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Thinking About How to Think

By Linda Sapadin, PH.D 

Have you ever taken a course on how to manage your mind? Have you ever read a book on how to think? I doubt it. 

Most of us believe we’ve learned how to think by going to school and learning about the world. But most schooling teaches you only one way of thinking: figuring out the right answer. Once you’ve done that, many believe that there’s no need to reflect on the ideas you have or the beliefs you maintain. 

But here’s the problem with this approach. In real life, we have to deal with challenges that don’t have one right answer, problems that have no clear solutions, ambiguities that muddle our brain, behavior (our own as well as others) that perplexes us. 

I find it fascinating that enlightening yourself about healthy ways to maintain your body is part of our culture. Every magazine trumpets the latest discoveries about how to be more physically fit. 

But enhancing your thinking skills? Enriching your mind management skills? Not many articles about that. 

We’ve all heard the phrase, “it’s not so much what you say, but how you say it that matters.” This axiom helps us become more aware of our language and its effect on others. 

But have you ever heard the axiom, “It’s not what you think, but how you think it?” Probably not. And yet how you think has a huge effect on how you are in the world. 

So, let me offer you a few quick tips on good thinking that can help you meet new challenges without undue anxiety. 

Differentiate thinking from obsessing. Thinking includes reasoning, reflecting, pondering, judging, analyzing and evaluating an idea or decision. It’s using your mind in a creative, effective manner. Thinking tends to be productive, goal-oriented, action-oriented. Obsessing, in contrast, is having your mind excessively focused on a single emotion or event. It hinders your ability to relax, let go or decide. This is not merely an unproductive process, it’s counterproductive. 

If you find yourself obsessing, take a deep breath and see if you can make one small decision about your dilemma. It doesn’t have to resolve the whole problem, just take you to the next step. For example, if you are obsessing about whether to leave your job, you might simply decide to contact a headhunter to get her assessment of what the job market in your field might be. 

Free yourself from the outcome. In previous generations, most people assumed that they couldn’t control the outcome of many of life’s events. Events occurred, you didn’t make them happen. Children “arrived,” they weren’t planned. You “fell in love” or entered an arranged marriage, you didn’t search for the perfect mate. You “found a job,” you didn’t agonize over the ideal career. Nowadays, however, because we really do have more control over our lives, we feel anguished when we can’t control everything. 

If you can free yourself from expecting that the outcome must always be in your favor, you’ll make better decisions. Do you want to ask someone out on a date but keep focusing on how you might be rejected? Do you wish to move to a different part of the country but fear that things won’t work out as expected? Reflect on your choice. Research your move. Plan your actions. Do what you can do to maximize your success. But don’t paralyze yourself from taking action because you can’t guarantee success. 

Cultivate a relaxed mind. It’s easy to say, “Just relax,” but for many that’s a really tough thing to do. If you can attain a relaxed state of mind, however, it will help you to avoid obsessive thought patterns. You’ll be able to think more clearly and deal more thoughtfully with choices and decisions. A few tips on how to do this: 

Listen to music that soothes your soul. Take a warm bath. Sit by a fireplace; let yourself be hypnotized by the flames. Enjoy something silly. Use your imagination. Create a place in your mind where you can go to feel safe, warm, cozy and comfy. Imagine staying there until your mind is quiet, your body relaxed. A relaxed body is a good home for a relaxed mind. 

Source: http://psychcentral.com

Παρασκευή, 30 Μαΐου 2014

All undesirable aspects of life will disappear

Message from SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey for 30 May 2014 

We observe what you call the “hotspots” of negative energy brought about by the confrontation of groups that have different aims in life. Some choose to impose them on others with the result that clashes take place that often lead to a serious outcome. These are yet further lessons for all concerned, until they realize that differences must be settled through peaceful negotiations, and are the only way forward. Man has almost always sought to settle differences through the use of threats or violence to gain his own way. The message that peaceful negotiations are the only way to achieve a peaceful settlement is just beginning to be accepted, and the people are leading the way. 

Sooner rather than later, your leaders will realize that there is only the one way forward to permanent peace. With it will come great changes that will move you out of the lower vibrations into a peaceful era. Our presence helps to ensure that matters do not fall back into the old patterns of confrontation, as we are preventing the dark Ones from progressing from their present position. We have been given the authority to intervene where it is necessary to maintain the progress towards full peace, and a total end to warlike confrontations. So, be assured that regardless of any outward appearance, steady progress is being made towards the goals that have been set. 

