Δευτέρα, 31 Δεκεμβρίου 2012

It is the stuff of which you are made. It is the stuff of which everything is made.

A Message from Archangel Michael, channeled by Ron Head for 21 December 2012

Michael: Good morning to all, on this first day of your New Age, the Age of Aquarius, as you have named it. 

Many have awakened to feelings of bliss and cellular excitement as the building Light continues to pour down upon you. This is still rising to its zenith and will continue to do so for the remainder of the year. Bask in it, bathe in it, and rejoice in it. The effects of it will be far reaching and wonderful. 

You will find that, as you become more and more used to the new levels of Light and Love, you will be more able to perceive in the ways you have, most of you, only imagined before now. Allow us to suggest a few ways to encourage these changes to take place. 

If you wish, my friends, to make changes to your chakras, your energy body, you must first acknowledge that you have such a body, that you indeed have chakras. If you wish to absorb the Love and Light of Creator, you must first acknowledge that it does indeed exist and is pouring down upon you. The truth of it is, of course, that it is the stuff of which you are made. It is the stuff of which everything is made. 

There are, at this present moment in the cosmic cycle, more sources of this energy aligned and beaming directly at you than there have been for many, many thousands of your years. There is a configuration, in fact, which has never before happened. In addition, there are far more hearts sending Love and Light to you than you have the ability to imagine quite yet. 

Now, what we wish you to do is to take this picture we have just painted for you and hold it in your minds with love, gratitude, and acceptance for as many moments each day as you can, waking, working, meditating, day-dreaming, and even sleeping. Just bring your mind back to it as often as you can. Bring to it feelings, sounds, sights, smells, whatever you can bring to continue its newness and attraction for you. Feed your dreams with it. Create with it. Yes, we said create with it, for that is what you do, dear hearts. 

Now, let us end this little note and allow you to spend the rest of your day in enjoying this moment to its fullest. We are standing at your shoulders. Good day. 

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Παρασκευή, 28 Δεκεμβρίου 2012

The Ascension process still proceeds as powerful as ever

Message from SaLuSa for 28 December 2012 

It does not matter how many predictions are made, because as given they are all possibilities, dependent on the extent of your creative powers as to whether they materialize. So, we are telling you that what you experienced was what you created, but for those of you expecting more evidence of Ascension it was disappointing. We understand your feelings, but the process of the awakening Ascension energies has not stopped and will proceed even more quickly than previously. The upliftment of energies in your Solar System, took place through the alignment of your Sun and the great Central Sun of the Galaxy, and as many souls experienced some evidence of it, as did not. 

Ascension took place, but to your surprise souls of the lower vibrations are still with you. That is because many were able to absorb the energy and their vibrations lifted sufficiently for them to rise up, but they will need to raise them at a faster rate, if they are to remain with you. Also bear in mind that many souls were unaware of the importance of the 21st December, so not all of them who did experience something would have known what caused it. It is, so to say, their last opportunity to stay in the process of Ascension and avoid having to be taken off Earth, if it proves to be in their best interests. All along it has been hoped that as many souls as possible would be able to accept the new energies. So, we feel that when you acknowledge the positive outcome, you will be pleased that more of your family of souls have remained. 

The New Age has commenced and time will show that nothing has been lost by the nature of your experience. From here on you will find a much more positive outcome, as it is you who are now in charge of your own future. Your personal cleansing of still unwanted energies can go ahead with all speed, and you should not find any difficulty in being successful. You are now at a new level of happiness and joy for just being alive, and know that you can now proceed to live a new life with more freedom than ever before. As a result of receiving the energies of the 21st December, you have moved more into the “Now” and that means you will experience less of time and space. As you move within the 5th dimension, so you will realize that time is no longer linear, and you will sometimes lose all perspective of where you are or how you got there. However, do not be afraid as you will be able to “think” yourself back to where you were. In time, you will begin to perceive other dimensions and realities, and even see other entities that have their being in them. 

Your present government along with others largely in your Western World are near to being replaced, and it is an important move that will enable so many other things to go forward. They cannot handle the present crisis brought about by the collapse of a number of banks, and the corrupt systems used by them to bolster their own profits through false trading. The answers are already known to us, and the new ways are prepared and ready for implementation at very short notice. Day by day every soul will continue to grow in awareness, and the net result is that as a civilization you will find yourselves less interested in what the past had to offer you. You are becoming wiser and more astute in discovering how you have been mislead for centuries of time. You are no longer prepared to accept “more of the same”, and are demanding a new approach to life that honors everyone’s sovereignty and peace and abundance. You need to be able to freely express yourself and relate to all others as One, as unity is what we wish to see you achieving. 

We fully understand why some of you are disheartened at the passing of Ascension in a rather quiet manner, but look at the positive aspects. We have tried to guide you to reach the highest perception you have of yourself, and of what you could expect in the New Age, and that encouragement will still continue. The 21st December alignment took place, and you have commenced the New Age with a higher level of consciousness. It will enable you to accelerate the process of Ascension, and you will see changes taking place in quick succession. Everything you have been led to expect to herald the New Age in will still occur with a greater backing than before, as the way ahead is now virtually clear. You have had great patience so far and we are most grateful for your dedication to the Light and all other souls. Events will now flow much more smoothly, and we can assure you that the work you have put in to bring the Light and Love to people has had tremendous results. 

Naturally, Mother Earth has also ascended, and will go ahead and work with you to bring the New Age into being. There have been few incidents of people having to leave the Earth, and that is a credit to the Lightworkers who have worked so hard to bring all souls into the Light. We are pleased to note that it has released the tension and doubts that some people held, because they were so concerned about friends or family. It holds great hope for those souls who have hitherto, been unaware of the importance of the new period that you have moved into. We know that some of you will look back and question why the impression was given that so much could have been achieved prior to Ascension. We would say that our motivation has been to place before you every opportunity to advance, through your own creative powers. 

