Πέμπτη, 30 Αυγούστου 2012

The Decree of your Creator

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light for 26 August 2012 

Swiftly sweeping you towards your New Reality are your hopes and your dreams for a better world and a better life for you and those around you. It has been many long eons since many of you could call a world that you live in safe, secure, prosperous, even beautiful, as much of your planet has become scarred and marred in certain ways. We see for you many changes on your horizon, but all of these changes do not come for free without some kind of effort and some levels of responsibility for your roles as caretakers of your New World. What we, the Galactic Federation of Light, propose is that each and every one of you takes an active role in not only the shaping of your New World in its design, but in the implementation process where these changes will take place. What we mean by this is we would like to incorporate the efforts of every single person on your planet, although we realize this is very ambitious and would be quite a task and achievement. We also feel this is a goal at least setting for ourselves, to give us a marker to shoot for. 

What we wish to achieve by this is a certain level of pride of accomplishment, of ownership, of responsibility for the management, the upkeep and the protection of your new societies and your planet as well. When a being feels responsibility for something, when a being feels that he or she is truly a part of something, their attitudes change considerably and they are more apt to roll up their sleeves and get involved and stay involved, for they feel their contributions are worth something, that their efforts are needed and amount to something. Can you understand this? Can you see that the more hands that pitch in today in the formation of your New World and the more hands that pitch in to the projects and programs that will help shape your New World, then more hands will take active roles of leadership in the protection, upkeep and maintenance of your new world, and by maintenance we do not mean menial labor. 

What we mean by maintenance is that a world does not always survive on its own. There are many necessary tasks needed to keep a society afloat and running at full speed. What we suggest are programs that will incorporate the participation of everyone on your planet in turn, so everyone can be a part of its governance, its maintenance, its planning and its upkeep. We do not wish to see many of you sitting on your hands, as it were, while allowing others to do all the work. As we have said, we have many advanced technologies that will reduce greatly the need for menial labor, and what we are talking about our areas of your new society that will necessitate, at least in some part and at least some of the time, a ‘hands on’ approach from some of those of your world. 

We do not wish and it is not our aim to select certain members of your populations dependent on any variables to be the sole caretakers or workers in these areas, no matter where it is these individuals live, their levels of income, education or social status. We do not do this, and this is not any part of the system we wish to implement in your world. What we propose, and we look today for your responses to learn how you feel about our proposal, is that we wish to implement a system where each and every member of your world will take turns in organized fashion to monitor, and at times, maintain certain systems that necessitate some kind of human attention, and occasionally, adjustment and tuning. This is not much to ask, considering the wonderful and generous benefits each and every one of you will be receiving through the construction and implementation of these new systems. 

What we are discussing today is a great benefit that will derive from each and every one of you taking a personal and hands on approach to these systems. What we are saying is that these systems will provide more to you than what they have been designed to do and what their function is. What these systems will provide to you is a brand-new higher dimensional attitude for your people, where pride and responsibility for your planet and your brothers and sisters alike will be the new call of the day. No longer will so many individuals ‘pass the buck’, as you say in your world, and allow others to do all the work or allow others to take all the responsibility for the management of so many different systems. 

This, in large part, has been the cause of the fall of your society. So many gave their power away to so few, allowing them to do all the work of governance for them, simply in return of providing them some of their taxpayer money and their vote in many cases. This will not do, and the product of such attitudes and choice is evident for all to see in your world today where corruption and chaos, inequity, imbalance, inadequacy, lack of justice and lack of fairness have run rampant throughout just about every society of your world save none. Your world today is in a state of chaos and confusion, as all the systems that had been implemented are now thunderously crashing to the ground almost simultaneously, as if a higher power said ‘This is enough, the time for all this madness now comes to an end, so I command. And in its place I command new systems to take the place of these corrupt and outdated, unjust and unclean, impure and unfair, unkind and unloving, un-prosperous and unrewarding systems.’ 

This has been the decree of your Creator, and that is why we and our alliance are here right now. This is why we have chosen to come here, as your Creator, who is our Creator, deemed that this planet now undergo great changes to restore her to a world of pristine beauty and fairness, love and light, reward and prosperity for each and every individual who calls this planet their home. We agreed to take on this responsibility and traveled in vast numbers in our great ships and we are here, and we are at this time in orbit around your planet, your solar system, and even beyond into the outer stretches of space. We are everywhere. You may see that we are even traveling to and from your surface world quite regularly on assignments to carry out our duties all in the name of these changes that your Creator has commanded. We work tirelessly. We do not take days off. We do not loaf around and do nothing as precious time ticks by, as some of your world somehow have come to believe. 

We know and see even more clearly than you possibly can, how much time there is allotted for these changes to take place. We say to you that we, on a daily basis, have one eye on the ticking clock and one eye on your world, for time is of the essence and there is no time to spare, to waste, to fritter away or to bargain away. This we understand perfectly clear. We only wish that more of you would understand this and take on the attitude that we have that there is absolutely no time to waste, as it is necessary for many of you to get on your horse and make the changes within yourselves and also find the time in any ways that you can to assist us and assist your brothers and sisters make the changes outside of you in your world, changes with repercussions that will reverberate throughout this entire universe. 

We have asked on many occasions for the assistance of those of you who wish to lend a hand, to pitch in and help us achieve certain goals. There are many of you who have responded to our calls and many of you work diligently at your computers each and every day helping us help you by sharing the information that you have ascertained about us, our presence here, our honorable intentions to assist your world, what kind of changes your people can expect and will take place and what this will mean to your people. We have also asked you to share the information pertaining to the arrests of many of the members of your societies who have led you astray, who have taken advantage of you, who have conned you, lied to you and bilked you out of your hard earned money, your freedoms, your health, your wealth and your futures. 

We have asked you to do this, as these arrests will continue to pick up steam. They are at this time moving at a somewhat rapid pace, a pace that is surely to escalate, and there will come a time where the news of these arrests will break through the media blackout in your western nations. When this happens, can you imagine the chaos that may ensue as so many millions of your citizens who have absolutely no idea that they are even the victims of crimes, no less that the perpetrators, the criminals of these crimes against them are those that they have voted for and continue to support strongly in many cases to this very day? The shock that some of these individuals may experience will go far beyond what they are capable to handle. Many of these individuals will succumb to the shock and it is you, the people of Earth, who must come to their aid. 

