Τρίτη, 30 Σεπτεμβρίου 2014

Hold your light and stay in a space of peace, joy and happiness

Weekly Message from Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff for September 28-October 5, 2014 

Beloved Ones, 

As the world shifts to a higher dimension, for the most part it is not recognized by the world at large, only by those who are attuned to the energy influxes. It is the lighted ones, such as you, who hold and anchor the light on Earth. Many of you do not recognize the important role that you play in the unfolding events and we want you to know that everyone of you is needed at this time. It is important to hold your light and stay in a space of peace and calm, joy and happiness. By doing this you counteract the attempts to keep the populace living in fear and worry and that balancing effect is needed now. 

Many of you are gearing up, as your creativity flows through you and you are inspired with many wonderful ideas and creative projects. Some of you feel overwhelmed with the abundance of ideas that are coming into your consciousness and feel that you do not know which one to pursue. Know that if you record the information that comes to you, you will be able to know instinctively which is ready to manifest and which can be looked at later. Many times, the downloads of information coming into the Earth’s atmosphere are received by many different individuals and so there will be a theme that emerges that is shared with many others. Each individual is unique and so what comes through each one will never be quite the same. 

It is also a time to go within in deep contemplation, to listen to the guidance of your heart and decide the things that must go in your life and that which you are truly grateful for and which nourish and sustain you. Let go of all that no longer has meaning for you, so that you simplify your daily life and make room for the new energy to come flowing in. Challenge yourself to live with less and give away what you no longer use to someone else who might need it. There is a beautiful world of freedom and fresh breath that exists once this is accomplished. You’ll reap the rewards of pleasing living areas, reduced stress, and a more organized and productive existence. Take a look at each area of your life and write down all of your commitments.  Then look at each one and decide whether it really brings you joy and value, and if it is worth the amount of time that you invest in it. Learn how to say no and decline offers. If you eliminate the things that don’t bring you joy or value, you’ll have more time for the things that you love. 

Identify what is most important in your life, and what’s most important for you to focus on right now. Explore different areas of your life that you don’t think about much. This exploration might allow you to find some things on your mind that you didn’t realize were there, some things that can be eliminated or pursued. Just focus on one task at a time. Clear away everything else, until you’re done with that task. Then focus on the next task. Take life and its demands at your own pace. If you do less, you’ll have less on your mind. Writing down your tasks and ideas keeps your head from being filled with everything you need to do and remember. You are in control of your circumstances. You are in control of you.  Learn what things are in and out of your control. If something is out of your control -accept this fact, so you can focus on the things you can control—the things that you can change. 

No two things can occupy the same space in your mind at the same time. Decide consciously and with intention. What will you choose to take, and what will you choose to leave behind? You can have one thought at any given moment, but not two or ten. Every day you will get closer to the freedom and peace that only an uncluttered mind can give you.  Make room only for positivity, for joy, for serenity, for optimism and for happiness. It is a process, it is an adjustment, it takes time but it works. The reward is a quiet peaceful mind and a happier, more serene existence filled with positive thoughts and a heart that is filled with peace, joy and love. 

Until next week… 

I AM Hilarion 

©2009-2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace 



Δευτέρα, 29 Σεπτεμβρίου 2014

A massive planet-wide clearance of negative energies

A Message from Jesus via John Smallman 

Things are moving along very nicely as the moment for your awakening approaches. Do not allow yourselves to be unduly and depressingly assailed by the gloom and doom of the mainstream media, because you know that what is occurring is a massive planet-wide clearance of negative energies – hate, rage, vengefulness, condemnation, and harsh judgment – which are rising into many people's conscious awareness and causing enormous emotional upheavals in large numbers of them at this time.

You, the Light bearers and wayshowers, are doing tremendously valuable and effective work in helping to clear and dissipate these energies, as you hold the intent for Love to penetrate every heart, so that peace will be established in all areas of the world. The many ongoing international meditations for world peace are very powerful for two reasons: first, because the greater the percentage of humanity meditating with the intent that the Tsunami of Love enter every heart the more powerful is the energy flow, and second, when you hold this intent and intend to join with all others who are holding similar intentions, you, too, are able to open your own hearts far more fully to receive the abundance of Love that vigilantly awaits your invitation to suffuse you completely. 

We, those of us transmitting messages through the various open and dedicated channels, have been reminding you and reminding you that Love is always the answer to any problem, and you have embraced that truth. The results of that embrace are amazing, because it has empowered you to intensify your efforts again and again as you pray, contemplate, intend, or meditate for world peace by holding the Tsunami of Love close to your hearts in every moment. That is the most powerful activity in which you can engage to bring you to the moment of your awakening. And it is doing just that. If you could see what we see, you would be stunned, because your tireless and enthusiastic exertions to bring all of humanity to the moment of its awakening are succeeding beyond your wildest imaginings. 

The energy field that each human expresses as a part of their divine nature has been horribly suppressed and restricted by the attitudes that pretty well every human culture has, over the eons, adopted and encouraged. You are all immensely powerful beings, because that is how God, your loving Father/Mother, created you. However, when you chose to hide in the illusion to play your games of separation, you also chose to make the games more realistic by crushing and suppressing your innate God-given powers, and over the eons you forgot that you had them! It now seems to the vast majority of you that you are small and insignificant human beings blessed or cursed (your choice here!) with an incredibly short life, a momentary sputtering into life that is almost immediately extinguished. Its time span is so short that it is immeasurable compared to the time that the visible universe has existed. 

