Δευτέρα, 30 Ιουνίου 2014

There is only One God of Absolute Love for all souls regardless of their color or beliefs

Message from SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey for 27 June 2014 

The changes continue to proceed as planned, and will bring about the anticipated changes that will bring you freedom from the activities of the dark Ones. Their power and control carries less weight and those who work for the Light are gaining more confidence as each day passes. So much good work is taking place and as it continues to spread, the dark Ones find that they are having less and less influence. It is you the people that carry the responsibility for spreading the Light, but we can assist where you have already made decisions to begin the process of change. Do not worry if at first progress appears to be slow, as momentous changes cannot be achieved overnight, and are more likely to be successful when care and attention are given. We oversee your work and at all times will do our best to guide you and ensure your success. More and more souls are awakening to their real selves and seeking more power to achieve their vision of permanent peace upon Earth. It will come and is already affecting decisions being made to prevent any future wars from taking place. 

The role of the Lightworker is to be inspired and bring more people to the realization that the future is taking shape, and the voices that have influence are no longer prepared to go along with those who advocate war to solve problems. At long last, it is being realized that war is futile and that there are no winners in the sense that all who are involved suffer loss of one kind or another. When you look back, you will realize that using war to achieve your aims is often short lived, and at last there is an understanding that peaceful negotiation is the only way to solve differences. As you will find out in due course, wars are often contrived to set one against another and neither benefit as a result. As time has passed, more and more people have tired of being used to settle differences, and now see that there are other ways which are far more acceptable. You are currently seeing the result of religious prejudice fuel the differences between some nations, and we wish we could get the message to them that you are all One. There is only One God of Absolute Love for all souls regardless of their color or beliefs. However, there will come a time when it will be accepted that you are One Race, with the same destiny and eternally loved by the One God of All. 

The elusive peace that you seek will first come to individuals who have accepted the Oneness of all Souls, and through them others will also follow. All knowledge is carried within, and those of you who feel particularly intuitive are able to measure the value and truthfulness of any message. However, there will still be those who totally rely on others to walk the path with them. For them it is part of their necessary experience and as they become more understanding of the truth of their real selves, they will gain the confidence to travel their own path. Often the changes are the result of many lives, whereby they have tested their own beliefs and have moved on where they have been found wanting. As you stand at this time, you represent the totality of your experience, and cannot help but be strongly influenced by it. However, there are times when you will incarnate with a stronger attachment to certain beliefs that will give you a specific experience that you need. In fact, you are much greater than you presently know, and whilst on Earth you play out each role you have undertaken, which can greatly vary from one incarnation to another. 

You may have wondered what our beliefs are based upon, and whether we have what you know as organized religion. The simple answer is that we are sufficiently understanding of the truth and the One God, that we live by example and realize that every other soul is either our brother or sister. Therefore, our love is extended to all souls, and even those of the darkness are seen as being exactly the same as all others. It must be so, as you have all come from the Source of All That Is, and undertaken your experiences so as to bring the truth to others. Where you are now, in the lower levels of vibration you cannot become fully ascended and remain in them, so of necessity you only incarnate with a vibration that allows you to experience as chosen. We will also point out that this is why you must respect what other souls have chosen to experience, as it is all of value and will help others to evolve. Some souls have elected to serve on Earth to help others, whilst the majority is traveling their paths as they work their way back to the higher dimensions. There is not, as you say, a “quick fix” and the only positive way to evolve is through personal experience, although you can also learn from others who have gone before you. 

Mother Earth is also taking part in the changes, and these are of a grand scale to prepare for those that will change the very surface of the Earth. Of necessity, there will be unavoidable upheaval in some places, but you rest assured that every caution will be taken to avoid loss of life. Some are inevitable, but there are also souls that have expressed a desire to leave the Earth. It may sound strange or unlikely that souls would choose to leave in such a way, but release from the physical body is instantaneous. Any trauma associated with such an experience is soon overcome and forgotten. Death as such is painless, but is often thought differently and this is usually due to an accompanying illness. Understanding the truth of such an experience, as death prevents what is otherwise looked upon by many as a traumatic time in your life. Be assured that as soon as you pass over, your loved ones will be there to greet you and make you welcome. Perhaps the most welcome surprise is that you are “whole” again and through the power of thought can also become a young person again, full of health and without any of the problems you may have had whilst on Earth. 

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and have today touched upon life in the higher dimensions, which is far removed from what you have experienced upon Earth. Can you imagine an existence where, within certain limitations, you can “think” things into existence, therefore money is not needed. That is perhaps the most significant change, although as mentioned above, the prospect of permanent good health must be music to the ears of those who have had a life of ill health. You have so much to look forward to, so do your best while still on Earth. I leave you with my love and blessings. 

Thank you SaLuSa 

Mike Quinsey.

Τετάρτη, 25 Ιουνίου 2014

A great prosperity and a great shift in this reality are upon you

Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy for 24 June 2014

5 Oc, 13 Kayab, 10 Caban 

Selamat Balik! We come to you on this date with good news! The dark's network of minions is facing defeat. The Light has come to the conclusion that it is unwise to permit these scoundrels to continue. The governments that these minions occupy are totally dedicated to preventing the dark's nefarious financial dealings from ever failing. Hence, it is most wise to oust these drones from power. The key to this is the new financial system, which has only been partially revealed. This new monetary program is to end fiat monies and obliterate those central banks which strongly support this worthless system. In addition, the new precious metal-backed monies are to usher in the reasons for declaring NESARA in North America and GESARA throughout this globe. The new government is to be a temporary one. Its purpose is to set the stage for a globe filled with numerous de jure governments whose prime convention is serve their people and pave the way for a global prosperity. These governments are also to release technologies which are to clean your waters, air and ground of the pestilence produced by the destructive industries of the dark. 

