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The Ego is a PDF File

By Kirsten Cowart, 22 November 2014 

To change our reality we need to remember that our soul is the programmer, our mind is the software and our body is the hardware. This means that we can change the programming of our mind and also heal our bodies. To do this, we need to start by understanding our Ego or illusion of separation from everyone and everything around us. 

The Ego works very hard to convince us that we are not worthy of enlightenment. Our Ego is first created by the projects upon our pure young minds by the people and culture around us and eventually becomes subconscious. Find out what can we do to fix ourselves and not pass these problems to the next generation in the video below. 

Shunyamurti from the Sat Yoga Institute teaches us about waking up, where our ego comes from and how to transcend it in order to reach enlightenment.


”What is the difficulty in awakening?” poses Shunyamurti, the spiritual teacher of the Sat Yoga Institute in Costa Rica. “The problem is this: The ego is a PDF file. PDF meaning: Projections, Decisions, and Fixations. And it developed in that order. There was a pure consciousness without identification and your parents projected on it. . . . And then you took on a decision to accept those projections, or modify them somewhat, or do something with them, but you made a decision based on those projections. And then that decision got repressed into the unconscious and became a fixation.” 

Then, reveals Shunyamurti, “Once it became repressed, you could no longer change it, because your thinking capacity would begin with those projections and decisions as the basis of your thought. So, the ego, whoever you believe yourself to be, is the product of that logic and that ego cannot change itself.” 

Liberation, or awakening, though the ultimate cure, cannot be achieved, because the ego bases itself on an inferiority complex: “I’m unworthy, therefore I exist.” This is the new Cartesian signifier, unless your desire comes out of love of life that comes out of the realization that you are a Being of Light, an emanation of God, not an unworthy ego that’s got to prove itself and improve itself and go through all these processes of self-flagellation. Only if it comes out of that innermost Source that is unlimited and that is not personal, it’s not individual. It is the Self that flows through you and our faith in realizing that ‘That is what I am’, not what anyone told me, not whatever is on that PDF file, but what is at the source of pure consciousness. Then I am liberated. – Sat Yoga Institute 

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Understanding the nature of illusion

by Will on 24 November 2014 

How can someone be free if they can't even see their own cage? Even worse, what if they believed the very thing that was keeping them caged would someday set them free? 

And what is it we want freedom from? Wants, needs, and desires? Fear, pain, and suffering? Daily toil, drudgery, and boredom? Money problems, relationship problems? All our problems? Wouldn't that be nice to not have to worry about all those things? 

Let us go to the core, what is the root of all these issues? 

Simple, every single problem we have is a thought in our minds. A physical situation may exist, but it is the mind's reaction that makes it into a problem. Our own thinking turns it into a problem and through this we become slaves to the thoughts in our minds. 

A prisoner who knows nothing other than prison would simply think that's the way life is. A prisoner who has tasted freedom will suffer far more when locked away, even though the reality of the situation would be the same for both prisoners. It's simply a difference in perception. 

Because the mind can create the illusion that we aren't free, the illusion that we are dependent upon the body, mind and ego, the mind may seem very powerful. It's not powerful at all, but to a person who can only see through the filter of their mind, it's the most powerful thing in the world. The Being Within is where the power comes from, but that power is unconsciously given away by feeding into illusions. 

Your Consciousness isn't meant to be bound to any specific thought, but that’s exactly what the mind does. The mind is all the thoughts you are attached to, and these thoughts are what makes up your illusionary world. It takes a lot of energy to keep thoughts static, to hold them in place, and because of this all your attachments greatly weaken your energetic body. These problems with your energy body then manifest as disease in your physical vessel. 

The mind seems like it has the solution to your problems, it seems like your problems can be solved through your mind by thinking about them. In a sense this is true, but it's because the problem was created by the mind in the first place. The mind is the master of illusions. In fact, the mind is the illusion. 

All suffering, all problems, all hate, ugliness, fear and desire, the only place these things "exist" is in your mind. All the things people want to escape from are just thoughts in the mind. When seen this way, one can see the insanity of trying to use the mind to escape these things. 

The mind is the servant who tricked the Master into becoming a slave, and this was done through the ego. The ego is the mind-self, the "self" that exists solely within the confines of the mind. To the ego the mind is god, because the mind has immense control over the "reality" the ego experiences. Anything that contradicts what the mind believes is simply ignored. This is why many people believe they create their own reality, when they really just manipulating the illusionary world they're trapped within. 

There's the belief that we need to go beyond the ego to find God, and that's true, but the approach most people take is flawed. They try to use the mind to escape the ego. On the surface, it seems like progress is being made, but unconsciously the mind wants to keep the ego. The ego and the mind are deeply connected and the mind's power depends upon the ego's survival. Instead of really clearing out the ego, the mind just makes the ego more subtle, more clever. Complete and total surrender to Spirit is an infinitely more effective approach than using the mind to get past the ego. 

The mind presents itself as the path to salvation, the path to freedom. You could call this religion. True Awakening is impossible through the mind, you don't find Reality through illusion, and the mind has no intention of actually setting you free. If that happened, the mind would go back to being the servant. So, the mind gives you this false path that keeps you very busy and makes everything far more difficult than it needs to be. This is the reason Enlightenment is so dang difficult for people. They seek freedom from illusion through illusion. 

So many spiritual teachers will give you paths to freedom that subtly contain the teacher's own limitations. Perhaps that should be the motto of the "spiritual" mind, freedom through limitations. The new patterns may be less limiting than the old ones the person was stuck within. So, to them it appears that they're becoming free, but it's still not True Freedom. You just keep getting a little closer without really taking the Leap. 