You sought separation and smallness, and you have, in your own estimation, achieved that state, because it seems to you that it is a state that was given you almost accidentally as the universe evolved out of nothing, purely by chance! But the universe is part of the illusion that you built, in which to play your insane and terrifying games, and when you demonstrate the inadequacy of the state of being human in a vast and apparently infinite universe by choosing to limit yourselves to that state, locking away out of sight and out of mind – your infinite and divine mind – the reality of who you truly are, you have a situation that is utterly intolerable. Therefore, you hunker down and pretend to yourselves that the illusion is real, and attempt to live the illusion. You choose to believe that you are basically powerless and insignificant beings in an extremely hostile environment that will one way or another destroy you. You are indeed lost and confused! 

But you are only lost and confused in a momentary dream! A dream that you continue to extend and maintain, because the fear that it has engendered in you seems very real. It is unreal! But so long as you believe in it, it will seem to have ultimate power over you! You are divine beings created by God to live in infinite joy. He gave you all of his powers because of His infinite Love for you, and you, in a moment of insanity, chose to separate yourselves from the wonder that He had created for you to experience littleness, insignificance, nothingness. 

Well, finally, you have decided, collectively, to awaken from this nightmare and return to the Home, Heaven, the divine Presence from which you have never been separated, and from which you never, ever, could be separated. Oneness with God is an eternal state. You were created with free will, because Love does not bind, hold, or restrict in any way. Consequently, when you chose to play your painful games, you were absolutely free to do so. Now you are remembering that they are just games, unreal situations that bring you pain and suffering, because to be separated from God would be painful! 

So, thank yourselves for the fact that what you have built is unreal and inconsequential, an imaginary and totally impossible state of being or existence from which you have chosen to awaken. That awakening draws ever closer. Some on Earth would maintain the illusion, because in their insanity they believe that it gives them power, but their influence is dwindling, as the majority have decided that it makes absolutely no sense at all to continue playing these intense and unloving games in which all suffer. 

You are on the home straight, your moment of awakening is close at hand. Do not allow yourselves to be caught up in the drama of the illusion with its wars, its judgments, its determination to punish wrongdoers, and its intent to claim restitution from them. In the illusion all are wrongdoers! In the illusion judgment is ever-present, and judgment is what separates you one from another! Be honest and accept that you have chosen to take sides, nearly everyone of you. Now let go of that need to belong to the “right side.” Move forwards in Love and make the choice to share and extend that Love to everyone without exception with whom you interact mentally, emotionally, or physically. After all, you are ALL, every single one of you, the beloved children of God. You are all part of God's divine family, so why would you fight one another, or judge one another? Can't you see that it makes absolutely no sense at all? 

God is Love. The Source of all that exists is Love. The Supreme Intelligence, of which you are all essential and inseparable parts, is Love. Embrace the Reality that you are Love, and only Love, and awaken into the Reality from which you have never departed. Your Father wills that you be ecstatically joyful, eternally. Why would you choose a different state of existence? You have suffered far too much already, so allow His Love field, the divine energy field in which all that exists is eternally present, to embrace you once more, and return you to JOY! 

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Κυριακή, 28 Σεπτεμβρίου 2014

Find Out How to Create the Life You Want

Message from Archangel Michael via Asara 

"Greetings Beloved Ones, 

We send you blessings of Love and Joy, in this now moment, and we invite you, to open your heart to our message for you... 

The intense energies of the Fall Equinox have brought forth very "interesting" experiences for all of you. 

Dear One, whenever you have an experience that is unpleasant, we invite you to look at them from a different vantage point. 

Here you are, with your inner "Core of Source energy", while the outside reality continues to provide you with experiences that reflect the direct opposite of what you want. Instead of pushing against it, you might want to actually see it as a tremendous opportunity, to take this leverage of contrast and to become aware, that the stronger the contrast, the better the creation of your next experience becomes. 

Contemplate this for a moment: 

When an archer puts an arrow into his bow and he pulls the arrow back only a little, the arrow flies not very far. If however, he pulls the arrow very far back, the arrow flies much further. 

So it is with your experience of your reality. If your contrast (the experience of what you don't want) is less strong, your creation of what you want to experience will be less interesting to your soul. When your contrast is very strong, (your arrow is pulled back far) the leverage is very high and your experience that much better. 

The only thing you need to do in order for your experience to take "flight" to what you want to experience is: Let go of the arrow. 

This means, that if you continue to hold on to the arrow in your bow, which is pulled back so very far by your contrasting experience, you will remain in your contrasting experience. The moment you focus your attention to where you want the arrow to GO (instead of where your arrow IS) and then let go, your arrow will fly very far to where you want it to go. 

So, while you are experiencing your contrast, begin to think about what you want to happen - then let go. 

You might wonder:  "How do I let go?" 

Here is what we would like to offer to you: 

1) Connect to the Source energy within you. For a moment, bring all your awareness within. Allow for the all-providing Source within you, to appear as your all-sufficiency. Breathe... put your hand on your heart center... feel your connection to the Source within you. 

2) Then, feel for what you feel guided to do and take inspired action, even if it is not related to your desired outcome. The motion of doing something that flows for you, aligns yourself with more energies of "flow." 