In the greater picture, we are constantly monitoring your weather and its effect upon you, but certain necessary changes must be allowed to go ahead as part of the moves that will take you into the New Age. The groundwork is going ahead in respect of a number of different projects, and at a desirable speed and many new ideas are waiting to be revealed. Quite a number of them are already known to you, and it is simply a matter of waiting until the right time to introduce them. In one way or another, you will eventually be able to change your way of living to eliminate many aspects that are costly and time consuming. Free energy would clearly represent a major change and one that would be very welcome. It is already known in a number of ways that can help every family, and it is eventually going to supply all of your needs regardless of the numbers involved. 

There are also many changes to come where your medical profession is concerned, as by moving into the higher energies, you will no longer be subject to the “cut and cure” approach. Indeed, it will become unnecessary as the body vibrations will eventually rise to a point when no disease will be able to assail your body. Meantime, you will gradually refine the ways treatment is given, and reduce the need to use the knife. Diseases of many kinds are rampant upon Earth, but these also will gradually disappear due to the increase in vibrations. So, you can see that your future is bright and that all undesirable aspects of life will disappear. 

We know that some of you wonder why it has taken so long to reach this point in time, and it is down to each Age having passed without sufficient progress having been made. However, you have now succeeded in reaching a sufficiently high vibration to leave the old ones behind, and soon you will start to experience the benefits that come with it. There is so much changing even now that you are unaware of although certain people follow the changes as part of their work. Your problem is that so much is still kept secret and additionally there are those who oppose progress and seek to “muddy the waters”. 

As individuals you can help others through what is for many a difficult period, by assuring them that all will take a turn for the better very soon. That what they experience going on around them is only the outer activity of magnificent changes that will permanently change things for the better. The old ways are no longer suited to the time you are in and as such will simply fade away. Some people will be frightened by what they see, but if you have the opportunity to speak with them, simply explain that it is a necessary cleansing, so that the New Age can really get under way. Once the cabal loses their power and influence to shape your future, the truth will come out and remarkable and welcome changes will go ahead. Be assured that we have all the means at our disposal to go speeding ahead once it is safe to do so. 

Unfortunately the mainstream Press is still under the influence of the cabal, but it is an area that we are working on to remove those that “pull the strings”. The Press is not yet free to print what it chooses, but when those that presently control are out of the way, revelation after revelation will open your eyes to how you have been deliberately mislead and held back for millennia of years. Try to read between the lines when news stories break, as sometimes they are contrived or totally false. The real news is held back, but in time that will no longer be possible, as many sources will begin to open up to the truth. 

You are coming out of an Age where the dark ones were allowed to have free rein, by which they presented the most difficult challenges to the Light. Although the outcome was not known because freewill was given, it was considered that the Light would end up victorious. That victory took place very recently and that is why we can confidently state that you are in an unassailable position. It is simply a matter of accepting the facts that the Light has emerged victorious and will carry you into the first major changes, and also onto the new levels of vibration which you know as the 4th Dimension. 

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can assure you that all proceeds well, and in the near future you will understand and see the path to the higher dimension opening up. Help your fellow travelers to see the Light in action and know that their future lies with it, and that the dark Ones are in decline and will not be allowed to interfere with progress. Their day has almost passed and soon there will be revelations that will confirm their demise. It was always planned that the Light would be victorious at the end of the Age, and all Lightworkers along with souls of love and caring would lead the Human Race to the “promised land.” Let Love and Light be your guide and protection. 

Thank you SaLuSa. 

Mike Quinsey.

Πέμπτη, 29 Μαΐου 2014

The Mighty I AM Presence

Source: Children of the Sun 

The “I AM Presence” is an electronic body of blazing Light substance that is individualized within each of us as the flame of life from the Source of all creation, our beloved Mother/Father God. 

This Presence is our true nature… that imperishable, eternal and individual identity within each and every human being. It is that which we have been seeking to return for millennia of lifetimes, the Great God Self.

As the highest divine aspect of our vast multidimensional constitution, the I AM Presence is the original seed of Love and the immortal nucleus of our entire being. 

It is the Source of every constructive impulse, thought, feeling and action. Its unifying, cohesive nature is the Source of all the love, wisdom and power required to overcome absolutely anything and everything that is of discordance and limitation. 

