Κυριακή, 19 Νοεμβρίου 2017

Countless wealth and Heaven's supply are anticipated to be released

Sheldan Nidle for 16 November 2017 

Message from Colleen Nidle: 

SHELDAN IS HOME from the hospital! Yippee! Sheldan came home on Thursday, November 9. Now that he is home and eating Colleen's food, he is recuperating and sleeping well (which he did not do at the hospital) at lightning speed. We still have a journey ahead of us and we are learning so much about ourselves, our relationship and our mission. ***Last night I asked Sheldan if the Galactics had a short message for me to post. Instantly, he started dictating a mini-update. Whoa, I can't write that fast ~ lol! Next time I will record it. Sheldan is full of so much knowledge, I should start recording him more often for the tidbits of history that I find fascinating. He sure knows how to connect the dots. At this time, we are anticipating Sheldan's weekly updates to resume by Christmas (hopefully sooner). Webinars? We are not sure, but we are intending for January. What a great way to start the New Year! 

Selamat Ja! 


MINI UPDATE from the Galactic Federation of Light: 

Selamat Balik. Welcome to a brief update from Sheldan Nidle and the Galactic Federation. 

We are on the brink of a prolonged dark era that has held us back for far too long. That obstacle is about to be transformed. Hang tight, as many Truths are being readied for disclosure. Much is happening behind the scenes that will smooth the way for an easy NESARA/GESARA transition. Countless wealth and Heaven's supply are anticipated to be released. 

Your quiet, non-violent revolution unfolds before your very eyes. The spiral of Heaven's Light is rotating toward its final destination - your Ascension to the 5th dimension. 

The Ascended Ones are preparing to manifest and assist with your effortless transition to a more loving, peaceful and cooperative society. 

As evidenced in your media, arrests are now taking place. You are living in constantly changing times. Like a willow tree, you are being asked to bend with the winds of change. 

Use your affirmations. We are proud of the spiritual energies that you collectively are infusing into your reality. Look deep into your hearts and know that great changes are ever looming on your horizon. 

In this Light, always remember that the never-ending and countless supply of Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! And Be in Joy!) 

Website: Planetary Activation Organization

Σάββατο, 18 Νοεμβρίου 2017

The vast majority of humans have forgotten their life purpose

Message from Saul via John Smallman for 29 October 2017 

All humans on Earth at this time of enormous change are here to help with the awakening, yes ALL humans. There is not just a special group of Light workers and Light holders who are horribly overworked as they assist in the awakening process. No, ALL of humanity is involved, and no one is special, because ALL are special simply because they are ALL the beloved and absolutely perfect children of God, even though their attitudes and behaviors while in human form may well seem totally at odds with Love, with Mother/Father/God. 

As we have so often pointed out, the vast majority of humans have forgotten their life purpose, the purpose with which they incarnated. Nevertheless, like those of you reading this and similar messages, they too are here to assist in the awakening process. EVERYONE is involved, because EVERYONE is ONE! 

One of the main reasons that you need to release all judgment of others is because you cannot possibly know their circumstances, their chosen life paths, and therefore you are in no position to pass judgment. Only God and the soul involved has that knowledge, the soul has forgotten it, and God never judges! 

What you ALL incarnated to do was to love one another, and even those of you who hold that intent most of the time are still unable to completely let go of that judgmental aspect when some one’s words, behaviors, or activities horrifies you because they are so obviously in complete misalignment with Love. But that is the human condition. You have ALL denied Love and engaged in bitterness and hatred. As Jesus said so long ago – or, in truth, but a moment ago – “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” 

As humans you mostly are unworthy, except that unworthiness is an utterly unreal aspect of the illusion. All are the beloved children of God, and therefore to be unworthy is impossible! Unfortunately some consider themselves to be sinless when they live in seeming righteousness, and use that belief in their own sinlessness to justify their righteous judgment of those who they see as unworthy. 

Within the game you are playing there is much behavior that truly is despicable, BUT you are all just actors in a drama that you invented, and when the play ends you will revert to your true selves, beings of infinite Love, just like your heavenly Father. 

Focus on this divine truth: “I am a being of infinite Love, like unto my heavenly Father.” With that thought in mind allow yourselves to know it. Then reset your intent to be only loving whatever arises. Whenever doubt or fear arises, no matter what appears to cause it, immediately reset that intent, and, of course, make sure to reset it at least once daily, preferably when you go within to your holy inner sanctuary where the flame of divine Love, the Love that is YOU, burns constantly. 

When you do you receive enormous help from those in the spiritual realms – your guides, mentors, and loved ones – those with whom you made agreements, before you incarnated, to mutually support each other. You have, as it were, one foot in the illusion playing the game, while the rest of You resides eternally in God’s Presence, therefore You are never alone! When in doubt, in need, or in fear, call immediately on us for support, we are always there for you. 

