Πέμπτη, 28 Νοεμβρίου 2013

Your collective ability to hold the intent to awaken is strengthening

Message from Saul via John Smallman for 28 November 2013 

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States of America, but wherever you are on planet Earth there is good reason for giving thanks – you are alive and conscious, therefore you are a Divine Child of God, eternally loved and secure within Him, the One Source from which all that exists is created for everlasting joy. You are dreaming now, as you continue to engage with the illusory realm that you built, but you are on the path to awakening, and when you do awaken your joy will overwhelm you. 

Your awakening is guaranteed, it is inevitable, there is no other option, because as divine beings created by God for eternal joy, your will and His are One, and His Will is that you shall awaken. You decided, briefly, to experience separation – a state that cannot exist, simply because God created all as One with Him and within Him, and He is Reality, all that exists, there is nowhere to be separate – and so the illusion was born and you entered within it and closed off your awareness of God and of who You truly are, temporarily. It does seem that you have been enveloped within it for eons, and that is part of its illusory nature, but in truth your presence there has only been momentary, a brief moment of intense fantasy, as you will realize when you awaken. 

God is Love, and because He created you, you too are Love. Love is undiscriminating, utterly inclusive, accepting and embracing of all that exists, and separation from It is utterly impossible! Nothing that God creates is ever separate from Him, and He is the only Creator. What you have been apparently experiencing for eons, a state of existence separate from Him and from one another, truly is an illusion no matter how real it seems to you, while you are experiencing it – you have a term for a modern computer application “virtual reality,” which is like a very much scaled down version of the illusion that you constructed for yourselves.  You could perhaps say “What goes around comes around.”  It seems that you wanted an even more illusory illusion as an escape from the one that has seemingly contained you for so long! 

Well, you will escape by awakening into Reality, not by building another illusion!  We in the spiritual realms are here to assist you in that process, and we are available to you 24/7, so do not hesitate to call on us.  Humanity has made the collective decision to awaken, but many of you keep forgetting to hold the intent, and our job is to remind you to do so whenever you meditate or pray, or call on us for help. 

Your collective ability to hold the intent to awaken is strengthening and intensifying as the Lightbearers, Wayshowers, and Starseeds among you become ever more competent at sharing and extending the fields of Love that surround and envelop each one of you.  You are all, all of humanity, enveloped in the divine field of Love in every moment of your eternal existence, but due to the decision to experience separation your awareness of this became very indistinct, unfocused, almost lost. Now that awareness is being restored, and as that happens you are reconnecting and weaving together your individual energy fields in a beautifully harmonious expression or reflection, in fact an exact mirror image of God’s Love for all of you, and it is drawing you together in recognition of your inseparable Oneness. 

What is occurring is absolutely magnificent, and you are observing signs of this everywhere as more and more of you come together in prayer and meditation all across the world with the intent to promote peace and harmony among all peoples. New groups are forming daily for this divine purpose, which further increases the strength and intensity of Love that you are now willingly and enthusiastically offering to all. The Light of human Love, an extension of God’s Love, is becoming ever brighter as you clean up your “mirrors” by removing all the smuts and congealed dirt that has dulled them – the unloving attitudes, mistrust, exclusivity, rejection, and judgments that have plagued humanity for so long – thus making them shine quite brilliantly, as they also reflect the brightness of His Love for all of you. 

The apparent eons that you have spent separated from God and from each other has left you feeling unworthy, because the only reason you can conceive of for being separated from Him is because you are unworthy.  But, of course, you are not! You were created perfect and nothing can ever change that, and you are now coming to understand the truth of that. Just as in the biblical story of “The Prodigal Son”, you are loved by your Father, and there is nothing you can do to alter that, His Love for you is eternal. 

Make a point of relaxing at least once daily, and preferably more often (3 or 4 times would be good) into your quiet inner space to commune with your guides and mentors and allow them to reassure you of your Father’s Love for you by embracing you in an intense and powerful energy hug. And allow yourselves to feel it instead of doubting it, because then you most certainly will.  You are not alone, you have never been alone, and you never will be alone, Oneness with your Father and one another is forever.  And you are now moving steadily into the awareness of this, as you approach the moment of your awakening. 

With so very much love, Saul. 

 Artwork by Swami Sevaratna

Τετάρτη, 27 Νοεμβρίου 2013

The moment arrives for celebration

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation for 26 November 2013 

3 Ahau, 3 Yaxk'in, 10 Caban 

Selamat Balik! We return with more good news! The various groups that are setting up the final configurations for the new financial system are starting to oversee the last days of the dark's odious system. A vast global currency reset is ready to manifest. The first stage of this complex procedure is underway. The rest of this new system will emerge when the new governance comes online. We have observed carefully as the numerous factions that comprise our Earth allies work diligently to move your world toward a new and permanent prosperity. 

Meanwhile, legal brakes to the dark's rule are being applied. Numerous governments around your globe are feeling the pressure upon their continued corruption and outright favoritism of the wealthier sections of your respective society. This type of governance no longer works. For too long it has created a non-responsive government that can no longer be tolerated. Hence, a movement toward a global revolution grows daily. The new governance and financial systems will creatively resolve these problems. 

This transformation in consciousness makes the various social and political structures now operating in your numerous societies inadequate. As your ability to either interrelate and/or communicate changes, it provides a means to sense wrongs more easily, and to analyze these societies differently. The things that you once took for granted no longer seem right. You start to understand that a different approach is needed. The daily nature of these societal systems begins to seem petty to you. You look carefully for a viable alternative, but none seems available. Your inner thoughts express your distaste for what surrounds you. Your frustration grows. This process is presently pervading the globe. What our Earth allies are doing is therefore vital to what will follow: new political and social systems founded upon abundance, and a free flow of new information and technology previously suppressed by the dark's minions. This revised society will also open the door to a vast amount of Disclosure. 

