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You can stop the aging process by telling your Innate you do not have to die

A Message from Mike Quinsey for 22 December 2017 

I thought it would be nice to finish up the year with a message of my own. I feel it is vitally important that a soul who knows it is well on the path to becoming ready for Ascension, should be aware of some of the changes that are now in place, or are expected in the near future. 

After 21.12.2012 most people felt let down by an apparent non-event when something big was well publicized to happen, that brought about high expectations of a likely Earth shattering event. To my knowledge most people expected to either feel, or become aware of some notable change, but were disappointed not to at least feel that something had actually taken place. What they didn’t know was that they were at the crossroads, and depending on whether the Light vibrations were strong enough would determine whether or not Humanity was destined or not to stay on their existing path. If they were it was one where they were likely to be doomed to annihilation and even the destruction of Earth. However much against expectations, there was the ½ of 1% that was needed for there to be peace on Earth, and it was achieved by the people themselves. Projections of the future indicated that the alternative path of higher vibrations would lead directly to Ascension, and the same new energy has seeded the Middle East for peace amongst its people. So well done to those of you who have been steadfast and determined to successfully raise your vibrations, and have been able to do so. 

The question that immediately arises is why the various sources of Light did not explain exactly what was important about the end of the cycle, and was likely to happen. Although some sources expected Armageddon in accordance with the old prophecies, others felt some form of upliftment would take place and even Ascension occur. The answer would seem to be that we alone had to create our own path, without any influence or help from outside sources. It means that with little guidance but not direct help, Humanity achieved at its fifth attempt what it had failed to do in its earlier Solar Cycles. Now that we have crossed the 2012 marker we must create our path without any attachment whatsoever to the old energies that are no longer relevant. We have entered an entirely new period that will carry the Beings of Light onward and forward to eventual completion as Galactic Beings. 

Through Kryon of the Magnetic Service, we have since learned that the new cycle has no links with the old energies and that we should leave them behind, and fully concentrate on using the new energies to create our path to Ascension. The expectations from various sources suggest that there is a spread of 8 to 16 years for it to happen, so in any event it will take place in most of our lifetimes. Bear in mind that there is a lot to be done to prepare Mankind for Ascension. A Star Akash was brought to this system, and the new template looks for God and for peace. You will become the new Humans of this planet. Many inventions are waiting to be released that will totally change your way of life, and the planet is fast tracking to clean itself up. Clean seas, no pollution either on or off land, abundance in nature, being self-sufficient, most likely free energy, and the enjoyment of being able to travel freely anywhere in the world. Whenever the changes begin to take place they are clearly not far away, and with the speeding up of time they will seem to arrive and pass very quickly. 

Some souls ask how they would know if they are ready to take the path to Ascension and be successful. It is of course in their own hands and having come this far there is no reason why they should not be able to go all the way. It is a matter of keeping focused upon your goal, and not being side tracked by any other happenings. A simple answer that has been mentioned in earlier messages is to live your life, as one who has found the ability to treat all life forms with Universal Love. It is probably something that is difficult to live up to, but as in all things you can only try your best at all times and in doing so you are almost assured of being successful. Bear in mind that once having committed yourself to following the path all the way through to Ascension, you alert your Guides who are then able to assist and help you on your path. Be assured that many wish you to be successful and no one wants you to fail, and with determination you are guaranteed to succeed. 

It is obvious that you still have quite a long way to go, but as the vibrations lift up, the negative vibrations are losing their power to influence you and distract you from your path. Eventually, the vibrations will be so high they will have no power at all to interfere with your progress. In fact, they will have been unable to continue staying in them and will find themselves on a different time line suited to their level of activity. So it is just a matter of time before some major changes take place that will benefit all those of the Light and Love. 

Innate (higher level of accumulative consciousness) is a part of the human consciousness, an invisible force responsible for your Smart Body Innate and keeps you alive. It communicates all of the time and knows what you want to do. It is truly esoteric central control and communicates all of the time. It is the prime directive to allow an awakening to take place, for spiritual survival and spiritual awareness. Innate is smart and intelligent and controls information in your stem cells. No one organ is responsible for Innate, it is body wise. It responds to Acupuncture. In future, you will most likely learn more about the importance of Innate, it is normally programmed for Spiritual Self and survival and has to be de-programmed where death is concerned. Your system requires “death” – short lifetimes, but you have now passed the marker and it is time for you to re-calibrate your Innate. You can stop the aging process by telling your Innate you do not have to die. So, de-program the instruction set for Innate, and talk to it as you would a friend at regular times. Innate will do what you tell it, if it sees that it is with spiritual logic. Innate knows all about your past lives. You will have to re-program Innate now that the old paradigm has finished, so drop your karma. There is no reason now why you should not go all the way to Ascension without the need for re-birth. Innate is in control of your biology and knows all about your past lives. It is the governor of what you need, and is connected to the Higher Self and also the Akashic Records. 

Much of what I have quoted is from Kryon’s messages, and I am most appreciative of the opportunity to pass this information on to you. You can certainly gain more information on these subjects from the many video messages on the Internet, and I can list some of them for your information if you require it. 

I wish you all a great New Year and much happiness, and special thanks to our great team of Light workers who tirelessly circulate the messages. 

In Love and Light. 

Mike Quinsey. 

My next message will be on the 5th January 2018. 