Before aid would have to be administered, a certain level of prevention is required, for it would make no sense not to practice any level of preventive measure and then allow so many of your people to become injured and force your people to scramble about to try to manage this overflow of those in need. Do you understand what we are saying here? What we are saying is, we are asking you, the people of your world, to drop what it is you feel is so important today, if these things have nothing to do with your survival or the important changes of your world, because they do not. Whatever it is you are doing, if it is not related to our discussions is not important and must be discarded from your attention. We ask you to help spread awareness of these arrests and what will follow, as this is the ounce of preventive measure that is worth a pound of cure, to coin a very wonderful phrase from your world. 

We wish to prevent such an overflow of those who succumb to shock, and we also wish to minimize the shock on your systems, as all of the systems in your world require manpower and the attention of a workforce. When so many members of your work forces will succumb to injury, either mentally or emotionally in the days ahead upon the news of our presence here and the arrests of so many of their elected leaders, can you imagine what will happen to so many of your systems, when so many employees fail to show up at their job sites? Your systems will, because they must, begin to collapse one after another in rapid succession. We cannot have this. Your world is not set up to sustain such a barrage of system collapse. Therefore, do you understand the importance of doing all that you can today to minimize this shock on your people and your systems? This is why we ask you respectfully time and again to share openly and share as far and as wide as you can this type of information.

You are not wasting your time on an ‘after school project’, as it were, or a hobby. What you would be investing your time in are Earth saving projects to better prepare humanity for these changes that are already well on their way. Considering this, considering how incredibly important the work that you do today is to preserve your societal systems tomorrow, could you find a way today to drop whatever it is that consumes so much of your time and leaves so little to this important assignment? Your assignment is to be a fountain, a wellspring of information relating to these arrests and the incredible changes that are now upon your society, whatever you feel these changes are and which you choose to share with others. You may choose to share the information about our organization, video or photographic evidence of our ships in your skies, details of our mission here, the fact that there are so many thousands of you who now recognize and identify with being incarnated members of our organization known respectfully as Lightworkers, you may even choose to share some of our channeled communications with others, although we do not recommend to use our channeled communications as any kind of proof or evidence of our existence, as this level of evidence is not very suitable for this task, as we have learned here in your world, many of your people shun these communications because they do not trust the channels that are delivering them.

There is a great level of distrust, suspicion and cynical skepticism in your world, far more so than in most worlds throughout this universe, although this level of cynicism and skepticism we have encountered before, we wish to make that clear. Here you have many reasons for this, and we will not go into them at this time for it is beyond the scope of our discussion with you today, but we will say though that there has been such a level of deceit and lying going on here in your world for so many eons of time that we do not blame any of you at all for your levels of distrust and skepticism. That is all we have to say about this for now, but we do remind you that using our channeled communications to help spread the word of our organization is not at all advised, as these forms of communication are better served to those of you who already resonate with our existence and wish to be kept abreast of updates and our communications from our side of our great team effort here.

We do suggest to you to share the video footage of our ships, as we feel this is perhaps your best ‘weapon’ to spread awareness of our organization, always keeping in mind that we feel it is a good idea to identify the ships in the video footage with a name such as Galactic Federation of Light or the Ashtar Command, and not just simply saying that these are what you call UFOs, as we are no longer unidentifiable to you, are we? When you see ships in your skies that you know are not aircraft from your 3rd dimensional world, you now have identified them as either ships from the Galactic Federation of Light or the Ashtar Command. There are other alliances here as well that are aligned with the Light, but for now let us just focus on these two commands, and we ask you to help others understand that these lights and objects in your sky are our ships, they are under intelligent control.

We are here on a mission, and when you see our ships you know that we are working, we are not joyriding or just lollygagging around, we are performing a certain duty at that time, even if that certain duty is to simply make our ships known to you, as this is one of the operations we engage in on a daily basis. We see individuals in certain areas and we have ways of learning if they are equipped with photographic or video equipment. We will then decide if it is safe to make our appearance known to them, and we will reveal ourselves by de-cloaking and moving closer to these individuals. In most of the cases where video footage and photographs of our ships have been taken by your people we were fully aware that we were being videotaped and photographed. It is not like we had no idea this was going on. As a matter of fact, in most cases these photographs and videos were not only permitted to be taken, but we facilitated this event by purposely de-cloaking and moving closer towards the individuals equipped with this photographic and video equipment. We wish to make that clear, so the next time you see us in your skies and you are taking photographs or video footage of our ships, know that we know you are there and we are saying hello to you and we want you to take as much footage as you can and then please share this evidence as much as you can, as this is the purpose of this event.

With that said, we say to you keep your eyes to the skies. We will be, as we have been, increasing the number and quality of the sightings of our ships. Some of these sightings will become rather exciting, as we feel it is now time to push the limits, so to speak, and start making our presence known at a somewhat greater level than it is now. As we have said and we maintain this policy, we will not land at the 50 yard line of a Sunday football game. We will not land at any large event where many of your people are gathered. We feel this would cause panic and could cause a lot of injury, either emotionally, mentally or even physically, if we were to do this. We instead will continue our efforts to increase the number and quality of the sightings of our ships and allow you, the people of Earth, to share this footage so that those who wish to see and wish to believe will do so, and those who choose not to see and not to believe will possess that option.

Do you understand this? Do you understand that we are walking a very tight rope here between offering you the evidence that so many of you wish for, while also respecting the boundaries and the choices of those who are not yet prepared for such a revelation? We must honor and abide by the choices of others as well, not just those who choose to learn of our existence and choose to accept us and work with us on the many projects that we have scheduled. We must be very delicate and take great care in preserving the realities of those who do not wish for great change such as this and to learn of such great revelations as this.

So, we will continue our policy of demonstrating the existence of our ships in your skies for those of you who wish to videotape us and photograph us and share this evidence with those who wish to accept it and even enjoy it. We certainly enjoy seeing your smiling faces, sometimes very awe inspired, at the site of our ships flying overhead. Just always keep in mind that in many cases we are waving to you as you are filming us and we invite you to wave back at us, for we love this, as it makes us feel very welcomed.