Disclosure by the Ascended Masters, and Disclosure by new governance of our presence and Agartha's are critical to lead toward Full Consciousness. Each step needs some time for you to fully absorb the incredible amount of data and new wisdom that you need. The traditional underpinnings of your society will first be "detonated" and then replaced by something entirely new to you. These changes will "spin you for a loop." Left figuratively dizzy by this, you will need time to readjust and make your peace with these new truths. Once this is done, you can then prepare yourselves for what is to follow. We understand that the immensity of knowledge presented to you will cause a great deal of discomfort to many. The traditional precepts of your society will initially be challenged and later tossed aside. The new truths will be backed by discoveries that permit you to better understand how the dark worked its magical brew of lies, deceit and masterful manipulations. These truths will prepare you for the final steps toward Full Consciousness. 

The present time is one of transitions. Your current reality is fading and is in dire need of change. Those in Heaven who oversee this reality know this and are moving it toward one where your consciousness expands and you encounter your Inner Earth neighbors and us. This set of major changes to your concept of reality will accelerate you toward Full Consciousness. The present lack of Disclosure cannot go on much longer. In fact, Heaven has set a timeline for how this is to happen. This is why we know that your immediate future will bring the changes we discuss, as well as First Contact. This realm of yours is living on borrowed time. The moment for our official entry into this reality is very close. Your Ascended Masters and their associates are ready to reveal new financial and governmental systems. We leave you with this good news. Be in joy and feel just how close this New Reality is to manifesting. Your future is to be filled with freedom, wondrous happenings and a grand reunion with all of us! 

Blessings! We come to talk to you about many things! Right now, you are in the midst of changes that are the precursors to Full Consciousness. These subtle alterations are doing what it took us many lifetimes to achieve. You are safely on the road to a New Reality that requires your full participation. Thus, Heaven has forged a special partnership between the Agarthans, the Galactic Federation and us. This partnership is altering your reality in very precise ways. The current aspects that seemingly control your reality are fading. Their powers will be replaced by those who intend only the blessed best for you. At present, your reality seems stalled while promises of wealth are flashed before you and never realized. Rumors fly around like a swarm of hungry gnats. Confusing information likewise is continually bombarding you. This unholy situation is now ready to unravel. A wondrous event is ready to happen! 

Those individuals and their respective groups who secretly work with us daily are ready to unleash a Thanksgiving surprise! During the past few decades, we have been assembling a means to provide the first grand step in a march toward your monetary freedom. This step involves not only viable funds, but also a way to protect them from the dark's unholy schemes. What we can state here is only that these things are ready to manifest. The dark's many illegal regimes feel falsely confident that what they are about to perpetrate can somehow work. This is in actual fact a great impossibility. Our blessed associates are going to do something special to aid you in keeping your grand focus. Do not be discouraged. Remain positive. Good things are about to happen. A New Reality, my dear Ones, is to be born! 

The dark and its minions in banking and governance realize the degree of disgust that they have engendered in you. Yet, they do not care. Every one of their recent ventures is on the cusp of ruin. The future of their dark enterprises is near failure. Our various legal and spiritual endeavors are on the verge of total success. Yet, they continue to lie, scheme and seemingly remain as powerful as ever. The coming "surprise" will demonstrate what is real. We ask only that you hold on to the energy of hope and of forging a new prosperous reality. These marvelous things are becoming real. Our numerous supporters are following protocols that will flower shortly and give you a series of successes that will allow us to teach you and permit the Disclosure of what truly lies above and beneath you. Your spiritual and space families are here! 

Today, we carried on with our brief messages of what is happening. The moment arrives for celebration. The time comes to rid this realm of its malignant oppressors. These glorious events are to bring with them the final curtain to what the dark cabal has done for millennia. Rejoice! The time for your victory is at hand! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Τρίτη, 26 Νοεμβρίου 2013

Your mind is releasing all old patterns that simply cannot keep up with the speed of Light

Message from SaLuSa via Madad for 26 November 2013 

We know that listening to your own heart is getting very comfortable for you, and in spite of some doubts in the beginning, the feeling of trust in these information is growing, because every time you searched for some proof of any information received this way, you always got it. It is not that you as eternal Soul would need it, but your mind is requesting evident proof as it was programmed to do so. Your mind is releasing all old patterns that simply cannot keep up with the speed of Light that is circulating within you and flowing through the whole system of your body. 

Sometimes it might be not so easy to see through this illusion, but your feelings and Love that you are again connected to will not leave you in any doubts about the truth. Truth carries very mixed energy feeling for many of you, because so many times you were listening to something that turned out to be the exact opposite. 

Everyone is carrying their own version of truth, because we see it as complex package of information and experiences and feelings that are guiding us to the fulfillment of our desires. Desire is another word that might create confusion within your changing mind, and we understand it as expression of Soul that is connecting everyone to the needed experiences. We know that your society as it existed for so many centuries tried to push and limit desires of the people, but now you are free to step out of these limits that still exist and let your desires to fully grow and lead you into the truth about self. 

Knowing the truth about self is creating more power within and giving you so many different possibilities and showing you which one to choose, that would make your journey and learning complete. And please remember, no one else can let you know the truth but yourself, as all the information have to resonate with you in order to become truth. On the other hand, if some information does not resonate perfectly with you and someone is telling you that they feel it is the truth, there is no reason for doubts as they are representing the truth for them and guide them into further knowing. 

The more you are tuning into the higher vibrations the more you can feel the resonance of each information that you hear or read. There are so many information about our coming and about all that should happen before and after, and sometimes they are confusing, sometimes they are purposely being spread to create confusion, but we ask you to let it through your heart and clearly feel if they are carrying the loving energy and resonate with you. 

