because we can see that it is indeed absolutely inevitable. To you, still seemingly endlessly anchored in the illusion, the prospect of awakening into Reality is something for which you yearn! And that intense desire is one of the thoughts, one of the powerful intentions that is impelling you forwards on your journey back to your Source. As you might describe it, the intense magnetism of God's Love for you is irresistible. It is drawing you onwards resolutely, and with purposeful and unwavering determination.

The illusion is an egoic construct, and the ego's intent is separation, so that you are endlessly enslaved in its unreal world of fear, distrust, betrayal, and confusion where it rules supreme. But of course the ego is unreal! It is terrified that you will realize this and therefore also realize that it is an incredibly divisive aspect of yourselves that you can instantly discard and then lovingly reintegrate into your whole Selves where it truly belongs. 

The ego is part of the illusion, but it is a part that you invented from within yourselves, because you seemingly needed it to protect you from all the dangers and threats with which the illusory environment surrounded you. Indeed it has been useful to you as a helpmate in the physical tasks with which you needed to deal as a human. Unfortunately it has always assumed that you are under attack or about to be under attack, and so its motives have been defensive and mistrustful, of you, and of humanity at large. 

Remember, the ego is a collective entity that expresses the general beliefs and concerns of humanity, while at the same time doing its best to convince each individual that this general perception is absolutely valid. It has succeeded, and as a result you have wars on poverty, wars on drugs, wars on drunk driving, wars on illiteracy, wars on crime, wars on terrorism . . . on and on, nothing but wars! And of course they all seem perfectly valid to the ego driven world of the illusion. 

In the last twenty years or so, however, the applicability of the term “war on . . .” has been increasingly questioned, and in many cases discarded as utterly inappropriate. That is a sign that the ego is losing its grip, that humanity is uncovering its true nature – Love – and is beginning to respond to the problems and issues that disturb you and alienate you one from another by listening to the differing perceptions that until very recently served only to drive you apart and into opposing warring factions. The insanity of that approach to problems is at last very clear as you observe the intense suffering that it has caused over the eons. 

Humanity is growing up and letting go of its ego-driven behaviors and attitudes that may be appropriate in three year olds as they learn to cope with the insanity of the illusion in which they find themselves, and have to engage with others at the same level of intellectual development. But, after a few bruising encounters, anyone with any sense, any true awareness, realizes that war is most definitely not the answer to any disagreement whatsoever, whether as little children in pre-school relationships, or as fully grown adults in nation to nation relationships. 

War does not work! It never has, and finally that is being accepted as a scientifically proven fact, even though the scientists in the arms industries and the politicians that support them might choose to disagree. However, their influence is fading very rapidly. People are asking with grave concern why it is that in a world where unnecessary poverty is endemic nations are spending inordinate amounts of money on weapons. And of course the answer to that is “Because those who would engage in war and in the manufacture of armaments are attempting to place themselves above humanity, and protect their favored and elitist positions by the use of police and military forces that are answerable only to them.” 

Well, the time for those kinds of shenanigans is over. Those who would control and suppress the mass of humanity have lost control! Humanity has turned to Love, is opening its collective heart to engage once more with its true nature, and so the moment for your inevitable awakening draws ever closer. 

Your loving brother, Jesus. 


Τρίτη, 26 Αυγούστου 2014

The time is now past for shrinking your Light in order to please others

Hilarion's Weekly Message via Marlene Swetlishoff for August 24-31, 2014 

Beloved Ones, 

Time as you know it is in a state of flux and many times each of you feel that time itself has stood still which then quickly changes to the acceleration of it. You are arriving at a place where your body processes are being more intensely recalibrated so that your physical bodies can more comfortably transmute, renew and regenerate in alignment with higher dimensional energies in order to further your Ascension process. This will help you to absorb more Light into your etheric energy field and ultimately this will affect every cell to regenerate your entire human operating system. It is helpful to feel and state your intention at the start of each day to attune yourself to the essence of wholeness and youthful perfection, while feeling and surrounding yourself with the violet flame. Spend as much time as you are able visualizing and surrounding your entire auric field with the violet flame. When you can see this in your mind’s eye, hold this focus for as long as you are able. This will help tremendously with the clearing process, if you daily practice. Take a moment to also visualize the Earth surrounded by the beautiful violet ray before completing this exercise. 

