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You are the collective, and the collective has decided to awaken from the nightmare

Message from Saul via John Smallman for 28 August 2015 

Here in the spiritual realms we have been observing with great joy the amazing progress humanity has been making recently towards awakening from the illusion. Yes, you truly are making wonderful progress. Vast numbers are now holding the intent to be loving in every moment and to release all aspects of themselves that are not in harmony or in alignment with Love. Doing that is enormously powerful, and it is having a tremendous affect all across the world. If you could see what you light holders and light workers are achieving you would be absolutely amazed. Keep on doing what you are doing, because it is an essential part of the awakening process, and also because it is so very effective. You are greatly honored for the great work you are doing. Most of you do not experience much of anything in the way of positive feedback for your efforts, but I assure you that what you are doing is changing the world! 

You are the collective, and the collective has decided to awaken from the nightmare, the illusion, and that awakening is happening right now, in this eternal now moment. For an enormous number of you this is being made apparent by the fact that your shadow side, the part of you in which you hide or deny aspects of yourselves that you judge bad, shameful, evil, or just generally unacceptable, are, as it were, blasting themselves into your awareness causing you shock and dismay! This “stuff” has to be acknowledged, because it is part of who you are as humans, and for you to awaken, every aspect of yourselves has to be accepted and lovingly integrated. When you do this, all that is not in alignment with Love will just fall away, because it is unreal. Nevertheless, you do ask yourselves, often quite fearfully, “if I am continually making and holding the intent to be loving in every situation, and if I am meditating, praying regularly, and visiting my holy inner sanctuary daily, how can I be having these terrible and often murderous thoughts? How can I possibly have such horrific thoughts and ideas? Only mad men and brutal dictators think like this.” 

Well, as you have so often been told, God created One Son. Then one day God’s Son thought, momentarily, that He would separate Himself from His Father and prove to Himself that He had no need of God. Most of you are well aware of teenage rebellion. Well, that is how the illusion started! 

These murderous thoughts are just “out there”, they are not yours. You all have the ability to “receive” them, BUT there is no need to act on them, and the vast majority of humans have no desire or intent to do so. However, because every human race and culture has rules of behavior, has “no go” areas within themselves, where they refuse to look, where they are in denial, there is a lot of buried “treasure!” 

That is thoughts and ideas that are a direct result of choosing to separate from God, from your heavenly Source, that are in absolute opposition to or denial of your true nature, Love. In choosing to separate Yourself from God, You had to choose a state that was completely opposite to Love, and it is from that idea that these thoughts arose. It is “treasure” in the sense that when you acknowledge and release it all, you will be free, for there is NO opposite to Love, there is only Love! 

To be separated from God, as it seemed that you were, was a terrifying concept, a horrifying reality. You saw yourselves as unacceptable, unworthy of God’s Love, because you had separated yourselves from Him. So, out of fear, you developed the ability to hide and deny aspects of yourselves for which you believed God would punish you severely – condemning you to hell where you would burn forever in excruciating pain. 

But hell is part of the illusion. There is no such place or environment. As you have so often been most lovingly informed, there is only God, Heaven, Reality, Love. And it is here that you have your eternal existence in every moment, without break, interruption, or even in a temporary state of quarantine. 

As all in the spiritual realms keep telling you through channeled messages, and as the mystics and masters who have spent time on Earth in all races, religions, and cultures have also told you through the eons, the only Reality is Love. But, because of the fear that the illusion instills and encourages, especially when you believe that you are only bodies with a very short life span, the reasonable and logical result of that belief is that you must defend yourselves from the death that appears to be waiting most enthusiastically to strike you down permanently at the first opportunity. 

Then the small joys and pleasures that you may have briefly enjoyed as humans will be lost as you cease to exist, and you most definitely do not want to cease to exist. Deep in your hearts the knowledge of eternal life and all that it entails – God’s eternal and infinite Love for each one of you – lies hidden, but it still influences your beliefs and thought patterns, so that the concept of non-existence, loss of His infinite Love, is fearful. 

And you will never cease to exist! God created you in Love for all eternity to enjoy endless life with Him, and nothing can change that, ever. Death is but the laying down of the vehicle that enables you to experience life within the illusion as a human, but in truth it is unreal, despite the intense sense of reality with which it presents you, especially when your bodies are in pain or are suffering. 

Within the illusion, fear is a strong motivator of highly irrational and dangerous behavior, as fearful humans attempt to secure for themselves, their families, their loved ones, their tribes, and their nations a safe environment in which to live their human lives. Most believe that with luck and with the help of modern science that war, pestilence, disease, and death, can be eradicated, often by exterminating those whom they believe are a constant threat to their existence, their imagined enemies. 

How can you possibly have enemies when all are One? Spelt out clearly like that, it is quite obvious that that concept is insane, and modern spiritual psychology would agree. However, your fears are so intense that while you might agree that the way humans often interact is insane, most of humanity is unable or unwilling to rise above their intense sense of fear and embrace the ultimate and only solution – LOVE! To do so appears at best unwise, and at worst, totally irrational, which is why it seems utterly impossible that a consistent state of world peace can be achieved. 

Each of you light holders and light workers, by intending to be loving in every moment, are focusing and integrating the Tsunami of Love that surrounds you into a personal energy field of great strength that extends way beyond your human bodies and interacts lovingly with the energy fields of every sentient being on Earth. You are helping to awaken the Love latent within all humans without exception, very often unseen and unacknowledged, and it is Love that is leading them forwards towards their own inevitable awakening, and from there you will move into a state of worldwide peace and harmony as all cooperate as one for the good of all, and poverty and disease are eradicated, permanently. 

