Σάββατο, 31 Δεκεμβρίου 2011

2012 will not take long to get under way and will almost be a procession of changes, one after another

Message from SaLuSa for 30 December 2011 

At a time when you are finding that you have the ability to bring Unconditional Love into your life, and we send that energy to all souls of the Earth. We have a commitment to give you every help to achieve a state of being that is going to prepare you for Ascension. Your part is to be aware and receptive to such energies, and to put them into use in your everyday life. It requires a new mindset as most lives are presently controlled by the ego, that works in your self-interest. It is the final challenge that is the hardest to overcome, but you can do it, and will feel elated that you are in total control. 

The dark Ones are gradually becoming resigned to their defeat, and lose more power as each day passes. They see the worldwide movements for peace as more and more people realize the value of coming together, and that by sheer numbers they are achieving their aims. The dark Ones have always feared the day people would wake up to their true selves, and the power that they hold. Fear is no longer the powerful weapon that it was, and the Light is carrying people through periods of uncertainty and giving them the strength to overcome it. Events that are about to occur and are essential to your progress, are moving into a stage of readiness for the next step to take place. It means that the year 2012 will not take long to get under way and will almost be a procession of changes, one after another. 

It is you who are instrumental in bringing the changes into your lives and as we see it, you will not in the least way be disappointed. You have waited long for the return journey to the higher dimensions to commence, and hardly noticed that it has already started. However, in this coming year the changes will speed up quite dramatically and particularly where your consciousness levels are concerned. It will bring an acceptance of each other that sees beyond race or cultural differences, and that will also help bring you together. Humans are in essence benign Beings and are naturally peaceful by nature. 

We of the Galactic Federation are very active now, as we become more directly involved in matters taking place on Earth. It is ensuring that our allies proceed at a pace that is necessary to bring the first major changes into being. We otherwise keep up our cleansing activities of the atmosphere, and keep a strict control on any action intended to start another war. By banishing nuclear wars we have commenced a period of peaceful existence, that shall eventually bring about the removal and destruction of all weapons of war. There is no place for such things in the higher dimensions, and neither thoughts of any kind of aggression. 

The demand for peace is uppermost in so many people’s minds, and that powerful energy is instrumental in bringing it into being. As we see your Earth, it becomes apparent that the Light Grids are exceptionally strong now and lifting Earth up into the higher vibrations, as like attracts like. The process of Ascension marches onwards and the dark Ones can no longer hold it back. Their day has finished and little remains but to round them up, and keep them where their power and influence has no way of interfering with you. Their dream of world domination has now been replaced by one of world peace as a result of the vision projected by you. 

There will be periods of difficulty and inconvenience to you as the web of control put in place by the dark Ones is dismantled. It will be particularly relevant to the financial and monetary changes, but be assured we have our allies fully briefed and ready to act at short notice. The governmental changes will not cause many problems, as there will be continuity and control whilst they are taking place. Disclosure as an announcement will naturally result in great discussion, and bring about many revelations to what has been hidden from you for at least the last century. These will in turn result in far reaching changes by introducing benefits and new technologies that you should have already been using. Once we can work openly with you, we shall give you the advantage of our advanced monitoring of your Earth where physical changes are concerned. 

Bear in mind that the main changes will not take place until after Ascension, when those of the higher consciousness will take their places as the new Galactic Beings. You will eventually become as we are and enjoy the same opportunities, and experience complete happiness. Whatever experiences you have to go through until you ascend, keep focusing on the future and it will not seem as difficult. Those of you who are well informed will be the vanguard of Lightworkers who will help others to understand what is taking place. Once the media is able to be free from censorship and other controls, you may be sure that it will be your principle source of information. 

So everything is set for really fast moving experiences and changes, that will bring you to a point you should have already reached. Thus you will reach the new levels in stages, and be well prepared for the next big step forward that is Ascension. It will be something of a whirlwind ride once it gets started, but exciting if you look at it from an informed point of view. Many souls who are only just awakening will be utterly confused and understandably fearful. That is to be expected when you are suddenly taken out of your normal surroundings into the unknown. However, people will soon understand that we of the Galactic Federation are assigned to the task of seeing you safely through the changes. Naturally some souls will have elected to leave the Earth prior to Ascension, but are not denied the opportunity to ascend and can do so directly from the Astral Realms. 

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and although we do not work to your linear time, we nevertheless understand the way you rely on this method of calculation. We sense a sigh of relief amongst you as you are about to step into the year 2012, with every expectation of the promises materializing that were made to you. If there was ever a certainty that events would proceed as expected, then you are right as far as the year 2012 is concerned. We are pleased for you all as we want you to be lifted in spirit and go forward full of hope and joy. May your dreams come true and your path be full of Love and Light. 

Thank you SaLuSa. 

Mike Quinsey.

Swami Sevaratna
Yogaspirit, Λαοδίκης 34, Γλυφάδα, Τηλ: 210 - 96 81 793

Τετάρτη, 28 Δεκεμβρίου 2011

The surprises awaiting your arrival are immense, with new delights around every corner

Message from the Galactic Federation for 23 December 2011 

Time is running out. To act as if nothing is happening is the cabal’s only choice right now, as they have seen all their last minute options and desperate attempts fall drastically far from the mark. We have seen to this. Together in an alliance with our Earthen allies, we have systematically destroyed every plan, maneuver, front, and offensive the cabal and all their ruthlessly cunning minds could manage to concoct. They are very short of days and will continue to fall unevaded, until they and their twisted plans for world domination and the enslavement of the entire human populace have completely crashed and burned. The leaders of the cabal will face justice for their actions. This is the best way for them to learn from their mistakes, and it also gives so many others, either victim or accomplice in the evil game, an opportunity to also learn from all of this. 