In all things, speak your truth. The time is now past for shrinking your Light in order to please others. Yes, speaking your truth may offend some who are used to pleasing others in order to meet with their approval, but it is important now to maintain your own integrity by being totally honest within yourself. When you are totally honest within yourself, there is no room for confusion or illusion and you avoid the pitfalls of being sidetracked from your path of service to the Light. To thy own Self be true! One does not have to be rude in this discipline - your words can be spoken with love and compassion for the other. Sometimes, the truth will come out with an angry burst of energy and it is important to realize that the one speaking is under the influence of the transforming energy of kundalini rising from their root chakra and this energy is very powerful indeed. This is why we advise that each of you ground yourselves into the Earth each day, as it will help to keep you balanced and in equilibrium. If there is excess energy that makes you feel tense and irritable, being out of doors enjoying nature whilst walking or hiking will help to calm and balance the auric field. 

Attuning to the Earth beneath your feet will bring stability in all areas of your life. When the energy levels within you are very high, expressing your creative side by taking action can help keep you attuned to the energies of peace and harmony. Open yourself up to writing, poetry, painting, channeling, creating music, singing and even humming. Allow your channels of creative energy in whatever forms they take to be expressed and you will soon find yourselves in a much happier and more joyful space. When you are in a joyful space, the creative ideas flow into your awareness in an explosion of inspiration, expansion and delightful synchronicities. Follow your inner guidance and promptings and make your life a wonderful adventure of discovery. The world is your oyster – find the precious pearl! 

Those who have been on the spiritual path for a long time will begin to feel a sense of renewal, peace, harmony and joy. If you can keep your energy field from taking on the energies of others, this state of being can be maintained no matter what is happening around you. Keep an open heart and mind and stay focused on that which you wish to create and achieve. Have patience and faith that you are connected to the highest vibration that is safely possible for you during these times, keep a loving attitude and enjoy the journey for the universe will help you to manifest your dreams. Instead of relying on what others say, follow your own intuition and gut feelings, as this is the guidance coming through to you from your own soul. Whatever obstacle or challenge is in front of you, know that it will work out well for you. Begin to accept all of who you are, as you are and you will see your life transformed in perfect and divine order. 

Avoid getting caught in outside appearances and distractions of life, find the true substance, the true essence of what you desire and accept that everything is in a state of divine order. Be clear about your own boundaries and where you end and another begins. Own your emotions and let others own theirs, for it is important to have a healthy sense of self-esteem. Be proud of all of your accomplishments and celebrate each small victory. Make conscious choices that create and maintain balance in your life and which also creates conditions and possibilities that lead to the fulfillment of your best life yet. 

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace 



Σάββατο, 23 Αυγούστου 2014

The Photon Belt and the Ascension Connection: The Wake Up Call

by Adama 

Greetings from Telos my Beloved Brothers and Sisters, 

This is Adama. It is my pleasure to connect with you once again. Dear ones, many of you have various conceptions of the Photon Belt. Some of your conceptions represent a facet of the truth and others are not even close. Allow me at this time to give you another facet of it. And please remember that it is only another facet, as there are many more. The Photon Belt is a subject that could fill several volumes. At this time, I want to discuss with you, one facet that is highly important for all of you personally. 

There is much speculation on the surface as to what the photon belt is and when the Earth did enter or will enter this vortex. Know that the earth officially entered the Photon Belt around May, 1998. The Photon Belt is composed of 12 gigantic vortexes of intense Bands of Light. Each vortex will perform its own specific action on Earth and in our solar system, and the whole process will be very closely monitored to work in harmony and balance. It is a very safe process, and there is nothing to fear. One could say that the Light of the Photon Belt possesses the high and refined frequencies and qualities of the Ascension Flame, along with many other attributes. This does not mean that the earth did not experience its influence prior to May 1998. It did, for many years. 

