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Great Beings from across the Galaxy have come here under Divine Guidance

Spiritual Hierarchy and Galactic Federation Update for 25 June 2003 by Sheldan Nidle  

Dratzo! We arrive today to discuss your prosperity! Throughout your world a massive switchover is underway. Eons ago your reality was usurped by the dark and these ones created a ruling caste of minions who have run your planet for millennia pretty much as they pleased. We come now to tell you that this unruly free hand is over. The Light has not only decreed but also explained fully to all concerned that this world is to make a wholesale shift to the Light and each of you is to be transformed into fully conscious Beings of Light. This will be preceded by a series of special broadcasts which will announce our benevolent presence and explain the reasons for the spread of universal prosperity and freedom, which you so richly deserve. We come in this moment to declare this to you and to be the heralds of a new realm predicated on the divine ways of Heaven. Our ships encircle your world and are stationed around every planet in this solar system. Your dark ones have tried to make it more difficult for us to complete this sacred mission, but their many attempts have failed. The dark must leave shortly and relinquish their minions to the fate that Heaven has chosen for them. 

In the New Reality, you return home to your family and leave behind you the death and disorder, which have plagued your lives since the fall of Atlantis. Your special residences in Agartha await you, and here you will find the magical devices which are to return you to the state of Being you enjoyed when Lemuria prevailed over the world. Here, too, you will rediscover your real life paths and become valued members of the Galactic Federation. During your journeys through the darklands, your experiences provided you with much new wisdom, and Heaven wishes you to share this knowledge with the former members of the now-defunct Anchara Alliance, as your mission is to cement a lasting peace between all sectors of this Galaxy. The prosperity and freedom which you are about to enjoy are symbols of what you will achieve, and indeed, Heaven sees you as a major player in bringing Light to all aspects involved in forging physicality. You are to be honored and accorded great respect and proper recognition for your hard-won contributions to the Divine Plan. 

The up leveling of your global society will create more fitting conditions for you to be reintroduced to your galactic origins. This will refocus your primary concerns upon Gaia's state of health and well-being, which will demonstrate to you the grand potential that lies within you. It is this potential coupled with your rising spiritual awareness that is most important to us, as they speak to the immense innate abilities within each one of you. It is our responsibility to assist you to bring these forth and to use them to fashion a new and vital Star-Nation. We come, therefore, to carry out what you have long wished for. As you know, the dark has been unrelenting in its efforts to prevent these changes from manifesting, because such changes would automatically ring the death knell of all that the dark has been working toward. Nevertheless, our divinely decreed task was to forge the conditions that would permit the planned, benevolent changes to come to the fore. This we have done. And it is why you now stand on the brink of startling changes, which will transform forever this sacred world and allow the creation of a new Star-Nation. 

This new realm will allow you to grow not just as an individual but also spiritually, allowing you to encompass new worlds of consciousness. As we often tell you, you are a wondrous creation that was led down a path that would allow you to experience the ways and misdeeds of the dark. Now you are ready to leave all this behind. Your new world will reunite Gaia's surface and inner realms and you will see 'reality' in ways you cannot presently imagine! Your rising consciousness is to provide you with a new view of what life is about, and already, many on your world can see an end to amateur and professional sports and the demise of sports leagues, and changes far greater than these are coming. There is very little about your present social constructs and philosophies which will not be transformed, as the attitudes they reflect shift profoundly. The resulting nascent Galactic Society will need to accommodate your ever-expanding view of yourselves as quickly maturing Galactic Beings of Light. You will become enthralled as you learn about this Galaxy as a grand living unity that you are a part of! Your new Star-Nation will become highly treasured and Loved by all who make up physicality. 

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come today with more good news! Until now, your world has long been the residence of a dark cabal whose sole purpose was to shackle you to debt slavery and coop you up in a realm that put a cap on your return to Full Consciousness. This 'cage' and its dark jailers are very shortly to disappear, as your world is now ready to be transformed by Light. The leaders of this coming world of Light have fought for decades to get rid of the dark and indeed a movement is well underway, which has so far completed all the preliminaries to wrest from power the ruling caste of minions who still plot to ensnare you permanently in a very dark realm! A special group is now in charge and it is these dedicated ones who will present your new governance and oversee the disbursing of a divinely decreed prosperity to this globe. We hereby declare that these associates are now preparing to announce the gist of these many broadcasts. 

Our blessed tasks are to uphold these changes and then to supply you with a series of teachings, delivered by each of us to every part of the planet, along with guidelines for applying them to your lives. Generally speaking, you have unquestioningly accepted what was promulgated far and wide in our names and these doctrines now need adjusting. An understanding of the grand unity that is ‘All That Is’, is a prime requisite for Ascension. Your beliefs also must expand to include the wondrous Beings of Agartha, who have kept us safe among them for millennia. They understand the spiritual nature of humanity and desire to walk freely and openly among you. Your heart opening also needs to extend to your ancestors' ancient homes in the stars. In short, you will quickly come to see that the seeds of Spirit run deftly throughout the length and breadth of physicality! 

We long to guide you, to assist you, and to set the record straight about our words to you throughout the ages. We have watched the dark ones take our messages and twist them to suit their purposes. And as we love to tell you, this is now to end! Love and unity has always been our message to you. Great Beings from across the Galaxy have come here under Divine Guidance and their mission is to assist us in advancing you quickly to Full Consciousness. We intend to use the upcoming time to teach, to advise, and to prepare you for your own blessed Ascension. We will be by your side, as we guide you toward a new society, which will morph into your new Star-Nation. As we do this together, we will be helping this Galaxy and using our powers conjointly to change this Galaxy in every respect into a glorious, blessed instrument of the Light! This is why we come in prayer and power to bless this new world! Hallelujah to Heaven and to the Light! 

Today we continued our messages of peace, joy, and Light. Everywhere, a new epoch is descending from Heaven to suffuse this realm with prosperity, freedom, and the reunion of us all with our local and far-flung brethren. This great welcoming-home mission has reached its sacred crescendo! Know, dear ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!) 

Κυριακή, 23 Ιουνίου 2013

This is a journey of consciousness, dear hearts

Message from Archangel Michael Channeled by Ron Head for 17 June 2013 

We will speak now of some of the things you may expect in your continued process of Ascension. The question has been posed to our channel, and thereby to us, “What of those who are mentally incapacitated, those in institutions, those who are elderly and refuse to listen?” And further, we have heard many times questions about children, parents, dogs, cats, and a long list of others. We ask you to please rework your understandings of what this process is. 

Please release your ideas of transporting to some other dream world, in whatever fashion, and leaving others behind. Everything and everyone in this universe is being affected by the rising of, and expansion of consciousness. It is impossible to not be affected. 