With so very much love, Saul.

Σάββατο, 29 Αυγούστου 2015

Your personal Ascension is attracting a lot of interest

Message from SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey for August 28, 2015 

People of the Earth, you are in turmoil as your systems are breaking down proving once again that they are inadequate to maintain a decent and sustained standard of living. Regrettably, it has to be that way, as you are the Masters of your own destiny having been graced with freewill. It could have been so different had you accepted that you are your Brother’s keeper, and that you are All One within the Human Race. Greed and self-aggrandizement have prevented souls from equally sharing the wealth of the planet, and that has led to an unbalanced society. We do not condemn those involved, as the Human Race has accepted what amounts to a free for all. However, the experience has given all concerned an insight into life without love, and without God, and shown that Man lacks the know-how or will to be his Brother’s Keeper. So, no experience is without its positive side, in teaching lessons that have speeded up your evolution. 

You have had many lives where different approaches to life have been tried, and apart from the occasional high points, it has been very much a hard lesson about life. Certainly, as you have experienced many different approaches to life’s challenges and problems, you have nevertheless continued to evolve and many of you have advanced sufficiently to be able to ascend. It now remains to be seen when you can raise the vibrations sufficiently for Ascension to take place. It will certainly occur, as that is your destiny and indeed for the whole Universe. It cannot be otherwise and has been decreed by the higher forces that oversee the evolution of the Human Race. 

Every soul is given the same opportunity to ascend, and much help is given them subject to their freewill. Some are so entrenched in the lower vibrations that they find it difficult to move on, but be assured that every help is given to help them rise up. However, there comes a point when a cycle has run its course and a new one begins, and it is this interim period that causes you so many problems. There is a grand sorting out that at this time is elevating all aspects of the Light. There will come a time quite soon, when the Light has risen to such a level that it literally leaves the lower vibrations behind. It means that any soul that has not ascended will move to another cycle that continues to meet their needs. All works out perfectly in the end, so there is no need to worry about the future of any particular soul. Dear Ones, give thought to the fact that God dwells in a state of complete and utter Love and Perfection, and God’s Plan for Man is perfection incarnate. 

Before you volunteered to experience Duality and dropped down into the lower vibrations, you knew that it would be a trying time, but were confident that you could overcome the challenge. You knew that all along your journey you would be helped to rise up again, but also that with freewill you could experience every aspect of Duality. So, you travel at a speed that suits your particular requirements, which is why some souls are “lagging” behind. Those who feel a strong link with the Human Race will return after their Ascension, desiring to help lost souls to find their way out of the darkness and back to the Light. At a higher level of vibration, the Oneness of all souls is truly understood, and in Brotherly/Sisterly Love, some will stay in service to them. As you are no doubt beginning to realize, the energy of Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. 

In such changing times, our advice to you is to simply keep your goal in mind, and try as far as possible to ignore what is going on around you. None of you at your level will truly understand what is really happening behind the scenes, but remember that all actions taken by the Light are ultimately for your benefit. You would consider the tasks we face are too enormous to deal with in short time. However, we emphasize once again that we have enormous forces of Light ready to go into action. Plus, our methods are far in advance of what you are already aware of and we can make relatively short work of whatever tasks we face, as we have unlimited resources at our disposal. Our main concern as always is your safety and we will move you into another area if the necessity arises, but do not worry, as we do not visualize any major need for such drastic action. 

You are still getting visitors from other civilizations, but often these are for no more than cursory visits, where information is being collected regarding the changes in your planet. You are in a very unique situation as your personal Ascension is attracting a lot of interest, as it is the first time it will have been achieved with your existing physical bodies that even now are being affected by the higher energies. You may not “feel” it occurring but will possibly sense the change within self, as you will ultimately become more at ease and in harmony with all else. You can of course help yourselves by keeping calm and focused on the Light. You may read of many frightening occurrences around the world, but that is inevitable when cleansing is taking place. Plus the fact that the Press enjoys exaggerating conditions by using very emotive words. The dark Ones also enjoy creating fear, as the energy feeds their lower energies and draws more people into them. 

Every soul, if not already there, is gradually moving into position to experience the End Times, while at the same time completing their karmic needs. Some of you are already past them and are preparing yourselves for Ascension. Forget what is going on around you, as it is a most exciting time, although some who are more involved with actions on Earth may not believe it. One day in the future, you will look back at this period and be glad you were part of that history. You of the Light have served the people on many occasions and are acclaimed for what you have achieved. We are not surprised at your success, as you were initially chosen for the task due to your vast experience. 

The Galactic Federation is at the ready for instructions to round up the dark Ones, who are no longer the force they were. They are now very restricted in what they can do and are unable to proceed with their plans to take over the Earth. Indeed, we monitor and control what takes place, thus preventing any actions that would cause widespread damage and loss of life. It can be confusing at times, as by your understanding there will still be attacks on civilians, but these are not always what they seem. Remember that the Illuminati have infiltrated many Institutions, and their minions still carry out their secret operations that we are already aware of. 

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pleased that more and more souls are awakening and beginning to realize that something big is taking place on Earth. Soon events will occur that will indicate what is coming. Know that each of you have many Dear Ones with you giving guidance, so I will leave you with those thoughts and my love. 

Thank you SaLuSa. 