We are your friends and your family flying in your skies. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through Greg Giles.


From Foal to Steed

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light for 25 August 2012 

Gambling on your future is not something that we would recommend. We instead advise you to take into consideration and take precautions to better your chances of Ascension, not slowing, not quitting and not ignoring your responsibilities to make the reality that you choose for yourself made manifest by your thoughts, words, intent and action. This is what we advise to you; we advise you to take stock in yourself. Analyze and categorize yourself and the many facets and aspects of yourself. What is it you consider an accomplishment? By accomplishment we do not mean awards, trophies or contests that you have won or the amount of money that you have been able to earn. What we mean by accomplishment is what areas of yourselves have you been able to sharpen, to increase your abilities within yourself and to work, deal and socialize with others. 

For instance, what we are asking you is: in what areas do you feel you have improved upon throughout this incarnation, the only one that you can remember at this time? We only ask you to focus on this lifetime, for you do not remember others and of course cannot consider this in your analysis. So, in what areas do you feel you have shown weakness or deficiencies? What areas do you see that have needed attention, experiences and lessons to help you improve upon these areas, and which areas do you feel have received this improvement and which areas do you feel continue to need lessons and improvements? This should be an easy question for you to answer in some cases, and others an answer to this question will come to you only after careful thought, consideration and reflection upon your entire lifetime, not just adulthood, but going back as far as you can remember to your very early and formative years as a child, for it is here where many of your lessons have begun for you. 

We have not waited for any of you to reach certain ages to begin assisting you to learn some of your lessons that you expressed you felt you needed to learn for your growth in this lifetime. In some cases, we began your education since you were a toddler, as you refer to this age period. Can you remember that far back? Do you remember experiencing deficiencies in certain areas of your personality or how you have interacted with others? If you can compare those early years with the being you are today, do you see change here? Have you experienced growing and maturing in any of these areas? 

You may feel that some of your growth can be attributed to simply growing older and maturing, we surely understand this, and this in some cases may certainly be the case, but we tell you to not always take this for granted, because some of these lessons were learned and learned the hard way through experience and lessons and not through the simple process of maturation. We wish to make this clear that many of you have shown certain deficiencies from early childhood through adulthood in one or more of your previous incarnations, and the simple and natural process of maturation did not solve these problems for you. Therefore, we strongly advise you to consider all of your personality attributes you possessed as a child and compare them to the person you feel you are today. This is very important, and we would appreciate greatly if you shared your responses with us throughout your online communities, as again, we will be monitoring them for your responses, as we feel this is a very important exercise today. We also advise you to continue this exercise of careful reflection of the entire span of your present incarnation. 

We thank you for your valued input today, and say to you that your responses to our queries are very important and are vastly improving our understandings and abilities to assist you through this very important and what may be difficult period of your journey. As we have said, you are heading now down the homestretch. There is a pack of you running together in the lead and there are also many of you trailing behind this pack, but we tell you that you are all so close to finishing this race and we, the members of the Galactic Federation of Light and your Ascended Family, will do all that we can to guide you to the wire. 

We have been monitoring your progress for eons of time, for countless centuries now. For some of you, your journey has taken you from a young foal to a great and powerful steed, and we see your progress and marvel at how far you have come. If you could see how far you have grown, matured and strengthened, and how wise, learned and experienced you have become in so many different and vital areas you would fly, for this accomplishment would carry you down this last quarter-mile of your homestretch. You would never allow any obstacles, no matter how seemingly formidable, oppose your last strides in any way. You would see all obstacles no matter how mountainous, as just another challenge for you, and you would lift this mountain as if a boulder above your head and toss it far from your way. This is what you would do, and this is why we are taking such time and care to explain to you just how far many of you have come and how very close you are to the finish line. 

Combing through your histories, we can clearly see where you may show deficiencies in certain areas. The time has come for you to resolve all of these issues no matter how major or minor. It has been said, there is no time like the present and this has never been truer than now, right now. For some of you there will be no tomorrow, and by this we do not mean the day after today. We are presenting to you a metaphor, and we make this clear so there will be no question tomorrow when you do not experience a certain event. What we mean is, there is no future time period for some of you to get this inner work done. It must be done now. It could not have been done in your past for certain reasons, and this is always understandable, and it cannot be done at certain intervals of what you perceive as your future. It must be done right now. This is your window. Take full advantage of it. 

We are here en masse to assist you. You have never had assistance of any kind at this level, of this magnitude. There is absolutely no reason that every single one of you cannot overcome each and every obstacle before you, whether these are internal matters or external matters with you it does not matter, there is nothing too formidable for you to overcome. Have we made ourselves clear here? We wish you to understand the level of urgency involved, of how each and every one of you needs to right now drop everything in your lives that is not vitally necessary for your survival and focus on the work that you need to do to better yourselves, to improve upon some areas, to drop habits and tendencies and negative thought patterns and patterns of behavior that are serving to weigh you down into the lower dimensions. What is it that does not benefit you? What is it that is keeping you from experiencing your Higher Self in a higher existence? 

We feel many of you have clearly defined what these areas are and we ask you, are you going to work on these areas and if so when, as we remind you, there is no tomorrow for many of you, that this work needs to be done now beginning today as soon as you finish reading our message to you. There is no better time and there is no other time but now for many of you. We say again to you to share with us what it is that you feel serves you not, that acts to weigh you down and we will try, but we cannot promise, to devise for you some sort of game plan or lesson or experience that will help you overcome this deficiency, this problem. We are your friends and we are your family, and we do not wish for one moment to see any of you fail. 

Fail is not a word that we recommend you use often. This is a word that should only be used in the context of ‘I will never fail’, and we feel it is even better to avoid the use of this word altogether and instead choose ‘I will succeed as I always do, as nothing can or will stand in my way from achieving each and every goal I set out to reach. I am a powerful and eternal spiritual being and I will let nothing ever stop me or slow me from experiencing everything that I wish to, when I wish to and how I wish to. This is my declaration.’ We suggest to you to state this declaration each and every day, several times a day, if you feel it is necessary to remind yourself who you are, what your strengths are, what you want and what you will achieve. We feel this will help many of you greatly overcome what are for many of you your final obstacles before every dream that you have ever had becomes your magnificent reality. 