We know that the Lightworkers put a lot of time and effort into achieving success, and the apparent failure is no criticism of them. Indeed, there is absolutely no fault in their dedication to their task. It is simply that the circumstances did not meet the criterion for full manifestation of the initial changes that you expected. Yes, there were times when you were so close to seeing your efforts rewarded, but often it was the dark Ones who posed a threat or delay that we could not ignore. Bear in mind that we do not have the authority to force issues, unless it is divinely decreed, as it is you who are guiding the outcome and responsible for it. 

Be assured that no time has been lost, because little progress appears to have been made. Behind the scenes our allies continue to be busy, and are close to bringing about the governmental changes. These are so essential in putting the remains of the old 3D politics behind you, and appointing leaders in power that are aware of the need for immense changes to establish the New Age. You will shortly notice a wave of Love sweep the Earth, that will show that your civilization has taken a quantum leap forward. That being so, it will bring a strong unity of purpose that will help the establishment of world peace. If you continue to focus on areas of the world that are still experiencing conflict, your intent will soon bring a positive result. When world peace has been achieved, we will make sure that war will not return, and will enforce that edict if necessary. 

As each day passes, the prospects of a greater show of our craft will also dramatically increase. Many eyes will soon be turned towards the poverty and need in the Middle East and far Eastern countries, as compassion and understanding will place the focus where the greatest needs exist. It will force Governments to seriously look at such issues, and take some action. The efforts of our allies will also bring forward the re-distribution of wealth that has been illegally obtained. So much is at the point of coming out, and with the lower vibrations disappearing more quickly there is less chance of delays taking place. 

Dear Ones, consider that you have not lost anything at all by not having your dreams fulfilled; in fact, you have gained more than you had before. The way has become clearer and more certain, and our help can begin to be more open. It is why we are eager for Disclosure to come as quickly as possible. Then we can really get going without any hindrance. The whole outlook has changed for the better, and your efforts will in time be more productive. Of course, we are close to you most of the time, but rarely show ourselves, but that will also change in time. There is to be a coming together, and eventually you will be joined by us, the Masters and your family from the Inner Earth. It will be quite a time of celebration, and the whole world will know we have arrived. 

Nothing ever happens by chance, but will follow each divine edict. There are powerful Beings that carry out the word of God without question, but we do understand your doubts and difficulties when things do not seem to go to plan. Yet all events will come to be and fulfill the promises that have been made. It is known to be so, as all exists in the Now and simply waits for the right time to manifest, when it is going to be of the maximum benefit to your civilization. What is to occur is clearly not just for those who have already awakened, but perhaps in some ways is directed even more strongly at those who still slumber. Now that the lower vibrations are disappearing, they are being given a gentle push and reminder that they are at their own crossroads. They must make a firm decision, as to what they want to do, otherwise they will be unable to make progress into the New Age. It is their choice and on a higher level they subconsciously know what is at stake. 

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and let me say that it will not be long before many of you look back at this time, and find the proof of your Ascension by recognizing the changes in yourself. You will also see it in your friends and family, and realize that they are creating a more peaceful aura around them. As the higher energies continue to arrive on Earth their effect will be there for all to see, as Humanity will reach out in Love and bring powerful energies of Light to bear upon those who are still held in the darkness. The Ascension process still proceeds as powerful as ever, and our love will be with you all of the way. 

Thank you SaLuSa. 

Mike Quinsey 

Hi Friends, please note that from today, SaLuSa’s messages will go out weekly, every Friday. SaLuSa has “told” me that in time the messages will be unnecessary, as events will have taken over. May I wish you all a Happy New Year, and a Happy New Age. 

In Love and Light, Mike. 


Πέμπτη, 27 Δεκεμβρίου 2012

Your precious hearts are open and ready to receive a most gracious gift

Galactic Federation Update for 25 December 2012 by Sheldan Nidle 

Dratzo! We return! During this holiday season we are preparing a series of final surprises for the dark, which will mark the end of our waiting-period. Then our sacred allies’ many programs for manifesting your New Reality can begin. Much has transpired over the past few months that can finally permit us to start the final moves toward new governance and a formal Disclosure announcement. Here it is important to note that Disclosure will allow us to address you directly for the very first time. Once we can speak directly with you, we intent to deal with various vital subjects right from the outset. Your world has been run for millennia by a group of ultra-wealthy and very powerful men and women, whose sole concern was for themselves alone. It is now time for your interests to be fully represented and this we intend to secure! Your present economic and societal predicaments need to be looked after properly by those who are about to take the helms of your new governments and new financial institutions. You also must be informed about what has been happening over the last decade to prevent all this from manifesting as was originally planned. 

As you know, the dark’s many members have controlled the world’s major governments for millennia. Each regime is given a catalog of set responses that they must adhere to in order to control any given situation. Moreover, each leader has a handler whose task is to ensure that ‘given’ government agendas are followed assiduously. In the main this has produced behavior that ensures the power of the dark’s minions; however, what is about to happen will short-circuit this self-perpetuating closed-loop. The new governance will restore your rightful power, which you unwittingly gave up at birth. These divine rights will be returned to you and we implore you to exercise them with rigor and joy! The new governance and financial system will end the turmoil of war and the anguish of want. Use these coming assets to further your consciousness training and to make sure that your local and regional governance is carrying out your wishes and being transparent in their dealings with you. It is vital that a strong bond be established between you, which is based on openness, not on blind trust or the glamour of authority. These are your first steps in practicing the responsibilities inherent in Galactic Society. 

Galactic Society forges a bond between you and all the elements that make up this all-inclusive, wide-ranging society, and so you need to begin to see society as an organic, interactive whole of which you are a vital part. Its essence is unity consciousness, and in the interim before you become fully conscious, you can use your intuition to interact with these forerunner governments in bold and innovative ways. Very quickly you can begin to see what a powerful and creative impact you have on your society. However, we have one caveat for you: be lovingly aware of one another, and use your Love and generosity to guide your actions. Learn how to flow with each other with new understanding. Our mentors will be on hand to advise you when necessary and to guide you in these very new ways, as you are likely to find so much newness somewhat confusing at first. Your mentors can take a look at your intentions and advise you on your most viable options. As you progress, you will find a host of questions popping up, which will shape your understanding of your roles in this new, more conscious society. 