These governments are to allow the Ascended Masters to directly address you and permit the decades-long UFO cover-up to cease. We look forward to being able to address you and prepare you for First Contact. This realm has been for too long lied to about its true origins and your true ancestry. You are Beings who are descended from colonists sent nearly 900,000 years ago to Gaia for one overriding reason~~to act as Gaia's guardian and, along with the Cetaceans, to keep Gaia's diverse ecosystems flourishing. This prime purpose is one which you are to take on again, and use your grand abilities to maintain this living orb and her many and unique life forms. Moreover, you are to forge a grand Star Nation filled with wondrous life forms and truly amazing environments. You are to discover the secrets behind how this living solar system was created, and to use this wisdom to produce wonders and miracles, to be a foundation for a permanent galactic peace and for the final transformation of the Anchara continuum to the Light. 

Indeed, First Contact is a great dividing point for your society. Before, you were a group of limited conscious Beings who were led by a dark global alliance. This cabal is now to be replaced. In its stead a contact is to arrive and push you to the very edge of a transformation as to how you view yourselves, your world, and even how you spiritually conceive your origins. This grand watershed is to be the point where you confront your beliefs and begin to accept radically new ones. In this interregnum you are to meet us and discover how you came to be. All of this is merely preliminary to what is to happen when you slide into your Light Chamber. At that point, you are to meet your True Self and unlock your ability to swiftly return to Full Consciousness in just three days time. The task of our mentors is to arrive, meet with you and take you on an inner journey, which leads to the magic moment when you attain Full Consciousness. Their task is then to teach you the etiquette required to successfully navigate this new fully conscious reality. 

As fully conscious Beings, you gladly take on the various points of Gaia's divine stewardship. These responsibilities are delineated in numerous life contracts, which each of you agreed to when you originally migrated to this beautiful blue orb. These spiritual documents are to be discovered when you can freely navigate your Akashic Records. In this light, you are to dedicate your divine service to maintain and preserve each aspect of a reintegrated and fully conscious Mother Earth. In this sacred task, you are to be joyously joined by your Agarthan and Cetacean brethren. This divine union is also to join with others in this solar system to forge a new Star Nation. This Star Nation is to be a reflection of the very divine nature of Gaia. You are then to receive honoring and special tasks to complete the transformation of this Galaxy to the Light. You are to be blessed by all of us and to become a grand center for various conferences. These conferences are to include Beings from across this sector of physicality. You indeed possess a most glorious destiny!!! 

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Spirit has moved upon the Earth and brought to us a most amazing gift! This sacred gift is your freedom and a divine prosperity, which enables you to begin your final quest. This quest leads to Full Consciousness, a sublime state that allows you to reconnect totally with your spiritual family. There is much for you to learn. Spirit has forged a moment when you are to discover how all the evidence you have amassed fits together. We are shortly to give you a foundation to better understand what Spirit is to tell you. This foundation is to renovate your conceptions about life and to ready you for what Heaven is so graciously to give you. Even now, Heaven is assembling its evidence and preparing to present many wondrous things to you. These things go beyond the blessings of the Angels. They go to the highest places in AEON. You are blessedly special and hence are to be given some magnificent decrees to smooth your path to success! 

As you look at the dispensations given you, recall this one blessing: "Go my children, and be the ones to return this precious Earth to her former state of Glory." You are here to reform the Earth and give her reason for a grand "makeover." This is something which is profound and blessed. Take this dispensation and ready yourselves for divine service. The Creator speaks and sends you means to become whole again. Rejoice in this and know it is your fate to become again a physical Angel. Your seemingly endless years of wandering this Earth as a tool of the dark are over! Spirit desires for you to become spiritually aware and able to understand who you are and why you are here. This knowledge is the key to understand why the dark has lost its hold over you. You, Blessed children, are the reason behind a massive rebirth of this Earth, and you, one of her most blessed subjects, are ready to transition into Full Consciousness! 

Full Consciousness is something the dark disguised. Atlantean priests and priestesses stole it from you, as a way to produce a willing slave race for their dark masters. That which was so surreptitiously taken from you is now to be returned. This one process is to rejoin Mother Earth into a unified whole and use this orb to alter and recolonize the four water planets of this solar system. This grand blessing by the Elohim is to allow you to become the guardians of a most splendid Star Nation. Our supervision is blessedly to guide you in making this come about. Your divine destiny is tied inextricably to ours. We were given this divine state of immortal joy only to act as your ardent wayshowers. In this, we are here to permit you to grow in consciousness and assist your fellows in the grand overthrow of the dark and its vile agendas. So, be wise, be strong and be prepared for what is now happening! 

Today is yet another example of our messages to you. Remain ready and prepared to do what is spiritually necessary for your freedom. A great prosperity and a great shift in this reality are upon you. Your spiritual and space families are here, and liberation is to be proclaimed throughout this realm. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Δευτέρα, 23 Ιουνίου 2014

Creating a Matrix for Sacred Life

Message from Archangel Gabriel by Shanta Gabriel 

Dear Ones, your soul volunteered to be here during this pivotal time to act as a bridge between Heaven and Earth. You are here to bring Spirit into matter, to be the Divine Human that acts as a Light Bearer for awakening consciousness. It is incumbent upon you, therefore, to bring your spirituality into every area of your life in full unity and recognize that all is a part of God. When you do this, your presence becomes a blessing and all that you are brings more Harmony into the world. 

In this time of new beginnings you have been given a great gift ~ a blank slate to work with, so you can create your new life in 2014 and beyond. There is a magical quality to this place of the unseen, unknown future. Having released all that you were in the past, you might be feeling empty and uncertain. For some it is very uncomfortable, yet recognize that this is a very sacred place to be. 