As there is only One, and as each of you is an aspect of that One, and as that One is Mother/Father/God, Source, Love, then you are always and eternally connected to the infinite Power that is All That Is. That Power is yours, open your hearts to It, accept It, and then create with It in your own lives as humans the Truth, the Good, and the Beauty that you all are as you hold your Light on high for all to see. You do that by consciously choosing to be loving in every moment no matter what arises. In doing that you are You, the beloved child of God, instead of an actor in the ongoing drama that is the illusion. 

By doing this you complete the task you set yourselves before incarnating: To be a brilliant Light shining on Earth to assist all to awaken into the Truth that they are indeed One with God. 

With so very much love, Saul.

Τρίτη, 14 Νοεμβρίου 2017

Do not lose heart or surrender to doubt

Message from Saul via John Smallman for 22 October 2017 

Humanity’s awakening process is an enormous undertaking that has been ongoing for eons, but the vast majority of humans have been, and remain, unaware that human life is but a minute portion of what is available to them, and that to awaken from the dream into the utter joy of Reality is their inevitable destiny. The illusion you collectively invented and constructed seems totally real to those within it, as was your intent when you built it. However, the intent was not to get lost in it for all eternity, but to experience separation and then make a choice as to whether you wanted Reality or illusion. 

Obviously, Reality is the only meaningful choice you could make, because there is nothing else. But first you became captivated by what you had built, and then, as you journeyed further and further into it, you became lost and utterly confused – Love is your nature, and yet it seemed that you had separated yourselves from It. The experience of that has been ongoing throughout the eons and, as a result, fear – the opposite to Love, only there is no opposite, there is only Love – arose leading you into distrust, betrayal, and endless conflicts. 

Finally, you have evolved or developed sufficiently to recognize the insanity of this relentlessly fearful state of affairs, and you have collectively made the choice to disengage from the illusion by allowing it to fall away, thus restoring you to full awareness of your divine nature, at One with God. The Divine Plan for your awakening from the illusion is, of course, progressing perfectly, just as planned. It is God’s Plan, so there is no other way that it could unfold, because all that is of God is, by its very nature, perfect. 

The continuing chaos and confusion, that is the illusion, is presenting you forcefully with all that is not in perfect alignment with Father/Mother/God, Love – fear, hatred, bitterness, resentment, judgment, and dishonesty in all its myriad forms – so that you can acknowledge its presence within you and release it completely. When you hold on to anything that is unloving, you create blocks and obstructions on the path of access to your heart, thus shutting out complete and Unconditional Love. Yes, you have love of family, friends, partners, but only as opposed to those who do not fit within those categories, and that is setting limits on the love that you embrace and share. But LOVE is limitless, boundless, and by attempting to set limits on It, you close yourselves off from It. 

You are Love, but what appear to you as humans to be vast arenas in which there is only hatred, bitterness, conflict, and violence, are in fact extremely small and insignificant. They just appear vast when you are focusing your attention on them or engaging with them, thus filling your minds so completely that you have no room for what is infinitely real and vast, namely LOVE. As humans, you have all at some time experienced feelings of anger and fear that have disabled your ability to love your loved ones, mostly just temporarily, and, being aware of this, you have seen your fear and anger increase and intensify. 

What is presently happening on Earth is similar, it is a massive uprising of denied and buried anger and fear in order that you may acknowledge it and then release it, instead of engaging with it. But, as many are finding, its intensity often blocks your reasoning abilities, and so you react to it in kind, greatly aggravating a very unpleasant situation, and leading to an impasse beyond which you cannot move except through Love. And in situations like that “a reasonable human” believes that Love cannot possibly work. 

Beliefs are frequently destructive, because they represent inflexibility, an unwillingness to communicate other than from a sense of righteousness, which is in fact just a total refusal to communicate in any way at all. Consequently, many negotiations in many areas of human society, from one on one right up to nation to nation, collapse in complete disarray purely due to a righteous refusal to even attempt to see the bigger picture, to look at all the possibilities, and to seek areas where agreement can be found that honors all involved equally. 

And of course, pride is an enormous stumbling block in situations like this, because everyone has at sometime or another been proved wrong and severely shamed, and so never wants a repetition of that experience. However, the whole point of righteousness is to shame another. It becomes an endlessly repeating loop from which there appears to be no exit, because to admit that one may have been wrong is seen as the unavoidable path to shame and being blamed, and no one wants to go there. 

However, there are now on Earth many wiser and maturer souls who are willing to admit to their mistakes, everyone makes mistakes, and who can then, feeling no shame because in their maturity and wisdom they fully understand that it is only human to make mistakes, move forward to resolve the issues that have arisen. These wise and blessed souls are appearing in many places as mediators and negotiators to ease or dissolve blocks to progress at many levels of human society where differences can be very divisive – international, political, business, religious, cultural, and ethnic – and are working lovingly and harmoniously together to further assist in the massive and ongoing awakening process that humanity is presently experiencing. 