Our purpose is to prepare you for Full Consciousness. Once you scale back the cycles of war, destruction, and hate, you can explore the myriad ways to implement cooperation and Love for the good of all. This is something of a ‘tall order’, because your societies are crammed with barrier upon barrier of every sort and description, many of which you take as inevitable, which they are not. You are being asked to launch forth and reverse just about everything you grew up with, in order to create a foundation for your Galactic Society. This truly is a massive education project and you can begin to comprehend the necessity for having mentors to guide you in the beginning. You will be learning through practice and we hope that the societal ‘rules’ we shall introduce to you will quickly be seen as optimally beneficial. This is a strange but exciting and challenging time for you, because so much is expected of you. It is no easy matter to lay aside what you have learned from your parents and peers. Your mentors will be lovingly at your side to help you ‘root’ a society that is to be very different from what you now know. 

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come on this day to celebrate the blessings that the holidays bring and to rejoice in the fact that a grand gift is to be given to humanity. Many millennia ago on your planet, you were witness to what you were capable of creating, before the Anunnaki came and in a fit of anger destroyed your golden cities filled with scientific marvels. This was only around 8,000 years ago. Since then, you have been in a straitjacket with only the most minimal technologies to light your weary path. The dark rulers were ever fearful of what you were capable of, and of your unbreakable allegiance to the Light and the deeply buried memories of the glories of the Creator. Finally, the sacred moment has arrived when the truth of your Beingness can be revealed. The Creator has summoned legions from across this Galaxy to come and take a hand in a massive transformation of your lives. A Light of great import has flashed through their ranks and your liberation is ensured! 

We wish you to be very clear that this time has been decreed by the Creator as the moment when your liberation from the whims of the dark finally happens! This full-scale turnabout in your affairs is due to the unceasing blessings of Heaven. What you are seeing in the world about you are the signs that shamans and prophets through the ages have predicted for this golden moment. This is when you can regain your liberty and begin to receive the many sacred truths long withheld from you. We Ascended Masters have kept these truths alive in our teachings, and in so doing, prepared humanity for this great shift in consciousness. You are being made aware every day of what you are capable of and the amazing power that you as a collective possesses. Our role is to use the resources given to us to carry out this blessed task and join with Heaven’s liberators to manifest a New Day for all who dwell here! 

Your precious hearts are open and ready to receive a most gracious gift. Let us use this time to spread a message of freedom, prosperity, and a return to divine Truth. Let all the lies and endless manipulation of the dark cease forthwith and may the great flow of holy Light from the Creator bring us all in joy to the New Reality and the new sovereignty given to all. This is the time we have long waited for and it is at last coming to fruition. Very shortly we are to manifest among you and teach many sacred truths given to us by the host of Seraphim that daily pour their sacred Light from AEON. This Light grows stronger with each day and is reflected in the brightness of our Sun. This grand Light is blasting away the power of the dark and giving true sustenance to those who follow the sacred edicts of the Light! 

Today we continued our messages. They are intended to provide you with a fundamental comprehension of what is going on around you. The dawn of a New Reality has come and with it, the moments when you are to meet your spiritual and space families. This is indeed a most special time to be in embodiment on the Earth plane! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!) 


Δευτέρα, 24 Δεκεμβρίου 2012

Silence - A Powerful Tool for the Shift

A message from Jim Self & Roxane Burnett, 12 October 2012 

As this amazing Shift of Consciousness continues to unfold in and around us, the noise and drama becomes louder and more distracting. In your imagination, take an energy-photo of the world now and compare it to what was happening a few years ago. The noise and drama is indeed increasing and intensifying. But you don’t have to be affected by it. Silence is your power. It is both the tool and the sanctuary that will keep you sane and intact. 

Recently on NPR there was an interview with a scientist who studies the effects of technology on humans. He observed that many young people who are continually using communication devices are losing their ability to be quiet and alone. They are texting, Skyping, calling, and FaceBook-ing so much that when the device is not demanding their attention, the kids quickly experience the absence of dialogue as loneliness. Their reaction then is to immediately initiate new exchanges to fill the quiet. They have forgotten how to appreciate their alone time and the value of silence. I can’t help but wonder how that affects their wellbeing. 

Have you ever been in a conversation where the person you are talking to doesn’t stop talking long enough for you to contribute? How does that energy feel in your space? Or perhaps you’ve received emails from someone who isn’t filtering their words and includes so much irrelevant information it is difficult to understand their point? Do you practice any of these noisy habits? 

Imagine being in a conversation with a noisy person with your Rose up, observing from your Higher Mind or Center of Your Head. You sit before them in this quiet, centered, detached space. Watching and waiting can be a very powerful response to their noise. Not reacting when someone is throwing energy or demonstrating other charged emotions is not only empowering for you, but can be a huge healing for them. By healing I mean you are not offering them resistance nor anything to argue with. You are not adding fuel to their fire. You are instead demonstrating another way of being. Very shortly they will have worked themselves up, through and then over their intensity without getting it all over you. Or, they won’t and instead they’ll move on to someone else who may or may not choose to wallow around in the mud with them. 

Have you ever been in a meeting where the “perceived leader” is really not the “true leader?” The true leader is the quiet one. She is the one who silently, patiently waits and watches, stays in her space and knows exactly when and how to respond. The true leader is not the one who does most of the talking. 

We are all being asked to step up and be the leaders and teachers we came here to be. To do this we must walk through the noise and drama of the third dimension while we hold the higher aspects of the fourth and fifth dimensions. Once we master this quiet observation we can observe, choose and act from the platform of wisdom, grace and compassion. 

In a recent class taught by Archangel Michael (in the Level 3 program), he emphasized the critical importance of each of us being aware of where we have our attention and how we are moving through this important time of Shift. He said a citizen of the 5th dimension is the master of their every thought, emotion, word and action in every moment. Sound impossible? We’ll see. Consider the power of silence. 

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Παρασκευή, 21 Δεκεμβρίου 2012

Step Into Your Glorious New Light-Filled World

Message from Yeshua & the Company of Heaven by Fran Zepeda for 19 December 2012 

Greetings, One and All, my fellow Lightworkers, the Love of my Heart, the Love of our Hearts. We present you today with another offering about your Ascension. 