You all are able to feel this resonance, but sometimes mind is trying to be stronger and tell you something that it is not able to recognize at all. Mind is helping you manifest your choices, and that is its purpose of existence. Your heart is there for you to see your own truth, and when both working in harmony and each is doing that action that was created for, you are seeing the true wonders of life. Help your mind relax with the best way that each of you certainly already find out for yourself, and the mind will surrender into the role that it was created for and you will surely feel it. 

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and wish that you express your desires so freely as they are making you happy, because they carry the perfect energy pattern for your movement into the higher world of existence, where showing your true desires is supported and understand and it is build in into basics of our societies that we live in.   

Δευτέρα, 25 Νοεμβρίου 2013


Message from the Creator, 25 November 2013 

The Universe never has and never will ‘punish’ you for anything you have or have not done. That is not the way it works, my love! Please understand that I have always loved you and no amount of self-punishment can undo that love. Begin by forgiving yourself. Once that wheel starts turning, it will free up your energy and the forgiveness you have been longing for will appear. ~ Creator

Source: https://thecreatorwritings.wordpress.com/2013/11/25/forgiveness-2/
Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Κυριακή, 24 Νοεμβρίου 2013

Is Ascension Really Happening?

Article by Sandy Stevenson 

Most definitely! The Earth has evolved to a point where she is ready to move to a higher frequency dimension. This is a normal evolutionary step for all life in the universe. This process is called Ascension. The dimension is the 5th. Everyone and everything ascends when their energy vibration reaches a specific frequency of Light. 

There are many different forms of life upon Earth, e.g. humanity, animals, minerals, trees, etc. Anything that lives within the natural flow of Divine Order will have a similar band of vibration to the Earth and as such can automatically ascend with her. An example of living in Divine Order can be seen in the response of plants and animals to the different seasons. 

Everyone on Earth is deciding now, on some level, whether they choose to align with that Divine order and so ascend to the 5th dimension, or they wish to continue their learning in the 3rd dimension. Third dimensional learning involves experiencing many different situations to help teach us greater wisdom and love. 

Anyone involved in this learning, such as humanity and some animal species, are at different points of vibration, depending on the learning attained. Living positively creates a high level of vibration. Negative patterns, such as fear, create a lower vibration. 

You don’t need to know what you are doing! It is not part of the contract! It is usually the mind or ego that wants to know the details and significance. Spirit is content to surrender to Divine Order, simply doing what feels right, without hesitation, in total faith and trust - and moving on to the next exciting moment. 

If you have a desire to help – even if you don’t know what form that help may take – the answer is yes. 

If you are doing what feels right, regardless of what it is – you are helping. Providing it resonates, you are doing what you came here to do. Interest, excitement and what resonates and feels right deep within – will show your right path, moment by moment. Trust your gut feeling. 

Only if it feels right and excites you. When we surrender and use intuition, we don’t generally need much of the detail and significance that make up our 3D world. If you do need details or need to ‘think it out,’ it will feel right in the moment to do that. This is quite different to working it out through the mind because you think you have to. If you are meant to do something that needs a particular energy, such as an eclipse or full moon energy, then providing you plan intuitively – that will be present. Mostly, you could go ahead and plan without ever knowing there was to be a full moon that day. However, there will always be exceptions. It could be, for some Divine reason, you do need to know there will be a full moon that day. If so, that will feel right! Generally, if you have planned intuitively, then everything that is meant to be there, will be there. Some Lightworkers tasks do involve significance and detail. Remember, a feeling of rightness is senior to anything – even statements by ‘authorities’ or ascended masters. 

Whether it is a workshop, a book or anything else, if it excites you - do it. If it doesn’t - don’t. Just because it helped someone else, doesn’t mean it is right for you. Your indication of excitement is your path. 

The vast majority of Lightworkers already have a Lightbody. You left it stored ‘up there’ until it was needed. You are in the process of integrating it. If by any chance you don’t already have one, it is being created. This is part of the balancing that takes place for Ascension. You don’t usually have to do anything in particular. It happens naturally, as you re-adopt your mastery. As you surrender to Divine Order, it just happens. 

Well, check it. Ask yourself ‘If I could be anywhere in the world doing anything I want, right now, where would I be?’ If your answer is ‘right here doing what I am doing,’ then you are following your intuitive guidance in that moment and you are where you’re meant to be. 

If you are looking around to see who has noticed, that is a pretty good indicator! You could also ask yourself, ‘If I never tell anyone that I am doing this, and no-one is ever going to know, do I still want to do it? Give yourself a truthful answer. 

You have a great gift – it is the ability to sense when a situation or someone, does not feel right for you. Be aware of your initial feeling and trust it. No matter if the whole world thinks that this presenter, technique, book, product or guru is simply the best, trust your intuition every time. You could save yourself untold anguish! A lack of confidence in yourself and a failure to trust your own knowing can really land you in hot water! 

Your heart tells you – every time. All you need to do is trust your intuition when it speaks to you. As you read or listen to something, note if anything does not feel right. It could be just a word or a sentence. Don’t dismiss your feelings….. Never accept something that feels wrong. 

Because you are leaving the 3D world, where one uses memory in order to know something. You are heading for the 5th dimension where KNOWING is the way to operate. Your memory is disappearing to encourage you to use your ability to respond intuitively. It is time now to simply know what you need to know in any given moment. Losing your memory is a positive happening! It affects all age groups. It applies particularly to Lightworkers who have been here a long time. 

Everyone wanting to ascend has to bring all aspects of themselves into balance, in order to attain the right frequency of vibration. This includes merging with your ‘I AM Presence’, which is the non-incarnated part of you. Your eyesight has to adjust and it can become difficult to read small print in bad lighting. Other types of eyesight problems will have a different reason. You don’t need an optician. Just buy a pair of the lowest magnification glasses until this adjustment is completed. It may take a while. This depends on you. The more positive you are, the faster your ‘I AM’ can merge with you. The more the ‘I AM’ merges, the more help you are given to be positive. 