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Monumental changes are to unfold over the coming weeks

Sheldan Nidle΄s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy 19 December 2017 

Selamat Balik! Welcome. After considerable delay we return to give you a brief review of what is taking place around your world during this sacred time of the year. At times it is difficult to fully grasp what is manifesting on your planet. We wish to take a moment to review what has transpired for us at the Galactic Federation. We finally have been invited by your Earth allies to play a more active part in rolling out your promised prosperity. Therefore, let us use this time to gather ourselves and prepare for the monumental changes that are to unfold over the coming weeks. Your Earth Allies wait in readiness to utilize our strategies that will eliminate the cabal's persistent intrusions. 

Constant interferences by the cabals and their numerous associates often make creating policy most difficult. Despite these challenges, the Light must inevitably achieve those victories that you so richly deserve. Light workers are destined to use their guile (intuitive wisdom) to bring about such results. By creating a constant balance between the Light and the dark, we mean to attain eventual success. 

Your absolute victory is paramount. The demise of the cabal is crucial before you are able to move ahead and create a new and pristine galactic reality. Therefore, we are employing strategy and caution as we advise your Earth Allies on how to defeat the cabal in divine time. It is imperative for you to understand that the demise of the cabal is further along than most of you believe. Our plan has been to advance at a slow and steady pace. We are determined to achieve victory for all at the right divine time. 

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Today we would like to talk about being gentle with yourselves and the use of Mercy. Mercy is a quality of love that comes from the very heart of you and our Creator. Use this to better discern how you as a person perceive the world and its many complexities. Within it the heart carries an inner desire that expresses who you are as an individual. It also expresses how the world reacts to you. Remember at all times, dear heart, how necessary it is for you to learn to distance yourself from this world. This world often reacts inadvertently to how you view world events. It is essential to treat yourself with gentleness, as you wake up to the powerful Beings you are. Connect with your heart, for this is where your power resides. As you do, you will begin to see how you can transform your heart and change your view of this world. 

Mercy, likewise, is a function of the heart. But the reason for it is different. Surround yourselves with the Love of our Creator. Supreme Creator has no axe to grind. There is not a 'one-size-fits-all' formula for expressing your inner Love. Mercy, along with heart energy, and grace, can come together to help you gain a better understanding not only of yourself, but of how your community sees the world at large. We have noticed that, when you allow your own abilities to interact with our abilities, you embrace more of who you really are. We are here to assist in your awakening. You are here to master physicality. The heart is about pure love. Love makes you who you really are. Learn how this world views grace and mercy. 

It has been said that, by working together in this world, we can discover how to make use of the qualities of gentleness and mercy to help each other. Those who understand these qualities maintain that as you grow in Love for one another, you learn to better understand the importance of gentleness and Mercy. 

It is vital in today's world to understand how these two qualities interrelate. For many of us, Mercy has become a double-edged sword. It helps to conceptualize when Mercy can assist others, and when it can help in resolving the ways of the world. One of the masters' chief jobs is to explain to others the role of Mercy in the betterment of humanity. Many pray for Mercy to embellish their condition in this world. Others are concerned with how their prayers can enhance our realm. Mercy is a tool we can use to actualize a more tolerable world. 

There exists in this world a prime example of the use of Mercy. Long ago a child came to us, deeply concerned about the nature and condition of his life and all that went with it. He asked how he could create a better condition for his life. He asked that his prayers be granted. He received this answer: take what you know and consider it from the perspective of how to better all of humanity, not just yourself. Humankind invites trouble by ignoring the ways of Heart and Spirit. To lead a successful, happy life, study Universal Laws and apply them to your life. In doing so, you will be in the Creator's flow. 

Today, we continued our messages with you. We ask you to keep patience and hope truly glowing within you! Accept the fact that a great time of miracles is about to reach a crescendo! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!) 

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Peace in the world starts with peace within

Message from Matthew Ward via Suzanne Ward for 16 December 2017 

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Each year during your season of holy days, the boundless goodness in your world is reflected in the sharing by those who have, with those who have not. Generosity, caring and compassion impart light in abundance, and in these days at hand Earth is aglow as never before. 

In previous messages we have said that your year 2017 ends the decade of delay in Earth’s peoples advancing spiritually and consciously because some souls reneged on their agreement to join the light forces after creating the circumstances that let masses of souls experience chosen karma. Now we shall put that into the context of what has happened to date and what is forthcoming. 

Very few individuals were enlightened when Earth still was mired in deep third density only 80-some years ago. The profusion of light from other civilizations that enabled the planet to begin ascending was available to all of her residents, and volunteers came from their homelands to generate light as members of the society. Persons who responded by awakening started radiating their own light, and the increasing amount on the planet kept stirring others to open their hearts and minds. And so it was that throughout the decades the numbers of enlightened souls slowly, steadily grew. Henceforth, the numbers will swiftly increase until the light swells into a “love revolution” that encircles the globe and Earth’s Golden Age can begin to bloom in glorious fullness. 

A recent email evoked the thought that other lightworkers also may be pondering this: “I truly want to be a good Lightworker, but I can’t send love or light to people who brutally treat other people and animals. Please don’t tell me, ‘They’re the ones in our universal family who need it most.’ I know that. I don’t know how to separate who they ARE from what they DO. Is love in a metaphysical or spiritual sense different from the love that is natural to feel for family and friends?” In a sense it can be, but love, which is attributed to spirit, and light, which is attributed to science, are one and the same energy, so there is no actual difference. 

