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A great joy is about to sweep through your world and create a New Epoch for humanity!

Galactic Federation Update for 29 January 2013 by Sheldan Nidle 

Dratzo! We return! Your world is being held in a sacred limbo, awaiting the magic touch that only Heaven can provide. Heaven decreed a short delay in order to afford humanity an integration period into these very new energies. Long ago, when the Anunnaki wished to rule over you, a special agreement was put forth, which stipulated that the period of dark rule would only be allowed for around 13 millennia. This time has come and is well and truly gone. The collapse of the many timelines into one was the final verification for the dark’s earthly minions that the moment for transformation has arrived. Now there is a brief transition during which the dark’s soldiers are to surrender and let the New Epoch commence. The dark, as ever, has arrogantly refused this offer and so, under Heaven’s strict command, we have removed a number of these recalcitrants and placed them under the supervision of a group of Agarthan and Federation personnel. This group now has a considerable number of these individuals in safekeeping, and these numbers will no doubt continue to grow until this issue is fully resolved. 

As noted above, the matter is now at a kind of sacred standstill. Our forces are at the ready to support the legal de jure change in governance and we have also obtained a number of agreements which are to be implemented once the sacred signal is given. In this regard both the legal and the military divisions of the various governments-to-be-changed assure us that they are ready to affect a transfer of power upon receipt of the formal signal. We have graciously asked our heavenly mentors to reassure us that the time schedule originally given to us is indeed still the one in operation; in response, those who are to give the signal have repeatedly informed us that this schedule is indeed the one that we will be executing. Our many liaison teams are in place and prepared to see that all goes according to plan when the sacred moment arrives. On that front we have undertaken a series of formal exercises to ensure that this situation is resolved as quickly as possible. Of course, the dark continues to be closely monitored, as it is known for pulling a real doozy of a delaying tactic at the last moment! 

Our secret sacred allies are also ready to move when called upon and we are monitoring your world to see that nothing other than the ordinary round of world affairs takes place. The dark and its minions are scurrying around your globe looking for ways to steal funds from anywhere they can, and while these sorties have proved to be mostly unsuccessful, a bit of collateral has been acquired. This confirms to us that these rascals have no intention of ever abiding by any agreement made between us, and that our liaison personnel need to be very careful when dealing with these unrelenting ones. We are truly relieved to think that this will be the last time for such discouraging exchanges! Once the green light is given, we are prepared with a series of strategies to ensure that the initial phases of our operation proceed swiftly and surely. When the first phase is complete, the new governance, the new monies, and the new prosperity will be firmly and securely in place, and then all that is needed is to make it all permanent. 

This transition of your society is fully backed by a ton of corroborative documents. The dark has no remaining wriggle-room and only a very short time before the sacred trumpet is sounded. At that moment a great Light will spread across Gaia and a New Epoch will be formally begun. We intend to stage a large display in several parts of your world which will signal the start of what is to follow. Decades have passed since we first asked your governments, just after World War II, to end the secrecy, disclose our existence, and reveal the technology they had acquired. To a man, these governments refused to do so, and yet these early requests of ours are now to manifest on your world. This will be a watershed event. A new history and a true account of your origins can then officially be written, allowing all the many lies told to you since childhood to simply fade away and be replaced by the truth. It is also the moment for you to learn of the upcoming joys of Full Consciousness. 

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come on this day to inform you that a grand miracle is ready to appear on your world. Centuries ago, Count Saint Germaine established a special world trust that was matched in the East by Kwan Yin. These two treasuries are now to pay out a vast fortune that will bring prosperity to the Earth plane. We rejoice in all that Heaven has decreed and set forth for humanity! The new prosperity is to transform your realm and bring you to the brink of a great shift in consciousness. Our blessed task is to lead you to Full Consciousness with the wise assistance of our Agarthan and Space Families. Together we are to reunite the two now-separate worlds of Gaia into one. In this sacred unity you are to find the means to rise up out of your amnesia and rediscover your divine inner truths. These truths will change your current beliefs and set the stage for your New Galactic Society. 

This New Galactic Society is to be a blend of various models practiced throughout this Galaxy. As one of your mentors our blessed task is to guide you by applying our wisdom to these matters. Shortly after your return to Full Consciousness, planet-wide meetings will be convened to thrash out a basic model for birthing your own Galactic Society. We envision your choices to be wise, and know that by employing this template you can swiftly repopulate the worlds of Venus, Mars, and Pax. This new multi-planet Star-Nation will then initiate its first grand mission: cementing peace throughout this Galaxy! This will be the first of many missions that will bring us into contact with tens of thousands of nearby Galaxies. What we are to achieve together is a series of missions that will express our divine service to Creation. 

The remaining moments of your early steps in this new energy, and before our work together begins, are for you to prepare yourselves to explain these events to your family and community. We have our part to play as well. Many blessed facts need to be shown to this realm. The societies of Gaia are trapped in a set of beliefs that were perpetrated to maintain a two-tiered, dark-ruled society. This entrenched belief structure can only be set aside by what we can do at the appropriate time. Our various secret sacred societies require a special announcement by the new governance to set things in motion. This will lead to our mass reappearance, so that we can again teach and express our sacred wisdom. These teachings will cancel out much of what you now believe to be true, and will show the way for all that is to follow. A great joy is about to sweep through your world and create a new epoch for humanity! 