You are leaving the 3rd dimension and ‘time’ - and are heading to the 5th dimensional realm of the ‘eternal moment.’ There is no time in the 5th, because it is not required for 5th dimensional learning. As the Earth moves to ‘no time’, her frequency increases and she ‘loses’ time. We have now lost 6 hours and 54 minutes on a day. This, combined with the fact that you try to do things you think you ‘should’ and ‘need’ to do, is the reason you are not getting it all done. Cancel all the shoulds, musts and needs in your life. Do only what feels right. It may not always feel exciting and it may not always be pleasant, but it will feel right to do it. Sometimes our emotions and thoughts get in the way and confuse us. Put these reactions aside and check if it ‘feels’ right. 

No, it is selfless. There is only one Divine Order. Everyone who operates within its natural flow is in the right place, at the right time, giving the best help they can in that moment. Have courage and trust that, despite reactions others may have, your actions are also right for them (as indeed their actions are for you, if they are operating intuitively). Perhaps their response comes from their mind or ego. Perhaps you are helping them bring their emotions to the surface. You don’t need to know the why. Just do it, let go of any expectations of what you think should happen and carry on with what feels right in the next moment… and the next……and the next. 

Take 10 minutes a day when you won’t be disturbed. Become still. Whenever a thought comes into your head – say CANCEL. Continue to focus on the silence. Don’t give a second of your attention to any thought. Don’t relax your discipline. Do this every day until the mind realizes it is no longer in control. The mind will become quiet, responding only when called upon by you – Spirit. It doesn’t have to take long. 

Spot your lessons early. If you react to a person or situation, be aware of it and let your reaction go. If you don’t let it go or you fail to notice your reaction, you will continue attracting tougher and more traumatic situations, until you get the message! Spotting it early means you don’t get into horrendous traumas! Don’t bury or suppress your emotional reaction. If you do, you’ll have to create more situations to bring them to the surface again. 

Get out of your head and ego - and there is no place left to go. Well OK, it is a matter of discipline. Do spot checks on yourself. A few times in the day, ask yourself ‘Am I in my head or my heart?’ If you see that you’re thinking about what to do – stop, take a deep breath and move into your heart. Ask yourself what you would like to be doing in that moment? What would make your heart sing and not sink? Then do it. Or at least put the steps into motion to start doing it. 

Be aware every time you criticize, judge or condemn anyone, including yourself. And stop doing it. Apply the discipline necessary to demand from yourself, a positive, loving outlook. Never let yourself get away with a negative thought. You may like to look at the following possibilities. ‘Everyone is doing the best they can, with the data they have at hand’. ‘Everyone on the planet is helping everyone else.’ 

You are shown signs in the everyday events of your life. All you need to do is be in the present moment in order to see them. If you are ‘spaced out’ or too ‘grounded,’ you can miss what is happening in front of you. There are no leaders. The process of Ascension requires a regaining of inner mastery. For this reason, you are encouraged to seek your own inner truth and be your own leader. Remember the Wizard of Oz and ‘follow the yellow brick road’? The answers are found within. We are all equal. If you understand this, you will not feel called to hand your power over to guru’s and leaders who we think are better than us. Often through a lack of self-confidence, we hand our power to someone we believe may be helping. In this way, we hope that at least then we will be helping. Handing our power over can be as simple as adoring a photo of someone and ‘thinking’ your energy in their direction. Be aware of the links you make – some are not what they seem to be!! Your first inner gut reaction shows you. 

Decrees can be used to assist for this. To ensure you are aligned to Highest Light, do the following: - "By Divine Decree, In the Name of God, I invoke the Sacred Violet Flame, to transmute in this moment - every thought, link, alliance, connection or allegiance to any negative Being, energy or object - that I have made - knowingly or unknowingly - in this Universe, where this is not in accordance with - the Highest Source of All Creation and the Divine Plan for Earth. I AM now fully aligned in all my lower and higher bodies to - the Highest Source of All Creation. I give permission under Universal Law, for any and all sacred codes and mathematical programmes that I am responsible for, that I carry, have carried or will carry, to be brought NOW into a state of purity in accordance with Divine Order and to be held in such a state forever, in accordance with Divine Higher Will. So Be It. It is done." You will need to say it 3 times. The easiest way to stay free of non-optimum connections is…. never doubt your ability to know what is right for you. 

Everyone is a channel of Light and healing in some form. Regarding channeling specific material from the ascended realms, if this was a part of your agreement then, ego aside, becoming a channel will resonate with you. If all the planet’s billions of people were meant to channel as a pre-requisite to Ascension, we might be here for another 26,000-year cycle! If you are meant to channel, then you will already be trained for it (as were all Lightworkers for their particular jobs), so you won’t need to go somewhere to ‘learn to channel.’ Although channeling appears to have some glamour attached to it, it is just another job. It doesn’t mean someone is more evolved or special. If channeling is addressed with humility, surrender and service, then a high level of truth can be brought through. If these qualities are not present, channeling can be distorted as it filters through the lower bodies. Because there was no original agreement made with the higher realms, people who channel from an ego desire, often encourage lower dimensional beings who profess to be from higher dimensions. We all ultimately learn the value of following what truly resonates in our heart to do. Therein lies the joy. 

Stop feeling like a victim. What is left is the alternative - a Master. 

If you feel something isn’t right, it isn’t! Trust your inherent ability to distinguish the difference. Nothing is more reliable than your own inner guidance. Trust it with all your heart and soul. Be your own counsel. If you perceive a negative energy, you don’t need to also decide that this energy is good or bad, right or wrong. That is a third dimensional belief pattern of judgement. The goal of negative energy is to further people away from Source. As a Lightworker, this would not be a goal you would align with, so you may choose to withdraw your support, energy and power from this activity. However, you don’t also need to withdraw your Unconditional Love. ‘Unconditional’ means just that. It doesn’t mean ‘I will only love you if you work with positive energy and do things that I think are right!’ 