However, while energy cannot be divided into “light” and “love” compartments, it can be expressed both ways and experienced both ways. Most simply stated, light is experienced as visual illumination and love is experienced as the feelings of persons who are dear to each other, but other facets enter into this. Energy is cosmic consciousness that continuously is drawing in what every soul in existence does. Energy is neutral; each streamer is given direction by the intention attached in thoughts and feelings—when the intention is visual illumination, your sense of vision perceives light provided by Sol or electrical lighting fixtures; when the intention is love, that sensation is provided and actions based in love follow naturally. The universal law of attraction brings back more of whatever intention is sent forth in energy streamers. And, love is light within radiating its god-self, the pure love-light essence of Creator, and the amount radiated is in accordance with the amount of light within the soul. 

The dark ones became lost in internal darkness; they are devoid of light within except the spark that is their life force. The intentions attached to their thoughts and feelings come from that deep void, and the darkness they send forth keeps coming back to them. Only light can fill the void and engender actions created in love. It is on behalf of all life on Earth that we have urged you to send love-light to those individuals—by transmuting the low vibrations of darkness into love’s high vibrations, darkness is done away. 

Shortly after my mother and I started conversing, she told me she couldn’t separate her thoughts about people who caused terrible suffering from her feelings about them. We hope that what I told her will be helpful to the reader and others who may feel the same. 

Mother, you would turn on a flashlight to guide someone out of the darkness of uncertainty and anxiety onto a path where they are confident and secure, wouldn’t you? Those souls have lost their way and are fearful and foundering. Do not think of them as their deeds, but rather what you want for the world! Think of kindness, helpfulness and justness and sharing, think about the world’s people living in harmony, peacefulness and love and send those thoughts to those souls in darkness. 

Dear family, never underestimate your power to “light up the world”! 

“I heard that beneath his kindly demeanor, Pope Francis is an evil man who works for the Illuminati and sides with neo-Nazis. I’m not a Catholic, but it’s hard for me to believe that could be true.” It is not true. This is what is true: Pope Francis has encountered relentless opposition from the Illuminati, because he is doing his best to oust or demote cardinals who are high in their ranks; end sacrificial rituals—the Vatican is the international headquarters of Satanism; make the Vatican’s immorally amassed monetary fortunes available to uplift the lives of the impoverished; end centuries-old dogma devised to control the masses; and he exemplifies the spiritual aspects of the religion—love, compassion, empathy, humility and forgiveness. All of that is completely contrary to Illuminati interests and intentions. Pope Francis’ only connection with anything Nazi is his desire to return to the rightful owners the art treasures stolen by WWII Nazis and hidden in the Vatican. 

“I never heard of parallel and possible worlds before Matthew mentioned them in a message. What are they and do they have any importance?” Although we were speaking about those worlds with reference to Earth, how you create your personal worlds is the same principle and very likely of greater interest because they do have importance. You initiate a parallel world each time you reach a significant fork in the road, so to say—perhaps what vocation to pursue, whether to attend college or apply your aptitude for a specific endeavor, what kind of company to work for, whom to marry, how much of earnings to save, where to relocate. 

Let us say that you have received two good job offers. As you think about what each job entails and contemplate which is more likely to lead to the future you want, you put forth considerable energy into both. Energy cannot be destroyed, and that which you put into the “fork not taken” continues a course that is logical for what had transpired prior to your decision. The course is given further direction and momentum by the energy of your subsequent thoughts and feelings such as I’m sure I made the right choice by not taking that other job. Or, if I had accepted that other job, I’d be working overseas and could travel and learn more about the world. Or, I wonder if that other job would have been as stressful as this one. All of the energy you put into “that other job” before and after your decision creates a parallel world in keeping with the energy you generate, and it is the same with all other “forks” you encounter. 

None of your parallel worlds becomes part of your lifeprint in the Akashic records, but none of the energy in those numerous worlds that are unknown to you consciously is wasted. It is recorded in a separate system where it can be used beneficially in this lifetime as subconscious helpers with your chosen karmic lessons. Applicable aspects of your parallel worlds can serve equally as well as could a “future” physical lifetime wherein you choose to work on mastering those lessons. And there can be no confusion as to where the assistance goes. Each soul’s unique registration in the frequency airwaves of the universal mass consciousness is permanently attached to the soul’s Akashic records and to its parallel worlds’ recording system, and from the latter, energy streamers flow flawlessly to the soul wherever it is experiencing a physical lifetime. 

There are two major differences in parallel and possible worlds. First, possible worlds are completely within your conscious awareness and can lead to probable worlds and on to a certainty. Let us use as an example that you think about going on a trip. As you give this more attention—where to go, when, and how to budget the expense—the world of possibility becomes probability and so it remains unless it reaches certainty, your departure. Second, energy streamers in parallel worlds are much stronger than those in possible worlds. When an idea about a trip goes no further than a few passing thoughts, those form a weak streamer that wafts around until it meshes with a pool of energy awaiting attachments to give it direction. 

“Will the human-looking ETs you said are ‘special forces’ keep that appearance after they identify themselves or will they shift into their ‘real’ bodies?” It would be difficult for most people to believe individuals are from other civilizations just because they say they are, so it is likely that they would introduce themselves in their recognizable form, then shift into their native homeland bodies so the change could be witnessed. Afterwards, we think they would do whatever is most comfortable for everyone working with them. We add that part of evolving consciously and spiritually is accepting differences in peoples’ physical appearances as naturally as those differences in flowers and animals. 