We have advised you to prepare yourselves for the inevitable, which is a mass First Contact with us, the Galactic Federation. The time for your preparedness is now at hand. You have little time left to see to it that certain household provisions are stored to last for a few days or even a few weeks, as certain services may be interrupted as the old system of control goes off-line, and the new system of freedom and abundance begins. There is no reason to fear of these changes that must take place. A new path must be cleared for humanity to continue their journey. There can be no other alternative to this. 

Already we have seen signs of your new way blossoming to life, and the signs are quite inspiring. What awaits you is nothing shy of miraculous compared to what you have so become accustomed. Continue to share the information of these changes far and wide as the service you do is most important to others and appreciated by all. Be present as all around you may begin to deteriorate into slight chaos and confusion. You are to be a leader of your fellow man. You have trained extensively to be of service in these challenging times. Others will look to you for answers. There are no easy answers, but in time, your efforts to calm your neighbor, family, or friends will pay off. All will return to a much calmer state after we can begin to formally introduce ourselves and our purpose here. Many will begin to see the obvious, that we come in peaceful intent, and wish to assist humanity right the wrongs done to your people and your planet. All will eventually come to the realization that to fear and distrust us was a reaction of uninformed opinion and fear. 

Our efforts will soon commence. Our ships will descend from the skies. This has always been the plan, and all of you today are firmly seated on this timeline to experience the thrill and blissful joy of Ascension and a planet’s welcoming into the greater Galactic Community. Many firsts will be realized throughout this occasion, and what has transpired here will be remembered and spoken of for ages throughout the universes. You will know this firsthand, as your new lives will be one of eternal bliss, and you will be free to cherish these memories you have collected here forever. 

Take some time to reflect on your life, and try to put some pieces together that will lead you to a greater understanding of what it is all about. You may come to many new conclusions and learn a great deal simply by finding a nice quiet place for careful reflection. 

Looking ahead to your near future, we see many remarkable possibilities for improvements in your day to day lives. Commerce, transportation, food services, all will change quickly to far more effective ways for you to meet your necessities. Your recreational enjoyments may also see new windows of opportunity, as your world that today remains largely inaccessible will suddenly open its loving arms to welcome you to its most isolated and secret destinations. Be prepared to experience your world in an entirely new way. File under ‘forever’ your new happiness and your new home. The reality you have become so accustomed to, will soon fade away and a new spotlight will appear through the foggy mist of change. 

Many will soon begin their first day of their blissfully eternal new lives. Many of us did not expect that so many would awaken from their slumber so soon, and we are so delighted to see so many of you, our family, joining together to restore Peace, Love and Light to your world. It truly warms our hearts to see this, and we thank each and every one of you and warmly welcome you to our Galactic Family. The surprises awaiting your arrival are immense, with new delights awaiting you around every corner. The universe is a magical and wonderful place, and very soon you will experience its wonder firsthand. For what has been distant twinkling lights, will now be the lamp on your front porch, warmly lighting your doorway of your new home. 

We are your Family of Light from the stars. 

As channeled through Greg Giles


Swami Sevaratna
Yogaspirit, Λαοδίκης 34, Γλυφάδα, Τηλ: 210 - 96 81 793

Τρίτη, 27 Δεκεμβρίου 2011

Humanity will soon be free

Message from the Galactic Federation ~ 22 December 2011

Hello beloveds, we are not here to discuss today Ascension, but instead, your world and what is transpiring behind the scenes. Unreported and uninvestigated by your news media is a battle that rages on between the dark and the forces of Light. This battle is taking place in space, around your planet. We are very happy to report that we, the Galactic Federation of Light, are winning this battle. We also wish you to know that the safety of humanity is our primary concern. We have many safeguards between you and our battle with the forces of darkness and we make great efforts to see to it that this battle does not interfere with humanity’s Ascension. Although our attempt to rid this world and many others of this negative threat has been quite arduous at times, we have seen a steady and commanding advancement in our agenda to restore all worlds to their pristine conditions of Love and Light. Due to certain matters of intelligence and the need to maintain secrecy of particular areas of our campaign, much cannot be shared with you in regards to the total number of our ships versus their ships and of particular vectors that have been cleared of negative forces. Please know that the Light will emerge victorious. 

There is no reason whatsoever to feel fear of any kind when reading this message from us. We simply feel it is time more of you understood what is going on in your world around you and why a mass First Contact has been discussed for so long, but has yet to materialize. The forces of darkness have many interstellar spacecraft capable of implementing much damage, all paid for through black budget programs that fleeced the human population out of their hard-earned money. Advanced technologies have been shared with the cabal’s military by negative ET groups, who also had a vested interest in imprisoning humanity for their own purposes. Be advised that we would never allow any of the plans of the dark or any negative ET group to reach fruition. This communication is not intended to instill fear, quite the contrary, as now that you are more aware of why a First Contact with us, the forces of Light, has not yet taken place, the shadows of doubt that this meeting will take place will disappear, as the light of hope is once again ignited in the minds of many of you who have grown somewhat pessimistic about our promises of your future. Keep the faith dear ones. We are winning the battle. We will emerge victorious. Victory shall be ours, and victory shall be yours. Humanity will soon be free. The dark is losing ground steadily on a daily basis. The end is in sight. 

There are mine fields across many square miles of your planet. The removal of them is one of the tasks we will undertake when we are safe to make an open First Contact with you. The removal of millions of these dangerous weapons is a task that will be done mutually between us, the Galactic Federation, and you, the citizenry of Planet Earth. It will be that in removing these objects from your soil, our ships will be required to approach ground level, and it will be clear to all that we are in fact here and also that our intentions are to help repair the damage that has been done to your world. Many tasks such as these will be undertaken in the days ahead, and like we have said, much work must be done to return your world to the condition it was in before humanity, as well as other extraterrestrial races, began to inflict harm upon her. 