That being said, dear friends, every person, every animal, and every being is in its own place with its own past and its own future. Do you wish to choose that future for them?  Even your Creator has allowed them to explore creation with their own free will. Would you imagine for yourselves greater wisdom than this? 

You have chosen, as a collective consciousness, to slow down your ascent to bring all along on the journey. This is a journey of consciousness, dear hearts.  And that decision, that marvelous decision that you all have made, is equivalent to something called the Bodhisattva Vow. But allow yourselves to understand that the Light which is permeating your world at this moment is raising every cell, every molecule, every atom, and every particle in its path. ***All are not duplicates of each other now, and they will not be in future either. If that were the goal, there would be no need for the infinite number of beings that make up the One. Now, since these concepts are a bit of a problem for you, since you continue to hang onto some of your limitations still, we would ask you to remember and focus on this one thought. You are each and all a part of that One, and as you raise yourselves, you raise the All. 

That means that your Ascension aids the Ascension of each of those you asked about in the beginning of this message. You may not be able to convince them. In some cases, you may not even be able to communicate with them.  But you are precisely the ones who can aid them in their growth, because you cannot not affect the All. Please, therefore, release worry and fear and teach yourselves to focus on your goal. Teach yourselves to build as clear a picture of what world you would have for yourselves and others. 

Your input is valued, valuable, and powerful.  You ARE the co-creators.  Imagine, if you will, your Creator saying, “You Are the ‘I AM that I AM’.”  Imagine it, because it is true. And then value yourselves accordingly. We do. And your Creator does, as well. Learn to refrain from thinking or speaking of yourselves or others in lesser terms. The one standing next to you and the one wearing your shoes are both amazing Beings of the Light. 

We love you. Good day. 

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The awakening is now occurring on a mass level

Message from Hilarion for June 16-23, 2013 

Beloved Ones, 

The days that are before you bring deeper connections to the Light that is within you. Most of you are now connecting your innate being to Mother Earth on a daily basis and this is helping you to stay grounded in your perceptions of the world around you. There is much that is happening that is helping to create the changes that are necessary to move humanity forward into greater awareness and consciousness. The awakening on a mass level is now occurring and this is something that every soul upon the planet has chosen at their soul level. At soul level, there is oneness of purpose and that is to bring the Earth and all her inhabitants into greater alignment with their glorious destiny. 

You are all noticing the quickening of awareness in those in your immediate vicinity and the thoughtful and serious consideration of all that which needs to be brought into the Light, which they are recognizing. Those who are here to lead the way in this are stepping forward in their role as change agents and they are prepared to stand in their Light and be a voice for change. Send these ones Light and prayers of protection, for the paths they have chosen are not easy ones. Still, they have the strength of soul to persist in their higher vision of a better world. The awakening will continue to proceed exponentially and the impetus will lead to peaceful transformation of all the old paradigms that no longer resonate with the new Earth reality. 

Those of you who have been holding the Light and your higher vision are beginning to understand how your efforts are now unfolding. It is the younger members of humanity for whom you created these new paradigms who are now stepping up to the plate, as it were, and it has enabled and empowered these ones to step forward in these now moments as the bell ringers, heralds and spokespersons, who are standing up and speaking forth the sentiments within each human heart. They are questioning the established paradigms and asking why? Why must humanity as a whole accept such limited and constricted ways of being as they walk their paths upon the Earth? Surely there must be a better way, a more peaceful and empowered way of living life. 

Let your hearts be gladdened by their bravery and the sacrifice of their lives as they knew them in order to create a better way. Send Light and Love into the new crystalline grids which now connect the whole of humanity and its consciousness, and permeate the atmosphere of the Earth with the violet flame of transmutation. This is a service that you can each silently and quietly perform as you go about your daily concerns. You have no idea how great this service really is to the Divine Plan, for the establishment of the new Golden Age upon the Earth. You have been doing this service for decades and the fruits of your labors are now coming to fruition. 

Remember to spend as much time in nature as your situation allows, and to drink copious amounts of pure clean water to enable your physical bodies to adjust to the new energies with greater ease and comfort. Most of all, nurture and love yourselves, for this is the greatest area in need of improvement for all of humanity. It is time to release the universal subconscious thoughtforms of ‘not good enough’ that have been holding humanity hostage. It is time to begin to see the magnificence that has been hidden within you and which now begins to burst forth spontaneously. Bring joy and laughter into the equation, so that it enlightens the heavy load for everyone. 

Until next week… 

I AM Hilarion

©2013 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace


Πέμπτη, 20 Ιουνίου 2013

Your myriad rules and regulations were established mostly for the sole benefit of those in positions of influence

Message from Saul via John Smallman for 19 June 2013

The divine energy field in which you are always enveloped is having an ever-increasing effect on humanity as the moment for your Grand Awakening approaches.  And it will be a Grand Awakening!  You have all worked extremely hard to bring it to fruition, and the results will most certainly not disappoint you – disappointment is of the illusion. 

Disappointment has been endemic, practically a contagion on Earth for eons, as individuals have mainly lived lives in which their prime concern has been their own survival.  They have grouped together from time to time to help one another when disaster or catastrophe occurred or threatened, but only then.  Otherwise, you focused almost exclusively on ensuring your individual survival, because of the nearly constant state of anxiety or fear that your apparently separated or individual state caused you.  And that is why disappointments were so frequently experienced. 

All Are One.  Attempting to live as though this were not the case has caused enormous suffering – suffering that was unnecessary – as you fought and tortured one another psychologically and physically, believing it to be necessary for your own personal survival.  And it did often seem that those who did not follow those “self-evident laws of survival” suffered the most.  You even came up with a proverb to justify that way of living, namely: “god helps those who help themselves.”  Those in poverty or who had troubles in their lives – sickness, injury, relationship problems, financial problems – were then judged to be inadequate, and were often seen as being appropriately judged and punished by god.  You were each on your own, and may the good Lord help you! 

Even in tribal societies, where it seemed that each had their place and the sense of security that that provided, conflicts frequently occurred with other tribes.  Nowhere in the illusion was it possible to avoid or escape from the need to conform and belong.  Those who attempted to live by standards that were not approved by the majority were ostracized and cast out.  However, since the age of enlightenment things have been slowly changing as scientific methods enabled new ideas to be formulated and new inventions to be constructed that changed forever the way in which people thought.  A backlash against the endemic corruption in political and religious organizations led to an opening to the idea that reform was possible and to be desired.  Since then slavery, the suppression of the rights of women, of minority races and ethnicities, and the condemnation of life styles that were not “mainstream” have all been officially banned. 