You stand at the apex of awakening consciousness, and blessings are being showered upon you from Source energy, enabling you to work very closely with your Soul’s guidance system. This is important to know, because your intuition is becoming very clear and you can trust yourself in a new way. The Angelic Dimensions have seeded the consciousness of humanity with a powerful, loving force of intention to bring the highest frequencies into daily life in pure harmonic, cohesive balance. 

A Sacred Vessel is a Gift ~ especially when it is empty 

You can bring this powerful balancing aspect into every area of your life. Recognize that you are being offered this blank slate as a developing form to assist you in creating a new foundation for your life. You are being offered a Divine living substance that awaits your command. The form you are developing is like your sacred matrix for manifestation. It is in this vessel that you place your dreams, your intentions and your highest visions for your life and all life on Earth. The beauty of this gift from God is that it is actually empty. All patterns of the past have been released, and you are in the process of clearing the last vestiges of energies that do not serve you nor resonate with the new frequencies. 

Imagine that this form is becoming a sacred chalice in which you will co-create everything that you are ready to receive. This matrix will hold the light frequencies you need for manifestation of your powerful intentions. You are filling this vessel now with each thought and emotion that you focus on. This may not be good news for some who are still focused on all that is not working and that which seems to be missing from life. Your attention to these low-frequency details are part of your creation mythology and will not bring to you the sense of Well-being and Happiness you desire. 

When you look at your sacred vessel and complain because it is empty, you are missing the gift that is being offered to you from a Benevolent Universe who wants you to be happy. This is a Sacred Chalice to hold your unformed life, open and ready for you to bring your prayers for the fulfillment of your Soul’s Destiny. 

Increased Levels of Sensitivity 

As you move into 2014, your sensitivity levels will increase. This could feel very uncomfortable depending upon the energies you are involved with. Your interaction with different types of people, electronics, and sounds could have you feeling very jumpy and brittle, perhaps stimulating new decisions on where and with whom you spend your time. The idea of becoming a hermit may seem ever more attractive, as you learn to feel more safe in a body that is vibrating at higher 5D frequencies. 

On the other hand, you may find yourself being able to merge and be comfortable in Nature in a new way that allows you to feel fulfilled and happy. The activities of the lower chakras are going to demand that you become more attuned to their needs and requirements. Activities such as creation of a spiritual practice to help you focus on your breath and a consciously-grounded connection to Earth energy will assist you to be more present with your feelings, and the impulses of your heart’s guidance system. 

You will feel a call to take better care of your physical body using higher-frequency food and exercise that increases your physical balance. Your emotional body is being encouraged to live in more neutrality and equilibrium, so your nervous system can adjust to the new frequencies more readily. Your mental body is being inspired to true, authentic wisdom, as your brain cells become activated with full-spectrum light. Do not make it more difficult by over-thinking the process. It has been set in motion by your soul’s response to the high frequencies now available, and your heart will provide the intelligence you need as you learn to thrive in 5D. 

Bringing Spirit into Matter 

You can become the Sacred Chalice, ready to receive the new patterns of Wholeness, Truth and Oneness. It does you no good to kick the vessel and complain that it is empty, just because you do not see the evidence of that which you want to manifest. This empty vessel is a Divine gift from God. It is your work now to fill this matrix and energize your life with the harmonic frequencies containing the magical substance offered by the Divine for manifesting your Soul’s Destiny on Earth. 

You have this precious time between now and the March Equinox to prepare yourself and fill your vessel with the power of your intentions, so full movement into manifestation can occur after the Equinox. When you are prepared, you can step into magic. 

You have so much assistance and the prayers of your heart are being heard. Keep your prayers high to honor the gifts available to you in this pivotal time on Earth. 

Divine Presence, 

Thank you for blessing me with this holy vessel to fill with my deepest longings and heartfelt desires. Help me to recognize the gifts being offered to me and turn my attention to that which I want to see manifest in this time before Equinox. I ask that my Higher Self gently remind me of those dreams that are ready to come forward in my life at this time. 

Please bring me the assistance I require to fill my life with more Beauty and a sense of accomplishment. Allow me to make friends with the Guidance System that inspires my Higher Self and brings fulfillment of my Soul’s purpose. Remind me to be attentive and alert to the inspiration that is pouring through me in every moment.

I ask that Divine Light fill my being and raise my vibrational frequencies, so I may listen with a fuller awareness. Fill my heart with Divine Love, so that I may regenerate this love throughout my human form and radiate love into the world through my being. I am so willing to fulfill the impulses of my heart and co-create with the Divine a new way of being that blesses the Earth with all that I am. Help me bring the fullness of my most authentic self forward into the present moment. Let me use my new-found freedom to create miracles in powerfully conscious ways that serve all of life on Earth at this time. 

May all beings recognize the Divine Love filling our hearts in every moment, and may I be a radiant instrument of your Peace-filled Presence. Thank you God, and so it is. 

Shanta Gabriel 

For Archangel Gabriel  

January 22, 2014  


Κυριακή, 22 Ιουνίου 2014

It is a most exciting time to be a part of and here you are, poised for take-off!

Weekly Message from Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff for June 22-29, 2014 

Beloved Ones, there has been a great influx of the energy of love and compassion which has been directed from the hearts of many lightworkers around the world, as they joined together in unity to bring about beneficent changes in the monetary systems of the Earth and within the hearts of humanity, and this energy has been magnified by the ascended realms as requested by many. As mentioned before, the changes occurring on Earth are wrought in peaceful ways that carry the higher vibrational impact in a vision that includes the intent that the changes must be for the highest good of all. The impetus of this activity will now filter down to effect changes within the hearts of those who have long controlled the world’s systems in a self serving way. When many are gathered together with focused intent for the highest good of all, there is nothing that can long delay the desired outcome. 