You may discover that you and some of the visiting extraterrestrials have the same ancestry. A member of one of the many civilizations that are helping Earth spoke about familial relationships in her presentation. Mother, please copy that part of what Agnes said. 

My civilization was partly responsible for the populating of Earth in its earliest seedings. We always have held most dear not only the humans living within this atmosphere, but that paradise of a homeland selected for your breeding and experiencing. It was intended that someday we would reunite with you in all glory and recognition, but there has been no attempt on your part to encourage such a reunion. This is from fear and loss of memory, and it does not change our relationship, it does not lessen our love and brotherhood. So, that tells you most clearly why we are here at this time of severe changes…

Our purpose is to reunite with those souls who came from our own beginnings. All souls here are precious in God's regard, so we do not denigrate one soul and uplift another arbitrarily. It is as if a family on Earth called in the cousins and aunts and uncles, so all are under the grandparents' roof for reunion. It is a natural selection, is it not, and you do not feel it is necessary to invite all who may pass by the roadway beyond? So it is with our mission and purpose. Yes, of God, in all ways and always. [Those excerpts from the chapter “Agnes,” which I received in 1994, are in Revelations for a New Era.] 

Thank you, Mother. Beloved sisters and brothers, we are with you in unconditional love and joyous spirit during your celebratory season of religious services, uplifting music and festivities with family and friends. Greet your New Year with gratitude for blessings in your life, excitement about benevolent happenings on the near horizon, and peaceful feelings—peace in the world starts with peace within. 


Suzanne Ward 

Website: The Matthew Books 

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We can, if we wish, travel to any time period

Mike Quinsey Channeling his Higher Self for 15 December 2017 

It seems that time is still speeding up, as the final days of 2017 draw near. As predicted, the seasons are gradually running into each other, but in the long run things will level out and certain to be to your liking. Meantime, things can get challenging and the animal world is being affected, but it is in no real danger as they can move to new areas. Their food supplies are a different matter, and where they are being depleted it can force them to find alternative sources. Humankind is able to cope with change, but on top of differences between nations that have yet to be settled, there are problems that will take some time to bring to a conclusion. Understand that in the main you are responsible for the conditions that have led to some of the difficulties. Man does not realize the extent to which his actions affect everything. Anything that is creating and is of the negative energies invariably creates fear and it is liable to pull the higher vibrations down. 

However, slowly but surely those who generate so much negativity are losing their power as more and more people are turning to the Light. In one sense, the battle has already been won and the dark Ones will continue to become isolated. However, it takes time to re-establish a society based upon love, but it is beginning to happen all over the world, and the Light is quickly growing. The idea of starting wars for whatever reason is beginning to be unacceptable, and Humanity will have much to say in opposition to it, notwithstanding the fact that the higher powers have stated that they will not allow another nuclear war on Earth. Also those who seek world peace are becoming more than a minority and their powerful voice is being heard. As a result the diehard warmongers and the Arms Industry are worried, as their lucrative business and profit from war is under threat. Their days are numbered, as any potential war will be prevented, and greater powers than ours will ensure it is so. 

For whatever reason you might celebrate at the end of this month, it is also the end of the year and the coming of the New Year that is celebrated worldwide. Humanity is uplifted, and many religions are part of the solemn services in anticipation and remembrance of the occasion. The Light that is given out has a great healing effect and in this New Age it will anchor itself upon Earth. The vibrations are also lifted up by those of you who have a tradition of making New Year resolutions, and there is much to be gained as a result of the world celebrations. There is always a reason to thank those Beings who reside in the higher dimensions, as they follow your progress and guide Humanity, because they know of the plan for your future upliftment. There are also even greater Beings who have an understanding of your coming evolution as Galactic Beings, and oversee your development. As time passes, their presence will be even more important, as they have a greater part to play in your evolution. 

Like the Human Race, Mother Earth is also looking forward to the upliftment of the vibrations, and having the opportunity to cleanse the planet of that which has spoilt it in very many ways. She does in any event periodically cleanse the oceans, which would otherwise become stagnant, and this will allow all natural sea life to return to normal. In the future, Man will respect all life forms, and do his part to enhance it and help maintain the areas such as the coral reefs that support so much sea life. Man will begin to understand his responsibilities to respect and live in harmony with all life, whether on land or at sea. Your Earth is one of the most beautiful planets in the Cosmos and was seeded to be a jewel in the firmament. It will reclaim its glory and beauty and Man will repay Mother Earth by helping to restore that which has been destroyed. As the vibrations increase, you shall gradually see the benefit from using natural resources, and will again see the Earth as the Garden of Eden in all its splendor and beauty. Because of the rising vibrations, you will begin to find that your thoughts carry more power than previously, and you will realize that you must keep them pure and positive. 

There is so much in store for you and we tell you some of it to lift you up, as the previous cycle was filled with negativity and the prospect of world peace seemed out of your reach. With the coming of the New Age it has all changed and you can now create your own future and enjoy complete peace. However, to do so, you will need to ignore what is going on around you, as much still relates to the last cycle and cannot remain much longer in the present. The problem remains as long as some people cling on to the old ways, but given time, they will realize that it is futile to do so. The sooner they settle down to bringing in the many beneficial changes, the sooner they will enjoy them. The good news is that even so, you have to create your own pathway forward, and you are still guided so that no time is lost in creating a new society. We have mentioned previously that there is a separating of the ways, and that is possible because there is more than one Earth. The separation comes because with Ascension another time line is created. 