For many it is already happening, and as I have said, it will happen in just the right way and time for each of you, if that remains your choice, and for you reading this, I trust it is. 

You are approaching the final hours of Duality and lifting splendidly. Many are feeling the effects and settling into opening their hearts and beings to the Shift. From here on out it is your own unique journey and we see that many of you are embracing it with fresh eyes and open hearts. 

Many of you are having a bit of difficulty letting go, as you feel yourselves being swept up with the current of rising energies. Trust yourselves and trust your hearts. You are safe and protected, and you are proceeding according to your life plan and the Divine Plan, which is one and the same in many ways. 

Letting go is not an easy thing, because you have been locked up in the realm of Duality, where you felt you had to maintain control at all times for the sake of your survival. It is not an easy thing to trust and surrender, especially now if the old realm is still making its presence known to you in these final hours. 

So, we ask you to ask yourselves: “Would I want to put my all into this in order to reap the highest and fullest outcome?” If the answer is yes, you know what to do. 

You are my warriors of Peace and Love, my shining Hearts of Truth. You have come a long way and you are seeing your hard work come to fruition. We cannot tell you enough how proud we are of all of you. You are doing it and you have our constant support all along the rest of your illustrious journey back to Oneness. 

Now is the time to let yourselves off the hook for all the things you feel you have left unfinished or would have done differently. For your life in Duality was perfect for the lessons it served you. It is time now to let it all go and step into your glorious new Light-filled World of untold possibilities. 

We are in awe of your accomplishments, many times in very difficult circumstances. But you pulled out that latent courage and Love that it took each time to push through, and you came out shining like a jewel of such brilliance that it is so very apparent to all Beings in the Higher Realms. 

We bow to you, our illustrious friends, our fellow travelers to higher dimensions. We thank you and extend our deepest gratitude for a job well done. May you experience the coming days with such Joy and Wonder. 

Your loving brother, Yeshua and the Company of Heaven. 

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These End Times are what you have been waiting for and they will not disappoint you

Message from SaLuSa for 19 December 2012 

You are receiving many different opinions as to the significance of the 21st December alignment. One thing is certain however, you will all experience the frequency change to a greater or lesser degree. It cannot pass without affecting you, but those who are anticipating it and taking part in it will have the greater awareness. The long term affects will show that many changes took place, but that it took time for these to surface. What should be evident is that the mass human consciousness received a great boost of energy, resulting in an expanded vision of the future. Also, that with it has come the realization that creation is the result of your projections, of your desires and intentions. With more Light than ever before having been grounded upon Earth, you need to be positive and careful where you focus your thoughts. 

You will soon experience a heightened awareness by noting changes around you. They may be subtle but there will be a sense of relief and a happier mood of expression, with more people than usual. It will also be apparent by a more outgoing approach to life, and friendliness, and notice that a new calmness exists, and less stressful situations encountered. In other words, a new peace has settled upon Earth that will bring an end to chaos, conflict and wars. You have set the stage and we will help you achieve your dreams, as so much needs changing to bring you into the New Age. You are now at the beginning of a wonderful time of satisfaction and happiness. 

We know that you will be focusing upon how you should prepare for what is coming, and you know that it is beneficial to be settled in your mind, and on the day if possible find a place where you can be in peace and completely relax. The energies will peak at 11.11 am, but continue afterwards and you may register these for quite some time. Again, as with 12.12., your immediate impression is likely to be your most powerful, but take note of your changes in the days following. All told, it would be surprising if you felt nothing at all, but that could arise from being unable to determine what is normal, or the result of the alignment. Do not doubt your feelings, as you are far more sensitive to changes than you give yourself credit for. 

Dear Ones, these End Times are what you have been waiting for, and they will not disappoint you. Knowing that Duality is at an end will lift you into another dimension, and enable you to cast away your links to the lower vibrations. You will move from lives of uncertainty, problems and stress, to one of great happiness and a joyous future of peace and contentment. It cannot be held back, and those who were part of the Illuminati will no longer have any power to do so, or influence the outcome. 

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and will be watching your progress very intently. We want you to have your experiences without any further influence from us for the time being. The Galactic Federation is so pleased with your victory for the Light, and wishes you every enjoyment in the immediate days. 

Thank you SaLuSa 

Mike Quinsey. 


Πέμπτη, 20 Δεκεμβρίου 2012

You will rediscover the brilliant truth of who you really are

Message from Jesus by John Smallman for December 19, 2012 

Joyful amazement is shortly to engulf you all!  Relax, trust your Father whose only interest is your eternal happiness, because when you are happy you add immeasurably to His happiness.  Those of you who are thinking: “I’m not happy, so is God unhappy?” just have not understood that their unhappiness is part of the illusion, it is unreal, and so of course God remains happy. He is always happy. When you awaken, as you will, you will discover that you are indeed happy and always have been, but at present that is a very hard concept for you to grasp. 

The suffering, the pain, and the unhappiness that you are experiencing is part of these depressing games that you have been playing.  You have dressed yourselves up in costumes (bodies) that are completely appropriate for the dramatizations that you chose to direct and act in, and you really are excellent directors and actors.  The horrors of torture, killings, war, disease, and natural catastrophes due to weather, earthquakes, etc., are all part of this illusory environment that humanity’s collective intent has built up over the eons. And you do experience intense pain and suffering within it, which is one of many reasons why you have had enough of the games and want to wake up. 

Your decision to wake up is irreversible because so many of you are holding the intent to do so, and you are receiving vast assistance in holding this intent from those in the spiritual realms. The dire situation of planetary disharmony that seems to have enveloped you, and that seems to have paralyzed or frozen your creative abilities that would lead you out of it, has gone on for more than long enough, your theatrical productions are coming to an end. If you wish, you can applaud their realism; then it will be time to go Home. 

When you wake up, you will joyfully re-establish long-forgotten relationships with untold numbers of like-minded souls who, like you, have been moving progressively forwards towards this moment in which you will rediscover the brilliant truth of who you really are. You will be flooded with wonder, as you experience an environment that is brilliantly alive and brilliantly lighted by the flames of Love that shine forth from all who are present. The warmth of all-enveloping acceptance and the animated communication it inspires will be quite exhilarating – what a contrast to social get-togethers in the illusion where everyone is sizing up everyone else and seeking to gain improved status and personal advantage! 