Today, we gave you another overview of what is shortly to happen. Many sacred factions are coming together and setting the stage for a unique time in your history! The belief held by many of you, that you are alone and unique in the cosmos, is now to be superseded forever. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!) 


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Navigating Multi-Dimensional Reality: Tools for a New Way of Living

By Celia Fenn for 28 January 2013 

As we go through this process of transition and Ascension, we are switching on our Light Bodies and ascending into new ways of living and being. We are becoming multi-dimensional, and capable of functioning at higher frequencies of conscious awareness. But as we break through to these new levels, many of us are finding ourselves without the tools for managing the very real physical and emotional effects that are a daily part of the break-through into multi-dimensional living. 

In this article, I want to offer some tools for managing the energy. Archangel Michael has asked me to share this information with you, but I also want to say a special thank-you to my friend, David, master shaman and teacher, who showed me how to use these tools. 

The Heart is the Key 

In a very real sense - the Heart Chakra is the Key and the Gateway to multi-dimensionality. If the heart is not open, you will not be able to ascend to higher levels of consciousness. The 3 keys to opening the Heart Chakra can be described as: 

Follow Your Passion: Nothing locks us out of the sparkling dance of Light found at the higher dimensions more effectively than habitually following a way of life, because we have always done so, or because it is expected of us. 

When we are truly free, we are able to comprehend our freedom and to choose to express ourselves in ways that resonate with who we truly are. 

Because so many of us are living "habitual" lives, we often need to take time out to discover what our passions are, before we can follow them. This is why so many people are "dropping out" of careers and taking time to re-define who they are and how they live. The New Earth will be filled with passionate people creating joy! But this takes time, and we need to give ourselves all the time we need to find our passions and our joy and to heal the wounds that prevent us from being our essential passionate self. 

Listen to your Inner Voice/Intuition: I often think that this is the true meaning of the concept of the "return of the Goddess", the feminine energy. In our "old energy" lives, we were taught to listen to our ego, to the rational voice of the "parent". This voice told us to disregard our joy and conform to what was expected of us, in order to "fit in" and be safe. 

Ironically, when we listen to the inner voice of the Higher Self, we are always safe. But we have to re-learn this skill and the trust in this skill. It is only when we allow our inner voice to be our guide that the miracles will happen. The Inner Voice is the Goddess within. Allow her to lead, and she will show you the dance of Light. And then your ego/rational self can build the structures to support your new reality. To do this we need to be aware of the "cues" from higher reality, for our higher aspects will talk to us in dreams, through other people, books, animals or events in our lives. We need to start "reading the messages" again, being consciously aware of the "ripples" in our reality that have information or messages for us. 

Practise Compassion, Tolerane and Understanding: Those with open hearts are always willing to listen to others and understand that others are a "mirror" of our current reality. If we can move pass anger, distrust and aggression, into a place of empathy and understanding, we will truly open the Heart Chakra. 

The key is to understand that the "other" person is an aspect of you and your reality. And that how you manage and re-act to other people is a mirror of how you treat yourself and your reality. If you are able to treat yourself with nurturing love and compassion, only then will you be able to treat others in the same way. So, be kind to yourself, and the rest will follow. 

Speaking your Truth: The Ladder to the Stars 

Speaking our truth is the function of a healthy Throat Chakra. And this is our "ladder" to higher dimensions. It will allow us to ascend and descend to higher states of consciousness. And it will create a link between the higher frequencies and our Material Reality. 

Often the mood swings and mental spaciness that transitioning people feel, is a result of rapid shifts between dimensions where there is no ladder. We literally "fall" between dimensions, and feel exhausted and disorientated. So, building a ladder that can take us up and bring us down is important. This also relates to the concept of "grounding" multi-dimensional reality. If we do not "ground" ourselves, we can become lost in a dream world that has no way of linking to the material world. The Throat Chakra creates the fifth-dimensional bridge that we need. The two key concepts here are: 

Emotional Honesty and Openess 

Be willing to express your feelings. All of them. No manipulative games and hidden agendas. As we become more in touch with our feelings and our Heart Chakras open fully, it will be impossible to play manipulative games anyway. People will intuitively understand the motivations of others without them ever needing to be expressed. 

And linked to this is self-awareness. We need to be aware of our subconscious patterns of manipulation and control, and be willing to release them for more healthy patterns of acceptance and flow. To be willing to allow the miracle of life to unfold without needing to control and force our expectations on others or on events. 

Receiving the Truth of Others

It is equally important, when building this ladder, to be able to receive the truth of others without judgement, to truly listen, which is the receptive or feminine aspect of the act of speaking. ***For this ladder is one that we cannot build alone. It is a co-creation project. We build it for ourselves, but we invite others to share it and in turn to build ladders for others. In this way, we are enabled to reach to ever higher levels of consciousness as a group, which is The Path of Conscious Evolution. 

© 2004-5 Celia Fenn

Profound message from Lord Metatron about Ascension and Transmutation changes in the physical human body

“I Am Metatron. I have been asked to serve by dictating information that will assist you in moving through the transitions that are ahead for the planet and all life on the planet during the Ascension. 

