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My name is Swami Sevaratna. I am a starseed from the Galaxy of Andromeda and it is a pleasure and honor to have you here, on one of my sites, dedicated to Light and Love, sharing with you extremely valuable information about the magnificent changes that are about to come to Humanity and our dear planet Earth with the precious help from our friends from the Galactic Federation of Light, Ashtar Command and the Ascended Masters.

Sharing is the concept that will take us far into our new experience and allow our civilization to reach great heights never before attained. It is the lack of sharing in our world that has created so many blockages that have been the cause of much hardship and strife. Our friends from the Galaxy and beyond, the Galactic Federation of Light, wish to share with us their knowledge and experience with this concept, and show us how an entire society can flourish when based on this simple method of economics. 

There has always been plenty of everything in our society to go around, but the few have hoarded all they possibly could, leaving but breadcrumbs for all the rest of our world to scramble for. 

This is now to change 

They will assist us make these much needed changes to our society, but again, it is us that must make the decision to go ahead with these plans. We are the masters of our experience. They await our collective decision.

Many new avenues will be opened for us in the days ahead, and our society will begin to experience metamorphosis into a world much more advanced than it is today in so many wonderful ways. Is this what we desire collectively? If it is, then it is this that we shall have. This is how it works. Is this not simple enough?

Looking back over the years of our history, the knowledge of our right to choose our destiny has been purposely kept from us in order to further our captivity by a handful of negative beings. This agenda by these dark forces is still in force today, the only difference is that so many of us are becoming aware of this. It is due to our newly born awareness that is seeing humanity freed from this tyranny. Do you see, dear visitor, how important the free flow of information is to a society? Do you see 
now how censorship on any level is poison to a civilization? Do you see now just how vital it is to do all you can to defend our rights of free speech and freedom of expression? 

We have been conned out of these rights over the years in the name of safety that these dark ones have promised us, and the biggest con of all is that we have never had any enemies that threatened our freedom other than the dark ones themselves. They are the ones who attack us and frighten us into handing over all our sacred rights. It is time every soul incarnate on our planet understand this. It is time every soul on our planet who wishes to be free again takes back our sovereign rights to experience an existence of our choosing. Will we take back these rights that only belong to us? That is the question posed to us today. That is our choice before us now. What is it that we will choose? 

Take the time to allow others who do not yet understand their choices at this time to become aware of the paths before them. Share this information with them that they are being offered a new life, free from the tyranny of the former ruling class. Let them know you have powerful friends who are here to assist you with this task, but always remember to make them aware that they are not here to do our work for us. They are only here to make sure that whatever it is we choose as a collective we shall have. This is their task, one of many at this time, and they look so forward to being able to assist further in this way. This day is ours. 

We hold the key that will open the door to our New Reality

For those who do not choose this way of life at this time, there is, of course, an alternative choice for them. Such is this universe, wherein all our wishes are freely granted, and there are many paths for all to choose that cater to our individual needs for growth and expansion. Take your time to decide which path you wish to travel next, as this is a very important decision for you to make. Your decision will be honored as it has always been, and always will be. 

We are the Galactic Federation of Light. 

Artwork by: Swami Sevaratna

Please leave your comments after reading a posting, as this is going to give me great joy and also register as a reader of this site. I need to know who you are, what challenges you are facing, what experiencies you carry. Don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions or visit me if you live in Athens. My base is in Athens Greece, where I run my Yoga Center (Yogaspirit).

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  1. Dear Dimitrios,

    Excellent blog but you should put the text brighter to be read more easily for the ones with por sighting, that is my case.

    Many thanks for your work of Light.

    Much Love

  2. Thanks for the remark. I corrected immediately the brightness of the text.

    Unlimited bliss to you.