This occurs when it is completely right in Divine Order. You don’t get whisked out of here at an inappropriate moment. It is not something that is done to you! Ascension is a do-it-yourself affair. You go when you are ready. For Ascension to occur you will have completed what you came to Earth to do. Any dense energies in your emotional and mental bodies will have been transmuted into a higher frequency. You will be in balance. Your outlook will be one of joy, harmony and peace. You will not still be making statements like ‘When the heck do I get out of here!’ and ‘I hope this is my last physical incarnation!’ Your desire to leave will be equal to your desire to remain. When all this is in order, you may find yourself ascending with your Twin Flame and heading for the ‘completion of mission’ banquet! 

Be yourself. This means LET GO of everything that is not YOU - all the barriers you have erected, all the beliefs, justifications, criticisms, judgements, negative thoughts, unwanted emotions, the ‘shoulds, needs and musts’ and the effort you put into controlling your life. The idea of letting go or surrendering control can bring up fear in us. But there is nothing to fear. You don’t lose your identity and become absorbed into some great unknown! Surrendering means you are more in tune with the consciousness of the universe. This helps you act with a deep understanding of what is best for whole Self. The real you – Spirit - has a caring, love and depth of compassion that goes far beyond what you experience though your emotional body. Surrendering brings an ease and joy to life that will make you wonder why you didn’t do it earlier. 

Intuition. (Inner-tuition) 

You are giving the best help possible; completing your agreements; balancing your karma; merging with your ‘I Am Presence’; integrating or creating your Lightbody; becoming the God qualities you have chosen to reflect on Earth; transmuting any dense energies in your lower bodies; resuming your power, wisdom, abilities and mastery; passing or exchanging any necessary codes to people or places; receiving highest guidance; experiencing a stunning sequence of synchronicities; on your Ascension path; connecting with the right people; attracting the signs to show you the way; in the right place at the right time; merging closer with your Twin Flame; experiencing situations optimum for your learning; aware you have the abilities and powers you need in any given moment; positive, confident, aware, wise, loving, compassionate, understanding, non-judgmental and centered; regaining your multi-dimensional awareness; completing your contract; moving into inner joy; fun, excitement, fulfilment and love; trusting yourself and the absolute perfection and magnificence of the process of Divine Order. 


Σάββατο, 23 Νοεμβρίου 2013

Imagine the magnificent chorus of bells

Message from Archangel Michael channeled by Ron Head for 17 November 2013 

Our message today will be, as always, one of encouragement in tumultuous times. 

What you see around you can only seem to be chaotic, as you can see only the merest glimpse of anything other than the breakdown of the old wherever you look. The final result can, so far, only be seen in your imagination. This requires what you term a leap of faith. 

So be it then. Leap! Leap with gusto. Leap in joy. Leap toward the most wonderful and abundant world you can imagine. That process is what has built and is building the world you want to live in. Spend all the time that you can there. Be the daydreaming person you were when you were enjoying your summer days as a child. Allow yourself now, however, to do it with purpose. 

What are your own particular fondest dreams? There are many millions of you in this process. You do not need to imagine it all. Just imagine what, as you term it, ‘rings your bell’. After all, that is why you are there. There are many others there to ring the other bells. If you like, and if you can, imagine the magnificent chorus of all the bells. 

Also, for those of you who are feeling energy running through you at times, we have a suggestion of something you may wish to try. We think you will like the result. When you do feel those energies surrounding and flowing through you, realize that they are Unconditional Love… and return it. Allow the inflow and the outflow to feed upon each other. There will be no need for you to imagine the result. 

We leave you with this thought. It is time, dear ones. It is time. A joyous good day to you. 

Copyright © Ronald Head. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete.

Παρασκευή, 22 Νοεμβρίου 2013

You can lift them just with smile or loving thoughts

Message from SaLuSa via Madad for 22 November 2013 

This time of your year was usually time when you started thinking of others with more loving way and you experienced less stressful moments, until you again started new year with hopes and wishes that slowly vanished as the year passed by. This end of the year for many of you will not be the same, and we know that you already feel it. There is no desire within you to give usual gifts and to expect such gifts in return. You have realized that the greatest gift you can give to all of your current family members and all others is your Love, unconditionally flowing to their hearts and helping them on their own way. Many of you feel that there is no longer the need existing to attach to the old way of celebrating Light being present within and around you. Those who are ready will celebrate and express thanks in the new way with stepping into their higher realities and with sending even more Love to all that are ready to receive it, and they will open many more possibilities for others to choose from. 

With these possibilities present within collective mind of all Humanity, those who will awaken or will finish their process of awakening later in your time, will choose for them the best way and add their own desires to it according their life purpose, so everyone will experience a unique way of Ascension. All will feel very strong guiding power within that will direct them into fulfillment of their own choices and desires. There will be no need to follow others until this would be their choice of experience, and all people will feel immense power that the freedom will carry, and it will bring that great understanding that no one else is responsible for life experiences but the oneself, and the blame put on others will no longer be present and no longer will create hate and anger between people. Harmony and peace will prevail within and also on the outside world that will be pulled into the collective experience of higher reality with the strong will of all Humanity. 

This process of collective change requires some of your time as you already know, yet all the necessary changes begun many years ago, and they are now being sped up due to your increased power of your wish to see the world, that gave you so many precious experiences that were turned to the wisdom, being free and balanced and united. With your own upliftment, others can find their path and their own way easily, as the energy of Love is creating that needed attraction towards that what is being searched for, the same way as you are attracted to all higher energies. It is the Creator’s wish to experience such powerful change within this world and following change of all the greater parts of the whole creation that we all exist in. Remember that you are part of the Creator, and you carry this wish within and give it your own desire and choice that is equal to your free will and create the path which will lead you to the experience of ultimate Oneness with the Creation Force. 

