Δευτέρα, 31 Οκτωβρίου 2011

Becoming a Galactic Human - Your individual Metamorphosis Light Chambers -

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

Greetings! We come again with more to say. Inner Earth and its Agarthan nation await you! The Agarthan people have lovingly constructed a whole series of special crystal cities for you to live in just before and after your transformation, which takes place in your individual Metamorphosis Light Chambers. Here, we would like to give you more details about Agartha and your crystal-city residences. To begin with, Inner Earth is a place filled with wonders. Inside your Earth is a fifth-dimensional realm created with Light technology, which turns Inner Earth into a paradise beyond compare. When you enter, you notice the gentler, diffuse glow of Earth's central Sun. Surrounding you are lush fields; great mountains; broad, dense forests; and stunning, luminous crystal cities, radiating with ever-changing colors. These clusters of immense, glowing crystals house a society of fully conscious humans whose customs and ceremonies mirror those of other galactic humans throughout the Galaxy. Other things that strike you are the wide-open sky and the wonderfully pure scent of the air. 

When you enter a Crystal City, you feel great calmness and a sense of coming home. You marvel at the miles-high dome overhead and at the magic of the holography that makes the inside resemble the outside. The people are very friendly and are as curious as children about who you are and are eager to help you. Their homes are at once spacious and intimate due to the same holographic technology that combines their own superb abilities with the capabilities of their unique brand of organic computers. The environment conforms perfectly to the wants and creativity of each inhabitant. Daily ceremonies consist of dance, music, songs, and special chants, and the different colored clothing of each group of participants adds to the overall delight of these special gatherings. Life here is a collage of work, family, and sacred duties, interspersed with daily interaction with Galactic Federation personnel. There can be no doubt that First Contact is vitally important to the Agarthans. Everything they do reflects this focus. 

An example of their dedication to this cause is the crystal cities that they have built to house you all when the time comes for you to morph, like a butterfly, into a fully conscious human. Alongside your own dwelling is your individual Light Chamber, calibrated to your specific needs. To accomplish your metamorphosis the Galactic Federation has asked all its medical teams to compile a meticulous, daily medical dossier on each of you to enable this unbelievably complex process to be carried out with seamless precision. You are all to be changed back into Full Consciousness at the same time. Normally such a process takes centuries to achieve, but Heaven has decreed that you are to take this final step all together, in one fell swoop, followed by training in Full-Consciousness etiquette. Earth's surface, too, is to undergo a vast reconfiguration in synchrony with your transformation. Her new biosphere is to resemble that of Inner Earth so that, for the first time since the Lemurian catastrophe, inner and surface Earth can be linked, as they are designed to be. 

Naturally, while this is happening you need to be elsewhere: in the safe haven of Inner Earth. At the same time, we will evacuate from the surface all animals and plants which your local Spiritual Hierarchy deem compatible with the new reality. This means no ticks or mosquitoes! Under their direction, a new surface topography is to emerge that strongly resembles the one during the time of Lemuria, and when you awaken from your morphing-slumber this new world will be ready for its new guardians: you! In your fully conscious state the ways of galactic humans quickly become clear to you, including the reasons for living inside the planet, not on her surface. All planets are hollow, and their fully conscious guardians live in the inside. Surface expeditions are undertaken mainly to conduct sacred ceremonies designed to sustain and support the planet and her beautiful, diverse ecology. Mars and Venus, too, will be terraformed and ready to receive those of you who choose to move there. 

Among the many changes to Mother Earth will be magnetic and electric ones. This means that electro-magnetic Beings, such as yourselves, will be much more comfortable in Inner Earth where the earth forces are properly aligned with you. All creatures returning to the new surface will need to undergo a divine change that makes it possible for them to exist on the surface, and this will be done when the Earth's flora and fauna is temporarily lifted off the planet during the time of her reconfiguration. Here, it helps to remember that you are originally outsiders to this world. You are invited guests with a special mission to perform. Your task is not to get in the way of the surface ecology but to sustain and foster its well being. As Earth guardians you are here to ensure the thriving health of a most glorious electro-gravitic Being, Mother Earth, and this is easily done from the perfectly calibrated Inner Earth realms. 

This divinely instigated mission to move you all simultaneously into Full Consciousness created the need to intervene in your affairs on a truly massive scale. This is the reason for First Contact at this time. The logistics of this operation require an unparalleled amount of preparation on many levels, from building the crystal cities to ways of remedying your deeply inculcated fears. Try to imagine the task of preparing a global populace weaned for millennia on ignorance, violence, and poverty, and getting it to the point of accepting in a matter of months a shining future of unknown freedoms and undreamt-of possibilities. This is our challenge with you. We have rehearsed all aspects of this difficult operation many times and we feel that all is going well. After the landings, community seminars will be held to inform you and answer your questions. Then, in Inner Earth you will meet your special personal mentor. 

The process of transforming you back into Full Consciousness largely reverses the Atlaneans' genetic intrusions that diminished you. This involves Inter-Dimensional Light. Guided by Heaven and under the direct supervision of Lord Surea, this Light created all things in physicality. It then took on multiple realities and almost endless potential, but only a few of these myriad combinations manifested and forged what physicality now is. You too are formed from this Light, but in a particular way, with an immense number of individual combinations. You are in effect an especially encrypted key code, expressed through your genetics and your various chakra encodings. These unique, intertwined frequencies make up the physical you. The encryptions are set up and guided by your ‘I Am Presence’. 

With the divine help of your ‘I Am Presence’, the Light Chamber connects swiftly to these myriad codes, transforming your genetics and chakras, and restoring the sequences not used since you were last fully conscious. Over the course of a few days, while you slumber, you regain your True Self. You leave the chamber somewhat vulnerable and overwhelmed, a little bit nauseous, ready to be Loved and cared for. Your own special mentor is waiting to embrace you and carry you off on angelic gossamer wings to begin your days of training. He/she clears up your inner and outer chaos and shows you who you really are and what particular, immense talents you possess. Now you are ready to become something wonderful: a Galactic Human! 