3) Then, let go some more: Continue to focus your attention to the all-providing Source energy within you, let Source appear as your all-sufficiency and pay attention to the little signs and indicators that are coming into your experience and understand that you are coming closer to the vicinity of what you want to experience. 

4) You can also write down what is currently working in your life. Then write down what and who you are blessed with, even if is insignificant in that moment. This will point the arrow in the right direction even more and it allows for letting go more and more. 

This is a process and you have many opportunities in your life to practice this way of pointing your arrow to what you want to experience and then to let go of the arrow. The more you are practicing these steps, the easier it will become for you to create what you want to experience. 

Dear One, you are loved beyond your knowing and we are always by your side. 

I am Archangel Michael and I bring you this truth."

Thank You, Archangel Michael! :-)

Σάββατο, 27 Σεπτεμβρίου 2014

Legendary Pre-Flood Civilizations

Source: http://atlanteangardens.blogspot.gr/2014/04/legendary-pre-flood-civilizations.html 

The legendary pre-Flood civilizations like Atlantis, Thule, and Hyperborea were said to have been built on highly advanced science and technology, with a possibly direct connection with what is happening now around the world. 

Sir Francis Bacon, a key leader in the Rosicrucians, which later became known as the Illuminati, planned for America to become the “New Atlantis” and the center of the New World Order about a hundred years before America became a nation. To better understand the occult connections between antediluvian civilizations, such as Atlantis or Thule, and modern times, it becomes necessary to review the accounts of those who supposedly established these civilizations. 

In the pre-Flood world of Noah, it is written that there was interspecies breeding going on between the “sons of God,” or the B’nai Elohim and mortal human women. The ancient rabbinic scholars believed that the term “sons of God” specifically referred to fallen angels and this was in fact the teaching of the early church for several hundred years. 

The offspring of these fallen angels procreating with human women where called the Nephilim. Much of these stories have been effectively suppressed for centuries and banned from inclusion in later versions of the Bible, but have been recently re-discovered; for example in passages from The Book of Enoch. 

There are numerous other universal mythologies of pre-Flood civilizations that speak of these god men coming from the stars and seeding the human race. 

In addition, traditional theories of evolution are starting to be replaced by a "new" understanding that the humanity on Earth was likely seeded by beings from other worlds. 

Anomalies which may indicate highly advanced pre-Flood civilizations include the monolithic monuments that survived the Flood, which ended the Pleistocene era, as well as massive architectural wonders such as the pyramids, Sphinx and the Incan and Mayan monuments. Many of these structures could only have been built with math and coordination belonging to a high civilization, and technology that is superior to that which was said to be available. 

One of the forces supposedly used by certain groups in these pre-Flood times was a mysterious life energy that the Nazis re-discovered, called the Vril force. The Vril force, the energy fields studied by Nicola Tesla, and what is now called scalar technology are based on similar theories deriving from quantum mechanics. 

Scalar Technology is based on the theory that there is a fourth dimension where powerful energies for destruction or healing on a planetary level can be transferred into our three dimensional reality and change that reality. 

The Nazi concept of a Vril force is based on the idea that a race of god men came from the stars in ships powered by this force and settled on the legendary island of Thule where they founded the civilization called Hyperborea. 

Plato believed in the Egyptian legend of Atlantis and Herodotus spoke of another Egyptian legend of the continent of Hyperborea in the far north. When an ice age supposedly destroyed Hyperborea, this race of god men migrated south and it may be they who created the empire of Atlantis in the Atlantic. 

The secret occult societies that put Hitler into power were extremely interested in Antarctica beginning in the 1930s. The Vril and Thule societies diligently researched the ancient Tibetan, Indian, and Greek historic texts concerning pre-history.  They were conducting the type of archeology that the Indiana Jones movies were based on. 

Documenting the cultural, linguistic, and genetic similarities of these legends with the Nordic legends of blonde haired blue eyed "gods", the occult societies that influenced NAZI ideology came to their conclusion that the Earth undergoes periodic global cataclysms, and that vast portions of the inner Earth is hollow and has been inhabited within for many millennia by another unknown branch of humanity. 

Ultima Thule is supposed to have been the name of the capital city of the continent of Hyperborea, which was older than Atlantis. According to occult teachings, the Hyperboreans were the most highly technologically and socially advanced society that existed in the pre-Flood age. 

When the Flood came, the Hyperboreans used the large tunnels which penetrate through the Earth’s crust to permanently settle under the Himalayas. 

According to some legends they named their new kingdom Agharta or Agharti and its capital city was Shamballah, which was the mythical paradise below the surface of the Earth. 

There are many scientists and researchers who believe that the founders of Hyberborea, Atlantis, Thule and other ancient civilizations were beings from other planets. 

There are also a growing number of Biblical scholars who believe that these 'aliens' did not come from other planets, but other dimensions, and that they were actually the fallen angels who mated with human women who produced the Nephilim. The Nazis believed that the Nordic-looking "gods" who came from the stars were a genetically distinct race from another world, had RH negative blood type, and did not "evolve" from apes in Africa. 

The Nazis supposedly were aided by a group of attractive females with clairvoyant powers called the Vril Maidens who could channel scientific and technological information including rocket design and even how to build UFO-type flying machines. 

