Δευτέρα, 30 Σεπτεμβρίου 2013

Any blame, shame, or punishment hurts all of humanity!

A Saul Message by John Smallman for 27 September 2013 

The awakening of humanity is almost upon you. Yes, you have been hearing this for some considerable time, and that is because you, through humanity’s collective intent, is bringing it about and you need to be regularly reminded to hold the intention for it to happen. You also need to hold the intention to be constantly loving, as you release all within yourselves that is not in alignment with the Divine Field of Love that forever embraces you. The vast majority of you want to be loving, nevertheless, many also hold a deep desire to see the “wrongdoers” on your world exposed and shamed, and even possibly punished for their nefarious activities. 

You have all at some time been wrongdoers, and over many human lifetimes you have learnt that by being wrongdoers you hurt yourselves as much as you hurt others, but it is easy to forget that when you are incarnate as humans – amnesia is one of the limitations with which you have to deal. Consequently, we keep reminding you, so that you remain focused on your task to be loving always and thus help humanity to awaken. Many of the present wrongdoers are being exposed, but you must release your charge on seeing them blamed and punished for the various atrocities that they have perpetrated – REMEMBER all are one! Any blame, shame, or punishment hurts all of humanity! 

You are all divine creations of infinite value, infinitely and unconditionally loved by your heavenly Father – who wills only Love and never punishment for His children – and in order to return to His Presence you must release all that is not in harmony with His loving intent for all of His creation. Many of you have discovered that by daily making the intent to be only loving, your stress levels and your fears and anxieties have been considerably reduced. When you are at peace within, it is far easier to be loving, which is why it is essential to your well-being that you enter your quiet inner space frequently, even if only for a moment, to renew your intentions. When you feel truly at peace, you have no desire to attack, punish, or shame anyone. And regular meditation, or just relaxation, as you rest in that place of inner stillness strengthens your ability to remain peaceful even when there is chaos all around you. 

Your loving intent, your loving presence is extremely powerful; it acts as a profoundly stabilizing influence on those in your vicinity, calming the energies of fear that can lead to conflict and encouraging all to seek peaceful solutions to issues that concern or worry them. And in your energy field, that you hold and share with those around you, miracles will occur. You desire miracles; you can create miracles, so intend to do so. Expect them, and enjoy the results. As more and more of humanity turns to Love, the numbers of miracles will also increase, as will their significance, reinforcing and strengthening your awareness of them. 

Miracles should occur frequently because your nature is Love, and Love loves miracles, because they are God’s Will for you. You open yourselves to creating miracles, when you open fully to Love and let go of fear and anxiety. Fear and anxiety are negative intentions that prevent miracles, so let your faith in your divine nature intensify until you feel very secure in it, then there will be no space for fear or any of its unpleasant aspects. When you let go of fear, all sense of need for security or defenses evaporates, because you are then aware that you are secure and that no further precautions or defenses are required to provide something you have always had. 

Fear expects things to go wrong, that accidents or catastrophes will happen, and it encourages you to take precautions to limit the damage that may occur. But focusing your attention there is akin to intending that things go wrong, and the power of your intent is awesome. Many of you have experienced this, when things you greatly feared came to pass. Where you focus your attention is where you focus your intent; so focus on Love. 

In this New Age, the field of divine energy enveloping Earth and all her inhabitants is far stronger and more effective than it has ever been in your entire history because humanity has made the decision to awaken from the illusion. That decision is irreversible. It means that the corner has been turned from fear to Love, and the effects of that decision are being seen more and more clearly all over the planet. Situations that had seemed insoluble or likely to extend humanity’s suffering are losing their fearful intensity, their sense of impending conflict, and they are recasting themselves as situations in which those involved find themselves opening to Love and allowing compassionate discussion to supersede any desire for competitive confrontation that would lead to winners and losers. Instead, an arena in which all will win has replaced the arena of mistrust, betrayal, and war that humanity has used for so long that it had come to believe that there was no other adequate way to resolve conflicts. Even though those ways never worked! 

You are fully enveloped in the New Age with its light and loving energies. You know that! Deep within yourselves you do know, and when you enter your space of quiet inner peace you can feel it. Focus on it, remind yourselves that it is true, and then wholeheartedly accept and embrace the Love that is sweeping and swirling all around you, and intend that all of humanity feel it and engage with it, and bring yourselves and humanity out of the dark dream that has brought you so much suffering. 

With so very much love, Saul.

The glory of the Real You will dazzle and amaze you

Message from Saul by John Smallman fir 29 September 2013 

The awakening process that humanity is engaged in is intensifying . . . daily!  Much is happening on your world as a result of the escalating power of the divine embrace in which you are so firmly but lovingly held. And much of it is now beginning to be reported on the mainstream news channels. The intent of the human collective is also strengthening as more and more of you turn away from all that is unloving and focus on sending love and assistance to those who are desperately in need. 

The Divine Light in which the planet is now bathed is irresistible, and the planet herself is transmitting vast quantities of multicolored rays outwards as a loving gesture to all of creation. She makes a magnificent sight, as she shines with a brilliance far greater than any other Light source in your galaxy. It is an open invitation to all who would like to participate in the momentous events that are coming to fruition in your vicinity, just as God intends. 

This truly is a wondrous time to be incarnate as humans on planet Earth. Focus on the marvelous advances you have made along your collective spiritual evolutionary path, while continuing to hold the intent for humanity to awaken, for that intent has become extremely compelling and is achieving more stunning results every day. You cannot be unaware of this, as the mainstream news continues to report on the new revelations that whistleblowers everywhere are disclosing daily. Transparency is the new norm, and that which was hidden is being unveiled, thus disabling all attempts to make corrupt and dishonest deals secretly in any organization, and ensuring that they fail. 

The New Age is one of undiminished Light before which all darkness melts away, and as those who have chosen to work in the dark, or with the dark, find themselves unable to avoid being in the Light, they will mostly choose to embrace it and mend their ways – the vast majority – while a tiny minority who have chosen to remain in the dark will be found somewhere else to carry on playing their unfortunate and unhappy games. 