Today, we looked at Inner Earth and some of her many glories and wonders. We talked about the nature of your Light Chambers and began to give you details about their role in returning you to Full Consciousness. Interesting though this is, remember that this journey of yours really takes off once you become a Galactic Human again. We now take our leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Swami Sevaratna

Moving from the strictly material toward a more spiritual worldview

Galactic Federation Update for 25 October 2011 by Sheldan Nidle

Dratzo! We return! The moratorium imposed by the Earth Allies on their various objectives is ready to be lifted. It has been a difficult task to locate and take into custody all those individuals involved in the dark’s last delaying actions. In the same vein, those who had been entrusted with numerous important posts turned out to be moles inserted long ago by the dark elites for just such an eventuality as this. Several recent raids on some of our Earth allies’ lesser facilities uncovered a huge number of people who needed to be added to our ever-lengthening list of arrestees. The location where these individuals are being held is rapidly turning into a small city! Our intention is to move these people to special above ground facilities once the dark cabal’s governments have resigned and the new governance is in place. At that time, we will add those persons in government who were part of the dark’s illegal shenanigans, and then announce dates for the special trials. These trials will be held in civilian common-law courts, and will address the severe violations of constitutional and common-law principles. 

These trials will be pursued on an international basis. Together, our Earth allies and our Agarthan cousins have already arrested tens of thousands of individuals. These persons and their higher-placed colleagues will be tried within regions, and it will be the responsibility of each region to conduct their own hearings and to sentence these individuals if and when they are convicted of crimes. We recently set up purpose-built holographic environments to house those convicted until such time as the migrations to the Metamorphosis Light Chambers commence. Your limited-consciousness reality produced essentially two categories of people: the haves and the have-nots. The disparity between these groups created a wide variety of karmic patterning and bonds between many of you, and the key to releasing all this is simply Love and Forgiveness. Generations of lives were played out in a hugely inventive and complex epic, written by master playwrights: you! But it is time now to end these dramas. 

Ahead of you lies the shift into Full Consciousness. In this mode of being, you can easily recall each second of any life you choose to relive. In so doing, you can see how you entwined each other in various dramas, lasting years, decades, or even lifetimes. The purpose of all this was to go through experiences that would build up your store of wisdom, like choosing to learn certain ‘lessons’ either collectively or individually. Now you are to discover the reasons behind these experiences. Use this knowledge, as we do, to broaden your perspective of what makes a person ‘human.’ You can explore the full gamut of ‘the human experience’ which we have all, at one time or another, lived through. Here you will find both sadness and humor, allowing your dearly won wisdom to come into its own as you examine other planetary cultures that are in similar states of limited consciousness. Our exosociologists deeply value their time on your world, and you too, by virtue of your extensive experience, will become most wise and sought-after Souls. 

The new political and economic system forged by our Earth allies and our Agarthan cousins is very close to manifesting. The last secret-government underground bases are closed, and we evacuated many more thousands of dark cabal underlings from them. Our sights now turn to the major conspirators. Here we expect to be able to force the resignations of the dark’s illegal regimes and so this operation is ready to begin in earnest. Our Earth allies, under the supervision and divine direction of your Ascended masters, possess a legal standing backed by allied military divisions that use their moral and legal authority to compel the stand down of the military forces of several nations pledged to the services of the dark cabal. Happily, these forces are inclining increasingly to the Light, and this changing-sides is reaching a point where it becomes possible to leverage the remaining dark governments from office. Once this situation is fully accepted by the dark, deliveries, followed by new governance and announcements, become possible. 

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! Your planet is in the final stages of moving herself into Full Consciousness. Her Spiritual Hierarchy has delayed the last few moves that herald her surface makeover. However, feeling deeply Gaia’s desire to raise her consciousness, we Ascended Masters have accelerated the procedures contributing to the transformation of humanity, including the basic operating protocols of your financial and governmental structures. What needs to take place now is a wholesale change of perception in your social philosophies: in essence, this involves moving from the strictly material toward a more spiritual worldview. What is needed is a global society based on mutual respect and the honoring of all. The separations and hatreds that have long characterized Earth’s societies are no longer appropriate; it is time to acknowledge your ‘Oneness’ with each other and create societal structures rooted in these beliefs. 

These new structures are to manifest when the changes we have been discussing become reality. Our associates, with great fortitude, have created the conditions that will make such a world possible. Your anticipation of these new realities can be seen in the numerous governmental changes and public manifestos of what is swiftly becoming a global movement for peace, justice, and prosperity. Implicit in this movement is a universal acceptance of each other. You are proclaiming yourselves to be a united and free humanity, and we take this global movement as proof of what you truly aspire to. St Germaine’s World Trust and those facilities created by our associates are waiting to be born. And so comes the time to bring these things into the light of day and begin our joint march toward a new fully conscious reality! 

We have asked our associates to finish whatever details remain outstanding and to get the prosperity out to the people. It is extremely important that your present form of governance be replaced as the dark-oriented regimes are the major obstacle preventing the long-promised funds from being delivered. On top of that, Disclosure and all that that entails needs to be announced as soon as possible. These issues have lain around unresolved for far too long. Now, Gaia desires to go ahead with her transformation, and our timetable has also reached the point where it can no longer accommodate any more delays. And so we have sent out a single communiqué to both our Agarthan friends and the Galactic Federation, recommending them to act on our behalf and to do so now! It is time to set aside protocol and let our beloved planet and her peoples be free! 