This planet, and all species of life on the planet are in the process of Ascension. Ascension means that all first and second dimensional lifeforms will “move up” to third dimensional lifeforms. 

Humans, or third dimensional lifeforms, will graduate to either fourth dimensional worlds or fifth dimensional Oneness depending on their level of evolution and their intent. 

The Ascension is occurring now, as a step by step progression, and will continue one way or another, for that is the will of All. 

Normally, planets and the species of life incarnate on the planet are ascended via cataclysmic disasters that usher in a death-resurrection cycle. In this cycle, as was demonstrated by Christ, disasters create planetary death. Because this is the way Ascension usually occurs, it is known and understood very well at the level of the Universal Mind. 

That is why, since ancient times, there have been prophecies of terrible destruction to occur at End Times. 

The Resurrection Cycle (Resurrection Dispensation) Now is the Ascension, where all life begins anew, at a new level of consciousness in a Higher Dimensional World. This does not mean reincarnation, for that carries the concept of Karma with it, and before Ascension can become a probability, all Karma must be cleared. 

It does not mean existence only as a spirit in celestial worlds, Ascension is also physical. 

As a process, it changes the physical body while merging the body and the spirit into one being. This being is a perfected Being of Light, in a physical body of Light. 

This Ascension progression actually began thousands of years ago, with the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. 

The story of Moses leading his people out of bondage is a metaphor for the Ascension progression. The incarnation of Jesus was a major turning point for the process, because as an Avatar, Jesus was capable of taking on the “sins” or Karma of all humans and transmuting that energy to Light. 

Because of his redemption, a gentle Ascension became possible. This Ascension evolves through a series of steps, until a state as a Light Being becomes possible. The redemption of Christ was the beginning step of the Light Body progression. 

This first step took nearly two thousand years to complete. 

Light Body was introduced as an experiment in 1988, only seven months after Harmonic Convergence. 

It is an experiment, because an Ascension has never been attempted this way. This method, both a graduated increase of Light within the physical bodies of all lifeforms and the planet and an increase in the vibratory level, has never been attempted before in ANY ascending universe. 

There are theories within the Universal Mind about how that process will work out, but at times the results have differed from the anticipated. 

In these cases revisions are made. As a foundation for the information I will give later, I must explain the Light Body progression to you. 

You must understand this process first at a personal level. This personal level is how Light Body will affect you physically, emotionally and mentally. Then I will give information on how Light Body will affect the planet and how it will affect the structures of your society. 

I consider the most important and exciting aspect of Light Body to be that this experiment transforms your physical shell into an appropriate vehicle to merge completely with your Higher Self, and happens concurrently with the physical process. 

This merging is created by a series of descensions of Spirit, which are timed by the amount of Light you are holding within your cells. ***The amount of Light held by the physical cells is keyed to the level of Light Body, and the higher the level, the less dense the body. 

The more Light you hold in your physical body, the greater the level of Spirit you can contain within the body. Toward the end of the Light Body process, just proceeding the Shift into Ascension, you will merge completely with your Higher Self. The descensions of Spirit are the mechanisms used to bring in, or turn on, the spiritual gifts of the Ascended Masters. 

Light Body has twelve levels or steps, and as each step is completed, the changes that have occurred physically must be integrated in all areas of the life and the Spirit. 

Light Body is designed to bring up all your human issues as you progress, and each higher level brings up a deeper layer to the issues than the layer before it. 

This is to assist you in becoming clear mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. As the issues emerge, you may allow Christ’s redemption to transmute it for you. 

There is a void space at the end of each Light Body level that we call ego death, and it may manifest as depression or a sense of nothingness. 

This void is to be used as a rest stop, before you continue your journey. This void is an energetic place where nothing exists, and you are able to build a new picture of yourself and your life before you move to the next step. 

The void is an integration chamber, or perhaps I could describe it as a cocoon, where you can rest and form the beautiful butterfly you are to become in your next step. 

The first six steps of Light Body were structured for gradual change at all levels with regular spiritual awakenings interspersed with the physical, mental and emotional changes. 

From seventh level through tenth level Light Body the progress changes and is focused on one area of your experience at a time. 

For example, in seventh level most of you experienced your first descension of Spirit, and a noticeable spiritual awakening with it. 

You may have manifested clairvoyance, clairaudience, or a kinesthetic awareness of energy with the awakening. I am discussing this level in the past tense, because currently the planet is shifting into the beginning of ninth level. It is a very painful experience to be at a lower vibratory rate than the planet you exist on, which is the case for those who are below eighth level. 

Because you are reading this article, I am certain you would be somewhere between the void of late eighth level, to eleventh level in the Light Body progression. 

You would not have an interest in spiritually oriented literature if you were in the lower levels. 

Eighth level Light Body creates body changes in some extreme ways. 

Physical symptoms similar to viral syndromes are very common. During this level, you may have noticed that you caught a cold once a month. 

Other symptoms are headaches (behind the eyes) as the optic nerve pathways for Light are turned on and the pineal gland becomes activated. 

You may have earaches, air pressure changes, itching inside the ears, as your hearing structures are rewired to decode Light transmissions, and excessive perspiration or diarrhea as you drop density from the cells of your body. 