Your free will is always honored even when it seems that you will be harmed by your choices. There are really only two choices that you can make: (1) accept the Love that is constantly offered to you or (2) reject It.  The first choice is permanent, eternal, while the second is only temporary, because it is impossible to permanently reject Reality by clinging to the unreality of the illusion.  Eventually, there will be no dark corners in which to hide from the Light, because even the most damaged amongst you want to return to Reality, and when they choose to do so their cloaks of darkness will dissolve and they too will awaken in joy. 

God’s Plan is a plan of Love that eternally includes every part, every aspect of the Divine Creation. In other words, all that exists is Love which embraces fondly and permanently all parts of Itself in joyous harmony. The illusion that you built in which to play your clumsy and infelicitous games is like a small stage behind a dark curtain, where you have chosen to pretend that you are living lives that are controlled and limited by forces and circumstances beyond your influence and comprehension. It is a very small environment that in your limited state of consciousness appears to be vast, almost infinite, and in truth it is nothing but a dream or a nightmare, depending upon the experiences that each has chosen to undergo within it. 

After apparently eons spent within it, the time for you to awaken is now upon you. You are effectively tidying away all the props and costumes that your games and theatrical performances required, that are no longer needed, and to which you had attached such a strong sense of reality.  You have all been playing your parts very convincingly, and as a result, it takes quite an effort for you to move out of the mannerisms and behaviors of the characters that you have been playing for so long and return to being your real divinely created Selves. 

In the spiritual realms all the stops have been pulled out, as we pour our love and our assistance out upon you, as you enter the final stages of your awakening process. You experience this in a variety of ways, because you have been engaged in playing so many different kinds of characters and their individual characteristics have become rather ingrained – you have an expression that is quite appropriate here: “someone who is very set in their ways.” 

What is coming up for you is a growing awareness of all these various parts that you have been playing and of the characteristics that you took on to make them appear convincing.  Many of them are definitely not at all attractive, and because you have done such a good job of immersing yourselves in these parts, it is hard for you to believe that these aspects of yourselves, which are coming up for review and release, are like the illusion itself: unreal and illusory. 

What we in the spiritual realms are doing is helping you remember that you are, and always have been, beings of Love, so that you can recognize the unreality of all that you have been experiencing and discard the imaginary characters you have been holding firmly in your minds, so that they would seem real for the duration of these games. You are not the beings that, as humans, you appear to be, and the reality of that is about to dawn, as you cease your role-playing and fully embrace the true You that you are uncovering within. The glory of that “You,” the Real You, will absolutely dazzle and amaze you. Intense joy awaits you. 

With so very much love, Saul.

Κυριακή, 29 Σεπτεμβρίου 2013

We are ready to welcome you in your True Home

Message from SaLuSa via Madad for 27 September 2013 

This purification of All that is occurring now within you and Mother Earth is leading you straight into your higher reality of experiencing. Do feel the change that is happening to you at this moment, as it is the one that opens the door, which previously was not visible to you. At this point some of you might be “taken” to certain moments in your many lives only to see the reason for your clearing of an issue or more issues that you thought were already cleared. It is allowing you to see them as they are, without lower vibrations present, including judging yourselves, and you can now let them go and free yourselves completely. Do accept this deeper or, shall we say, deepest clearing and understand that it is happening because all unconscious is becoming conscious and nothing can stay hidden, as in higher reality you are aware of all aspects of yourself, and it gives you that amazing Freedom to choose the perfect experience for you. Your dreams might change now, and it is a sign for you to know that your personal clearing is at the end. We cannot tell you how your dreams should change, as it is upon you to find out, because all of you are experiencing different dream realities, but you will surely know. 

We are with you all the time. Those who wish to be with us surely feel it, and we are ready to welcome you in your true home. Those who are not sure yet or do not wish to be connected to us, will get enough time to decide, but because so many of you are awakening to the inevitable truth, that time is shortening, as your collective voice is getting much stronger and demanding to know the truth about all matters –most of all about your history, life outside of your own planet, spirituality. Usually their description was ridiculed and twisted and some of you still feel slight discomfort when hearing these words that describing your own experiences of such wonderful change that is happening to All. We want to inform you that we see very clear change also in the nature of information you receive daily. For example, most of your Leaders are speaking openly and without hidden agenda behind their words. They might use the usual words, but the difference can be felt when focusing on the energy behind them. 

We feel you are getting used to the constant flow of energy from higher realms and allowing your bodies to accept even more which allows you to finish the necessary changes. The more energy you accept, the more you can share with All and also ease the process of clearing of the negative energies that are present on Mother Earth. Focus again on those places and send them your healing energy of Love and Light, as this is the most valuable help. This energy transfer will also cause manifestation of physical help of those who are able to do so, and do not forget that people living in those areas will feel that immense Love being sent to them and it will also help them in their own transformation. All is perfectly planned and designed and we want you to see it on your world too. 

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I cannot express with words how beautiful I feel right now. In spite of all obstacles placed before you, you were able to rise yourselves and clear all that what is no longer serving you on your way. We are with you, and doing all that we can and are allowed to do, to help you fulfill your desires and dreams. They are becoming your reality and you are able to see more each moment that passes within your current reality. Know that the moment of your final transformation is very close. Truly feel it and accept it, as it will comfort you and you will be able to relax into the new. 

Webpage: SaLuSa in Love and Light

Σάββατο, 28 Σεπτεμβρίου 2013

The results of the collapse of the dark’s nefarious agendas are coming plainly into view

Message from Jesus by John Smallman for 17 September 2013 

We are watching over you with love and compassion, and we do see the doubts, worries, fears, and suffering that so many of you are undergoing in these final moments of the old ways in which conflict and betrayal are rife. The Divine field of Love is constantly holding you firmly and gently, as you make your way along your homeward paths, to ensure that any stumbles or falls cause you the minimum of suffering. It is a hard slog, and your patience and fortitude are exemplary, as you continue to move forwards with unfailing determination. 

Some of you have been tempted to throw in the towel, to give up, but not one of you has done so, even though it might seem that some of you have, for you are far stronger than you are aware of, and we can assure you that not one of you will fail to complete the journey. You are coming home to Reality, and arrival at that Divine Destination is inevitable. 