Today, we resumed our discourse with you by continuing with both our own message as well as that of the Ascended Masters. The time comes for those who have been in power for nearly 13 millennia to stand down. The Anunnaki have moved to the Light, and so it is time for the dark minions to do likewise. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Κυριακή, 30 Οκτωβρίου 2011

The Illumined Path In The Center Of Duality

Message from Archangel Michael ~ 28 October 2011

Beloved masters, we will acknowledge that these are strange and disconcerting times for all of you, no matter what level of Self-awareness you have attained. The teachings and truths you have accepted as your own during this lifetime are gradually being replaced by higher, more advanced teachings and many new, mind-boggling concepts. In order to attain self-mastery you must develop your superconscious abilities and the more refined powers of the mind. This entails a mental and emotional house cleaning, which means you must seek out and transmute all the old thought forms that are keeping you tethered to the illusional reality of the chaotic lower dimensions. 

A SPIRITUAL/ HUMAN BEING gradually becomes aware of and begins to refine the subconscious mind, which leads to a reconnection with the Soul Self and Superconscious mind. This is your link to the vibrational patterns and the expanded wisdom of the higher frequency spiritual realms via the many facets of your Higher Self. Most likely, at this stage you will begin to get flashes of inspiration via the intuition, which is accelerated through meditation and a turning inward. The power of the mind is thereby enhanced, and the spiritual aspirant begins to view the world and current events from a higher vantage point which incorporates a larger, more expanded picture of reality. The chakra centers gradually return to balance and harmony and they begin the process of integrating the higher wisdom of the Sacred Mind and Sacred Heart, thus functioning in harmony one with another under the direction of the Soul and OverSoul-Higher Self. 

A PHYSICAL / HUMAN BEING, functioning within the distorted frequency patterns of the lower third/fourth dimensions, uses the subconscious and the conscious mind along with a past incarnations memory overlay. He/she is mostly outward-focused and is strongly influenced by family conditioning, along with cultural traditions and religion. Thought patterns are often distorted and usually self-focused, thereby only seeing the small picture. 

There are still many young Souls in the underdeveloped countries who are functioning in their ANIMAL / HUMAN NATURE and are primarily focused on the three lower chakras. At this level, the chakra centers are mostly unconscious mind centers. These dear Souls are primarily influenced by the subconscious and limited-consciousness minds. They are guided by past life and race memories, and an instinctive, survival mode reality. Most have a very narrow focus on self and family survival. These are the precious Souls who will be taken to other pristine planets where the third- and fourth-dimensional spectrum of polarity/duality will be in proper balance. These beloved Ones will have an opportunity to continue their journey in the physical realms of consciousness in a much more pleasant and nurturing environment. 

You, the Star Seed, the Way Showers on the Path, are the ones who are making this possible, for you agreed to incarnate into the densest levels of materiality in order to help lift the conscious awareness of all humanity back into the illumined regions of Light and Self-mastery. However, you must remember that no matter the age of your Soul’s consciousness, and regardless of the wondrous and benevolent things you have accomplished in the past, the choice to follow the Path of Light must be consciously made in every lifetime, every embodiment and every cycle of experience. 

Many of you are well on your way to discovering the illumined path between polarized opposites: the balance that exists in the center of duality. The time has arrived when more and more of you will be tapping into and integrating select vibrational patterns of the fifth dimension and even a limited amount of sixth-dimensional frequencies. By connecting with and visiting the etheric Celestial City of Light in your area, gradually the appropriate frequencies of Light will filter into your etheric replica residing in your personal Pyramid of Light. This rarified energy will slowly move down your personal column of Light into your Soul Star, the eighth chakra. Your Over Soul-Higher Self will determine how much and how quickly you can safely integrate this gift of Creator Light. 

To give you a glimpse of what to expect as you gain access to the sub-levels of the sixth dimension via the Celestial Cities of Light, we have asked our messenger to share with you what she has and is experiencing in her nightly journeys into this wondrous reality of the future. As we explained to you in our July, 2010 message, a reunification process is in full swing throughout the Universe and especially within this Sub-Universe. One of the most dramatic changes taking place is the blending of all spiritual/religious teachings into unified Cosmic Teachings under the direction of the Cosmic Council of Light. We are excerpting that message for your better understanding: 

Shortly after the beginning of your year 2010, we gave our messenger, known in this lifetime as Ronna Herman, a vision. This vision was shared with those who attended her May, 2010 * Opening To Channel * Becoming A Cosmic Telepath* seminar. It is now time to share this information with all of you who are diligently seeking the Path of Light. We will convey this vision to you in our messenger’s own words as it was given to the group who attended the event. 

“Dearest friends, the vision I am to share with you happened shortly after the first of the year 2010. In meditation, I saw a group of shining Beings in white robes standing in a half-circle around a gigantic double-terminated crystal. The crystal was radiating a beautiful spectrum of colors, and there were also complex geometric patterns of Light flashing throughout and from the Crystal. There were others present, but the Beings I recognized were AA Michael, Jeshua, Djwal Khul, El Morya and St. Germain. I was told that specialized, individual information from the masters, archangels and great Beings of Light would continue as before. However, in addition, there will be unified messages/wisdom teachings from many great Beings, Avatars and Masters of the past and the future. The wisdom teachings of old are being merged with the wisdom teachings of the future, and they are being presented as Teachings of the Cosmic Council of Light. This new information is being encoded within the great crystal (they likened it to a giant cosmic computer), and it will be available to those whose frequencies are compatible with the specifically graduated frequencies of the Great Crystal. The more refined frequencies you embody, the more refined levels of information you will be able to access from the great Cosmic Crystal. 

I was told that any information I receive would still come through AA Michael’s vibrational patterns since I am attuned to his energy. He will still relay his monthly messages to me; however, for the books I write, the Quest For Mastery School and the seminars I hold, I will also receive teachings/information from some of the members of the Cosmic Council. In order to distinguish between the two, for any unified messages from the Council, I am to use the title: RONNA / SACRED SCRIBE. I will still be OverLighted by AA Michael’s energy, and the composite messages I receive will most often be from: ARCHANGEL MICHAEL * JESHUA * DJWAL KHUL * EL MORYA * ST. GERMAIN. 