One perspective on these changes is that you are adding a third physical strand to your DNA. For some, the body may resist the density drop because of the descensions of Spirit. A symptom of that resistance is weight gain. 

Human bodies have a tendency to try to cope with descensions by becoming bigger to contain the spiritual mass coming into it. The only effective way to stop the weight gain once it has started, is physical exercise. I mean very hard exercise, such as weight lifting, bicycling, running, or swimming. The exercise must be sufficient to begin building muscle mass. 

Creating muscle mass will protect your nervous system, for the energies coming in with each descension is much stronger than your nervous system is accustomed to. Adipose tissue cannot protect the nervous system as muscle does by accepting the overflow from the nervous system. Adipose tissue will “fry” as these energies overflow, and the result is damage to the insulin receptors within the cells. 

This throws the metabolism out of balance, and the result is weight gain. The muscle mass created by exercise will take the overload from the nervous system, and will convince the body consciousness that it is “big enough” to hold the Spirit. You may begin to notice flashing colors on your inner screen, geometric equations moving through your mind, or hear a hum. 

This is the beginning of the translation facility, and will allow you to turn Light Code into cognitive understanding and comprehension. 

The grids around the planet constantly transmit messages to the life forms incarnate on the planet. These messages come through in a form called Light packets, and are coded. I call it “Light Code”. 

This information must be “decoded” or converted to conscious thought, so you can understand it and use it in your life. These messages are designed to give instruction, and to explain what is occurring energetically at the higher dimensional frequencies. 

If you are a sensitive who can hear the hum, a sharp tone, buzzing, please acknowledge this to your guides. They are trying to assist you to get the Light Code transmissions, but they cannot verify that you hear it unless you respond. 

Your guides will try to assist you by turning up the volume and frequency of the audible Light Code, until they see a response from you. The Light Code as a hum can become very annoying and even physically uncomfortable. If you are experiencing this symptom, “ask” your guides to turn down the volume and calibrate the frequency, so it will not be irritating or debilitating for you. 

These eighth level changes can take up to two years for a human. It has taken three years for the planet. 

Ninth level is about integrating the spiritual changes from seventh level and the physical changes of eighth into your physical life. In ninth level, relationships are your focus, for it is through relationships that you test yourself and the changes that have been wrought within you. 

You may find that any relationship based on control or manipulation becomes intolerable, and many relationships end during this phase. You may also find that your work in the world changes, as you integrate your new identity. The void of ninth level Light Body can be very painful, for after so much focus on relationships, this void requires you to ultimately be alone with yourself. 

After all, the relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship you have, is it not? Ninth level ends (and sometimes begins) with fairly massive descensions, giving you yet another relationship to integrate as a part of your process. 

At the beginning of tenth level, life feels new, and you may feel newly born and very tender. Tenth level is the beginning of the Spiritual Awakening that will lead to your mastery of the abilities that mark the Spiritual Masters and Adepts. 

These abilities, or gifts of the Spirit, will become stronger as you become energetically clearer. In tenth level the focus will be on manifesting these spiritual gifts, and then integrating the gifts fully, so they are usable in your physical, everyday life. Your greatest natural spiritual gift will be the first to manifest in tenth level, and your other gifts of the Spirit will open later in a gradual way. 

You will be required to live by your spiritual gifts. If you are clairvoyant, for example, you must make decisions by what you perceive clairvoyantly - not by what you perceive physically. 

Your clairvoyance will literally overtake your physical sight during tenth level. You may notice one day that you are very clearly seeing three curbs and sidewalks. 

Deciding where to place your foot may be very confusing. You will be seeing the physical curb and sidewalk, the etheric curb and sidewalk, and the fourth dimensional curb and sidewalk. If you rely completely on your clairvoyance, not the physical sense of sight, you will know where to step. If you use the physical sense of sight you may trip a few times in a public place. 

Eventually you will learn how to process this type of vision. The process of becoming clear is one of releasing stored energy from the emotional body and the mental body, and relocating that energy to the spiritual body where it becomes usable, through which miracles are created. 

The only difference between an Avatar and an ordinary man is the location of the energy held within the energy bodies. An ordinary man has all his energy “locked-up” in stored emotions and memories in the emotional body, and beliefs, dogmas and thoughts in the mental body. 

The ordinary man has a flat spiritual body, for there is no energy to spare from the demands of the emotions and thoughts. An avatar has clear emotional and mental bodies. All the energy held within an Avatar’s subtle bodies, is stored in the Spiritual Body. 

For a Master, the energy associated with emotion flows into the emotional body from the spiritual body IN THE MOMENT, and is released to the spiritual body once the emotional stimulus has ended. 

The energy associated with a thought flows from the spiritual body to the mental body, and then is released to the spiritual body as the thought is completed. 

This leaves an Avatar’s energy free, to use according to his will. The spiritual energy is available to an avatar, because it is not consumed by thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and memories. This is the energetic structure each of you must create in your energy bodies, during tenth and eleventh level Light Body. This will allow each of you to perform miracles such as manifesting thought into physical reality. 

