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Religions are but different mind games, designed to enslave you

Message from Montague Keen via Veronica Keen for 25 December 2016 

2016 is almost at an end. It was an exceedingly traumatic year for many, including you, my dear. All who endeavored to expose the Cabal have suffered. I know that it has taken its toll on you, my dear, but the fact that you survived all that was directed at you, proves that the truth will triumph. Humanity is finding the strength to investigate all that those who believe themselves to be 'in power' impose on you. The REAL controllers, who pull the strings for your puppet governments, are being exposed and eliminated. It will take time for the human race to fully understand how this evil Cabal changed the course of human life on Earth. They changed your history in order to confuse you. There is a need to know your true history, as well as who you are and what is expected of you. Nothing (and I do mean NOTHING) you were taught about your history, is true. All those that you were taught to hold in high esteem are, in fact, your captors. Every time you make a sign of the cross; you are actually saying "I AGREE TO THIS BONDAGE. I AM YOUR SLAVE". This is why you see the cross everywhere, to remind you of your bondage. The Cabal understands just how the human mind works. They have established countless ways of controlling it. Do not play their games which have been designed to enslave you. 

Religions are but different mind games, also designed to enslave you. Serve, instead, the Prime Creator, the source of all creation, who awaits your call to free you from the Cabal, and to protect you from further attacks. I assure you the Cabal is losing ground. France and Ireland, and other countries, are now formulating plans to withdraw from the Cabal's EUROPEAN UNION. This proves that the awakening is happening. The release from bondage is underway. 

More proof that vaccinations cause autism has been published in California. This is a fact. It is further proof that, far from being good for you, these vaccinations cause great harm. They destroy lives. There are experts on health who use natural methods to heal, who are ready to replace the corrupt drug industry. I helped Veronica to formulate plans to put this in action. She has been under constant attack ever since. However, it will be done; see it as just postponed. The battle merely to be able to survive, had to take priority. Our plans will come to fruition. They cannot be prevented. Humanity must survive and thrive once more. 

May I take this opportunity to remind the people of Ireland that the remarkable man, DAVID ICKE, is to talk in Ireland for the first time. Please give him a real Irish welcome. Listen to his words. They will lift you out of the control system that was instituted by the Vatican, 2000 ago, in order to enslave you. You, the Irish race, are the most sinned against race in your world. This is your time to WAKE UP, and realize that IRELAND IS THE KEY THAT WILL UNLOCK EVERYTHING. All the answers you need are there in Ireland. Look again at the information revealed in the Andrew Bartzis/Veronica Keen videos on YouTube. You are ready for it. All the information you need is contained in them. It is time for the Irish to act, by discarding the false teachings and trappings of Rome that have enslaved you. Learn that it was the JESUITS who planned and carried out THE IRISH HOLOCAUST. They told you it was a famine. Such LIES! 

Ireland produced food that was shipped out, even as the people died of hunger. THIS WAS OVERSEEN BY THE JESUITS. All the evidence is there. The Vatican set out to destroy the Irish people, sending them begging to the four corners of the Earth as slaves. 

When the Irish people wake up (and wake up they will!) all the lies of the Vatican will be exposed. They will lose what little credibility they have left. The Vatican openly serves Lucifer. This is right in front of your eyes but you are blind to it. How many children do they sacrifice to Lucifer every year through their satanic rituals? 

You must face many unsavory truths in 2017, especially the ritual killing of children. This must stop! Those who serve MOLOCH have always indulged in such ritual sacrifice. Many attend THE SACRIFICE OF THE MASS. In this Mass, one is told to DRINK THE BLOOD of Christ and to EAT THE FLESH of Christ. This is, in fact, a satanic ritual. Do you do this? 

Think for a moment, what life will be like when the chemtrails are gone; when the fluoridation of your water is stopped; when GM food is outlawed; when the drug companies are exposed for exactly what they are, and all vaccinations are prevented. Human life will change. You will be free to think and to explore all that has been hidden from you. Free again to be the Beings of Light that you actually are. 

This is your objective. This is what you must work towards. Your future depends on it. All the information you require is already there, waiting for you to explore it. There are no limitations, so go for it. See this as the most exciting adventure of your lives. 

Those whom the Cabal fear are locked up in jails, all over your world. Those that they can kill, they do kill. Please give a thought to those who have been unjustly imprisoned without trial by the Cabal. Justice does not exist in Cabal-run countries. Pray for justice for them. All has been taken from them and they have nothing left, except the hope that eventually, justice will prevail. 

My dear, 2016 was one of the most difficult years that you have ever had to cope with. The attacks on you became more audacious and horrific. It is a miracle indeed that you have survived. 