Almost every night, through meditation and my stated intention, I go into my personal pyramid and join with my Etheric Replica on the crystal table. I am often taken into the Celestial City of Light in our area or to other places of learning. AA Michael first told us about the Cities of Light, which contain the sixth through twelfth dimensions in December of 2004. These Celestial Cities are huge and beyond our imagining. Some of them OverLight whole countries. He gave us a miraculous validation via a picture of the portal opening over the Grimes Point, Nevada sacred site during the Ascension Column activation we performed there at his request. Since that time, hundreds of thousands of people have created an ascension column in their home locale, and many of these people regularly visit the Celestial City of Light that OverLights their country. 

I am sharing my own personal impressions and experiences, so that you may develop an idea or picture of what to expect when you gain entrance into the various sub-levels of the sixth-dimensional region within the City of Light in your area. I am sure that all the Cities of Light are configured the same as the one I visit, which OverLights the Northwestern portion of the United States. Even though the details are quite complex, I will make them as simple as possible, and I will give you only a very brief overview. 

Remember, there are seven sub-levels within each of the Twelve-Dimensions of our Sub-Universe. The thirteenth level is where our Father/Mother God resides, with the Creator Core in the innermost Circle. 

FIRST SUB-LEVEL OF THE SIXTH DIMENSION WITHIN THE CITY OF LIGHT: The outermost wall of the passageway is filled with alcove chambers containing the Ascension Accelerator crystal chairs. We spend time in these special chairs with radiant Rays of Light beaming down upon and through us to help speed up the process of cleansing, refining and purifying our negative energy patterns. Eventually, when it is appropriate, you will move into the alcove chambers on the inner wall of the passageway as you progress along the Halls of Passage. 

SECOND SUB-LEVEL: When you have progressed to a certain level, a doorway will open in the back wall of the alcove chamber, and you will be guided into a small pyramid-shaped room. Here, you will leave an Etheric Replica of yourself on a crystal table as you traverse the multiple levels of the sixth dimension. While you remain at this level, you will lie on the crystal table so that the appropriate sixth-dimensional vibrations can flow through your physical vessel, purifying and cleansing it, in preparation for the future integration of the increasingly, higher frequency patterns. 

THIRD SUB-LEVEL: This is the level of higher learning wherein you will begin to receive new, vital information which you must integrate and put to use in your physical existence. I am sometimes guided to lie on a crystal table, and at other times I am placed in a crystal chair at a table. I can sense that there are Beings of Light within the room, but I cannot see them clearly and they do not identify themselves. 

FOURTH SUB-LEVEL: This level is filled with exquisite Light frequency patterns which flow in every direction in dramatic shapes, colors and patterns. Over time, you will gradually begin to feel the difference in each color and pattern, and you will gain the ability to tell the difference in the hundreds of subtle shades of color. You will also gradually gain the understanding that the colors contain encodings of thought; however, I am sure it will take quite a long time to learn how to decipher them. I am just beginning to get a few impressions and it is sometimes quite frustrating. 

FIFTH SUB-LEVEL: This sub-level is filled with sound–glorious Celestial music, tones, chanting and unique musical patterns. You will gain an understanding as to how vital sound is and the important part your own voice has in perfecting or infecting the physical vessel. It is interesting that I began experiencing this level when I was having the most difficulty with my throat. Since the surgery, and as the healing process was completed, I began to have an intense desire to tone the vowel sounds, which I have done regularly since that time. Also, I have chanted the five sacred names of the five sacred languages for a long time; however, suddenly, I began to sing them, and it feels so powerful and wonderful. I have also been given other instructions pertaining to using our voices as tools of transformation which I hope to share in the future. 

SIXTH SUB-LEVEL: This is the level of Sacred Geometry. I have not spent very much time in this level; however, I am aware that it is filled with Sacred Geometric Patterns of Light, along with sound and color. It is a true sensory world of delightful stimulus for the mind, body and Soul. I will give you an update later on as I learn more about it. I know I will be spending a lot of time at this level before I am allowed to proceed to the seventh level of the sixth dimension.

Please be aware, that we bring back only a minuscule amount of the frequency patterns from the sixth dimension. We are still focused on and intensely active within the fifth-dimensional environment and it will be a very long time before we are ready to feel or integrate the full force and power of any of the sub-dimensional levels above the first half of the fifth dimension. Also remember, every time you visit any of the fifth-dimensional pyramids we have created, you bring back a little more of the vibrational patterns, qualities and abilities of that level. 

If you are willing, I strongly suggest that you set your intention to go into your Personal Pyramid of Light before you go to sleep, and then ask to be taken into the City of Light in your area so that you may take advantage of the incredible gifts that are being offered to us all. However, be aware that over time your life will change dramatically as a result, and your ascension process will speed up dramatically. There will be tests and challenges along the way, but I assure you, dear friends, it is well worth the effort. Eternal love and angel blessings, Your Soul Sister, Ronna 

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: Remember, my brave ones, during these times when the evolution of the Earth and humanity is rapidly moving forward, you can make a difference. Allow us to assist you to fulfill your mission and nurture you with our love. We are ever near to guide and protect you. 

I AM Archangel Michael. 

Transmitted Through Ronna Herman. 


Σάββατο, 29 Οκτωβρίου 2011

Once you have crystalline cells the whole aging process can be reversed through the power of thought

Message from SaLuSa for 28 October 2011

“Things are hotting up”, as you are fond of saying, and the signs are there for all to see. The old paradigm is breaking up before your very eyes, and those still trying to maintain it are in fear of the consequences. People power is showing up all over the world, and growing stronger all of the time. It is not just a passing phase, but one built upon the intent to bring change in, and force out that which no longer serves your needs. It is working because it is carried forward by the immense Light being attracted to Earth. Your time has come Dear Ones, when your visions of the new are rapidly manifesting, and already exist in the higher dimensions. It remains only for the Light levels to rise a little further and nothing can delay or stop the changes. With the expected energy surge with the coming of 11.11.11, there will definitely be an upliftment, and it remains to be seen how far it goes. 