Although persecution or ostracization of various groups still continues, awareness that it is not in alignment with God’s Love for any of His children to be so dismally treated is growing, and there are many groups, organizations, and charities working tirelessly to ensure that these unloving attitudes and behaviors are brought to an end through education and the physical protection of those who are endangered by them.  Truly, the spiritual progress, the spiritual evolution that humanity has been undergoing during the last few hundred years has produced some amazing and inspiring results, and that progress, that evolution is developing exponentially.  It is but the beginning of a series of the most magnificent spiritual attitudinal changes in awareness that will bring lasting peace and joy to all of humanity. 

The inflexible and unquestioned beliefs by which so many have lived for so long are finally being discarded.  They were based on judgment, judgment by men of other men, men who had neither the wisdom nor the knowledge to judge anyone.  However, judgment proved very useful to those who sought and obtained power and authority over others, because it enabled them to lay down systems of law and regulation through which they were able to direct and control people and further their own personal agendas. 

Those of the old order, those who have inherited titles or wealth or who have aligned themselves with them, are losing their power and control as it just dissolves or slips from their grasp while they continue to cling desperately to the few shreds that remain. In the illusion, power, authority, and control are dependent on mass support from the people, and that support is being persistently and irretrievably withdrawn. 

People today are seriously and intensely questioning authority and refusing to accept authoritative statements from the authorities justifying that authority (the maxim “Question all authority” is, in relation to humanity’s period of existence on Earth, an extremely new and still very controversial assertion). 

As Love spreads Its influence far and wide, people increasingly start to behave in a manner that is in alignment with It, and consequently, the myriad rules and regulations governing your lives and to which you have grown accustomed become almost completely unnecessary.  It has, in fact, become stunningly apparent that those myriad rules and regulations were established mostly for the sole benefit of those in positions of influence who are driven by their own egoic personal agendas.  Those who hold powerful offices and who abused that power and caused your recent economic woes have basically been absolved from their responsibilities.  While those whom they misled have lost out heavily, been judged as dumb or stupid for allowing themselves to be so misled, and have, as you well know, even ended up homeless. 

And your pundits and “wise men” continue to try to persuade you that this is how the world works, that this is how it is supposed to work, and that you, the people, should just suck it up, get used to it, and stop complaining.  What a joy it is to know that this insane way of living is to come to an end, an abrupt end! 

In your quiet moments, your moments of “unbusyness” just send Love to all of humanity – rich and poor, honest and unconscionably dishonest, abusers and victims – and remind yourselves that doing so is God’s Will because there is no-one anywhere whom he would discard or judge as unlovable.  That outpouring of Love in which so many of you are engaged is changing each one of you and the world.  You incarnated just to do this, so let go of your inhibitions, your feelings that indeed there must be some whom even God could not love, and intend that your love and that of the divine field of Love in which all are eternally enveloped embraces even those poor, unhappy, and misguided ones who have committed unconscionable and horrifying atrocities, as this helps them also to awaken. 

With so very much love, Saul.

Τετάρτη, 19 Ιουνίου 2013

The seemingly impossible will be rolled out before you, evoking a befitting gratitude and humility from deep within

Galactic Federation Update for 18 June 2003 by Sheldan Nidle 

Selamat Jarin! We return with much to discuss. As you can see, your world is still subject to the last fading antics of the old reality. Each passing moment brings the dark cabal closer to its inevitable demise. We watch with compassion, as it comes to recognize and grapple with the outcome of its choices: the total collapse of all it has known. Those of our associates involved with this aspect are wrapping up the operation which will render these dark ones powerless and a mere shell of what they once were. The new governance which will succeed the old order is to explain the master plan for change and the approximate schedule, and some of it is likely to astound even those of you who are most informed. These broadcasts will lead swiftly to a full Disclosure of our benevolent existence and our reasons for being here. Once done, we can then work with the Ascended Masters and present to you a chronological outline of your origins and history, and an introduction to the wonders of Full Consciousness. Our primary mission is to return you to a state of union with your Self, and this will be completed once we have landed and you have been introduced to your Inner Earth family. 

It is important for you to comprehend what is involved in your transformation to a fully conscious Being; it is, in truth, a very complex and delicate operation. You possess several billion sets of RNA/DNA switches which need to be reversed. You also have nearly a million miles of unique physical structures that require special alterations. All this is to be accomplished by a means that Heaven has devised and which will also be controlled by your Divine Will. This entire process is to be carried out via a set of sacred formulas, given to us by our medical teams and our heavenly advisors, and using techniques which are being allowed only because of the special mandate connected with your destiny: to become a fully conscious Being of Light. Heaven watches all this very closely and assures us that you are to shift according to the divine schedule, which translates into a specific timeframe. You stand now on the brink of this time, as your divine moment is at hand. As you look around you, it behooves you to perceive the immense significance of this most unique and precious moment. 

Each day we interact with your dark cabal and wonder at its dogged and seemingly oblivious stance at the prospect of any future change. In truth, it is simply doing what the Divine so desires. On the one hand, it deeply believes in itself and its invincibility, and on the other, it watches in panic as its many plans are thwarted by the changing conditions thrown up by the collision between its desires and your incoming divine reality. It now recognizes this dichotomy to be untenable, as it sees just how close is the collapse of its world, and a sense of doom has overcome the leadership groups, as they stare into the face of the unknown. They are starting to see that the invincibility and power they took so for granted are illusions and all the plans they had made ultimately pipe-dreams. Hence their disarray mounts, and their ability to direct the affairs of the world falters and wanes. As their grip weakens, the incoming Light picks up the slack, and now a Great Shift toward the Light is upon us! Your reality has arrived at what is called 'its Divine Shift Point.' 

During the next stage of operations, unprecedented announcements are to be broadcast, accompanied by a grand disbursement of wealth, new governance, and Disclosure. Your new governance is to be fully transparent and a true instrument of the Divine. Miracles and wonders will be the order of the day! Take a moment to realize the deep import of what lies in front of you. It is all too easy to underestimate the impact of these events on your emotions, your lives, your neighborhoods, and humanity at large. The seemingly impossible will be rolled out before you, evoking a befitting gratitude and humility from deep within. But feel also the triumph, as all you have envisioned so patiently and for so long at last comes true! This is no time to go into ho-hum mode; it is what all your work and dedication have been focused on. And now your strength and compassion are needed still, as the dark ones go through their trials of accountability and then take their places among you. As you return to Full Consciousness, all pain and anger will vanish, as will the past! 