Mike Quinsey 

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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Love without Liking

The Angels via Ann Albers on 15 August 2015 

Last week we talked about finding the love in all things and all beings. We know this isn’t easy, because this is not the way humanity is programmed. We say “programmed” because we know that your true nature is to see the light within every soul and every situation, but it is your cultural conditioning that teaches you to protect yourself and to survive. 

This is understandable, and at times, humanly necessary. Children who are too trusting could easily find themselves in trouble, and yet dear ones, as adults you can discern without judgment, love without liking, and choose to focus on the light within an individual even if you choose to walk away. You will live a far happier and more powerful life if you strive to do so. 

There is great confusion between judgment and discernment. We have said this before, but “Judgment says ‘No right to be.’ Discernment says, ‘Not right for me.'” So when someone is acting in a way that you do not agree with, by all means we say, discern! Decide who and what belongs in your life. 

Get away from the offensive individual as soon as you can, or if you can’t get away, at least make a decision to stay in your own positive energy rather than succumbing to the ill-behaved individual’s desire for company in their misery. Ignore them, send light, work to remember that even within this wounded or unconscious soul there is a spark of divinity. 

Likewise, there is a great deal of confusion between “love” and “like” on your planet. Love, in the heavens, simply means recognizing the divine spark within another. Like means having warm feelings towards another. You can love the soul without ever having to like the personality or the behaviors. Love the light within them, no matter how dim or hidden. Choose to believe in its presence. 

And yet you do not have to feel warmly about an individual. You do not have to want to be around them. You do not have to agree, accept, or even have anything to do with someone you don’t like, but please dear ones, don’t hate. Love the light within them, because no matter how awkwardly it is trying to emerge, it is the same light within you. As you focus on that light, sometimes you can actually, energetically, fan the flames of their soul. 

So, when we say find the love, we are not asking you to feel warm about everyone, nor to have everyone in your life. We are not asking you to put up with behaviors that do not resonate with your joy. We are not asking you to stay in situations that hurt or are uncomfortable to your spirit. We are simply suggesting that you will feel better, more powerful, and more in integrity with your own spirit if you can say, “Well no matter what anyone is doing, there is light in their soul trying to emerge, and I can love that light.” Dear ones, then you will begin to see humanity as the angels do.

Πέμπτη, 27 Αυγούστου 2015

A New and Magnificent Reality

Sheldan Nidle's Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy for August 25, 2015 

3 Caban, 10 Uo, 12 Manik 

Selamat Balik! The present world is one in which the old ways are still strong. Both financial and cultural events are getting ready to occur. The dark ran this surface world for nearly 13 millennia. Such a lengthy degree of control has set a number of cultural precedents that now need to be adjusted. You are to be freed from a seemingly endless debt slavery and a constant need for survival. These two items are to end with a Debt Jubilee and a coming prosperity. 

The dark cabal understands that its basic underpinnings are to be transformed and that they are to be isolated from you. These things are an anathema to them. Their fight-to-the-death attitude may have delayed things, but their fate is truly sealed by Heaven. The dark sits in a corner of its own making. It is bankrupt, filled with a useless fiat currency and unable to maintain its lies and massive innuendos. In short, it is quickly setting the stage for its demise. Forces are currently reviewing a number of scenarios by which all this is to end. This is to involve arrests, scandals and a reform of governance that is to permit you to learn the truth of what happened since the end of World War II. 

America became a world power and quickly reversed every scenario it had followed since the end of the Civil War. America failed to embrace its civilian and isolationist tendencies and instead quickly became the new British Empire. This process seriously altered how America works. It became a land seeking to establish itself as a vast defender of the old empire it used to resist. 

We watched as America created a set of lies that forged the present UFO cover-up. It fought illegal wars and persisted in keeping a draft that utterly altered the lives of many young Americans. America was doing the bidding of an oligarchy that was flexing its muscles to see just how powerful it had become. America was losing its soul and turning itself into something that Jefferson and his many associates warned about. America was creating an empire to aid the wealthy and powerful. The powerful had grown in great numbers following the culmination of the Civil War. By the beginning of World War I, this new clique had assumed its formal position of power. 

The rest of the 20th century was a repeat of what England did to maintain its status as a great power. The artificially produced depression was in fact a prelude to the Second World War. America left the war as a dominant power and created a cold war to continue its dominance. Its means of following the cruel lead of the Anunnaki assured it the role as the major nation from which the dark selected its primary minions. 

Nevertheless, the proclamations of Anchara and the leaving of the Anunnaki in the mid 1990s created a stumbling, which was finally highlighted by 9/11 and the resulting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. These temporarily permitted them to grab an additional decade plus and brings us to the present dilemma. This is the final time when the inevitable really does occur. The present world is in a lockdown as to what our allies and us are setting up. We have promised both Heaven and our Earthly Allies not to disclose much more. The dark knows that a number of cases were adjudicated against them and that a grand legal force is readying to take them down. 

We presently stand at a precipice. A number of actions continue to move forward at their own assigned pace. We are watching intently as it all plays out. This time is to end your judgment of yourselves by the perceptions you have had since childhood. With the fall of the dark, you can at last know what freedom is truly all about. When the Anunnaki left 20 years ago, they sincerely asked the cabal to give up their ways and instead permit abundance and new governance to blossom. The cabal decided against this and, in the next decade, the American cabal assured its dominance. This dominance has worn off as the world recovered from the deeds of the Americans. 