Remember, your individual choices to be loving whatever arises, and your daily visits to your holy inner sanctuaries, give enormous further energy and support to these brilliant mediators and negotiators. You are all essential participators in the awakening process just by your presence on Earth as humans at this moment of enormous and momentous change. As you have been told many times, humanity’s awakening is inevitable, and it is happening NOW! So, do not lose heart or surrender to doubt, instead surrender totally to LOVE, and in that choice and intent take part fully and enthusiastically in the awakening process, your own personal awakening process. 

Humanity is awakening, but it is an awakening that occurs individually, because, even though the collective has chosen to awaken, you each have, and always will have, free will. This does not mean you can choose not to awaken, but it does mean that you are free to delay your awakening. When you choose fear and anger over Love, you are effectively making the choice to delay your awakening, and by so doing intensify your own individual pain and suffering. And needless to say, suggesting to another that they are doing that is extremely unhelpful and inappropriate. Each of you have your own most holy path to awakening, and there is no way you can ever know another’s path. Only offer help, advice, or guidance to another when it is asked for, no matter how sure you are that you know what they need to do. That is extreme arrogance. Only Mother/Father/God understands and knows the path that a soul has chosen to follow and therefore has the wisdom to offer a loving nudge or opportunity to one who is having difficulties. 

Remember too that you are all infinitely loved and honored, and that there are no exceptions here, because everyone made the personal choice to be incarnate at this moment in the awakening process in order to take part and assist, and that is what everyone is doing, even if from your human viewpoint that seems extremely unlikely. You do not know the Mind of God. 

With so very much love, Saul.

Τετάρτη, 8 Νοεμβρίου 2017

The illusion is an infinitesimal distraction from Reality

Message from Jesus via John Smallman for 27 October 2017 

Humanity’s ongoing progress towards the collective awakening is amazing! You are all doing a most wonderful job in assisting in the Divine Plan, just as you promised, contracted, and intended before you incarnated. Many of you have been following very difficult and demanding paths, filled with pain, anxiety, poverty, and of course, suffering. You volunteered from the generosity of your loving hearts, so that all who choose to awaken as the Divine Plan comes to fruition would be ably and lovingly assisted to do so. You are all receiving enormous assistance from those in the spiritual realms, but, because the density of the physical realm is so heavy, vast numbers are also reliant on the help provided by all of you, Light bearers and Light workers, to enable them to fulfill their divine destiny. 

All are One, therefore, whatever anyone does affects everyone else! All who are presently incarnate – over seven billion people of myriad races, colors, and creeds – are on Earth at this moment, because they volunteered to assist in clearing from humanity all that is not in complete alignment with Love. Some of you are calling it the clearing of core issues, and that is truly what it is, the core issues of fear, bitterness, resentment, and hatred, that have been leading you into conflict for eons. Those of you consciously doing this are doing it not only for yourselves, but also for those who have totally forgotten about the contracts they made to do this before they incarnated. And, at a deep level below their human awareness, those who have forgotten are, nevertheless, clearing an abundance of those issues, and your presence amongst them vitally increases their ability to do this. 

There is no one on Earth who does not have issues to clear, because the game of separation you have been playing has been very intense and violently competitive, and everyone has been playing. This clearance is extremely healing for you as well, because as many of you have noticed, the heaviness of three dimensional life does lift, giving you more energy and motivation, as issues are brought to the surface of your awareness, acknowledged, and released. 

There is only Love, and its constant presence provides a vast healing energy for all who choose to turn to It by releasing their hold on righteous beliefs and behaviors, thus removing the blocks and obstructions that have closed off Its access to their hearts. All hearts will open to the divine field of Love that embraces them, allowing It to heal them, bringing them comfort and joy on a scale they have never before experienced as humans. And this is only the beginning! 

God’s Will for you, for all conscious beings, is eternal joy! You were created from Love and in joy, because God creates joyfully for the pure joy of doing so, and His Will is that you do the same, because he knows what immense joy it will bring you. He created you like unto Himself to utterly delight in all of creation as He does, because to be fully alive is to be joy-filled, and that is the state He wants you to experience as fully as He does. His Love for you is boundless, and He wants you to know that, by experiencing It in every moment of your eternal existence. That is all that He wants for you, and, truly, It is everything. 

You are free, just as you were created, and God requires nothing of you. You do not need to do good deeds, pay Him obeisance, or seek His approval. He offers you His Unconditional Love in every moment, knowing that It is what, as humans within the illusion, you are constantly and desperately seeking outside yourselves where It cannot be found. It is within you, where He placed It at the moment of your creation, and that is where you will find It. Seek not the distractions of the illusion, however alluring they may appear to you to be. Go within, and there you will find Yourself and God eternally at one with each other in joyous harmonious relationship from which nothing is lacking. 

There is NO SEPARATION! You are as you were created, One with God. No other state exists or could exist, because God is All, and therefore, so are You! 