Humanity at large is also making tremendous progress towards awakening, enormously assisted by your loving intent that this be so. Be aware of the suffering that many are still experiencing. Intend to send love and compassion to them in every moment, but do not focus your attention there. Look for and focus your attention on the good news, because that uplifts and inspires you, and intend for it to be widely known, widely promulgated, and take joy in it. Your joy uplifts you, and the energy that flows through you as a result of that joy inspires others. You are all doing what you incarnated to do, and you are doing it extremely well. Congratulations are in order! 

Much of what is good that is occurring across the world is because you Light-bearers and wayshowers are intending that it happen. And as it happens, more and more are uplifted and inspired by what they see and hear and then they add their intent to the collective, as you have been doing for so long, to help direct it into new loving attitudes that will strengthen the foundations on which these monumental changes are built and ensure that there is no back-sliding. Humanity has collectively made the choice to awaken and that decision is known and honored throughout the spiritual realms, and a choral symphony of incredible beauty is playing now throughout creation as a precursory celebration in advance of the grand celebrations which will greet you as you awaken. 

To be alive as a human at this point in your spiritual evolution is a privilege and an honor, and enormous numbers of beings, far more than could be accommodated, wished to be present on Earth at this time to assist in and be a part of the changes occurring. You were all invited to be a part of this grand venture and every one of you chose to accept that invitation. Nevertheless, for many of you now it is extremely hard to envisage anyone wanting to be on Earth as the present multitudinous, ongoing, chaotic and confusing events and situations – military conflicts, political instabilities, economic turbulence, and religious scandals – continue to bring pain and suffering to so many. However, most of you also realize that things cannot continue like this for very much longer, and in this you are utterly correct. And of course you also knew this when you accepted your invitations to be present on Earth and assist with the awakening of humanity. 

The balance between Light and dark, which seems from your perspective to have been weighted most heavily in favor of the latter for eons, is finished. The Light has prevailed; no other possibility ever existed, and the results of the collapse of the dark’s many nefarious agendas are coming plainly into view. The brilliant Light of God’s Love for all of His divine creation is rapidly dispersing the dark, and only a very few remote enclaves remain, in which those who choose to block out Love can continue to embrace darkness. 

And as the Light on Earth continues to intensify due to the strengthening collective intent that It do so, the few last remaining members of old-established organizations that have for so long cherished the dark and the apparent power it gave them will shortly have to choose either to embrace the Light, as most will, or they will move on to environments in which they can continue to play their unhappy games for as long as they choose to do so. But even they will eventually turn around and embrace the Light, because it is impossible to deny one’s nature permanently, and all that exist are by their very nature beings of Light. There is only Light, and darkness is merely illusory – a nothingness that is unreal but seems real when one closes one’s eye to the Light. But all will open their eyes because the Light shining upon them is far too bright to resist. 

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Παρασκευή, 27 Σεπτεμβρίου 2013

All is ready to go and we are so proud of what our Allies have accomplished

Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy, 24 September 2013 

5 Caban, 0 Tzotz, 10 Caban 

Selamat Jalwa! (Be in Everlasting Joy!) We come to share some reflections on what is happening on your world. The dark cabal's debt-based economic system is truly 'on the ropes' and continues to induce a rate of debt formation that is quite astounding. In effect, it has reached a point where the weight of debt is beginning to gouge into the infrastructure of the system, threatening to rip it asunder, and it has become clear that the dark can no longer hold the center together. It sees the moment approaching when a new system must take over and recognizes that this signals the end of its time at the top. The global currency revaluation in many ways represents this turn of events and indeed, we consider the revaluation to be the 'kick of the mule', which is to jettison these haughty ones from power. We also know that a totally different type of economic system is waiting for just such a moment in order to come on line. Our Allies are at the ready and are shortly to force the demise of the old, decrepit, wicked system, thus throwing open the gates to a reality filled with the glory of the Light and which will transform global consciousness. 

Heaven's sure and steady hand has been guiding the multitude of changes, which is driving your New Reality into manifestation. Those who have long intended your harsh society to be replaced by a more Light-oriented one are jubilant about what is now to happen. We, too, are greatly looking forward to your present unwholesome regimes being terminated. As you know, the dark cabal was determined to make endless drudgery a permanent condition of life on Earth and has been pulling out all the stops to derail your rise in consciousness and all that the Light stands for. For so long you unwittingly participated in the dark's deceitful scenarios, believing that there was no alternative and no end in sight. Now, all that is history. We were summoned here by the decrees of Heaven to move these hapless ones aside at the divine right time, and that magical moment has now arrived! Everywhere, the signs of transformation are evident for those who see clearly what is being written and expounded upon by your various economic pundits. The time is now! 

We are being emphatic today for a purpose, because you need to know that we are committed to the truth and to action. The dark ones' philosophy of trusting their ability to somehow muddle their way through every difficulty will not work this time. Forces dedicated to the cause of the Light have made sufficient progress to bring the illicit and ill-gotten house of cards down once and for all, and we are ready to assist when and where our help is asked for. All is ready to go and we are so proud of what our allies have accomplished. Your world is straining at the seams with multitudes of good deeds and natural events that are arranging the pieces so that they can burst into a florescence of freedom across the globe. Gaia is very happy that your growing consciousness is making it harder and harder for the dark to continue its cruel and illegal games with you. The accelerating levels of Light have summoned forth the required conditions for a legal, bloodless coup, which is to gleefully eject these killjoys from power. 

We are celebrating what is about to happen. The dark cabal has always been confident in its ability to hoodwink you into accepting deleterious policies, which lead to war and needless suffering. Now you are turning their dreams of permanent control into a nightmare, in which your growing rebellion signals the inevitability of their self-inflicted doomsday. Our allies have maneuvered the cabal out onto a ledge from which there is only one way down! The new governance is to bring an end to a long series of cover-ups which hid the truth from you about a variety of new, liberating technologies; about our benevolent existence; and the fact that Gaia is hollow and supports an advanced, 5-D society within her sacred living interior. Ultimately, Full Consciousness is our common goal. The aim is to return Gaia and indeed the entire Solar System to their former pristine, higher-consciousness state. Once achieved, you are to complete what the ancient Lemurians nearly accomplished. Then you can turn your attention to the matter of ensuring a permanent galactic peace. 