The creation of a new world is being intended by those who carry the spark of the Creator strongly within their hearts. These ones are remembering that this is a part of the mission they came to implement in voluntary service to the Divine Plan. They are realizing that change begins with their input and that they must take peaceful and loving action personally in order to bring these changes into manifestation. They understand that appearances as they play out are not what really are and they maintain their higher vision. The qualities of faith, hope and determination can move mountains and this will become more noticeable as the events envisioned come into manifestation in the everyday life of humanity. We of the ascended realms bow to all who work together in unity in these ways and encourage more efforts such as these to take place with regularity. 

The Goddess energy is permeating the atmosphere of Earth and all her inhabitants and this will affect humanity in surprising ways that will uplift the hearts of the majority of people on the planet. As greater balance of the divine feminine and masculine energies takes place within each soul, there will be balance in their outer world as well. The intent and desire to live in a peaceful and prosperous world will come into fruition for humanity. This vision is required to be maintained and affirmed each day by all who understand the power that they wield by such activity. Let them also understand that they do not stand alone in this effort; that many unseen forces are assisting and encouraging this work to continue. It is the inner thought processes of humanity that meld together to create their reality and when more people realize this, the changes to their world will be phenomenal. It is most important to join minds to recreate a new type of civilization that will serve all upon the planet. 

As more people become governed by spirit, they begin to release and let go of all that has been holding them back from pursuing their dreams with passion. Their desires will be in alignment with their soul’s natural inclinations and they will begin to move into their best role in the new world that is being created. Each person will live each day by following their natural passions and that which brings them joy and this will help in creating a synchronistic and harmonious lifestyle for each. There are as many paths to the new world as there are souls upon it and all are needed in their communities as these come into manifestation. They must be open to sharing with others and helping each other share their particular gifts as each is needed to contribute in the best way for all. 

As people in the new world are unfolding their inner capabilities, they are beginning to have a greater ability to discern the intentions of others and are able to more easily deflect these frequencies and energies from interfering with the direction they have set for themselves and their world. Keeping focus on their higher aspirations will ensure that only those who are in tune with their intentions can influence them and many there are who awakening to the knowledge that they do not need governance by any external force, as long as they follow their own soul’s path. Each person is being guided to the highest contribution they can give to the collective of humanity to create a new and rewarding life for all humankind. The possibility of creating something beyond what has been dreamed of is now upon the people of Earth. It is a most exciting time to be a part of and here you are, poised for take-off! 

Until next week… 

I AM Hilarion 

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Παρασκευή, 20 Ιουνίου 2014

From here on you will rise up more rapidly and life will become a pleasure

Message from SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey for 20 June 2014 

I greet you again and note that so many more of you are awakening to the increase in vibrations. They are gradually introducing you to the new levels that are being established as you enter deeper into the Photon Belt. The result is that you are experiencing heightened senses of what is going on around you, and beginning to understand the Oneness in which you exist. Gone are the times when you felt alone and isolated, and now you can appreciate and feel the higher energies that are very uplifting. Furthermore, your levels of consciousness are expanding, and with it comes a greater understanding of higher levels of existence. You are lifting up and being carried along by the higher vibrations, and those souls who have progressed at a slower rate are finding it hard to keep up. However, as we have intimated previously, there will be a dividing of the ways and that will place souls at a level that suits them to enable the continuing progress of their evolution. 

The fact is Dear Ones, that where your evolution is concerned you cannot stand still. There is also a driving force within you that subconsciously seeks expression, and you will always seek higher and higher levels of consciousness. As you progress back to the Light, the journey becomes much easier and your goals more clearly defined. With you are other souls that also follow the same path and you become a unit of consciousness where you all become the One, yet you retain your own level and individuality. You will always be drawn to souls who have a similar vibration to your own, making evolution a most satisfying achievement. However, at your present stage you are still so to say, finding your feet and seeking out the path that fulfils your needs. Your destiny and success are assured, but you still have a long way to go on your spiritual journey back to the Godhead. 

As we see it, the present time is most exciting for you, as at long last you are lifting up out of the lower vibrations, having surmounted the many challenges that have faced you. It has been a journey that has at times sorely tested you, but you have a driving force with you that keeps you pushing forwards at all times. You have now reached a stage when by comparison it will become a lot easier to progress, and you will not be challenged at every turn by the lower vibrations. In fact, you will notice how much easier life moves along in harmony with your desires and is more fulfilling. So, you can release any attachment to the vibrations that no longer serve your purpose. From here on you will rise up more rapidly and life will become a pleasure, providing you do not maintain your past links with situations that have proved to be of a negative nature. You are progressing to a point when you will break your associations with anything less than the Light, as they no longer serve your true purpose. 

To some of you the tasks ahead may sound frightening, but bear in mind that there is always help not far away if you need assistance. Indeed, there are unlimited sources of help and there is no situation that cannot be overcome. Your progress is followed at all times by those souls that dwell in the higher dimensions, and particularly at this time, because your success is also important to their evolution. Every soul has numerous helpers that cover each stage of your evolution, as if you were to fail, the delay would put back their evolution, but have no fear as your future success is assured. Also do not be concerned about other souls that you may know, as all of you will find your exact level quite automatically and there cannot be any mistakes in this respect. 

Every living thing whether animate or inanimate is progressing and evolving however slowly, and you are what you might say, the centre piece that is evolving very quickly. It is probably a good time to remind you that you came to Earth by dropping down through the various levels. So, as you rise up again, you are in fact returning to levels that you were once present in before this particular time. Life is all about experiences, and once you rise up out of the lower dimensions, you will have more say in where your future incarnations take you. 

Life abounds everywhere in the Universe, and whilst on Earth you have been “isolated” for your protection to prevent interference with your evolution. It is true that certain ET species have been allowed to contact you over many centuries, but their presence has been monitored and carefully followed. They have been allowed to alter your future by their actions, but only to give you experiences that have assisted your evolution. As you will learn in the not too distant future, you have in fact been held back from truly evolving by the dark Ones. You have been prevented from advancing further into the true Space Age, by not being allowed to benefit from progress denied you by those who have kept it for themselves. However, once they are out of the way, we can openly meet you and your evolution will take a giant step forwards. 