We are your fellow dreamers and creators of the Galactic Federation of Light. 

As channeled through Greg Giles. 


Defeating Final Challenges

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light for 24 August 2012 

Distancing yourself from parts of your past and your lower selves may be a challenge for some of you, but it is challenges you have come here to face. Many of you did not come here for an easy ride, for this would not have garnered you what it is you wished from this experience. Take every challenge that comes your way as a golden opportunity, for this is what they are, opportunity after another in succession. These opportunities, if successfully utilized, will gift you with all that you have ever wanted in the end. That is what they are, each and every one of them, and if you could see them in this light it would give you the proper mindset to begin to find ways to defeat these challenges. 

Seeing these challenges and tests of your strength and your will as more bad news, as more reasons to quit, to get down, to feel things are never going to change or get better is not a conducive mindset to success. This type of mindset is more conducive to failure, and it is not failure any of you have come here for or any of you are used to in your universal lives. This type of mindset to quit, to fail, to bemoan, to allow challenges and obstacles to get the better of you, to stop you, to impede you is a mindset that some of you have only picked up after you have journeyed here, for if these were your demeanors and your attitudes and the traits that you would have demonstrated you possessed, you would never have been chosen for these assignments in the first place. 

We wish you to know this. We wish you to know that each and every one of you were selected for this mission, for you demonstrated to those in charge of the selection committee to be winners, to be fighters, those who never let a challenge go to waste and undefeated, and those who never let an opportunity to grow fall by the wayside. You all possess incredibly strong attributes inside, this you can be sure of, because this is why you are here at this time and there are no other reasons. Knowing this, knowing that you come from superior stock, from an exceptional heritage of work and success, drive and determination, will and strength, do you now feel that you can rise up to meet these challenges left before you, before you receive everything it is that you have ever wanted and everything you promised yourself you would receive from all your efforts here? 

We know you can do it. The only question is, do you know you can do it? That is the question that only you can answer, and we look forward to your comments today and ask those of you who are facing challenges at this time, challenges to either change some behavioral patterns about yourselves or possibly alter your courses through changes in your outside world: Can you do it? Will you give it all your effort and do you see success as the only outcome for you, or do you see other outcomes that you have never seen before throughout your past history, a history that takes you beyond the limits of this lower dimensional world? Are you now going to pick up bad habits and tendencies and begin to learn to quit, to allow a few obstacles to stand between you and the destiny that you have wanted and have strived for and journeyed towards for so many long eons of time? 

This is our question to all of you today, and we look forward to your responses, as we always do, as we are learning such a great deal through this process and we do not wish for you to get shy now, as we together are almost there. We have almost penetrated this invisible wall that has stood between us for so long. Keep pushing and we will keep pulling, that is our promise to you today. We will continue to do all that we can to see each and every one of you that wishes for yourselves Ascension into the Higher Realms to achieve this goal and we, as long as we have your support and cooperation, will do all that we can to assist you as long as you show effort to assist yourselves. 

This is what we have talked about amongst ourselves for quite some time. We are devising ways and methods to assist you better on your journey here through the last furlongs of this challenging ‘race’. We feel there are many of you who are so close, yet sit precariously on a fence, as it were. We feel there are those of you who will successfully ascend into the Higher Realms, and we feel there are those of you who will choose to quit or curtail your efforts and choose that they are satisfied existing within a lower dimensional vibration. We do not wish to see any of you quit at this point now that you have come so very far, and if your journey could be measured with a measuring stick, we would say you are now merely inches away from all and everything that you ever dreamed was possible for you. 

Do you understand what this means? Do you understand that what we are describing for you is something so magnificent, so unbelievable and unimaginable, something so grand, so magical, so delightful, exciting, energizing, fun and mysterious, that if you possibly understand better what it is that awaits you and your successful efforts right here, that you would indeed drop every single thing in your life that wasn’t absolutely necessary for your survival, just to be able to focus all of your time, effort and energy on kicking in this door that stands before you and proudly walking through in successful and glorious triumph. If you could just imagine for a moment what it is like to exist within this magnificent kingdom of the Higher Realms, we feel this is precisely what you would do, and that is why we go to such lengths to even attempt to describe for you in any words that we could possibly conjure up to paint for you a portrait that even resembles our world. 

That is one of the reasons for our daily messages to you; to remind you of what it is you may have forgotten; to remind you of what it is that is here, that was the reason, was your motivation for setting out on this long, arduous and challenging journey in the first place. We are here to remind you why it is you are here and what it is that awaits your glorious triumph to pull yourself out of the limiting confines of your lower dimensional world and your lower dimensional selves and allow yourselves to soar up into this incredibly beautiful kingdom that we call home each and every day. This is what awaits you, and it is not something that comes without challenge and without effort. This is what we wish to see from each and every one of you, whether you feel there are any areas of your lives that act to weigh you down into the lower stretches of this multidimensional universe or whether you feel you are on track for Ascension or not, we wish to see in each and every one of you tremendous effort, drive, focus and determination to succeed in every aspect of your mission and purpose for being here. 

There was never any room on this entire mission for slackers, for quitters, for those who were afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty, so to speak, and there isn’t any room for these individuals now. Each and every one of you are here for perhaps your very own specific reasons, but all of you are here for the same general reasons and those reasons are to strengthen yourselves, as you strengthen your communities and your world around you. This is why you are here, and your work here will help strengthen your entire universe. As we have advised all along, what happens here on your relatively small planet affects each and every planet throughout this entire universe. We wish you to keep this in mind each and every day and as you may be thinking over quitting or giving up because you feel a certain challenge may be too tough for you to defeat. 

We remind you that you have never let any challenge get the better of you and this is why you are here, and we ask you, why start these negative patterns now? You would not have gotten to this point of your journey if you let any prior challenges here throughout your lower dimensional incarnations stop you. We wish to make this clear that the only challenges and obstacles that seem to have ever slowed you down or have begun to fill you with doubt and uncertainty are the few challenges or even the sole challenge that stands before you today, and we say to you, are you going to let this one or even just a few easily defeatable challenges stop you now and put an end to your incredibly long and up to this point successful journey and your dreams that you have preserved inside you for many millennia of time? We say this choice is yours, but if you choose to persevere, to carry on, to keep up the fight, we will continue to fight with you every last step of the short way you have remaining on your journey. 