Hosanna to the Light! We are your Ascended Masters! We come at a time of joy and a Great Shift in your reality. Millennia have been leading up to this moment! You are bearing witness to something very special, which most have thought impossible: the termination of an entrenched reality, which forced you to think, act, and believe things which the dark deemed practical to its purposes. Every day the Sacred was profaned and the Good allowed little scope. This oppression of your natural state of Being is ending and you are watching the dark's fall from grace all around you. We wait in manifest rapture and prepare to reveal to you the truth so long denied you. The disbursement of funds and the shift in governance are only the first signs of what is coming! Your world is charging headlong toward new paradigms and your growing consciousness can no longer countenance the dysfunctional impudence of the dark cabal. 

Heaven has mandated the changes that have brought your world to this state of transition, and you are waking up collectively to the global dilemma wrought by the dark's avarice and total disregard for nature. You are also recognizing the immutability of the short time remaining in which to redress these immense improprieties. To do this you require advanced technical assistance and know-how, and so we have procured special dispensations, which allow your space family to quickly amend what so urgently faces you. This joint operation will strengthen your Will to Good and quickly repair Gaia's surface world. This activity will also prepare you for our sacred teachings and allow each of you to reach out personally to Gaia, which will assist you to become aligned with her and to respect and admire her multitudes of interlocking ecosystems. 

We suggest that the time remaining would be useful for reflection: it is important to see what is happening and prepare yourselves for a sacred journey of Truth and Love. You are to interact with those who, long ago, were allowed only indirect access to you as you fell into limited consciousness. Over the ensuing millennia these family members were permitted only a small amount of direct interaction with you. This is now to change, and you will be able to see them over the broadcast media and occasionally in person. You will learn about Love, and that abundance in all things is the nature of the universe. You will learn how to flourish in a world free from want and strife and harsh one-sided rules. You will see how transformed your surface realm becomes! Then, deep within your sacred Mother, you can return to Full Consciousness and learn about your destiny. 

Today we continued our messages. We rejoice in all that is happening. This beautiful, changing planet is beginning to express the exuberance and joy of a Being who is moving her Inner and her Surface Realms back into unity. You too are set to receive a wonderful series of gifts from Heaven! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Δευτέρα, 17 Ιουνίου 2013

You have no idea of the wonders that await you

Message from Saul by John Smallman for 16 June 2103 

When the moment for humanity’s awakening arrives – as it most surely will because it is God’s Will – joy and amazement will engulf you all.  You have no idea of the wonders that await you – wonders that will uplift and inspire even the most skeptical among you.  Once humanity has awakened, you will find yourselves in a different world, one that has changed out of all recognition, and yet, it will also be the same world!  That is indeed a paradox, one that you will understand with absolute clarity when you have awakened, but for now you will just have to accept that it is beyond your understanding.  This is because the illusion, your present world experience, has severely limited your awareness and your intelligence; it is, as you know, an environment of limitation.  When you awaken, the limitations will have gone and infinite knowledge will be available to you.  All you will have to do is to choose the field of knowledge which you wish to embrace and your understanding will instantly be complete. 

Living without laws or limits, as you will be doing – the laws of science, physics, human laws, religious laws, in fact, any kind of law or limit you can possibly imagine – is most wonderfully freeing.  In Reality, in Heaven there are no laws or limits because all life, all consciousness, all sentient beings are perfectly and completely in alignment with the Will of God.  It is the only Will, and It is utterly free – an impossible concept for you to grasp, as you strive and struggle with the constant laws and limits that a human existence imposes upon you.  This infinite freedom provides an environment of boundless harmony in which all that exists melds and integrates in an endless selection of creative opportunities that complement and add to each other in the enormous and constantly expanding field of Divine Energy – Love – whose never-ending beauty and wonder will ceaselessly delight and astonish you. 

Does this perhaps sound too good to be true?  I assure you that it is not.  It is the limits with which the illusion has basically ensnared you which make it beyond the bounds of possibility for you to imagine the wonders of God’s Domain that awaits your awakening.  Know that what God has created by His Will is for your everlasting joy, and that nothing can prevent even one of you from being an essential, inseparable and totally aware and fully conscious aspect of that state: eternal Oneness with your Father. 

Your Father’s greatest joy is to see His children happy.  It is also His Will, and so this happiness will come into being, forever.  Any fears, worries, or anxieties that may disturb you – such as feeling unworthy of His Love; of being a grave sinner whom He can never forgive; or just plain wondering why He should be interested in you or care for you at all – can be dismissed because each one of you is dearly loved. . . because you are you.  You need do nothing to prepare yourselves or make yourselves acceptable to Him.  He created you perfect; all of creation is perfect; and there is no way that you can improve on that.  Just let go of fear and all the unloving and fearful thoughts that pop into your minds.  Focus on Love, His eternal Love for you, and remind yourselves whenever doubts or anxieties arise that His Will is for you to be eternally happy. 

Your experiences of unhappiness, dissatisfaction, pain and suffering are all of the illusion – imaginary states that you constructed and which no longer serve you. When you offer love in every situation, you will discover very quickly how rewarding it can be.  You do not need to go around telling people that you love them; just hold love for them in your hearts, while neither attacking them nor defending yourselves.  Doing that completely alters your individual energy fields, making them safe and welcoming to all, and others will feel this, even if they are not consciously aware of it.  You are beings of Love, so to do this is to recognize and embrace your natural state.  As you do, all doubts and anxieties will just fall away and your energy fields will clear, so that you feel buoyant, uplifted, confident in just being yourselves, and that is how you are meant to feel. 

You are not and never have been responsible for how others feel.  Each of you is responsible for how you yourself feel.  If you offer only love, then you will feel good about yourselves.  When you see others who are unhappy, suffering, you will feel compassion, empathy for them, but you need not and should not embrace their suffering: it helps neither of you.  When you can give them some time – you do not need to give anyone all of your time – be present for them, listen to them, without interrupting to offer guidance or advice, and your quiet presence will be very healing for them.  If they should ask for advice offer it, but sparingly, because you will never be able to fully understand what they need, and just a few kind words will present them with new perceptions to enable them to release whatever is causing them pain. 

All are one, but by not being loving you shut yourselves off from that divine state and anxieties flood in to disturb you.  Feelings that disturb you are an indication that you need to focus on being loving, thus opening yourselves to engage with the divine field of Love in which you are eternally immersed.  As you have so often been told, Love is the answer to every problem, to every issue, and enables you to find solutions that work for everyone involved.  Dismiss your fears by intentionally and very consciously opening to the divine field of Love which envelops you in every moment of your eternal existence, thus allowing your guides to help you see things more clearly and leading to the resolution of issues with which you have been concerned.  It is likely that the solution that results will not be what you had expected, because frequently your expectations, your ideas of what needs to occur are not in alignment with Love’s solution, the only viable solution. 