One of the huge mental limitations that masquerades as a path to freedom is this idea that you have to purify your body to raise your Consciousness. Utter nonsense! It's completely backwards thinking. Not that I'm against keeping your body healthy, but the belief that it's a requirement is materialism pretending to be godly. As if your Consciousness is dependent upon your body! That belief is one of the more damning ones, yet here's all these "spiritual" teachers subtly promoting it. Raise your Consciousness, and you'll naturally bring health to your temporary physical vessel. Begin by clearing out the poisons in your mind though. 

Reality simply is, very simple, natural, effortless flow, Tao. The mind makes it complicated. The waves have no conflict with the shore, yet someone's mind can come along and turn this into a problem. In trying to solve the problem with the very thing that created the problem, more problems are added. It's a vicious cycle, and exactly why the human world is in the state it's in. 

You don’t have to keep repeating these mistakes though. You can free yourself. The absurdity is that you're only freeing yourself from the illusion that you're not already free. See the ridiculousness of the mind! Stop taking it so seriously and you'll stop giving it so much power. 

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Within the illusion to rely on Love appears to be insane

Message from Jesus via John Smallman for 27 November 2014 

Here in the spiritual realms, where all of you also have your eternal existence, even if you are temporarily unaware of this truth, we are observing with joy your continuing magnificent progress towards the moment of your awakening. As we have often told you, and as I repeat now, “There will be no delays!” God’s Plan is always perfectly on schedule and on time, although for you who are “seemingly” limited by and locked into the illusion, and who have been following with hope the various uplifting messages relayed to you over the eons by many holy channels, it does appear that nothing much is changing on Earth. 

Many of you who have experienced PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) are aware that it can be intensified by recurring nightmares of a quite horrific nature, further stressing you out because there is no escape from it, even in sleep. The illusion is a similar nightmare for many of you – on top of any new PTSD that may have been caused by traumas during your current earth lives – in so far as it is ongoing with very little sign that it is only a nightmare, because it appears to be so real and because you do not seem able to awaken from it. However, you do get some respite when you sleep, because your Higher Self withdraws you from your body for brief periods to recuperate at night, so that you can carry on with the human life path that you have chosen to follow this time around. 

Yes, for many of you this particular life time is intensely stressful and unsettling, because it appears even more real than previous ones. This is because over the eons you have accumulated much negative karma all of which needs to be addressed and released in this life time, so that you can move forwards to your awakening as divinely planned and intended. When you chose this particular incarnation, you knew it would be very hard work, very demanding, and very stressful, but with much forethought and with some extremely wise guidance to help you in your choice, you decided that it was the best path for you in this now moment. Having to accept amnesia as part of the deal does not make it any easier for you. 

However, all on Earth are doing sterling work and making tremendous and most effective efforts to collectively bring humanity to its moment of awakening, and you will succeed most wonderfully. You are receiving an amazing amount of help from your brothers and sisters in the spiritual realms, and the Light of Love burning powerfully at the deepest center of your individual divine beingness is nourishing you, and encouraging you forwards. Failure to awaken is neither an option nor even a remote possibility. Keep reminding yourselves of this truth, especially when you feel weary, or when doubts and anxieties plague you. You most definitely are achieving what you set out to do, and nothing can prevent you from reaching your goal. 

You need to keep reminding yourselves that you are immortal; perfect Divine Beings created by your loving Father to enjoy eternally the gifts with which He showered you when He created you. Gifts that enable you to create as He does. Yes, you do have the power to create! He created you and then gave to you every part or aspect of Himself; He made you equal to Him, so that you could engage fully with Him in all your creative endeavors. There is no hierarchy in Heaven because all are One. 

Of course, you then used your limitless freedom to build a severely limited and imaginary environment in which to play your games of separation, separation from the Source that maintains you eternally alive and abundantly well. Not a terribly good idea. But God knew that you would quickly learn that it had been unwise to discard the wonderful gifts with which He had endowed you, by placing yourselves in a spartan environment with very tight restraints on your freedom of movement, and that you would quickly start to seek your way Home. Those gifts await your willingness to reclaim them, and they will assist you on your homewards journey. 

No longer able to roam freely throughout all of creation, you began to get irritated with one another, blaming one another for the situations in which you found yourselves – cold, wet, hungry, and fearful – having totally forgotten that you had made this unwelcoming environment and the weak and feeble bodies in which you had enclosed yourselves. 

Yes, amnesia is part of the illusion, a part that adds to its seeming reality for you. If you could remember God and Heaven, the illusion would not work, and you very much wanted it to work, until it did! Then you seemingly found yourselves alone, cold, lost, confused, and frightened. You had forgotten Love. You desperately wanted Love, wanted to be loved, because you felt so empty and unfulfilled without It. But you had forgotten what It was, you just knew that something was seriously wrong, something of great importance was missing, but you knew not what. You entered into relationships in the hope of finding that missing aspect of life in another, and that other sought it in you. 

But of course It was within you, always! Not outside, in someone else who might be persuaded to give It to you. But you were blind to that Truth, and in your misery you turned on one another, or gathered in like minded groups for support, and fought those whom you saw as different from you, and therefore a threat to you that must be destroyed. 

All your personal spiritual guides, and all the loving ones who channel guidance from the masters in the spiritual realms keep telling you that the way out of the illusion is to embrace Love, and only Love. There is nothing else. But still many of you have trouble with this “concept.” Within the illusion to rely on Love appears to be insane, an open invitation to others to rob you of all your worldly goods. And nearly all the business organizations on the planet are set up with the express intention of destroying other businesses and taking over their domains. 

But, there are no worldly goods! Anything of a worldly nature, anything that has form, physical substance, exists only temporarily, and as soon as it is made or constructed it starts the process of its decay. It seems to you that the visible Universe, having existed for 13.7 billion years, is extremely old, but in truth that is but a blip, less even than a second or two as compared to eternity. It is just that as humans, you experience life as very short, passing by very quickly, and in relation to the Universe your life spans are as nothing, unnoticeable in the larger scheme of things. But this is precisely the kind of separation you were seeking to experience when you constructed the illusion. And it is overwhelming for you to attempt to imagine your place and your importance – and you most certainly do want to be important – in the seemingly vast Universe of which you are each such small insignificant particles, existing for but a most fleeting moment on the enormous wheel of time. 