Many of you will be working directly alongside of us on our joint effort, and this will mean that you will meet us face to face in the coming days to break the ice and get to know each other a little better while we discuss your new career choices and opportunities. We feel many of you will be very excited to begin working with us, and we are looking forward to our new partnership. There are many opportunities such as this available, as space is quite large and there is always much work to be done to restore planets to their natural pristine condition, but this work begins first at home, just as a soul is well advised to begin the healing process within themselves, before they undertake the task of helping to heal others. As above, so below. 

We will make our first presentations to you, our human family, very soon. The dark is losing ground and is in retreat in some vital areas. We will not wait long before we make an official and public contact with you, after the last of the cabal’s military forces are rounded up and removed from this quadrant of space. This is the procedure we have been undertaking for quite some time, and we will not slow our mission until it is successfully accomplished. This day is drawing very near. We will be with you soon. Until then, be well, remain hopeful. Your liberation from these dark Masters is at hand. 

We are the Galactic Federation of Light. 

As channeled through Greg Giles


You won’t have to wait long to see an ideal of living that you had not even dreamed of!

Kris Won ~ 21 December 2011 

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship! We have found ourselves in numerous occasions in which we have had to intervene in matters related to purely internal subjects of the humanity of this planet, but which, without our intervention, would have further postponed the process of Ascension for all of you, instead of accelerating it — which is what we are looking for. 

To give you some examples and keep you thus informed, we have intervened in the protection, defense and restoration of all marine fauna (marine mammals, fish, crustaceans, amphibious animals, etc.) corals (coral reefs), marine minerals and, most of all, the underwater human species who live in some areas of your oceans and seas. 

Our acts have been necessary after some sea-quakes that have happened under the waters of Gaia, and also, unfortunately, after the accident that occurred approximately one year ago in Japan, where enormous quantities of highly radioactive material were thrown into the water, which would have contaminated the waters and the fish within a very large radius around the Sea of Japan. The result of that, had we not intervened, would have been devastating for many marine species. 

Another example of our actions in order to protect your natural habitat has been the cleaning of your atmosphere. We have cleaned the deadly gases that those who still remain in the dark have left in the lower strata of your atmosphere, which you have come to refer to as “chem-trails”; likewise, we have urgently intervened in some cases where the volcanoes have spewed out a vast cloud of smoke and ashes that was dangerously expanding itself over a bigger and bigger area of your aerial space, causing chaos in all nearby airports. 

We have acted as well, in collaboration with our Earth allies, in the destruction of many bunkers built by the occult powers of the Dark Ones, which they had prepared in case they had to hide there after a nuclear disaster or a massive war between many nations of your world. That is something that we would have prevented at all costs, as we have done in the past, during the period named by you as the “cold war”, when there was a great military tension between the two most powerful governments of that time: the United States of America and the Soviet Union. 

The main problem besetting you at the present moment lies within the economic difficulties that an immense majority of families of all nations are suffering, and the lack of work among many men and women, many of whom never had had any difficulty working and earning a living for their families. This has created an enormous social crisis at a global level. 

In light of this situation, we must tell you not to worry, soon everything is going to change, and you are going to enter into a new stage at a global level, in which all your financial systems will change, and no one, and we repeat, no inhabitant of your planet will be hungry, nor suffer shortages or lack of any kind. We, your Brethren from the Stars, guarantee you that. 

Nevertheless, you must go through the necessary process in order for that social transformation at a global level to come about. But do not lose heart, those of you who are down and worried about your personal situation. You won’t have to wait long to see in your life and in the life of your loved ones an ideal of living that you had not even dreamed of! 

With these words of encouragement and trust, we wish to take our leave today, but not before reminding you that you should not be afraid of anything, since God, your Father and Mother, will never allow you to suffer beyond that which you can take. In moments of tribulation, one must remember their Creator, and to raise one’s sights to Him/Her and His/Her celestial creatures, who will know to diligently send you aid. 

This will occur whenever it seems that everything is lost. 

Pray, meditate on your inner being — which is your real guidance, and instead of losing your trust and confidence, find the peace and security of your inner connection with Him/Her who knows all and who is all. 

Source: Commander Sohin 

Channel: Kris-Won


Swami Sevaratna
Yogaspirit, Λαοδίκης 34, Γλυφάδα, Τηλ: 210 - 96 81 793

Δευτέρα, 26 Δεκεμβρίου 2011

The real meaning of Christmas

The Arcturian Group for 25 December 2011 

A Christmas greeting to all. We come to wish you the joy and love associated with this holiday and also to tell you about the real meaning of Christmas. 

Christ, which means Light, is a term for enlightened consciousness and is not the name of one special man. Jesus attained Christ Consciousness while on Earth, which enabled him to “seed” the heavy material consciousness of that time, with the Light of Truth. This allowed those ready and seeking truth to access that which had not been available to them up to that point. Christ is one who is illumined and carries the Light of Divine Consciousness. Christ is the attained consciousness of Oneness with Source. 

The Christ is born within every man when they realize (not intellectually discuss), their Oneness with Source. This is evolution; this is what the business of third dimensional experience is all about. 

The Christmas holiday is commonly thought of as a celebration of the birth of the Son of God in a manger. The manger symbolizes that Christ Consciousness can only be born within a consciousness emptied of material sense–concepts and beliefs of separation and duality. Mary and Joseph’s long journey to Bethlehem only to find no place for Mary to give birth represents mans’ journey through lifetimes of third dimensional experience and lessons, which still leave him with no real comfort or sense of completeness. 