The Vril Maidens were not only famous for their gifted psychic ability, but for wearing their hair long and never cutting it. They claimed that a planet around the Aldebaran star system was inhabited by a race of people similar to ourselves with a possible shared ancestry. 

The entire Nazi secret energy and propulsion program went hand in hand with their understanding of alternative physics and their occult science of consciousness. Nazi scientists working on their most top secret programs relied on the occult Vril power, a form of usable free energy, genetic manipulation, and ancient occult meditation techniques. Unfortunately, much of this technology was later used for mind control, both by the Nazi war machine and the allied powers that defeated them. 

Werner von Braun, the founder of America’s NASA space program, was an elite Nazi scientist who had advanced technology on propulsion and rocketry. 

During Operation Paperclip, when America, in competition with Russia over Nazi scientists after World War II, smuggled in over 8,000 scientists. These scientists brought with them their occult practices and beliefs, along with the science which the US further developed for mind control (see MKULTRA). 

In 1871, British novelist Edward Bulwer-Lytton, in The Coming Race, described a superior race called the Vril-ya, who lived underground and sustained themselves with the Vril force or psychokinetic energy. They may have been the descendants of the Hyperboreans, inhabitants of the island of Thule. The Hyperboreans supposedly harnessed the power of Vril to manipulate matter and energy, enabling them extended lifespans and existing in what some might regard as a god-like existence. 

The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) wrote of the Übermensch (Superman) in his work, Der Antichrist. Nietzsche wrote “Let us see ourselves for what we are. We are Hyperboreans. We know well enough how we are living off that track.” 

When Nietzsche published “The Will to Power” he was speaking of the Vril force and spoke of “the herd,” meaning the ordinary people who live by laws imposed by the corrupt State. In contrast Nietzsche spoke of the supermen who tap into a supernatural divine force that raises them above the ordinary man.

Παρασκευή, 26 Σεπτεμβρίου 2014

We are contacting you to make you aware of our underground existence

Message from Adama Channeled by Lailel 

Greetings from Telos! I AM ADAMA, Ascended Master and High Priest of Telos, a subterranean City beneath Mt. Shasta in California (USA). I am dictating this message to you from my home beneath the Earth, where over a million of us live in perpetual peace and prosperity. We are human and physical just as you, except for the fact that our mass consciousness holds thoughts of only Immortality and Perfect Health. Therefore, we can live hundreds and even thousands of years in the same body. I, myself, have been in the same body now for over 600 years. 

We came here over 12,000 years ago, before a thermonuclear war took place that destroyed the Earth's surface. We faced such hardships and calamities above ground, that we decided to continue our evolution underground…… We had hoped to save all our Lemurian people, but there was only time to save 25 thousand souls. The remainder of our race perished in the blast. 

For the past 12,000 years, we have been able to rapidly evolve in consciousness, due to our isolation from the marauding bands of extraterrestrials and other hostile races that prey on the surface population. The surface population has been experiencing great leaps of consciousness in preparation for humanity to move through the Photon Belt. It is for this reason that we have begun to contact surface dwellers to make our existence known. For in order for the Earth and Humanity to continue to ascend in consciousness, the whole planet must be united and merged into ONE Light from below and ONE Light from above. 

It is for this reason that we are contacting you to make you aware of our underground existence, so you can bring the fact of our existence to the attention of our fellow brothers and sisters above ground. 

We broadcast to you from beneath Mt. Shasta in California where over a million of us dwell. We are very evolved beings, living many lifetimes in one. We go about our business in harmony and love, and reap many benefits that accrue during our long life spans. Our lives span many centuries of your time on the surface; therefore, we're able to accomplish much more in our lives. We can use all our lives to our benefit, because we are able to go back to our previous lives through our amino based computer system to recall the past….. This is a technology that we, from the underground, will be bringing to your surface when we emerge. Connecting to your past lives and learning from your life's lessons is necessary to this current incarnation. So, be prepared for this great adventure of tapping into you past lives. 

You, too, will be living long lives when you enter the photon belt of Light and receive its life rays of health and longevity. There is nothing to prepare for, since you will be aided fully before this time of entry arrives. Know that you are on Earth at this time to assist all of humanity with its entry into the Photon Belt. All souls incarnating at this time have done so with full understanding of what is to happen. 

That's why there are so many people on Earth today, more than there ever was, because all souls want to be involved in these "End Times". Also, souls who ever incarnated in Earth have returned. You are one such soul. These End Times can be met with harmony and joy, or fear and chaos. The choice is yours. We recommend that you view this with your eyes turned to God, while your feet walk the Earth; for God is in full command of everything and you are all in His hands. There is nothing to fear, only joy and immense well-being will be the result of Earth's transition into the Light. 

It is I, ADAMA, here to speak to you about TWIN FLAMES. Know that your twin flames are near, as near to you as your heart, and they wait patiently for you to contact them, for you to connect consciously with them on the Earth plane. You have come to Earth with a purpose and with a mission to complete. The purpose is not an individualized one, but rather one in which your Twin Flame is an integral part. You and your twin flame contracted for this particular mission at this particular incarnation in time. You both have a part to play, a role to carry out, and at this time it is necessary for both you and your Twin Flame to consciously connect with one another for the dual purpose of reuniting and completing this mission. For this is the way you work best….. Most of your Twin Flames are in the 5th dimension, guiding you from above. It is your advantage to channel your Twin Flame for instructions and guidance specifically for you….. You already know your Twin Flame on the Inner Planes. Now is the time to bring that consciousness into your present reality. 