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I wish that you realize the power of your choice to share the Love with all others. You can lift them from their own creation of suffering just with smile or loving thoughts or words you are sending towards them. You will not help them being attached to their own feelings, but you will help them with feeling of Love that is present all around because you cannot save them, it is upon themselves to find their own way and place within All That Is.  

Πέμπτη, 21 Νοεμβρίου 2013

Your Future Self Revealed

by Selacia, New Views on Abundance, Science Redefined  

Greetings dear ones. We are here to share with you the wonder of these times. You may have noticed that in the current quickening, there are more doors opening to you than ever before. The more you consciously observe the doorways ahead of you and prepare yourselves to move through them, the more you will find your evolution can dramatically increase at this time. 

It is as if you are on a carousel that is moving at greater and greater speeds. At each turn of the wheel, you pass by more of these open doorways. You have the opportunity to partake of the jewels inside these doorways, but only if you stay focused on the obvious that lies right in front of you. If you "go to sleep" for the moment that the doorway is in view, you do not see the jewels! There is no judgment here. We simply want you to train yourselves to be more in the "here and now" to remind you that your active participation is required to move into these new ways of being available at the millennium. 

To assist you at this time, we would like to light the path ahead for the days ahead. We would like to first remind you that you have already succeeded in transforming yourselves back into luminous beings, for we see those future beings who have achieved their long-ago stated intent! The creative spark that will be yours in the 5th dimensional world will allow you to reclaim your power as creators. Know that your future selves we see ~ in the not too distant future ~ have learned to move beyond the illusions of time and space. They have shed their fear and embraced a new view of themselves. The new perspective is based on unity and oneness. It is one focused in the moment, avoiding a preoccupation with the past.

Τετάρτη, 20 Νοεμβρίου 2013

Now, the truly exciting part can begin

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation for 19 November 2013 

9 Ben, 16 Xul, 10 Caban 

Selamat Bratzo! We come with a report on what is forming around your globe. At present, the dark is being forced to give up a great deal of its earthly wealth and power. Consequently, all the major governments on your world are either bankrupt or nearly bankrupt. This fact is being hidden to maintain the current ruse without arousing the ire and panic that will ensue when this truth is made public. The true wealth of your global societies will only appear when a global currency reset manifests, founded on gold-backed currencies. This reality is quite close to being revealed to the public. When these announcements are made, they will also speak of a new series of interim governments. Right now, sensitive negotiations are concluding to permit all of this to happen. Our Earth allies are now in a position of power and are doing what is required to make this difficult transition run as smoothly as possible. The special moment will soon arrive for all of us to give this planet and its surface population a most miraculous gift. 

The old order of Anunnaki minions that has so brazenly ruled this surface realm still has not yet realized that the time for their comeuppance is at hand. At present, there are a series of arrest warrants with a number of national organizations that deal with justice and the law. Also, negotiations are in progress that will lead to a massive set of resignations of the leaders of large financial institutions and numerous governments. These arrests are close to fruition. The key elements are the release of the prosperity funds and the beginnings of formally issuing new currencies that are tied to a gold-based currency reset. The dark cabal realizes the precariousness of its position. Yet they remain as arrogant as ever. Hence, we need to complete this entire operation with aplomb and proper legal acumen. Our representatives and those who support their efforts are preparing to push the button at the right divine moment. We fully expect this to happen shortly! 

Our liaisons are watching as monies are moved about and positions of our negotiators are greatly strengthened. The next period of time is one in which many grand events will take place. This set of moments is indeed a time of global thanksgiving. We are seeing how what has taken so long to come together is presently manifesting. The dark and its numerous associates are to be arrested and held for a swiftly conducted trial that will end their millennia of rule. This process needs to happen in a correct and legal manner. Bear in mind that your present realm is still legally the "empire of Rome" and its numerous sovereign affiliates. This needs to be considered appropriately so that your coming period of consciousness transformation can be done in a sacred and divine manner. This is the intent and way of Heaven. Thus we, and our allies, are acting accordingly, and every action is taken with this in mind. Every document is written following strict heavenly edicts. We are most pleased with what is being done. 

Now, the truly exciting part can begin. We are very close to changes in your reality that will culminate with a formal governmental Disclosure. This Disclosure will allow us to come forth and explain ourselves to you. It also permits the Ascended Masters to redirect you to the truths long twisted in your many sacred texts. It will allow a Great Shift in how you view this world and even yourselves. This is a major event in your lives, and needs to be done correctly and divinely. It needs to take place in a timely manner and to permit you as well to fully absorb the significance of what has happened. This will be the most all-encompassing shift that you have ever encountered. It will be a divine harbinger of a reality that most of you cannot swiftly grasp, and will require us to review these events in great detail to help you understand what is occurring. These events will start a New Epoch for humanity, and will prepare you for the realm of Full Consciousness that you will be close to entering. This miracle is now to manifest! 

Hossana! We are your Ascended Masters! We come on this day to tell you many blessed things! Our sacred associates are working diligently to ready a new global financial system. This system is filled with traditional time constraints as we enter the holiday season. It is truly time to honor the intent of Heaven and permit this world to manifest a global prosperity. Even more, this is a most appropriate time to begin a process that blesses this world with secret truths about the unknown reasons for celebrating this holiday season. We approach the winter solstice and with it remembrances of golden ages past, and the fall of both Mu and Atlantis. We are also ready to realize how we have all originated from the stars. Heaven blessed us and sent us to this most sacred spot. We now approach her birthday and in divine time need to understand the full significance of this. Our blessed traditions need to be made known in a whole new way. 