The manger then is that emptiness of ego necessary in order to recognize and give birth to the Christ Consciousness. Into a humble consciousness devoid of ego and self interest, the Christ then can find room to be born. Christ Light is always recognized by those also of the Light, and thus the kings (illumined beings) brought valuable gifts to honor that which they recognized. 

In the third dimensional experience, there will always be those unawakened ones who are threatened by the Christ, and so in ignorance of their own light try to destroy it, believing that it will undermine their material, ego driven agendas. And so, the Christ must often be hidden where only those of it, can recognize it– those with “eyes to see and ears to hear”. 

The Christ is born in every soul the moment it acknowledges and recognizes its own Divinity. The Christ is not one special “son of God”, for all are sons of God. There is nothing else but Divine Source Consciousness– all that is, is in and of the ONE. Anything else is simply the false belief of separation. 

The birth of Christ does not take place once a year to only one individual. Although mankind is often not aware of it, the acts of love prompted during the holiday season represent an unconscious recognition of the Oneness of all life. All living things are connected by virtue of there being only ONE LIFE. 

Your personal Christmas can come at any time if you have prepared, for all will have their own Christmas at some point in evolution. The Christ was never born, the Christ will never die. The Christ always has been and always will be. 

Merry Christmas dear ones. 

We are the Arcturian Group


Swami Sevaratna
Yogaspirit, Λαοδίκης 34, Γλυφάδα, Τηλ: 210 - 96 81 793

Σάββατο, 24 Δεκεμβρίου 2011

Soon, all you have ever wished for, dreamed about, and worked for will be yours

Message from Pleiadians for 21 December 2011 

In our time, we have seen so many events transpire in your world. Many have been of death and destruction, sorrow and sadness, but today we see far different events manifesting throughout your planet. We see so many people of so many different races and ethnic backgrounds, ages, and from far distant lands, coming together in common cause for the right to live in a world free of tyranny, corruption, and of moral decay. We see you have taken to your streets in defiance of a system broken so and far beyond repair. We see this, and we are so proud of you all. What a difference you are all making, and if you can only see what we see, we know so many more of you would look forward to the days ahead and know that your struggles are nearing an end. You are now in the last quarter-mile home stretch. Soon, all of your third dimensional struggles of separation will be a thing of the past. Soon, all you have ever wished for, dreamed about, and worked for will be yours. There will be no denying this. You have earned all that you are about to receive. 

You have all embarked on a long, long journey that began for many of you thousands of years ago in your time. Even before your first foray into the physical, it was understood by you that one day in your very far future you would emerge from all you would come to know as your one reality, to bask in the morning light of new reality. That day is now at hand. After all these many long years, do you now see just how far you have come? Do you see now how hard you have worked to reach this blessed point in your journey? You never traveled alone, while you traveled many paths that lead you to where you are today. You all have many dear friends who have incarnated with you every step of the way. You all interchanged your roles you have played to assist each other to learn the lessons necessary to one day unlock the door to the higher realms. Without each other’s assistance in this way, you would not be standing where you are today. Your accomplishment is a team effort. You all owe each other such gratitude for the service you have done for each other. Pay each other back by acknowledging these acts of love and treat each other with kindness during these, your last days of duality. 

Your long hard road is coming to an end. We await just up ahead. Some of you will be joining us earlier than others, to act as Way Showers for those soon to follow in their path. This has always been the way new paths have been blazed throughout your history, but always remember, Ascension is available to all that so choose. You are the creator of your reality now. Choose your palate, choose your colors, choose your theme, and move your brushes in any direction you so wish and fulfill every dream your heart has ever desired. 

Like rivers flowing from distant lands, so too has your journey taken you far and through many different worlds. Beginning with one world you may always call Home, you began to acquire wisdom and knowledge and soon began to travel far and wide throughout time and throughout space. Today, you find yourself living amongst many others who have journeyed here from many foreign lands. You all have come here to do your part to help lift this planet out of the darkness and into the Light of her New Day. Different skills were required for this great transformation, and thus the call went out throughout this and even other universes to gather just the right experts in many different fields to get this job done. Your friends, your neighbors, your so called ‘enemies’ and strangers alike all have come to this planet just as you have, bringing with them knowledge from their home worlds in an offering of universal cooperation. When you see another from a foreign land that your government or media wishes you to believe is your foe, try to look beyond this fabrication and see into the soul of your neighbor who, like you, is a visitor here, a dignitary from a world who has chosen representatives to come here to serve in our joint mission to repossess this beautiful and once free planet, away from those who see no problem destroying every last square mile of her once pristine beauty. 

See your neighbors from different cities and different countries as your partners in this grand endeavor. You are all part of the same team. You all have one goal. You all have journeyed here from faraway places. After your work here is done, you will all cherish these golden memories forever and ever, and some of you will even join together again in celebrations commemorating this achievement you have all accomplished here, together as one. 

We are your Family of Light from the Stars 

As channeled through Greg Giles


Swami Sevaratna
Yogaspirit, Λαοδίκης 34, Γλυφάδα, Τηλ: 210 - 96 81 793

The material level that you have been used to, is only a pale reflection of what life can really be

Message from SaLuSa for 23 December 2011 

You want to see evidence of the progress we have made, and that is understandable after patiently waiting for quite a long time for something that indicates the stage that events have reached. That type of proof is only known by those actively involved, who are of course our allies, that you will find in many different countries. However, they are principally in the U.S. that is the home of many of the covert operations that have taken place. It is also where the Illuminati are to be found and for that reason, where you may expect the first news of their apprehension. Clearly nothing of this nature and of such importance can go ahead without information being leaked to the outside world. So, what you can do is keep in touch with reliable contacts on the Internet who are privy to such news. This way, those who are issuing disinformation will be sidelined and unable to confuse people. 