Some may ask, why is there so much information given, when the actual events are some way off. It is simply because you should have already been more advanced in readiness for Ascension, but since a new cycle has been created, you need to know, so that you can start preparing yourself for that time. What you do now will in the long run affect your future, and you need to know what lies ahead, so that you can plan for it. You are entitled to enjoy your success after having gone through many Ages without achieving it, and where you have worked very much alone, help will be given at every step. You have been told before that in the latter period prior to Ascension, it will be an ideal time for you to be introduced to your Galactic friends, who are eager to meet you. Hitherto, they have had to keep a low profile, so as not to influence you, as you must yourselves make the decisions that determine how your evolution takes place. It does not however stop you from asking for help when you need it. 

We do not relate to time as you do, as all is in the now, and in our “evolved body” we can, if we wish, travel to any time period, it means that time as such becomes irrelevant and of no consequence. We can also enter the future time line and see the potential for that period. So, it is somewhat difficult for us to relate to time as you do, and why in general we are reluctant to give out dates in the anticipation of an important event. However, we do our best, but it is as well to remember that time is very fluid, and it is always subject to change depending on the power of the thought coming from you. So, start to become aware of what you are wishing for and that it is not negative, as it may rebound on you. 

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self. 

In Love and Light. 

Mike Quinsey. 

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Δευτέρα, 11 Δεκεμβρίου 2017

As creators your abilities are limitless

Message from Jesus via John Smallman for 28 November 2017 

As humanity’s awakening process continues to accelerate, know that it is unstoppable. The collective has made the choice and the decision to awaken, and that intent goes on intensifying. There are signs of your awakening everywhere, however, at the same time, much is arising that is not in complete alignment with Love, and it is arising only to be seen, recognized, and released. Your own daily individual visits to your holy inner sanctuary to open your hearts ever more fully to the Love residing there greatly assist in that intensification, and are an essential aspect of it. 

When you go within to commune with Love, by opening your hearts to It, you are most effectively assisting in the awakening process, which is why you are incarnate as a human at this point in the evolutionary cycle. The awakening process started the moment that you chose to experience separation and was completed in that same now moment, because God, Source, Love did not want you to suffer for even a moment. Nevertheless, you chose to play your games in the illusion, where time is a major characteristic, and they appear to you to have been ongoing for eons. – The “eternal now moment” and “time,” what a paradox they present you with! 

To awaken is to release yourselves from the illusion by letting go of your hold on all that is not in perfect alignment with Love – by putting all the pieces and the board on which you are playing back into the box and discarding it because it no longer serves you. The game of separation is all about resisting Love and proving to yourselves that you do not need It by destroying It, but of course you cannot destroy the indestructible. So, it remains a game, a painful one admittedly, an unreal state into which you introduced judgment, blame, bitterness, hatred, conflict, and, of course, fear, the underlying aspect of all the states that are in opposition to Love. 

Because Love is gentle as well as infinitely powerful, It just is, and all that is not in alignment with It will just dissolve into Its warm embrace and become One with It. There is ONLY LOVE! There is no beyond, outside, or elsewhere. Therefore, the game of separation will come to an end, as will time, and then the peace, joy, and utter contentment that is your natural state will fill your awareness, and your creative potential will blossom in ways that you cannot possibly imagine. 

God is Love, and Love is ALL. As children of God, you are infinitely creative, because He gave you all His skills and abilities at the moment of your creation, and consequently you too are creators. As creators your abilities are limitless, but as humans, playing the game of separation, you find yourselves severely limited, because that is the nature of separation. 

But separation is unreal, a game in which you have discarded the skills and abilities with which you were endowed at the moment of creation as One with God. Consequently, because you are attempting to live alone, separated from your Source, you experience yourselves as small and insignificant beings in a threatening and unsafe environment. There you need to work hard to access the means of survival, and however hard you work it never seems to provide you with the essentials that you deem necessary, and so life is a constant struggle. 

This need not be so, because within you Love resides. You are Its eternal Home, as It is Yours. When you open your hearts to It and allow It to flow freely and continuously, your suffering will ease. Yes, you may still be in pain, but the warm flow of Love that you are allowing in will lead you to acceptance of whatever arises, to awareness that you are where you chose to be, experiencing what you chose to experience, and in that awareness the suffering will become less intense. 

Suffering arises whenever you focus on judging and apportioning blame on those whom you perceive as having hurt or offended you. When you can allow yourselves to know that those who have done so are themselves suffering intensely, you can then allow compassion for them to arise within you, and that will ease your own suffering. 

To do that is demonstrating Love in action, even when you do it privately and silently. Love in action heals, comforts, and uplifts, and It is always within you awaiting your acceptance and acknowledgment of It. It is your Home, your place of rest, a place within to which you can retreat and receive the strength and courage you seek to continue following your human life path knowing that it will bring you to your moment of awakening, while also helping others to move toward theirs. 

There is only Love, and all of humanity is moving positively and powerfully toward remembering this and knowing that in truth It is their nature. You block It from your awareness by holding onto grudges, resentments, judgments, self-righteousness, and bitterness at others, and at life’s unfairness. When you choose to let go of and discard those apparently justified feelings, Love can and will fill your hearts, bringing you peace and contentment even in situations that previously terrified or infuriated you. Love is always the answer to every problem, issue, and painful situation. Love neither attacks nor defends Itself, because there is nothing that threatens It, because there is nothing apart from It. It is Mother/Father/God, Source, All That Is, and so are You, even though you as little human, that does not appear to be the case. 