So, be glad that it is all nothing but an illusion, an illusion that you built for yourselves and which you maintain by your belief in it! If this was not the case then your future would indeed be bleak. However, there is no future, and there is no past, there is only the eternal now moment in which all of God’s divine creation is eternally present in infinite joy. Your unavoidable destiny is to awaken and re-engage with your loving Source and experience that unutterable joy. 

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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This is not a time for condemnation and punishment

Message from Jesus via John Smallman for 22 November 2014 

Me: Good evening Dear Jesus. Thank you very much for your last message. Is this a good time to start a new one? I think I'm relaxed enough if you are free and willing. 

Jesus: Good evening John. Yes I'm ready, willing, and enthusiastic about the idea. There is so much to tell because so much is happening. Yes, it really is. Glorious delight is in store for you all SOON! 

Me: Well, there has been so much disappointment that it's now way past the time to reverse the flow and give everyone an amazing and uplifting Thanksgiving! Please go ahead, SURPRISE me. Yes, there is a touch of cynicism there. Forgive me, but in human 3d terms it seems that we have been waiting forever and forever! 

Jesus: The Event for which you have all been waiting so patiently and hopefully is very nearly upon you. Amazing developments have occurred over the last few days and those who would maintain the status quo – poverty, misery, suffering, and enslavement of all but a tiny “elite” – have lost their influence and their power to control events. Yes, that has happened. The old order is crumbling away rapidly, and with them the structures that have kept humanity tied to the treadmill of work and debt. I feel your strong doubts, but I assure you that amazing developments have taken place, and what they entail will very shortly be widely published for all to see. 

The Tsunami of Love, as you have been told, is extremely powerful and has enveloped all in its loving embrace, and the inevitable results of being held in that embrace are soon to be revealed to an astonished world. Its power is GENTLE but totally pervasive, none have escaped its enthusiastic and uplifting influence, all hearts have opened to it and been inspired. Love is now the predominant energy being experienced and felt all across the entire planet. Despite the mainstream media reports of escalating conflict in many parts of the world – political, military, religious, and financial – this is not the real situation at all. 

There is a desperate effort being made by those who have been in control of the world's resources – the political powers (not the elected representatives who are nearly all in the service of the insanely wealthy), industrial powers, military powers, and controllers of earth's energy resources – to convince you by using the mainstream media which they own that nothing has changed, to distribute their messages of alarm threatening impending doom unless you support them. But due to the freedom of expression and the flow of information through the World Wide Web, these efforts are failing dismally. The mainstream media will not for much longer be playing the tunes that the dark ones order them to play. 

In fact, the tunes are already changing. Listen . . ! Watch . . . ! and be uplifted, because the controllers have finally lost control, they know it, and they are stunned. They truly believed that nothing would change unless they ordered it, and they are now finding daily that this arrogant presumption is utterly wrong. It is very difficult for them to understand because they have held the reins of power on Earth for so long that they believed themselves invincible. Hidden in darkness, manipulating and controlling nations, multi-national organizations, political parties, and religious establishments, they believed that no one could threaten them, let alone unseat them. They are now realizing that their moment has come and gone, that their deceit and corruption has been uncovered and publicized, and that no one will raise a finger to support or protect them from public notoriety, as their crimes against humanity are made known to all. 

However, this is not a time for condemnation and punishment, because those who have abused you, and who have abused your trust in them are, themselves, very severely damaged souls who need your compassion. Not to offer it, is basically an attempt to replace them with others who are apparently of the Light and who will judge and condemn them to the delighted cries of the masses, and in so doing take their places. If this happens, their Light will fade rapidly, as the power they suddenly find themselves holding corrupts them absolutely. But that will not happen. 

The way forwards, as always, is in Love. Anything that is not in perfect alignment with Love is unreal, corrupting, and corruptible. As the old order falls, rejoice, but do not attempt to replace it, no matter how seductive and enlightened the offered replacements appear to be. A very wise man some years ago wrote a book called “Small is Beautiful,” and on Earth this is a truism that has been neglected, ignored, denied, and ridden over roughshod with disastrous results for humanity and the planet. 

Now is the time for communities to come together to resolve all their local issues in a wise and loving fashion. With loving intent, honesty, and integrity on all sides, this can be achieved very easily indeed, because all issues are local issues. 

However, when they are raised to international status, as has often happened, they become insoluble, because along the way they collect detritus of a most unsavory nature – hidden agendas, divisive agendas, corrupt agendas, good but unworkable intentions, and multitudinous lobbying then occurs to distract and divert attention from those original issues. If issues are easily resolved, those who gain from drawing them out lose out, so it is very much in the interests of the wheelers and dealers, the lobbyists, to turn local issues into regional, national, or international issues that apparently require “supermen” or “superwomen” of great intelligence to resolve them. 

Release your beliefs that others of greater intelligence are needed to organize and run human society in a safe and civilized fashion through the power which you invest in them when you mistakenly give them yours. All that they will do, as they have done in the past, is establish a system that grants them privileges, claiming them as their right for establishing and maintaining order in society, which they insist will collapse without their presence and wisdom. This is a fallacy! History shows this very clearly. 

But humans through the ages have happily given their power away, as they did not wish to bother with their communal responsibilities, being either too busy with their own selfish agendas, or too busy eking out a living, because in their impoverishment all their efforts and energy were required to do just that.

This is no longer to be the case. All will be provided for most abundantly with everything they need to maintain a comfortable and satisfying lifestyle, thus freeing them to develop their individual creative talents for their own enjoyment and for the benefit of all. The time has come for you to truly live free and follow your bliss. When the interminable stress and anxiety of survival as presently experienced by the vast majority of humanity is removed, people will start to uncover an amazing array of creative talents, talents that most of them were totally unaware that they possessed.