As the weeks pass by, you will need to be vigilant, and bear in mind that the dark Forces are being pursued, regardless of which country they are in. Depending on the outcome, it will determine when we can take our plan to a higher level, and get the desired results that will allow us to go ahead with Disclosure. Everything is so near to being resolved, and we wait with keen anticipation. All the players in the game of Duality have to abide by the rules, and none more so than us, who have to be seen to do so. We of the Light must maintain high standards within the Love and Light that we operate. The main thrust comes from the allowance of freewill choice, which ultimately dictates the reality that Humans create for themselves. Having done so, we cannot interfere, albeit that we may see you have taken an undesirable path. The truth has to be discovered through experience, and we cannot deny you what you have chosen. 

However, we do not mean to infer that you are still held in the depths of the lower energies. In fact, the awakening progresses very well, and with the revelations that are soon to follow, we expect it to occur even faster. There is nothing like the truth to spur people into action, and bring them onto a different path that is going to lead to Ascension. It is a road to the future that holds all that you could ever desire, as you try and envisage what it would be like to permanently move into the Light. Bear in mind that the material level that you have been used to, is only a pale reflection of what life can really be. The higher level will still appear quite solid, but energy will be more refined, and what you perceive as matter will have a higher level of consciousness and respond accordingly. For example, some people already talk to their plants, but how would you like to be able to register their response and “talk” with all forms of life. That will all come in good time, but after you have ascended. 

We know that many people simply cannot comprehend how the changes can take place, in the comparatively short time that is left before the end of the year 2012. With the closing of the cycle of duality and the quantum leap in consciousness levels, through your own powers of creation and having the advantage of advanced technologies, you will quickly move into the New Age. Ascension as such is not unique, and it is a natural conclusion to the movement upwards from one level to another. It is why every soul that chooses to remain in the present dimension, will have yet another opportunity to ascend when the next cycle ends. However, we must add that each soul can of its own endeavors, ascend at any time providing it reaches the necessary level of consciousness. 

Dear Ones, you have not come this far to be let down, and the promises made to you will be fulfilled. You are to experience abundance and know what it is like become as One and live in peace and happiness, before you ascend. It will be a large step up from where you are now and take place very quickly. Indeed, once the dark Ones and their interference are out of the way, it will be a most exciting time in your lives. Truth shall abound and life will take on a new hue of the rosy red of love that will permeate everything around you. Even those remaining that are of the lower vibrations will feel the changes, and any aggressive tendencies will be calmed. No one can remain in such times without feeling the affect, and it will help those who are late awakening. 

The world will remain in a turmoil for quite a while where financial problems are concerned, and the Euro problems are far from settled. You may find that the outcome will have a big bearing on what happens in other parts of the world. Some currencies will die, and others victims of the move for Gold backed currency that will return. There will be warnings of the outcome, and mixed advice by those who have a vested interest in it. Clearly they cannot all be right, but be assured our allies are involved and the correct decisions will be made. 

This message will be our last one until a week today, so we wish you every happiness according to how you celebrate this period, when many are taking a break for Christmas. You may ask, do we celebrate special occasions, and our answer is yes, but usually for Cosmic events that we can participate in and give of our energy. We naturally have great love and reverence for the Creator, and never forget that our life force is one and the same. You could say that our lives are one continual meditation in honor of the Creator. You too will undoubtedly eventually acknowledge the Creator as the Source of All That Is. Such a realization is going to bring all souls much closer together, and gone will be the attempts to elevate one God over another. Understand that each Universe has its own God within whom you have your being, so the quarrels you have about whose God is supreme are irrelevant and totally unnecessary. Let us also make it clear once again, that God is all Love, and it is only lesser gods that promote war and indulge in punishment. 

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and trust you can understand that it is necessary for everyone to be prepared to carefully look at any firmly held beliefs, in case they are challenged by the truth that shall soon be given to you. We who come from the Galactic Federation together with the Masters, have no intention to mislead you, but desire to lift you up to our level where only Love and Truth exists, and that is your real home. 

Thank you SaLuSa. 

Mike Quinsey.

Swami Sevaratna
Yogaspirit, Λαοδίκης 34, Γλυφάδα, Τηλ: 210 - 96 81 793

Παρασκευή, 23 Δεκεμβρίου 2011

The changes will happen whether the masses believe in our existence or not

High Council of Orion 19 December 2011 

Welcome, dear ones. We are the High Council of Orion and we come to guide and support as the energies begin to once more intensify across the planet Earth. Many are now moving into new ways of BEing and are now able to see more clearly and hear more clearly. The new energies support YOU, dear ones, and we are here to guide you further as you begin to anchor TRUTH long denied to YOU on YOUr planet. 

We guide that the coming few days may be rather intense for many who are now refusing to acknowledge that which is revealed to them. We guide for many are now disbelieving even when presented with physical evidence that they are no longer alone. We ask that all those who walk in Light and who have anchored TRUTH hold the space for those around them as they may begin to walk in chaos. For the mind will not help in the anchoring of TRUTH, it is a FEELing that is within and as we have previously guided the mind does not process emotion. 

For many the knowledge that they are not alone has sprung the roots of fear into overdrive as they begin to believe that not being alone is somehow less safe. For to be lied to by the planet YOU are born onto is a concept that they will not anchor. It throws all that they believe into the air and that is not something they are able to look at. We guide that many of YOU who walk in TRUTH will be tested by those around YOU as they seek to pull YOU down and to muffle the words that YOU spread across the planet, for such is the depth of fear within these humans, they cannot see a world that is different to the one they were taught existed. 