We hope you understand the full implications of the period you are in, and if you can stand aside and let events progress as needed, you will be much better for it. Naturally some of you are unavoidably drawn into the issues of the day, and if so, simply make allowances for what needs to take place to bring you fully into the New Age. Your responsibilities in the End Times may be already be known to you, but if not, by finding a quiet period and going “inside” yourself, as you do for meditation, you should be able to come to the realization of what it is. If not, simply keep an open mind and be prepared for something new to come your way. Certainly most Lightworkers will be called upon to do their bit to bring the changes into being. Every little helps to form the larger picture which will become apparent in a relatively short time. 

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and enjoy these times when we can use our influence to prepare you for the New Age that you have recently entered. You will benefit from having experienced the changes and in fact are privileged to be present on Earth at such a time. The best is still to come, whilst the present period is somewhat volatile, because of the changes. 

Thank you SaLuSa. 

Mike Quinsey.

Πέμπτη, 19 Ιουνίου 2014

Experiencing a very temporary and illusory embodied life

Message from Saul via John Smallman for 14 June 2014

In the spiritual realms we can clearly hear you calling for your awakening to happen, now!  And, like you, we also look forward most enthusiastically to its imminent and inevitable arrival.  No doubt to many of you it seems to be forever coming but never arriving, but its apparent non-arrival is just part of the illusory environment in which you are experiencing your human existence.  Yet to know that is not much comfort when it seems that you have to keep on experiencing all the problems and suffering in which the illusion immerses you. 

Today I will attempt to raise your spirits as you continue to hold your Light on high, and as you continue to hold the extremely powerful intent for humanity to awaken from its seemingly endless and frequently very painful dream. Your awakening is assured. In fact, it has already happened. You just continue to remain unaware because you have become so attached to the bodily life as humans that you experience in the illusion. 

This human life seems very real, and many of you have a deep underlying fear that without your human bodies you will cease to exist.  And fear of death is endemic on the planet because it seems so final, so terminal.  Very few have an adequate awareness of the reality of the spiritual realms that would convince them reassuringly that life is eternal, and that human death is just the laying down of a vehicle that has served you well, but that is no longer needed. 

In fact, through the eons, most humans have become extremely attached to the apparent reality of their bodies and are effectively in denial of the whole of Reality that awaits your joyful rediscovery of It when you awaken. 

Yes, many claim to be of a particular religious persuasion, to believe in God, to embrace spiritual beliefs, and to believe in life after death, but mostly they do not live as though those beliefs were of any great importance or significance.  Generally this is because the illusion that you collectively built and maintain seems far more real and relevant to them than the prospect of eternal life in what appears to be an unforeseeable and hopefully very distant future. The illusion remains alluring and enticing for the majority of humans, as they keep hoping to establish a better life for themselves within it, and the thought of death is not appealing. 

You, the wayshowers and Light bearers, are on Earth to help bring remembrance of the truth and knowledge of your spiritual origins, and therefore of your eternal spiritual destiny, to all with whom you interact during this earthly lifetime. All humans know, at the center of their being, their heart, their soul, that they are inseparable aspects of God experiencing a very temporary and illusory embodied life in order to partake in and share lessons that they have, with much wisdom and spiritual guidance, collectively chosen to undergo.  However, the result of accepting that challenge, and it is indeed a challenge, is that they are on Earth with only minimal access to memories of their true nature. 

To live as humans with full knowledge of your true nature as divine beings, inseparable from your Source, would be impossible, because the nature of humanity is separation and your divine nature is Oneness. Oneness is all that exists, separation is an illusion, and therefore to be human is to be enfolded in an illusory or non existent state.  While living as humans, and experiencing the state of separation that that entails, it is extremely difficult for you to grasp and understand the fact that human life is illusory.  It is far too threatening a concept for your limited minds to attempt to understand and make sense of. Consequently you are forever seeking more satisfaction in your earthly lives, but never finding it. There can be no satisfaction in your earthly lives except to discover that they are unreal and that you are divine and eternal beings temporarily lost in the fog that is the illusion which is shortly to disperse. And you cannot fail to make that rewarding discovery. 

By going within and persisting in your search for inner peace, you can and will dispel the illusion, but it is vital that while doing so, you do not allow yourselves to be constantly distracted by worldly worries.  So often people attempt to meditate or go within and find peace, but because the distractions of their daily human lives keep intruding on that inner space with demands that appear to require instant attention, they find themselves unable to persist. The demands of your human lives can be very intense, personal, and divisive, so it seems that not only are you the only one who can deal with them, but also that you must deal with them, preferably right now. 

However, if you look back over your lives you can clearly see many things, that had enormous importance at the time, were in fact of no real consequence.  Hindsight is very revealing in that it demonstrates time and time again that your priorities were frequently misplaced. Remind yourselves of this, when the “shoulds” on your to-do lists become overwhelming, and make a point of deleting the majority of them. 

Your true priorities are to honor yourselves by giving yourselves quiet time daily to be at peace, then during that time to open yourselves to receive and feel the Love that envelops you in every moment, and then to share that Love with everyone with whom you interact. Doing that is the most inspiring and uplifting thing that you can do for yourselves, and you will be rewarded by the improvements that occur in all your relationships, including your relationship with yourselves. 

When you take that time out daily and go within, the first thing “to do!” is to restate your intention to feel the Love that envelops you, then remind yourselves that you are worthy of that Love, and that to experience It is your right and God’s Will for you. Then clear your mind as best you can of extraneous thoughts and worries and expect to feel God’s Love for you. Even the smallest increase in sensitivity to inner peace that you experience is God’s Love embracing you, so open to It and allow It to intensify. This is your moment to relax into your true nature at one with Him. The moment will not last, but you will never forget it, and so you will know that God’s Love is there for you, always. This gives you the strength, the determination, and the enthusiasm to continue bearing your Light on high as you move ever closer to the moment of humanity’s inevitable awakening. 