That is what the Golden Age is all about – living in perpetual peace and security, because the energy field in which you are all totally and eternally enveloped is Love, which always provides for you abundantly. In that state of utter and unrestricted freedom to be yourselves, your talents will blossom, as you discard the masks you felt you had to present to the world to be acceptable to it. You will realize that you are acceptable, infinitely acceptable, and that that has always been the case, and your joy will be boundless, as you interact freely and creatively with all your brothers and sisters in a grand and ongoing extremely creative celebration of life. 

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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Prosperity and Global Technology that is to End Poverty

Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy for 25 November 2014 

2 Kan, 3 Yaxk’in, 11 Ik 

Dratzo! We come with some news about what is happening on your world. At present, the dark cabal is using the coming of banker’s holidays to create a temporary delay in bringing forth your globe’s new financial system. To us, this delay is totally unnecessary. Rather, it is quite vital that these shenanigans be thrown aside and this new system’s first part revealed to all. We have submitted our protest to those now involved in these most serious negotiations. It is important that the people of this realm see at least a small sign that great changes are indeed happening. Our liaisons are telling our earthly representatives to stand strong and reverse the current debacle. It is essential that each aspect of this process be done correctly; nevertheless, it is quite important that even a small first step occur. Many on your world do not fully understand the breadth of what needs to be done. Nonetheless, some degree of movement is truly required. Thus, we intend to press forward with what we deeply feel is truly necessary. Movement is now being detected and we intend to be assured that something quite positive happens. 

Our position has always been to find ways to hasten an end to the cover-up, and encourage a formal global Disclosure. The present delays only lengthen the time for these possibilities to manifest. We are quite serious in our strategies to bring this realm to Disclosure. The dark cabal fully realizes that once we become a more open player in these “discussions,” the chances for any delays greatly lessen. Heaven gave us some strong decrees. These are still short of a more profound role for us. Despite these minor restrictions, we continue to instruct our liaisons to implore our earthly counterparts to take stronger positions on the implementations of a new financial system for your world. The Agarthans join us in asking for a quick first means to implore the beginnings of a new currency system. This system can swiftly expose the large banks and their gross arrogance. This single point can permit many nations to come together, and force the breakup of these malicious giants of your banking world. 

As to new governance, once the global “psych-net” long maintained by the dark is broken, the hope for new reform grows. Currently, most large governments are run by individuals who are daily soaked in energies that render them pawns for the dark. We have lowered some of the intensity of this mind-control network. These efforts are tempered by decrees given us by Heaven. We fully understand that Heaven is running a grand Divine Plan. This operation is something which we dearly respect. Yet, we remain fully cognizant of your great frustrations. You are being asked to take on a lot, and we very much wish to lessen this burden as soon as possible. Our liaisons are therefore insisting on a simple item to be manifested. These times are thus both the grandest and most discouraging for you. It is our great desire to force a point of assurance from the forces of the Light. After all, it is the start of a holiday season, which limits what your global financial system can produce. 

Therefore, we are intending to stay firm on this. Be prepared for something to happen. Those involved in these negotiations understand what we desire from them. We are sure that a small part of this process is indeed to manifest. Like you, we wish you to enjoy prosperity, as well as personal sovereignty. This is not just said in passing. There are things which can easily permit you to acknowledge that what is now happening is not only real, but quite capable of putting these minions of the dark in their place. We have cut them off from key underground facilities and thus denied them any temporary form of safe haven. In addition, we have posted numerous defense ships as guards, in order to make our position quite clear to them. We dearly wish to hasten Disclosure in some way. Once this is mutually behind us, we can come together and begin to swiftly clear the path to Full Consciousness. It is at this point that we can all relax and rejoice in these special moments. 

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come on this day to greet and bless you! Much is happening on this world, which most of you know very little about. Right now a quiet revolution is happening. This event is presently confined to organizations and individuals who are dedicated to creating a more humane financial system, which harbors within its blessed corridors a new global currency. This currency is to be real; not a fiat one prone to the whims and wishes of a most avaricious and contentious lot, the dark cabal. This new money is to be blessed with value and a fair trade rate governed by central banks under the ultimate management of a new international development bank. This system is to bring our realm prosperity and a global technology that is to end poverty and give everyone the opportunity to truly learn about the wonders that make up Mother Earth’s surface and inner realms. 

It is this promise which we gladly bless and intend for all. See these coming holidays as a time to reflect upon what is now shaping up around you. Be ever ready to accept both the blessings and healings to which you are entitled. Feel deep within your heart the new energies that are to transform you. Visualize how these wonders are to manifest. Be ready to accept all that is coming, and all that is shortly to come before you. You are changing every day. You are being healed by the joys of this most magnificent set of moments. All of us daily come together and send the gracious energies of Heaven to you. Even the grand Seraphim of AEON bless you and decree for your success in all things. These words of grace are permitting this realm to both heal and transform. You are on the edge of a most wondrous set of divine events. 

Be proud of Heaven and ever thankful for those things now happening. A new realm is being born in which you are to change sorrow and want into joy and abundance. Heaven has sent you a grand fleet of your fellows, dedicated to seeing that this magnificent transformation occurs as Heaven so envisioned. You are to move beyond the base emotions of hate and frustration, and change them gladly into love and accomplishment. Think of what you are becoming. You are rising up in cosmic consciousness and being readied to heal yourself, as well as others. Very quickly, you are to sing in unison with the heavenly choirs and use this sacred sound to change this reality into something new and wondrous. We join together with you and graciously we now sing: Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna! 