We have guided previously on humans who are not here to awaken and it is the actions of these humans that will move YOU to where YOU should be. For many are now finding courage to speak and live TRUTH and will not be deterred by those who cannot and will not see the new. For the new has liberated the whole planet and all that happens within and on this planet is changing. These changes will happen whether the masses believe in our existence or do not, for we are here and we walk amongst YOU. If YOU cannot see us due to the filters that illusion places on YOUr human experience it will not stop the new from unfolding. It may move YOU into chaos as YOU try to make sense of a world that is so different from the one that YOU were taught was real. 

Many are now dreaming at deeper and deeper rates and now beginning to see how their dreams are affecting their human life experience. We guide YOU to dream and dream big, dear ones, for YOU are the creators of this YOUr human life experience. Many are now able to reach other realms and we guide for YOU to accept that this is a normal part of YOUr human life experience. The connection to other realms does not make YOU insane or somehow deluded, dear ones, and we guide for YOU to detach from these words that are used by those who are immersed in fear. The illusion may try to teach YOU that all that YOU feel is not correct, but we guide strongly that trust in SELF is what YOU are anchoring. 

Many are not believing in the new, for they are not allowing themselves to see the new. We have guided around the need to keep those who will not awaken in a state of balance, for it serves no one for the planet to suddenly change to a different planet overnight. Whilst many of YOU pray for unveiling of the races that share the universe with YOU, we guide this will not happen when the world is not ready to accept. That would feed into the fear that is arising within a population that is barely able to gasp for breath, so swift are the changes at an energetic level that many are now falling into deep chaos. It is the responsibility of all on planet earth to support and guide each other, for all are one. It is not TRUTH to state YOUr belief in the races of the galaxy, whilst ridiculing YOUr fellow humans for not being able to see or hear us. They are deeply within illusion and the fears that this provokes, we ask all to have love and compassion for all as the new unfolds. 

For each person who denies the TRUTH of their fellow humans also walks in illusion. We move the planet Earth to a way of anchoring TRUTH, so that all may be secure and in trust and faith. There has been such little trust across the planet Earth that this may take some time to put into place. Such is the teaching of illusion that to distrust YOUr fellow humans was encouraged. We guide that a new society based on LOVE and TRUTH will take time to be anchored on this planet. The way forward is to begin in YOUr human life experience to TRUST and have FAITH in SELF and then to allow this to spread to those who YOU interact with. See that for many the fear outweighs the LOVE they have in their Being. So, work to help them relieve the fear. For only with LOVE can the planet change. Fear has brought your societies to the brink of wars and collapse of your planet. It cannot be turned round overnight. 

If that is YOUr wish, then YOU walk in the illusion teachings for illusion taught instant and taught YOU to fear. The new energies are here and we guide the way to work with them is to release the teachings of illusion where YOU find them. Where YOU find fear then look below the fear for there is a teaching that is playing out within. Release of fear and lower vibrations will see YOUr vision clear and YOUr hearing attune. For all can communicate with their star families. 

Many are in the fear that they do not have a star family to belong to and to those humans we guide TRUST, for all of the human race was seeded from the stars. All that prevents YOU from contacting YOUr star families is the illusion teaching that dulls YOUr hearing and YOUr vision. 

Much is changing vibrationally across the planet and the need for those who work in a Lightworker role is to help YOUr fellow humans understand vibration. We guide that a gesture such as this will help to move the fear that is still in evidence across the planet. Fear has been taught to YOU as something to instigate when the unknown appears. That is what works against the new energies, for illusion may be withdrawing, but will live on within the energy systems of those who are deeply asleep. Know that many have incarnated on this planet to help YOU move out of illusion by walking in that very illusion. For all are here with different life paths. Illusion taught “same” for a reason. We guide against judging another human being for the path that they walk. The soul has a reason to walk the incarnation that it does. That access is not available to YOU in human form. Judge not, for that is the dance of illusion and that is the road to the lower vibrations. 

Many are now believing that dark forces on this planet still have a hold and we guide this is more smoke and mirrors. A force that had hold of a planet is not going to abandon that planet with a quick wave and a “sorry”. The depth of illusion and the depth of dimensions that are worked within by the Galactic Federation are vast. Human BEings may have limited movement in many of these dimensions. Such are the teachings that prevent them access. This was done deliberately to lower the vibrational signature of YOUr race. There are those who have incarnated on this planet to address this and they are the humans that are now in YOUr media being visible to YOU as addressing the darker forces. Know that not all chose this path, but those who did are fully protected by all realms to move through this. The illusion may try to make YOU believe the fear around that which they do. Know they are safe, protected and supported in all that they do. Do not allow the physical form they take to push YOU to fear, for humans are vastly more than they have been taught they are. 

The way forward dear ones is to pour Light and Love and Compassion through all of the experiences YOU have created on the planet Earth, for many created a nightmare that was supported by the teachings of illusion. Hindsight, dear ones, will always give YOU information that YOU did not have at the time of experiencing the situation and the emotions. It serves no one to pull YOUr vibration down with feelings of guilt or other lower vibrational emotions. 

Forgiveness, Love and Compassion will see YOUr vibration stay steady and allow YOU to increase the vibration that YOU hold. Each one of YOU incarnated on this planet for a reason and that reason is now being showed to YOU. Reach within to find out the meaning of YOUr life experience at this time, now on planet Earth. For each of YOU was seeded with TRUTH on incarnation. The teachings of illusion taught YOU to distrust SELF, they taught YOU to distrust one another and they taught YOU that YOU must not value SELF or those around YOU. The energies that now sweep across YOUr planet support TRUST and VALUE. That is something that must be anchored within each one of YOU. 

Where YOU find another human BEing struggling, we guide for YOU to reach out to them for they are YOU and YOU are they for all are one. This is not a race to ascension for ascension. It is process that YOU are now going through, each one of YOU in YOUr own way with YOUr own lessons and TRUTH. To begin to value each other for the beings of Light and Love that YOU are, is the way forward, dear ones. Allow TRUTH to show YOU the way home, for we welcome each one of YOU with open arms. 