Our lessons will expand what you know and prepare you for responsibilities given us by Heaven. This world society knows little about themselves as a people. The truth needs to be given in vivid lasting colors that introduce "clicks" to their collective minds. These "clicks" will stir up soul memories that tell stories of how we got here and what happened to us over the millennia. Our sacred task is to provide the means to learn, so you can comprehend where you are going and why. This global society has a legacy that is unknown to you at present. Yet, it still sits deep within your inner higher mind. The lessons that we are to give will unlock these deep memories and permit you to better understand how you got here. We all have a sacred mission to perform. We all have sacred duties to Gaia, this living, loving world. 

The Creator of us sent all us here with a set of prescribed duties. These duties have been rewritten by the dark in a number of so-called sacred texts. We need to return to what was truly given, and to come together as a people. In this most blessed state, we can perform these sacred duties and take on our new fully conscious forms. We are here to guide and supervise you in Light and in Love. We inform by our teachings. We inform by freeing you of an onus and unneeded "fear" of Heaven. There are no prescribed "punishments." Heaven is about Love, Light and fulfilling the unfolding of the Divine Plan. We are here to prepare you to let go of beliefs that hinder this process in you. The time comes to forgive, to unite and work in harmony with one another. Think of all that you are to accomplish! 

Today, we continued our series of messages. We have endeavored in these to give you a picture of what is happening on this globe. We have also given some wisdom from the Galactic Federation on the coming First Contact with you. The events needed to bring this forward are now manifesting. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Τρίτη, 19 Νοεμβρίου 2013

Free Yourself Completely for the New

Message from SaLuSa via Madad for 19 November 2013 

Are you ready to be immersed into deeper feeling of Love that will immediately surround your being when you step into your higher reality? This Love energy is changing you now, and the more you let it in the more you will be attracted to your new experiences. Letting in Love means to look at yourself the way you truly are and accept all that is creating whole being with understanding that the Love for yourself and others is giving you. Every part of your body, every memory and thought are creating unity with your Soul, your consciousness that have wished for the physical form and situations to experience during this life to perfectly lead you into the point of where you are now. This Love is giving you deeper insight of your experiences and gaining more wisdom of them and when this understanding comes, you can let the tough experiences with corresponding memories and thoughts let go and free yourself completely for The New. 

Feel how the energy of the word “New” resonates within you. Many of you have experienced higher realities before, but never experienced or never attached your consciousness to this kind of Ascension, so you all feel immense attraction towards living it all through. Everything new is always creating such attraction for all of us, as we know that it always brings us more wisdom and knowing that we would not reach without deeply and completely experience our choices. These last moments of living only within old reality are here for you to do this and ponder on those choices that are still somehow holding on within your mind and finally let them go with great understanding that you are now all capable of. Sense the freedom that is following closely after, and we know that you no longer will save this work for later time. We know that lower vibration experiences are sometimes very harsh and have created strong feelings of sadness and many other feelings that are denying presence of Love, but we are always with you and sending you so very much Love to make you even stronger for turning all of your experiences into wisdom. 

With your final clearing also Mother Earth is ready to let go of the lower vibration energy from her body and this way she will greatly support your movement in your higher reality. She also feels the energy rising from within and it is being experienced on the surface, and we see her body glowing with wonderful pure Light of your joined Love. Feel the Oneness with her, because she will be part of your reality until you all will feel it is time for you to move somewhere else and for her to welcome other Souls for shared new experiences. 

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and wish that you all experience peaceful state of mind, because your heart is now speaking to all of you and is giving you the needed information for your movement higher. Do ask your heart because it is the best source of answers, as there is everything you need to know at this moment, and the amount of information is rapidly increasing so perfectly aligned with the speed that you walk or run towards The New.   

Δευτέρα, 18 Νοεμβρίου 2013

Getting Ready for Higher Reality

Message from SaLuSa via Madad for 15 November 2013 

The more you are getting yourselves ready for entering your higher reality, the more you are experiencing its powerful energies and letting go of time boundaries. Sometimes you might experience people and things moving faster than usual, when you are just awaken from sleep or deep meditation where you have connected to flow of time within the higher reality. This can give you a very good picture of how the life gently flows without rush and chase, that you are so very much used to now, and slowing down only when your busy day is finished. It is for you to show you that with entering “no time” zone of the higher realities, you will naturally slow down and enjoy everything as long as you will wish to. There is no need to worry that you will be late for some other experience, because the point of life is to deeply experience everything that you chose to and then enter another experience when you have fully completed the previous one. And the knowing that you simply cannot be late for your own life experiences is and will help you to adjust to this great change. 

We often remind you to trust yourself, as with it comes more confidence in everything that you do, and all urgent questions are answered with your own wisdom, and all that is necessary is understood without causing confusion in your mind and with your own answers trust in yourself is again increasing. This can be described as a circle of trust and wisdom and if you look closely to any other matter, you will find out that the life experience have many circles in it. We see it as the basics for our understanding of Creation, because circle is the primal shape that you can find everywhere, starting with the flow of energy, then our cells, our planets, our Galaxies – the shape of the circle is clearly visible, and you experience life also in circles and when you are ready to move on, you are creating another circle of experience for yourself with attracting higher experience to your current circle and creating that what you call Vesica Piscis. These two circles are merged enough for you to create a bridge into another circle of experiences, and being consciously aware of this transition is the most wonderful experience. 

Do watch for these circles in your own life, and they will help you to clear and let go of all that you do not need. Sometimes you experience something over and over again, and you wonder what is it that you do not understand or do not accept, when this situation is still occurring, and you will find out that sometimes it is necessary to step out of that circle and look onto it from a different perspective, from a higher perspective that is always available to you at this moment of your transformation. And then, after you have accepted the wisdom that was coming from a certain recurring situation, you can leave it behind for good, and it will be transformed into a pure knowledge that will be added to collective wisdom that all others can learn from, when they are ready to do so. This way it will be much easier for them to enter into the New and the power of your collective choice will immensely increase. 