Eleventh level of Light Body is a natural progression from tenth, and many times the transition is so easy, the shift isn’t noticed. The spiritual abilities continue to grow, and the physical body begins to change in appearance. Your physical body becomes luminous, glowing, and appears very beautiful. 

You might have friends and acquaintances suddenly remarking that you look younger, or that you have changed in some way that is indefinable. Eleventh level brings deeper levels of processing on your emotional issues. At this level you must deal with all your beliefs and thought forms around death and loss. 

You might create disillusionment, or even find you are creating your deepest fears within your physical life so you can clear them completely by experiencing them. Any stored energy held in the emotional or mental body after tenth level is completed must be released to the spiritual body in eleventh level. 

If you do not deal with those issues while you are in tenth level, you will manifest them in your lives within the eleventh. But, you truly have nothing to fear but fear itself, when you are at eleventh level Light Body. 

Twelfth level Light Body is the Ascension. It is marked by the movement of the Merkabah into the heart center of your body. The Merkabah can most easily be described as a golden ball of Light. It is the Vehicle of your Ascension, and a major Initiation for you when it happens. 

That event is the beginning of your personal Ascension into a Fifth Dimensional world of Oneness. The Ascension can occur at an individual level, it can occur within a group, or it will occur as a part of the collective experience. You will Ascend when you are Ready, whether you do it alone, as a part of a group, or as a part of the ‘Planetary Shift’ yet to come. 

There is not a period for the Ascension in any way. At an individual level there are Ascensions occurring daily. 

Since Harmonic Convergence the energy has been available for the shift into a Fifth Dimensional Consciousness while in a physical body. 

There are many beings, who are incarnate because they have volunteered to serve by testing the Light Body experiment. They are the first ones to move into Ascension. For the rest of you, the Light Body program will continue until you are ready, and then you will shift. Ascension is a very simple thing. It is a change that occurs in an instant, but you are still here. 

The Sun will still shine and the Stars will still twinkle. The difference is Joy, your ability to live Joy and to feel Joy. 

The easiest way to verify that Ascension has happened, is to note the quality of joy in a person’s life. 

The beginning of the Ascension is when a person begins living life by creating their fantasies as their reality. I, Metatron can define JOY as Nirvana, Ecstasy, or Rapture. 

It is that state of ‘Oneness with God.’ It can also be defined as your center or being on your center. That clear space you can achieve in meditation where energy is flowing and you feel that absolute Cosmic Oneness with all. Whatever brings you pleasure or feelings of lightness, and whatever you would define as joy, is a pathway to that state. 

If you are working as a part of a spiritual group, you will experience a series of faster shifts in your processing. When one member of your group notices the embodiment of the Merkabah, you all will have received it, and will soon become aware of it also. The individual members may not have noticed this occurring at first, but at least one member of the group was ready for it, and as a result the entire group will get the benefit. 

A group working on Ascension has a tremendous advantage, because Fifth Dimensional Consciousness is a consciousness of “Oneness” or in other words, the group is One. Working with a group creates enormous synergistic energy, where each of you is far more powerful than you would be if you were alone. 

It also gives each member a chance to learn to relate both as individuals and from Oneness within the group. This is an essential fifth dimensional consciousness shift that everyone must make. 

As individuals and groups focus on Ascension, they should focus on beginning to recreate their lives as absolute masterpieces of joy. As they do so, they will begin to live from joy, and later, they will become Joy. As each of you does this, you will begin to shift everyone you come into contact with in your daily life, broadcasting the energy of joy to them and waking them up to that frequency. 

The Mass Ascension will occur when the majority of ascending humans on the planet are existing in this state of joy, and not until. The reason for this fact is that this planetary experience is one of free agency. In this Multi-dimensional Universe, free agency is Divine Law. 

When the majority of you are living from joy, the planetary experience will have moved into a world of Love and Oneness. When the majority of you have given up the game of polarity, because you have learned all you could, and have by your own choices moved into Joy and Oneness, the Mass Ascension will occur. 

Until that time comes, and it will, the Light Body progression will continue. The Ascension will take as long as it takes, and humanity as a collective group, in the end, decides the timing of the Great Event. Free agency cannot be tampered with, not even for the highest of purposes, not even to create the Ascension. 

The point I wish to make with this information is that the greatest way each of you can serve God, serve all mankind, serve the planet, and to serve yourselves is to create your lives as masterpieces of joy. Be ruthless in evaluating your lives, and clear everything that does not bring you joy. Let go of old emotions and old issues, for they are consuming the energy you could be feeling joy with. 

If you focus on this as the entire process, and focus on learning to live from joy as your path of initiation, you will become the adept or spiritual master you desire to be. You will assist everyone you meet, by your very presence, and you will be anchoring the energies of joy for the planet as well, to assist her in birthing a new level of manifestation for all. 

This ecstatic state of union with God is a part of the potential that is open for all. This path of Joy makes the Ascension so very simple, for all that is required is for each individual to begin focusing on, and taking full responsibility for his life. Live life as a masterpiece of JOY. 

The planetary changes that have been prophesied for these times you are living in are frightening for many. Since you have nothing to fear but fear, I will bring forth information about how the Light Body process has changed the probable future for the planet. I have described the process for you as it affects your physical self and your personal life. I will now explain how Light Body impacts the planet, for the planet is physical, and the entire basis for sustenance of your physical life. 