Today, we have carried on with a grand message of joy! We ask all to lift up their inner voices in unison and proclaim that this time is when a New Epoch for humanity can begin. See this time as one filled with the Blessings of Heaven. It is a time to ask Heaven for deliverance and know that you are indeed heard! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Τρίτη, 25 Νοεμβρίου 2014

The Quality of Love Known as Transfiguration

A Message from Archangel Gabriel via Marlene Swetlishoff, 20 November 2014 

Beloved Ones, 

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as transfiguration. As a soul, one evolves until one is finally able to recognize aspects of one’s divine nature and its interconnectedness to all life. As a soul, one is continually evolving towards complete expression of one’s innate divine perfection and to a more conscious, spiritual way of life. When one’s consciousness awakens to the higher aspect within their core essence, the individual begins to seek ways to purify the mental, emotional and physical bodies to enable the soul infusion process and merge with their divine essence to take place. When this soul merge begins to occur, the transfiguration process begins in earnest. 

One becomes more than the carnal, materialistic and worldly self with only physical powers to exercise and manifest. One becomes their Spirit Self which sits gloriously, majestically and silently at the center of their being. This true essence now begins to manifest through the refined and purified physical, mental and emotional human body and consciousness. One becomes the outward expression of God’s invisible kingdom and God within. There is a strong desire to serve humankind and to help one’s sisters and brothers. This state of being is discerned in an individual as a change of appearance into a more beautiful, spiritually refined and luminous state. One’s divine essence which is invisible and silent, fluid, non-material and ethereal permeates everything. It is a cosmic light and cannot be grasped but is powerful, magnetic and unstoppable by anything. It is a loving forceful energy that is good and holy. It is kind, benevolent and compassionate. One’s true essence, when manifesting upon the Earth, can perform benevolent miracles and wonders at will in the life of all of its creations. 

Through this transfiguration, one’s human persona is reborn forever into the innermost divine essence within them. The spirit, the soul and the individual human persona is now living as the fully integrated, unified and transfigured divine human individual. The individual knows without a doubt that they are a spirit being, and that those around them are also spirit beings and that they are formed in the image and likeness of the Creator of all. They know they are spirit, limitless and free, that their soul has qualified and liberated itself from the control of matter which it inhabits. The individual has passed through the portals of initiation into transfiguration and a higher knowledge. This indicates the mastery of their lower human tendencies has been accomplished. All the temptations to use their greater power for human aggrandizement has been tested and they have passed. Their true qualities and the attributes of their divine soul can now be expressed more fully, powerfully and completely. The physical, etheric, emotional and mental vehicles of the personal self are completely transcended and their entire personality is irradiated by the full light of their Soul. This event marks the evolution of their consciousness when the energies of universal mind can begin to flow through them into the objective world. They recognize their oneness with all of humanity and all of life and feel moved to serve and uplift the whole. 

The individual experiences more and more of the celestial cosmic energy flowing within them and through them and this is reflected in their expression of truth. Their transfigured nature expresses perfectly by radiating that which is within them outwardly, the spirit and the human are now one. Transfiguration is an expansion of consciousness and requires fierce determination, an unwavering purpose and force of will, as well as persistence and spiritual integrity. The individual must sacrifice their personal will to the spiritual Will. The transfigured and soul infused individual exemplifies complete freedom from the claims and demands of the physical, emotional and mental influences of their personal life. The individual experiences the union of divine energies and a sudden inflow of transfiguring glory as they recognize more fully than ever before, their responsibility in the great plan of restoring love and light within themselves and in a greater context, in the world around them. 

The anointed and unified individual soul takes over the human life fully through a divine, loving and blissful force. This is the individual soul’s true spiritual transfiguration composed of divine substance and in its true healing state. Their transfiguration and transformation results in a total and complete consciousness change through their spirit and soul reunion. One’s fully integrated soul knows the realization of true self through the reinforcement of their spirit presence and power within. The spirit mind and soul is an overlay that is strongly, firmly, and overwhelmingly around their human counterpart. Their soul is now living a new life with God presence dominating their every thought, word and deed. The soul now sees self as their divine essence both within and without. The soul has no other choice or duty at this time except to submit, surrender and change into its original divine creation as its own divine essence. By yielding personal desire to the soul’s impulse to serve the greater good, the human individual now becomes a recipient of divine inspiration in service to the plan of evolution, bridging the gap between heaven and earth and serving as a co-creator with Divinity in establishing the new golden age of enlightened living on Earth. 

In expressing the nature and truth of the soul and the subtle inner realms to which it belongs, the transfigured soul makes the invisible presence of spirit come alive. They hold the mind steady in the light. In the realm of the sacred, their true beauty shining from within them has the power to awaken the souls around them without intention or words. Their shining radiance penetrates straight into the deeper recesses of the heart where the doorway into the world of light and the radiance of beauty is found and allows each individual to experience divinity. The transfigured individual’s vibrations electrify the subtle senses of others in a way that makes them aware of a higher dimension of reality. One’s goodness, truth and beauty manifests as an embodiment of the divine in the world of material form. It offers to others a glimpse of the life that imbues all forms with a spark of the divine essence and stirs the soul in others to awaken into their own divinity. When enough of humanity has accomplished this, the radiant light of humanity's collective soul will create a new order on Earth contributing to the unfoldment of human consciousness. 

May you continue to aspire to become the light of transfiguration within your own soul which will serve to awaken the collective soul of humanity and fill the world with the light of Spirit. 

I AM Archangel Gabriel 

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace 


Δευτέρα, 24 Νοεμβρίου 2014

The 3 Paths of Humans

The Hathors, with the Andromedan Overseers of the Galactic Council via Solara An-Ra, 30 December 2013 

You who have chosen to be on Gaia now - you who have chosen to be on this planet at this time - step every step with conscious awareness, for you have come to heal your troubled dimension. You are a work force of Light bearers, in service to the Divine Plan for Ascension on Gaia - and yet you differ in your methods and style of operation. For the moment we will say that there are 3 primary paths or modes of operation within your ranks. This is a simplification, but it serves a purpose in these times. 