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come to comment on what is happening to Gaia and to you. You are transitioning from limited to Full Consciousness. You are being prepared to move into the spiritual wonders which is Full Consciousness, by integrating your full spiritual essences and learning about who you really are. This blessed process is somewhat painful and opens you up to experiencing subtle intimations of what you are to be in the very near future. There is so much to learn and very little time in which to absorb it into your Being. To help you to complete this process, you will need some very special hands-on guidance. Our mission is to assist you by presenting information in large but very digestible chunks. We Ascended Masters have all had to do this over the course of several lifetimes, but you have only this one in which to become enlightened. We welcome you with open arms and fully intend to take you over the finish line! 

As Ascended Masters of surface humanity, Spirit has assigned us a most wondrous and grace-filled task. Each of you is a grand spiritual essence that was born into a reduced capacity of mind in which it is hard for you to grasp what we are trying to describe. Full Consciousness is when the entirety of physicality and of Heaven merge into coherence within you. Then, each thought you have is reflective of this coherence, allowing you to be cognizant of and at one with the Creator and an amazing Divine Plan. You can then confidently use your abilities and talents to unfold physicality and to know the whys and wherefores of any event in your past, present, or future. This happens because these illusory linear-time constructs of the third dimension are now merged into the one eternal now moment of 5-D where they can easily be read. To realize this ability, and many, many others, you need to learn about the physics of physicality and Spirit. 

The attainment of this essential wisdom took us many lifetimes of very spiritually dedicated lives to accomplish. Now Heaven desires you to likewise integrate this wisdom, but you are to do it with a great deal of spiritual and physical assistance. This assistance will begin with the essential foundation of new governance and a great liberating prosperity for each one of you. It is time to be, to learn, and to accept many things: secrets hidden by the dark will be disclosed; great wealth will be shared; and branches of your human family, long denied easy access to you, will come to envelop you in a home-coming that is central to your achieving Heaven's grand decree. You are enormously blessed because you represent a group of humans who are shortly to transform your entire Solar System and indeed, the whole of this Galaxy. You are destined to spread a great Light across the Galaxy and to integrate it with what is now sweeping throughout this grand Universe! 

Today, we reviewed what is happening on your world. Incredible events and shocking announcements are about to take place. These will transform your world and permit you to become fully conscious Beings of Light. Ahead of you lies a New Reality and most importantly, a new state of Being! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Πέμπτη, 26 Σεπτεμβρίου 2013

You are so very close

Message from SaLuSa via Madad for 24 September 2013 

As your Sun is so much brighter now, your Light is also shining so brightly and this allows us to work with you and come closer to you each day. This also allows all the changes to move much faster, as now your wishes being fulfilled almost instantly. Do practice fearless wishing and see for yourself how it is manifesting into your reality. Being fearless is the most important point in your current transformational process. That is why we are constantly making you aware of the fact, that only fear and doubts are holding you now from making your dreams come true. You need to find the best way of clearing away those old memories and thoughts that are causing you looking back and questioning, if what you dream of is really that what you wish. We want to let you know that your dreams are with certainty showing you which way to look and therefore see them as guidance on your path. Do trust yourself, because now you are aware of the basic principle within this whole Creation and that is that you are creator of your own reality and co-creators of reality that you are sharing with all of Beings you meet on your journey. 

With manifesting your thoughts and wishes into your reality comes also the responsibility for all your actions. We know that this is the fact that some of you might have difficulty with, but remember Dear Ones, everything is wonderfully planned and assured, and no Being will be harmed by your single thought. Firstly, you are getting cleared of all unwanted thoughts, that will simply no longer be present in your mind and secondly, there is a mechanism that will warn you before you will be able to manifest harmful thoughts. It is a function of your connection between your heart and brain and it is being activated at the moment of your preparation to step in the higher realm. Those who are prepared, already noticed that when this kind of thought entered their mind, there was also another thought coming within the same moment. This thought was nothing else but letting go of that old, needless and hence that first thought did not receive enough power to manifest. These days, that can happen often, but be assured that all these old thoughts will not be returning anymore, thank to your own determination, clearing and intention. 

We are very much enjoying coming closer to you and being able to share so much more with you. We feel your happiness and we know that you are ready even for more, but your physical bodies still need little time to adjust to these high energies. On the other hand, your bodies are more quickly transforming when our energy is present, so we all have to find balance in our connection, because imbalance of energy is causing tiredness within our bodies and we are aware of the fact that it can cause doubtful thoughts flowing to your mind, when you cannot get enough rest in your busy days. You are so very close to reach the point in your transformation when this will not occur anymore and we will help you with sharing enough of our energy to enter your higher reality that you have created for you. 

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I am happy that I can tell you that ‘very close’ is also very close within your time terms and already feel your joy over it. Together we are sending very powerful intentions to Creation Forces and they are allowing us to follow our dreams and visions and moving along our soul paths. Feel the power within you. So it is. 

Τρίτη, 24 Σεπτεμβρίου 2013

We are able to fulfill your greatest expectations and dreams in no time

Message from SaLuSa via Madad for 20 September 2013 

Those who worked on their clearing will feel enormous bliss in coming days and will be able to relax once again in their own peace of mind, but we can tell you that this feeling will be different from previous one, as it will come from your pure soul energy. With this will come awareness that you have been changed completely and nothing stayed within the old ways. You will be able to communicate with your Guides and All those from Higher Realms that are with you on your journey, very clearly and your quick understanding of their messages will surprise you. You will no longer use only words for expressing yourselves, but your pure intentions and feelings will allow you to add the right energy to the communication, and you will feel it the same way when returning to you. Some of you already experienced this way of “talking”, for them it will become natural and most enjoyable way of sharing their thoughts and energy and no longer will they need to find the right words, as the feeling they will send out will tell the other all. 