Let Love resolve your issues and problems by letting them go and handing them over to the Divine Wisdom that will compassionately and gently show you the way forwards. 

With so very much love, Saul.

Κυριακή, 16 Ιουνίου 2013

A great change in your most limiting reality

Galactic Federation Update for 11 June 2003 by Sheldan Nidle
Dratzo! We return! At this time our associates are making the adjustments and orders of scale necessary to ensure that your abundance deliveries are disbursed as planned. A series of final agreements and orders of contract are also now being completed. The moment is coming for these deliveries to be successfully initiated, and so the dark cabal is being closely watched by a number of Galactic Federation and Agarthan liaison teams, whose purpose is to see that no serious violation takes place prior to starter's orders, as has happened so often in the past. As of this update, pre-launch operations are underway, and we foresee no impediments which might cause speed bumps or deviations from the path embarked upon. The many groups we are associated with have completed their to-do lists and are putting the required personnel into position. We are closely monitoring this operation to ensure a formal commencement at a predetermined time. These actions, once begun, will be the first strokes on a much broader canvas, which is intended to change your reality out of all recognition! 

Millennia ago, an ill-starred realm was brought into being, which has been your lot for far too long. This realm crushed your grand potential, enfeebled your Spirit, and allowed those in power to ride roughshod over you. This realm is ending. Each of you is to be set free and encouraged to freely pursue your contracted life path. This objective will thrive once the dark cabal's ubiquitous agents are removed from authority. Quite quickly you will be liberated from the droves of obstructions and burdens with which you have been saddled since birth. To assist you in grasping the significance of the opportunities enveloping you so fast, the Ascended Masters and the Agarthans have come up with a curriculum of teachings to bring you up to speed on what is happening, what you need to know, and how best to adapt the new knowledge to your individual circumstances. These teachings will be only guidelines that you can use to get a better understanding of what your new world can look like. Armed with these basics you can gain a broader comprehension of how your consciousness is changing and a clearer appreciation of the work that you and your individual Federation mentor will be doing together. 

Imagine for a moment what an enormous impact this mentoring program will have on you! Each one of you on this planet is to be assigned your own personal mentor, who will be responsible for leading you gently and lovingly out of the fog and confusion of a dark and dying world, and into the increasing brilliance of a Lighted realm, which many do not consider possible even in their wildest dreams! What a lot to take on board in such a short time! This is why you need a personal guide at your side 24/7 who can inform you about so very many things and who will be able to answer all your questions and concerns as they arise. More stunning by far than the changes to your planet and solar system are the changes happening within you and where this will take you. To give you a small indication: you have an expression, 'rags to riches,' and yours is to be the mother-of-all rags-to-riches transformations happening on many levels, especially the spiritual one. Such a prospect can quickly put you into overwhelm, and this is why you will need wise and Loving mentors to reassure and inform you as your new world unfolds. 

As your new environment blossoms around you, you are to rediscover who you were created to be, and why you incarnated in this particular part of physicality. Once you have successfully surmounted the massive watershed which is First Contact, you can turn your attention to understanding the 'bridge' that you represent. You will be living in two worlds: your present limited-consciousness one and the Full-Consciousness realm that you are rapidly moving into. Here, many new concepts are to become everyday realities, like your life contract and what this signifies, and the Four Laws and their role and implication in Galactic Society. With this data you can begin an increasingly informed exploration of what you want your own Galactic Society to look like. Your experience of straddling two worlds provides you with unique wisdom, and it is this that is to be used by Heaven to spread the Light. Many beings in physicality are in need of acquiring a Lightbody and your unique experience in this area will be invaluable to them by substantially shortening their path to Full Consciousness. 

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! These are most auspicious days! Many things are happening, which herald a great change in your most limiting reality. Affairs on your world are set to explode (but not literally!). A new range of possibilities has at last appeared which promises to create opportunities for us all. Your world is mired in the throes of a struggle that is hatching a new spectrum of existence; in short, a whole new era and wholly new ways of creating our lives. It also means that we can come among you again to teach what we know from our experiences of becoming immortal. To bring you these truths is a most longed-for pleasure for us! What you may not realize is that you possess within you an invaluable wisdom that needs to be brought forth, and this is where we come in: it is our task to complete what the great spiritual teachers did millennia ago. Then these Divine Truths can at last be clearly recognized and properly esteemed by humanity. 

These great truths will form the living heart at the core of your Galactic Society. Each of you is a grand and unique aspect of the Creator, and together we form a beautiful collection, which is part of the unity that is all life. We each have duties and activities that we perform in concert with the immediate whole, and this in turn correlates with the wider whole like a massive symphony. This magnificent harmony is to bring joy to Heaven and all who pause to listen and to observe its sacred effects. Spirit is pouring out her Love and care for this reality and we are committed to bringing you some sense of what is coming, and to prepare you for this truly spiritual and physical First Contact. We are pledged to shift this reality, and then to deliberate deeply about what it all means. We are standing on the very brink of a wave of activity which will eternally transform our world! 

We come, therefore, full of joyous anticipation and brimming over with Love. We deeply feel the responsibility of explaining to you something of what is to manifest in your lives. This land has not seen the likes of what is coming in over 13 millennia! Heaven is thoroughly resolved to transform each of you in such a way that Gaia is enfolded in a reality that is a true dispensation of Heaven and a grand decree of AEON. Furthermore, there is no hint of the haphazard in this undertaking; the intent of the Divine Plan fills our hearts and informs all that we do. Therefore, be open to receive miracles and watch as your present dark realm flees before the incoming radiance of Love. Over the years, we watched the world slowly awaken, and now the gathering momentum is such that the long-promised changes can start to appear and begin to make a difference! The moment we have so long awaited is upon us now! Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna! 

Today, we continued with our messages. We thank you all for your Love and dedication to the cause of the consciousness transformation that is the divine Will of Spirit. The time for the great shift in humanity is nearly here. This will be the path that leads all of us to first contact and full consciousness! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Digital Artwork by Swami Sevaratna

Σάββατο, 15 Ιουνίου 2013

Just about everything you think you know will shift

Galactic Federation Update for 4 June 2003 by Sheldan Nidle 

Selamat Jarin! We return with important things to discuss. The most important is about First Contact. In the past, we decided to rely heavily on a formal Disclosure announcement from your new governments. Now, what we intend to do is increase the present level of daytime sightings to supplement the general Disclosure policy of the new governance. It is of course simple to sit back and let the current scenario play out. However, we intend to create a more conducive environment for these announcements by more actively preparing the ground for them. We are committed to demonstrating that we are both benevolent and dedicated to a full Disclosure. We are aware that many of you do not comprehend what these flyovers are leading up to: namely, the global mass landing of our craft and the formal introduction to each of you of your own personal mentor. Each dearly wishes to meet you and begin the teachings which prepare you for your wondrous shift into Full Consciousness. There is much for you to learn: an entire new history of your branch of humanity; a new understanding of physicality; and a working knowledge of how Heaven operates. 

