Τρίτη, 30 Απριλίου 2013

Awaken to the truth of who and what you are

Message from Archangel Michael channeled by Ron Head for 23 April 2013 

Our focus today will be on focus. For a very many reasons this is important for you at this time. It is a critical tool in your toolbox, both for achieving your objectives of raising your energy and frequency, and for your protection, allowing that to happen in the best and easiest way. 

We ask you to focus, to a much higher degree, upon your path and upon your intent to always, in every moment, be feeling good. We ask you to focus on finding more and more ways to feel good about yourselves. We ask you to focus more and more on feeling Unconditional Love for all around you. 

Why, other than the obvious reason that it is what you need to be doing to create a better life for you and others, do we ask this now? We said it concerned your protection. We wish you to focus so exclusively on these things that you do not have time to give any attention to the negative things which are occurring outside the sphere of your own particular world at this time. 

Much effort is being put into distracting you. We speak to all who call themselves workers for the light, all who are giving the most effort they can to manifesting a new world that is in the highest and best interests of all. It is critical to those who wish to maintain the status quo that your efforts, your energies be distracted from that task. You see, you are much too successful. That is the reason for their desperate efforts to place you into a state of fear. Be in a state of love, dearest friends, and you will not be the ones in a state of fear. 

And be not in a state of love in order to place others into a state of fear, but to show them the state of love into which they can place themselves at any moment they decide to change. That is the true way. 

If you have found something for you to do, then devote all your attention and might into doing. If you are still waiting to discover a thing to do, then be, dear hearts. Be that being of Unconditional Love which you truly are and all else will be done as it needs to be. 

This is what more and more of you are learning each and every day now. Awaken. Awaken to the truth of who and what you are. This, I, Michael, and we, your protectors, angels, and counselors will aid you with in every step of your way. You have only to ask. 

Be in peace, dearest ones and we will speak further very soon. Good day. 

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Σάββατο, 27 Απριλίου 2013

You have every reason to be in high spirits

Message from Saul by John Smallman for 24 April 2013 

Humanity’s awakening from the illusion into Reality is a done deal — it always has been, ever since the moment of creation. Reality is where you reside permanently, and you are presently returning home there, from a seemingly long and arduous journey to a most glorious welcome. You have every reason to be in high spirits. Nevertheless, at the moment it is difficult for the majority of you to perceive this, because the length of time that you have spent away from home has severely dulled your memory of the glory awaiting you there. 

Life in the illusion has been exhausting. There have been many painful lessons that you chose to learn while engaged with it, and they have required much energy, determination, and persistence. Nevertheless, you have remained true to yourselves and your purpose as you struggled with the experiences that life in the illusion presented to you. Often, that has not been clear, as you suffered the pain and sadness caused by the apparent separation from your Father, and at times it seemed to you that yours was a lost cause: “Was there really a heavenly Father, an infinite Source, a divine and all-powerful Intelligence, or was He simply an illusion?” Well, you held to your paths – all different, but leading to the same goal: to awaken into Reality – and you will find amazing rewards when you complete them and arrive home. Hang in there for these last few stretches of the journey that seems so interminable; the end is close. 

A New Day of brilliance and color unlike anything that humanity has ever experienced is set to dawn, bringing you unmitigated joy, as all your fears and anxieties fall away, leaving permanent peace, harmony and contentment to replace them. This is the day you have all yearned, prayed, and hoped for since you started searching for the Divine Reality from which it seemed you had been excluded, shut out, perhaps even exiled, with no hope of return due to your sinfulness. But as you know, deep within yourselves where the divine and inextinguishable flame of God’s Love for you resides, “sinfulness” is of the illusion and has no place in Reality. You are immortal Divine Beings, created in Love, who chose to play with an absence of Love, separated from It, as you experimented with the freedom and power with which God had endowed you. 

You were created One with Him and chose to individuate to experience the thrill of separation and apparent independence from Him. This could only be done by building an illusion, an unreal environment in which to imagine that state, and the powerful abilities with which you had been endowed enabled you to do so. The time has come for you to dismantle that unreal environment and return Home, leaving behind all the trauma and suffering that you invented to amuse yourselves. Little did you understand when you decided to play these games how painful and terrifying they were going to be. 

There is only God! All life is part of God, He is all that exists, and without Him there would be nothing – an impossible, implausible, and inconceivable state of affairs. So to build an imaginary and illusory reality separate from Him could only lead to terror. And consequently, you have all experienced terror. 

The real state of Love in which you are eternally enveloped is permanent, changeless, utterly wonderful. That is why thought of change is so traumatic for so many of you. Your move into the illusion was a change of inconceivable magnitude which caused you instant trauma, as life was reduced from a condition of total loving abundance and harmony to one of unimaginable lack where it seemed that you had to fight constantly for your very survival. And that fear remains. 

However, within the illusion change is not only possible, it is essential for your well-being. The illusion is formed from a collection of judgmental beliefs of right and wrong, good and bad, acceptable and unacceptable, which can only induce fear and dread. You call it duality, a state of either/or, whereas Reality is a state of/and, oneness, indiscriminate loving acceptance, in which all are welcome, all belong, all reside in utter joy. 

What you have to change are your outworn and inflexible beliefs — beliefs that you are separate, individual, unconnected, and threatened by one another. They divide and traumatize you, encouraging you to build barriers between yourselves that disguise who you really are and present an image, a shield behind which you can hide. But these images terrify you all; they are threatening and demanding, requiring you to defend them from aggression which is almost always present. They force you, out of fear, to maintain the unreal state of separation that caused the fear in the first place. A catch-22 situation. 