Go within daily, open your hearts to the Love residing there, feel Its warm acceptance of you, just as you are with all your apparent faults and inadequacies, and know that you are eternally safe at Home in the Presence of the One. You have just temporarily forgotten that divine and unchanging truth. 

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Κυριακή, 10 Δεκεμβρίου 2017

You have passed the marker and stepped onto a new path in a new cycle

Mike Quinsey Channeling his Higher Self for 8 December 2017 

A year that always promised to be one of much activity has not been disappointing, and the uncertainty of worldwide politics is still in a state of change. Behind those that are coming, are the slow but certain moves towards establishing Governments that not only truly represent the people’s interests but put them first. So, more changes are to come and will show a distinct move towards open and honest representation. Governments were intended to be of the people, and for the people and in the not too distant future it will be so. Obviously, those beholden by the old ways cling onto power at all costs; their attempts to avoid change will be to no avail. In the present New Age there is no place for the old ways, and those who will lead the way are ready to take up positions that will enable great progress, leading to a fair society where all are treated equally and given the same opportunities to progress. 

Many will see these changes in their lifetimes, and certainly witness the first moves that indicate the beginning of them leading to a new society based on the love of all people. All are equal in the eyes of the Creator and loved regardless of whatever level they are at, as all happens for their experience and evolution of the soul. Remember that all souls are experiencing according to their needs, and should not be judged on the basis of their present incarnation. Even those that indulge in the negative side of life are learning important lessons, and should be helped to overcome their lack of spirituality. Such knowledge comes to all at an appropriate time when they are ready for it, and can then apply it to their everyday living. 

At present, because you are now well into the New Age, unlimited opportunities exist for rapid development. Those who can keep an open mind without any pre-conceptions that are based on previous teachings and will be able to accept the latest ones that can be largely intuitive. Never lose sight of the fact that the old teachings were for a different era, and having served their purpose it is time to move on to a greater understanding. There will be those that try to adapt the new teachings to the old way of interpretation, and that may satisfy those who have yet to move on, but the true message is likely to be lost because of it. In some senses, time is short because Ascension is soon coming, and you will need to have lifted up your vibrations to keep up with the information coming through. Individually, you should be able to judge your progress, and try not to worry about how well you are doing. You can be assured that if you maintain your desire to ascend and apply the teachings to your everyday life, you will succeed. 

The future is going to be so bright and exciting, as life will be enjoyed without any of the problems that you experience now. The vibrations are lifting up and little by little most welcome changes are taking place. With the chaos that is still taking place on Earth we know it is difficult to comprehend how and where the changes are coming from, yet they are already taking shape. There are major changes ahead and they clearly cannot come about overnight, and the first ones remain very much the same although they are adapted where necessary in view of the shifting times you are in. A new governance of the United States will set a great example that the rest of the world will follow, and with it will be resolutions that will bring the attributes of the New Age into being. The Nations of the world will follow, as they clearly do not wish to be left behind, and all round the quality of life will rise. It cannot be achieved overnight, but the intent is clear and much help will come from other quarters. 

Dear Ones, you have battled your way through many lives, had your moments of complete bliss, but also the most trying times and disappointments, but it has made you stronger and through your dedication you have risen above the lower vibrations and into the Light. There is absolutely no reason why you should not remain at the higher level, and as long as you keep your focus upon your goal, you will undoubtedly be successful and ascend. So, do not be distracted by what is going on around you, as you are within striking distance of the finishing line. The peace and love that you have always sought is almost yours and when one day you look back, you will agree that the effort you put in has been more than worth it. See beyond the everyday happenings and know that so many souls on both sides of the veil are supporting you. 

Ascension is by no means the end of your evolutionary journey. In fact, it will be the beginning of the emergence of your real Self, the Higher Self that is far removed from what you are now. You are presently, so to say, at the bottom of the ladder with your feet on the first rung with a whole vista of new experiences ahead of you. By then, you will be well prepared for your next round of experiences, and will have a major role in deciding what they shall be. Beautiful Mother Earth has nurtured you and guided you through the most testing periods, that have often caused you to drop your vibrations, but each time you have fought back and continued your evolution. 

As you should now be aware, you have passed the marker and stepped onto a new path in a new cycle. Virtually all things of the old vibrations are no longer necessary for you to carry forward, and you have the opportunity to mark out a new path without carrying the baggage previously accumulated. You have a grand opportunity to decide your next adventures, whilst keeping in mind that your experiences are for your greater evolution. Your experiences will be quite unlike your previous ones, as the negative energies will be unable to interfere with your progress. You have gone through the testing times of Duality and been successful, and now it is your time to enjoy the fruits of your efforts and experiences. 

Some feel it is strange that your presence in the Universe has not attracted more attention, especially as the Human Race has conquered space travel and already gone beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. The reason is mainly because if you were not isolated from curious Space Travelers, it could most likely have interfered with your evolution and held you back. Some certainly have a presence on Earth that goes back thousands of years, but they learnt to keep out of the way. Their Space Craft have often been seen around the Earth, but little or no contact has been made with you. Those Space Beings that are historically linked with you such as the Pleiadians, have periodically shown themselves but prefer to keep in the background. Naturally, they will be contacting people of the Earth when it is appropriate, as their role is much like that of parents to their children. It will not be too long before circumstances have changed, and visitors of Light and Love will be welcome to come to Earth. 