Our work must go on. 

Always, your adoring, Monty. 

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

Τετάρτη, 28 Δεκεμβρίου 2016

The coming time is sure to bring all a resplendent sequence of wonders

Sheldan Nidle's Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy 27 December 2016 

11 Batz, 14 Mol. 13 Caban 

Selamat Jalwa! We start today with a brief progress report. Currency items that are earmarked for distribution are in the process of being readied. We know that it has been a long and difficult journey for all. It is therefore important that you know that those at the top of the various distribution levels are preparing to initiate a most amazing process. Once launched, and barring unforeseen circumstances, this process is expected to take over a month to complete. As you know, it has been a truly arduous journey for all. Delivery of prosperity funds is simply the initial stage of this intricate operation. We know that the protracted length of this procedure was complicated by the imperative to keep these actions secure and above board. It therefore created the commitment to go as slow as was necessary. Our purpose was to work with our allies and keep them satisfied about what was unfolding. This series of requirements forced us into a very slow and deliberate mode. Thus, it has taken over two decades to finish this component of our large and complex project. It is our joy to see that your consciousness and perception of this task have allowed a better comprehension of what this journey is all about. 

When we first arrived on your beautiful shores, we immediately sensed what was occurring. The Anunnaki were still the Overlords of this surface world, and treated their minions with a firm but velvet glove. It was your position to obey with few or no questions asked. This unfair reality caused us much pain for what you were enduring. We immediately discovered who was in charge of the Holy Light of Heaven’s accomplishments. At first, they were suspicious of our presence but gradually, they began to develop trust. Your Ascended Masters were our patrons, and through them our sacred project was explained to all. Nevertheless, it took us more than two decades to develop the degree of trust required to successfully attain our series of projects. Once achieved, we were able to implement projects that involved both the Masters' Secret Sacred Societies and the Agarthans. During this time, we increased the number of ships in our fleet and completed the training of those assigned to mentor you. These projects are, of course, continuing. 

We have begun to strategize how best to remove the minions that are part of a number of your governments. This process is generally tied to an ongoing legal process associated with the vast corruption and illegal operations of the current American regime. This project was first created to isolate vital aspects of those who ran this illegal action. The other part of the plan was for it to gradually manifest a new legal republic, based upon a series of documents that became known as NESARA. This operation resulted in a few complications that are gradually to be fully resolved. New governance has quickly been able to establish itself worldwide as the framework for the true governance of America. The overriding goal is to transform the current situation through a series of future announcements. Strategically, the exact timing of these announcements needs to be kept hidden from the public. It is therefore vital that this, and the prosperity project, proceed secretly until the proper time for Full Disclosure. It is our joint policy to keep all of this confidential, until the security matters associated with it are completely resolved. 

As these stages of secrecy are completed, we move ever closer to Disclosure. It is to be much easier for us to operate when we are able to talk publicly with you and delineate what Heaven has decreed. We realize just how vital it is to be able to operate away from the currently required shadows. Our liaisons have been forced to maintain certain protocols that are a bit clumsy. We have kept these up mainly to assuage our partners. In the coming months, this need can fade away, as we begin to address you directly. The extent of pollution and climate change promulgated by the Anunnaki’s minions is most troubling. You have caused an amazing degree of imbalance in your atmosphere and oceans, and on your land. They need to be corrected. To us, these tasks are a simple set of operations. However, those who control governments hold policies that are against such procedures. We need to wait until Disclosure is formally announced. As you can see, we are approaching a series of events that is to alter the way this global society operates. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! 

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! This special time of the year is heightened in joy by what is about ready to appear. The great spiritual gift of financial freedom is near. Therefore, let us be merry and of good cheer. This is a time, as well, when the energy of spiritual renewal manifests. Know that this energy is a symbol of a new pledge by Heaven to shower you with grace and action. This symbolizes how committed the Heavenly Hosts are to your safety and redemption from a flow of energies that are positively roaring throughout this realm. Let all humanity take note that this very special compensation is manifesting. Let this holiday season be celebrated in the knowledge that the monstrous evil that has been your bane is lifting. The happiest of holidays to one and all! It is truly a time to be looked upon with joy and heartfelt thanks to Heaven! Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna! 