The new energies are intensifying, so that you can feel them, embrace them, and through them recognize and reclaim your oneness with each other in Love and Trust. You will become aware, fully aware, that all are one, that all are interconnected through the divine field of Love in which all that exists resides permanently, harmoniously, joyfully, forever. And then you will have awakened. 

With so very much love, Saul. 

PS. If you are feeling down from time to time, then don’t forget that you are permanently on-line with the LILAC Network, and tune in. See the “Musings” tab on this blog. 


Παρασκευή, 26 Απριλίου 2013

It is time, more than time, for you to find out who you are

Message from Archangel Michael channeled by Ron Head for 20 April 2013 

Well, we have caused quite an uproar, haven’t we? Let’s return now to our normal conversation. 

We would like to discuss today a change, which quite a few of you have begun to take note of, and we will use yourself and a few of those you have conversed with as an example. It is a phenomenon which has been around literally forever, but never have so many been in a position to notice or take advantage of it. Now, as you continue to raise your energy levels and frequencies, almost all of you are in a position to do so, if you desire and intend to do so. You may also, stumble upon it, quite by accident. 

Of course, there are no accidents. So, if this seems familiar to you, and it seems an accident, be aware that your Higher Selves and your Guides have been moving you along your desired path, even though you seem blissfully unaware in your day to day consciousness. This, of course, is why you might wish to get deeper in touch with your Selves, in the higher sense. Nothing we tell you is beyond what you know in your hearts. 

As we stated in the beginning, several of you have noted between yourselves that you have made decisions, or entertained ideas, and suddenly it seems your lives have taken off like a whirlwind, where before they were seeming so very placid, even stuck. You like to use that word, stuck. 

You may be processing, you may be searching, or learning, or any of several other things. BUT, dear hearts, you are never stuck. You may be retreating, but you are never stuck. You may not be in touch with what is going on inside yourselves, but you are never stuck. 

Go inside and learn what it is you are about. We cannot, and apparently have not, stressed this enough. But our point today is that when you spot the next step on this journey and summon the courage to take it, even though you do not see how it could possibly lead you anywhere successfully, be prepared to learn the power and wisdom of yourselves and your group of mentors, guides, and angels. Be prepared to have your lives take off like one of your rocket ships. And, my friends, you will not have time for the customary countdown. Do not let this arouse any fear of what we are saying. We tell you that it will bring you a feeling of joy such as you have seldom known. It will mean that you are well and truly on point with the purpose you came here for. 

Blessed and divine beings that you are, it is time, more than time, for you to find out who you are. Be at peace. Be in joy. And we will speak with you again very soon. Good day. 

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Τετάρτη, 24 Απριλίου 2013

A great and sacred shift is to happen very shortly

Galactic Federation Update for 23 April 2013 by Sheldan Nidle 

Dratzo! This moment in your history is a truly precious one! You stand on the edge of a cascade of events which will quite suddenly change your world forever. Mother Earth is now at that watershed, which we have mentioned to you before, and she is about to merge her two now-separated realms into one. This great and sacred shift is to happen very shortly. The dark cabal that runs your dark surface world still cannot believe that its reign over your world is coming to an end. After all, there are only faint signs that this is happening. 

Arrests are being made and parts of their inner circles divested of power, yet their rule continues. What they have not yet grasped is that an utterly different reality is very close to materializing. Likewise, they cannot comprehend that we have accepted Heaven’s Plans for bringing you your freedom. The dark ones take our advice and accompanying warnings with a truly huge ‘grain of salt.’ Yet they would do well to heed what we say and prepare in some measure for their coming downfall. Energy is sweeping across this world and is about to bring their lamentable creations to an end. A new, all-transforming Light is dawning and is about to engulf these hardened skeptics. 

Our fleet stands at the ready for First Contact and a multitude of cloaked ships are a constant reminder to the dark that we are present and in service to the Light. Untold numbers of individuals work to bring a new world into being and we are here to support them and to help the many Lightworkers in their sacred cause. Each of them knows full well the endless perfidy of this global dark cabal and our task is to assist them as Heaven so instructs. The divine moment is almost here for us, all together, to purge this dark menace from these surface realms. We ask simply that you maintain your state of inner joy and to not let disappointment or doubt mar your pivotal contribution to this sacred joint endeavor. Heaven is almost ready to issue the formal signal for the grand transformation of your world with the sudden appearance of new governance. This will lead quickly to announcements which will take the form of official broadcasts that are to change your world overnight! The new financial and monetary system will bring in a universal prosperity that will power vast changes, putting you on the very brink of Full Consciousness. 

The numerous Lightworkers appointed to their brief but very focused and active provisional terms in office have a truly daunting task before them. It will be necessary for them to use a highly creative approach in order to surmount the culture of lawlessness that has become widely endemic in your global governments, and to this end they have very specific guidelines available to them. The Act of NESARA, which has been kept secret and subject to gag-order, is one of the resources that we recommend to those who are to return government to its true and lawful constitutional and common-law roots. The new governance is to end debt-slavery and return your divine, personal sovereignty to you. We wish these valiant ones in the interim governments to know that any attempt by the dark to return will be summarily negated. The Divine intends to use us, a powerful galactic option, to guarantee the realization of any and all of Heaven’s sacred decrees. Every major work that these new governments carry out will be supported on condition that it upholds your sacred journey to freedom, sovereignty, and Full Consciousness. 