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self. 

In Love and Light. 

Mike Quinsey. 

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Τετάρτη, 6 Δεκεμβρίου 2017

The present uplifting energies are pulling away and leaving the lower energies behind

Mike Quinsey Channeling his Higher Self for 1 December 2017 

Dear Ones the future lies in your hands, as having been able to move beyond 2012 into the New Cycle, you are now creating a path to Ascension. At present, it would seem that chaos rules, yet even now the number of trouble hotspots is becoming less. The present uplifting energies are pulling away and leaving the lower energies behind, and soon there will come a time when the dark Ones have little of the energies left to feed off. Be assured that there are already less and it will result in the break-up of their ability to influence events on Earth. 

Those of the Light continue with their good work and sense that changes are coming. It gives them even more confidence and courage to push ahead with their plans, to clear the Earth of those that have no love or consideration for other souls who desire to lift up their vibrations. However, they will be unable to stop such progress that is ordained to carry souls all the way to Ascension. Already the higher vibrations are spreading the Light, resulting in the cleansing of areas that are lacking in it and allowing it to return. You will see a slow return of those who work for the Light, who have had to stop because of the constant conflict with the dark Ones. Things are changing and with the new energies coming to Earth, the upliftment is gathering pace. Be assured that as Lightworkers the more you spread the Light, the more you attract to yourselves. 

By now, most of you will have become aware that you have a Higher Self that knows more about you than you do. Unawakened souls have little or no knowledge about the work of the Higher Self, let alone understand its relationship to them. Yet, it keeps you as far as possible to your to life plan as agreed by you prior to your incarnation. There are other intelligent energies that also help keep you on your agreed path such as your DNA, and also Innate that you are just beginning to learn about. The changes in this respect are due to you having passed the 2012 marker, and now you have stepped upon a different path, and a new cycle that positively leads to Ascension. In this respect, all souls have been given the same opportunities to be successful, and as soon as they “announce” their intentions to do whatever is necessary to go the whole way, help is always given and no soul has to overcome the challenges alone. 

The path is clearly mapped out and you would do well to totally focus on your goal, whilst ignoring the activities around you that are often resulting in chaos. It is not your place to worry about the progress made by others, as all get immense help as you do and it is up to them to put in the effort required to be successful. Realize that it has taken Humanity as a whole several attempts get to this point where they can ascend, and having done so, every soul is being encouraged to put their heart and soul into achieving success. The rewards are unending and you have yet to learn of the wonderful opportunities it will bring you. Few have any real idea what it means, but as you progress, more and more will be made known to you. 

We know that kindly and loving souls who have firmly made progress wish for their family and friends to also accompany them. However, you cannot know what they need to do to ascend, or where they presently are on the path to completion. Some will fail this time around, but be all the better for their experiences that they will carry forward into the next cycle. Where families are concerned, it is sometimes likely that all members will ascend together, having been bonded together for many previous lifetimes. All progresses in a way that reflects how far a soul has advanced and none are expected to take on more than they are capable of handling. 

Never forget that you have made hundreds if not thousands of good friends in the course of your many lifetimes in the lower dimensions. Many will have joined you on a great number of occasions, when you would have had experiences that furthered your evolution. More than likely, such friendships would have advanced to creating strong family ties that hold you together for many incarnations. All in all, you plan experiences that enable you to lift up, so that they do not have to be repeated again. So, when you face challenges accept them in good heart knowing that everything that happens has a purpose, and particularly at this time when you are getting a great opportunity to ascend. 

We know that some souls have ambitions to evolve, but are uncertain as to how to approach the subject. First and foremost set aside those quiet periods in your life, when you can quieten yourself down and listen to your Higher Self. It will not be in the form of a conversation, but ideas will be dropped into your head to give you direction as to what you need to do. Having been successful you will be accompanied by your Guides, who will do their best to influence you in a way that will put you onto a path that will fulfill your needs. You can of course “talk” to your Higher Self and Guides at any time and your needs will be noted. Paramount through such times is your need to clear old karma, so do not worry as to what has brought it about, but give your best response to ensure success, and you do not then need to go through the experience again. It will not be the first time you have taken on such challenges, so intuitively you will probably sense a familiarity in what you are doing. 

Life is hectic at this time and many souls have agreed to a fast track to Ascension, however be assured that you will never be asked to take on more than you could handle. So, whatever comes up take it in your stride knowing that you should be able to handle it. The future possibilities will soon show you that the old ways are finished, and no one will eventually be able to hold onto them. Humanity is due to take a great leap forward, and with it will come so many revelations, new methods and inventions that will greatly lift up your quality of life. They are just waiting for the right time to be revealed, and it is not too far away. So, do not allow yourselves to become disheartened at what you see happening around you, as it is the inevitable outcome of the clearing away of low vibrational energies that are dying because they are no longer able to remain in the upliftment of the vibrations that is taking place. 

Lightworkers are spreading the good news to those who they know are awakening to the truth. Just gently lead them to it, so as not to overwhelm them, knowing that a seed of knowledge will help them grow, and understand what is going on around them. Many souls are still pulled down by the low vibrations, but have to find their way out, so know that there are many helpers who are trying to lift them up. All will awaken in their own good time, and the issue cannot and should not be forced. 