We are here right alongside you, fighting with you each and every day. We are your partners, your teammates, your allies of the Galactic Federation of Light. 

As channeled through Greg Giles. 


Health & Well Being Programs

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light for 23 August 2012 

Holding on to your dreams is a sure fire way for you to remain focused, to stay the course you have been traveling and to receive just what it is you have always wanted. To give up now, to forsake the dreams you have preserved inside you would be such a shame, as you are just a step or two now from the entrance way of the great kingdom that you have longed for, in some cases, for many eons of journey. There is nothing and there is no one that can stand in your way but you. Do you realize this? Do you realize that it is only you and your choices that could possibly stand before you and all that you have dreamed of, all you have ever wanted? It is you and you alone who are the guardsmen, the gatekeeper of this paradise, this kingdom, the realms of the higher dimensions. 

So what is it that you are choosing? What is it that is keeping you from experiencing all that you wish to experience? it must be something, or else there would not be so many of you concerned that you may not ascend when the time comes for this great leap in your consciousness, in your reality, for if there were nothing in your lives or about yourselves that you felt was weighing you down, then each and every one of you would today be showing nothing but faith, confidence and surety that when the time came for you that you would be fully prepared and will have earned your right to step through the gates of this blessed kingdom. 

So what is it in your lives that is so important, so addictive, so time consuming, so difficult to remove yourself from its presence? Are we only talking about the use of drugs here? In some cases, we do not know this because there are those of you who have not shared this information openly with us throughout your online communities. We have been left to wonder in many cases, as there are those of you who are not being open, honest and forthright. Today we would like for you to be clearer, be as open as you can be, be honest and brazen. Do not worry or concern yourself over what others may think or if others may judge you, for no one has this right to judge you and no one’s opinions of you matter at all. It is you and you alone that matter in this regard. It is you and your opinions of yourself that matter, no one else’s. 

Do not let the outspoken opinions or judgments of others dissuade you in any way from traveling the course you wish to travel. It is through these open lines of communication that we can assist you in your journey. Do you understand this? Do you understand that we are here to help you, to assist you to make manifest in your reality whatever it is you choose, but we cannot help you in some cases if you are not completely forthright with us, for we cannot know what it is that is weighing on your consciousness and weighing on your flight into the Higher Realms. 

If it is drug use that is your problem, let us know. Perhaps there is some ways we may be able to assist you. We cannot promise any results of any nature, and we also cannot promise what we can and cannot attempt to do. We can only say to you that we will take under advisement your specific difficulties and try to find a suitable game plan for you to overcome this obstacle in the short time you have before the ascension of your people. This we do promise. We always give our most sincere efforts on your behalf, for this is what we do, this is why we are here, this is why we are speaking these words to you at this very moment. We will do what we can do to help you, no more and no less, this is our promise to you. 

There are many of you at this juncture who are rather hooked, as you say, on the use of mind altering substances. This is a shame, and in some cases this is greater than a mere shame. In some cases this addiction, whether you understand, recognize or admit to others or to yourself is an addiction, certainly is. If there is a substance in your life and you believe it’s use is keeping you from your Ascension into the higher dimensional realms of this universe and it is Ascension that you wish for yourself, and you have not been able to immediately, easily and eternally walk away from the use of this substance, then you are addicted to this substance, there are no two ways about this. 

Whether you feel it is a simple choice that you are exercising is one thing, for you simply may be on one level making a choice that you wish not to give up this substance, that we are not disagreeing with you about. What we are saying is there may certainly be another reason and this reason is addiction, for there is a great difference between the need to do something and the desire to do something, although what we are saying here is sometimes there is both. There is the need and there is the desire. We do believe that many of you harbor the desire and the desire alone; however, we do feel that many of you also possess the need to do these drugs, and in some cases, do not even possess the desire any longer but solely the need. 

For those of you who do possess the need for a drug or even more than one, we say to you we do have programs that are exceptionally more successful than some of the drug programs you have currently in your 3rd dimensional world. We have far greater understandings and capabilities than you possess and we will, when it is the time for this, offer these programs to you. We cannot offer them at a time such as now or today, for we need to be with you personally, face-to-face to apply these methods. We will not today explain what these methods or techniques are, but we will say that we locate the cause, the root of this addiction and we have methods to eradicate this core reason or desire. This is something that your programs and treatments do not do, as they do not target at all what lies at the core of these addictions, they simply deal with the symptoms and perhaps problems caused by drug use, but they fail to discover and alleviate the core issues that are the wellspring of the symptoms and problems that lie at the outer surfaces of these addictions. 

We have many advanced technologies and procedures that deal with a large range of ailments, illness, diseases, addictions, handicaps, problems and shortcomings of your human vessels, either emotionally, mentally or physically. We also have many spiritually oriented programs, but the discussions of these is beyond the scope of our discussion today, as what we are discussing with you are problems with your physical vessels including your emotional and mental makeup. We have technologies that can restore a certain level of youth and vitality, health, and the overall general welfare of a human. We can restore sight, we can restore sound. We can assist your vessels to be able to walk again on two legs, even if one or both of them are debilitated or even missing at this time. 

This is what we have for you, and we will eagerly share these technologies and techniques with you. You have our promise on this too. As long as you are making a list of the promises we are making you we gladly say to you that you may write this down that we promise when it is the appropriate time, which is when we feel it is safe to begin working personally with members of your communities, that we will share with you our discoveries, our technologies, our methods, techniques and programs that will assist you right the ships of your human vessels so you can continue your voyage with a sound ship as if, in many cases, she was newly christened. 

These gifts are not for everyone, as we have said. We wish you to please remember this or even write this down if you so choose to help you remember this. We do not go back on our word, therefore, we wish you to carefully listen to what we say at all times so there is no confusion, there is no debate, there is no question of our integrity, our word or the promises we may have made or you may only think we have made. We have made only a few promises to you. This is greatly misunderstood by many of your people who continue to this day to believe that we have made a long series of promises that we have broken. We do not wish to see this, as this is not true and this flies in the face of our stellar reputations to uphold our word, our laws and our policies. Our policy is that we deliver on what we say we will deliver. We do not deliver on anything that we say is possible for you, but is not a definite for you. This you must always keep in mind that not much is definite for you, if anything, as so much is up to you and what you achieve on your own or through our assistance. 