As you grow in knowledge of your true history, your off-planet origins, and the purposes behind your divine personal sovereignty, you will also receive guidance on how to create your new galactic societies and information concerning the logistics of returning you to Full Consciousness. Federation mentors, as well as those appointed by Heaven, will instruct you in the many aspects of this very different state of being. Before you go to Agartha, you will want to know all about the miracle that happens in your Light Chamber and every detail will be covered during comprehensive discussions between you and your mentors. Much of this learning will make use of our technologies, which allow you to visually and mentally experience the concepts we introduce to you. Knowledge can be imparted in such a way that your memory of these instructions is retained and available for use. These will constitute the ‘before’ trainings and they will be followed by the experiential Full-Consciousness etiquette training sessions that can only take place after you become fully conscious. 

Blessings, dear Hearts! We are your Ascended Masters! We come to you on this special day with good news! Your reality is beginning to manifest its new, prosperous reality. Those in charge of the various world trusts are starting the procedures to release these immense funds. Meanwhile, those who are to bring forth your new style of governance are being directed by their celestial managers to finish compiling their lists of what they intend to accomplish once the oath of office has been administered to them. On the celestial front, the magical event that heralds these marvelous changes in governance is nearing manifestation! We are also asking our secret sacred societies to take their special prayers and rituals to the final appointed moments. You are almost at the point, collectively, where you can begin to easily perceive the first new shoots of your New Reality. This is to be a most poignant moment in your global society’s history! 

As we approach these unprecedented times, there are certain vital topics we want to address with you. First of all, dear Hearts, bear in mind that every last one of us has been playing a part which is now coming to an end. This is when this particular energy cycle gets completed, allowing us all to move on. The dark relishes judgment and discord and the new reality is all about Love. The job before us now is to finish up the end cycles of this reality, which includes separating out those of the dark cabal and the minions who carried out the unfair practices ordered by this cabal. These sundry Beings are to explain these disagreeable activities to you in detail, and it is here that you need to bear in mind the context and higher intent of everybody’s involvement in this Earth drama. You can bring completion to this cycle by invoking the Love of forgiveness that constitutes your essence. Then make sure that these individuals slip from power and are fully segregated from you. 

We come now to honor this most sacred moment and to bless you all! We come also to assure you that our manifestation among you is to be something wholly natural. We have a lot of divine teachings to impart to you, which are mostly lessons we learned while we progressed from a mortal to an immortal Life. All blessed Beings are in service to the Divine, and this necessitates certain knowledge of the nature of Love, Light, and the natural blessings of Heaven. As you are shortly to be transformed into fully conscious Beings of Light, you will need to absorb a slew of information, including the responsibilities that come with such knowledge. This will be our joyous service. This schooling is divinely required before your full-on mentoring stage begins, which prepares you to pass into a new wonderland-style existence: Full Consciousness. It will be our honor to prepare you in this way as you await the arrival of your divine brethren from the skies and from Agartha. 

Today we came to tell you about several things that are beginning in earnest. They are the first markers on the final leg of your journey to Full Consciousness. The dark comprehends this and trembles as this most blessed day arrives. The moment approaches for ‘days filled with wonder and miracles’! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!) 


Τρίτη, 23 Απριλίου 2013

You are an amazing sight to behold

Message from Archangel Michael channeled by Ron Head for 16 April 2013 

We have noticed, and would speak for a moment about, a very gratifying development. More and more in these recent days, ideas which were introduced by this channel and others are being accepted and spoken of by others. This, of course, is the whole purpose of our communications, and it both makes those of us doing the communicating happy, and bodes very well for the increasing progress toward your goals. 

Ideas, like precious seeds, must be planted, nurtured, and cared for carefully until they become strong enough to thrive, and that has happened, though you may not notice in your day to day rushing about. This is true over your entire globe, also, and not just in the few places which read and speak your particular language, whatever that may be. 

And since we have mentioned it, your rushing about is becoming a bit less hectic, as well. All this meditating and walking in nature is having a wonderful effect upon you, is it not? You see, when you are doing that, you are, as you say, unplugged. And not only are you benefitting from the higher and more peaceful energies, but you have withdrawn your own energies from the support of the old. You are plugging in to the building of the new. 

Every single time one of you does this, a cause is made and an effect is created. Every time you do this you become just that much more sensitive and able to feel the change in yourselves and your surroundings. Every thought of peace, of abundance, of joy, of freedom, of love, is a pebble laid upon the growing mountain of intent. Multiply this in your imagination by the millions of you who are now awakening and you will see the new world you desire rising before your eyes. Truly it is an amazing sight to behold. You are an amazing sight to behold. And those of you who have already begun to contact your guides and teachers are being apprised of that fact if you will allow such into your consciousness. 

We wish you to discover your own worth, your own worthiness, your deservedness, and make it your own, own it as you say. You have been taught otherwise long enough. You have believed otherwise long enough. Seek that wondrous you within now. It is no longer so deeply buried. 

We move ever closer to you now as your energies rise to meet us. Be in joy and peace. We will speak further. Good day. 