We ask you to be patient and to realize what is happening behind closed doors and kept secret. The cabal seeks to somehow overturn this. There are too many who are now wise to the ways of the cabal to let them win yet again. Therefore, know deep in your heart that you have won and that this is to be manifested shortly. Then, you are to be freed and a New Realm manifested before you! 

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! This world is now in a great transformation. Over two decades ago, Heaven brought in a First Contact team whose grand supervisors were to be the blessed orders of sisterhoods and brotherhoods, which comprise Gaia’s orders of Ascended Masters. In the beginning, it required us to formulate a plan to replace the dark with a New Light for this Divine Reality. After a decade of missteps, the tide slowly turned in the latter part of the first decade of the 21st Century. 

We became able to forge a number of suitable strategies quite capable of achieving our various goals. The most important part of this was to explain to the many ancient families how the great resources collected over the centuries were to be used to undo the power and resources of the dark cabal. This is presently fully explained to these numerous factions and a plan is currently in effect. The deadline for this sacred plan’s conclusion is coming into view. 

This plan is approaching, even as the dark threatens to pull the surface realm back toward an economic disaster. Here, we ask you to focus on success. The dark is not to be allowed to throw this realm into any form of chaos. Whether it is economic, philosophic or even a pretense to cover for another war, their attempts so far are failing. The dark cannot escape its chosen fate. Heaven’s time to permit their silliness and keep you in the dark is finally at its end. The traps put in the dark’s plans are being revealed to them as they watch. Hence, my dear blessed Ones, be strong and trust in the Creator and the many appointed to bring Heaven’s grand plans to fruition. The information needs to remain secret until the unseen parts of our plan are fully manifested. Dear Ones, be grateful as this time is nearly at hand. 

We conclude our message filled with joy and the impending success for all. Long ago, Heaven gave this surface land to the dark for a set number of millennia. This “lease” is now ready to expire. The Light was given a sacred mandate and is readying itself to oust the dark and bring you into a new land where you are free and truly prosperous. Take this time to prepare how and where you are to put into action the divine ways by which you can achieve the true goals of your heart. 

Together, we are to remake this realm and unite with our Spiritual, Inner Earth and Space Families. In this time of Full Consciousness, you are to learn about your spiritual and intuitive abilities. Notice how these powers are rising and know, dear Ones, that you are being readied for a most glorious set of times! We are to see how Gaia prepares for this and how you are to meet your brothers and sisters of the Light! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! 

Today, another message has gone out. The decrees of the Creator are being manifested. Be in Joy and be ready to receive many gifts. Be well prepared to use your abilities to forge a new and magnificent reality! Good things happen to those who wait! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!) 

Website: Planetary Activation Organization

Τετάρτη, 26 Αυγούστου 2015

Unprecedented Cosmic Wave to Impact Earth in Late September 2015

Archangel Michael Channeled by Michael Love for July 27, 2015 

Dear ones, 

Your world is about to change in a profound way over the next two months, as a powerful wave of Gamma Light coming from the Galactic Core, (the Pleroma) impacts Earth and its beings! 

It's important to note that we are already well inside this Cosmic Gamma Blast referred to as WAVE-X and many of you have been feeling this energetic increase that will continue in intensity everyday until September 28th, 2015. 

This great point in humanity's evolution is known as "The Event Horizon". 

September 28th, 2015 is when this Super-Wave peaks and is the highest energetic frequency ever measured in the Cosmos in modern history. 

Will anyone actually ascend on this date? Yes! Any Light Being who is already vibrating close to the 5D frequency of 21 Hertz will pierce through the protective 5D barrier know as "The Great Void" and will be able to experience a sustained perception of the New Earth at this great moment in our history. 

Many beings do not realize that this new perceived reality, the New Earth, will still be inside a hologram-matrix. However, it will be a greatly improved one over the old control grid we have known for over 300,000 years. 

The New Earth is still a perceived hologram, because being inside a hologram is the only way a soul can be physical and experience the 5 senses. 

The physical part of all this is still vibrating in the 3rd dimension, but think of the 5th dimensional level as being overlayed on top of 3D. The only way to not exist in a holographic matrix, no matter how controlling or heavenly it may be, is to become non-physical. 

You have incarnated here over and over for the purpose of evolving back to your higher nature, but the real reason you keep coming here and will stay here is because you love being physical and experiencing the 5 senses. If only you had a better environment to do this, everything would be perfect! That is what is about to happen! 

At the same moment you are experiencing your 3D senses in a 5D light matrix, you will be able to move into your light body (The Merkaba) and be able to navigate in the higher realms with no limitations. 

"Behold, I saw a New Heaven and a New Earth". These two things are not the same. The New Earth includes 3D, 4D and 5D and the New Heaven is dimensions 6 through 12 that you can only traverse in the light body. 

It's like this: you are not leaving 3D! Instead, you will continue to exist in 3D, 4D and 5D in the same time-space (now here) and you will be fully aware of your experience in each dimension. 

We are currently experiencing a steady bell curve in Gamma Light frequency increase, as we move into the most intense part of the Photon Belt. So, see if you can be aware of its effects on the body, mind and emotions over the next two months! 

This intense Gamma Energy is coming in due to multiple celestial events all occurring at the same time, allowing an incredible amount of cosmic Light-Data to flow into this system! 

This is no bad thing and certainly nothing to fear as these new data frequencies bombard the Earth and its beings! 

There will be a level of chaos, as this New Photon Data enters the Matrix and is integrated, but its after effect will be the gradual transformation of the Old Control Matrix Hologram into the New Crystalline Grid Matrix and is what we have worked towards for so long and want to see happen. 