The time is coming when our two great civilizations will merge. Where all technology will be ONE peaceful technology of life-giving substance - holding together the fabric of form necessary to create and satisfy our needs.….. If you are interested in coming to Telos at night during your sleep state, just call on Adama before you go to sleep and request admission to Telos, and Adama will receive you. You are all Telepathic Beings, so when you center your thoughts on Adama and call to Adama, Adama hears you. Know this for a certainty, as our channel is just integrating this into her consciousness with a certainty. 

In Telos, we are all Spiritual Warriors, as you on the surface must become. A Spiritual Warrior is one who acknowledges the Light within, and knows that he/she is here for the purpose of bringing in more Light to the Earth. So, you are all here to bring in the Light. You do this by focusing on the Light, always, and never letting it drift away from you. Visualize the Light as waves from the ocean, always coming in to you, and washing out the darkness. You are all great Light Beings who have come to Earth, just as Adama has, to reunite all humanity into ONE HUMAN FAMILY. 

Adama has gained much wisdom from his extended life in Telos, and would like to impart this wisdom to others who wish to learn from him. Adama is currently conducting classes on the Inner Planes at night. If you'd like to register for these classes, just petition Adama before you go to bed at night asking to be his student. Adama will teach you mastery of yourself on all levels of existence. 

Adonai my Beloved. 


Thank you Lailel (Dianne Robbins) for sharing this with us. Dianne's two books are THE CALL GOES OUT from the Subterranean City of Telos and THE CALL GOES OUT from the Earth's Cetaceans. Send Lailel e-mail at: lailel@aol.com or visit http://www.onelight.com for further information on these two books.

Πέμπτη, 25 Σεπτεμβρίου 2014

The door to Ascension lies in the constant and continual feelings of joy, bliss and gratitude

Weekly Message from Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff for September 21-28, 2014 

Beloved Ones, 

Those who are able to move beyond the current distractions come together in focus for a world of peace. This energy is being magnified and multiplied by the higher dimensions, for as given before, wherever two or more are gathered there also is the Christ consciousness. The forces of Light and love take great delight in joining with the individuals who take part in a worldwide focus to bring in the highest outcome for the Earth and all of humanity. By the efforts of these combined forces of Light, many positive and benevolent changes take place in the world. It is a sacred and holy work that is performed with love and reverence by those who heed the call. Lighted souls the world over turn within to offer their deepest and most heartfelt desires to the Creator of All That Is in faith and trust and a deeper understanding that they are each a divine spark of the divine manifesting upon the Earth.

They turn then to contemplate the beauty of the world around them and celebrate the wonders of nature, the incredible sunrise and sunset, the myriads of tiny creatures that surround them, each unique and incredible in their exquisite detail. They drink in the colors of the flowers and notice how each petal seems to radiate Light from within. They connect to the trees and listen to their timeless messages of fellowship, nurturance and support. They begin to realize that life thrives on their planet and it is all connected to All That Is and that they also are an innate part of it. They sense that each moment they spend contemplating and admiring the wonders of the world they live on is an endorsement and an acknowledgment of gratitude for the abundance that was created for their enjoyment. It is in this way, they realize, that the universe responds by bringing them more of that which fills their hearts with joy. 

Peace in the world is created one consciousness at a time and when this consciousness within each person understands that by giving homage to all that is good in their lives, even if that does not seem much to other eyes, it keeps the flow of grace, benevolence and positive energy as a constant underlying force at work in their lives. The door to higher consciousness, to Ascension, lies in the constant and continual feelings of sublime states of joy, bliss and gratitude. Practicing and feeling these states connects people to the higher realms of perception and once these higher realms are realized within, going back to the old ways cannot even be contemplated. 

The task then is to strive to achieve these states of being and feeling. To learn to recognize old thoughts that rise up seemingly out of nowhere, to observe oneself having these thoughts rise up, and to see that it is old energy no longer of use in one’s life and to just let it go without engaging that old energy by attaching it to something current in one’s life. To quickly replace that old thought with an empowering new one. As this is practiced, it becomes easier and easier to stay in the sublime states of joy and bliss, which automatically generates feelings of gratitude. The more people that begin to embody these states of being, the more the world and the people around them respond to them with corresponding benevolent energy. When each person begins to honor their sister and their brother as they honor themselves, peace is a natural and graceful outcome. 

It is those whose hearts are peaceful in the face of the greatest challenges who create a better world for themselves and for others. It is those who understand that by letting go of resentment, anger and the need for revenge are those who uphold and uplift everyone and everything within their entire sphere of influence. You have but to look at history on your world to recognize those brilliant shining Lights, those people who stood in their Light, in their continued faith and belief in upholding the divine concepts of peace, forgiveness and unity with the utmost courage and persistence in the face of danger and to understand that you too, can be one of them. Stand strong and firm in the Oneness of the Divine and all will be well. 