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Δευτέρα, 22 Απριλίου 2013

Connecting to your Joy and Happiness

Channeled Message from the High Council of Orion 12 April 2013 

Greetings, Dear Ones. We are the High Council of Orion. We’re here to speak to you today about a topic we’ve spoken about many times before, and that is of happiness. Many on the planet right now are wondering where happiness has gone, for they are feeling too much stress and strain and discomfort and uncertainty. 

We would like to share with you more about reconnecting with your natural buoyant, ebullient state of internal happiness. Not from a false or externalized point of view, but from one of tapping into the deep resources of your inherent nature of joy, which expresses itself outwardly as happiness. 

Simply put, what we will say today is, if you watch young children playing with abandon, skipping, singing, lost in their own world, and you tap into and allow yourself to see them, through the eyes of your memory of when life was as simple as being fully present in your moment, where you too could skip and play, and sing to yourself and talk to yourself with un-self-conscious abandon. 

Those days were pure and joyful, for you were still fully connected with your inherent state of joy, and so what we ask you to do, as we’ve said before, is use the models of the things around you on the planet. If you are struggling with accessing joy and happiness in your life, go sit at a park and watch children play. Just allow yourself to energetically feel connected to them, and feel the joy they express as they run, as they swing on the swing, as they slide, as they meet new accomplishments, as they build a sand castle, that from an adult point of view might be slightly average, and yet their squeals of joy and enthusiasm are infectious. 

Re-connect with that energy of joy also through the animals that you have around you, if you watch dogs for example. They have a natural joy and enthusiasm that they love to share with others, they easily get fully immersed in what they are doing and experiencing, and can play ball for hours with that again wild abandon of being fully present in the moment and experiencing it. There are no worries that slow the dog down to wonder if dinner will be on the table. For it is fully engaged in the moment, just as the children are as they express their joy. 

From this place of wanting to connect with joy and happiness in the moment you connect with that fountain of unbridled energy that comes flowing into you from the universe. 

Living in the now is the place where the joy and happiness can reside, for as you are fully present to yourself in the moment connecting into your heart, you open up the pathway for the Creator energy to flow into you. For if your mind is cluttered with worry and concern, with fear and constriction and with uncertainty, it creates, if you will, a block to that natural flow. 

Does that mean live in a state of denying what might be reality in your life? Absolutely, no! But what we suggest is, in moments whenever you can, you allow yourself to set the worries aside, place them on the shelf to rest for just a few minutes, and come fully present to yourself, and allow that present moment awareness to connect in with any thought or feeling that brings you joy. 

So, that takes going to the park to watch the children and just be lost in the moment of seeing their joy. Then, we suggest, you do it. If it takes going to another park in watching the dogs play, and seeing how engrossed they can be in the moment and for some for many moments on end, with the utter abandonment of who they are to the joy of the moment, through the running, through the playing, through the chasing. 

Allow yourself those moments every day, regardless of what’s going on in your life, to just connect with the feeling of joy by setting aside the worries, allow that flow from the universe to come down into you, and as you connect through your heart with that feeling of joy, of happiness, even if it is for 30 seconds or two minutes or five minutes, it shifts your inherent resonance to allow more of that in. 

It keeps the gateways open a little bit more, if you will, and as you practice you might find yourself seeing and observing more joy, perhaps allowing things that might have brought on more frustration to just slide off you, and not bother you as much. For you are shifting your baseline resonance, as you connect with those moments of joy, allowing the joy and the happiness to seep in and become more embedded in your inherent resonance. There is much to be joyful for, regardless of what’s going on around you in your world. 

We ask you to pay attention to the things that bring you joy and literally do not pay attention to the things that do not. If you get sad and worried about the state of affairs in the world, because you need to listen to, or watch the news every day, we would suggest that you don’t. For ultimately the greatest place of power, the greatest place of change in your life in your world happens with you and many of you know this, but it requires taking different steps and different actions to bring about those different results. 

We encourage you each in the next week to spend that time connecting with joy, seeking it out, looking for it, being on the treasure hunt of finding expressions of joy, and maybe it’s just because you witnessed some people having a positive exchange and each person smiling. Perhaps it’s because you witness a parent lovingly hugging their child, allow the warmth and the good feelings to seep inside, and connect with that more than you connect with the things that might make you feel less than joyful. 

Be Blessed. 

We are the High Council of Orion. 

Author: Holly Hawkins Marwood 


Παρασκευή, 19 Απριλίου 2013

Leaving a Dog-Eat-Dog World

Posted by Steve Beckow on 18 April 2013 

Erving Goffman called his type of study “dramaturgical analysis.” He looked at our lives as if they were theatrical performances. Since in large measure we lead our lives that way, it was a fruitful approach. 

What’s the problem for us lightworkers in leading life that way? As long as our performances are undertaken outside awareness, then life becomes more a game of chess than a lived adventure. Two players calculate their moves to capture power. They take advantage of what comes to be regarded as their opponent’s weaknesses. Life becomes dog-eat-dog. Everyone becomes a shark out to steal another’s lunch. 

And we’ve seen that perspective in our society, nowhere more glaringly than in the business world of the past fifty years. In life, according to the Harvard Business School, as one wag put it, western countries competed against anyone who challenged them for supremacy. They took advantage of many of the world’s weaker economies, raided them, outsmarted them, and used various ploys and unscrupulous moves to take control of trade in goods and services. 