The Light has certain operating procedures that you need to know about, because it is what our Galactic Societies are founded upon. Each of these procedures brings you closer to a better understanding of the Four Laws, and once we arrive, we will all need time for you to get a good grip on, and feel comfortable with, all that is changing in your lives. Boredom will be a thing of the past! Just about everything you think you know will shift. In short, the amount of change you are being asked to absorb is staggering! As an example, all of you will be brought to a realization of how badly you have treated your home world. Gaia graciously acknowledges the nearly complete ignorance of these matters that most of you possess and so the first order of the day will be to realign your society's basic priorities. We will then explain how the new principles and their accompanying technologies work within the structure of your daily lives. This is an example of the pivotal role that your new prosperity can play in furthering all that must be done to uplift your societies. So much of your lives, and indeed the lives of all living things on your surface world, need to be healed, lightened, and reformed. 

This transformation is just the first of many that you will move through. You reside on a very special world, and she is dying. Gaia's diversity is severely threatened and you are swiftly approaching the start of a deadly syndrome which is capable of becoming a mass extinction cycle. We are waiting to implement an operation which can quickly reverse all of this, but you need to know that the dark cabal has come up with a most sinister plot to extinguish life on your surface realm. To stop this, we require your assistance as your energies are to help us reverse this dark contingency. All that is to be done we will do together. For millennia you have unwittingly given away your powers to whatever scheme the cabal so desired; now comes the opportunity for you to step up and reclaim responsibility for what you wish to see accomplished in your world. Demonstrating your acceptance of this responsibility and of the ways of the Light, moves you swiftly along your path to Full Consciousness. Our mission goal is most assuredly to assist you as quickly and seamlessly as possible to return to Full Consciousness. 

This prophesied leap in planetary consciousness is the reason we are here. Heaven has a divine timetable for all this and our mission is therefore contingent upon this same schedule. We dearly wish you to have access to all the information that you need in order to grasp to some extent the significance of what has been divinely decreed for you. Recently, Heaven mandated a period of delay, but the time for picking up the schedule again has now arrived and so we intend to take some historic actions. A prime requisite is for you to see that we are real, and committed to you and your return to Full Consciousness. We have planned some events with the Agarthans to assure you that you are not alone. We will not announce these many events in advance, but they will be done in such a way as to leave no doubt in your minds that we are here! The dark cabal has run this reality for too long without any option for you to escape its tyranny. It is our intention to provide you with the ability to do so! 

Blessings, dear Hearts! We are your Ascended Masters! We arrive with good news! Our secret sacred society members are in the last stages of preparing your funds for delivery. When completed, the activation of these funds will trigger the new governance, the series of formal announcements, and a massive change in how your world operates. All this will produce an environment favorable to Disclosure and the opportunity for us to begin our many sacred teachings on a global scale. Our manifestation among you will transform your present notions of your origins and what your future holds. You are sacred Beings, who have spent the past 13 millennia wandering around in a dense fog with no memory or understanding of how you got there. We have come to put you in the picture again and present you with a cogent account of what is going on in your world. You will then be reliably prepared for what will happen after First Contact. 

Your now-suppressed spiritual abilities will be much emphasized by your new mentors, who will also focus on a lot of new history, new spiritual philosophies, and even the nature of your upcoming missions on Heaven's behalf. The framework you will be given will be in stark contrast to the grim and gloomy pack of lies and manipulation force-fed to you since the fall of Atlantis. Our own successful efforts to return to immortality and to the true Wisdom of the Ages were a feat of unbelievable focus and sheer willpower, and we are so pleased that you will not have to undertake such strenuous procedures as well. This crucible is to be replaced with a living and Loving Light Chamber, individually tailored to each one's specific needs, thus allowing you to be healed and restored to the splendor of your original design! This glorious, reconstituted Being can then conjoin with the Agarthans and us, your Ascended Masters, as we prepare to reunite with our spiritual and space families! 

Your transformation into a fully conscious Being of Light is something that the dark and its ilk have dreaded for millennia and, as you know to your cost, have done all in its power to prevent. Now, Heaven has put in place the optimum course to bring about her sacred edict, your return to Full Consciousness. Once you emerge from your Light Chamber, you are a changed individual, with little vestige remaining of what you were. You are returning to your original template and capable of expressing the full gamut of your original blueprint. Our work with you will then change, as we show you and your personal mentors the nuances of Galactic Society. We will also explore how to maximize your new potential, as you create your own, unique Galactic Society, which is quite quickly to become the foundation of your new Star-Nation. Heaven intends to 'smile' on us and bestow on us many marvelous spiritual gifts. This will further ensure us a special place in the Galactic Federation of Light. 

Today, we continued with our series of updates. Be advised that the time arrives for what we have so long been waiting for: namely, the long-talked-of changes, which will allow us to meet you and begin the proceedings to return you to Full Consciousness. This is a most auspicious time in our joint histories! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Ga

Παρασκευή, 14 Ιουνίου 2013

My Higher Self: Do You Want To Be Right Or Happy?

A Message from Andrew on 21 May 2013 

Your ego is very powerful. Every person has an ego. Some have big egos and some have smaller egos. Your ego wants you to make you feel that you are right and others are wrong with respect to discussions that you may have. 

You do not need to right in your discussions with others. This creates arguments which may eventually lead to hurt feelings, isolation, separation, and eventually war. There may be war on a small-scale, like between friends and family members. 

And there is war between countries as well. Ego is what causes wars. It is the need to be right and the stubbornness to give in that causes this separation and conflict. Disagreements will cause not only separation, but also name calling and hurt feelings that will linger inside, which eventually get suppressed subconsciously causing emotional pain on the inside. 

That pain is now coming up to the surface to be released. This pain may be from this lifetime or past lifetimes, or both. It needs to be released now, all of it. Please let go of any feelings that you have with wanting or needing to be right. This is especially true even though you may feel that you are right and the other person is wrong. You can be right or you can be happy. 

You can seldom be both. Choose to be happy. Let go of being right. This will disarm your ego. When you disarm your ego, you will remove conflict from your relationships and there will be no disagreements or dissension or separation. Take the high road. 