The first path is that of the Warrior of Light. You who walk this path shine your Light openly for all to see, walking your talk as awakened ones, slicing through the veils of illusion that have blinded humans for many years now. You are the teachers, the leaders, the initiators who bring the Light tribe together. Your courage and determination will yield fruits more easily in this year of 2014 which dawns - more immediately than ever, for you move towards the time of instant manifestation. 

Those of you Pleiadian Goddesses incarnated into your civilizations now, who weave your magic way on the Earth plane, you are the Magic Weavers. You demonstrate lightness, joy, frivolity - and nevertheless you produce results just as powerful, for this is your way of spreading and holding Light. There are of course Magic Weavers from star systems other than the Pleiades, but always your signature style is to affect change through play and creativity. You raise vibration through music, art and channeling all forms of creativity; you heal others through bringing laughter and fun, and many of you work with the Indigo and Crystal children, assisting in their blossoming. 

And those of you who walk the middle path, neither Warriors nor Magic weavers, you are the Frequency Keepers - ones who hold a steady vibration. You hold the balance point, the heart chakra frequency of your universe constant, as those in Samadhi have done before you. You transmit Christ Conscious vibration and higher dimensional frequency into your world of 3-D. This way seems more passive but is the most difficult of all to achieve, for you ones must remain constant in your own frequency in every moment possible in order to seed your star codes and higher dimensional frequencies into your planet’s vibration. 

Know that you are in one of these 3 categories, whether you recognize it or not. Sometimes, you have more than one aspect within you, but at any stage of your life your primary purpose will reflect one of the 3 most strongly. It is sometimes appropriate to shift from one path to another in different phases of your life - from a Warrior of Light into a Frequency Keeper, for instance, as one path comes to fruition and is completed. Our channel Solara An-Ra has transited from the Warrior phase into a Magic Weaver over the past some years, as her time of life has dictated. She is a frequency keeper only in those moments when she is transmitting our energy. And so you see it is possible to be all three according to the context and time – but we repeat that there is always a predominance of one path at any stage of life. Know that there is no predetermined order where one path follows another – and there is also no path which is higher or better than another. The paths are yours according to both choice and natural disposition or personality. There are many among you in whom one path will be prevalent for your entire life. 

We give you this information so that you may recognize that your way is unique and perfect. You may storm the world with your ideas, the sword of truth and light glimmering in you raised arm, or you may sit quietly in meditation, the smile of the Buddha radiating from your lips. You may play with the tree beings, dancing in the forest, encouraging others to see the plant spirits and devas, or you may gather the tribe of Gaia for a ceremony or conference where other leaders of the Light transmit their wisdom. 

Intend that you follow your chosen path with joy and use your gifts – the very gifts that you came to seed on this planet! Those of you who are magic weavers accept your path with a lightness which is part of your essence and your very matrix! Those of you who are Warriors, accept your mission with a courage that is naturally yours! And those of you who are keepers of vibration, holding the 5th dimensional frequency of unconditional love, constantly emitting this vibration to your planet’s many layers, accept your missions with the equanimity that is natural to you. 

You are between times, between realities, and you feel yourselves shift between these now. Some of you are longing to be in your place of origin in the stars – you are seeking to escape the confines of your physicality and what feels like burdensome responsibility on Earth. Remember that you are here with purpose. You are here with purpose! Accept your purpose and responsibility with joy, and your life will therefore reflect the unfolding of one of the 3 primary paths of humans in the New Age. Recognize the energy of the Warrior, the Magic Weaver or the Frequency Keeper within you now, and dance the dance you came here to dance. And so it is. 

We transmit our blessings and love in this dawning of 2014. Namaste.

Κυριακή, 23 Νοεμβρίου 2014

Two distinct groups of souls upon Earth

Message from SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey for 26 September 2014 

There are now two distinct groups of souls upon Earth, and these represent those who have opened their consciousness to the truth of their being, and those who are stuck in the lower vibrations and make little or no attempt to understand their position. Until such souls start to awaken to their true self, they will continue to only believe what they see before their eyes. However, we do not condemn such souls in any way and we make allowances for those who are controlled by their ego. It is only experience that will bring about a shift in consciousness, when one starts to question the purpose of life. The truth will come to all given time, and this period upon Earth is the ideal time to bring up questions about the purpose of life. For those without some form of faith it is a very difficult time, as they question why a God of Love allows such atrocities that are taking place. 

Many understand that as God is All Love, he allows his children to have the freedom to experience as they desire, but they often fail to understand that they are the responsible for the results. You have an expression about “making your bed and laying on it” and that sums up how you create your own future. Freewill is wonderful, but you have to learn how to handle it, without interfering with the freewill of another soul. Man has great difficulty in understanding the concept of you all being the One, and therefore what you do to another, you do to yourself. Man tends to look after number One, without realizing that over a period of lives you will experience many different situations, and each is intended to give you the experiences you need to further your evolution. No other soul is any more or less than you are, but may nevertheless have developed a greater level of consciousness. 

Whatever stage of evolution you are at, you rest assured that you will always be helped to progress, and no one faces the world alone. In fact, you have so many helpers, you cannot fail to achieve your life plan, as they will ensure that you have the experiences that you need. It is no good complaining about your life, but far better to get on with it and make the best progress you can. Some of you do not believe you are helped at all and that is because you are unaware of your life plan, and for experience you have to accept the good along with what you call the bad. All experience is of value, even if you cannot understand it, as it may not seem that there is a life plan working for you, but there certainly is and all experience is presenting you with opportunities to evolve. We know that some souls cannot believe that they have agreed to the way their life is working out, but it is carefully planned with your agreement and the freewill aspect still exists. 