They printed money as they pleased, used bonds as trading platforms to enrich the rich, and denied the poor any social services they could. But in the end, so much war ensued that value was sucked out of the economy and the economy itself became junk, like its bonds, going from one Ponzi scheme and bubble to another until it hit a bubble so big (derivatives) that its bursting tore apart the foundation of all once-sound economies. 

Hiding and duplicity were rampant.  Politics were manipulated. The military came to see themselves as “masters of the universe.” Women and children were exploited. Compassion was a weakness. Plutocracy was the aim. Finally, everyone who was anybody competed with each other to win tickets for the deep underground bunkers where they would reside until the dust settled on a world that they sought to bring to war to finally decide the issue of who would control the human race. 

The divine qualities went out the window. And Gaia herself nearly died, beset with radiation, oil, and every other form of pollution and negativity. 

All of that is what shakes out when, from a point of unawareness, we lead our lives as performances to be manipulated for our gain and their loss. 

So, now we’re marching away from that and lightworkers are leading the way. The very first step for all of us is to become aware of life as we’re leading it, to become fluent in what we’re doing at this moment and the next and the next. And, once we see how life actually is for us, then to re-choose ways of living it that are more consistent with the divine qualities. 

Much of the way of doing this is unfamiliar to us and I shiver and shake at thinking of how our awareness of life lived as a performance can be achieved and achieved in so short a time. The shortcut that we often take is to say just love. But the problem lies in whenever just loving does not work in the situation at hand, we have no other ways of meeting the situation and chaos ensues. We become hooked; the others cease to co-operate; and our efforts, even when we are all on the same page and the same team, can fail. 

Our aim is to see that as many ascend as possible. To do that we need to reach a point of being at peace with the Third Dimension and then of withdrawing from it and leaving it behind. But the Third Dimension resides within us, just as the Kingdom of Heaven does. So, we need to reach a point of being at peace with the very programmed and performance-driven ways we have of being. 

But, as lightworkers, we have the added task of finding ways of dealing with people who are not at peace with these ways of being, but who are very much mired in them and determined to use them to fend off what they don’t understand and don’t believe in. 

Regardless, the starting point for us remains to become aware of the programmed and performance-driven ways we resort to whenever life will not yield to simply loving.

Πέμπτη, 18 Απριλίου 2013

Humanity is at a Crossroads

Message from Jesus through John Smallman for 4 April 2013 

Humanity is at a crossroads. Many are not ready to surrender to Love, to their divine nature, although at the deepest level of their being they have always intended to do so. An intense effort on your part, the wayshowers and Light-bearers, is essential now to assist them to remember their God-given intent to accept and embrace their true nature. You are receiving massive amounts of energy from all in the spiritual realms to move you forwards on your path to awakening and homecoming, but many of you were disappointed by the lack of evidence in the world around you of your entry into the New Age in December last year. Consequently, many of you have let your intent and resolve for awakening to weaken, as you have got caught up once more in the distractions of the illusion. 

Remember that it is you who have to awaken; we can only nudge you towards that state, and to awaken you have to focus on doing so. And as Light-bearers and wayshowers your intent to do so is immensely powerful when you choose to engage with it. Also, that intent strongly affects those who remain, at present, unable or unwilling to respond to the stirrings in their hearts, which the new energies are arousing. Your intent arouses and strengthens theirs. 

Your task is to wake up, to become brilliantly conscious beings, fully aware of and embracing of your true nature, and as you do so, to help your more deeply sleeping brothers and sisters to do likewise. Due to the personal lack of interest or weakening of intent that many have allowed to occur since late December last year, the power of your collective intent has also weakened and needs to be revitalized. You are firmly established on your path home, but you have taken a break for rest and now you need to start moving forwards again. This is what I mean by a crossroads. 

The best way to get yourselves moving again is by spending time in your individual places of inner peace and allowing yourselves to listen to your intuition, your guidance, from those in the spiritual realms who can and will assure and show you that you are not alone, that you have not been abandoned. Many of you have been feeling lost, discombobulated, as the new energies have embraced you because they have demanded more from you physically, and you have found yourselves feeling very tired, irritable, and unmotivated. This is a temporary state of affairs as you adjust to these new energies. It is analogous to learning a new activity like cycling, skiing, yoga, or swimming: first, there is the technique that has to be learnt; then, you have to practice, and while doing this, muscles that are not accustomed to being used in this way have to strengthen and grow more flexible. And that is tiring. 

The new energies are powerful and intense, and it has been very demanding and tiring for your bodies, as they have been learning to adjust to and work with them. We understand that, and we see how you have been struggling with fatigue. Nevertheless, you are magnificently supported in every moment, so do not allow your doubts and anxieties, enthusiastically offered to you by your egos, to distract you from the task in hand for which you are supremely qualified. 

You incarnated in order to assist your sleeping sisters and brothers to wake up and recognize their true nature as perfect divine beings of immense power and beauty with limitless creative abilities waiting to be rediscovered and deployed for their own delight and for the joy of God and all of His creation. That truly is a most wonderful reason to be experiencing life in the illusion, despite all the discomforts and difficulties with which it presents you. Yes, you also have lessons to learn, and you are learning them most effectively and efficiently, and the honors that you have earned will amaze you when you arrive home in Reality. 

Today’s message has been to encourage and empower you, and to confirm for you that you are at all times fully supported by those in the spiritual realms. Whenever you feel down, unsure, depressed, anxious, or overwhelmed with doubts then please turn to us and ask for help — you will receive it instantly. Just open your hearts fully to receive and experience the warmth of our loving embrace, and know that your homecoming is inevitable. 