Until next week… 

I AM Hilarion 

©2009-2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Τετάρτη, 24 Σεπτεμβρίου 2014

The Light increases in strength each and every day

Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy for 23 September 2014 

5 Imix, 19 Zip, 11 Ik ***Dratzo! We come on this day with good news! The various programs to change your life and to reset the world's currencies continue to show progress. We are pleased that the final attempts by the dark cabal have failed. The end of September is to be a time noted for prosperity, freedom and the rise of a successful world peace movement. Many governments on your world are approaching a point where sudden change is inevitable. These changes are being caused by the increasing pressure being put on the dark cabal to concede its defeat and begin to cooperate with our earthly allies. We are watching the result of literally two decades of pressure. The new monetary system is part of a fresh financial system that is dovetailing with the distribution of your world's prosperity funds. Together, these two movements are changing the way your world operates. This series of changes is only the beginning; NESARA in America and a global movement tied to it are to change your reality forever. 

The coming changes are part of a process leading inevitably to First Contact. The initial part of this is presently underway. The developing prosperity and the increase of freedoms globally are as well to further the conditions leading to formal disclosure. We understand how shocking the announcements are that you hear daily from your leaders. These announcements are to transform the very nature of your governance and to prepare you for the broadcasts that permit us to later talk to you directly. Once we can address you, we intend to cover a broad series of subjects. You have been given only brief information which you first learned in school, and later had this expanded by your book reading and listening to a variety of programs on your television. You need to learn about your true off-world origins and how you came to be a resident of the surface of Gaia. Then, you are ready to meet your Agarthan neighbors and, of course, us. 

The landings are to be global in scope. We have been constantly determining and then checking on the condition of our designated landing areas. Whenever there is some unusual degree of change to these sites, we simply select new ones. So far, we have altered only 11% of our preselected sites. Most of these changes are due to expansion in urban areas. New housing or shopping centers seem to spring up at our site locations in highly urbanized areas. Rural areas remain open for decades. Regardless of these discrepancies, our landing craft remain accounted for. We have not been forced to limit the number of scout ships to be used. The order and methods used are now designed for each selected site. In addition, we are ready to teleport our mentors to you. Each mentor is to contact you telepathically before they appear before you. This preliminary conversation is to acquaint you with us and present you with a brief introduction of our various protocols. 

The key to your transformation is your budding relationship with your mentor. This relationship is like that of a therapist to a patient. Trust is an important part of this journey. A number of very frank interactions are to happen when you look at your childhood, your Akashic records and your current life contract. A vast number of epi-genetic incidents in past and current lives need to be discussed openly and honestly. You need to clear these things to set up your three-day journey in your personal Crystal Light Chamber. We intend you to have had a number of incident-clearing sessions so you can glimpse the extent of what your three-day transformational journey is to cover. There is a vast network of energetic and mind-controlling machines that have filled you with beliefs that need to be cleared from your mental, emotional and physical bodies. Your mentor's job is to help you clear these erroneous beliefs. As we said, these are preliminary to what you are to encounter in the Crystal Light Chambers. 

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come with good things to report! Our various associates are continuing to move forward. We are very close to the global reset and the accompanying revaluation of the world's currencies. These events are to be tied in with the rise of a worldwide precious metal standard. The improprieties of the world's major banks, as well as a vast corruption of the world's governments, means that a grand financial revolution is now needed to purge this realm of the dark cabal. This process is ready to yield major arrests and new governance. The coming prosperity and new international banking regulations are to clean up this abhorrent mess and bless this realm with an endless prosperity. Your freedom and sovereignty are to arise from all that is presently happening. We have been blessed by Heaven to finish this sacred task and then welcome those who helped us to succeed! 

What is occurring here is a great blessing! We have worked diligently to assure your success. Heaven has smiled on our efforts and permitted us to have the means to overcome the dark and its numerous minions. Every day we pray and spend hours healing this realm. Many of you are frustrated by what has seemingly taken an endless time to get done. Do not lose faith! Miracles are happening! The dark, once seemingly so omnipotent, is now quickly fading. The Light increases in strength each and every day. Be proud of what we have accomplished together. Each of your prayers and meditations has greatly aided this divine cause. Hence, together we have gathered the means to triumph. Remain positive and thoroughly focused on victory! The dark, as noted, is fading. We are on the verge of great things! 

We, your Ascended Masters, are wishing you well, and working to finish off this most well-deserved victory. Be proud of what you are accomplishing. You are moving an entire realm to the very edge of its ascension. This is no small task. We all honor you for your achievements. As the coming time approaches, be happy and be most satisfied with what you are accomplishing. We simply ask you to stay focused and to know deep in your heart that you are there. This time of victory is to forever transform this beautiful orb and reunite you with your entire spiritual and galactic family. You are even to reassume your position in this most glorious family. We thank you and graciously bless you. Your grand sacred time has come! The dark has lost and now we can all come together and celebrate this grand victory! Hallelujah! 

Today, we rejoice! We have given you another overview of the present circumstances. Be patient. The best is now to come. We leave you this week in joy. Soon, you are to meet your spiritual and galactic families. Be happy and remain focused on the prize! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Τρίτη, 23 Σεπτεμβρίου 2014

We are your ancestors, and your future companions on the planet also

Message from the Pleiadian Councils of Light 

Light tribe of Gaia, 

We come to speak with you, as always, from the Universal Heart of your Galaxy. Pleiadian Light Beings have existed for as long as the creation of the Universe itself, and we are an integral part of the history of your conception. In the original creation of all life, Star people were dreamed into existence by the Creative Force, as a natural outpouring of life in the myriad star-studded Galaxies which exist. Physical beings were not yet dreamed of at that time – but as evolution progressed on all levels and in all spheres, the concept of physicality came into be-ing. And, as is said in your holy texts, ‘It was good.’ 