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and we all feel so very close to you all. We are watching you with happiness, as you are so joyously stepping into the circle of universal knowledge and finding out that fear and worries are no longer present within you. Your power of Love is increasing and when you imagine it being a circle around your body, you are protecting yourself from other unwanted energy circles to enter your Light.   

Κυριακή, 17 Νοεμβρίου 2013

The spiritual evolutionary progress that you have made in such a short time span is truly enormous

Message from Saul via John Smallman for 10 November 2013 

Many on Earth are feeling very unsettled, because it seems that what they had been hoping and praying for – peace, harmony, freedom, abundance for all, a state of Love to embrace all of humanity – is just a chimera, an unachievable hope in a world gone mad. Well, the world has been mad for eons, and slowly, over all that time, the prayers and intentions of many holy ones have been bringing about an amazing change, a move from a state of insane, fearful, and destructive rage back towards Love, your eternal God-given state. That is what you are all on Earth to bring about, a return to Love, and you are succeeding despite your doubts and anxieties. Please focus on the amazing advances that have been made over the last several decades in humanity’s spiritual evolution, as large numbers of you have let go of judgment of unfamiliar cultures, religions, political views, and personal life styles, and moved towards acceptance. 

The spiritual evolutionary progress that you have made in such a short time span is truly enormous.  It is a bit like what economists sometimes refer to as “the J curve,” where you have reached a certain level of attainment, in this case in your spiritual evolution, and then it seems that you are pushed down again to lower levels. However, on reaching the bottom of that J curve, which is only a very short way downwards, there is only one way to go, and that is up!  You have truly rounded the bend in the J, so look for the evidence and you will find it, because it is all around you awaiting your recognition. As you recognize that this truly is what is happening, your spirits will rise and then so will the power of your intent and of your Love, and your climb up the stem of the J will accelerate, bringing you to your awakening. 

Divine promises have been made to you and they are being honored in every moment. Your inability to see this, to recognize this is due to the confusion and insanity that was built into the illusion at its inception, when the intent was to experience a state of separation. Part of that sense is due to the concept of linear time – a moment of commencement way in the past, the present, and a future stretching endlessly and perhaps rather fearfully ahead of you, except that your individual death is going to occur at some unforeseen and unexpected moment in that future, maybe very soon indeed! That is enough to unsettle anyone who has chosen to believe that the illusion – what can be sensed and measured with your physical senses and through instruments developed to enhance those senses – is the only reality. 

Everyone, without exception, wants and desires a valid and uplifting reason for living life as a human on Earth. But many have accepted a culture that dismisses anything that embodied humans cannot physically see, feel, smell, taste, hear, or scientifically measure, despite the fact that science is constantly having to reinvent itself as new information and knowledge knocks out the foundations on which previous “certain and undeniable knowledge” had been precariously built. Living life wearing blinkers, which is what those attitudes clearly demonstrate, has seemed a much safer way to cope with the boundless uncertainties that keep occurring during a life on Earth. And to raise one’s hopes by choosing to believe that life is eternal, that it does not cease when the earthly vehicle is laid to rest, is considered foolish and ignorant. Yet without that knowing, that belief, fear becomes endemic and has to be forcefully denied. 

Fear is an aspect of the illusion that can lead to awakening, if it is accepted and investigated, because it is a wake-up call.  “What am I afraid of, and why?  I don’t know, I am an intelligent adult, and truly there is nothing to fear, so I shall just pull myself together and get on with life.” But that is just denial, the fear is buried, and it festers, causing all sorts of problems that seem to have no identifiable cause. That leads to anger, which is then frequently expressed with the reason for it being projected on to someone else’s actions or behavior. 

You all have wisdom, and wisdom tells you that your lives have a divine purpose, which is to acknowledge that you are divinely created beings of Love and that happiness, satisfaction, and contentment all come from living lovingly. Everyone wants to be loved, everyone yearns for Love, because Love is your nature, and without It you are totally bereft. And It surrounds and envelops you in every moment, so you cannot escape Its loving embrace.  But anything unloving is anathema to It, and when you choose to be unloving in thought, word, or deed you close off your hearts and shut Love out. And in rides fear, which has to be denied or conquered, but to conquer it is only another form of denial. 

The only escape or release from fear is through Love. When you go within and quietly open your hearts to the Love that surrounds you, your fears will ease, and the more you open to It, the greater will be the easing. And yet, convinced in the reality of the illusion as so many are, to embrace Love and offer It unconditionally to all with whom you interact in any way at all does appears to be insane. Nevertheless, there are very few of you who have not known someone in your lives who does just that, and you cannot be unaware of their peaceful and contented acceptance of life, in whatever form it is presented to them, and of their resultant joyfulness. 

There are very few among you who do not recognize that if everyone lived lovingly there would be world peace, and many of you are now engaged in doing just that and bringing that state into being.  To be always loving is everyone’s intent, but the distractions of the illusion lead you away from that ideal more frequently than you might care to admit, as you forget that intent and react unlovingly to a situation that seems to threaten you. Yes, you find it hard at times and you do or say things that you later regret, so please remind yourselves of the enormous strides you have made in strengthening your intent and desire to be always loving, and celebrate your successes instead of judging yourselves for your failings. 

Here in the spiritual realms, where in truth you are with us, while remaining somewhat unaware of that fact, we continue to take joy in the remarkable progress you are making in fragmenting and dissolving the illusion by intending to be loving and by putting that intent into practice. Your success is divinely guaranteed, as you well know, so keep practicing and awaken humanity, as has always been your intent. 

With so very much love, Saul.