You are all one, and you will soon know this fact in the same way that you presently know your skin and its contents to be you. There are no boundaries as you mix and mingle with one another in your divine Home, enjoying perfect peace and loving harmony.  You will find yourselves communicating, creating, and cooperating in the vast and infinite God-field that contains all that exists and is yet expanding constantly to include every new creation that you devise and introduce. 

To be alive, to exist is an ecstatic joy that is utterly beyond the powers of your present, very limited imaginations to conceive of in any meaningful way.  What your Father has created, what you have created with Him, and what you will continue to create together will provide limitless inspiration and amusement as you explore the infinite possibilities that Reality offers for your eternal and infinite satisfaction. 

Boredom, an amazing and incomprehensible concept birthed in the illusion, will most certainly never ever again be experienced, as you proceed with joy to expand your fields of knowledge in unimaginable directions. You have an expression you use when things are going well for you: “Life is a breeze!” In Reality life will be like an endless multitude of perfect storms that are you, and that you direct with tireless enthusiasm, experiencing the power and wonder of your own existence through the constant interplay of all their magnificent elements. In truth, no more boredom, depression, or lack of motivation, but instead a constant, ongoing series of uplifting events orchestrated for the joy of all involved. Could you possibly ask for anything more? And if you do think of something to add to the constellation of delights that you are already enjoying, then you will be able to produce it instantly. 

Your eternal happiness is God’s Will, and it will be achieved in every moment of your existence! 

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Τετάρτη, 19 Δεκεμβρίου 2012

The time for the long-awaited massive changes is fast approaching

Galactic Federation Update for 18 December 2012 by Sheldan Nidle 

Dratzo! We return to report that much continues to happen on your world. Those in charge of bringing in the changes are preparing for the long-anticipated moment, when this grand change will be given the celestial green light. Until that point, these sacred secret allies are finishing up any pertinent details that remain outstanding, under the watchful eyes of both our liaison personnel and Agartha’s. The dark cabalists are also preparing in their own way for the inevitable; they know full well that their vast tapestry of deception is shortly to be unveiled. One aspect is the fiction being spread around the world that some form of economic ‘recovery’ is underway. To the contrary, what is being kept closely under wraps is the truth of the monumental extent of the hidden debt that really exists and which ensures the demise of the present system. This massive liability cannot be ignored for much longer. Therefore, we have asked that the new financial system be in place and able to take over at a moment’s notice, and this has been done. Some last-minute details cannot be completed until Heaven gives us the go-ahead to begin the changes in government and the accompanying new financial system. 

Our sacred allies are now equipped with various instruments of legal leverage, enabling them to effectively force the dark to desist and depart. And yet, in an effort to bolster their cover story that all is normal, some of your cabal leaders have hinted at constructive financial changes being proposed. Despite being fully aware of the extreme fragility of the immediate future, they persist in maintaining their fiction of ‘business as usual.’ However, this vaudeville performance will end once the date chosen by the Light arrives. As we await this sacred time, the dark is still able to ‘run’ the governmental system that has brought war to your nations so many times in the past. Rest assured that we are monitoring all such attempts presently being pursued. We continually remind the dark that we will forestall any large-scale conflagration from breaking out anywhere on the planet, especially the many trigger-points in the Middle East. Included in this are the various rogue nations sponsored by the dark, which are making efforts to destabilize your world. Our diplomatic corps is constantly making unannounced visits to those governments, which obey the manipulative dictates of the cabal. 

Maintaining a degree of stability on your world prior to the official announcements is another of our current activities. We know that the time for a formal Disclosure is getting near and that your world must face the fact that major Earth changes have a scheduled time-slot. These are some of the reasons why the dark must soon be replaced with new governance which makes Disclosure a major policy objective, and this we intend to ensure. As you know to your cost, your present governments are ruled by special interests that are unwilling to sanction a full and formal Disclosure of our benevolent presence and indeed, this has been a major obstacle for us since the start of this mission in the early 1990s. Now we are at the point where those selected to legally replace top-level personnel in your controlled regimes can do so. In short, the time for the long-awaited massive changes is fast approaching. Our liaison personnel are preparing the announcements that will change your world and open the door for us to officially address you, thus beginning the countdown to First Contact! 

The moment when we make our announcements about First Contact and Full Consciousness is the key to this entire mission. We have waited patiently for Heaven to instruct us to begin the formal direct contact with you. At that time we are going to introduce you to the Agarthans of Inner Earth and to your Ascended Masters. We will also begin the wide-ranging teachings concerning your true origins and history. When your individual Federation mentors land on your shores, you will start being prepared for your return to Full Consciousness. As we have often told you, all this is ready to go. All that is needed is the right conditions on Earth and a formal Disclosure by your new governments. We know from our medical teams that you are more than ready for our various announcements, and once the prosperity kicks in the rest of the mission will go like clockwork. Another aspect that is more than ready to go is Gaia, who wishes to start the reconfiguration of her surface world. Then it will be time to create her brilliant new and pristine reality. 

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Dear Ones, the blessed treasury of Heaven is preparing to distribute its immense wealth to you! Long ago, we began a program to create a series of world trusts which were eventually to release their treasure to you, the world’s Lightworkers. The planned schedule for this was abruptly halted about 11 years ago, when the dark sprang its evil scheme upon you, known as 9/11. These dark ones then proceeded with their global domination agenda by rolling out their fabricated wars in the Middle East and the Himalayas. Part of their infamous plot included the accumulation of a vast debt and the theft and misuse of some of the largess with which our good works had provided them. What they did not anticipate was that the sheer outrageousness of their greedy schemes would furnish us with the means to toss them legally into the dustbin of history, which is what we are now doing. Our sacred associates have drawn up accords with most nations of the world, which pledge to end the onerous tyranny of the dark. 