Your physical existence and the existence of your physical planet came into be-ing through a mastermind plan to create a form of life where the Light Body was housed in a physical sheath, also called an ‘Earth Suit’ by some who have visited your planet. This body was designed to allow the experience of life through physical senses, in order to encourage exploration, creativity and joy through experiences that were chosen according to each being’s free will. 

There was an acknowledgement on the part of the Higher Councils of Kuthumi and the Order of Melchizedek that the beings who incarnated from the Light into physical bodies might find it difficult to remember their original nature or purpose. This is because a plane which is dense, such as the third dimension, appears through the normal senses to be only physical. It takes some concerted effort and spiritual evolution and tools for most physical beings to remember how to see and feel the Light within all things, to remember how to communicate telepathically, and so forth. 

But the blessings of a physical lifetime ~ the sacred nature of a sojourn on a planet designed to be a treasure trove of beauty, the excitement inherent in a life of endless discoveries and evolution ~ these outweighed the perceived difficulties many times over. And so it came to be, with the agreement of many Star Nations and over-lighting Councils of the highest orders, that human be-ings were birthed on your planet. We Pleiadians were seeded into your genetics, as were the Sirian Star people – we gave readily of our codes, having progressed by that time into an evolved culture who understood the nature of spiritual evolution. (When we say that we are brothers and sisters of yours, there is a literal truth in our words. We are your ancestors, and your future companions on the planet also.) 

Many occurrences throughout your history were, however, unforeseen. In the downward stages of the great cycles that have transpired, there has been an unheard of mass movement away from the original truths of the Universe. These truths have been seeded and reseeded on your planet, by ourselves through the indigenous tribes, by the Christed masters who have walked the same soil that you tread on now, and by the priests and priestesses of the evolved civilizations that have come and gone over the aeons of your history. These truths have been made available to all on Earth, and yet they are being ignored by so many. Immersion into the mundane material world and superficial material pursuits have come to be considered by the masses to be what physical life is all about. 

Our message to you on this June Solstice of 2013 is this. You are on this Earth journey with purpose. There are no human be-ings on the Earth plane now who have not chosen this destination with intention. Some of you chose simply to BE here, to go through the transition back into the Light while in physical form. Some of you came to assist your civilization to achieve the transition. Some of you came specifically to work with one of the core Earth kingdoms – animal, plant, mineral, crystal or human. This purpose must be remembered. 

How do you remember your purpose? Root out the Universal Truths that have been seeded, and choose to live by them. Primary amongst these truths is the knowledge that what you pay attention to is what you attract more of. Choose carefully, therefore, what you believe and are repeatedly voicing to yourself and the world about yourself, your health and your life. Pay more attention to the joys and pleasures that you have access to, in order to attract more of the same. 

As you give, so you receive. The master Jesus reminded you of this truth at the time of zero point. Give not out of a desire to be appreciated. When you give from the simple overflow of joy and in the knowing that the universe is always abundant, so a flow of positivity is activated in your life, and you receive gifts greater even than you have given. These gifts are not always material – the universe works in mysterious ways towards your highest good. 

Remember once and for all that You are the creators of your own destinies. Yes, there are sometimes challenging karmic factors that affect you, but even these you have chosen to come to Earth to overcome. Far greater than karma in its power over your destinies is your knowing that your free will entitles you to choose to create a life of peace and joy and abundance. It is possible to choose this regardless of your circumstances, simply through trust and sincere effort. 

Through living according to these universal truths and others, your purpose will be shown to you. That which gives you joy will manifest as your purpose. Underlying all of this is the truth that You have come to be of service. When you acknowledge this, you are shown more clearly what your path entails. 

Do not allow yourselves to sink into despair dear ones, when it seems that you are on your own and that Earth life is an uphill struggle. Lift yourselves constantly through music, dancing, spending time with each other, being creative, loving one another and all forms of life, and meditating. And so it is that you are healed. And so it is that you discover who you truly are – great beings of Light and love, embodied now as Earth Angels. And so it is. Namaste.

Δευτέρα, 22 Σεπτεμβρίου 2014

A Lesson in Manifesting

By the Councils of Light 

This channeling was recorded during a Manifesting Workshop at the Shekinah Temple, New York. 

The example used, that of manifesting the perfect love partner, is dear to many people’s hearts. I hope that the very practical advice given assists all of you who are seeking to attract a partner into your lives, easily and joyfully! 

All of you on Earth are in the business of manifesting your reality in every moment, whether you are aware of this or not. This is because of your thoughts and beliefs and the emotions which accompany them. All of these are literally drawing into your lives your circumstances - your relationships, where you live, how abundantly money flows through your lives, the state of your physical health, your home conditions, what you do for work, etc. Every element of your Earth life is controlled by this, and although many of you now understand that ‘positive thinking’ and attempting to choose your thoughts and beliefs more consciously will assist, many of you are unable to achieve the results that you desire. 