As you become a Being of Light, the planet also changes. The planet is becoming a Sphere of Crystal and Light. When the Light Body experiment began in 1988, the planet was shifted into third level Light Body. The planet shifted into a higher level each year after; fourth level in 1989, fifth level in 1990, and sixth level in 1991. 

The planet entered seventh level on Jan. 11, 1992 with the 11:11 Gateway, and remained there until the next Gateway opening, which was 5/5/92. This Gateway initiated the beginning of eighth level Light Body for the planetary process, and with that level of Light Body, Earth changes were most probable. Planetary Shifts have always been ushered in by a series of technologies I call Gateways. 

Gateways are energetic conduits opened from a higher dimensional universe to this one. These conduits bring through the energies necessary to pattern mass consciousness, change planetary vibrations, and to change dimensional frequencies. 

A Gateway requires the assistance of the space brothers and many beings on higher dimensional frequencies to create it and to refine the energies for the specified purpose. The purpose of a Gateway and its timing is the domain of the Light Councils, or Karmic Board, and the Ascended Masters of The Great White Brotherhood. 

These councils oversee the progress, and assist when needed. The 5/5/92 gateway purposes were to forestall probabilities around cataclysmic disasters, which were most likely as the planet began losing density. The greatest probable disaster is a Pole Shift. The 5/5/92 Gateway began the Shift between the in-breath of God and the out-breath of God, the Shift between an expanding Universe and a contracting Universe. This gateway, 5/5/92, signaled the still time between the two directions. This still time continues until 2012, when the in-breath of Lord Brahma begins. This physical Universe has been expanding, fragmenting out into individuation. When the contraction begins (in-breath of Lord Brahma) it is the merging of the fragments into Oneness. 

This Grid Shift from Eastern Hemisphere to the West (Mount Shasta) was engineered to aid those who are known as Lightworkers at this time of change, for the Grid Shift allowed the planetary frequencies to shift upward into what is known as the lower fourth dimensional frequencies. 

This brought the planetary vibration into what is known as the astral worlds. These worlds are still worlds of polarity and illusion, but they are far less physical. It makes it possible for each of you to begin opening potentials of joy for yourselves, and as you do, the disasters become less probable. 

Those who are aware and those who are learning to use spiritual power to create in the physical can use the energies from the New Grid Alignment to create their personal version of “Heaven on Earth”. 

There were many of you requesting this assistance, for many Lightworkers wanted to be able to precipitate thought into matter. 

The greatest way to release enemy patterning is to move yourself into a space where you believe there are no enemies. Move yourself into a space where there is no question about the need to protect your rights. 

Move yourself into the attitude that, yes, you have the absolute right to possess and bear arms, but where would the necessity to use those weapons ever come from? This is a world at peace! This is one of the things that will be shifting drastically, as a result of the Silent Revolution. 

With the Shifting in Energy the illusion of having enemies will become less and less real, until it no longer exists. Become clear within each of yourselves about how you interpret these violent events, and what they are mirroring for you. Become clear within yourself about how you perceive the need to have arms, and what your values are. 

Work through these issues on your own level, in your own life, until you can create a perception of an absolutely safe, stable world. For other people in your life, who have concerns and fears about these political issues, assist them by your ability to bring through energy. 

Facilitate their efforts to process their beliefs, until they can arrive at a place where they are secure and without fear, and have the attitudes that this is the time of Peace, let us welcome it. If you can do these things, it will be of great service to the Light, your assistance in shifting the Mass Consciousness on these issues. 

It is of interest that on the macro, people are willing to do away with nuclear arms, destroy them, dismantle them, make their use illegal. But on a personal level, they will cling so tightly to their own firearms. Divine law is - as the inner, so the outer. It must happen at the personal level first, then it will manifest internationally. If you truly want to outlaw nuclear arms, begin within your own lives. 

Normally, before the energy realigns itself in a balanced way, the pendulum will swing very far from side to side. The hope is that this issue is just a pendulum swing, before the attitudes balance themselves. Other movements you are seeing politically are to create reforms in the Welfare system. 

These Shifts are the result of the Gateway that opened on 6.6.94. That Gateway was one of self-empowerment. But along with self-empowerment comes the requirement of self-reliance. This Gateway brought through a new model for a Self Empowered - Female. 

The archetype of the Goddess Athena is something each lady carries within her consciousness. An activated model of this archetype of an Empowered Female was beamed through the Gateway from the ship Athena. This opened up a remedy for many social ills in the Western World, for how can you have an Ascending Planet or Species, if over one half of the population is in a “less than” position? 

Many women are treated as 'less than', earning 'less than', less opportunity, less education, relegated to welfare, relegated to poor circumstances and unequal opportunities. To change that, women must also step into their power. The energy to support the feminine is available, and has been since the reawakening of the forces of nature at the 12.21.91 Gateway. 

Each of you who are aware and empowered must focus on filling the void with joy, and shifting the forms of your lives quickly and easily. As you do this, the transitions from the old forms to the new will be traversed quickly and easily by the majority as well. For those of you who are working actively on your own Ascension, you are carrying a great burden. 