It is proven that Gamma Light can instantaneously evolve the DNA of any species into its higher form. You are literally evolving quickly now into the highest version of you! 

Some are preaching doom and gloom about all this and there are others who are totally oblivious to what is truly happening. 

There are many First-Wavers who blazed the Ascension trail for the last 40-60 years, who are not oblivious at all to this and are rejoicing because they know what is transpiring. 

We say, ride this super Photon Wave with everything you've got! See this as the beginning of true freedom for Humanity. Rejoice, we say! 

Be impeccable in every area of your life, as we move ahead in each now moment as your ions begin spin faster and faster! 

It's important to let go of everything that has not served your soul to this point and open fully to the infinite possibilities of the universe. 

Most of you are already feeling the steady increase of frequency in the body. Many of you have noticed being shifted around to new locations, loss of relationships and material things. In some ways you may feel totally out of place, alone and even lost. 

We assure you, all that is happening is as it should be, and is a clearing of the old energies that you have held onto so strongly. These lower frequencies have to be transmuted, so this Divine Wave of Light and Love can flow through the body and ground into the core of Gaia. It is impossible to take the lower frequencies of repressed emotional trauma and errant DNA programming (limited belief systems) into the higher dimensions! These old trapped trauma energies must be released from the body, so the Light Data can flow completely through you and be grounded correctly. This completes the Divine Circuitry that makes you the Super Being you truly are. 

The highest level Twin Flames on the Earth play a major role in "THE EVENT HORIZON". 

A great multitude of illuminated Twin Flame Keyholders shall lead the way and open the Cosmic Gates with the intense power of their combined love and bring forth this higher vibrational perception called "The New Earth and New Heaven." 

We, as the angels in human bodies, came to hold space in our own bodies for this Great Light for all humanity and to herald this great message! Know that many Star Races are now here for the final curtain call in this great cosmic story you have played an important role in. 

Great Beings from many worlds are here on the edge of their seat to see how you are doing and to see what you will do next. They are applauding you! 

We say that after the First-Wave Twin Flame Keyholders go through the 5D veil, they will begin their real work as male/female teams in the greatest service to others, helping the rest of Humanity cross the great Rainbow Bridge. 

We close in saying, it's important that you take good care of yourself during this great time, so that you can be the best you can be for all! 

The highest teaching in all universes is this: 

Love God with all your heart, mind and soul and this is the secret to entering The Kingdom of Heaven. We ask you, who the identity of this great God is? 

Love yourself with all your heart, mind and soul! There is no other work to do than this! 

Thank you great ones for coming to Earth on this great purposeful mission. 

Well done, good and faithful ones. Enter in. This is your hour to shine. 

You are the Light of this world, as a great master once said. Shine bright for all to see. 

This is all very real, dear friends. It's already happening and will happen exactly as it has been spoken. It is beautiful and wonderful and there is nothing to fear. No harm shall come to any of you. 

Your world will now be set free forevermore! The level of suffering and chaos on this planet cannot be sustained even past another few months! Something has to give at once and it truly already has, as billions of Light Beings (YOU) continue to transmit in this Evolutionary Wave of Super Consciousness to transform ourselves and the outward perception of this place into the paradise it was meant to be! 

The data contained in this message flows from Source Energy through this vessel. 

I am the great Archangel Michael, The Guardian Angel of Love and Protection who speaks these words to you. 

God-speed to all great Beings of Light! 

Archangel Michael

Τρίτη, 25 Αυγούστου 2015

Living as a Golden Age Citizen - Part 1

Golden Age Messages from the Masters via the founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School for August, 2015 

The time has come, beloveds, for you to proclaim that you came to Earth to wear the mantle of your mastery and to be a living demonstration of a Golden Age citizen living in Christ or Unity Consciousness. What could ever bring you more joy or be more fulfilling or inspiring to your soul or to the thousands of others who are in the process of remembering that they are also here to live their mastery? Earth has provided you with one of the toughest curriculums in the Cosmos, yet perhaps now you can express your gratitude for all of the experiences that have served to open your heart and your mind, until you were ready to once again merge with the consciousness of your God Presence. We are here to support you in any way we can, and as you ascend into the next level of your mastery, we are also graduating into higher levels of our own mastery.  ~ The Ascended Masters & Star Elders of Shamballa 

You are abiding in the magnificent times that have been prophesied by the elders of your world for thousands of years. The waiting is now over and this is true even if you happen to visit a city or a country where the veils still appear to be over the eyes and the hearts of those who are living there. Do not allow yourself to become dismayed by outer appearances or to let any temporary illusions discourage you from holding the truth of what is really happening beneath and above your 3rd dimensional world. 

Your support is now more vital than ever in magnifying and extending the Golden Age frequencies of Unity Consciousness into wherever you are physically living or into whatever you might be communicating, watching or sending into the world via your telephones, televisions, cell phones, ipads and computers, since they are acting as the teachers of your age. These technologies are now a part of every culture around your world and they are either supporting the truth or expanding the illusion. 

If you have truly chosen to live in your mastery, you are playing a vital role in sharing with others only the most positive and supportive information possible. Sometimes, you may be hearing or reading what seems too good to be true, yet know that even though this may appear to be the case, based on what seems to be taking place on the physical plane, these positive reports are already so on the higher dimensions since everything takes place there before it descends on to the physical plane. 