This way your ego will not force you in any bad direction, typically of making other people in your conversation to feel that they are not correct. Do not be angry or hostile towards others in your conversations. 

This does not help. You will not be happy and will most likely pick up unnecessary karma for yourself. What good will it does to prove your point that you are right and someone is wrong? You may be right, but will you be happy knowing that the other person is now upset? That other person will feel deflated as if they have lost. 

If something is very important that you need to stand by, then by all means stand by your point. For example, if someone is abusing you mentally, you do not want to tell them that they are right. You probably need to end that relationship. In these times, you will know who you resonate with and those people who you do not resonate with will probably drop off from your life. 

There are no losers, as losing creates separation. We are all One. It creates the perception that one is right and one is wrong. Do not be angry in your discussions with others. Do not be bitter with your discussions with others. This is not a contest of who is right and who is not right. 

This is not a fight of who can yell the loudest and overcome the other with their words. Do not have any resentment towards others and always be loving in your discussions with others, no matter how mad or frustrated they seem to make you with their comments. 

Laugh it off and just move on. It is not worth your happiness. You want to be happy, as happiness is a higher frequency vibration. Whenever you are in any discussion with someone and you feel an argument coming on, ask yourself whether you want to be right or whether you want to be happy. 

Is it really worth it to you to be right, to prove your point that you are right and that the other person is wrong? You should pick being happy. 

Watch what happens when you agree with the other person and just smile at them, even though they may be wrong. Practice saying with a smile “Sure, you are right, I agree.” 

You are showing your strength by transcending your ego. You are choosing kindness, compassion and showing the ego that you are no longer a slave to it. The other person will feel so much better by you agreeing with them on their point. 

They may even seem confused, as their ego was bracing itself for a fight. And now you swallowed both egos with your love and compassion. This is not an easy thing to do, to stay calm, and centered and balanced when the other person is going off on you and looking for an argument. Or it just drives you crazy knowing that they are so wrong. But just let it go, tell them you agree. 

Take the high road and have the satisfaction that you have just checked their ego at the door. You have just shined your light tremendously by your actions of choosing not to be right and choosing to be happy. In fact, when you do this, you will be good at it and you will see so many less arguments in your life. You will see that you have more friends in your life. 

And you may see these people change in respect to your views, as you have changed in relation to theirs, based on their perceptions. Always take the high road. The ego wants to fight and feel that it is always right. So, prevent the fight from even beginning and not allow the ego any say in the fight. By doing this, you will feel so much better. 

You will see yourself tested in the upcoming times. Egos are fighting for survival at these heightened energetic times and you will see the egos out in full force picking fights. Do not engage. Just observe. Tell the other person what they want to hear and diffuse the situation. You will be happy you did and you will feel so good and have this overwhelming sense of peace as you transcended both your ego and the other person’s ego. 

This does take a little bit of practice. If you feel you are getting annoyed and your blood is boiling by the ramblings of someone that you know is wrong, just take a few deep breaths and find your calmness, your peace. Ask your angels for assistance. You are already going through a lot in this lifetime. This is one less thing that you may not need to deal with. 

But it is a big thing and everyone now is being tested on their calmness and ability to be happy. So, choose happiness over being right and tame the egos involved. Your ego may not thank you, but your heart will. And you are headed into a heart filled world. So, always choose to be happy. You will be happy you did. 


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The remaining skeins of the illusion are turning to dust

Message from Saul by John Smallman for 5 June 2013 

Here in the spiritual realms, our joy at your progress on the path to Full Consciousness continues to intensify, as we observe the increasing numbers who are turning daily to Love.  It is the most amazing sight!  Every single day large numbers of you are renouncing any aspect of yourselves that is in any way unloving, and starting to embrace your true nature confidently and enthusiastically, and by doing so you are most effectively changing the world along with yourselves.  There is no possibility of retreat from this holy path that you have collectively chosen to follow, and on which we are traveling with you to share and lighten your load.  You are going through a lot of stuff, stuff that you need to release, and you are being enormously successful, as we knew you would be, simply because it is the Divine Will for you. 

And you, as you release these burdens of old, are indeed beginning to feel freer and are experiencing less discontent with your lot, because awareness is growing within you that yes, you have chosen this lifetime, this human incarnation to finally and completely unload from yourselves the heavy burden that being unloving and judgmental has placed upon your groaning shoulders over many lifetimes.  What a joyful and enlightened path you have now chosen!  And how well it suits you.  Open into acceptance of the loving embraces that are being showered upon you from the heavenly realms, like garlands of the most exotic, vibrantly hued, and blissfully scented blossoms. 

You are divinely blessed and your awakening is assured, because your choice to experience separation from your Source was but a momentary aberration, as you played with imaginary concepts that could never be realized.  They were to be made from something that did not exist, something other than the infinite energy field of Love.  Love is all-encompassing, infinite in Its expansiveness, containing all that could ever exist.  There is nothing, above It, below It, beyond It, or outside It.  Your contrary experience is but an empty dream, but when you conceived of it you used your enormous power to make it appear convincingly real to all those who agreed to be a part of it.  The time has come to cancel that agreement and end the dream.  Its only remaining purpose is that you awaken from it. 

Love has you all in Its fond embrace, and the remaining skeins of the illusion, like the dead, autumnal tendrils of a vine or creeper, are crumbling and turning to dust.  Love will hold you securely aloft as the illusion falls away, disintegrates, and is no more.  You have no more need of it; you are ceasing to provide the support it needs — and so it must die, as you return to Reality, the magnificent Home that you presently barely remember.  However, as you awaken, all will become perfectly clear, because your true memories, the eternal now moment, will return in glory as you are filled with the Divine Light of God’s infinite Love for you.  It will be as though you had never fallen asleep! 

Focus on reentering Reality.  Truly you have never departed from It, even though it most definitely seems that you are far removed from It.  And so when you spend time quietly, alone each day, remind yourself: “I am Love.  That is how I was created, and that is how I remain.  Because what God creates, never changes.”  Accept the truth of this statement you have just made and open yourself to feel the Love that envelops you constantly.  Doing this will uplift you, releasing your doubts and anxieties, and showing you — because of the actual experience of feeling God’s Love that you will undergo — that all your fears and worries are indeed groundless. 

Even if you are not suffering yourself, you see signs of suffering all around you, and it seems, perhaps, that you could and should be doing far more to alleviate it. Maybe you compare your seeming inadequacies in this respect with the achievements of others of whom you have read or heard, and feel at the least very uncomfortable, and maybe even as though you are wasting your life.  Please release that negative self-judgment.  There is no one on Earth who is not precisely where they are supposed to be, perfectly positioned to be themselves, doing what they planned to do before they incarnated.  If you have doubts about this, as many of you do, ask for guidance when you pray or meditate, and even if it seems that you are getting no answers, know that you are making your presence on Earth extremely effective just by being there and holding your loving intent. 