That burden is in living impeccably. You cannot create something on the level of the macro (collective) without first bringing it into the micro (personal). As above, so below - that is Divine Law. You must first create within your own life what you desire in your society, social structure, and country. There are many of you incarnate, with the Divine Mission to realign the law to more closely resemble Divine Law. 

You are here to shift the entire collective around the issues of politics, economics, government, and law. You must use and live by the principles of Divine Law in your own lives first, before you can bring them through at the mass consciousness level. Create a life without a need for defense or violence, without a need for political polarity, without the need for welfare programs, and without the need for treatment of disease. 

Create your lives as a world of peace, joy, security, and equality. The outer world will follow your lead. This world you are living in is now a fourth dimensional world - an astral world. It is still a world of polarity, but there is a difference. That polarity is just an illusion! 

There are stories from every path of initiation about “The Guardian of the Threshold,” and most often the Guardian is a terrible monster. When an initiate is developed enough to travel to the astral worlds, the first thing the initiate will encounter is the Guardian. The initiate must defeat the Guardian to make further progress on their Spiritual Path. 

This is considered a Test, and the Test must be passed, or the instruction of the Master stops. Every Esoteric tradition has its method of how to deal with the Guardian, and overcome it. The one universal truth about this test, is that the Guardian is you. That terrible demon is an astral apparition of your worst fears. 

A monster yes, but it is nothing more than an illusion. In every tradition the solution is for the initiate to release their fears and personal demons and then they will overcome the Guardian. It will just disappear. 

That is why each spiritual tradition, or path of initiation, has always had a focus on developing clarity, and personal qualities such as humility, forgiveness, and love. These qualities are the only way you can pierce the illusions of the astral worlds. As in the traditions of old, and in the Ascension Progression today, the Upper Dimensional Frequencies are not opened to the initiate until this Test has been passed. 

In an initiation, there is no failure. If the test is not passed, the lesson is merely repeated until the initiate gets it. This is the best metaphor I can give you to describe the experiences you are having in this dimensional frequency. Remember, the Guardian is just an illusion, and polarity is just an illusion. If you release those illusions and beliefs, release those fears, the Guardian disappears! 

The world you experience will recreate itself around your New Reality perceptions. The assistance of all the hosts of Heaven is available to each of you, but you must ask. We cannot violate your free agency, even to assist you. 

All the assistance you need to walk through these changes peacefully and joyfully is available to each of you. This information is given to you to assure you that all is well. My role is to shift your fears, to assure you of Divine Love, and to awaken you to potentials you may have to assist the collective. Each of you has only one responsibility in this lifetime, and that responsibility is for YOUR OWN LIFE. 

Divine law is: ‘As Above - So Below’, ‘As the Inner - So the Outer’. When you perceive difficulties, enemies, or bogey men, in the outside world around you, look to your inner life, for they will exist there as well. If you clear these perceptions from your inner life, you will find that magically, your outer life, your experience, and perceptions shift, this is Divine Law. 

You can bring about the elimination of polarity very simply by working on your own life, and that is all each of you are required to do. Go forward and create of your life an absolute masterpiece of joy. The tools are given to you, the power is given to you, and all the assistance and guidance that you could possibly need is available. 

Each of you must actually DO IT, and as you do it, you will transform your world and the larger world as well. You have nothing left to fear but fear itself - for fear is the last great evil that remains in the world. 

Work on your fear, and eliminate it from your mental body and emotional body, and as you do so you will eliminate it from your life. Fear is the only enemy left, and that enemy is only located within each of you. 

Truly, the great ones are those who are incarnate at this time of change. Your initiation is nearly complete. All that remains is for each of you to pass the tests of Joy. 

Blessings to all, for we love you, we honor you, and we only seek to serve each of you. 

Source: ttp://spiritualconnectedness.wordpress.com/2012/11/21

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Κυριακή, 27 Ιανουαρίου 2013

Meditation for Freedom from Financial and Spiritual Slavery

By anonymous on 25 January 2013


1. Relax your mind and body by watching your breath for a few minutes. 

2. Visualize a pillar of electric blue Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, going through your body to the center of the Earth. Keep this pillar of Light active for a few minutes. 

3. Then visualize all negative entities around the Earth being removed from etheric and astral planes along with all their negative spiritual technologies and magical tools and all those entities being escorted into the Light by the non-physical freedom fighters of the Light. Visualize this process taking place worldwide peacefully and smoothly. Visualize the world finally being free from spiritual slavery, free from all evil Archons, Reptilians, demons, elementals and other negative non-physical beings. Visualize the vibration of the etheric and astral planes getting lighter and brighter, until all dark beings are gone and only Light remains. 

4. Visualize members of the physical dark Cabal, such as central banking criminals Rothschilds and Rockefellers, and other members of this Cabal such as Henry Kissinger, George Bush, the Jesuits etc. peacefully surrendering and stepping down from their positions of power, releasing control over the financial system and the mass media. Visualize civil authority arresting those members of the Cabal that do not wish to surrender. Visualize this process taking place worldwide peacefully and smoothly. Visualize the world finally being free from financial slavery, free from all evil dictators and corrupt politicians. 