Waves of Light from the Photon Belt were released on Earth at various intervals, each year for many years past, particularly at the time of the Equinox and Solstice. Each year, the Light was released in a greater and greater intensity and frequency. You needed to be acclimatized, dear ones, for the greater Light that is to come. Nevertheless, since May 1998, when the earth officially entered into the 1st vortex, there is no turning back. Within the next twelve years, the earth will be going through each one of the twelve vortexes of that Light with the intensity that is required for Her purification and preparation for Her Ascension process into the 5th dimension. 

Since then, the various frequencies and intensity of the Light from the Photon Belt are no longer released at intervals. They are now bombarding the earth much more intensively and constantly. There are a lot of adjustments to be made in this vortex before we can move to the next one. All of humanity, in one form or the other, is feeling the effects of the new energy of this deep cleansing. Every person on Earth is going to have to do whatever it takes to adjust their consciousness and make the necessary changes within themselves to be able to move with and be transformed by that Light. 

I am repeating it again. There is no turning back at this point. You are going to have to decide for yourself now if you want to ride the Ascension wave with the planet, be transformed into the new species of humans that will emerge from this transformation, gain your immortality and ascend into the consciousness of the New Earth on the 5th dimensional level, or be crushed by the wave and stay on the 3rd dimension for another round of incarnations. The choice is entirely yours. The opportunity is for all. 

Those who resist that Light and the many changes It will bring, will not be able to make it through the twelve vortexes. We know that many will choose at soul level and/or at the conscious level to leave or vacate their physical bodies rather than let go of their fears, preconceived ideologies and personal agendas that are not serving the greatest good of all, rather than lovingly allow themselves to go through the necessary steps of this transformation. There are also those who would be ready to come along for the ride, but because of their age, will be choosing to make the transformation from the “other side” of the veil. For those precious ones, this option is totally acceptable, and we ask you not to worry for those loved ones and allow them that choice. 

Many of you are already feeling and noticing in your physical and your emotional bodies the effects that are taking place at the cellular and genetic levels. Many of you are experiencing new, unpleasant physical symptoms you never had before, such as, headaches, heart pains, palpitations, chronic fatigue, dizziness, nausea, changing sleep patterns, ringing in the ears, blurring of the vision, and many more. You are also noticing changes in your emotional state. Your bodies are evolving and cleansing themselves. All outmoded, worn-out negative emotions and ways of thinking and perceiving things are coming to the surface to be examined, purified and transformed. Many of you are emotionally confused, and many of you feel you are “sick”. I tell you, this is only temporary. Just hang in there and remain into the frequency of “Love” for yourself and others. It will come to pass. 

NOW is the time for you to let go of ALL your fears and negative patterns, because you simply cannot take them with you. 

Where we are going, there will be only Love, dear ones. There will be no room for fears or negativity of any kind. What will you do at the entrance of the portal of the 5th dimension if you still have your baggage of fears and negativity with you? The vibrations of fears and other negative patterns simply cannot be admitted into the 5th dimension. Will you choose to stay behind on the 3rd dimensional level for another round of incarnations just because you have held onto them? Do you want to carry them with you all the way through the 12 vortexes to the portal only to be told that your baggage of negativity cannot come along with you? Or do you want to start working on getting rid of it now, and free yourself from this limiting burden while there is still a bit of time left? 

The transformation of the human race on Earth was begun very gently about 30 years ago. It intensified more around 1987, then more again around 1994. Since Wesak 1998, these energies are creating a greater intensity of mutation in the four body systems of all humanity. This Great Cosmic Light of the Photon Belt is now upon all of us. Want it or not, none can avoid it. According to your free-will choices, you can use it for your spiritual expansion, physical transformation and resurrection and go along with our precious Mother Earth’s Ascension. The Earth and humanity are ascending together “as a big family”. We in Telos, will also be ascending with the planet. We cannot promise that the process will be totally comfortable all the way for everyone. For each one, there will be many adjustments to be made. You will be transformed into the new species of immortal, unlimited humans that will inhabit the New Earth, a place of Divine Love, Unlimited Abundance, Beauty and Eternal Peace. 

You are either coming along or staying behind. You simply cannot at this time choose to stay in between two worlds. 

The New Earth will manifest a glory and perfection beyond your wildest dreams. The Earth Mother is already engaged in this process. Sure, you may choose to come a few incarnations later, and you will all get there eventually. I am talking about coming NOW, not in a few hundred years from now, but at the end of this earth cycle which is finishing around 2012! What is your choice? 