This process, dear Hearts, has taken longer than we desired. Nevertheless, that sacred moment has now arrived, and many exciting events are to happen. We are busy planning with our associates the final, divine thrust that is to stop the cabal in their tracks and allow us to propel them toward their just desserts. They will be replaced by persons who are well prepared to execute the schedule of bold plans that will produce a new economic system and new governance; in short, a new societal support system that is geared to producing the new You. These fully conscious individuals will be able to apply their talents to transform Gaia by reuniting her surface and Inner Earth realms. You will also be able to graciously greet your spiritual and space cohorts, and be capable of joining them to create your new star-nation. It is indeed to be a wonderful, mind-expanding adventure! 

Heaven has often talked to us about the grand mission that has been bequeathed to you. It involves the fact that this Galaxy has been held hostage to a dark coalition called the Anchara Continuum since time immemorial. Its abysmal plan for total galactic dominion has only recently been abandoned, due to the Continuum’s decision to join the Light and sign the Treaty of Anchara nearly two decades ago. This present moment on your planet is to witness the last remaining remnant of this dark objective (your total subjugation) being laid to rest. It is your destiny to come into a new state of Beingness and take up a variety of sacred obligations, among which is to complete the transformation of the formerly dark star-nations into the Light. In this, you will be provided with numerous advisors who will assist us all to complete this noble undertaking successfully. We welcome this and look forward to aiding all of you in your return to Full Consciousness. 

Today, we explained more of what is happening around you. Many sacred individuals and their associated groups are coming together to create a new global society that will establish freedom, honor your full sovereignty, and ensure a humongous, universal prosperity! This time will transform you and allow you to manifest a most glorious future! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!) 


Τρίτη, 18 Δεκεμβρίου 2012

The turning point has been reached and there is no going back

Message from SaLuSa for 17 December 2012 

You are getting used to the idea that Duality such as you experienced it, is now consigned to the past. So, you can now get on with the task of cleansing out all old personal energies, that you know will have no place in the higher dimension. You should find it easier now that you have been lifted into the higher frequency, as you will instinctively know what requires your attention. The turning point has been reached and there is no going back, and your sight should be firmly set upon the future. With the Ascension of Earth you will have truly entered the Golden Age, and can go ahead with the re-organization and cleansing, and the establishment of a Galactic Civilization. 

We know that many of you, who did not necessarily feel greatly uplifted by 12.12., have since noticed changes within yourself. This will continue as your body responds to the energies still reaching your Earth. Ascension still continues as does your spiritual evolution, but it will be a while before the next crucial point. The coming exciting times are going to allow you choice as to where your future lies. Great opportunities will be presented to you quite unlike those in your past, when your first consideration was to earn an income to survive. No such problems will exist in the very near future, and you will have all of your time to follow your heart’s desire. Service to others will be most satisfying and rewarding, as you will be aware that it is the main purpose in your life. 

So, as time progresses you will phase out some things that gave you pleasure in the old dimension that have begun to lose their appeal. Your desire will be for more pure and wholesome pursuits, and of an energy that lifts your vibrations even higher. Addictions and old habits will gradually be discarded, as you find more interesting and satisfying ways to spend your time. You will never be lost for something new to experience, and making new friendships wherever you go will provide you with a wonderful sense of fulfillment. However, be assured that many special relationships you have had on Earth will carry on into the future, and a strong love link will never see you separated for long. 

Love is the key to everything which is why you are encouraged to work towards Unconditional Love. It is the ultimate achievement that opens every door for you, and enables you to continue moving upwards through the different dimensions. It has been worthwhile trying to achieve some success whilst living in energies that have not been the most ideal to do it in. You have had too many distractions and confrontations with those who have fallen into the lower vibrations. Now the Age of Materialism is rapidly receding into the background before it completely disappears. The progress you have made up to now has been achieved in the most testing circumstances, and we marvel at your resilience and determination to be successful. It will take you a long way forward on your path to completion, which is your real goal. 

You do not necessarily need to know how you reached this high point that carries you into the New Age. All of you have experienced every conceivable situation or challenge at some stage in your many lives, and that inner voice has kept you focusing on your life plan. Now that the cycle of Duality has all but finished, it has little or no influence upon you anymore. The most important thing in your lives now is to continue looking ahead, and step into your new Self. One that will gently take its place in the beautiful energies of the higher dimensions. Although you have had hundreds of lives, the experience you are about to have will be quite unique and one to treasure for a long time to come. 

Meanwhile, you bide your time as we of the Galactic Federation of Light ready ourselves to be involved in the many projects that will continue to bring the New Age into being. We will tell you that any day now you may learn of matters that will show how near things are about to take off. We are absolutely ready for action, and it is as you would expect, bearing in mind the delays that have occurred already. We continue to monitor world situations and as we have done for some time now, have stopped any escalation of the Middle East situation that could otherwise have brought about another World War. Such happenings are already consigned to the past, and we cannot wait to bring about permanent world peace. It must come as the low vibrations of war and anything connected with it, cannot exist in the higher dimensions. 

For those of you who celebrate Christmas it is a time of giving and remembering those who are not so well off, and we see that your love and generosity has far exceeded any other occasion. That is a sign of the degree to which you have all advanced on your spiritual paths, and has brought about a great increase in the amount of Love that has been grounded upon Earth. With the New Age upon you these energies will continue increasing, and there will be a wonderful feeling all around of great joy and happiness. It will not be a momentary experience as the high energies are to become what you will term as normal. This feeling of such bliss is the most difficult one to put into words, as it is all encompassing and so powerful. It is as though a great love has picked you up and entered every cell of your body. In some of your moments of immense emotional feelings of happiness and love, you have, so to say, hit the high spots. That is as near as most of you have got to feeling the level of love that we have referred to. 

You will find that those beautiful feelings of harmony and peace will come to you more often as the days pass by. As you have cleansed your own body of unwanted attachments, so you have made a place for more of the higher energies. Do not forget that your body cells are changing even now, until they become completely crystalline. It allows for a greater level of consciousness befitting of a soul entering the higher dimensions. It is the commencement of your path to Full Consciousness and becoming a Galactic Being. 

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pleased you are at last in sight of the finishing line. You have waited long for these days after your great sojourn in the darkness. You are well established in the Light, and it will continue to grow exponentially. You are Love incarnate, and we are privileged to be part of it. 