As it always does, this glorious time began to seem beset with delays and the usual frustrations. Across this globe a grand renaissance of consciousness has pushed Gaia’s surface realm to new heights. Long lists of global humanitarian projects have accumulated, along with the funds amassed to provide for their completion. It is a time when the stresses of population growth and the blessings of a New Reality are to merge. This glorious planet is to see a birth of miracles that is to bring it the dawn of world peace, founded on your soaring visions. These blessings are to manifest, and an explosion of activity is to see a new attitude arise the world over, driven by this planet’s growing consciousness. Heaven has long planted special seeds to make possible this splendid event. The shaping of this New Reality is just the beginning. So, stand back in anticipation and watch as this New Reality quickly assumes its magnificent new form. 

As you can see, so many wondrous miracles are just around the proverbial corner. We Masters are proud of what you are to do when you finally receive your freedom and prosperity. These series of phenomena are to show you just how much you are truly capable of. We have watched patiently and seen how ruthlessly the Anunnaki’s minions have kept you down. All of this is now to change, as you transform this beautiful orb that is your home. You are to develop plans to use new technology to clean your waters, air and land. When at last we reveal a number of key truths to you, even more miracles are to suddenly manifest. After your Space Family finally lands, you will be able to demonstrate the extent to which your consciousness has grown. Even the Agarthans are to be in joy at what you have accomplished. It is this marvelous place that can now reunite with the Inner Realms to form a New Gaia! 

Today, we continued with our weekly reports. This magical time of the year has brought us much joy! The coming time is sure to bring all a resplendent sequence of wonders. It is also a time for you to use your amazing visions to manifest the true marvel that is humanity! Know, dear Ones, that the countless supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!). 

Website: Planetary Activation Organization

God is within you, period.

Message from Saul via John Smallman for 18 December 2016 

There is no reason to be in fear. Fear is of the illusion, unreal, a reaction to uncertainty which just drains your energy, because it focuses on the future, distracting you from living in this now moment which is the only time that exists. Now is where you need to focus your attention and your feelings, and through doing that be fully aware of your state of presence right now. Intend to maintain this constant state of present awareness so that you are fully alive and alert, and then you are open to the intuitive nudges, the wise guidance from those watching over you from the spiritual realms. 

You are constantly being watched over by those who would assist you immediately if you call on them. You are never alone or unsupported, but you do need to pay attention in order to access what is offered. Frequently you have strong expectations of what your guidance should offer you, and so you often miss what is actually being offered. Relax, allow, receive, and enjoy the guidance that then arises, miraculously! 

Knowing, as in truth you do in every moment, that you are divinely supported and never alone, then relax into Life, into Love, and allow the Reality of that to guide you in every moment. Always engage lovingly with others, all others! There are no exceptions to this if you wish to heal yourselves. Love expands, embraces, supports, and encourages, increasing your energy and your vitality; whereas fear discourages, disempowers, drains, and weakens. Love responds with Love. Fear responds with fear. Remind yourselves frequently that you are Love; open yourselves to allow It to enter within you. Love is like a vast flowing river that envelops and embraces you in every moment if you will permit. If you shut It out, it is as though you were in the river but covered completely by a dry suit, completely protected or shut off from Its warm embrace. 

Love is all about allowing. You need do nothing else, because Its purpose and intent is to totally suffuse and renew your energy field in every moment, if you will allow It to do so. When you do, peace and contentment will fill and uplift you. Do not focus anxiously on the conflicts and suffering you see in the world around you while wondering what you could or should be doing to help relieve them, by all means intend to send your love to those who are suffering, but focus instead on the Love that you are as a divine creation. By doing this, the world is changed, and that is what you incarnated to do. Where you focus your attention, whatever thoughts you hold – positive or negative – bring into your life those points of focus. 

It is very difficult for you not to become distracted by the chaos and confusion with which the illusion constantly bombards you. However, you knew that this would happen before you made the choice to incarnate for this particular lifetime. So, go within at least once daily to make contact with the Divine Flame burning constantly within you. It is the flame of Divine Love from which you were created and from which you can NEVER be separated. 

You are already saved, there is nothing you need or can do to make yourselves more acceptable to God. God created you already perfect, from Love, from the energy field that is All That Is, and to which you are eternally connected. You are all God’s beloved children, and there is nothing that you can ever do that can or will change that. Sin, however grave and unforgivable it may appear to you to be, is of the illusion; it is unreal even though it brings intense pain and suffering to many who are incarnate as humans. However, your true and eternal existence at One with each other and with your Divine Source is unchanging. 

Initially, you constructed or built the illusion to play games and experience separation, because in Reality separation is impossible, and it was only by imagining and building the illusion that you could in any way sense what separation would be like. Now you have had enough of the intense pain and suffering that it brings you and you desire only to awaken from the nightmare that you built. All around you are signs that people, humanity, are waking up. When the conditions of life in the illusion become intolerable, you choose to awaken, and that time has come. The power of your awakening energy fields, your unbreakable connection to Source, is intensifying simply because that is what it does, and purely in order to assist in your awakening process. Being divine, your real wills are completely in alignment with God’s, and so your awakening is divinely assured and inevitable. You can continue to delay it, but it makes absolutely no sense to do so. After all, why would you continue to experience intense pain and suffering when there is no requirement to do so? 