Most people would say they want to come now. And I say to you, “Are you willing to prepare and do whatever it takes to make it through the transition?” It is not totally a, “free ride,” you know. Although you are given at this time unprecedented assistance from the higher realms, you have to do your part if you choose to come along. If you select to stay behind, it will be honored, and you will be incarnating again in a place that will match your level of awareness. There is no judgment on your decision. God has given you “free will” on this planet, and it will not be taken back from you. What are your options? The 3rd and 4th dimensions are scheduled to eventually be folding up on this earth. If you choose to stay in the illusion of the so called “familiar zone” of the old paradigm of the 3rd dimension, you will not immortalize your body. This means that sooner or later you will vacate your body and incarnate again in another 3rd dimensional planet similar to this one and continue to enjoy your fears, your violence, your control, manipulations, your wars, your limitations, your addictions and all the negativity you are not wanting to give up now. 

I am saying this to you because of my love for you and the great love that God has for you. I am not trying to scare you in any way. I am trying to reason with you in the hope of helping you awaken from your lethargy, your spiritual slumber, and to the illusions of your old outmoded momentums. For all those reading this message, know that it is the desire of the spiritual hierarchy of this planet for all to be able to make an “informed” choice. We are hoping with all our heart that you will choose to come along because we are a big family, and everyone is loved very dearly. 

Dear ones, you have heard of the “Place Prepared” that your scriptures talk about. Well this very special place is no other than the 5th dimensional consciousness. Our deep concern is that we are seeing at this time, so close to the millennium, too many of the precious people on earth that could easily make it to the portal of the 5th dimension and be accepted, still living their lives on an “automatic pilot” type of consciousness not wanting to take responsibility for creating their future reality, not wanting to hear about any changes, or having to face taking a serious look at their lives to see where they are heading. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of my next few words. 

The time to live on “automatic pilot” is over. Humanity has lived this way for thousands upon thousands of years, and it has caused you all untold sufferings, sorrows, poverty, sickness and all the social and economic problems that have been facing humanity for those thousands of years. The time of your deliverance is upon you now. You, as a soul evolving on Earth, can be “liberated” only if you consciously choose to do so, and make it the most important priority in your life. 

It will not happen by continuing to live on an “automatic pilot” consciousness. It will happen for you ONLY IF YOU EMBRACE NOW THE CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS AND START THINKING AND ACTING WITH YOUR CHRIST MIND AND CHRIST LOVE. 

No matter how much help you are getting from above, no one can do it all for you. You will have to allow the desire to be ignited within your heart to evolve your consciousness to the level of where you want to go. 

I AM Adama, ascended master and the high priest of Telos. My brothers and sisters of Telos are joining me to send each one of you our love, our friendship and support. We are conscious of the difficulties you are facing and also aware of the wonderful progress so many of you are making; know that you are making a difference. We send you our Light and Love. 

Copyrighted © Aurelia Louise Jones 

Channeling from the Earth’s Interior 


Πέμπτη, 21 Αυγούστου 2014

The old order is failing, collapsing, disintegrating

Message from Saul via John Smallman for 19 August 2014 

Humanity’s awakening has been divinely promised and is at hand.  Nothing can prevent it, because not only is it God’s Will, which is always achieved, but it is now also humanity’s collective will, and because you were given free will your will is always honored.  Until quite recently, individual wills, divided and confused as they were, had made humanity’s collective will very difficult to discern.  It was collectively unstable, changeable, confused, conflicted, and chaotic, but now it is coming beautifully into alignment and is determinedly seeking world peace, person by person.  Although, if you pay too much attention to the gloom and doom on the news media, you might well believe that nothing much has altered, and that humanity’s endless dance with conflict and betrayal continues unabated. 

However, over the last several decades, with the vast increase in educational opportunities for large sections of humanity, much scientific study and research has been focused on meditation and on the effects it has on those who practice it.  That research shows that it is hugely beneficial to those who engage with it, and that when large numbers meditate as a group the effects are felt all around the world, and fear and anxiety decrease exponentially.  Consequently, those who are spiritually gifted and guided among you have been spreading the word about its benefits and willingly teaching a variety of methods that assist people to access their deep inner space where peace is always to be found. 