Nothing of what you can possess or experience is solely up to us, this you must always keep in the forefront of your mind, that there is nothing that is solely dependent upon our achievements and the work that we accomplish, for that is not the reason why we are here. We did not come here to do any of your work for you that you can accomplish yourselves. We have come here only to assist you, and that is only to assist you with some of the work that you must do, as some of the work that you must do is solely dependent upon you without any of our assistance. Have we made ourselves clear on this? 

The arrests of the members of your criminal cabal are not our responsibility. We say again, they are dependent upon you as it is you, the people of Earth, who must take action and free yourselves. This is one of the areas that we will offer our assistance to you, for we feel you need our assistance in this task as your opposition in some cases is mighty and presents a very challenging obstacle. We do offer our assistance in areas that you may not be able to perform by yourselves. We are offering these services to your Earth allies on the front lines each and every day. They know what this assistance is, and we will continue to offer them this assistance throughout these arrests all throughout your world. 

At this time we would like to thank the men and women on your front lines for their continued service for all of humanity and for their planet as well, as she also sees what is transpiring and appreciates so greatly that there are those fighting for her freedom as well. We will continue to monitor this situation. We understand there are so many of you waiting with bated breath to see greater results than the results that are trickling through small numbers of your media outlets. We say to you these arrests, though perhaps smaller in stature than what you are expecting are watershed events. They are events that will burst the dam wide open for the larger events to come. This shall be. There shall be no denying this. We are assisting, and you, the people of Earth, have incredibly courageous and well-trained men and women battling on the front lines and we, together with these individuals and your support, cannot lose and we will not lose this struggle. 

We are your comrades in arms. We are the Galactic Federation of Light. 

As channeled through Greg Giles. 


Τετάρτη, 29 Αυγούστου 2012

Time for Preparation

Message from the Andromeda Galaxy through Ute Posegga-Rudel

We are from the Domain of Fire and Light, of Unity of all Souls and Sacred Divine Core Essence in the Andromeda Galaxy. 

Dearest human family! It is now the time for you to prepare for what lies ahead of you in a short time. Your waiting is almost over! Very soon the results of your long wait and service for the Light will reveal themselves to you. 

It will be a worldwide liberation of the souls who are here to experience this Great Shift in Consciousness and the Ascension of Earth. 

We are full of joy to be able to be part of this great event, as we have significantly contributed to your awakening by beaming the Light to your planet that carries Love and information to evolve your consciousness. 

Therefore, the consciousness of many has changed and has been elevated. More people than ever before are now able to see and understand the signs of change, and they are ready to accept this change, mainly because they suffer already too much and too long, and others because they desire Heaven to be on Earth. They are not willing to take much longer the restrictions of the dark Ones, laid upon you all. They desire the free expression of their Soul-Light and consciousness. 

You who are desperately waiting for the signs of true transformation, are the ones who came here to help bringing Light into the darkness and who are not used to live in such limited consciousness and low vibration. But you are also the ones who are able to push the vibrational field into higher frequencies, so that it is easier to receive the incoming Light.

How do you prepare best for the moment of the Shift? What is necessary, so that you can participate directly in it, as it happens? 

Dearest family, the requirements are twofold: 

Firstly, prepare yourself to accept the unknown! You cannot know what will happen at the time of the Shift and how each one of you will experience it! Therefore, the acceptance includes a disposition of surrender and of releasing the urge for control! It is important that you are willing to let go of all concerns, all ideas and all strategies in that moment of Shift, and consent whole bodily and energetically to be carried by the living current of the forces of Light which orchestrate your Ascension process. 

We recommend that you only focus on your heart and the Love and desire of your heart where you want to be, what you want to realize spiritually. So, this focus should be one-pointed and you all should prepare yourself to be aware of your principal spiritual goal! This is of most importance. When the Shift occurs, you must wholeheartedly be able not to lose this focus, but stably be grounded in it. 

Secondly: have all the affairs in your present life handled, so that nothing remains unresolved, and you are at peace on all material and spiritual levels, including your relationships! Make sure you have forgiven yourself and everybody else! Because, if you have not, this will be a burden which would make your transition unnecessarily difficult! 

The transition, when it occurs, will be a surprise for you, as your familiar world will change and everything appears to be on a higher level of vibration, which alters your consciousness and awareness. 

And you can only fully participate in this higher frequency, if nothing holds you back vibrationally in your old world. This is very important to understand. 

Those who still have too much baggage, meaning heavier energy attached to them, will not be aware of the Shift. For them it appears as if it had not happened. Or they may get a glimpse and partially or shortly participate in it, but then be drawn back to their familiar experience and level of vibration. 

But if it is right for you, you are given the great opportunity to be part of the Shift, and so you bear personal responsibility to make sure to participate at the given moment, with your heart wide open! 

But do not worry, if the change in consciousness does not occur for you yet! Everybody is still granted time to prepare, because you can catch up when you are ready later! 

As from then on New Earth exists and is vibrating on a higher level, you are free to join, when you are prepared! This is great news! As long as Earth was bound to darkness, it was very difficult to leave this dark realm, and penetrate the veil of forgetfulness, even after death. Therefore, many souls were captured in lower astral worlds, to return to a new birth to basically the same limited situation and suffering they knew already from other lifetimes. 

But after the Shift, these souls have every support and possibility to ascend too, even by using the portal of physical death later. The powerful impact of the Shift itself will open them up and change the DNA of those who have not been yet aware of the influx of Light and the higher vibrations, which have been established already on Earth before the Shift. And this will move them to discover their own spirituality! 

Nobody is left behind, who desires to grow spiritually. And you all are given your individual time to evolve. Thereby the place or planet is not important where this growth occurs! It is your inner spiritual process that counts, and whatever realm or dimension serves you best, will be the place for your evolution. 