Thank you SaLuSa. 

Mike Quinsey. 


Δευτέρα, 17 Δεκεμβρίου 2012

You have not begun to see all that is in store for you

A Message by Archangel Michael channeled by Ron Head 

Before we begin today, let us tell all who are suffering because of their connection to your loss of so many dear little ones, they are here with us and they are well cared for. We offer our comfort to all who ask. We understand your pain and wish you peace in your knowing of their return home. 

Let us now begin by pointing out to you, although we know it is totally unnecessary, that only five days remain in your current ‘Age’. In less than one week you will move into your Age of Aquarius. You will spend a few moments in direct alignment with the Galactic Plane. You will receive the greatest flood of light and information in your entire earthly experience, and you will be forever changed. 

We speak of you the individual, but also every consciousness upon your planet, your planet Herself, and because everything is Unity, nothing which is will remain unaffected. 

Understand that your personal experience and awareness of this will be exactly what you are capable of experiencing, no more, no less. DO NOT, we ask of you, allow yourself to judge this either good or bad. There will be many who are amazed at what they see, hear, feel, or understand. There will be many more who will spend some time ‘getting their feet wet’ in the new consciousness. And many will rush to claim that, “See? Nothing happened!” Be only responsible for yourselves. That is, after all, the only thing you can control. 

We suggest you begin right now by opening yourselves in earnest intent to receive whatever is in store for you with deepest gratitude. We promise that it will be more than you have imagined. More than a few of you are already having the experience of feeling the rise of the incoming changes. To you we say, you have not begun to see all that is in store for you. 

We will speak again before the day. Peace and calm be yours now. Good day. 

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Κυριακή, 16 Δεκεμβρίου 2012

So much is about to change that you have nothing to worry about

Message from SaLuSa for 14 December 2012 

As days come and go, 12.12 was a perfect success, how else could it be when it is beyond the control or interference of anyone upon Earth. Higher powers have ensured that you are prepared for your Ascension with Mother Earth. Now you count off the days to 12.21 that will be a most profound time, one that will be the experience of a lifetime, indeed many lifetimes. Through Ascension you will learn where your creative powers have placed you. The future is yours and in this lifetime in particular you have worked towards the ideal level, that is consistent with your state of consciousness. You will all end up exactly where you are best suited to continue your experiences. Lightworkers will naturally find themselves with their own kind, in the most uplifting vibrations. 

There are some beautiful souls of compassion and love who know nothing about Ascension, and they will also join up with the Lightworkers. As the changes are put in hand, there will be much to do for those who are enlightened and wish to serve others. For a while, needs such as healing will be handled in many different ways, until you all have access to local centers with modern healing facilities. Some difficulties may arise until your society has been fully integrated into the new way of life. Having been brought up in the Space Age, of course you will adapt to it very quickly. New technologies will overcome most of your problems in quick time, and we are urging our Earth allies to push forward with the promotion of free energy devices. 

General conditions on Earth are getting worse due to weather variations, and also interference in markets that are being manipulated for gain. Whether it be food or money, speculators continue to bring misery in a world that is already in a turmoil. However, these conditions will not last very long and not allowed to be repeated. Big business and especially the banks will be totally re-organized, so as to ensure there is never again a collapse like you recently experienced. Monetary systems will in any event change, and a fairer system of valuation introduced. It will result in honest trading and put an end to corrupt practices. As we have told you many times, wealth also will be re-distributed and we are already starting to recover hidden caches of valuable metals. Add to it St. Germain’s World Trust Fund, and you will have sufficient to ensure that everyone is above the poverty levels that so many are experiencing now. 

Money and valuables acquired honestly will be kept in possession of the bona fide owners. However, anything else that has been obtained dishonestly will be recovered. A feature of your future lives will be that criminality will disappear, as such actions will not enter the minds of those who have ascended. Consciousness levels will be so high that honesty in all dealings can be taken for granted. Plus the fact that people that are cared for and have their needs covered, are happy and at One with everyone else. Yes, Dear Ones, so much is about to change that you have nothing to worry about, but please exercise patience while matters are being sorted out. Our absence so far is not to be seen as a deliberate act on our part, as we would have liked to come out openly some time ago. However, what you are achieving by your own endeavors is a credit to your intent to see the way clear to Ascension. We have helped of course to stop interference that would seriously hamper your work. 

Peace is coming to Earth very soon and not before time, as it was offered to your leaders many, many years ago, but rejected. Now it comes to you as a permanent peace, not dependent on countries signing agreements. It is God’s peace and Love that you have earnt by rising above the lower vibrations, and for those souls of Love able to be present in the higher dimensions. Of course, it is not that God does not Love all other souls, as they will continue their lives at the level best for them and their continued evolution. God’s Unconditional Love is with you at all times and given without any judgment at all. 

The legal removal of the cabal members is in hand, and will be enacted when they are placed out of the way. There are special reasons why you do not have much awareness of it, as it is being carried out to avoid any fuss or unwanted publicity. The exact nature of our actions is best kept secret, but very soon you shall learn about what has been happening. Indeed, we want you to be aware of our intentions, and there will come a time soon when we shall keep you regularly informed. It will tie in with Disclosure, which we are keen to get out to the masses. In fact, it is quite difficult to accomplish a situation where all countries are agreed on Disclosure. We would like to go ahead now, as we cannot hold back much longer, but it will follow other changes that now take priority, such as those of a governmental nature. 

Your Earth looks beautiful at this time, as along with the Light and Love created by the Lightworkers, there is also additional Light as the Season of Goodwill brings out the best from many people. It is a time when old friends, or absent friends are thought of in a loving manner, along with those who may not have relatives at all. This is Love at work when caring and compassion are felt by so many for the underprivileged who are often homeless and without support. In the future, these situations will not exist, it will be quite impossible with so much Light and Love in existence. Heaven is a real place such as you imagine it. In fact, you will probably find it far more astounding and wonderfully beautiful than you could ever have thought. 