This way you are able to share so much more of your energy with others and they will feel either blissful in your company, or just will want to walk away as soon as possible, because they will feel great discomfort due to your Light shining on them directly and showing them all that heavy baggage they are still carrying around. You will help them to finally decide whether they want to move with others into the Light and Love or they want to stay for more experiences. That will be a very powerful moment for them, because they will be connected to their higher wisdom and the answer will be so clear. Remember not to push anyone, even when it is one of your family or loved one, because they would not understand this as help, wait for their call and when they are ready, surely they will let you know. 

Each moment we feel how your understanding is growing and your reaction to it bring us great joy, and we are intensifying our connection with you, as we know you are ready to receive more. We say only ‘more’ and not adding explanation of what that is, as each of you have different wish and vision of what that should be and we want to let you know that we are able to fulfill your greatest expectations and dreams in no time, so focus on them, and make your intentions clear without worries that they might be too good for you. You have worked very hard and the time of new wonderful experiences is here, you just need to let them come to you and accept them as your new, or higher reality and we know you understand the meaning of it. Feel the Freedom, the true Freedom that this realization is bringing to you. 

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and the Light is so bright now around your planet that it shines very far, and the whole Universe is feeling the changes that are occurring right at this moment within you, within Mother Earth and within your Galaxy. You are to be fully awakened into your true potential of Light Being in every sense and way you can think of with the wisdom you are now carrying.

Webpage: SaLuSa in Love and Light

Κυριακή, 22 Σεπτεμβρίου 2013

Light technologies will remove any need to farm, fish, or manufacture anything

Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy, 17 September 2013 

11 Oc, 13 Zip, 10 Caban 

Selamat Jarin! We come at this time in joy! Much is happening across your planet that is paving the way to a new world, a world of freedom, filled with prosperity. We come to give you notice that these developments are a sign that a new epoch for humanity is beginning! The new era of openness will start with a series of special government announcements which mark the end of your long association with the forces of darkness. We can finally inform you that the cabal, made up of those who have controlled your world for so long, is to surrender its power to new groups which stand for universal freedom, sovereignty, and prosperity. These groups are preparing to broadcast a series of official announcements which will inform you of what the swathe of new governmental policies are to be. A result of these beneficent policies is that your time and energies will be freed up, enabling you to tackle an urgent priority: cleaning up your planet's air, water, and ground pollution. In this way you will be graduating to a wholly new relationship with your living home world, one which will see you becoming a capable and loving guardian and monitoring the harmonious proliferation of all that is now to happen throughout your globe. Here, it will be a great pleasure to assist you in your many new endeavors. 

As your world moves out of galactic isolation, you can reestablish connections with your Agarthan cousins. For millennia the dark cabal blocked your interaction with them by presenting you with geophysical 'facts' that were totally false and which 'proved' that a hollow Earth was impossible. This deduction will be shown to be a fallacy and you will be free to be reunited with those who have kept the galactic society of Lemuria intact and flourishing since its demise on the surface world. Together with Lemurian Council members, your Ascended Masters will demonstrate how the dark cabal used the erroneous beliefs you were fed to instill fear, suspicion, separation, and never-ending chaos in your lives. As harmony and peace spreads throughout the land, your focus will turn naturally to redressing the damage done to Gaia and her ecosystems. Once you possess the technology that obviates the need to disturb her land, air, and water, you can joyously rethink how to re-create your societies on all tefronts. You will comprehend that every advanced society honors its total dependence on its home world, including the wider sphere of the solar system. You will rediscover the living Oneness of all life. 

Long ago we reached a set of general principles which we applied in every world that we were permitted by Spirit to settle. These basic premises for living demonstrated their validity time and again, and so we wish to introduce you to these criteria so that you can use them as you see fit. The Agarthans also desire to share their experience by showing you their society as a living example of these principles. Inner Earth is an extension of the surface realm that is already familiar to you, so the Agarthans will logically be the first ones to show you their version of galactic society when they take you on a tour of the inner realms. These stunning inner preserves evoke a deep sense of Loving awe for this beautiful blue-green orb. Here, the land radiates her Love and the Agarthans return this veneration many times over. Once you too experience Gaia's luminous presence, all that the cabal taught you about her and about 'reality' will simply evaporate. By then, Light technologies will have removed any need to farm, fish, or manufacture anything, and your fully prosperous and upgraded living environment will have moved far beyond the level of your present practices of slaughter and pollution. 

As you can begin to see, your understanding of many things is about to make a most welcome change of course. Until now, your society has existed on the edge of potential disaster: one bad miscue in farming or livestock production, or an interruption in your energy resources can bring on widespread hardship. This will now change. Eking out a living at the expense of your planet will no longer be necessary as new technologies will end your dependence on exploiting Gaia's ecologies, thus allowing you to experience true abundance, sovereignty, and freedom. This opens the door wide to wholly new approaches and possibilities that you can barely at present envision. At long last your rapid rise in consciousness will be able to burst into bloom as you begin to feel the need to tend Gaia, not misuse her. And this caring will extend to every living entity on your planet. At your side will be the Agarthans and your Ascended Masters whose teachings will be geared to furthering your ever-expanding consciousness. 

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We return this day with more good news! Events that are to free you from bondage are ready to manifest and our blessed associates are prepared to put a series of processes in motion, the first of which is the release of the monies which are to bring prosperity to our globe. A grand monetary reset of the world's currencies is ready to begin, along with the worldwide distribution of our various prosperity funds. Taken together, these two actions will complete the legal operation to swiftly bring down the once-mighty clutch of your illegal governments which have so long browbeaten your world. This feat will result in the termination of global debt enslavement which underpinned your fiat-currency financial system. The new hard currency, prosperity-based system will ensure your freedom and guarantee you your personal sovereignty. Now the bumpy road to full consciousness becomes a clear and open highway! We say, Hallelujah! 

This first flurry of blessed activity sets the stage for our contribution to global change, including the formal recognition of our Galactic Federation family and the sacred inner province of Agartha. Indeed, Inner Earth has been our blessed sanctuary for millennia. Now you are to learn about and see these glorious lands for yourselves. You will also learn about the full-conscious inhabitants of these lands who, you were told, were instruments of the dark or else did not exist at all. These untruths will be exposed along with so many other fictions about your reality. We will be giving you a series of very special lessons about the nature of your most sacredly held beliefs and we ask only that you listen with open ears and see with open eyes. The facts and truths that we shall place before you may be shocking for some of you, but if you let them, they will speak for themselves. We ask only that you realize who we are, and ponder on why it is that we are telling you these things at this time. 