It seems that many are addicted to pain and suffering. In fact, it has become so normal that without it they feel incomplete, that something important in their lives is missing. God’s Power and God’s Love resides in each of you. You need seek no gurus, no priests, no pastors, no intermediaries of any kind, because each one of you has her or his own unbreakable connection to God which, if you will allow it or listen to it, will lead you home. Others may be able to help you find your path, but only you can identify it through your own inner knowing, and then choose to follow it home. 

That you are eternally and inseparably One with God is reason to celebrate. To celebrate is healthy, uplifting, inspiring, and fun. It intensifies your energy fields, so that they expand out into the world, melding with others who are also celebrating, and raising the whole planetary frequency so that humanity’s awareness of its true nature arises to the surface of its consciousness thus making it impossible to deny it any longer. 

Denial of your divine nature has been an enormous obstruction on your path to awakening. You have, over the eons since the separation game commenced, been very confused about life and its purpose because of the amnesia that is a powerful aspect of it. Consequently, you have been seeking but unable to find a convincing answer to the question: “What, if there is one, is the purpose of life?” Many myths arose with stories of gods and goddesses, demons and witches, magicians and sorcerers, but none of them offered any meaningful help or consolation because they all demanded your allegiance to someone or something outside yourself. 

God is within you, period. It is within yourselves, and only there, that you can and will find your unbreakable connection to God, Source, the Creator who so lovingly brought you into existence to enjoy the infinitely abundant fullness of life forever in His Presence. When you chose to experience separation from your Divine Source it was essential that you also chose to remove all memory of It from your conscious awareness, otherwise you would have been unable to experience the sense of separation that you wanted. 

The choice to go within and find God has been always available to you, but the distractions of the world outside yourselves, the unreal world, have seduced you for eons with their siren songs that lead only to unmitigated disappointment. Now, finally, you have made the collective choice to dissociate yourselves from the distractions of the illusion and return to awareness of your true nature at One with God. Your eternal Home, the Home you have never left, is within you and always has been, It waits patiently and lovingly for you to remember and awaken, and that is what humanity is collectively in the process of doing right now. 

The choice to awaken was made eons ago, at the moment when the apparent separation occurred, but the decision to follow through on that choice was made only in the last few decades. All around you signs of this inevitable decision abound, so take heart and know that you are waking up from the nightmare into full awareness of your Oneness with Source, and that your joy and delight will be unbounded. 

With so very much love, Saul.

Κυριακή, 25 Δεκεμβρίου 2016

Stepping Unto the Magic Carpet

Message from Archangel Metatron via NewSunUnity for December 2016 

“As the Earth is now upon the entryway of the December Solstice, it brings to Light what has been Dark in all things.” ~ Lord Metatron 

This is Lord Metatron at your service to bring forth understanding of the present energies of yet another season that will be experienced upon the Earth. 

It does not matter where you are physically located in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere. Each element around the Earth is going to be feeling the effects of this magnificent Light storm arriving into Gaia. 

As the Winter Solstice represents bringing Light into a Dark year, it allows for the transference of energies to be felt far and wide. As the Summer Solstice represents the Light being the focal point for the Darkness that has been experienced through this past season. So, as you see, it doesn’t relate to where you are living, but how you allow yourself to be blessed by the incoming Light frequencies. 

Each of us is riding the Wave of Light ~ all of humanity and all of the Divine Beings associated within the Inner Plane. It depends upon how you will experience this Wave of Light and what it may mean for your planetary existence at this time. 

The darkness has been felt and is expressed by many souls upon this Earth. Each of you with each of us in the Spiritual Hierarchy has a job to do together. We must not allow this darkness to prevail; we must work within the higher realms to understand the process that is occurring within the planet presently. 

But you will not understand it in the way that you think. 

It will occur through your Higher Mind ~ the Divinity of your Light to be felt by all that walk this pathway. Aren’t you a Wayshower ~ paving the way for others so that they can see their own Light? 

This Solstice arriving December 21st, at 10:44 GMT, 2:44 AM Pacific, 5:44 AM Eastern is the most magnificent ride of creation that you will have experienced within this year. 