With so very much love, Saul.

Τετάρτη, 18 Ιουνίου 2014

You are on the verge of your next step in consciousness

Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy for 17 June 2014 

11 Akbal, 6 Kayab, 10 Caban 

Selamat Jalwa! (Be In Everlasting Joy) We come with many good things to tell you! The Ancient families and their alliances have reached a point where it becomes possible to see that the lengthy road of despair and frustration you have long ridden is coming to its predicted end. The dark cabal is well aware of this. Nevertheless, these rogues of disaster continue to find ways to delay your blessings ever so slightly. Those in charge of the growing common law network, along with their legal associates, understand precisely what is left to be completed before major arrests begin. Our liaisons report how close they are to commence the final arrest operations. NESARA requires that these final events be done in a correct and swift manner. We are seeing just how well these legal teams have trained and positioned themselves for their final victories. Across your globe, others who have joined these alliances are likewise poised to fulfill their sacred obligations. The dark ones accept the inevitable and yet somehow wish to avoid this whole predicament. The time approaches for the dark's endgame; for mass arrests and the rise of new governance. 

The ousting of the dark and its numerous minions from power is to free you and permit a great prosperity to manifest. It is also to lead to the end of the so-called "UFO cover- up." These grand events are finally to allow us to appear in your skies in grand numbers and immediately solve a series of growing environmental catastrophes. The most important of these is the nuclear fallout from the Fukushima reactors meltdown. We are to sweep your skies, your seas and land from a nuclear disaster. In addition, we intend to set the conditions that can start to reverse a growing pandemic of nuclear sickness. This can spread worldwide and cause irreparable damage to your oceans. There is yet another disaster caused by the massive amounts of plastic waste in your oceans. We can turn this into an organic fertilizer that can instead nourish your oceans and repair much of the damage caused by your massive overfishing of the seas. This process can also lead to a lowering of the seismic anomalies created by the dark's many Earth-shaking adventures. 

They were literally willing to destroy their own nations in order to drastically lower populations and declare resulting martial law. This is not to be allowed. The divine plan puts your society in the Light and proclaims your eventual return to full consciousness. We have been watching you for 13 millennia as the Anunnaki and their sinister minions orchestrated a number of "Golden Ages" which were each followed by a cataclysm engineered by the dark. These scalawags deeply wished to turn you into an advanced slave race whose sole purpose was to serve them. They also wished to engender disconnected or improperly sequenced DNA that can prevent your return to full consciousness. This is now an impossibility. We are assisting our Earth allies to finish what remains as swiftly as is possible. Hence, this is to happen very quickly. Enough elements are already in place to achieve these required goals. What is truly left is the right divine time for these events to manifest. Heaven dearly wishes to transform this reality and forge a new epoch for each one of you! 

The present time is now to be transformed into a prosperous, peaceful transition. We are to supervise this last stage and to transport you to where the sacral Light Chamber is located. In this place you are to complete your transformation, take the wondrous information given by your Ascended Masters and use it to forge a new reality. Physics and science on your world are only beginning to sense how this new realm is to happen. Some of them have seen how large starships can quickly cross this galaxy. These Light ships have the ability to travel through time and go to any dimension. You are to learn much. This new wisdom is to shape you, and with it you are to graciously forge a new star nation. This new land is to be the foundation for your travels and your coming great deeds. Legends are to be made and many great tales told of what you are to do to transform not only this galaxy, but also all of physicality. We stand ready to welcome you again into the fold as fellow galactic humans in divine service to the Light and the unfolding of the Divine Plan! 

Namaste! We are Your Ascended Masters! We arrive with news about what the Light is blessedly doing to manifest a new, free and prosperous reality for you. Our various associates are now busily finishing a number of preliminary tasks, which are to lead to a grand victory for the Light. The first point is the production of a new financial system for this world. This project is ready to go and has been linked to the bringing forth of a NESARA governance in North America. Those involved with replacing the current defacto American government are nearly ready to manifest this project. Thus, you stand on the brink of a new epoch for humanity. We have also devoted much of our spiritual resources to creating the energies which can safely bring all of this to a swift fruition. The dark ones can feel this Light shield rising around this planet and they are unable to prevent it from manifesting. Look for wonderful events to begin to appear everywhere. 

At present, we are most joyous that many of you are creating energies in group meditations, which have assisted us in forging these mighty shields of Light around this realm. Blessings of joy and welcome to every one of you who, in your own way, has assisted us in this endeavor. It is truly marvelous to have you share in making these energies strong. And it is evident how each of you desires to be free of the bondage first imposed by the dark on your ancestors nearly 13 millennia ago. This dark energy is now quickly dissipating. It is a spiritual harbinger for what is now to happen globally. Bless you for your assistance and your great commitment to freedom, Gaia and to full consciousness. Each of us is grateful and in true joy. You have indeed shown us how the Creator's grace produced a reality prepared to be free. This reality can truly welcome its spiritual ancestors from across this Galaxy. 

You are on the verge of your next step in consciousness. You have let in the Light and been blessed in this by Heaven. You are prepared to take up the cudgel we have given you. The resources exist to produce the final transitional reality, which can span the gap between your old dark realm and the new one that is at the very edge of full consciousness. This rise in capability happens as you are tweaked by the energies constantly enveloping you from your heavenly hosts. We rejoice that the charges given us by Heaven are doing such good work. You are pushing the dark off its pedestal and setting in its place a process which is bringing you the way to manifest your wondrous full potential. We bless these developments and ask for constant healing and mercy from the divine. This had been granted. The time to celebrate now approaches. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! 