The illusion is an infinitesimal distraction from Reality that you made and on which you have focused almost your whole attention for eons, so that you have indeed been mightily distracted by it from Reality. 

Now it is time to mightily enlarge your attention and awareness, so that you recognize and acknowledge who You are, the eternally beloved child of God, without Whom God would be incomplete. That, of course, is impossible. “What Is” is unchanging and eternal. It is God and You at One in each other’s Presence forever. A timeless state, because there is no time, there is only now, the eternal now, and that is where you are in every moment of your existence, as you will most joyfully remember on your awakening, NOW! 

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Δευτέρα, 6 Νοεμβρίου 2017

Nothing can now stop the onward march to Ascension

Mike Quinsey Channeling his Higher Self for 3 November 2017 

It is important that you bear in mind that as you are in a new cycle, a new paradigm will begin to take shape. It will be formed in such in a way that as time passes, you will begin to see how the future is being laid out before you. It will bear little resemblance to the previous cycle, as the new energies that have been created are bringing harmony and peace to the planet such as not previously experienced by you. Out of the chaos of the present there will come a great awakening as to the true potential of the Human Race. People will demand a new way of living, and desire a coming together so that there can be a mutual exchange of knowledge and ideas that will lift all Humanity up. 

There will be an emphasis on fairness and sharing where the Earth’s bounties are concerned, and the making of a peaceful co-existence between all people. The weapons of war will be disarmed and peace will be foremost in people’s minds and hearts. Co-operation will be the watchword as Human Beings are by nature a peaceful Race, and will set differences aside. Love will abound everywhere as it is realized that all Humans are made in the image of God. 

How long it takes for permanent peace to settle upon Earth depends on how quickly you can overcome your differences, and recognize that you are All One. You all have the same desires for peace and happiness, and have a natural instinct to want to share and help each other to uplift your quality of life. Hitherto you have been led to put Self first and hold onto the bounties of Earth with little thought of sharing. Your systems of business have encouraged selfishness and greed, which is why the greatest amount of wealth is in the hands of so few people. You do not need excessive wealth to live well and all it does is deny it to others, who often need help just to exist. 

Already the new energies are awakening people to the truth, and the demand for equality in all things will become paramount. Centuries of war have caused so much death and destruction and now Man has weapons that could easily destroy the whole Earth and its people. However, that will not be allowed, and it is time to talk of making world peace and put a total end to all wars. Just think how much wealth is used for destructive purposes, and how it could instead quickly transform the Earth to a modern paradise. Think peace and the vibrations will continue to lift up and speed up, and likewise the changes that are coming that nothing will be able to hold back. 

Be assured there are many good people on Earth who have the right ideas that will bring about the necessary changes. They will emerge when the time is right and when it is safe to do so, and they will be protected. Like the dying beast it is the energies of war and all it encompasses that are no longer able to dictate or alter the path that lies ahead for Man. The glorious Light of Peace and Gods Love are ever present and no one, or anything will be allowed to stand in the way of world peace. It is time for changes and they are beginning to happen right now. The dark Ones will try to stop or delay it, but will not have any success as the future has already been written in the annals of Heaven and Earth. 

You the people can take credit for having lifted up the vibrations upon Earth that have enabled the new cycle to commence. Having come this far, you will already have noticed changes in the energies that are beginning to bring people together in a common purpose. They understand that in the long run it is the people who determine the future, and that their collective energy for peace is so powerful it cannot be stopped. So, Dear Ones do not be dismayed if you cannot see the overall picture, and know that the changes for the good of Humankind are unstoppable. It also means that the higher forces can also assist you as long as their actions are in accordance with your wishes. In time you will fully understand all events that have or are yet to take place, and the part you have played in them. It will not be too long before it will become apparent which direction you are travelling in, and it is sure to lift you up and raise your expectations. Perhaps some of the first signs of actual change will be the appointment of suitable people into roles of great importance, giving them the responsibility for bringing them into being. 

The onus at present is on all Lightworkers to keep spreading the positive energies of love, and create harmony where ever they go. People are becoming more open to guidance and seeking answers to help them through a very testing period. It requires great faith to not be affected by the negativity that is upon Earth, as many issues are now being brought into the open, so that they can be cleared for all to see. There is no doubt that people are awakening to the truth and questioning the misleading and often untruthful information they are being given. No longer are people going around with their eyes shut and realizing how much of the truth has been kept from them. However, it cannot be kept concealed forever, and we are entering a period when it will come out much to people’s astonishment and anger. The difference is that even people in high positions are beginning to insist on the facts becoming open to the public. Hold tight and expect the unexpected in the near future, as the lies and untruth will be exposed, as such negative energies cannot be carried forward into the higher vibrations. 