What is happening in your world is causing confusion, because it threatens to seriously disrupt people’s lives. Yet those of you who know it is necessary to sweep away the old, are able to be a balancing energy to avoid utter chaos. You are needed more than ever and indeed many of you came to the Earth for that very purpose. All Lightworkers have their own roles to fulfill and should by now be aware as to what they are. Some are simply to be beacons of Light, whilst others are healers, or active for causes that spread the Light. If you have not yet found your vocation, spread love and joy wherever you go and help lift people up. Beyond that be assured that once the plan for your future is revealed, many opportunities to serve will come up. 

Time continues to speed up and it is unbelievable to many that you are nearing the close of this year already. That is of course welcome as the next two months are going to be quite exceptional. Something that would not be noticed yet, is because of the higher vibrations the aging process is slowing down. Eventually it will stop, and once you have crystalline cells the whole process can be reversed through the power of thought. The new cells will have a greater degree of consciousness than previously, and re-act to thought more quickly. Already in your Astral levels that souls pass on to after death, they have sufficient power to present themselves to you as they wish to be seen. This is clearly useful when newly arriving souls meet with others who passed over many, many years before them. In this respect, when you ascend you are not really going to experience something that is completely new to you. 

Many things that you are used to now, will no longer apply once you ascend, and perhaps the most far reaching will be where food is concerned. No longer will great tracts of land be used for farming, and at one stage food replicators will be used until you can “think” into being whatever you require. There will be no necessity to rape or violate the Earth for the production of food or for fossil fuels. It will be restored to its original pristine condition and you will become the Guardians of the Earth. Neither will it be a dumping ground for all of your waste, as whatever is not used will be treated or changed to serve other purposes. Pollution will be unheard of as no processes will produce any. 

Bit by bit, you are learning about the New Earth, and how it will change your lives. You will realize that your old ways were rather crude, and not helped by the drive for profit. In the future all will have everything they need and money will not come into it. You will all work with one another, for the good of all, and no soul will carry the lower vibrations as they cannot exist in the higher realms. So, the mentality and desire to profit by taking from others, will not exist at those levels of consciousness. In your industrial and mechanized age noise is clearly a real problem, leading to illness through stress. That again will not be a problem in the higher dimension, as production where necessary will involve totally different methods that are noiseless. Much will be “thought” into being and sometimes involve groups of people, whose combined power will be so much greater. 

Anything that you are called upon to do at this time will be so worthwhile, when you reflect on the wonders that await you in the future. We mainly address those of you who are dedicated to Ascension, but as we have mentioned previously not everyone of a higher vibration desires to ascend. Some of you will be identified by your Space Family, and find that you arranged to return with them to your home planet after your Earth journey was completed. Many different civilizations are waiting to benefit from your experiences; such are the magnificent achievements that you have made. Perhaps now you will understand why you are so important to them, as not every soul will have entered duality or has necessarily desired to do so. You are indeed extra special souls with so much to offer to others. 

As the cycle closes, remember that all of you have played out lives on both sides of duality, and they are seen as necessary experiences to enable you to balance both energies. You may have succeeded now, but do not allow your achievement to cloud your mind against the dark Ones. Have compassion, and bear in mind that they are still sparks of the Light and Love, and can fully make their way back to the Light. In fact, because they have dropped lower than many other souls, they will in time make great Light Carriers. You cannot know their karma, so make allowances for their roles in your present period of history. 

Whilst you are not punished for your “sins”, you do make reparations, so that you fully understand the effect of them on other souls. This can be very deep and heart wrenching, but it is the only way to learn your lessons. All of you have to some degree had such experiences, so now you can understand why it is essential you are non-judgmental where other souls are concerned. Do your best to be forgiving, if you have been personally hurt, and please do not harbor the energies of hate as they will eat into your body and cause you illness. They will also hold you back from progressing, as you cannot take them with you into the higher dimensions. 

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and that will be enough lessons for one day, so focus on your Love and Light and all will be well. 

Thank you SaLuSa. 

Mike Quinsey.

Παρασκευή, 28 Οκτωβρίου 2011

Worldwide movement for liberty and financial freedom for all is growing fast

Galactic Federation Update for 18 October 2011 by Sheldan Nidle 

Selamat Balik! We return in a state of joy! Progress is being made on many fronts as we put in motion the final directives, which will shortly allow the funding to begin. Concurrently, a series of meetings have cleared up certain misunderstandings between our Earth allies and us. These discussions brought up a number of issues that were worrying several groups about how the announcement process was to proceed, and this led to some adjustments to our broadcast agenda. These hiccups are now resolved and we are ready to use our technology to hasten the next phase of bringing forth your new reality. Another matter that was holding things up was various squabbles over exactly how the lead-in to Disclosure was to be carried out. In essence, it was all about priorities and how best to wrap up the removal of the dark cabal. Also at issue were various moral and legal points concerning the cabal’s final surrender documents, and this too has been judiciously settled. So, now the stage is being set for the dark to remove their minions from office. 

This present time has turned into an opportunity for us to review everything dealing with Disclosure and First Contact. The political system that rules your world is, of course, a construct of the dark cabal. Various secret, sacred groups are putting together the procedures whereby many nations in Asia, Africa, and Europe are to be legally replaced by caretaker governments. The purpose of this is to remove every last vestige of the dark control and to bring to power those individuals and groups dedicated to manifesting your new reality. Disclosure will go ahead smoothly once the new governance and those groups long dedicated to the rise of a spiritually oriented consciousness on your world are at the helm. Your Ascended Masters have forged a global network that includes your Agarthan cousins and us. Already several banks around your globe are diligently abiding by the new international financial protocols and these rules will come into effect universally once the dark has been ushered out of power. 