It has been a challenging time for many. But yet, within those energies there has been success in many areas. It is about your perception of yourself and how you see it within your own eyes that will determine your future. This Solstice is a moment for your REBIRTH; not only within your experience upon this Earth as human, but the designated outcome that you will allow yourself to be through this process. 

The Wave of Light that is coming into the planet is assisting each of you to know yourself deeper and in a much better way than you have ever experienced before. The Rebirth is occurring right now within your own consciousness and your planet. You have a grand opportunity to be more than you ever have been before. 

This wave of energy that is coming forward is allowing every soul to fully look within themselves and see changes that will result in a new way of living, of breathing, and being part of a movement of energy unto this Earth. Every person will experience it differently, so it is up to each of you personally on how you are going to accept the change that is coming. 

I know, many of you already know what it is. It has been brewing inside of you through each acceleration throughout the year. You have felt it within the moon cycles, the changes of the planets and how they are interacting with the present energies. It is time within the year of 2016 to realize the stages of completion you have been preparing for. 

Do You Understand What I Am Saying? 

Light infractions will be coming into the Earth in a very short time. You may have already experienced them within your consciousness. Many of you are seeing small moments of realization when you have been trying to accept a new way of living and the window has opened for the opportunity to allow it to be revealed. 

Feel it. Become It, because it is time that you realize all that you have been doing is going to be your reality. Not part of it, but all that you have been working upon this year. 

The Call Has Been Received ~ You asked questions, you wonder why elements have not changed and now within these moments you will see an opportunity to not wonder about it any longer. 

This is what happens when the Christ Consciousness becomes the defining factor in each soul’s life. 

This year, more than any other year upon the history of the Earth, will mark an improvement upon the thoughts, actions, and feelings of humanity. The Wave of Light we speak about has been readying itself to arrive within the planet. The Great Central Sun of Helios and Vesta are readying themselves to express these Light particles unto Gaia and all her inhabitants. 

It is a grand opportunity for every soul to receive this Light, to make changes in their world, to change their habits, their thoughts, and feelings about the corruption of this planet. 


We know what happens during these accelerations, but what do you do with it afterwards? 

This is an important realization to have within yourself. We have to change it all and we of the Angelic Realm of Light bring forth this grand opportunity for each of you to become the conduit of Love that you desire. There is no question that during this Solstice lives will change, some for the better and others not as well. It all depends upon their thought processes that are occurring right now. 

I will be extending this Light frequency to each of you for several days until the end of the year. A doorway is being opened to allow this Wave of Light to assist all Sentient Beings to become what their Higher Self’s desire them to be. 

The end of strife will now end; the Will to Save is Here. 

It is up to each of you and how you will accept the change within you. You are the Christ and you must now show within yourself that it is time to release the bondage of the past and allow the Consciousness that you Love to become YOU. 

This movement of Light will continue into December 31st until the doorway opens into the New Year of 2017. Will you be one that allows your ‘I AM Presence’ to show you the way into Oneness? This is the time you have been waiting for and I walk with you to help it become a reality within your consciousness first. 

You must remember, you are not here to save the world; you are here to save yourself from continued tyranny of your past timelines. If every soul could achieve this end, the world would change immediately. 

Allow this Wave of Light to assist you in your journey. 

Will you step unto the Magic Carpet with me and see what life has to offer to you? Are you willing to let go of all the drama of the past, all of the elements that hold you back? 

Then come with me, let me show you the way. So, then others will follow and the year of 2017 will be Oneness and a New Beginning for Gaia. 

Take time during this phase of the year to realize the potential you have within yourself to change, what elements do you need to address, what is your subconscious mind telling you in any given moment, let all these old elements change for the better. 

Please know, it will not happen magically, unless you are ready to really understand who you are as a Soul and a Physical Being Upon this Earth. It is a great time of testing, but it is also a wonderful time of acceleration. Change is possible as long as you are willing to look into the many mirrors that need to be healed, reformed, and allow your transformation to take place. 

I look forward to our continued journey with each other. 

I Am Lord Metatron, Always At Your Service.

Παρασκευή, 23 Δεκεμβρίου 2016

Old Reality fading quickly as Pole Shift now fully underway

By Benjamin Fulford for 19 December 2016 

“…the old reality is fading rapidly. The story by which the world, especially the Western world, has been living in was one of a never ending war on terror and an engineered clash between Islam and Christianity. The mass murdering criminals whose “social engineering” has perpetuated this story are being hunted down and killed or else are under house arrest or in hiding. 

“…Bishop Javier Echevaria, the head of the fascist Opus Dei Vatican organization was killed last week after he tried to overturn the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, Pentagon sources say… Three independent sources, one CIA, one Pentagon and one bloodline are also saying that David Rockefeller and Nathaniel Rothschild, the respective bloodline leaders of the US and the EU were also killed last week. 