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self. 

In Love and Light. 

Mike Quinsey. 

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Σάββατο, 2 Δεκεμβρίου 2017

Final Phase of Human 5D Ascension

Message from Archangel Michael for 2016 

Dear Family of Light, you are living in unprecedented times. The period from September to December 2016 was the most important and energetic period in the human history, because the third matrix has come to its end, and the beings that resonate with it are in for an extreme awakening, as they move from 3D to 5D in a very short linear time period. This is the time written of old when great changes are coming to the Earth and its beings, as the old outmoded system gives way to something new and better. Ascension is the natural and normal transformation from one physical reality to a completely new one. Thousands of beings are waking up every day now, seeing how they have been duped by beings with a controlling agenda designed to steal all sentient conscious energy. Many are starting to become aware for the first time, that 3D is not the only reality, and started their search for these new realities as more beings wake up as the amount of Light on the Earth increases. The changes here will become much more physically noticeable. Many of you came to Earth as angelic forerunners, already aware of the Grand Plan we all created, and you have been speaking messages about the great changes, and giving advanced warnings to the ones who have been slumbering for eons. 

A stronger and larger state of coherence is forming all across the globe, and complete freedom is about to break out across the entire world. These great changes include all aspects of life, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual and they affect our relationship, work situations and the abundance that flows to us. The entire system here will be completely revamped, discarding and replacing what is not pro - life. Beings who control and manipulate others and vibrate at a low frequency will have no place in this new frequency of Earth. Soon the Universe as well as the Divine Guides of the new Earth who will represent a more intelligent and healed society, will properly deal with these low vibration entities, until they are all completely healed and able to enter into the new society that is coming. 

DNA upgrades and Light Codes 

The changes on the physical level include a total recoding of our DNA. The ionized particles that are blasting this planet are evolving every species to a higher form of itself. Currently there are not only solar flares coming in, but lots of new energies from different sources, comets, star systems, planets and massive gamma ray bursts impacting Earth constantly from the core of the Universe. This time many Earthlings are open and ready to receive these energies and light codes, and let them work through their bodies and their whole system. We must renew, recode and rewrite a lot of the old programs that were written and installed in the human body and mind on a sustained basis for eons. We are now waking up as a planet and as a Human Race. 

The time it takes to get to this transcended state of being is totally under your control. Beings that have not reached this transcended phase in their soul’s evolution are going through a lot of physical and emotional pain right now, and others feel unusually tired. Since humanity is taking such a major step in their evolution in consciousness and their physical bodies, many might experience a time where they feel challenged and pushed to their limits. The last wave of beings to ascend, are starting to shift their third and fourth dimensional living to a fifth dimensional frequency. The Earth itself is now vibrating in the fifth dimension, and a lot of humans have already upgraded themselves to this level into the higher dimension as well, or are doing it right now. The new light frequencies that are coming in need new space, therefore we are going through a deep cleansing to get rid of everything old, restrictive and dense that we no longer need. 

The physical body gets rid of toxins and old programs, the emotional body heals wounds from the past and present and detoxes from unhealthy emotions, like anger, grief or sadness. Our mind is challenged to release old beliefs and surrender into the unknown. It is important to remember there is no absolute truth, but infinite and more advanced and higher levels of it with no end. The higher a truth vibrates the more true it is. We are required to leave everything outdated, dense that which does not serve our soul behind us, so we can enter into a new way of being. The faster this process occurs the faster we might feel symptoms on a physical level. Do not add anxiety to this, as it is very normal and only temporary. 

As new light data is integrated into the body, a being wakes up with the symptom relieved and feels like a new creation. During DNA light data integration periods, many experience Ascension symptoms such as nausea, headaches, flu-like symptoms, feeling spacey and disconnected, inability to sleep, sinus and other aches and pains. At times, we may also feel a symptom that goes back to another lifetime which we are healing. During the time when you may feel very tired and exhausted it is highly recommended to just sleep, because during our sleep state we can process and integrate in a much quicker and easier way in Delta sleep state, than in waking consciousness, since no ego or fear is blocking us. Our guidance on Ascension symptoms is this, take it easy on yourself during these times and show yourself nourishing tender love as a mother would for her sacred body. Breathe slow and deep several times per day. Ground the body by using crystals and by walking barefoot on Gaia. Eat only energy foods, natural herbs, relax and let go fully allowing and accepting all of this. The more one relaxes and trusts the Ascension process, the easier they will navigate through it and the faster they will transcend the lower things, as an Angelic and Human Race cohabitating Earth. 

We are now releasing all the old densities and restrictions. We will never go back to limiting beliefs and lives as we once had. Now we are getting into alignment with our Higher Self aspect, our Godhood, by sheer intention and inner discipline. We are working our way into our own Golden Age and a new world filled with joy, peace, love and freedom. If you will make your Ascension the number one priority and work on it with all of your being, and the more you surrender to it all and relax into it with full embrace, we assure you that you will make a quantum leap from the hopeless, desperate fearful state of being, to an amazing new life where every “now” moment is filled with miracles, and people will look at you and ask how is it that you are magnificent in every way and they will wonder what your secret is. If they are ready and willing, and most are not quite yet, tell them what we have told you. God speed on this incredible journey of your life. 

In Love and Light. 

Mike Quinsey. 

Website: Tree of the Golden Light