The terror attacks are very distracting, but do not let them take your focus off the future, as it is the last attempts of those who care not for human life, or work for peace on Earth. Their time is running out and actions to bring an end to their atrocities are under way. The people of Earth are defiant and will not give in to the misguided ones, who do not understand that they are the pawns of those who seek prevent Ascension. It will fail miserably and the determination of the people will ensure that they experience victory over the negative Ones. Because of freewill they had to be allowed to test the Light, hoping to overcome it and eventually imprison all souls upon Earth. They have failed, and already the dark Ones have been subdued and can no longer achieve their aims of world domination. Love and Light have persevered and grown stronger, as more souls have discovered the truth and the power within and nothing can now stop their onward march to Ascension. 

Remember that very evolved souls await in your Solar System to oversee your transition from the old energies to the new ones. They are the Blue Avians who will ensure that no entities outside of your Earth can interfere with your progress. There are also others that stand by, such as the Pleiadians who are your ancestors, and will ensure all goes well. 

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self. 

In Love and Light. 

Mike Quinsey. 

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Σάββατο, 4 Νοεμβρίου 2017

The quality of your life will lift up to levels not previously experienced

Mike Quinsey Channeling his Higher Self for 27 October 2017 

Matters are coming to a head where the re-valuation of the currencies is concerned, and the degree of urgency is such that extra efforts are being made to progress. Everything seems to be ready and many are anxious to get started with a scheme that has required much planning and co-operation of the countries concerned. So, it is to be hoped that the organization is such that once the “go ahead” is given, all will slip into place without undue difficulty. Be assured that very many people are involved in the process of exchange and distribution of the currencies. There is however some suggestion of minor delays that could run into weeks, but the fact remains that the “go ahead” is very near. It will be the commencement of tremendous activities that will escalate as each country makes the changes necessary. Opposition to the changes by those of the Illuminati is incapable of preventing the declaration, that will give the authority to proceed with the first nominated countries. 

I wish to emphasize that now, as you are getting a little deeper into the new energies, so the old ones are beginning to lose their power to greatly influence you. Instead, the new ones are causing changes to take place that are taking you into the New Age, and as a result there is much friction between the two, but the old energies are beginning to die out and there will be no way to bring them back. Much that will truly launch the New Age is biding its time, so that when it is ready, it will be introduced in a sensible manner, so as not to overwhelm you. It promises much that has been held back, and when released, it will lift up your quality of life to levels not previously experienced. After all, it is your collective power of thought that paves the way forward, although you are prompted and encouraged to follow a certain path by those who oversee your progress. They know what is needed to ensure you do so in a way that benefits the Human Race, and continues to ensure that you are fully enlightened. As you already know, there are major changes coming up that will speed you into a New Era, but keep an open mind as you cannot yet see the ultimate purpose, although you do know that Ascension will occur. 

Exciting times are approaching when steps taken can ensure peace, with no risk of war or disruption that would be caused by them. Countries will come together as it will be in everyone’s interest to make peace successfully, and protect the people from such abominable acts as war that fly into the face of the Supreme Creator of All Love. People will begin to feel the effect of the changing energies, and lifted up. A new sense of togetherness will grow where each person feels love for their neighbors. It will be realized that “All are One” regardless of color or creed. Suddenly the warmth of love will accept the differences that exist between you, and by helping each other lift the Human Race up to new levels. It will be seen that all can be in harmony and every soul enjoy a life of happiness and achievement. By such times, those who are unable to raise their vibrations will have taken a different path that is appropriate to their needs. Evolution continues all of the time, and cannot be stopped regardless of the intentions of those who oppose it. 

Dear Ones, you are entering a great period of change, even if it is not apparent to you. It will result in the peaceful existence that you have sought for many hundreds of years. In time, you will realize that it could not have come until as a Human Race you raised your vibrations. If you had not done so, you would not have passed the marker year 2012, but since you have everything has gone speeding ahead even if it is not yet apparent to you. Progress can be slowed down but not stopped, and whilst you have been trying to lift up out the morass of the lower vibrations, so much has been achieved that is yet to be disclosed. Free energy is available and many projects have resulted in the design of equipment and appliances that will change your way of life. So, it shall continue until you are all self-sufficient and that will be extremely useful as you venture deeper into the coming cold weather years. 

In the immediate times to come, you will find that many young people who came into birth as Indigo children are much different to you of the older generations. They have much knowledge that will be able to solve problems more efficiently and sometimes in ways that are new and more practical. They have come to Earth for the very purpose of helping you take your place in the New Age, with technologies that have been released to them. In fact, many are now ready to help Humanity take a giant step forward, and speed up your advancement into the period of great changes that will benefit you all. History will show that there is always a right time and place for new innovations to be introduced, and of course, it cannot be done without the right people also being involved. 