The First Contact fleet continues to add new human star-nation members to its lists. We are expanding the number of specially trained mentors and matching up your personal mentor to your place of origin, as we have discovered that you tend to be more comfortable with a mentor from the star-nation whose ancestral genes run most strongly in you. This seemed sensible despite the fact that most of you are an amalgam of many different star-nations. We intend to make this final consciousness shift as effortless and gracious as possible, and as you take on your new fully conscious identity, you can begin to recall your ancient antecedents. The dark, too, were aware of and used the importance of ancestral genealogy to control you by creating the concept of hierarchy and making you think that they were ‘better’ than their commoner subjects. In the first age established by the Anunnaki after the fall of Atlantis, all of you thus became a type of ‘mongrel,’ which is quite laughable! 

Every star-nation has developed a unique culture that they are proud of. We hold cultural festivals throughout the galaxy, which display the various dances, chants, and rituals unique to each star-nation. At certain times of the galactic year, we come together to heal and sustain this galaxy, and we welcome the addition of your star-nation to this fabulous mix. We know that you are to come together with the Agarthans to form the springboard for what you are to create. You possess one of the most stunning planetary systems in the galaxy, and as you begin to occupy the inner realms of your four water worlds, you will then merge with the energies of each planet. Out of this will arise a variety of possibilities, which will coalesce into a foundation for your star-nation’s culture, and we look forward to your participation in our cultural exchanges and festivals. Your planets are to become host to galactic and intergalactic conferences, which will shape the history of this section of physicality. As you can see, there is much for you to look forward to. 

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! The time is near for the transformations we have promised you! Our many associates, both in Inner Earth and in your global societies, are completing those tasks specific to unblocking the abundance deliveries and allowing the investiture of new governance. The dark ones continue to search for ways to steal any funds it can to funnel into their plans to maintain themselves in power. Previously, we relied on the Galactic Federation to locate these stolen assets and reclaim them; now various Agarthan liaison teams have assumed this responsibility. For the present, we will be holding on to these funds until the ‘coast is clear’ and the dark safely removed from your societies. The dark ones who were involved in carrying out these thefts have been taken into custody and are being sequestered in a special holographic environment maintained by our Agarthan associates. 

There are a number of funds currently being denied distribution by the dark. The stance persisted in by various dark-oriented governments demonstrates unequivocally the need to remove these governments from power. In pursuance of this, we have now been asked to focus our attention on this matter, and so a series of coordinated moves are underway that will achieve this Heaven-decreed activity in a legal and ethical manner. We are also finishing up a project that is making it very clear to the dark that each and every one of its ambitious strategies to counter the Light is failing! Once this is done, we can at last implement the global deliveries and use our legal and ‘other’ means to disempower the old order and remove the remaining cronies of the dark. Very quickly, on the heels of this will come the announcements and new caretaker governance! 

As you can see, a mighty struggle has erupted across your globe for the last time! The dark is a very slippery and resilient force; it possesses many allies and also the remainder of a formerly vast conglomeration of financial funding. However, it finds these funds shrinking fast with no options for replacing them. Our relatively simple task now is to use those legal, administrative, and military resources provided for us in the most efficacious way possible. We thank the Creator for the many blessings and the divine grace that have been bestowed on us during this mission. Now the time approaches for us to carry out the promises made to you by Heaven. Your coming prosperity and new governance is a very ‘thin end of the wedge’ of what awaits you. Be ready and wise enough to take these coming opportunities as a gift to be used to spread the Light into every desolate and needy corner of your beloved planet! 

Today, we continued our ongoing messages about the latest developments on your globe. A worldwide movement for liberty and financial freedom for all is growing fast, and this is only a fragment of what is in the works! The time comes for a grand leap in consciousness! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!) 


Πέμπτη, 27 Οκτωβρίου 2011

Ο Πρώην Υπουργός Άμυνας του Καναδά για τα UFO

Πηγή: http://neoellhn.blogspot.com/2011/10/blog-post_9536.html#ixzz1c00NzCFc

Για “παραπληροφόρηση” κατηγορεί τον αστροφυσικό Stephen Hawking, ο πρώην υπουργός άμυνας του Καναδά Paul Hellyer. “Οι εξωγήινοι όχι μόνο δεν απειλούν την ανθρωπότητα, όπως ισχυρίζεται ο κ. Hawking, αλλά επισκέπτονται τη Γη εδώ και δεκαετίες, ίσως και χιλιετίες”, υποστηρίζει ο Καναδός πολιτικός. (Σχόλιο Σ. Σεβαράτνα: Συγχαρητήρια στον Καναδό πολιτικό. Μακάρι να βρει μιμητές.)

Αφορμή για το ξέσπασμά του, ήταν οι πρόσφατες δηλώσεις του αστροφυσικού περί των καταστροφικών συνεπειών που θα έχει για τη Γη, πιθανή έλευση εξωγήινων ( “Stephen Hawking: “Οι εξωγήινοι υπάρχουν!”). Σύμφωνα με τον καναδικό τύπο, ο πρώην υπουργός, διαφωνεί ριζικά με αυτήν την άποψη και εξηγεί το γιατί: “Τα διαστημόπλοια των εξωγήινων, έχουν βοηθήσει σημαντικά στην τεχνολογική εξέλιξη του πλανήτη μας! Οι οθόνες των υπολογιστών μας, για παράδειγμα, έχουν τις ρίζες τους σε ξένα διαστημόπλοια. Τα μικροτσίπ και οι οπτικές ίνες, επίσης είναι δύο μόνο από τα πολλά πράγματα που κατά πάσα πιθανότητα έφτασαν σε εμάς μέσα από τη συντριβή εξωγήινων σκαφών”! 

Κατηγορώντας τον Hawking για εκφοβισμό της ανθρωπότητας και δημιουργία αρνητικού κλίματος απέναντι στους εξωγήινους, ο Καναδός πολιτικός συμπλήρωσε: “Πιστεύω ότι είναι πραγματικά λυπηρό το γεγονός ότι, ένας επιστήμονας της φήμης του, συμβάλει σε αυτό που λέμε παραπληροφόρηση για ένα τεράστιο και πολύ σημαντικό θέμα.” 

Οι ανησυχίες του υπουργού Άμυνας για… Διαγαλαξιακό πόλεμο! 