This why all those from the spiritual realms, who speak to you through your human channels, keep stressing to you the importance of daily meditation.  There has been an enormous increase over the last ten or fifteen years in the numbers of people across the world engaging daily in meditation.  The effects of that turn inwards, towards spirit (meditation always leads to spirit, even if the meditator does not acknowledge it, and the peace found there is spiritual) are clearly visible in the worldwide growth in movements for peaceful change.  Awareness has grown that life as it has been lived for eons on Earth, conflict after conflict with intensely self-centered agendas set by those who plan and commit to them, has to cease or you will destroy yourselves and cause horrendous damage to the planet. 

So, we continue to remind you to meditate.  Your meditation, as you have been told, has an enormous effect on the human collective, causing an agitation in consciousness that leads even more to meditate.  The vast numbers meditating regularly are bringing about the changes that you have been hoping and praying for a very long time.  Allow yourselves to believe the good news that your intuition brings to you when you allow and encourage your egoic minds to take a break from flooding you with disturbing distractions. 

When you contact your intuition, your Higher Self, your favorite ascended Master, Archangel, the Holy Mother, or the Holy Spirit what you “hear,” “sense,” “feel,” or even “see” is always wisdom of the highest order, wisdom that you can trust and depend upon.  Within the spiritual realms all are aware of and engaged with their Oneness in a cooperative and harmonious outpouring of Love to heal you all, but can and do still respond to you individually as the One you choose to address or call on.  The advice that you receive is always wise and loving, it never judges, blames, or condemns, and that is how you can be sure that it is truthful guidance that will assist you in the moment as you ask. 

Keep on asking, because you do need our support, and by asking for it you open yourselves to receive it.  As we keep telling you: All are One.  Therefore, what you do as One, by asking for and accepting assistance from us, is to follow your chosen spiritual path, and that changes the world. There are always, in every moment, many of you calling on us, and those calls are all constantly amalgamating into a most powerful request for assistance to which we are constantly and lovingly responding.  However, when you allow yourselves to be overwhelmed by the fears and worries of the illusion, you drift off your path, your spiritual energy field then weakens and you become far less effective in the work that you incarnated to do, because you are effectively buying back into the illusion of separation. 

This is not a judgment, it is just an observation. We do fully understand how difficult it is for you to maintain your focus in a world where conflict, competition, and disingenuous agendas appear to be the normal and necessary modes of behavior in order to survive.  You do get dragged down, your spiritual energy field does weaken, and it seems that you are alone and abandoned in a very unsafe and threatening environment.  And when you ask us for help, maybe it seems to you that you have not been heard or that we have not responded to your call. 

The energy field of the illusion, the busy workaday world in which you have to operate, is very loud!  Consequently, unless you make a very determined effort to go within, to your quiet and holy inner sanctuary, it is extremely difficult for you hear us, sense us, or intuit our presence and guidance.  In fact, it may well appear that the raucous noise of the world’s energy field has recently become even louder and more insistent that you attend to it, making it more difficult for you to access that place of inner peace and calm. 

The old order is failing, collapsing, disintegrating, and in its final moments it is desperately clinging to its last vestiges of power and influence, so it does appear to be louder, noisier, and more overwhelming in its assault on your senses.  Remind yourselves frequently that it is in its last moments, that its grip on the engines of power is slipping, and that the noise that it is making is the sound of grinding and splintering gears that are broken and seizing, as the fear and worries of humanity, that were its lubricating agent, are withdrawn. 

Love is smoothing and calming the hearts of humanity all across the world as it flows relentlessly but gently into every nook and cranny, into every dark corner that would resist its warm and healing embrace, and even in the darkest of places Its powers of persuasion are proving irresistible.  Love’s endless willingness to hold all, without exception or conditions, to Its soft and tender bosom in a refreshing and reassuring hug that confirms unconditional acceptance of even those who feel the least worthy of entering into Its presence is bringing you all Home to Reality.  It is waking you up into the glorious brilliance of God’s utterly entrancing and unending day.

With so very much love, Saul.