Your loving brother, Jesus. 


Τετάρτη, 17 Απριλίου 2013

The primitive 3D realm you now occupy is shortly to be transformed

Galactic Federation Update by Sheldan Nidle for 16 April 2013  

Selamat Jarin! We return! Let us begin today by reviewing what has transpired so far. As you know, our Earth allies have set up the basis for a new monetary and financial system and the Agarthans have used their diplomatic skills to establish the nucleus of the new governance that is to be run by a coalition under the auspices of your Ascended Masters. The Ascended Masters under the guidance of Quan Yin in the East and Count Saint Germaine in the West have ensured that a new system of banking and monetary policy is emerging. These changes are intrinsic to the sacred decrees which are preparing this world for our mass landing. These divine directives are guiding us as we establish a way to set up the New Reality for surface humanity. Freedom is a necessary condition for all that is planned and your realm is on an accelerated path to creating those prerequisites for your return to Full Consciousness. Our many liaison teams are monitoring everything and meeting every day with those who are to forge your new governance. As of now, these many programs have put all the necessary elements in place. 

Our personnel are overseeing the schedule of projects which are to produce the results we have long discussed with you. Meanwhile, our Galactic Federation medical teams are continuing to collect the data needed to update your individual Light Chambers. When called upon, these Light Chambers will be the means for returning you to Full Consciousness. At present, all of you possess certain key blocks, both emotional and physiological, that prevent you from returning naturally and under your own steam to Full Consciousness, and it is for this reason that throughout the millennia various methods have been attempted to bring about this wonderful state of Being. However, the results of these complex technologies were haphazard at best, which is why we have been permitted to create a simpler means of achieving this goal. At the right time, each of you can access your individual Light Chamber waiting for you in Agartha, and during three days of slumber be returned to your original state of Full Consciousness as physical Angels. 

Once you have secured your glorious new state of consciousness, you will be eligible to rejoin the Galactic Federation by re-creating your former Star-Nation. In this, the Agarthans will be your main guides together with your various Ascended Masters. Your first challenge after returning to Full Consciousness will be to set up your own Galactic Society, and part of this includes relocating those whose life contracts provide for this to the reconstituted worlds of Mars and Venus, and also the reconstructed planet of Pax (aka Maldek), which now lies in fragments between Mars and Jupiter. Your new Star-Nation is to become a herald of change for the former Anchara Alliance, as these many new Star-Nations need a template for expanding their consciousness to its fullest levels. In accordance with this, you will be assisting many Galactic Federation members, who are fully conscious versions of the multitudes of Dinosaurians, Reptilians, and Amphibians who now deeply desire to develop Full-Consciousness Light bodies. Heaven has mandated that this become your first mission, as you begin to spread Light throughout the Galaxy. 

These first tasks, which you will be carrying out as physical Angels, are fundamentally vital as they will make the galactic peace permanent. It is a sacred task which will prepare you to be a most welcome addition at Federation conferences. We fully expect your new Star-Nation to provide the core of many Space & Exploration fleets, which are to explore the far reaches of this sector of physicality. In this capacity you will carry out many of the mission objectives that are part of First Contact. In effect, you will be doing what we are now doing to accelerate your transition into the wonders of Full Consciousness. In fact, we see you shortly becoming masters of a First-Contact mission, and all that that implies. In this way, what we are accomplishing here with you will be reciprocated by you many times over. The primitive 3D realm you now occupy is shortly to be transformed into one that allows you to return to the Stars, and this fulfillment of your Divine Destiny will bless you in ways that are well beyond your present abilities to envision! 

Blessings, dear Ones! We are your Ascended Masters! Many wonderful events are ready to happen. Gaia is prepared to step up the energies that she daily disburses among all her living creatures and ecosystems. These additional energies, which further accelerate your Consciousness Shift, could be seen as divine proof that you are being blessed by Heaven! Your sacred world has long been hidden within an especially manipulated shadow realm controlled by the dark cabal. However, now, these new energies are ready to push you out of this dark dwelling space and into the Light. We are very pleased and Heaven is continuing to use her blessings to move you ever closer to the Light and toward your new more-conscious reality. Know that these shifts are inevitable! A series of events is upon you, which will move you to the brink of a New Reality. These events are celestial in nature and are harbingers of truly amazing circumstances! They are to bring you prosperity and freedom! 

The Agarthans are assisting us to prepare a way for us to be introduced to you. These introductory announcements will be made by the secret sacred societies and many vital Truths will also be elucidated at that time. The dark has long packed your minds and your societies with half-truths as well as outright lies, and these need to be corrected. You will shortly be in the company of those who have long known about your true origins and your real history. The Divine Plan requires that you be apprised of these facts and that you learn how you became reduced over time, and no longer able to easily converse with Heaven. This broken connection of yours requires our immediate attention. You are in a transitional stage and our purpose now is to use our abilities to shift you easily into a New Reality. Your reality is scheduled to be swiftly upgraded by the introduction of a vast range of Truths, which you are required to assimilate. The time has come to do so! 