“The sources also say that the Clintons, the Bushes, Senator John McCain and many other cabal leaders are under house arrest and are only allowed out under carefully chaperoned circumstances pending their war crimes trials… it is very clear that the people who have been running the planet (especially the West) until now are in a state of deep panic. 

“A visible manifestation of their desperation is the hysterical claims by the corporate media and compromised intelligence agency sources like Saudi loving CIA director John Brennan that “Russian hacking” was responsible for the election of Donald Trump… This failing Russia story is a clear indication that their ability to control the world story is over. 

“Another sign of the panic among the leaders of the collapsing old regime is the fact that Hillary Clinton and Obama both contacted the White Dragon Society last week to say that they were not responsible for the March 11, 2011 tsunami and nuclear terror attack on Japan. They claim, as do the Gnostic Illuminati, that Russia’s Vladimir Putin was the person behind that operation… Since both the NSA and the Gnostic Illuminati claim Putin takes orders from Jacob and Evelyn de Rothschild, claims of his involvement in 311 may well be true. 

“Zhang, the Showa Emperors’ cousin and many other sources also claim the current emperor of Japan is not from the Japanese royal family. If that is the case, then the right to issue Japanese yen and the Bank of Japan are based on nothing but fraud. Of course, the same can be said of the Federal Reserve Board and the EU Central Bank. In the US major moves against this fraud continue. 

“The high ranking consiglieri of the old regime like George Bush Jr., Condoleezza Rice, Jim Baker and Bob Gates are lobbying hard for Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerman to be made Secretary of State, but that “this will not save them from 911 and war crimes charges,” the Pentagon sources say. 

“There were more confirmations last week that the incoming Trump government in the US is basically a military one. Former Navy Seal Commander Ryan Zinke was named to the Department of the Interior, while former army Lieutenant General Keith Kellogg was selected as Chief of Staff of the National Security Council. This government is taking a military approach to the Khazarian mafia, which means either killing them or forcing them to surrender. There is some sort of battle going on in and around Denver, Colorado, the Pentagon sources say, confirming that foreign troops are converging there. 

“…Pentagon sources say US, Russian and Iranian special forces are working together to “terminate” ISIS forces in Palmyra, Syria. There was also a big earthquake in Papua New Guinea indicating the Khazarian submarine base there is under attack, the sources say. 

“Special forces are also being sent to the Getty Center in California to flush out Satanists living under it, WDS sources say. The museum was built at a cost of $6 billion at a time when a 1000 room casino could be built for $500 million, because most of the work was underground, the sources say. 

“The Gnostic Illuminati say the entire current world power structure is crumbling and will be replaced by something new and better.”

Τετάρτη, 21 Δεκεμβρίου 2016

Most of the lower-level miscreants of the dark cabal have been nabbed

Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy 20 December 2016 

4 Kan, 7 Mol, 13 Caban 

Dratzo! Those in charge of the RV’s distribution and the prosperity packages are working swiftly to see that they are brought out together. At present, the RV is being revealed through the various levels that were set up by these diligent workers of the Light. They know the importance of these many prosperity packages. Once more than 70% of these special monies are delivered, the creation of the NESARA Republic is legally assured. This one factor makes this process essential to what currently is being carried out by our earthly associates. Meanwhile, there is the process for the RV. This is to assure that the extremely large sums of monies are successfully transferred to the underprivileged throughout this globe. These humanitarian projects enable this world to easily supply the freedom, food, sanitation, housing, clothing and electricity needed to bring everyone up to speed. This provides the literacy and Internet education necessary to comprehend what we are doing. As you can see, a great deal of progress is being made. Much more is still required before we reach our prescribed goals. 

Our associates on this world are doing a marvelous job. However, there are still many of the cabal that have only recently revealed themselves. Most of the lower-level miscreants have been nabbed. This group has helped in the last few weeks to arrest most of the next level of scalawags. This process has helped us, as well, to uncover how these scurrilous rats operated, enabling us to identify this devious operation almost to its highest levels. Our operatives are busy putting together the last pieces of this nefarious puzzle. The purpose of this final series of investigations is to ready our associates to perform the final global takedown of this monstrously intertwined evil. The Anunnaki created an appallingly devious organization of the dark. It permeated every nook and cranny of this globe. Thus, ferreting out these criminals has proven to be quite a study in the thought processes of these devious rats. Our joint intention has been to secure the funds and end massive global corruption. Those goals are now in sight. It pleases us to know that every day brings us closer to Disclosure, and to NESARA! 