We are aware that many of you wish to take direct and immediate advantage of the Shift when it occurs, but doubt whether they are truly ready for it. 

To those we say: do not look outwardly or do not compare yourself with others! All your major decisions and moves are always guided by your own Divine Spirit! Also your spiritual growth in lower density is directed by it! So, in case you are not able to go with the Shift immediately, know it was not the decision of your own spirit! There are no coincidences! 

This might teach you a greater surrender to your own soul and to trust your own path and agree with it, rather than trying to push for certain accomplishments with the power of the ego. And when you truly listen, you know already your path. 

Be assured that whatever happens, happens because of the working of the Divine Will, which is active in each single one of you. This Divine Will is not an other; it is your own highest Truth that decides what it wants to experience. And what it experiences always serves your own journey on all levels in this vast universe! 

We are here to accompany you in all your endeavors, and with joy we embrace you with the Light and Love from the Creator! 

We are the Light Beings from the Andromeda Galaxy! 

Message conveyed by Ute 


What is difficult for you now, you shall wear proudly in the future

Archangel Michael channeled by Ron Head 

Good day to all whom these messages reach. Our unconditional love and blessings to all are yours on this and every day. 

We are gratified that, despite the discomfort some are feeling at this time, you continue to forge ahead. These experiences are the lessons you will be able to point to, when it is your turn to help others find their way. What is difficult for you now, you shall wear proudly in the future that is not long now in coming. 

Some are asking for relief, a lessening of the stress and pain, when it becomes too much for them. This can be, and is being provided. There is no shame in this. It is also possible that wholeheartedly throwing one’s self into the process will provide much joy and instant relief. Only your heart can tell you whether this is true for you. It is a point, we tell you, that you shall reach when it is right for you. 

Many now are feeling a vast and growing energy of anticipation, yet they know not what is coming. The coming period, or rather the remainder of this period which you are now in, will become even more intense very quickly. Then you may feel, “My, that was intense! What happened?” That answer will be different for each of you, just as the final result of this spectacular year shall be. There will be those who say that nothing happened at all. There have been many of these all along the way. You must notice, however, that the numbers of those who can continue to hold these beliefs is diminishing quickly. As the changes become more and more obvious, the majority will begin to understand. 

Looking now at the events transpiring in your societies, you can see things reaching a crescendo. Prepare yourselves for the ride of your lives that we have forecast. We ask you to move through these times in celebration of that which you know is coming and to resist falling into fear and anger. Many of you are finding yourselves, much to your surprise, in a new space of peace and happiness, which does not include such negative things any longer. Many others will arrive at this stage shortly. It is available to all. Allow yourselves the option of dancing across this short time of chaos with a heart full of gratitude and peace. 

During this next two week period, draw to yourselves as much of the energies of healing and change which you able to perceive. They are great and becoming far greater. As we often tell you, the changes within you are by far the most important. Without the progress of each of you, there is no progress at all. You are the change makers. Soon you may begin to understand that you, meaning humanity, as an integral part of Gaia, are The Change Maker. This is why we have not stepped in to ‘save’ you. It is not allowed, and you would be lessened thereby. Be heartened, however. The point at which these things become no longer relevant approaches, rapidly. It shall be an ‘AHA’ moment which you will not soon forget. 

As always, we urge you now to call upon us in moments of distress. Call on us also, when you desire understanding of that which you are experiencing. Call on us for comfort. We are here only for the purpose of supporting you in this grand endeavor. We shall speak again soon. 

Copyright © Ronald Head. 


Δευτέρα, 27 Αυγούστου 2012

Whatever you do, it will not affect your Ascension

Message from SaLuSa for 27 August 2012 

Some people ask what they shall do when they have to make decisions that will take them beyond the 21st of December. The answer will always be to follow your intuition, as whatever you do it will not affect your Ascension. What is however important is to settle any differences you have with friends and relations. It can be done if you accept the need to start the New Age with a clean slate, and realize that some old relationships will end and new ones begin. There will be more partnerships rather than marriages, as you will come into groups that will work together for each other’s benefit. You will in fact have more freedom than previously, having reached a higher level of consciousness. You will be able to travel freely and reach out to the Galaxy to go wherever your desires take you. 

Part of your immediate growth is from lifting your thoughts up, so that you can focus on the future. Your present cycle is ending and with it should go any attachments that could hold you back. Have no regrets as you have had hundreds of lives that have speeded up your evolution. You are in line for a much better life without the drawbacks that duality has confronted you with. Yet all of your experiences have been part of your upliftment, and you will always benefit from them. Duality has been a time of fully experiencing the senses and emotions and learning to control them. You have the ability to keep negative emotions in check, and you cannot excuse yourselves if you fail by claiming ‘that is how you are’. You must make the effort to change, and this will benefit you in many ways, as you will feel much better within yourselves. Anger in particular has a debilitating affect on you, and when it repeatedly occurs, it is damaging your body and can bring the onset of illness. 

Dear Ones, the point is that as you become more of the Light, your attention is drawn to the harmonious things in life, and as you progress it does become easier to maintain your peace and calmness. That is you becoming more in alignment with your Higher Self, which is your ultimate objective. What you were, is not the real you, and duality is not your true reality. It is all an illusion that has been created by you, all since you dropped down into the lower vibrations. Since then, you have had your highs and lows, but as the Human Race you have never reached such a point as now, where every soul has the opportunity to ascend. 

Before you reach the 21st of December, many opportunities will be given to those who are unaware of what is coming. Also to those who have decided that they have no interest in leaving your present Earth, so that they have no regrets afterwards. As we have told you previously, whatever decision you make is upheld, and what is most important is that you proceed with your evolution at a level that is exactly right for you. So, when you reach that stage after Ascension and realize that some people known to you have not ascended, it should not be a time of sadness. In some cases you may later choose to work with them by acting as a Guide, so, your link with them will still be quite strong. 

With relatively little time left before the closure of this cycle, there is much taking place and all will be prepared in time for it. As you now understand, most of it relates to various forms of cleansing, and the removal of those dark Ones and their power and influence, that is now breaking up. There is no way back for them and much about their operations is coming into the public knowledge. It is necessary that you know how you have been duped, and you have no reason to feel guilty about it as the dark Ones have wielded great power in the past. It goes back a very long time from when the negative energies were first attracted to Earth. You have in fact carried out a great service for the Universe by helping transmute them, often at great cost to yourselves. 