Be assured that all family members and friends that have already passed over are following your progress with much interest. They know what is expected of you and when they draw near to you, give every encouragement they can. For those of you who leave the body whilst in your sleep state meet most likely in the Summer Realms with those you hold dear, and you no doubt have an enjoyable time. However, few are gifted with the ability to remember such a meeting, and that is so as to keep it from interfering with your day to day experiences. Nevertheless, some of you have impressions of such a meeting but cannot recall it in detail. As I have mentioned previously, but confirm for those who are unfamiliar with the Summer Realm, you go out of your physical body that is of course “fast asleep”, into an etheric body that is exactly as you, and even more so, because it does not carry forward any disability or loss of limbs. Indeed, you can “think” your body into whatever age you wish, as it responds to the power of thought. 

You should by now realize that you are far greater than you could possibly imagine. You take a physical body so that you can experience duality, and with few exceptions, you have up to hundreds of life experiences. Some are vitally more important than others and represent a major leap forward in your evolution. All lives are agreed before you incarnate, yet some souls pull out at the last moment. It is an opportunity lost, but on the other hand can be held over for the next opportunity. The point being that other souls are also involved in your experiences. By your reasoning, it is quite a complicated matter to get people together at the right time for karma to be worked through. It is all part of your life plan agreed before you actually incarnate. The more you learn about it, you will appreciate that an incarnation is a fair and reasonable way to obtain the experiences you need. It is always planned to advance you, and can be adjusted to fit in with your abilities. I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self. 

In Love and Light. 

Mike Quinsey. 

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Πέμπτη, 2 Νοεμβρίου 2017

Pleiadian Message Part 5: The Pleiadians Come In Love To Help You Remember

Posted on September 27, 2017 7:35 am by LiA 

A five part series from the Pleiadians originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence 

Knowing That You Are Spirit 

On human relations, we say to you that most of you will not or have not fully connected to the divine source, so how is it that you can possibly connect to one another at a human level? Divine connection is vital in that this is really the only way you will connect successfully with another. In connecting with Spirit, you connect with yourself, and so it is that you connect with others. We are all linked together, only because we exist as one and the same, which streams forth from the Spirit. Unless you are divinely connected, you will not be able to connect properly with another outside of the main source. The Main Source is the original Creator, the Spirit with which you emanate from. 

We want to speak to you now of various beings. This is an important subject, as you are sitting there reading words that have come to you from another dimension. You, yourself are a being. We are beings. We must say there is quite an assortment of beings, not only upon Earth, but spread across every time zone throughout eternity. We may call ourselves aliens, or you may call us aliens, but in actuality, you are just as much of an alien to us as we are to you. Alien only means a foreigner in a strange land, and so if used in that way, we are indeed aliens. 

In the true sense of all that we are, it is only fair to tell you that aliens are nonexistent, in that you believe time exists in a linear fashion. To explain this further, if time was linear, meaning that it traveled in a straight line, we would be born in a certain time zone, then die and return to that which we came. As it is now, we are not born, only to die and never return to life again. We are born and we die, again and again, and it is happening in rapid succession. Understand that one day, you will be us in the future, and we have been you. Reduced to simpler terms, or more complex, however you see it, there is no past and no future. We exist at once, all in the now. 

It is with this, that we have come like foreigners in a strange land, knowing you, but yet unknown to you. We come in love. We come with a message. We come, bringing hope, as we show you a way to evolve. It is our desire to help those of you that are willing and ready to be helped. It is our intention to help evolve the human species, for the time is now. Your reality is rapidly accelerating….all that you know will be translated into Light sooner than you think.

Δευτέρα, 30 Οκτωβρίου 2017

Pleiadian Message Part 4: The Pleiadians Come In Love To Help You Remember

Posted on September 27, 2017 7:35 am by LiA 

A five part series from the Pleiadians originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence 

Remembering What You Know 

If you feel that you are a separate entity apart from God, know that indeed your existence is different because God projects through time into all realities. When you feel the aloneness, the separation, it is because God reaches into the far distance future and expresses there. The lonely disconnected feeling is only that of wanting to reach back into the core of Himself and pulling everything back in. Do not be confused when we use the term “Himself.” Words are only human language. There is really no language to express or describe things unseen. With a smile, we tell you that we do our best. At this point, we would also like to tell you we prefer to choose the word Spirit rather than God. This is because Spirit best describes something new, whereas you will equate God with all that you have learned previously in your life. 

Spirit encompasses All That Is. Spirit lives within you and does not reside outside of yourself. Spirit expresses as male and female. Know that you have been both. Within you lies the secret to all things, for you have been all things, and you know all things. You know what it feels to be male and you know what it feels to be female. You know what the trees are. You know what the animals and birds feel, for you have been those things as well. Now it is time to recall and gather into yourself what you know. It is time to exist in that knowing. If you are cruel to an animal, you will know what it feels like to be that animal. There is order to all things and a lesson to be had in the spiritual scheme of things. 

You contain the brilliance of a powerful library, yet you do not know or understand this yet. You access only minute and limited amounts of information, yet you contain all that Spirit knows, because you are Spirit. Why must it be that you do not remember all that you are? We have come to help you remember, but know that in the Grand Plan, all things will take place in due time and when it is suppose to. We do not bring another religion or pose as Gods. Think of us as foreigners from another land, only here to help you.