The time will come when we will walk amongst YOU and be visible to YOU, whilst the new is being anchored on planet Earth. Then, only those who are able to process our physical presence will be able to see us. The route to seeing us is to anchor TRUTH and to allow YOUr vision and hearing to clear. For ALL ARE ONE and we are with YOU each step of this journey. 

As YOU approach a time of year that is steeped in illusion, we guide for all to remember that ALL ARE ONE and reach out with LOVE in YOUr heart for YOUr fellow humans no matter if they walk in illusion or can now see that which was hidden in plain view. For the new is here, it is all around YOU and it is within YOU. Can YOU feel it? We are the High Council of Orion and we send much Love and blessings to all of YOU here on planet Earth. 

Channel: Karen Doonan


Swami Sevaratna
Yogaspirit, Λαοδίκης 34, Γλυφάδα, Τηλ: 210 - 96 81 793

Πέμπτη, 22 Δεκεμβρίου 2011

Life is a mystery until you reach a higher dimension

Message from SaLuSa for 21 December 2011

Your normal life expectancy is very short compared to Beings like ourselves, who are in the higher dimensions. Nevertheless you pack so much into it and virtually every day brings new challenges, which all together make for experiences that speed up your spiritual evolution. There is no other place exactly like Earth that constantly offers such a multitude of experiences, and they can be exceptionally testing and call for strong powers of endurance. The people of Earth astonish us with their determination to succeed, by overcoming each challenge that presents itself. You are truly the victors in the battle between the Light and Darkness for the souls upon Earth. No matter how long it took, you were always going to overcome the dark Ones, and after all it was  decreed that this cycle would bring a firm result in your favor. 

All that remains before you reap the rewards of your victory, is to remove those who would still spoil the celebrations if they could, but will not be allowed to do so. It is why you should not experience fear upon learning of the attempts that have been made to start a Third World War. We of the Galactic Federation have full authority to stop any such attempt, and our allies are briefed to intervene on our behalf. A number of events are still on track to completion over the month, and will give you the opportunity to see the beginning of the end of the powerful individuals that are the Illuminati. There is no escape for them and we have them in our sight the whole time, and there is no hiding place that we are unaware of. So you see Dear Ones there is no need to waste your energy worrying about their presence or what they are up to. The day has come when they shall be stripped of their powers and ill-gotten gains obtained at your expense. 

The Creator gave all of you the freewill to determine your experiences, and over many lives there is not much that you have not tried. Now you are much wiser for it and most of you have held on to your Light, and never let it fully diminish. You now stand proudly with your Light shining out like a beacon that is lighting up other people’s lives. The awakening goes on at full speed ahead, and many souls are beginning to understand the purpose of life. It is the realization that you are more than your body, and that life is infinite and that you have your being in the energy that is God. This also leads to the acceptance that you are All One, and you can see all souls are interconnected and make up the whole. It teaches you that judgment is unjust and unwise, because you do not know the circumstances that have led to a soul taking a certain path in life. Indeed, most of you do not know your own background, beyond perhaps having a flashback to a previous life. 

Life is a mystery until you reach a higher dimension and have acquired a greater degree of consciousness. Some things are still beyond your comprehension as you are now, and we sometimes have difficulty in finding adequate or sufficient words to convey the truth to you. However, all will become clear before very long, as you who are to ascend will have that greater level of consciousness that you need to do so. In fact, it is time for you to be brought into the higher levels, and your upliftment over the next few years will be staggering compared to what it is now. You will eventually join us as equals and we will welcome you back to where you really belong. 

We wish you to carry forward the energies that are building up in the expectation of an unusual year of achievements, that will go down in your remarkable history as one of astounding success. This energy will determine how quickly the end of duality comes into being, as all time lines are flexible. However, some that are leading to the most important issues that you are experiencing, are well developed and nothing will stop them from manifesting. Disclosure is still most essential to the greater development that opens up opportunities for us to meet openly with your leaders. They know us as we have been in touch for a long time, but we have observed their right to make decisions on behalf of their people. As we see them and what they are doing, they may be considered as not in your best interests, but we must allow freewill choice. However, we also answer to the pleas of the people, and peace is very much sought, after year upon year of incessant wars. We promise you that every attempt to start another world war will fail, and we will do all we can to promote peaceful relationships. 

To us your treatment at the hands of your leaders begs an explanation, as to why so much energy and resources are wasted on unproductive activities. Used in the correct way, you could easily have lived in comparative luxury, as there would have been more than enough to go round. You shall in fact experience the truth of that statement, as we will re-distribute wealth and ensure that your resources are correctly used. Along with new technologies that have been denied you for many years, you will find life so satisfying and fulfilling. Even then you will by no means have reached the ultimate level, where life becomes one that is blissful, joyful and complete happiness. It will take time to reach it, as clearly not everything can come all at once. As you grow into the grand Cosmic Being you are destined to be, the levels of upliftment will come to you. 

So my friends do your best not to be distracted by the problems arising from the cleansing that has already commenced, or the last gasp from those who are part of the Illuminati and are fighting to the very end. Always remember that your success is guaranteed, and all of you who desire to ascend will do so. Also do not concern yourself if events do not turn out as you believe they should, as the most important issue is Ascension. We remind you that it is unique and will be quite an experience to say the least. 

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and closely following events that are taking place on Earth. In fact, we do monitor your T.V. programs, but our interest really focuses upon your world news services. We understand the games being played out and the statesmanship that goes with it, but we also know the real purpose behind them. We are not fooled, which is why negotiations with us will be positive and carried out to the letter, as we have your interests at heart. May you receive all that you would wish for others. 