Our fleet continues to monitor Gaia’s surface lands. Every corner of this globe is under attack by two major forces. The first is climate change. This process, driven by the rapid globalization of your primitive industrial age, has spewed untold amounts of atmospheric, oceanic and land-based pollutants. This horrific operation has gained massive global traction in the period following the conclusion of the Second World War. Watching from space, we have been able to measure the amounts of pollution that have been added in the last forty years alone. We recognize just how dangerous all of these poisons truly are. The second factor is the process used by Gaia to ready this surface world for its future Reunion with the 5D paradise of Inner Earth. This vast operation is taking place at a relatively slower pace than the first factor. The degree of artificial pollution affecting this natural change is astounding! It has caused unusual temperature gradients to form. It has produced a series of clumps of plastic to appear in the oceans and skewed their natural current flow. 

These alterations have tended to increase the rate by which your points of global habitation are deteriorating. This concerns us, as we wish to free you to solve these problems with joint technology tied into your ever-growing consciousness. The degree of radiation pumped into oceans, when combined with growing sandy dust from North Asia, creates a problem that truly requires a critically-needed and world-wide series of solutions. We have explained our concerns to your leaders and asked that a timetable for global Disclosure be moved up. It is essential that a number of difficulties that you seem to be ignoring be soundly addressed and a succession of urgent actions be promptly taken. Many of your politicians hold beliefs that, in the short run, are dangerous to all of you. We have thus taken some small and preliminary actions to give you a little additional time to solve many of these serious questions. It is our perception that changes to your governance can address these grievances globally. It is vital that most of these problems be attacked and not ignored! 

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! The world is in the midst of blessed changes. Those who have overseen these changes realize it is to take longer than initially estimated. Yet, despite this, these alterations are to truly permit everyone to know a form of freedom not experienced since before the fated fall of Atlantis. In this light, the grand prosperity is to allow you to finally fulfill your grandest dreams and clearly see that your long-lost abilities have been restored to you. We Masters have worked closely with Heaven and our earthly associates to ensure that this work is fully protected, and secure from whatever the old order could possibly wish to do. Thus, this whole project took us much longer. Nevertheless, stay positive, dear Ones! Know deep in your Hearts that this New Time at long last is near. It is to be a time for celebration, knowing that you are shortly to greet the rest of your Heavenly and Galactic Families! 

This coming time is to clearly delineate your final path to Full Consciousness. These moments are, therefore, a period when you can begin to establish a clear picture of how you were able to escape the bondage of the Anunnaki’s minions. We Masters are most encouraged by the progress of this process and how it is quickly approaching its concluding stages. Then the monies are to swiftly arrive, as this is the appropriate time to declare the rise of the NESARA Republic. We and the Agarthans are handling this divine operation. We understand its complexity and simply ask you to maintain your positive visions. As noted before, they have a most wonderful energy that is helping all to succeed. This joint action is only successful because of what you continue to accomplish. Many wonderful events are getting ready to happen. This dark morass is moving toward its end. 

This entire project has been a wonder to us. Our Sacred Heavenly Council was first created some 900,000 years ago when the Lemuria colony was on its way to Gaia. The purpose for this colony was to forge a galactic human, heavenly and planetary union. It was to acknowledge the special bond created, and to partner with the marvelous Cetacean Nation. But a number of dark factors caused the special timeline to be rewritten. Our Sister- and Brotherhoods adjusted, as decreed by Heaven. Thus, we advance into the present in full knowledge that the events described by us are taking place. Our galactic and earthly brothers and sisters are now completing actions that are to give you a most welcome set of gifts. Let the end of this year, and the start of the new one be a time for rejoicing and the Beginnings of all that you intend to do with your magnificent passions. Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna! 

Today, as always, we reported what is occurring across this worldwide realm. Use this remaining time to finish your many preparations. Heaven is intending to give you the gifts you most desire. Know, dear Ones, that the countless supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Website: Planetary Activation Organization

Δευτέρα, 19 Δεκεμβρίου 2016

Upliftment out of Duality and into the realms of Light

Mike Quinsey Channeling his Higher Self for 16 December 2016 

When you can see and understand the current situation on Earth, the way forward is apparent and indicated by the collapse of the Illuminati’s control over the events taking place. Matters are changing, even as they try to maintain some kind of control to no avail. There is a greater plan in place that regardless of the actions of those who instead try to impose their will cannot prevent a successful conclusion leading to Ascension. So, do not be dismayed regardless of how you see events working out, as all are well. The last gasps of those who face defeat can be heard, and many now flee to avoid having to answer for their actions against Humanity. They cannot avoid having to face the result of their actions, as there is no hiding place that will enable them to escape and justice will have its day. Do not be concerned with their future, as they will reap what they have sown, and like all souls will nevertheless be assisted as soon as they turn to the Light. 