To become fully conscious requires you to let go of the illusory realm you know and all that is of it, and this includes all the 'beliefs' that you were taught as truth. You were exhorted to reject everything except a very narrow view of what was claimed to be real. Now you must free your minds! Since childhood you were plied with half-truths and fear-twisted notions in order to keep you hostile in a variety of ways to each other and we long to remove these alienating blinkers! We intend to introduce you to ideas and principles that may astound you. Many secrets are to be exposed and long-hidden knowledge revealed. These will address the true nature of Life, the way of Heaven in physicality, and the truth about of those who originally came among you to keep some basic teachings alive. You need to know the Buddha. You need to know Yeshua. You need to know Mohammed. And many, many others. Exposed to such wisdom you will be truly blessed and ready for full consciousness. 

Today, we spoke about what is ready to happen and about some of the things that are about to become part of your history. You live in a world that is rapidly transforming. Everyone is feeling the energy behind this! Be ready for some astonishing events to happen. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Δευτέρα, 16 Σεπτεμβρίου 2013

Your Future Self Revealed: New Views on Abundance, Science Redefined

Message from the Orion Council of 12 by Selacia 

Greetings dear ones. We are here to share with you the wonder of these times. You may have noticed that in the current quickening, there are more doors opening to you than ever before. The more you consciously observe the doorways ahead of you and prepare yourselves to move through them, the more you will find your evolution can dramatically increase at this time. 

It is as if you are on a carousel that is moving at greater and greater speeds. At each turn of the wheel, you pass by more of these open doorways. You have the opportunity to partake of the jewels inside these doorways, but only if you stay focused on the obvious that lies right in front of you. If you "go to sleep" for the moment that the doorway is in view, you do not see the jewels! There is no judgment here. We simply want you to train yourselves to be more in the "here and now" to remind you that your active participation is required to move into these new ways of being available at the millennium. 

To assist you at this time, we would like to light the path ahead for the days ahead. We would like to first remind you that you have already succeeded in transforming yourselves back into luminous beings, for we see those future beings who have achieved their long-ago stated intent! The creative spark that will be yours in the 5th dimensional world will allow you to reclaim your power as creators. Know that your future selves we see ~ in the not too distant future ~ have learned to move beyond the illusions of time and space. They have shed their fear and embraced a new view of themselves. The new perspective is based on unity and oneness. It is one focused in the moment, avoiding a preoccupation with the past.

Κυριακή, 15 Σεπτεμβρίου 2013

Greater Manifesting Alignment

Channeled Ascension Message from the High Council of Orion, channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood & transcribed by Paul Marwood, June 14th 2013 

Greetings Dear Ones. We are the High Council of Orion. 

What we would like to speak with you about today is this idea of living your future reality, as we are often speaking about, yet with the specific area of focus today being that of really connecting to what it is that “You feel that you want and you need, and your desire to have what you would consider an ideal life.” 

For as we observe many of you on your planet, there are lots of thoughts and dreams and desires that are always out there, they are always outside of you. There is a disconnect between what you desire, and you really feeling that you can embody that which you desire. 

For example, somebody who is living at the poverty level, saying that “I would really love to be driving around in a Maserati.” There is a large gap between those two things. Does it mean that it can't happen? Absolutely not! Yet what we ask for you to do is ENVISION that which you feel is within your reality. That which you feel you can own, that which you feel you deserve, that’s what you feel that you can live into. 

Now, does that mean that's your ultimate goal? Not necessarily. What if you can manifest in incremental ways as you move forward and move along. What if you have a very large heart’s desire, but there are more steps in between that you could own in the meantime. 

If you have a very lofty goal and you really want to achieve that, but diving inside yourself understand that you can't vibrationally really feel it yet, what's the step between you and your ultimate dream that you can embody, you can own, you can feel, taste, touch, understand that it's right there, that you could see yourself in that position, that’s an intermediate step. 

Once you have reached out and embodied that intermediate step, from that point then you can manifest the next step and the next step. And what is this doing? As you are on your journey to that, you are becoming increasingly successful at envisioning and manifesting. Because what you want to manifest and the dreams and goals and desires are beyond where you are at, if you will, but not so far (it makes it attainable), and once you’ve exercised your muscles at attaining that one goal then we say, ”What's next?” 

What’s the next thing that you can see and envision beyond that? And what it does is to give you a positive reward, your flexing those muscles of manifestation to the point of really feeling into what’s’ next. Many out there are talking about envisioning all these wildly fancy and amazing things, which is fantastic, but the disconnect that we are observing on the planet is people get frustrated with this idea of manifestation or attraction, because they are not able to truly feel and see and embody the essence of the energetic of where they want to go. 

So, we say it's not that you’re a failure at it, what we say is reach out ahead of you to the place that you do feel like you can embody, that you do feel like you can embrace, you could see yourself there, you could feel yourself there, you can imagine your lifestyle or your relationships or your business truly being at that level. 

That doesn't mean that once you are at that level you don't step forward. Of course you do, and it doesn't mean you're shortchanging yourself, it means you're doing it in incremental steps that allow you to feel successful, and really start living into the reality of what you want. 

We encourage you to do this with all aspects of your life, it's easy to give examples in the business realm or in a realm of manifestation of physical things, but the truth is, you can work on these incremental stages of manifestation in relationships with others, in relationship to yourself, and in relationship to yourself talk and in relationship to your body and the issues within your body, and even your healing of your body if that's necessary. You can work this out in issues with your emotions as well. 

Perhaps you're somebody who tends to get very angry very quickly. So, your ultimate goal is to be unflappably peaceful at all moments in time. Therefore, if anything ever flares up between extreme anger or temper, then there is the perception that perhaps there is failure, that you haven't embodied this infinite reservoir of peace yet. 

But what are the steps in between the extreme anger and the embodiment of peace itself, that you can find your way up that ladder to where you want to go? Perhaps it's just working with yourself to feel peaceful and centered when you're around certain people, or in certain situations, and then you can grow and expand on that and allow yourself the success, allow yourself the positive feedback of working in incremental steps until you reach your goal. 