Today, we carried forth with our message. We thank you for your assistance and your support of Heaven's changes. These are to bring you a new epoch of joy, freedom and prosperity. We come to welcome back those who have been through the crushing effects of limited consciousness. You are now to forge an awesome galactic peace! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Δευτέρα, 16 Ιουνίου 2014

You are in the midst of the greatest metamorphosis that humanity, the Earth and all her kingdoms have ever experienced

Weekly Message from Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff for June 15-22, 2014 

Beloved Ones, there are many who are feeling uplifted and inspired in one moment and in another, find themselves feeling energetically depleted, tired, sleepy, irritable or downright angry. This can happen even though you had the best of intentions to remain balanced and in equilibrium. During these times, it is best to immediately forgive yourselves and replace the disempowering feelings and thoughts with ones that uplift, inspire and remind you that you are in the midst of the greatest metamorphosis that humanity, the Earth and all her kingdoms have ever experienced and that you have chosen to be a part of it. These are the times when adaptability and greater flexibility are required and most important of all, a greater kindness to self. Observe your inner dialogues and begin to change the harsh judgments that you carry towards yourselves. You are all much kinder to others than you are to yourselves. Become your own best friend, one who is always supportive, nurturing and unconditionally loving. This is what you give to others, why not to yourselves? 

An individual is not being selfish by honoring themselves first, for without a healthy love and acceptance of self, you cannot truly serve others. When you are happy and feeling positive about your own shining qualities, it is much easier to recognize the same qualities within others. When events in your lives seem to become overwhelming and hard to deal with in an enlightened manner, that is the very time to stop and take a timeout to do something that brings a smile to your face and laughter within your soul. Do not take yourselves or the situation so seriously, for you know, if you stop to take a moment, that you are an individual who is always doing the very best that you can in every instance. Avoid self- recriminations and self-flagellations, for these habits keep you on a disempowering path. This is something only you can do for yourself and it is an important consideration to keep in mind. Spending quality moments connecting to the true essence of your being helps to reenergize and recharge your entire human auric field in a positive and beneficial way. 

It is important to pave the way for new habits and new ways of inter-relating with others that constantly focus on all your good qualities. This is your true essence and the truth of who you are! Give yourselves a chance to shine your beautiful light in those situations that used to steal your divine power from you by the habit of berating yourselves for perceived infractions that in all likelihood are not as bad as you seem to think. Love your selves – your human self and your Divine Self, for you are a wonderful integration of both. You came to this planet for this very reason and as you do this, it enables and empowers others to accept and integrate all aspects of their selves also. 

If you are finding yourselves feeling stuck and unable to move forward, consider beginning a new project, taking a class of instruction in something you have always wanted to learn or even rearranging the furniture in several rooms in your home. Sometimes this instills the feeling of renewed energy and you will find your creative force flowing with inspiration and manifestation. Have faith and trust in spirit and follow through on the guidance and promptings you receive, for you are being guided to help you move into the perfect place on the path you have chosen. Have faith in your own abilities, the choices you make, in the guidance of your heart; have faith in yourself. Any energy you use for this purpose is energy well implemented, for you are worth it! 

We remind you that we of the luminous world are ever with you and always by your side. You are loved and cared for. And it is your love, your caring, that this world so deeply needs. Your love holds healing potential, not only for yourselves but a great many people in your sphere of influence. Claim your power, stand tall, claim the magnificent life you have come here to live. YOU are a powerful, magnificent and incredible soul. It is time to let that truth come into your sphere of influence. 

Until next week… 

I AM Hilarion 

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tarn-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Κυριακή, 15 Ιουνίου 2014

Look for more and more indicators for the New Earth experience

Message from Archangel Michael 

Greetings Beloved Ones. We send you blessings of Love and Joy, in this now moment, and we invite you to open your heart-space for this message... 

Yet again, you have moved to the next level on your journey to the New Earth. 

As you go about your day, begin to look for more and more indicators for the New Earth experience. Perhaps, a piece of information about a new discovery on the internet or a friend or family member reveals his/her spiritual growth to you. May it be on a small or a large scale. Things are moving into a new direction. It all depends what you wish to pay attention to. 

Unpleasant experiences are just as available to you as pleasant experiences. As you are interacting with any drama or uncomfortable experience, ask yourself the following question:  "Is this a reality I wish to participate in, or do I wish to participate in a better reality?" Then, feel the energies shift and your mind will begin to look for thoughts of a "better reality." 

Your reality is fluid and you are in control of the way your reality will shape itself into the representation of your inner world. You are a physical extension of Source and your awareness to the Source within you, will be reflected in your reality. Feel the power of these words and let your new reality begin! 

So be it. 

You are loved beyond your knowing and I'm always here for you. 

I am Archangel Michael and I bring you this truth." 

Thank You, Archangel Michael! :-)

Σάββατο, 14 Ιουνίου 2014

Nothing happens by chance

Message from SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey for 13 June 2014 

We come to assure you that all proceeds well, but for reasons of security we cannot always reveal what is taking place. As we have done for some considerable time, we work mainly in the background, to fulfill our responsibilities to ensure that the Light spreads as intended. This means that we closely monitor the activities of the dark Ones, so as to ensure that their activities are not allowed to interfere with the positive changes that are taking place. At present, your world is going through a testing period of changes that are going to see an end of the dominance of the dark Ones. Some are taking place on a level that is obvious to you, but they also occur out of your sight and without your knowledge. Since time immemorial, we have accompanied you through your travels, although we have never interfered with your freewill decisions. However, we do use our influence to keep you on the Path of Light, as the End Times are to release you from the dictates of the dark Ones. 