5. Visualize bright new future for humanity, with new and fair financial system put into place, with all debts canceled, prosperity funds for humanitarian projects released, advanced technologies introduced, ecosystem healed and human beings finally being free from all oppression. 

6. Visualize bright spiritual Golden Age with angels, fairies, dolphins, unicorns, spiritual guides and other beings of Light inhabiting etheric and astral planes. Visualize all wounds of humanity being healed, all humanity being inspired and guided with everybody having their own connection with their own Soul and the Source.

Σάββατο, 26 Ιανουαρίου 2013

Your ultimate gift would be your elevation as a Galactic Being

Message from SaLuSa for 25 January 2013 

We salute those of you who have continued to wear the mantle of Love and Light, and are making a path into the New Age. The goals you are aiming for are nearer than ever, and your persistence in helping them manifest will soon bring results. With the dark Ones in retreat and unable to muster sufficient support to continue as before, our allies are making much quicker progress. Many actions are coming to a head, and we hope to arrange for some really positive signs to convince you. We refrain from giving precise details as so many factors are involved, but we try to give you some indication of what is happening. Currently all matters are proceeding satisfactorily and now less likely to be changed due to any outside interference. The foundation for the changes was laid down a long time ago, and about to yield results. 

Disclosure is forging ahead from many sources, and knowledge and understanding of our presence is spreading far and wide. More people with firsthand experience are coming forward, which gives confidence to others to come out with what they know. It is all building up to the time when an official announcement can be made, that will allow us to show ourselves. Be assured, we will do it in a gentle way that will not overwhelm those who have still not accepted us. Our principal aim is to enlighten people as to our role in your evolution, and how we have followed your progress over thousands of years. We know how important it is to calm those who fear our presence, and we re-iterate what we have often pointed out, that at no time have our actions been threatening to you. We are not to be confused with the Greys, who work with your black operations, or your military’s own secret craft. 

Over a period of many years, attempts have been made to blacken our name, but we have prevented such events from happening. We foiled a recent “false flag” attack from outer space that was to depict us as invaders of your Earth. We will not allow Space to be violated by you, and many attempts to explode nuclear devices in it have been stopped. Although we have not been allowed to stop all wars, we have put a stop to nuclear devices being used to start a Third World War. We have stopped the total destruction of Earth on a number of occasions since the end of your last World War, and have succeeded in ensuring that you are all here today to witness the end of the last cabal. We have also ensured that although there have been attempts to prevent you reaching Ascension, you have arrived in the New Age. We shall continue to protect you, but our desire is to work with you as soon as possible and get the changes fully under way. 

It is pleasing to see how quickly you have set aside your disappointment at the nature of Ascension as experienced on the 21st December. After such a long period working towards it, it is natural that you expected it to lift you up considerably more than it did. Yet, you have been lifted into a higher vibrational level as some of you are now realizing. The most noticeable change has been in a greater degree of control and calmness, and an ability to express a level of Unconditional Love that you may not have felt previously. The overall affect is of feeling at One with All That Is and the realization that you are all connected. Have you not been often told that what you do to one, you do to all, as you are inextricably joined to each other through the energy of God. Let us say that you are all joined in immutable Love, and now that you have opened up yourselves to the higher forces you are recognizing the God within. 

We do not want to make light of your disappointment from what you have experienced, but ask yourselves what is of the most importance right now. We hope you will say helping to manifest the New Age and bringing the Golden Age into being. It all exists in the higher realms and the more you become of the Light, the quicker you will bring it down through the Law of Attraction. It is much like your City of Light that awaits the final refinements before it appears, and that it is not far away as you reckon time. What is now in the past cannot be changed, but bear in mind all happens in a particular way because you will it to be so. 

Of course, the Lightworkers put in an immense amount of effort to bring out the highest expression of Ascension. Instead of receiving criticism, they should be thanked for their tireless efforts over many years to bring the Light and Love to Earth. They are wholly committed to their life contracts, and that does not come without much sacrifice on their part. They do not seek recognition for their dedication, but sometimes it is nice to be acknowledged for the work they put in. By now, all of you have some idea as to what your place is in the New Age, and what is expected of you. At the very least, project your Love and Light at every opportunity and you will be doing as much as can be expected of anyone. You do not all have to be in a major role, as you are part of the team and believe us that every contribution counts, as far as the outcome is concerned. 

This year is going to be exciting, so walk your talk and spread your confidence in the future everywhere you go. Many people are still weighed down by the actions of the dark Ones, and desperately need uplifting. The quickest way out of it is to turn your back on it, and engage yourself and your energies in all that connects to the vision you hold of the future. You are so privileged to be on Earth at this time, and you knew all along what the outcome would be. You knew it was to be your civilizations coming of age, and that your ultimate gift would be your elevation as a Galactic Being. However, do not expect it all at once, as it depends on your progress, which you make at your own pace. There is no deadline and there is no pressure on anyone to go faster than what they feel comfortable with, so do not feel that you are lagging behind. 

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and tell you on behalf of the Galactic Federation of Light, that we are as close to you as we can get for the time being. Our allies are growing in confidence and we really do expect some notable progress very shortly. Our Love goes out to you as always, and to everyone without exception. 

Thank you SaLuSa. 

Mike Quinsey.