This descending aspect of life takes place on every dimension and it is equally true regarding what is always taking place in your etheric body before its information penetrates into your physical reality. This is why your thoughts and feelings are such a vital key in bringing into the physical plane what you really want to see manifested in your next Golden Age of Freedom. Everything you think, feel and believe eventually becomes an outer demonstration of whatever you are holding to be true within your thoughts, feelings and memories. 

This is a time for purifying, transmuting, transforming and releasing whatever you know is not in resonance with your Ascension or your Earth’s Ascension into the 5th dimension. The Earth is already ascending, as she could not wait any longer. You are the vital links in the timing of humanity’s Ascension. Many events are taking place, and will continue to take place, throughout your universe that are assisting you in making this Grand Shift, yet it is the consciousness that is abiding within each one of you that is holding the key to the timing of humanity’s Ascension. 

We encourage you to remain aware of whatever you can do to keep shifting your attention out of the 3rd and 4th dimensions, so you can keep ascending with your Mother Earth. You can help in preparing and purifying your consciousness by releasing any thought, feeling or belief that is not in harmony with your already Ascended Presence. Keep stretching out of your old identities, so you can fully embody your Presence, which is the Self you truly are and have always been. 

To assist you in fully embodying your Presence and living as an Awakened Master in the 5th dimension bringing forth a new world of unity consciousness and a Golden Age of Freedom, we have created ‘Be the Change! Step into your Mastery’. You will be initiated to reclaim your mastery and ascend into your unlimited 5th dimensional consciousness, for it is now time for you to Be the Master You Came to be in Your Life and in the World.  We invite you to participate and be part of our twice-monthly Council of Awakened Masters.

Source: www.WalkTheEarthAsALivingMaster.com 

Δευτέρα, 24 Αυγούστου 2015

As Children of God, each one of you is a very powerful energy field of Love

A Message from Jesus via John Smallman for August 23, 2015 

Many are feeling that the illusion is strengthening its hold on humanity as the mainstream news media continues to report – apparently with great satisfaction – on wars, conflicts, economic fears, corruption and dishonesty in high places, and myriad other unhappy events and occurrences. These reports do certainly refer to numerous ongoing global events, but they are truly only a very small proportion of planetary activities. The current flows of the Tsunami of Love, which has been enveloping the planet since late in 2012, are much more far reaching in their uplifting and inspiring effects than any of the supposedly “bad news” events on which the news media attempts to focus your full attention. 

As Children of God, each one of you is a very powerful energy field of Love. You each have free will and can therefore choose to engage with your field of love or to deny and ignore it as you go about your daily lives as humans within the illusion that you collectively built so many eons ago. The choice you make in this regard – and whether you are aware of it or not, you are making and remaking this choice in every moment – directly affects how you experience life. Increasing numbers of you are now choosing engagement, and the effects of this engagement are visible all across the world. 

Your real and eternal nature is Love. You were created in Love, and Reality, the Presence of God – or, if you prefer, Heaven – is Love. Your existence is eternally maintained by God, our loving Father, within the divine field of Love that is all that exists. You cannot depart from it, because nowhere else exists. There is only God, the Source, the field of Love that is His creation, and it contains all life without exception. 

Within that infinite field God's only Son was created and had bestowed upon Him all that is God, which is everything. The only difference between God and His Son is that God is, always, whereas His Son was created by Him to join in the ecstasy of Life everlasting with His heavenly Father in that field of Divine Love. However, Love does not control, it is utterly free of any form of manipulation, domination, or restriction on the one loved, otherwise, of course it would not be Love. 

God's Son then chose to exercise free will by constructing an illusory environment in which He could experience independence and separation from God and attempt to prove that he had no need of God. 

But, beyond God there is nothing, there is no beyond. And the illusory environment that the Son of God built is illusory, non-existent, a figment, an unreality. Nevertheless, the power of God's Son is immense, and so the illusory environment that he constructed appears both vast and very real, especially when it is populated by an enormous multitude of aspects or separated parts of Himself contained within extremely limiting containers – human bodies. As humans, then, the illusion appears very real, placing very real limits on human abilities, as compared to the limitless creative potential that was given to God's Son at the moment of His creation. 

And, on Earth, human bodies are needy. They need food, shelter, air and water, and if any of those essentials are removed or become unavailable, those bodies cannot survive. And the realization of that is a terrifying state of affairs, which leads to the belief that they need to fight one another constantly in order to obtain enough of the planet's inadequate resources to ensure their own survival. 

But, as I said in the introduction to my book “A Course in Miracles,” “Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists, herein lies the peace of God.” Truly there is nothing to fear, because you have your eternal existence in infinite joy and safety within the Mind of God. All that seems to threaten you or bring you suffering is unreal and will pass away. 

Focus daily on your true nature, Love, and intend to share and extend It unconditionally to all of humanity without exception, and then enjoy the peace and contentment that that intent brings into your life. Where you see others suffering, no matter who they are or where they are, intend for Love to flow from you to them and relieve it. Many of you are already doing this and it is extremely effective, in fact it is undoing and dissolving the nightmare that seems to envelop so many in preparation for the imminent arrival of a pleasant dream that will lead to your Awakening into Full Consciousness, where you will once more know yourselves as you truly are – Divine Beings at One with God. 

Your true nature can no longer be hidden from you by the deceptive veil of the illusion, because that veil is disintegrating irreparably, as more and more of you open your hearts to the Love that God offers you constantly in every moment of your existence. You know, deep within yourselves, that you are Divine Beings, it is just that as humans you have forgotten because forgetfulness is a powerful limitation that a body takes upon itself upon incarnating, but as the veil dissolves so does forgetfulness. Awareness of your true nature is dawning on more and more of you each day and that awareness is intensifying the effect of the solvent – LOVE – that is dissolving the illusion. 