This is true about all areas and aspects of your life, and as you do, you start trusting yourself, trusting yourself to guide your life, and as you trust yourself to guide your life you start relying on yourself as that ultimate resource. This is the goal of all of our teachings, as you and your soul are collaborating to have the most Soulically expressed lifetime now. 

As you do that, you begin to embody your future in the here and now, and you close that gap between that ideal future and where you are now. Self-empowerment is the key to that, and by self empowerment we say that with the capital S, which is a very gentle loving Soul-connected, Soul-aligned place to live from. Where you are always being informed and expressing yourself in the world through your Higher Self, which is your Soul. 

Play with this and have fun as we always say, enjoy the journey, enjoy the ride, applaud yourself for your success, as give yourself a break if it's not as successful as you wish, and always know there is another opportunity, always know that there's another way to look at every situation that comes upon you. 

You are all infinite Beings of Light. 

Be Blessed. 

We are the High Council of Orion. 

© 2013 Copyright Soul Genesis www.AkashaHealingStudio.com 

This channeled message may be reproduced in its entirety provided it is kept in its original form and not altered or changed in any way, with the Author and website clearly included. 

The High Council of Orion has spent over 9 months teaching us the 111™ Activation. This activation can be done either in person or at any distance and assists us to move forward in our path of Ascension, being more authentic to who we are, and connecting more deeply with our Soul. Much like what is talked about in the channeled message above. For more information about this activation and what are its benefits for you, please go to 

Source: http://www.akashahealingstudio.com/transformation/

Σάββατο, 14 Σεπτεμβρίου 2013

We were preparing ourselves for very long time for these moments

Message from SaLuSa via Madad for 13 September 2013 

Another powerful clearing took place among those who are ready to move forward. We see your Light shining so brightly and inspiring others to do the same. Feel how the New Reality is slipping into your old one and bringing all the necessary changes with, making you feel very comfortable and at peace and most of all, it gives you the power to trust yourself completely and without any doubts. This trust comes from your connection to your Higher Self as now, for many of you nothing stands between, and you are so freely attaching yourself to the wisdom your Higher Self is sharing with you. Do listen carefully to it, because it is your closest Guide on your path. 

Feel how the information you receive resonates so deeply within you and gives you the recognition feeling so good known to each of you and when you do not feel such resonance, it might be due to some issue that you need to work on, and your Higher Self is showing you what it is. Accept it and clear it with love out of your way, and even if you are not aware of some issues being within you, please know that they either might be hidden deep within a part of your still unconscious mind and are being cleared throughout the dreamstate process, or you are asked to help someone else, because your energy carries the knowing how to do it. With such connections you are able to create very powerful unity with each other, which will enable others to do so, when they are ready. 

So many of you are visiting us in their dream state of mind connecting with their Family and receiving guidance that they are asking for, receiving healing and pure form of Love flowing without any blocks that are sometimes felt when in awakened state of mind. Due to these visits these blocks are being cleared and many of you are feeling this pure Love entering your physical body, lifting you and keeping you in the higher state of mind all the time. Share this feeling with others you are with or just walking by, and know that you are also helping them in finding their power within. You would be surprised how many people you have helped this way. We feel you are getting very comfortable being around us and we know that this is the right time to come closer to those who wish to be with us. We are very delighted at this connection between us all and feel all your loving thoughts. We want to let you know that we share your excitement and pleasure in feeling that the right moment is finally coming into our lives, and we are going to experience the most wonderful moments in the Now. 

This time is also a turning point for all that did not have any previous intention of change and we are also speaking about your old Leaders, they know now with certainty that the time has come to step down and let the new way and new Leaders take all countries and all their people on the path of Unity and Peace, creating one powerful Nation of Mother Earth, which will be accepted and recognized throughout the Universe. This is what we are working on together with you and very shortly this work will be clearly seen and visible for all that wish to see this change happen, allowing more others to be open to the knowing of what it can bring to their lives and join the powerful Oneness of all those that are already aware of it.  

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and feel such pleasure of our intense connection. We are so gladly sharing our feelings and knowing with you, as we were preparing ourselves for very long time for these moments, yet we are amazed at the speed of your growth each day. We are ready to share so much more with you all. 

Digital Art by Swami Sevaratna

Παρασκευή, 13 Σεπτεμβρίου 2013

You have endless choices, possibilities, and opportunities!

Message from the Angels by Ann Albers, 7 September 2013

My dear friends, we love you so very much. 

Take a deep breath. As you breathe in you breathe in the energy of all possibility in your life. Breathe out. Release limiting notions of what you can be, achieve, or have in your life. For with God all things are possible. 

It is easy to feel trapped by life circumstances, but in all cases dear ones, you have choice. You have the power to choose thoughts that are loving and positive, or thoughts that are conditioned and often negative. You have the power to perceive life as a journey of opportunity for expanding love, or as a dance of survival. You have the choice to view people and situations in your life as obstacles, or opportunities for transformation. 

So, next time you say to yourself, "Oh I have to..." try saying to yourself, "I choose to..." For example you say, sometimes with a heavy heart, "I have to go to this job to pay the bills." Sigh. And yet how much more powerful to say, "I choose to go to this job to pay the bills. It is the most loving choice I can make given my present circumstances. However, I have choice. I have opportunity! I can pray and look for a new job. I can eliminate some of my financial burdens. I can give up everything and live in a tent on the beach!" We hear you now. "No, I can't do that." Well dear ones, with all due respect, we remind you, yes you can! You have endless choices, possibilities, and opportunities! 

We would like to offer you a little game that you could play with yourself or one another. Next time you say, "I have to..." with a heavy heart, get creative. Write down all the other possible choices! "I could..." Make them outlandish, silly, amusing, and sometimes you will find even inspiring. Brainstorm with friends. Allow yourself to add to your list. Soon you will see that the only thing holding you bound is your own thoughts, your own sense of duty, your own definitions of responsibility. 