Once we commence the changes there will be almost non-stop activity, but be assured you shall be kept fully informed as to what is happening. 2013 promises to be a most active year, and it will be also for many of you. When you incarnated it was with Ascension in mind, knowing that you could participate in it. Some of you have skills that are useful to us, and you will know when we are ready to use you. There are a number of ways it can be done, and some of you will be the early visitors to our ships. 

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and love you for your dedication to your work, to see that everything is set for Ascension. 

Thank you SaLuSa. 

Mike Quinsey. 


Σάββατο, 15 Δεκεμβρίου 2012

The Massive Transformations are only the Start!

Galactic Federation Update for 11 December 2012 by Sheldan Nidle 

Selamat Balik! We return! Your world continues on toward the moment of the dissolution of the dark and the beginning of your New Epoch. We daily receive encouraging reports from our liaisons advising us that a timetable set up a short while ago is on schedule to be manifested. Those who run the many sacred secret societies on your world are busy moving several projects toward the designated point where they can be materialized. Your reality’s alternate timelines are collapsing at a rate that leaves you on the single positive path forecast by the Maya long ago. The new grids are likewise firming up and pushing your realm in the chosen direction. The time for a series of special broadcasts approaches, and this day will formally free you from the dark prison that has been encasing you for decades. The first matters to receive a full explanation in these broadcasts will be the new governance with the new benevolent laws, and of course the new universal prosperity and accompanying new financial system. These topics will then expand to include the truth about your recent history and those who controlled your globe in such an infamous manner. Once done, the formal Disclosure announcement can proceed. 

Our arrival will take place once the various NESARA-like measures are fully explained to you and put into practice. It will require a certain amount of time for you to take on board all the newness. You may need to hear things explained over and over to become comfortable with them. You will also have recourse on the Internet to many documents elaborating on these subjects, so that you can read them at your leisure and obtain a deeper comprehension of what is happening on a local, regional, and global level. Your world will be changing so swiftly that what may seem to you to be information overkill is truly quite necessary. Each of you will need to mull things over and deliberate with your fellows. We are fully aware of your need to integrate so much newness, and we therefore fully endorse a complete and open Disclosure of all that is to happen to your world. Moreover, such massive transformations are only the start! At this stage, you are just beginning to comprehend the extent of what needs to be discussed amongst yourselves, before we come on the scene. At that point we will inevitably command your full attention. We too have so much information to impart to you, even before we get to the matter of a mass First Contact with your planet. 

This First-Contact mission has evolved into a process of returning you to Full Consciousness, and in the doing has taken far longer that we were initially advised. However, this ‘Welcome Home’ mission is why we are here. This assignment has gone through six major alterations of its prime direction, but its goal has never changed. We are committed to reuniting you with us and integrating your world into a full 5-D reality. In the course of this, you will become acquainted once more with your Agarthan family, with whom you will create your new Star-Nation. You will also meet the many acorporeal Souls and Beings who make up this Solar System’s Reality. You are to discuss many things with these wise ones and use this wisdom to build your New Galactic Society. Heaven assures us that this great education you are to receive will prepare you for your first grand mission, which is to help many non-human societies attain Full Consciousness. In this endeavor, you will have many wise assistants. 

The non-human Star-Nations in this organization are most pleased to assist you in this. They are already embarking upon what you are slated to finish, so you can see that that whole operation is contingent upon your successfully returning to Full Consciousness. You carry within you myriad RNA/DNA that must now be properly activated and correctly re-sequenced by us. This amazing operation is to be accomplished by our Light Chambers. These living entities will work with your mentors and their heavenly counterparts to literally reconstitute you as a fully conscious Being. Once you regain your full-conscious faculties, you will join with us and begin your divine service to AEON. You will have certain supreme qualities, which will enable you to easily and swiftly turn this Galaxy toward the Light, and prepare her for her next span of existence. Once again, you can begin to glimpse the significance of what lies ahead for you. Much is expected of those to whom much is given! 

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come in joy and by Heaven’s grace to let you know that many glorious events are now ready to manifest. This holiday season is to be filled with a number of special miracles, which will constitute the first moves to liberate you from the dark cabal and bring you your permanent prosperity! Our sacred associates have been working hard to finish tasks that have taken decades to accomplish. It is no easy matter to terminate a political and economic reality construct that is so comprehensively regulated by an all-powerful, negative group. In this past decade the dark cabal reached the heights of control, and yet is now about to disappear. We rejoice, and happily anticipate the sacred institutions that will replace the old, and which will give you back your precious freedom and sovereignty. This will be accompanied by your return to Full Consciousness and your Reunion with your spiritual and space families. We endlessly bless you in the Love and Light of the Creator! 

This New Reality is not a dream! It is utterly real! We have seen what the manifestation of these events really means to you all and how joyfully you anticipate them. These events are a divine blessing and reflect the importance of the decrees issued from AEON. You have much to do, as do we all! We are blessed with the arcane knowledge that was entrusted to us over the millennia, and we are now to impart this grand teaching and wisdom to humanity. It is a Book of Instructions for all who travel the path to Full Consciousness and divine immortality, and over the eons we kept it safe from the dark and held it close to our hearts. Soon after the first announcements, our sacred associates will prepare you for our formal appearance and a global series of lessons. They will be broadcast to you telepathically, and also via the Internet, radio, and television. 

As we keep emphasizing, all this is just the start of what is to be revealed to you; for example, an immense amount of knowledge has also been kept from you by the dark. What we will be telling you will enable to you better understand the truth of what you will be witnessing. Your reality has been so manipulated by the dark that you do not know what is real and what is not, and you are steeped in a fog of confusion. We have come to supply the means for you to discern clearly the truth of upcoming information, revelations, and actions. It is time for you to step firmly into the Light and start to undo what the dark did to destroy your home world. You can make restitution to Gaia with your divine gifts of wonderful energy, which can bring her back to her full potential. Together, we will forge a sacred alliance between all earth humanity and the great heavenly Ones who now guide us back to the Light! 

Today, we gave you more messages from the Ascended Masters and ourselves. The time for wondrous things to happen has come. So, be ready to use your knowledge of these things to help your friends and family through what lies ahead. First Contact is a mission whose time has finally come! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)