Each day Heaven sends us great blessings. These ‘blessings’ are intended to make us more aware of where we are going and how quickly the Divine Plan intends to get us there. We are jubilant and wish to say that all of you have the innate ability to shift swiftly to higher states of consciousness. We are just waiting for Heaven’s ‘GO’ signal. The final series of events is ready to happen and bring us into a New Light. This Light will unleash an unending prosperity and bring a raft of new responsibilities for us all. Societies do not tend to change rapidly unless a new set of beliefs is taken up and readily espoused by a group of dedicated and passionate Beings. Our mission with you is to guide you, at the right divine moment, to the point where this passion, combined with sacred Truth, forges your new world. We would remind you, peace and Truth lie within. Be Love. Be Wise. Be Aware. 

Today we reviewed the progress being made on your world. We ask you to continue to be ready to accept the new manifestations as they come slowly, yet ever more swiftly, into being. Amazing things are ready to happen. Despite its power, the dark is to lose. It will lose because of your great collective Love! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be it! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy! 


Τρίτη, 16 Απριλίου 2013

We believe you can begin now to sense the pot beginning to boil

Message from Archangel Michael, channeled by Ron Head, for 10 April 2013 

We wish to spend some time today discussing your money and economies. It is rather unique to your world to do things in the manner you have chosen. On other worlds, everyone contributes to the society, of course. Without that there really would not be a society, would there? However, you have chosen to make the basic necessities of life, the food, shelter, clothing, and education needed to live in your societies, those things which are essential to each and every individual, into salable goods. There really is no compassion there, is there? 

Then you have allowed the control of the supply of that one item, money, to be placed, or rather taken, by truly a handful of individuals. You have literally given it away, rather than maintain it, once you had wrested it free from the grasp of a king. And then the system they invented to take control spread like a virus. 

You see the problem lay in your allowing yourselves to believe them when they told you that they knew what was good for you. You began by saying, “Go and run our country as we wish it to be run”, and allowed it to become, “Go and run our country, so we won’t have to.” 

Now the question is whether or not you have realized your mistake in time. What do you think? Have you done so? We are speaking of one country, but the same situation has, as we have said, spread like the virus that it is. Have you awoken in time? It does not appear to be so, does it? But take heart, dearest angels. As you are fond of saying, things are never as they seem. 

The problem for you now, in that regard, is that what you see is, in most cases, only what the controlling interests want you to see. That is because they have conveniently arranged to own the means of distributing information. They really are brilliant in some ways, you know. However, in their infatuation with themselves, they have made one or two little errors. They overreached, and they believed they could be more powerful than the life force itself. One cannot overpower what one is actually a part of. Doesn’t that make sense? And each created being is a part of the whole, the One. 

So, things are destined to turn out a bit differently than they planned. This situation has been allowed to continue to the point that will cause the corrections necessary to give you a bit of a bumpy ride though. We wish that were not so, but it is. This is what results in your wishing for an outside force to come in and save you from yourselves. But the universe is not set up that way, my dear friends. 

In your case, however, it has been decided that your initiation of corrections, your intent, and your involvement are enough to invite help from others. Many of the others are here now, in spirit, in other dimensions, in short, in ways which make them not quite visible to you. That is also information which has been carefully kept from you. 

Ideas such as these have been laughed at and scoffed at until you dared not express them. Well, there are a lot of things that have been scoffed at up until now which are about to take center stage in this little game. And we predict with certainty that you will enjoy the result. 

Now, up until today, statements like that have always caused an outcry of ‘whens’ and ‘bring-it-ons’. And we have repeatedly replied that you must take responsibility for the initiation of events. And then there was a bit of timing involved, as well. We believe you can begin now to sense the pot beginning to boil. 

If you are not one of those who has taken the initiatives involved, do not be dismayed. Your own progress has been a part of the change in consciousness needed as well. Do not let up now, my friends. In fact, it is time to redouble and reaffirm. Determine now to keep your head when all about you are losing theirs. Things will get a bit squirmy in a bit. Do not lose hope. Trust yourselves to come out the other side. And at that time, we promise you, you will have made a system which allows for the compassionate care of every individual on your world, just as you have dreamed. Dreams, you see, are not the silly things you have been told they are. Not much is as you have been told it is. 

Good day, my friends. Keep yourselves in good spirits. We will speak again soon. 

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Δευτέρα, 15 Απριλίου 2013

Your savior is standing in your shoes

Message from Archangel Michael channeled by Ron Head for 7 April 2013 

Our topic for this day will be the messages that we send to you and your trust in us. This is a very crucial question to the entire subject of Ascension. It brings into sharp focus the need for you to have developed discernment that you can rely upon, rather than allowing events about you or the words of others to sway you to and fro like a leaf in the wind. 

We believe we have never asked for you to believe in, to trust, the messenger, but have always urged you to base your judgment upon the content of the message itself. Further, we will tell you now that messages that are sent to you from the higher dimensions, particularly those which contain the truth of the divine Creator, will always carry a detectable feeling to you which you will sense as a loving embrace. It is the transmission to you of that which your hearts have yearned for ever since you have journeyed away from it. 

We do not appeal to your intellects, neither to any other emotion or feeling than that. You may home in on Divine Truth like a beacon by this energy of Unconditional Love. There still are among you, even among those of you with sincere intent, those who persist in trying to analyze and dissect this phenomenon. There are those who persist in asking for material proof. There are those who continue to ask when such will be given. 

Dearest ones, you have been doing this since the time of Enoch, of Abraham, and before. And for all that time, and before, you have been taught that you, physical co-creators of your own existence, are the ones who make those things happen. Yet you continue to look up into the starry sky and say “When?” You wait for a savior. Well your savior is standing in your shoes. And the time is now, if you so choose. 