Out of this exercise you may see that you ARE making the most loving choice right now, but that there are other possibilities. You may see that you are choosing out of habit and you may want to make changes. You may see that you have been your own personal dictator! Dear ones, allow yourselves, at least in your thinking to be free! Allow yourselves to consider other options, other possibilities. For never in truth are you truly trapped in any situation! Your souls are and eternally will be, free. 

God Bless You! We love you so very much. 

The Angels

Πέμπτη, 12 Σεπτεμβρίου 2013

Divine Grace is about to shower you with wonderful, transformative gifts

Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy, 10 September 2013 

4 Akbal, 6 Zip, 10 Caban 

Dratzo! We come bearing good news! Those working diligently to bring change to this reality have finished their special tasks, so that now a New Epoch stands ready to manifest. A brilliant and abundant world is about to be created for all humanity! There is but a very brief time remaining before all this takes shape in front of you. As you look around, you perceive a world that appears to be on the brink of new levels of violence, with a monetary system that continues to keep most of you toiling unremittingly in an effort to escape the alternative: lives of hardscrabble poverty. All the while, you also perceive the arrogant few who enjoy lifestyles of prosperity, glamour and power. This dichotomy is now to cease. The sphere of humanity's basic well-being is to be leveled out by a new financial system which will put an end to such inequality. A state of worldwide prosperity will prepare the ground for a planet whose societies will be redirected and revamped by the divine works of your Ascended Masters, aided by the immense resources of Agartha (Inner Earth) and the magnificent technology and sacred goals of Heaven. The times are changing! 

The coming segue to the new system was to a large extent facilitated by the nature of the self-styled groups that run your world from behind the scenes, in that their greed, hubris, and tunnel vision laid them open to situations which were eventually to 'hoist them on their own petard.' These groups largely brought the present predicaments on themselves by making decisions that defy all logic. This left openings for our allies to make inroads against their huge, dark control structure and then take advantage of the inevitable fall of what has become a house of cards. As is plain now to all, the world you grew up in no longer works, and careful observers can only wonder why this realm has not yet collapsed. For our part, we are doing what is necessary to allow each of you to move into lives that you truly deserve. This includes your return to Full Consciousness, as your life contracts all have provisions for this magnificent opportunity to be afforded you in the time ahead. The Divine decreed for you a sacred destiny in which you are to consolidate galactic peace and transform former dark societies into ones of Light. 

Our fleet is keeping a close watch on Gaia and reports that she is most anxious to begin her surface alterations. Likewise, your Ascended Masters are more than ready to begin a global program that will teach you about the Light and generally prepare you for Full Consciousness. We, also, dearly wish to end the silly 'UFO' cover-up and start a series of special broadcasts which, admittedly, may be shocking to those who cling to the strange beliefs planted into your society a while ago by the Anunnaki's minions. All is in readiness and this interim period will be brief. While it lasts, be aware of the palpable 'something big in the air' as the approaching wonders make themselves increasingly felt. It is easy to see that the outgoing order is slipping quickly into the 'dustbin of the ages' and that the center barely holds. These facts are everywhere more and more obvious, despite the determined protestations to the contrary of your controlled news media. The debit-based economies of your globe are engulfed in a gargantuan sea of debt created by the ever-expanding networks of a now-blatantly rogue financial system. 

You are watching the death-throes of a system that is succumbing to the burden of its mountainous debt and the over-reaching of its local and national governance. In addition, the legalities which long held this construct together is fraying, allowing our supporters, with our help, to defeat the system at its own game. So, step by hard-won step, your world has been brought to the brink that we have long forecast. Now the secret societies of this world and the many ancient families of great power and wealth have finally achieved a position which allows them a complete victory over the cabal and which has taken decades to bring about. The dark power is like an old toothless dog that wishes to bark ferociously to guard its territory but can only whimper and cough. Thus the end of this once-mighty creature is guaranteed, and with it, a time to roll out a wide panorama of new knowledge and truth for you to absorb. Value these last moments and realize that divine grace is about to shower you with wonderful, transformative gifts. Take them and rejoice! The age of miracles and heavenly wonder is upon you! 

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come on this glorious day to inform you that a marvelous lineup of events is set to happen. Our associates, with the help of our Spiritual and Space families, are ready to transform the way your reality functions. Until recently the dark cabal's power was all but omnipotent, but now the point has been reached where it can no longer deny you your sacred destiny! A great prosperity linked to a global revaluation of your various national currencies is ready to happen. This grand event is the clarion call which will expel the old governance from power and influence. It will liberate you from your many illegal debt obligations by instigating universal debt forgiveness and this includes your release from any incurred indebtedness to this old governance. You are about to inherit not only this divine gift of freedom but also a never-ending supply of prosperity. 

This is a sacred process founded upon the divine decrees of Lord Surea. These proclaim your freedom and a return to your innate sovereignty and right to full consciousness. The dark repeatedly placed illegal blocks before you and even invented outright lies to continue to deny you these sacred rights. Their unholy obstacles are being removed, and you are once again to be on a path which includes not only prosperity but also a return to full consciousness. You are to have your state of amnesia removed and to be given the sacred truths which will prepare you for what now lies ahead. We have come to teach you; you will be afforded a new discipleship which will wash away all the lies and misconceptions administered by the dark to control and manipulate you. You will also learn about the true nature of this solar system and the divine nature of your grand guardianship role. 

We, the Ascended Masters, are honored to serve you selflessly and teach you about the nature of this universe. We will guide you Lovingly and supervise you while you learn about and use your new universal Truths. Each of you possesses a special life contract which at the proper moment needs to be explained to you. Moreover, as you gain access to your Akashic records you will learn how you, as a fully conscious Being, can put this knowledge to use in a sagacious and constructive way. In short, you are to be prepared to join a universal community which includes every human that exists throughout this universe. You will also discover how extensive and varied are the life forms created in physicality by the Creator. You are to find joy in interacting widely with this vast and wonderful parade of sentient Beings. Can you begin to see what an incredible array of divine experiences awaits you? 

Today, we brought you another message. The time we have so long wait for is upon us. We rejoice in our freedom and celebrate the prosperity that this moment contains. You are shortly to meet your various spiritual and space families and learn Lovingly that you are not alone! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)