As we develop intimate relationship with and give constant adoration to our Divine Presence, miracles begin to happen including instant manifestation, spontaneous transformation and absolute knowing. This occurs simply through the constancy of our unwavering focus placed upon the Greater. In doing so, spiritual energy around us intensifies and expands as the points of Light within every cell of our flesh body respond in tremendous gratitude. 

As our attention continuously pours out Love to this Love of our being, an impenetrable radiance of Light forms around our body encasing us in a protective tube of Light of great magnetization and transformative influence to the outer world. God, expressing as the mighty I AM Presence within each of us, is the authority of the entire Universe. 

The I AM Presence hears, sees, thinks, feels and responds to only perfection on its level of cosmic service. As we consistently give adoration, feel gratitude and qualify our every activity with and through this energy stream, our daily positive impact upon life is immeasurable. 

This is especially amplified when our focus is consciously combined with all of the beings of Light from ‘On High’ supporting our dimensional transition. Together we coherently serve as Universal I AM, operating within all cosmic dimensions and radiating the patterns of perfection. 

We are SO blessed. 

Τετάρτη, 28 Μαΐου 2014

It is a time for freedom, prosperity and new governance!

Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy for 27 May 2014 

3 Ix, 5 Pax, 10 Caban 

Selamat Jalwa! (Be in Everlasting Joy!) A grand series of events is now occurring around your globe! These events mark the beginnings of certain critical projects that are to bring you freedom, sovereignty, prosperity and new governance. Our liaisons report that several groups, which comprise our Earth allies, are moving to push the dark cabal and its minions from power. Included in these projects are the means to exponentially expand a nation-by-nation common law network, and projects, which tie this network into a means to forge new governance around your globe. The prosperity projects are also readying the delivery systems that are to be the basis for declaring NESARA to come into effect. As these events get ready to surface, we are preparing to put a formal stop to an international conspiracy that has made the spraying of "chemtrails" a nearly daily occurrence. The Agarthan liaisons are also busy informing the various dark cabal leadership groups that their vile objectives are to be ended in a slew of mass arrests. 

It is vital that Gaia be saved from a daily onslaught of innumerable surface human companies that seek to exploit her many resources. These earthly resources are really the source for many items which help to maintain her numerous and diverse ecosystems. Our scientists daily monitor these developments and do what they can to maintain a degree of stability. There is a natural mechanism provided by Heaven that enables Gaia to make the extraction of these resources more and more difficult. This is the cause behind many of the mining and construction disasters, which develop from time to time on your world. The introduction of a number of presently sequestered technologies can greatly reduce the possibilities for such disasters. The dark cabal insists on keeping processes that the ushering in of these new technologies can easily remedy. This is one of the reasons behind the necessity of ousting these dark ones from power. Added to these calamities is the enormous greed and arrogance of this dark oligarchy. 

As we remove this dark set of vile minions from power, we also need to move your own transformations forward. Heaven has a very detailed time schedule for what is about to happen. Gaia needs to complete a series of preliminary changes before we can begin our mass landings. Hence, we are assisting Gaia and working with her to minimize what is to occur. As your geologists and meteorologists surmise, the seabeds need to continue to rise, and broad changes in your normal patterns are to take place. These changes are readying Gaia's surface for the massive series of acts that are to reshape her continents, alter her oceans and set up the means in the atmosphere for a new set of layers of the ancient firmament. Gaia previously was a pristine place with only occasional disruption. These disruptions were times when new ecosystems were introduced and new species obtained a period of domination. These periods generally lasted for many hundreds of millions of years. You arrived when such a change had recently happened. 

This surface had more continents and smaller oceans. A general balance was in effect. Your ancestors realized this and at first used their ethereal-like state of consciousness to adapt themselves to this realm. Later, they explored Inner Earth and immediately understood that their guardianship extended to both realms. Over hundreds of thousands of years the Lemurians graciously were able to oversee Gaia and her numerous ecosystems. While doing this, the Lemurians welcomed new colonists and began to forge a network of lands, and carried out their stewardship with love, grace and divine wisdom. Tales were told to each new generation, which in turn added to this ever-growing history. A long relationship with Gaia had preserved her unique chain of diverse life forms. This serenity was to be broken by the sudden actions of Atlantis. These actions sank Lemuria, cut off Agartha from Gaia's surface and made Atlantis the dominant land on Gaia's surface realm! Your long, Dark Age had begun! 