Therefore, know that you are eternally loved by your heavenly Father, and that because of His infinite Love for you, He has provided the means and the energy that will dissolve the illusion finally and permanently. All will awaken, because it is the Divine Will, and your individual wills are all in alignment with that Will, because, in truth, there is only One Will. 

Your loving brother, Jesus. 


Παρασκευή, 21 Αυγούστου 2015

The changes are destined to take place very soon

Message from SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey for August 21, 2015 

Having read of the significant changes that are said to be manifesting at the end of September, you are cautiously approaching it. We know that many of you are eagerly waiting to see what happens, when you will be moving through a higher and purer field of energy. Caution is wise in any event, as with the best of intentions information is given to you in all good faith, only for the circumstances to sometimes change. Many may experience this change and more are certain by the end of the year, including portals that will open and raise the consciousness of Humanity. We will not be unduly surprised as to whatever happens, as the changes are destined to take place very soon. More will certainly follow, as the New Age begins to become established. However, do not expect too much too soon, as there is much work to be done, in particular to distribute the funds. Even by our standards it will take some time to reach you all, yet it will be judged as an exceptional achievement by you. We have planned well for this time and are well prepared for what lies ahead. 

By your standards, we have unlimited resources to call upon to carry out our tasks, so you can be assured of great strides once things really get under way. It is what you have been promised for many years and we commend you for your patience. Meantime, we keep the dark Ones in check as we have done so for many years. We would explain that in terms of our ability to prevent another World War, that would most likely have commenced sometime in the latter part of your last century. As we have explained previously, we have to leave certain situations to be played out naturally. We cannot interfere with the consequences of your actions, unless the Higher Authorities allow it. 

Some of you are concerned about family or friends who seem to be unaware of the significance of the End Times. We would ask you in the kindest way not to be concerned as all souls will be exactly where they are meant to be by the beginning of Ascension. You cannot change their future for them, as they have already made their decision even if they cannot recall it. By your vibrations you will find yourselves on a path that is correct for your continued evolution, as you find your way back to the Light. Be assured that those souls who have difficulty in lifting themselves up, are given every help to awaken to the truth. They are treated with love and kindness as all souls are. For those of you who know that you are ready to ascend, we ask that you give help where it is needed, as you will be able to judge which level to use. 

If not already, we believe that before very long many of you will “feel” the changes in the vibrations, but if not, it does not mean that you are not benefiting from them. You need to remember that as a collective you are made up of souls that are at many different levels of evolution. This is why evolution on Earth offers a quicker way to progress. Yet it is always a two edged sword, as you can also go astray more easily. If you feel unready to ascend do not admonish yourselves, as you have as long as you like to progress, as in reality there is no such thing as time. All is in the Now, meaning you can eventually go backwards or forwards in time. You will understand more easily when you have moved into the higher dimensions. Indeed it will answer many questions that you now have. 

The “Great Awakening" is taking place and as time passes so more and more souls will respond to the higher incoming vibrations. Clearly you will gradually become aware of the changes and pleased to be lifted up out of the lower ones. The overall effect will be the sharing of powerful energies resulting in even more Light being brought to Earth, and so it shall continue until it reigns supreme. However, we must call upon you to fully support the Light and do your part to ensure it is spread far and wide. Always keep your focus on your goal and do not become fearful regardless of what is occurring around you. 

Bear in mind that you have worked for eons of time experiencing life in the lower dimension, knowing that ultimately you would have the opportunity to rise up again. That time is now and we rely upon Lightworkers to help bring the new energies into being. Certainly, you will be able to progress far more quickly now that the Illuminati have had their power severely reduced. So much so that they can no longer succeed in their plan to control the population of Earth, and reduce their status to one of slaves. So, you can go ahead with your plan for this lifetime, knowing that you have a marvelous opportunity to succeed. 

Soon you shall become able to identify Galactic Beings who have incarnated upon Earth by their actions and words. They shall become more outward in their work knowing that it is comparatively safe to be recognized for what they represent. When Lightworkers come together their power increases two fold or more, and they present a formidable group that continues to grow all of the time. You will find your leaders amongst them who will share their advanced knowledge with you. In turn, they will be supported by Higher Beings who will also give the benefit of their most advanced knowledge. So, you can see that once matters start to quicken, advances will take place in quick succession. 

The Galaxy has waited for signs that show the Earth is rising up, and thanks to your dedication, it is accepted that such progress has been achieved and that its continued success is guaranteed. In the Greater Plan all proceeds well, so do not let negative reports or actions in any way lessen your determination to succeed in your work. Where things seem to have been affected by negative actions, please bear in mind that not everything is as it appears on the surface. Sometimes karmic situations are the result of actions long since passed. Simply consider that necessary lessons are being learnt that need to be cleared, because they cannot be carried forward. The New Age is a time of cleansing that will ensure that all of the lessons will have been brought to a conclusion and finalized. 

Thank you SaLuSa. 

Mike Quinsey 

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Τετάρτη, 19 Αυγούστου 2015

Dark Ones realize that a massive arrest procedure is about 10 days away

Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy for August 18, 2015 

9 Oc, 3 Uo, 12 Manik 

Selamat Matah! (“Peace Be With You!”) Much is happening on your surface world. Movement is now afoot to utterly change how your reality operates. At present, those who wish to implement such change are in the process of a set of final negotiations to determine how the order for these transformations is to manifest. All of this is dependent on just how our allies are to produce what they have so far agreed to. This critical first step requires us to finish our meetings with those who are this world’s Secret Sacred Societies. At present, the first part of these joint plans is nearly complete. 