Set yourselves free from the lower influences and stand up for your beliefs, because as the truth comes out you may have to explain your position. However, it is not necessary to convince others that you carry the truth, or convert them to your ideas. When people are ready for it, it will be recognized for what it is, and much of what has stood for the truth is now being revealed, and it will make people re-access their beliefs. Before very long the Masters will return to Earth, and with those already here will ensure that the false teachings and historical records are either corrected or removed. The truth is not just something written into your records, but an energy that lifts other people up and brings them to a true understanding. 

Just think for a moment how as visitors to your Earth we are maligned and deliberately shown as monsters bent on enslaving you, and stealing your lands. We are described as 'aliens', when in fact we are your true family, and have never lifted as much as a finger against you in anger. Any such activities against you are not by members of the Galactic Federation of Light, but by other Extraterrestrials or by your own forces. It is of course all done to make you fearful of us, and is not helped by some religious groups who claim we are devils. We would ask that you wait until we can walk amongst you and then you will feel our auric emanations, and know that we come in Love and Light. 

We know that many of you who read our comments already understand our position. You are our vanguard and there will come a time when your knowledge will be invaluable to us. We cannot be everywhere at once, and you will be on hand to answer the questions from those who are new to the whole idea of Ascension. It is quite something to grasp and accept, particularly as the idea of the end of time has a connotation of losing everything you own and are familiar with. It can be a frightening thought, but is acceptable once it is understood that it is but a new beginning. One that propels you into a wonderful realm of peace and harmony, where you can forget all of your worries. In truth you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and leave you with my love for you all. 

Thank you SaLuSa. 

Mike Quinsey. 


The Intense changes are having place, you are almost there

Message of Magatha from Agartha through Méline Lafont for 24 August 2012

Greetings, beloved brethren of Earth, this is Magatha of Agartha speaking to you. We apologize, as it has been a while now since our last channeling was shared. This is due to the fact that much is transpiring and our beloved channeler had to personally undergo enormous shifts. It’s all good news though for the inhabitants on the surface of the Earth. 

It is becoming quite obvious that many humans are now also experiencing these intense energies and shifts, which take their toll on them. The physical body is under a lot of stress nowadays, as it progresses one big step upward towards Ascension, undergoing umpteen changes in the process. The lightcodes, which we mentioned briefly in an earlier channeling, are doing their work now with regards to the execution and the manifestation of the lightbody and the physical body has to adjust constantly to this and must evolve to a state that’s much higher than this 3rd dimensional density. The physical body is blossoming into a beautiful shining sphere of light consisting of pure light energy and love; in short, more into the original state of being. 

Do not misinterpret what has just been said, as you will not, all of a sudden, at the moment of Ascension turn into a light sphere or an orb which is the form of most of the higher light energies such as for instance planets and stars. Afore-mentioned transformation into a Star or a Light Sphere implies lots of evolutionary processes, which, as you already know, is an infinite evolution in the eternity of the Higher Realms. You haven’t reached that stage yet. It will await you in a much further phase of your evolution. What you can duly expect now is that you, as well as your physical body, will undergo a huge change on your evolutionary way to that original light source that you are in essence. You may expect to see your physical body becoming more and more ethereal, lighter in substance, less heavy in weight and density. Moreover, your physical body will radiate more light, but will nevertheless consist of a visible light contour which in essence is the inner light expanding outside of your physical body. Behold the first signs of these emerging lights as they begin to reveal themselves to you. It is paramount that you meditate each day to the extent that it’s possible. This will improve your perceptions and grant you a crystal clear vision on yourself as well as on the changes your physical body is undergoing. 

There are various ways to behold those visible signs depending on your present state of consciousness. What you might try out is intently staring at your reflection in a mirror and noticing how your aura and lightbodies are expanding and becoming more visible to you. They converge in one point, in one Self. You can see your aura and lightbodies through your third eye chakra, your inner eye. With practice it will become all so much clearer. A further method is to stare intently at yourself or close your eyes and try to behold those visible signs in a meditative state, or go to your inner self and make contact with your Higher Self and contemplate your inner light, your beautiful expansion of your divine spark of love. This makes you unique, one of a kind, exceptional, your own characteristic feature of who you really are. That’s how we can distinguish every soul: we look at their inner light and colour. Remark how your etheric self and your energetic waves follow you with every movement you make. My channeler has experienced this many times already: when she walks she sees the colours/energies splash off of her, following her in all her movements. Try to observe it, beginning with one body part; let’s take your arm as an example. Move this arm sideways, slowly and then faster, meanwhile beholding how something impalpable follows that movement. This is you! Can’t seem to get it right yet? Keep on trying, you will succeed in time, as the speed of evolution differs from one soul to the next. 

What we also want to discuss with you are the immense changes taking place worldwide. Beloved Gaia has started to free Herself gradually from the illusion, that’s why She has to shake off all illusory aspects from Her beloved Self. This implies many efforts and requires lots of energy on Her part, so we assist Her in this process from our underground civilizations. You are already in the know that the pole caps on your South – and North Poles are melting, resulting in the fact that the entrance to our underground civilizations becomes more and more visible. This does not mean that everyone will see us, as this is naturally dependent on the state of consciousness of every soul. We are here, that’s for sure. You will begin to see and feel us. Our arrival and presence on the Earth’s surface draws closer and very soon we will be able to introduce ourselves to you and intermingle with you. We are just awaiting the final removals of the very last negative energies in order to emerge once again and show ourselves to you. 

Our numbers are much higher than you can conceive: not just our civilizations were kept secret by us, but also those of many other civilizations dwelling in the Inner Earth and on the surface of the Earth, albeit that they are residing in another frequency field than yours. For many amongst you, we and the others are invisible to you. However, the time has now come in which the planet as a whole will reach a higher frequency level that is equal to the one on which we reside, resulting in the fact that we will become visible to you. We will be most pleased to welcome you all and we will assist you whenever we can. We, the Agarthans and I, Magatha, send you our heartfelt greetings. 

Copyright © 2012 by Méline Lafont. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.be