There is this aspect of expectations and intentions which we wish to address. Let us be clear – expectations are those thought forms and ‘thought packages’ within your consciousness which are concerning the result, the end result of any particular endeavor or thing which you wish to manifest. Your intentions are related to this, but are different in that they are concerning what you desire, rather than the pictures of what the outcome will be. 

And so, let us choose an example – let us choose your relationship with the one dearest to you – in other words your partner or love relationship. Let us say that you are on your own, and now you make the intention to have a partner, and you decide that you wish this partner to be spiritual, to be like minded and hearted - to be ‘on your wavelength’ in other words, which means ‘of like vibration.’ You wish this partner to be loving, affectionate, attractive, and with a good sense of humor. Is it not that this is like a personal ad in your newspapers? And so, you set the intention that you will have a partner of this kind. 

Now, what are your expectations that lie behind this? Your expectations are that you will marry this person and have children with them. Your expectations may be that you will live in a certain way with them, and you make pictures around this. Your expectations are that they will fulfill your every desire, and that you will be happy and no longer lonely, that you will be complete when you are with this one. 

These expectations mean that you do not allow the magic of the Universe to work with you – and the magic of the Universe is that in order for you to be happy with that love partner, it may not materialize or manifest in the exact way or time that you think would be perfect for you. And so perhaps, making it more broad and general, you might wish or have the intention for a love partner, and that you meet them and are with them at the perfect time and place for your highest evolution and for the highest good of yourself and this other soul. 

(And your longing to be completed by another person is erroneous entirely, for it is when you feel complete within your own being that you attract the correct person towards yourself! You then allow love to flow between the two of you as a sharing of your gifts and your sense of autonomy, of completeness within yourself, and you do not desire that this other must give you things that will make you happy – you simply share your happiness with this other one.) 

And so we say that perhaps, in regards to close relationships, it is better that your picturing is more abstract, so that they do not need to be tall or short, they do not need to be fair or dark; they do not need to live in one particular city or another, or to have one occupation or another. You simply desire and have the intention that the perfect person for you on your spiritual path is manifest in your life at the perfect time for your and their evolution. 

Things are not as they have been on your Earth plane. Things are shifting in every way and new paradigms are being seeded. And in this example of Earth love relationships this is very much so, so that in the letting go of old ways and concepts of how a relationship should be, you will be more successful at attracting towards yourself one who is in perfect harmony with you; one whose vibration is of a match to you. And so, we simply point out that some of your expectations and the pictures in your mind regarding these expectations do not always serve you. 

Being clear in your intentions about the most important aspects – those being that you are able to stay in your heart; that you are able to be joyful and free on the Earth plane; that you are able to move forward within your chosen path, which means that you are using the gifts that you bring into this lifetime to their full effect, and spreading your Light as a Light warrior on Gaia now - these are the most important aspects within your manifesting, are they not? 

They must underlie all you manifest – the clear intention to be a beacon of Light; to use and share your gifts; and to be in joy, to be in joy, to be in joy within your chosen paths. 

Our love is with you! Namaste.

Κυριακή, 21 Σεπτεμβρίου 2014

Core of Light

Message from the Pleiadian Councils of Light via Solara An-Ra 

We will speak from this time forth of energy control, balance and activation. This, which we have coined your ‘energy A-B-C’s’, is what our channel chooses to bring forth at this time of fluctuation on your planet. What appears to you as a time of instability and uncertainty can also be perceived as a time of infinite potential and grace. You are blessed with the potential to transmute your mental confusion into clarity, your emotional disarray into peace; your uncertainty into faith – and to literally transmute your physicality into Light. This potential has always been present in you, as Hu-man Be-ings. You were star-seeded with this potential. 

What we wish to teach you right now, in a series of steps, is how to access your perfection on an energetic level - and how to maintain that higher, lighter vibration for longer and longer periods of time, until it is entrained into constancy within you. Thus will you become the beacons of Light that transform your world. 

There is a core energy of pure Light, in the central column which runs through your chakras. While your chakras may fluctuate in clarity, according to your emotional & mental state, this core energy remains constant – all the potential of God-perfection, within you. The centre of this column is in your chest, in your place of heart. Placing one or both of your hands on your heart-space, while focusing within, triggers an opening into the softness of your core. You experience this as softening, opening, expansion - a feeling of peace and lightness blossoming within you. 

From this place you can choose to tune into the core column which runs through all chakras. You may perceive this as a column of Light, energy, stillness, brilliance – you will have an experience of this unique to yourself – all that matters is that you feel or visualize/imagine this ever-present God-Light through the centre of your core. This is not the prana tube; do not confuse it as such. It is the core essence which holds the potential for perfect enlightenment. Your easiest access to this, in energetic terms, is from the heart, your energetic centre point. 

Those of you who complain of not being able to experience or visualize phenomena of an energetic nature, you must simply KNOW that this energy/Light is in this place. Just as the mastery of a physical activity such as riding a bicycle becomes a KNOWING in your physical body after some practice, so will the experience of energy/Light become a knowing in your consciousness after some practice. For some the experience is more visual, for others it is a feeling or a knowing. Trust that you are designed with the ability to experience the non-physical. This is a part of your inherent make-up. 

Say or think ‘I am a Sovereign Being of Light. The God-Light is ever-present in me’ – and with your hands on your heart experience the core of brilliance running through all chakras within you. Do this many times a day and it will become a knowing and a felt experience, dear ones. 

And so it is. Namaste.