Κυριακή, 29 Οκτωβρίου 2017

Adventures await that you cannot imagine

Message from Matthew Ward via Suzanne Ward for 23 October 2017 

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. “Could you please ask Matthew to give us a message on how to get out of the fear circle?” Let us first recommend that you not think of fear as a circle, which has no end, or, as expressed by others, a cycle, which implies automatic recurrence. The energy shifts that are happening with increasing frequency and profoundness are all to your advantage—beloved brothers and sisters, please do not forego a leap in spiritual and conscious awareness by letting fear dominate your thoughts and feelings. 

Thoughts precede feelings by an infinitesimal gap, and when “what if” thoughts are about a dreaded outcome, fear about that imagined situation naturally follows. Change your thoughts! To you who wrote that you fear not having enough money or losing your job, remember that the Law of Attraction brings to you whatever matches the energy of your thoughts and feelings—let those be of gratitude for what you do have, not fear about what you don’t or think you may lose. If your thoughts are about someone who is seriously ill or injured, pray for her or his highest good and send forth the unparalleled power of love energy, not the potent energy of fear. Do the same for the many millions who are in war zones or living in poverty or are homeless, and also to the dark ones, who most of all need it. And never fear that you are failing as a lightworker, because you don’t know your mission—as divine souls created of the pure Love-Light essence of Creator, simply by BEing you are radiating that essence into the world. 

For suggestions that are more “down-to-Earth,” so to say, sufficient sleep is especially helpful for starting the day with uplifted thoughts and feelings. Solitude and meditation are beneficial and so is engaging in enjoyable diversion as often as you can, especially spending time with Nature. Don’t let trivial matters upset you, avoid argumentative individuals, take breaks from “the news.” Share your knowledge with persons who are receptive, don’t be dismayed if family and friends are not—each soul chooses its path and sets its evolvement pace. At the end of the day, think about how you spent the hours. If you didn’t do everything you meant to, don’t fret—feel good about what you did accomplish. When there is peace of mind and heart, there is no room for fear. 

The other issues that most of you asked about pertain primarily only to the United States. Our comments that follow will be clear without including questions, and we start with what is causing fear for readers in numerous countries. 

If missiles with nuclear warheads are launched by any nation, whether by intent, human error or technological malfunction, or because they fell into the hands of a terrorist group, absolutely crews in your skies will know and prevent their detonation. 

California’s deadly wildfires were intended to be devastating. Substances were added to the spray planes’ retardant solution to render it useless and winds were technologically produced, so the fires would spread rapidly and compound firefighters’ difficulties to contain them. 

The shooting massacre in Las Vegas was a “black-ops” event masterminded by the Illuminati faction of the CIA and carried out by some of its ambitious minions and mind-controlled Stephen Paddock. 

Harvey Weinstein is but one of many people in the entertainment industry—and the political, corporate, media and sports worlds—who indulge in sexual harassment, molestation and rape. A great number of them and others as well are involved in or profit from sex slavery, trafficking of minors and pedophilia, an upscale prostitution ring, pornography, “snuff” films and satanic rituals. 

The turmoil around President Trump in the energy field of potential precludes clarity about short - or long-term developments or the duration of his time in office. What we can tell you is, behind closed doors some members of this government are working with individuals in the military and other national and international sectors to expose and prosecute the dark ones who have been wielding power in that country and around the world. 

There will not be “thousands of dissidents rounded up by UN troops and incarcerated in FEMA camps.” 

Mass shootings are enabled by the constitution’s second amendment, whose interpretation has produced a culture of violence and a nation that has become inured to it. A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed was written two and a quarter centuries ago, when arms were muskets and a well-regulated militia was necessary to secure the young nation’s hard-won freedom from England’s rule; yet the government sides with people who interpret that amendment as their right to own weapons designed for today’s battlefields. No, not everyone involved in random or mass shootings—the persons who die, those whose wounds are life-changing, all affected families and friends, the shooters themselves—are fulfilling soul contracts. And, those events will continue until there is a national consensus about commonsense action to reduce the epidemic of violence. 

Please keep foremost in your thoughts that rising vibrations on the planet and within the society are weakening the diminishing remnants of the Illuminati network and expanding successful grassroots movements around the globe. From our vantage point, the progress that you lightworkers have been contributing to is astounding! 

“Some scientists say global warming isn’t restricted to Earth, there are indications that other planets are heating up too. Can you please ask Matthew if this portends danger to us?” None whatsoever. Temperatures are rising marginally in your solar system and solar activity is increasing due to the amount of light being generated throughout the universe. Something as monumental as a multitude of powerful civilizations beaming sufficient light to enable “lift-off” and Ascension of a planet in death throes could not happen without putting everything else “on the move”, in a manner of speaking, and unusual temperatures will level off as Earth continues toward a moderate climate globally. That natural process does not abrogate society’s responsibility to end weather manipulation, deforestation and pollution of air, soil and water—those causes of global warming are delaying Earth’s reaching her climate objective. That objective, which she will attain, also addresses concerns about claims that a “mini ice-age” is approaching—nothing even remotely like that is ahead. 