These are indeed special times that you are privileged to be a part of and many have been chosen for their experience in similar situations. Souls from many different levels have volunteered to see you safely through the End Times. You will identify some by their service to the Light, but others will remain anonymous for the time being. The dark Ones would do their worst to stop any soul from carrying the Light forward, although we have to say that we are allowed to protect them. Understand that where circumstances demand a certain outcome such as for karmic reasons, we are naturally obliged to respect them.

Each of you has entered life with a specific plan that caters for your needs, and whether you work for the Light or otherwise makes no difference. Obviously, Lightworkers tend to take on far more responsibility and are chosen for their experience. It means that they often have a somewhat lonely life, but at the same time it gives great satisfaction. Souls who incarnate for development are given only as much as they can handle, and it specifically targets areas where they need to gain experience. Other souls that take an important role in your life are chosen for you, and you meet them as “arranged”, although it may well appear to be a random event. Nothing happens by chance, although you are often convinced that it is the case, without planning it would be impossible to ensure you experienced exactly what you needed to evolve. 

Families often stick together through many incarnations playing out different roles each time. It can explain why some families are so close together and have a very strong bond. Be assured that whoever enters your life, where it has any strong and lasting effect, is part of your life plan. If for example you choose to have a close relationship with a soul that is not part of your life plan, it will not develop into anything more serious. In such circumstances, you have two souls involved and beyond a friendly relationship, neither can go beyond that level of relationship. Naturally, in the course of your lifetime you have many friends that come and go, but they may not have any specific influence. 

Dear Ones, life is a mystery that requires much explanation, if you are to grasp the significance of it. Indeed, in some respects it is beyond your present understanding, but those who are advanced in their evolution understand sufficient to be able to make suitable progress. Also bear in mind your Guides are present to influence you in ways that keep you on track. You are never alone to face life’s tribulations, but your Guides need to receive your request for help, as otherwise it could go against your wishes. Once you understand what life and the need for experience is all about, you will find that it progresses more smoothly and greatly satisfying. Behind all happenings in your life, is your life plan and we repeat again that nothing happens by chance. Many people will enter your life to play their role in it, often to give you the experience you need only to move on afterwards. 

Trying to make sense of everything is an overwhelming task, but you will find that your understanding grows through personal experience. For different reasons souls have their own perspective of life and what they believe it is all about. In consequence, there may not be agreement about the reasons behind it, but that is to be expected in the circumstances. You are all on the same path, but at different points along it, although it may not be apparent to you. All paths eventually lead back to the Godhead, which is why it is unnecessary to try and impose your views or beliefs upon others. Let all experience as they see necessary, but in doing so try not to persuade others to follow another path. Soul’s progress through their personal experience and all will reach the end of their journey at the appropriate time. 

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and hope these messages help you understand that the lives you have been experiencing, are to guide you back to the levels of existence that are your real home.

Thank you SaLuSa, 

Mike Quinsey.

Παρασκευή, 13 Ιουνίου 2014

Give-Aways and Peak Experiences

by Misa at Awakening the Sacred Feminine 

A few days ago, I interviewed a dear friend and colleague, Chris Davis, as a Woman of Power and Spirit. You’ll be hearing her story soon. 

During the interview, she reminded me that I introduced her to the concept of “give- away” in spiritual practice some years ago. Give-away has a way of stimulating the spiritual journey. 

When you know it is time for you to share your gifts with the world in a new and more deeply meaningful way, you begin with your giveaway.

For example, before I was taught how to pour a sweat lodge, I was asked what I would be giving away. Before I was introduced to my husband and began our sacred work together, I knew there was something I needed to give away. Before I began offering spiritual counseling, I had something I needed to give away. Before I did my first vision quest, I had to make my give-away. 

The give-away can be a physical offering, or the release of a belief or attachment, and most often, it is both. Throughout my life I have given away almost all of my possessions more than once. I have given away my partnership with my beloved, my home, job, sums of money, and I have given away addictive substances like sugar. 

With each give-away, I was letting go of attachments to certain beliefs and fears in order to develop a greater trust in the Divine. In some cases, what I gave away came right back to me—like my beloved husband. 

Because I love my husband so much, he would be the hardest person to lose. He is the one I tend to cling to. More than once, I have been called to give-away an attachment to him. In the practice of give-away, I release him to his greater good, supporting him in what is best for him, all the while knowing the Divine will take care of me with or without him next to me. 

This doesn't mean we got divorced and remarried. It doesn't mean I left him or told him I was giving him up. It means, in prayer, I gave up all my attachments about how our lives had to be, so that his greater good could be served. I gave my fears to the Divine and stood naked before the Divine, humbled and ready to be of service; ready to accept whatever was right and best—to be with him, not to be with him, to be with him in a new way. 

You see, if we don’t do it consciously and willingly, it happens painfully. What we cling to gets ripped away from us. And we suffer in physical and/or emotional pain. 

What we are clinging to is most often what is getting in the way of our healing or spiritual rebirth. We are asking and praying for something new and wonderful to happen in our lives, but we aren't willing to let go of unconstructive habits, fears, limiting beliefs, or to make the changes that would allow us to fly. 

Our prayers get answered in the form of a painful loss, unless we meet our fears consciously and give-away whatever might be limiting us. What we are most afraid of losing is exactly what we will lose, unless we give it to the Divine consciously. After all, what we cling to belongs to the Divine anyway. So, when we make our give-away we are saying, “I am willing to let my ego step back, open to Divine wisdom, face my fears, and experience the brilliance of Divine Love unencumbered. 

When the give-away is sincere, the blessings are abundant. 

Give-away is on my mind these days, as I help a quester prepare to do her vision quest at SpiritQuest this August. I know that the depth of her spiritual opening is directly related to the significance of her give-away. 

And that will be true for everyone that comes to quest. Each person will be asked to give-away some attachment that no longer serves. As the attachment releases, the person’s spiritual gifts open in the most beautiful ways—through mystical moments—the peak experiences we pray for.