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We look at our reality and know in our hearts that a great transformation is underway. Our sacred brethren are busy making it possible for the dark to be pushed from power. These changes are to usher in a new epoch. This epoch contains the final part of your blessed journey to Full Consciousness. We are part of a special team sent now to prepare each of you for this New Reality. Our aspect of this project is to prepare you for what is to be said by our divine space and spiritual families. The Anunnaki and their earthly minions produced tales which became the foundation for either religious or scientific myths that describe how you were left in limited consciousness and how the shock of death was used to control you. Each preceding golden age was, in reality, a source for stories that became how you were suddenly plunged into the horrors of limited consciousness. 

It is the major fears and traumas that followed, which permit your rulers to treat you so shoddily. After nearly 13,000 years, you now readily and easily accept many of these tales. These half-truths need to be brought out into the light and explained in a most genuine and truthful manner. Originally, you were fully conscious Beings who refused to permit the dark to control the edicts of ancient Atlantis. In their rebellion, they were jointly deceived and sent to a process that turned your ancestors into amnesia-ridden, limited consciousness individuals. In doing so, your "angelic wings" were literally clipped. You were left on a torturous road filled with horrific obstacles to regaining your status as fully conscious Beings. Heaven decided to permit the Anunnaki to control you for a set time. The conditions for this were quite carefully set. 

Right now, the Anunnaki have a number of myths and legends left behind and given to their dark minions. Our brethren arrive with the sacred blessings of Heaven and the mission at the right divine time to release you from your bondage and return you to Full Consciousness. During the right lifetime, Heaven gave us the means to conquer these obstacles and reach heavenly Ascension. In this Full Consciousness, we take up the need to guide, advice and teach each of you about what is happening. This time is one of a rapid transition. It is when you start to realize that what is the current "norm" is merely a continuation of how you were artfully deceived and controlled. This is now blessedly to end and, with its end, comes a great transformation and welcoming reunion with the rest of humanity. It is a time for freedom, prosperity and new governance! You are not alone! 

Today, as always, we continued our mission to inform you and ready you for the rise of a new epoch. One in which the dark is no longer dominant. In receiving your spiritual and space brethren, be joyous and be prepared to discover many things that can easily shock you. See this great Light. We leave you in Joy and in the everlasting Spirit of the Almighty! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Τρίτη, 27 Μαΐου 2014

Feel the essence of magic and wonder within you

Hilarion's Weekly Message by Marlene Swetlishoff May 25-June 1, 2014 

Beloved Ones, as the energy continues to come in waves, so too, do the symptoms your bodies are experiencing. Just when you thought that you were over the worst of them, another round is started. Take heart, Dear Ones, and know that it brings lightness of heart and being as the ancient memories in your cells are brought to the surface to be addressed and released. All that is of sorrow and sadness is being eliminated and in its place comes more refined Light. As those at the forefront of this movement and transformation, you are doing a wonderful job of assimilating and eliminating. The ups and downs that you have been experiencing are a part of the process. Listen to your bodies and allow rest when it is needed and for some of you, this reminds you of the story of Rip Van Winkle who wandered into the mountains and slept for twenty years. This too shall pass. 

Follow your heart in all things, for it is the true barometer of what is the right thing for you to do in any given moment. Many of you are going deep within to touch the core of your being and are realizing what it is that you truly desire to experience and create in your experience of life. Follow the joy that these activities bring within you and focus on that state of being. Within every moment lies the seed of infinite possibility and it is you who must nurture and allow the seed to germinate, grow and flourish in abundance. The well of creativity runs deep within you and you have but to tap into its flow. Tap into the inner child within you and feel the wonder and the magic of your life with enthusiasm. It matters not what chronological age you are at, what matters is feeling the essence of magic and wonder within you, as you begin to experience the unfolding of dreams you have had for your life in an earlier time that are now coming into manifestation. 