Thank you SaLuSa, 

Mike Quinsey.

Τετάρτη, 21 Δεκεμβρίου 2011

First Contact is getting very close

Galactic Federation Update for 20 December 2011 by Sheldan Nidle

Greetings! We return! You are now in the midst of a global dilemma: your surface world is drawing ever closer to its shift into a 5-D unified reality, but those in charge of your world, despite efforts by many to depose them, remain defiant of the disaster that is swiftly approaching. We have sent out emergency calls to our Earth allies to start the actual process of arresting those in your various governments who are responsible for maintaining the fiction that your world can somehow weather the storm and survive. This is blatantly false! So far, we have received word from our Earth allies that the final stage of their takedown scenario is beginning. The coming year of 2012 requires new governance and the formal termination of the unending plots and stratagems of the dark cabal. It is time for prosperity, the return of your sovereign rights, and Disclosure. It is also time for an open dialogue with us to begin on a global basis. There is so much that needs to be said by each one of you and by us, and so much needs to happen prior to your move to Inner Earth and your transformation into Full Consciousness. 

We are setting up alternatives to the arrangements that various nations and several secret sacred societies are making to alter the political and economic topography, while continuing to fully support those noble efforts. Our aim in so doing is to stress the urgency of completing that task as soon as possible. Heaven has decreed that we are to begin a greater degree of intervention when your New Year strikes. We accept this as the sacred command to see to it that your world moves forward and is truly ready for your fully aware leap to Full Consciousness at the divinely appointed time. In anticipation of this, we are making a much closer inspection of the current batch of intrigues within all your global nations. Certain immediate changes are to be made and certain appointed individuals are to be sworn in to their new positions by a divinely designated time. Our role here is to carry out the sacred commands of Heaven and of Lord Surea. We come to you now in peace and with the fully authorized mandate of Heaven. 

The progress our Earth allies are making is heartening. Nevertheless, we know that more is possible. We have been in conference with the Agarthan ruling council to ascertain the best alternative course to pursue if our Earth allies cannot complete within the time schedule we have given them. The Ascended Masters have also been advising us on what they believe is presently possible. From these discussions we came up with a new overall plan for implementing the changes with maximum efficiency, reviewed all options assiduously, and took them to our Main Ruling Council in the Vega star system. The result is that the Council has given us a wider scope of action, formally permitting us to increase our level of direct intervention in the process of bringing you quickly to full consciousness. Heaven has told us to make absolutely sure that the divine plan is achieved as the Creator has so instructed. Hence, we are setting up action teams to prepare this fleet for First Contact. 

Our First Contact mission has been through many phases since it was first begun in your Gregorian year of 1991. At first, we deeply felt that this mission should be carried out under the close advisement of our Agarthan cousins and your Spiritual Hierarchy. This changed after 1996 when we helped your Spiritual Hierarchy prevent a massive galactic disaster involving a great bolt of energy from the area of the super nova of 1987. At this point, our mission changed and we began to work closely with the then-disparate groups, which we now call our Earth allies, to prepare your world for our formal arrival and your move into Full Consciousness. This course was altered, again, by the events known to you as 9/11. Now, we have received a mandate from Heaven and our Governing Council to return to a much-modified version of our original mission. The time comes to intervene and assist with the official removal of your dark cabal. A timetable that we cannot reveal to you is now ticking. First Contact is getting very close. 

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Many legal processes are moving quickly forward. We have made numerous agreements with over 100 of your governments and have obtained guarantees from a number of major militaries to overthrow those de facto governments still strongly aligned to the dark cabal. We are also in the middle of securing the orders for the delivery of blessed St. Germaine’s prosperity funds, which will be global in scope. Simultaneously, various government and military personnel will be taken into custody, thereby bringing down a number of major governments in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. We now await the imminent completion of the international court documents which will enable us to carry out, legally, this much-needed coup de grace of the old order. Once done, you will be released from under the 13-millennia-long heel of the dark, and your longed-for goal of full consciousness can take center stage in your lives. 

We know how difficult and frustrating this year has been for you. But it is more important now than ever to dig deep and maintain focus! With all that is going on in the world, it is easy to lose it. We Ascended Masters have had to develop amazing degrees of inner focus to succeed in our primary goal of becoming a pure and well-serving instrument of the Divine. We know it is one thing to say these words, and quite another to accomplish them. And in this regard, we cannot overemphasize the power of your inner spiritual focus. Yes, it has been diluted by the dark’s emphasis on providing you with an incessant panoply of economic, political, and emotional diversions. But these are deliberately staged with the aim of hindering your exploration of your immense innate potential, and this is why we counsel you to ignore the dark’s distractions by means of a daily practice or quiet time. 

During your quiet time, envision a beautiful place of inner peace, which can be your haven or retreat as often as you wish. Here, you can dream and visualize your deepest desires. Gradually let the details build up around this goal, or goals, and focus in on how it feels to live it. See it happening. Notice how your environment changes and how differently you feel about yourself living there. Then, with total trust, give it over to Spirit. You can refer to it briefly in your daily quiet time, but in essence, you let it go, knowing that Spirit will manifest your goals. Remember you are a powerful Being, and once you command Spirit to deliver what you deeply and truly desire, thy Will is to be done! The same applies to collective action. The trick is to live with the confidence and the knowing that it is already happening, and not to be diverted by the negativity of the dark. 

Today, we brought you another message. The moment swiftly approaches when some amazing developments will be manifested before you. Use your great-inborn powers of focus to strengthen the collective momentum and bring these things rapidly to fruition! We are with you! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


Swami Sevaratna
Yogaspirit, Λαοδίκης 34, Γλυφάδα, Τηλ: 210 - 96 81 793