Our comments about fracking extend to the extraction of all fossil fuels. This destruction to Gaia’s planetary body contributed to keeping it mired in deep third density until 80-some years ago, when that massive infusion of light released it. Coal is Earth’s tissue, oil and natural gas her circulatory system; removing those elements and using them to pollute your air, Earth’s respiratory system, is interfering with her efforts to return to sound health. One response to prevailing vibrations is that energy providers are investing in renewable sources; and, when the society becomes adept at manifestation, the mining of metal ores and crystals will become unnecessary. 

“The [September] message stated that ‘9/11’ prevented the announcement about Disclosure and NESARA. Why would something as incredible to most people as extraterrestrials landing be announced in conjunction with something as totally unrelated as a new economic system?” First let us say that the economic part of NESARA, which couldn’t be spelled out in full in the legislation, and changes in the government are the only two provisions that could be put into a congressional document. NESARA was introduced that way for two reasons: The United States was the most powerful nation in the world at that time and those provisions are within its legal system; and it was the means whereby thoughts about the Act would enter the collective consciousness, thereby establishing its “possibility” in Earth’s energy field of potential. Then-President Clinton, a top-ranking Illuminati, put a gag order on the Act, because it eliminated Illuminati control of that government, one of their major entrenchments for initiating or exacerbating conflict in other countries and controlling the economy worldwide. Gradually, NESARA became known via channeled messages from light sources to their receivers, who disseminated the information and added momentum to its energy course. 

Now then, extraterrestrials and NESARA are far from totally unrelated. The Act is the legal framework for Earth’s Golden Age that was planned by the highest universal council in consonance with Gaia’s vision for her planetary body and all its residents. The congressional member who presented the Act was an extraterrestrial, albeit assuredly not recognized as such; St. Germain is the best known of the group that spearheaded the economic reformation provision; and among the volunteers who came to help Earth are souls well-experienced in implementing economic systems for the betterment of an entire civilization. 

All of that and more would have been explained by internationally respected persons and extraterrestrial visitors in the globally televised program that was prevented by “9/11.” Although the Illuminati have successfully kept those truths from becoming publicly known, lightworkers and family from other civilizations in spacecraft surrounding Earth or living among you have made grand advancements aligned with the full intent of NESARA. Mother, please note the dates of messages that include information about its transformative scope and how the process has unfolded. [The July 16, 2004 message includes the aims of NESARA, and Matthew and Hatonn speak about its progress in the August 13, 2006 message. Difficulties in getting information to the public are included in March 1, 2004 and April 20, 2016 messages; and of the several messages that mention common misunderstandings about NESARA, March 11, 2013 seems to be the most inclusive.] Thank you. 

“Other references also speak about the importance of synchronicity, important to know we're one, watching our thoughts and we are experiencing many densities at the same time. Is this another way of explaining the continuum? Which suggests ‘time-travel’ should have a revised interpretation. Perhaps we don't ‘travel,’ but we shift our awareness into ‘openings’ of the continuum?” We applaud this reader for connecting the dots of time travel, the continuum and awareness—indeed an illumined perception, but there is more to this. 

In prior messages we have said that everything you consider past, present and future is happening simultaneously in different planes of energy in the continuum. Another way to state that is, everything existing throughout this universe has been/is being/forevermore shall be manifested by consciousness in the very same instant—NOW. And the higher truth is, everything and the only thing is consciousness. 

That is unfathomable to you in this moment, but bit by bit it will be revealed as you continue discovering what is known at soul level. The more you discover, the more self-empowered you are, the more ability you have to “think your way” to whatever point in “time” or place you choose. You may want to visit someone dear to you, observe an era in some world’s “past” or “future,” or attend master classes. You can explore the heavens by astral travel in etheric body; ride in a spacecraft; envision your desired destination, dematerialize, then rematerialize once there; or sit in an easy chair at home and remotely view whatever you wish. We are speaking about consciously enjoying those kinds of experiences. Many of you are doing this subconsciously in deep meditation or during sleep time; if the latter, what you ascribe to dreams often are memories, perhaps symbolic, of actual reunions or happenings you observed or in which you participated. 

Dear ones, adventures await that you cannot imagine, because you don’t remember where in this universe you have lived or visited or how easily you traveled from place to place. You don’t remember what powerful multidimensional beings you are! But you shall—again—and when you choose to review this lifetime, you will feel gratified that your steadfastness in the Light helped Earth’s civilization awaken and move forward in manifesting the fullness of the planet’s Golden Age. 


Suzanne Ward 

Website: The Matthew Books 

Email: suzy@matthewbooks.com