Δεν είναι η πρώτη φορά που ο Paul Hellyer, εκφράζει δημοσίως τις απόψεις του περί εξωγήινων επισκέψεων. Ο λόγος του στο “Συμπόσιο Εξωπολιτικής” που έγινε το 2005 στο Τορόντο του Καναδά είχε προκαλέσει έντονες αντιδράσεις. Μεταξύ άλλων είχε υποστηρίξει: “Τα UFO είναι τόσο πραγματικά όσο και τα αεροπλάνα που πετούν πάνω από τα κεφάλια μας. Ανησυχώ για τις πιθανές συνέπειες έναρξης ενός Διαγαλαξιακού πολέμου, αφού ο στρατός των ΗΠΑ προετοιμάζει όπλα που θα μπορούσαν να χρησιμοποιηθούν ενάντια στους εξωγήι
vους. Αυτό μπορεί να γίνει αιτία να εμπλακούμε σε ένα Διαγαλαξιακό πόλεμο χωρίς καμία προειδοποίηση. Έφτασε ο καιρός για να σηκώσουμε τον πέπλο της μυστικότητας και να αφήσουμε την αλήθεια να ξεχυθεί ώστε να υπάρξει μια πραγματική ενημερωτική συζήτηση, σχετικά με τα πιο σημαντικά προβλήματα που αντιμετωπίζει σήμερα ο πλανήτης μας.”  (Σχόλιο του Σ. Σεβαράτνα: Ο στρατός των ΗΠΑ μπορεί να έχει αυτή την ανόητη πρόθεση, δεν θα μπορέσει όμως να κάνει τίποτα μπροστά σε μια τεχνολογία απείρως πιο προηγμένη. Όπως αναφέρεται σε προηγούμενες δημοσιεύσεις σ'αυτό το blog, έχουν ήδη εξουδετερωθεί όλα τα πυρηνικά όπλα της Σκοτεινής Πλευράς καθώς και οι μυστικές υπόγειες βάσεις τους. Η παραμονή τους στην εξουσία, την οποία λατρεύουν, μετράει μέρες και το ξέρουν. Ό,τι κάνουν είναι οι τελευταίες σπασμωδικές κινήσεις τους με σκοπό να παραμείνουν όσο γίνεται περισσότερο σε αυτή, αρνούμενοι να φύγουν από εκεί με το καλό, δηλαδή την πειθώ)

Τετάρτη, 26 Οκτωβρίου 2011

The last two months of 2011 promise to be most exciting

Message from SaLuSa for 26 October 2011

We look at your world and see what a marvelous place it has been, as a means of giving you a playground in which to play your games. You have been allowed to do exactly as you wish, but nevertheless with responsibility for the consequences. Through many lives you have created your future, but for a long time were held in the lower vibrations. Once you became ensnared in them, you found the greatest difficulty in releasing yourselves from them. Yet although you plunged the depths of darkness, somehow you found the Light and lifted yourselves up. It took a long time, but today so many of you are awakening to the truth of your being. The beliefs imposed upon you are no longer able to hold you back, and much progress has been made. Now you are rising up in your consciousness levels very rapidly, and realize the power you have to change your reality. 

With your vision of the future firmly attached to the coming Ascension, you have moved onto a new level that promises to release you from the shackles of the past. Many of you are now able to step out of the energies of fear, that have unwittingly tied you to the past and its march towards total control by the dark forces. Hence you now live in a type of yo-yo existence where your senses are continually being stretched one way or the other, as the Light and dark fight for your attention. Since the Light is far more powerful there is only ever going to be one winner, and you who are Lightworkers already know it to be true. Therefore, you are well beyond the likelihood of being pulled back into the darkness, and in fact your Light is part of the great upliftment that is taking place. 

It is belief in your own power that is so important, and when many of you come together with a common purpose it is increased tenfold. It is why the worldwide demonstrations that commenced with those in Wall Street, are destined to become even more powerful. Politicians disregard what the people want at that peril, and they are being forced to respond. The energy that has resulted from the movement for change is not going to go away, and on the contrary is creating a backlash in many different ways. People are now looking at many aspects of their lives, and for the first time seeing how badly they have been treated. All of you are sovereign Beings and waking up to this fact, and now you want to be treated correctly and in accordance with your rights. 

Dear Ones, we can say that whether your politicians respond to your pleas or not, we can because you have created the conditions that allow us to come to you. The task to put matters right would have been too much for you by yourselves, and since duality has all but run its course we are allowed to intervene. It is part of a plan laid down eons of time ago, that is now beginning to manifest. So, all progresses well regardless of any apparent problems or delays. Much has been done in the last few years, to bring about the ideal circumstances that will allow for the next phase in the process to commence. We are absolutely ready to go ahead with a number of acts that will signal to you all that the time has arrived for you leap into the New Age, that in turn will lead to the Golden Age, and your Cosmic Baptism. 

Live day to day as one that knows what the future holds, and fear nothing that happens around you. Most of you by now should be in the right place for the End-Times, and it will be where you shall experience the final days of this cycle. The last two months of this year promise to be most exciting, and at last you see the proof that everything is on the move towards Ascension. That is after all the whole point of what is taking place, and nothing else is more important. There is more emphasis upon your preparation for this event, and over the remaining months the focus will be upon ensuring each soul understands what the End-Times mean. No one will be without some understanding of the choice that is being offered to them. We want to see as many souls as possible making the upliftment from the third dimension, into the higher ones. 

Our service to you is based upon unconditional love, and we carry no judgment where anyone is concerned. We see your true selves as beautiful Beings of Light, and your potential of returning to being the gods that you are. Since we are One, how else would you expect us to be, and that is a lesson for you to assimilate and live to your highest concept. When you can do that, you also will find that you can accept all souls as your Brothers and Sisters, in the Light of the Creator that is the Consciousness that binds all together. You can be the means of bringing a peaceful balance, when others lose their way and re-act strongly to what is happening around them. Given time that phase will pass, as it will not take long for a general understanding of the uplifting period that follows the chaos. 