The next step is to begin a massive repositioning of their immense forces and of those who can start the massive delivery operation. Hence, the beginnings of these delivery operations are in an initial stage. 

The cabal remains in disarray and barely able to oppose these plans. Dark Ones realize that a massive arrest procedure is about 10 days away. When these arrests begin in earnest, it becomes time to truly deliver the immense amount of funds that you deserve. The Agarthans are presently working with our delivery system operators to ensure that all works as planned. 

In our last report, we explained some of your ancient history. The most important part of this report is the time when the Anunnaki came to the fore. You were taught untruths that were later used by their minions to keep you docile, under control and in full belief of their manipulated origin stories. These falsities are now unraveling as the Anunnaki’s minions start to lose full control of this reality. Nevertheless, a certain degree of secrecy is still required to insure that these deliveries go as planned. Once these operations have gone far enough to declare NESARA, then these precautions are to become unnecessary. 

Until then, the cabal possesses a limited degree of power, which needs at some point to be honored. It is this limited power and many associated tricks, which have somewhat, delayed these necessary actions to arrest them and to provide you with the means to receive your blessings. We must ask your forgiveness for these delays that have so frustrated and upset each of you! We are in the process of countering these past disasters and giving you your much needed blessings! 

This complex process is initially to take somewhat longer than you might expect. Nevertheless, be prepared to see what you have been waiting for to at last commence. It is not easy to prepare this world for the vast transformation it needs. You have spent lifetimes being adjusted to a reality that was really one in which your inner powers and abilities were discounted by the minions and their masters, the Anunnaki. Now, it is essential that you quickly accept one where what was long discounted is now being readily accepted by a New Reality. 

This process is to be accelerated by the lessons to be offered by the Ascended Masters. Yet, this is only a start toward seeing this world in a very new way. The mushrooming electronic age of the past decade is aiding this process by opening up new vistas for global interpersonal communications. This vastly speeds up how news around you is rapidly disseminated. Think how fast this is to be when you can freely use your telepathic abilities to spread vital information across this globe. 

Next, imagine how this is to be when we arrive. Our mission is to prepare you quickly for your return to Full Consciousness. Inside your vast human genome is a series of key sequences that were altered by the Atlanteans long ago. These are to be unblocked by your Crystal Chamber. Before this, a special mentor is to address the epi-genetics that were introduced to each of you over the millennia as either by group or individual alteration. Each mentor is to address this, which is in reality a psychological phenomenon. Thus, you are looking at your change from two angles. First, there is an emotional set of events to be looked at and a series of changes to take place while in the Crystal Chamber. Hence, your mentor and you are to tackle head on what have been your experiences in this lifetime, as well as a glimpse at what happened in your family’s past lives. While this is to be somewhat traumatic, it is to be a good first start on what your time in limited consciousness is really about. With this, you can begin to better understand why Heaven permitted the Anunnaki to temporarily manipulate you. 

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! This realm is transforming! The sacred and blessed forces of Heaven are preparing this beautiful blue orb for a most magnificent miracle. Those who have ruled this world for millennia can no longer continue as before. Their lascivious actions and immoral plans are now coming to naught. The dark still believes in an unholy plan to dismember humanity. All of this is blessedly failing as the source of this power rapidly fades away. Into this growing void have come the forces of Light to lovingly alter the course of this realm and produce the events needed to set you free. The Light is as well to provide the monetary resources to transform Gaia and all who dwell upon her surface worlds. These sets of grand events are now beginning to manifest as a new banking world and reset currencies come upon the scene. In the weeks and months ahead, you are to marvel at what Heaven has readied for you. Believe in the Light and focus in joy at what is now about to happen! 

A few centuries ago, we Masters decided to transform how the Anunnaki’s minions collected and used their most impressive wealth. This special reform forged several world trusts and eventually a fractional banking system. This was the ruse needed to encourage avarice and lead these dark ones to monetary gluttony. By this last century, gold and silver were replaced en masse by a thing called fiat currency. The thoughtless swine had now cleverly been led down a path to their ruin. Blessedly, there had at this time been those who had the wisdom, Love and resources to create elements needed for this most luscious and Divine Plan. This Age of Light dawned and soon the dark was without its overlords or even the sanctity to realize what was to happen to them. We are hence at the moment where the path ends and a most magnificent set of realities sets in for those who did not heed the decrees and desires of Heaven. 

This present time is when you, my most wonderful Ones, are finally to receive the sweets of the dark ones deviousness. Be ready to move from utter frustration to a most glorious joy! It is not easy to wait while you see little changing. We understand in the fullest what the dark and its overlords did to you. Once, we were as you, we lived lives of quiet desperation! These times are to be changed and a most delightful reward is to be given to you. Right now, many are working in divine joy to make it possible to provide you the resources, both financial and sacred, to permit you to carry out those events that are to provide all with a great and righteous realm. You are meant to live in this New Reality and to forge a union between the two realms that are Gaia. You are meant to be able to fulfill your destiny. Use your Love to support this luxurious realm! 

Today, we completed yet another message to inform you about what is now happening across this globe. Soon, you are to bask in the ways of a new and Divine World. Use this remaining time to prepare to welcome in this New Age! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!) 

Website: Planetary Activation Organization