Allow yourselves to expand in your consciousness and follow the joy. It is true that many in your sphere of influence are just beginning their process of Ascension into a higher consciousness and this can sometimes hold you back from moving forward, as you patiently wait for greater awakening within them. Know that you must follow your passion and trust that they will follow. You must realize that being with you in their daily lives is an important part of the greater meaning of life for them. Your enthusiasm lifts up their energy and guides them along their journey. You may not realize this, but as you seek the answers to your questions about the mysteries of life upon your planet, you inspire these ones with your example. You are greatly admired and emulated as a living example of a courageous person who lives according to higher principles and integrity of being. 

The people on the planet are awakening in ever increasing numbers and this has an effect upon the consciousness of all. Humanity as a whole desires to cast off all that has been keeping them in the dark and want to walk the ways of the Light. All that was hidden is now being exposed for everyone to reflect upon, to take what is relevant to them and cast off that which no longer has meaning. This is a never ending process of growth and expansion. The growth that has taken place within you in the last six months is wondrous to behold and we wait with bated breath to see the changes within you in the next six months. We know that each one of you would not go back to the unawakened state of being for any reason whatsoever, even though it means more of your illusions about life on this planet are shattered. 

As the spiritual journey unfolds in its myriad patterns, take the time to honor yourselves for stepping forward and doing the work required. Give yourselves a pat on the back and celebrate often the many accomplishments along the way, no matter how small they may seem to you. Buy yourselves fresh cut flowers often and enjoy looking at them and the beauty they provide, enrich your lives by being good to yourselves and to those wonderful beings who share your life. All is unfolding in divine timing and you are exactly where you are meant to be at this time. We thank you for your gratitude and acknowledgement of many of us for the next many weeks and we stand by to assist in every moment we are asked. 

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion 

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Δευτέρα, 26 Μαΐου 2014

When all qualities of Love are present, peace, harmony and happiness are the result

Message from Archangel Gabriel via Marlene Swetlishoff for 22 May 2014 

Beloved Ones, let us have discourse on the quality of Love known as responsibility. This quality entails the acceptance that one is governed by this quality in all things. For each person must be completely honest within their own choices, decisions and deeds in order that their soul’s purpose for experiencing this world is fulfilled in all its many facets. 

Each soul desires to bring a greater expansion and a reminder to their physical expression here on Earth of the magnificence of their real essence, their divine essence. Holding this vision before them, the individual living their daily life upon this planet understands that no one else can do the work that is required to attain the highest expression of their true selves and that it is their recognition of this quality of Love known as responsibility that will assist them to align with that higher aspect within themselves. They understand the solemn duty they have to honour their highest integrity in all interactions with others, for to do so enables the greater Light within them to radiate more fully at all times. 

When each soul in their physical expression uses this quality of Love, they become more impeccable in all activities in their daily life. Upon the commitment of each individual to live their highest purpose rests this responsibility, this quality of Love. It means that they must follow through on all their goals, desires and dreams for a better world, a better way. Taking responsibility for one’s own actions, words and deeds is a loving acknowledgment to one’s divine presence that one is sincere in their desire to walk a higher path back to unity with their enlightened aspects. When an individual answers this call, they become more attuned to their higher aspect and it soon becomes clear to them that they are walking their true path and that they are on the right track. When one always automatically attunes to their higher aspects in all things, the elements of doubt, fear and confusion fade away from their consciousness and the individual is confident and sure that they are following the right course of action. 

When an individual always does what they feel is right and listens to the still small voice within their heart, they honour the guidance they are receiving from the higher levels of consciousness. This helps to keep life simple and easy to live each day. Any distractions from this path are recognized as such and the state of joy becomes a constant companion. By automatically eliminating the expectations and demands of others from one’s energy field, one remains true to one’s purpose here on Earth. Many times, people become confused when they want to please others within their sphere of influence and stray from the honouring of their own path. It requires self responsibility to adhere to one’s chosen way of life, for first and foremost it is responsibility to Self that counts the most. When each individual is accountable to their higher vision for themselves and acts accordingly, they are empowered on every level of their being and it is not easy to move this person away from their center. Thus, such a person is not easily manipulated or dissuaded from staying true to their own unique abilities and purpose, their own Divine Plan for their life here on Earth. 