There is a plan in place that will lead you along the path to your salvation, and upliftment out of Duality and into the realms of Light. These are the levels that you left behind when you volunteered to help those souls trapped in the lower vibrations. You might wonder, why you would leave the higher realms to help those who seemed beyond redemption, and the simple answer is that you are one with them and all souls must lift up out of the darkness if they are to progress. They need help to find their way back to the Light, otherwise they may slip further into the pit where the Light is practically non-existent. Your strength and experience are your guarantee of success, although the lower vibrations will present a strong challenge to your faith. As you have been told previously, whilst on your path, you are never alone and your Guides will do their best to assist you when you are in need. 

Meanwhile, all proceeds as necessary to ensure that Re-Val is close to taking place. It may appear to be delayed too often, but bear in mind that there is a lot of preparation required before all is ready to go ahead. The dark Ones although weakened are still able to stall events and cause delay but cannot prevent ultimate progress as ordained. Many of you already know whether you are on the path to completion in this life time, and the dark Ones are tasked with testing you to find any weakness that you may have. However, your strength of character will undoubtedly see you through, providing you keep your sight firmly on the finishing line. 

You are being allowed to discover more about your past and people are beginning to hear about the astonishing discoveries in the reaches of Antarctica. The remains of a vast city that has been under the ice for thousands of years and it is an exciting discovery that can hardly be kept secret, but the big powers will do their best to keep it so. It is a find that the searchers were led to as it is time for Humanity to know more of the truth about your real history. Until now, you have been deliberately kept in a time warp, but soon you are to learn of the many different Space Beings that are linked to you, and particularly those who reside within the Inner Earth. The fact that few of you have had any idea of their presence is because until now it was not there time to reveal themselves to Humanity. However, the time quickly approaches when you should be ready to be met your Brothers and Sisters from Space. 

At many different stages in Man’s evolution you have been visited by Space Beings, but they have not always had the best of intentions. The Anunnaki, who have now gone from the Earth, kept you in a “prison” of their making and led you to believe in a false version of your history. The time has come to learn the truth, but first you must be uplifted, and Mankind must create conditions on Earth that restore an acceptable standard of living. NESARA is to be enacted very soon and will take Humanity out of the Dark Ages and into the Light. That will ensure the end of poverty and the fair distribution of wealth and the Earths bounties. There is more than enough wealth on Earth that has been accumulating for many centuries that will give all of Humanity a reasonable standard of living. St. Germain can be credited with having ensured that such a high standard can be achieved, and will release funds when appropriate. 

The ravages of war and the poverty experienced in many countries, has left much restoration needed, but with the advancements that will emerge reparation and replacement will soon restore the areas that have been badly affected. In a relatively short time, all countries will be made as new and more self-sufficient, and the people freed from the drudgery of working all of their lives simply to exist. However, even with advanced technologies the overall time scale will still take quite a number of years before completion is achieved. The future is filled with Light and a happy and enjoyable time will be experienced by all. Already you are entering an area of Space that is of the higher vibrations and as they have an effect, people will experience upliftment into a more peaceful environment where the Light is stronger. 

The going will be tough on many people, but keep in mind that the changes are necessary to achieve the foundation for a New Age. The plan is already in place and much has occurred already that are the building blocks for that which is to follow. The whole world is in a state of change and for some it may be a painful experience, but as matters are progressing at present, it should not last too long. The good news about current events is still largely kept from you, by those who oppose changes that lift you out of the difficulties they have brought about. You will appreciate that it is not easy to introduce so many changes in such a short time. However, your needs are in mind and much will be done to ease the conditions that presently exist. 

It is the time of goodwill upon Earth and people become more focused on having a happy and enjoyable time. However, many do not forget those who are still in situations that bring about despair and heartache, and much good work is done at this time. Your generosity in such times is wonderful and a sign that as the vibrations lift up, you are releasing the old energies and finding your Real Self. You are as much of the Light as any other soul, although some do not yet realize their true potential. Always remember that whatever happens to you, you will always have the God Spark and it will always be so. In your days ahead, go about your travels with full awareness that you are all an aspect of God, and act accordingly. 

May you all receive what you wish for yourself and others, and use your gift of freewill to spread love and blessings at this time of the year. For many it is a special occasion that celebrates the life of Jesus and his love for every soul. 

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self. 

In Love and Light. 

Mike Quinsey. 

Website: Tree of the Golden Light