We know that many of you are at an advanced level of understanding, and your presence upon Earth is instrumental in helping others in their understanding of the truth. Some of you came specifically to give such a service to others, and often it has meant a certain degree of sacrifice, as such work requires a very dedicated soul. Each of you that have indicated your desire to help others will be used as the need arises, and we look upon you all with equal love and joy. Life may sound complicated and for many it is, but it is very carefully planned to be of maximum benefit to you. Some will not agree that they have accepted the experiences that come their way, and cannot understand why they should have done so. Dear Ones, the truth is that you know you are being pointed in the direction that best covers your needs. When you are in the higher dimensions, it all seems so much clearer and you trust those who oversee your life. 

Some souls have questioned how we can be so positive where your future is concerned, and that is because at our level we can not only see the greater picture, but are aware that at any time the old cycle can be brought to a conclusion. Therefore, it is possible that such matters can be concluded at any time, but that decision lies with souls that oversee your evolution. We tell you these things, so that you will not assume anything is beyond possibility where your evolution is concerned. Matters are much more fluid than you can possibly imagine, but being in the lower vibrations, you cannot easily envisage a completely different scenario. 

Everything you can possibly think of can exist, as nothing is new or what you call original thought. You can link with what was and interpret it in another way, which is how technologies are re-introduced in a New Age. For example, what you call Flying Saucers, which are planetary vehicles, are not equipped to go into Deep Space, and not new to your Solar System. As knowledge and understanding of them grows, so you will find that very “conveniently” they are your Inter-planetary vehicles. Matters are speeding along, so that when you “come of age”, everything you need will be available to you. You are Cosmic Beings in your infancy and are evolving very quickly, so that when you have Full Consciousness, the Universe will be yours to explore

By comparison, you live such a simple life on Earth, but it is ideal preparation for the changes you will encounter. Evolution is more concerned with you as an individual and making sure you are sufficiently evolved to be let loose in the Cosmos. As you may already know, you cannot reach levels that are higher than your own vibrations, so it is in your interests to take this coming opportunity to leave the lower ones behind. You have the potential to become a Being of Light and that is what you should be working towards. We know that you will want to know how you are doing, but providing you apply yourself correctly, you need have no worries as we will always be near you to assist. 

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, pleased as always to enlarge your knowledge of what lies ahead. You will realize by now that we are all part of the One, and as such we treat you as our brothers and sisters. Nothing would please us more than to help you achieve your goals, and we believe that we have been with you long enough for you to understand how we relate to you. I leave you as always in Love and Light. 

Thank you SaLuSa. 

Mike Quinsey 

Σάββατο, 22 Νοεμβρίου 2014

Let go of any sense of guilt or shame

A Message from Saul via John Smallman for 18 November 2014 

The Oneness of ALL that exists is the Truth that all must come to an awareness of, and that truth (small “t”, because at the moment it tends to be a scientific kind of awareness, a logical awareness uncovered by intellectual effort, and not yet a knowing that comes from your hearts, although that knowing is always available to you, because it resides eternally within you) is beginning to flow into the collective awareness. It is as though a glacier had started to melt, and as it does so, its contents spread out everywhere, soaking all in its path. And, of course, you are all in its path. Awareness is flowing and growing all across the world, it cannot remain unknown any longer, it can only be denied. 

Nearly all of you, due to the suffering and betrayal that you have experienced over the eons, suffering and betrayal that has been far too painful to acknowledge and remember, have issues to address that you have been in denial about for a very long time. For many of you, those issues are making their presence very intensely felt right now. You burst into tears suddenly, and often for no reason that you can identify. Let the tears flow! It is a necessary and very effective form of release. 

Do not expend time and energy, intellectual energy, attempting to uncover the situations or issues that may be the cause, because mostly they are from previous lives, and all that you need to do is let the emotions flow while you watch them, accept them, and then offer love and compassion to yourselves. Nothing else is necessary. Seeking and identifying causes is a distraction that can seriously mislead you, and might lead you into judgment and resentment, which are at best very unhelpful, and at worst may even be damaging for you. As we keep telling you, the answer to every issue or problem is Love; and Love includes compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance. 

What apparently happened to cause you pain and suffering did not really happen. You are seemingly ensnared in a reality of betrayal and distrust, an unreal system of beliefs, and in the concomitant suffering that result from those beliefs. Dwelling on the injustices that you have experienced, or that loved ones or other innocents have undergone, only provides energy to maintain the illusion. Your aim is to dissolve it and Love is doing that through you when you choose to be loving. 

Remember, there is only NOW! Past and future are figments of the illusion that seem very real, because you are very powerful beings and you built a very convincing illusion. Now is the time, the moment to allow it to dissolve. To be momentarily humorous, try “Loving it to death!” Love will dissolve it and bring you all to awakening, your human destiny. 

YES, we keep on focusing on LOVE! And you know why. It is all that exists. You are all caught up in It, embraced by It, enfolded within It – It is unavoidable, although It can be denied or ignored. Now is the perfect moment to re-engage with It, so that you can find your way lovingly Home. You can delay as long as you choose, and to be unloving is to choose to delay. 

In the illusion, where punishment is often an unacknowledged or hidden threat, delaying tactics seem to make sense. In Reality, to delay makes no sense at all. There is only joy, joy in every moment, unending joy. And to experience that state is your inevitable destiny. 

You are all, everyone who has ever experienced human existence or whoever will, the infinitely loved children of God, and nothing that you have done or can conceive of doing will alter that. God’s Love for you is eternal and unchanging. There is nothing that you can do to change that – either to persuade Him to love you more or to convince Him to love you less – you are all His perfect children, infinitely lovable and infinitely loved, always! 

Knowing this, as at the depths of your being you do, why continue to delay your inevitable awakening? I would suggest to you that it is, because like the children of humans in the illusion, who have committed some transgression from the parental rules, you are afraid to wake up in the morning and “face the music” – parental anger or shaming. You hope by delaying that whatever it is you have done that is inexcusable will have been forgotten, or better still will not have been noticed, and so you will be able to slink away with your pride intact. However, the sense of guilt remains and continues to haunt you, often well into adulthood, and even into old age. 