Keep your eyes and ears open, as much is about to take place that should have an impact upon the media. If not, the Internet will undoubtedly pick up anything that is out of the ordinary, and is mostly reliable. However, the same freedom of expression also allows those with disinformation to cast doubts. Fortunately it is usually so far removed from the truth, most of you will see through the attempts to mislead you. 

We are watching your Earth very carefully as she begins to rumble, as the cleansing slowly continues. As always we will try to limit the effects upon you, but we cannot stop the process going ahead. We will however continue to take part in the cleansing of your atmosphere, which is something we have done for a very long time. Our responsibility will really get under way when we are free to come and go, without any interference from the dark Ones. 

I am SaLuSa form Sirius, and pass on great blessings and love from the members of the Galactic Federation. We want to see you sail through what remains of the cycle of Duality, and we will be there with you to give every assistance. We will not of course be the only ones, as there are many souls from the Spirit World supporting you now. Plus your Angelic Beings that have exceptional powers, if they need to use them, who are already protecting you as they have since your birth upon Earth. 

Thank you SaLuSa 

Mike Quinsey.

Σουάμι Σεβαράτνα

Τρίτη, 25 Οκτωβρίου 2011

You will learn more about the Supreme Creator and the Gods

Message from SaLuSa for 24 October 2011

The speed at which matters are moving ahead, means that almost on a daily basis there is progress being made towards changes that will be for the betterment of all people. It will take time to manifest, but the foundation has now been firmly laid in place. All issues, apart from First Contact, draw nearer and that gives our allies every opportunity to push for an early outcome. With the expected big increase in levels of consciousness following 11.11.11, the stage will be set for the outworking of the final needs to achieve success. It can no longer be delayed and you shall be aware of its commencement. 

The dark Ones are clearly in retreat, but do not go gracefully and would rather have their last attempts to create chaos. However, they will not have that pleasure as we are already aware of their plans. They are no longer entitled to the level of freewill that they have previously enjoyed. It is with joy that we intercede in their actions, and they know that their freedom is soon to be taken from them. Our allies with our help are gradually putting the dark Ones where they can no longer carry out the heinous acts. They are effectively being taken out of your society, so that you may proceed unhindered with the work of the Light. 

We note that more people than ever are becoming aware of Ascension, and are seriously investigating what it will mean to them. Fortunately there are so many of you that are sufficiently enlightened, that they do not have to go far to find their answers. The fact that there is more than one time line allows them to consider a number of possibilities, and that will enlarge their outlook and understanding. Given time the whole picture will become clear, as we are also involved in making sure you all have a good idea of what is ahead of you. Changes there must be, but in the nature of advancement and progress to place you on the path to Ascension, and beyond. It is all part of your planned evolution, and deep down you know this to be true. 

The period you are in now is for some unreal, as they are new to the idea of such far reaching changes. It matters not of which beliefs you hold, as the outcome will be the same, and you will learn more about the Supreme Creator and the Gods. They have also been creators of all you see in your physical existence, and we talk of the beginning of your journey into the lower dimensions. As you are beginning to understand, there have been other Beings in more recent times who have also presented themselves as Gods. In your history they are known as the Annunaki of the planet Nibiru, and responsible for much of the information that is held and used by religious bodies. This is another area that we will clarify, and in so doing it will enable people to come together with common beliefs that reflect the truth. 

You do not yet fully realize how much you have been kept in the dark over thousands of years. Your reality has been fabricated by the Illuminati, who have led you to believe that you are so much less than what you really are. Yet to your credit, you have awoken to the Light that has steadily increased to bring you back to the true reality. As you can imagine, you have a busy year ahead when the benefits will far outweigh any inconvenience you may experience. At least you have been warned as to what to expect, if by chance you find that you are in areas that will be subject to physical changes. 

With all that will be happening please remember that the higher reason is for your spiritual evolution, and learn from your experiences as you go along. After all, you are still following your life plan and may yet have lessons to learn. However, after so many lives in the cycle of Duality, it would not be surprising if you had all but completed them. Ask yourself if you are able to live and work in the Light at all times, and can you look at another soul and only see the best in them. Treating others as your equal and acknowledging the Oneness of All Life. If you can, have no fears as to whether have lifted up your level of consciousness, as it would be quite apparent that you have. 

Finding your true self is most satisfying and enables you to live in the midst of the lower vibrations with ease and without being affected by them. Indeed, your very presence has the effect of transmuting such energies. You and thousands upon thousands like you are giving of yourselves in service in this way. A kind word or just a smile can lift up another person for quite a long time. That is the power you carry often without realizing the potential you have for doing good. 

The financial woes continue to look serious in Europe, and those charged with finding a solution are not optimistic that they can find one. At best they can only put off the inevitable collapse that will quickly pass from one country to another and to other parts of the world. The answer does of course involve total change to a new system that puts a stop to the misuse of your money, and also safeguards its value. That is all waiting to come out as and when the right opportunity presents itself, and not before. So all we can ask is that you keep the solution in your mind, so as not to be distracted by any other happenings leading up to it. 

Dear Ones, we are pleased that after all of this time we can talk of how near events are to happening, that eventually will totally change your lives. Those who have followed the developments for many years, will of course be better prepared for what is about to happen. With Disclosure should come the freedom we seek to start working openly with you, and access to your media to broadcast the facts as to why we are here. May know already, but equally many have little idea as to what is about to change their lives so completely. We must initially be aware as to how well we are received, and be sure we have the majority of you accepting our help for you. Clearly we would much prefer to work openly than at a distance. In any event a lot that we will do will be directly from our craft, as we have no necessity to actually be upon the Earth. 

I am SaLuSa form Sirius, and ready to do my part as a member of the Galactic Federation teams that are poised to commence their work. We shall do everything as an act of Love, for you our Brothers and Sisters. 

Thank you SaLuSa. 

Mike Quinsey.