God loves all His children, and you, all without exception, are His children.  He does not differentiate between you because you are all eternally equal in His sight.  All that you need to do is accept the Love He offers you in every moment (even if you do not feel It) and intend to share It indiscriminately.  That is your main task; that is why you were created; and in doing that you will find eternal ecstasy as you awaken. 

With so very much love, Saul.

Τρίτη, 4 Ιουνίου 2013

You are experiencing the final moments of your time in limited consciousness

Galactic Federation Update for 28 May 2013 by Sheldan Nidle

Selamat Jarin! We come with many things to tell you! The dark cabal continues to search for a way to escape from its many predicaments, but every turn they take leads them into a dead-end. There remains no way for these dark ones to resolve their ever-deepening dilemma. Meanwhile, the world their ancestors built proceeds to crumble around them. We continually draw their attention to the new economic and political reality that is starting to manifest before them. Truly, their only hope is to surrender and place themselves at the mercy of the Ascended Masters’ sacred secret societies, in whose keeping they can confess and seek the inner remorse that can provide the relief each one of them so dearly seeks. This course of action is also truly compassionate considering what they have perpetrated on humanity. If they spurn the offer of surrender, their deleterious activities marks them for a dark fate if they choose the option of a civil arrest and likely vengeful prosecution. As their powers decline, these groups need to take a good look at where they now stand and acknowledge the spiritual assistance being offered. But the cabal seems frozen in its tracks and unwilling to compromise with the inevitable. 

The Light is working its sacred magic, putting all its dominoes in place. Soon a great fall is to overtake the dark, along with the release of a lot of previously unknown facts that are to become common knowledge. Humanity, unavoidably, will be outraged by some of the content of this sudden flood of startling information, the nature of which will be so appalling that it will successfully prevent any inclination to return to the old, callous ways of the dark and allow the new realities to be welcomed in. The power of the few will end and prosperity for all will wash over the planet. Further, a formal disclosure will permit us to interact directly with you. In a series of truly astounding broadcasts the very foundation of your reality will be first shaken and then reduced to rubble! Our appearance alone is to shatter your core beliefs about yourselves, namely, that you are alone and unique in the universe. All your histories, the tales of your origins (religious and anthropological), and your self-perception are to be changed forever. In one grand swoop your long romance with limited consciousness ends! 

Waiting for you with open arms is the embrace of full consciousness. Our mentors intend to provide you with a thorough understanding of what this divine state implies. Their teachings are part of the last leg of the journey which culminates in your individual Light Chambers and the crowning transformation of your Beingness into a fully conscious Being of Light. This process will remove your millennia long state of amnesia and reunite you with your Heavenly Self, enabling you, first of all, to become responsible for the stewardship of Gaia and her magnificent diversity of Life. This responsibility will be expanded to include guardianship of this entire solar system and the cornucopia of life forms which inhabit her worlds. Your rise in consciousness will also make you eligible to take part with others in creating a Lightbody for those Beings who were used by Anchara to spread chaos and strife throughout this galaxy. This is to bring us all a true and enduring galactic peace. At the same time it will bring you the fame and accolades you truly deserve. 

As you move through the coming days, know that you are experiencing the final moments of your time in limited consciousness. Take these moments to reassess who you are, consider what you have accomplished, and what you feel you are here to do. Take this personal vision and prepare for it to be enhanced by the information your mentor brings you. These two interweaving information streams will form the foundation of what you will shortly become. Your mentors comprehend how consciousness operates and fully intend to impart these abilities to you. Armed with this knowledge you can get a better understanding of how your particular life contract was negotiated by your heavenly council of guides and you. This heavenly document is a living contract and thus changes slightly as you move through your life on Earth. It is one of the subjects you will discuss fully with your mentor as you need to learn how your contract can be transformed once you become fully conscious. Truly, if you could see the many fascinating vistas that are to open up to you during your final journey to full consciousness, it would take your breath away! 

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We appear to you at this time through our messages which continue in the blessed vein that has marked our recent reports to you. The Divine continues to ensure that the dark cabal and its covert adherents are graciously pushed from power by the overwhelming transformative powers of the Light. Meanwhile, we focus on the plans for the upliftment of all. Each of us, at one time or another, proved able to ascend into our full spiritual and physical potential, and this ascension ceremony is to be provided for you when you begin your own sacred ritual in your personal Light Chamber. This blessed ceremony is to give you access to wonders and abilities that have been denied you since your ancestors’ fall in Atlantis some 13 millennia ago. Think of this procedure as a sacred dispensation that Heaven is granting you en masse. This amazing technology, devised in part by Heaven, is simply the vehicle chosen to realize the divine promise made to you just prior to your fall. 

The Light Chamber eclipses the necessity for many generations of intense spiritual focus, which all of us Ascended Masters were required to undertake, and is being allowed only by a most special, divine dispensation. In the short space of three days, you are being permitted to forgo reams of special prayers and practices that were our supreme taskmasters. During this short period, you will be infused with a Light that unzips all the biological elements imposed by the dark on your ancestors, and your forgotten memories and vast creative abilities are to be ‘plugged back in.’ Your responsibility is to use this potential to reactivate your grand status as a full-fledged physical Angel. You will have our assistance during your post-Light Chamber training, and once this is finished you will require a lot of information concerning the setting-up of your galactic society. Here you will be assisted primarily by the Agarthans and by each of us. 

Establishing a new, fully operational galactic society has implications beyond just creating a new star-nation: one of your first responsibilities will be to put together a group dedicated to using its unique abilities to assist others and thereby firmly cement into place a most needed galactic peace. This special star-nation, which carries such a powerful energy of ‘home,’ is to be the site for a series of conferences focusing on the expansion of the Light’s jurisdiction to galaxies so far distant that their known location from us is measured in quadrillions of parsecs. We are to be blessed with sacred duties which are to unfold the divine plan and permit us to carry out our many sacred tasks. These activities will permit us to cast out the dark and bring in the Light to every part of this sector of physicality as prophesied eons ago. You have reached the end of your harrowing odyssey through the shadow lands and are now to blossom in the glories of the Light! 

Today, we continued with our discussion of what is unfolding around you. Your surface realm is poised to transform from a land of ever-tougher survival and hardship into a place which can soon be reunited with the Light realm that is Inner Earth! This reunion will initiate a new star-nation which is to be a most welcomed addition to the Galactic Federation of Light! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)