You seriously need to remind yourselves that God, your ever-loving Father is, Himself, Love. Love is eternally unconditional, eternally accepting. It never judges, It never condemns, It never shames, and It never punishes – It loves and loves and loves, and you are the objects of Its Love! 

Let go of any sense of guilt or shame to which you may be holding on, as you try to be a better person. You are being a better person just by being aware of and investing in the desire and intent to be loving, always. What has happened is past, over. If there is some way of rectifying a past error that you believe you committed, and the thought of it still upsets you, then by all means make amends. But often it is not possible. Forgive yourself in the knowledge that you learnt a very important lesson, and that you will be far less likely to commit that or a similar transgression again. 

Your life purpose within the illusion is to awaken. That is all. To do that, you have to forgive and accept yourselves, and you do that by acknowledging what you know is true, namely that there is nothing that you have done or can do that will ever change your relationship with God. That your sense of shame and worthlessness is part of the illusion. Yes, you have been playing some rather unpleasant games – manipulation of others, abuse, murder, betrayal, genocide – but those games are unreal. 

Stop playing them and be loving at all times and in every situation. Then Love will fill your hearts, because by ceasing to play those games you have invited It in, and as It enters, you will realize that you are most firmly established on your path to awakening into your fully conscious state at One with God. 

With so very much love, Saul.

Παρασκευή, 21 Νοεμβρίου 2014

You will find that you are less and less distracted or affected by whatever is happening around you

Message from SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey for 21 November 2014 

Time marches on and you are now able to adapt to the faster pace it is running at, and still carry out the tasks that you have set yourselves. In the future you will find that it runs even faster and that you will go along with the changes. All that is happening is a part of the process that is going to propel you into the New Age. However, your re-action is often one of confusion, as so much is happening at any one time. Providing you keep focused on what you know to be the purpose of them, you will see within a pattern that will slowly emerge. It will indicate the direction in which you are going and take you along the pathway to the New Age. Nothing can now stop the progress that is being made, and it will bring success in lifting you up out of the lower vibrations. 

As the changes in the seasons become more pronounced, so it will become apparent to you that the extremes you experience are diminishing. Instead, there are now more acceptable conditions as you begin to move more easily from one season to another. It will result in changes within the plant and animal kingdoms as they also adjust. Indeed, such happenings are already being reported, and will continue until eventually the difference in the seasons will become much less pronounced. The oceans of the world are also being affected, and as they warm up so certain species of life will move to different areas that are suited to them. For example, sometimes you are experiencing dramatic changes in the much colder regions. Ice packs are melting at a much faster rate and it is known that over a period of time the sea levels will rise with the consequent changes. However, you do have advance warning of what the changes may entail, and have every opportunity to take suitable action. 

Prepare for the future well in advance and all areas of life will be able to cope with the changes. However, be prepared to accept that life cannot continue as it is, but if preparations are carried out well in advance, you will so to say “ride out the storm”. You have the advantage of being well informed about the nature of the changes, and can prepare in good time. There are also many advanced inventions and technologies that are yet to generally released, and these will also make life a lot easier to cope with. Believe us Dear Ones that we do not stand idly by without assisting you where possible, and we inspire and guide people so that their knowledge and expertise can help you through the changes. There are also the challenges of a nature that call for a more heads on approach, and we can assist you to cope with them. As you may already be aware, most of our work is carried out without your knowledge, but there will come a day when we can openly work with you. Those days are not so far away as you might imagine and we look forward to them. 

You were placed on Earth eons of time ago and given freewill to create your own future. That you have done, and when you look back, you may come to the conclusion that you have still not found complete peace and happiness. Indeed, your history is littered with incidents of war or threats of war, but at great cost in human life, and you have begun to realize the need to live peacefully together. You have experienced what happens when greed and avarice take over, and it gives little comfort to you, but the lessons are gradually bearing fruit. For those souls who still need more time to find the right path to peaceful co-existence, another cycle has begun, and they will have every opportunity to lift themselves up. 

You have lived through the illusion of material life, as it would be without the full energy of love to guide you. Yet the Light has still managed to come through to lessen the effect of the darkness created by those who only believe in self-aggrandizement. Some of your lives have been extremely hard, yet others have given you glimpses of the peace and happiness that lies beyond. Once you have tasted the true life, you will settle for nothing less, and the opportunity to do so is within your grasp. Already subtle changes are taking place that will open the doors to the future that awaits you. No lesser Beings will be able to spoil the happiness that it brings, as their place is in the lower vibrations that their lives are in harmony with. 

Knowing what awaits you in the future, should enable you to face it with calm assurance, and have no fear of the outcome. Be aware once again that the future is already known, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the speed of the changes. The dark Ones no longer “rule the roost” and they are creating their own future. Their influence is becoming less, as they no longer wield the power and authority they once had. So, do not be too concerned about their activities, as they are so bound up in their own little world, they no longer believe they can fail. However, they are meeting resistance and by the time they realize what is happening it will be too late to recover. 

So, please keep to a path that will carry you into levels of Light of the higher vibrations. As you do so, you will find that you are less and less distracted or affected by whatever is happening around you. You can so to say, let the world go by as you enjoy the peace within that you have created for yourselves. As much as you feel insulated from events happening around you, you can help others that are struggling with life. It will be test of how much you have gained and learnt from your times in the lower vibrations, and how you can apply yourself to the needs of the day. Sometimes all it requires to help lift up another soul, is a kind word or act that helps bring Light into their life. 

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and feel the growing excitement at the realization that changes are occurring that will bring the New Age into being for you. At last, you have reached the end of the cycle and it only remains for the old Age to be swept away, to make room for the new one that will bring you the most happy times and utter joy. 

Thank you SaLuSa. 

Mike Quinsey 

Website: Tree of the Golden Light