Sometimes what is needed is a little straight talk. Is this not so? We know that many, many of you are indeed not in need of this today. You are far past that now. Yet there are also many who still need to hear this once again. Once again, the community that has been built is being battered by those who claim to know better than to believe or trust. And once again we are telling you to trust your heart. 

Go within, connect with your highest concept of the Divine, whatever name you call it by, and ask for assurance. We ask nothing further than this. 

Be at peace in your hearts. We shall speak again soon. Good day. 


Σάββατο, 13 Απριλίου 2013

What is required of each human soul is to align with their own divinity

Hilarion's Weekly Message for April 7-14, 2013 ~ via Marlene Swetlishoff www.therainbowscribe.com 

Beloved Ones, as the days march on into the New Age of Light and humanity is being cleansed of all old patterns of thought and behavior that no longer serves their higher purpose, the heartbeat of the Earth joins with them. The Earth deeply desires to allow the time necessary for as many of her inhabitants to join her in her ascended state of expansion and so the cosmic window of opportunity is still wide open to allow this change and transformation to occur. All upon the planet are finding themselves awakening to many truths that were not available for their conscious knowledge before these times that you are now in the midst of. 

As these truths are revealed more individuals are finding themselves in difficulty, having to struggle to deal with acceptance of how much they have allowed their innate sovereignty as Divine Beings to be usurped by those they have allowed authority over their lives. The initial reaction is one of uncomfortable rejection of these truths followed by an internal upheaval as they try to process and overcome this requirement for awakening. The good news is that the more who awaken to these truths, the greater the impetus becomes for all to awaken and that is what is occurring in your world in the now moment. All upon the planet are opening their consciousness to the idea that they are much more than they ever dreamed possible and that they have many rights they were not aware of before. 

These are the end times spoken of by seers and prophets from the days of old. These are the times of tribulation that have been forewarned. What is required of each human soul in the now moment is to make a conscious choice and commitment to align with their own divinity and Source in whatever way is meaningful for them and to nurture that aspect of themselves with full consciousness and motivation. Every soul incarnated upon this planet has a magnificent destiny ahead for them, but effort is required to transform former ways of thinking and doing into a new way that is more in unity with their own divine essence and being. 

Upon the surface of your planet, seeming chaos is everywhere, but all one has to do is become centered within themselves and daily align with their higher essence, to recall and intend to be the greatest vision of themselves and to expect the highest outcomes for all facets of their lives upon the Earth. It also requires each soul to recognize that each is going through their own versions of awakening, acceptance, growth and expansion and that all are united in this great undertaking. All must step up in their comprehension of the bigger picture of the events taking place and make sense of it in a way that will allow the greatest good for all. 

Through it all, underlying all activities, is the remembrance that these times were chosen by each soul as a tremendous opportunity for soul growth and expansion that is rarely available anywhere else in the Universe. It is up to each and every creator being who is alive and experiencing life upon this planet to bring about the changes that will uplift and nurture all life in a positive and constructive, loving way, for when this happens there will be peace and harmony on Earth. Those in the forefront of this movement are asked to persevere and keep on keeping on, holding your Light and your Love as an anchor upon and within the Earth. 

Until next week… 

I AM Hilarion 

©2013 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace 


Παρασκευή, 12 Απριλίου 2013

My dear friends tomorrow is here

Message from Archangel Michael, channeled by Ron Head, for 5 April 2013 

You have reached the end of a short period of rest, which we gather from our channel, you really were not all that comfortable with. 

It is time now for you to assess the tools available to you and to determine what your contributions will be. Are you truly ready to begin? If it all breaks loose tomorrow, can you say that you truly are ready? Because, my dear friends, tomorrow is here. 

We have stated many times through our trusted channels that this season would be the time in which things would be ready to begin, and they are. We have said that we awaited a certain point to be reached and a signal to be given. There is now no further reason to wait. 

But there is one teensy consideration to take into account. What will you do? It need not be something as grandiose as, “I will change the world!” But you should know by now what you love to do and how it might contribute to a better place for all. There are, after all, several billions of you to make such contributions. And there are right now, many millions of you ready to start. 

So, look deeply into your hearts and simply declare “This is the start!” It takes no more than that, my friends. This is the start. Perhaps add frequently, “Is this helping?” A good question to begin with, don’t you think? And then, dearest ones, if it is not, make a change. 

And do a thing for yourselves, please. Start giving yourselves credit for being worthy and deserving, when we tell you that you are. Think. The universe had many trillions of volunteers to come and do this job. You are here. Why is that, do you suppose? Stop wasting your valuable energies beating yourselves up and apply them to the task at hand. Not all of you do that, by any means, but far too many do. Not only is the past long over, not only are you the only one concerned with it, but you are needed now to do much greater things. 

Look around, not outside, but in your hearts, and realize that the only judge in sight is yourself. Even assuming that there was once something that you needed to judge yourself for, and there was nothing there dear one but illusion, forgive it. Drop it. Let it go. Your Creator has long since forgiven you. Won’t you do the same? 

Now! Look out at the future and see how much brighter it appears. You see, all of that past taught you many, many things. You are expert in many of them. You are. Don’t worry. They will surface when needed. Just begin. Make today better. Imagine that happening by a power of millions. Do it again tomorrow. Here we go, dearest angels. Here we go. 

We will speak again soon. Good day. 

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