In their interpersonal relationships with others, it is important that each individual accepts responsibility. This quality of Love ensures that all commitments and promises are kept to the individuals they are interacting with. By honouring this quality in their relationships, other qualities of Love such as trust and consideration come into play. When an individual is honest, sincere and responsible in all ways, the others in their life feel valued and appreciated knowing that here is one that will never let them down or disappoint them. This creates an environment of cooperation, respect and stability in their lives and all individuals are willing to take responsibility for the continuation of these qualities to be present each and every day. When each one assumes responsibility that all qualities of Love are present in their lives, peace, harmony and happiness are the result. When all individuals experience the benefits of adhering to this quality of Love known as responsibility, it becomes a joy to be in relationship with others. 

When individuals honour their commitments to the outer aspects of life in a community setting, and take responsibility to be involved in certain ways, it creates a better community that all can enjoy. Using this quality of Love in this setting takes each individual out of the realm of self interest and into the arena of highest good for all. If all involved take responsibility for working together in a cooperative fashion, there can be no limits on the works that can be accomplished. There is a flow of harmony that enables each individual to work tirelessly, until the project is successfully accomplished and paves the way for other projects to be created in the future. It is on this quality of Love that all other qualities can be manifested. It is a most important facet of Love to be expressed in all individuals on the planet. 

I leave you now to ponder on this quality within you. 

I AM Archangel Gabriel 

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Κυριακή, 25 Μαΐου 2014

What is Kundalini?

Source: http://www.kundaliniawakeningprocess.com 

Kundalini is the ancient, accepted term for the biological and spiritual potential of the human body – a tiny replica of the huge potentials that exist in nature (think lightening) and the cosmos (think “Big Bang”). In 99.99% of people, Kundalini goes unharnessed, lying dormant deep within their nervous and endocrine systems. In the unawakened human being, these systems are poorly connected, “rusty,” poorly synchronized, and unable to carry much more “signal” than keeps that person alive. 

Kundalini awakening occurs when the various parts of the brain, spine, and nerve ganglia, along with the different endocrine glands, begin to rejuvenate, better link, and synchronize. The gonads, adrenals, and digestive glands (connected to the experience of lower emotions) connect to the master glands at the heart, throat, and brain. 

These systems rapidly rejuvenate, function more efficiently, and begin to carry larger quantities of bio-electric (neurotransmitter and endocrine) traffic through the body. It’s a little like comparing a 56k Modem to a Broadband T1 line. EEG and EKG scans show that “awakened” individuals have more efficient mental and biological processes. 

Kundalini is what causes the great visible physical illumination, charisma, and healing abilities of saints and prophets. Every art lover has seen countless representations of the “illumination of the sages” – the halo and golden sheen around saints and holy figures of all traditions. Kundalini has been symbolized by the caduceus (medical staff entwined with snakes), Moses’s burning bush, the Oroboros (the world-encompassing serpent swallowing its own tail, Excalibur (King Arthur’s sword), the Apostolic flame, the Descent of the Dove, the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, and more. 

Kundalini is responsible for the powerful intuition, and mental and nervous-system domination of legendary martial arts masters like “Book of Five Rings” author Miyamoto Musashi and Aikido’s founder Morihei Ueshiba. 

The presence of Kundalini, which is also the “enlightened body” of esoteric Buddhism, grants many of the Siddhis, or miraculous powers like heightened intuition, expanded charisma, personality, willpower, and genius. Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Einstein were all “awake”. 

More importantly for the genuine seekers, the increased vital energy (Prana or Qi) in the body of the awakened individual makes the last step through the door to absolute awareness (the fully enlightened mind) that much easier when in one-pointed meditation.”

Σάββατο, 24 Μαΐου 2014

Tsunami of Love: Introduction

Linda Dillon, Council of Love, Feb. 3, 2014 

The Tsunami of Love has gently and pervasively begun. Soon the trickle will become the enfolding wave of wholeness that will penetrate and caress us all. The Divine Mother’s gifts of clarity and purity continue to grow and anchor within each and every one of our hearts as we prepare for this significant shift. 

The message received from Archangel Gabrielle last week and posted on the COL website this morning marks a significant shift in what we have conceived of as our collective Ascension process. Gabrielle’s indication that we are shifting to a “higher octave” has such profound meaning that it is at moments hard to grasp. It is a definitive game-changer. 

We will be communicating and of course posting on the COL site more information, downloads and meditations as they are channeled through. We anticipate the meditation guided by the Divine Mother will be up tomorrow. But please check regularly and get ready! 

Many of us are the anchors for the Tsunami of Love; the wayshowers, pillars and gatekeepers. What this means in practical terms is we tend to feel the energy first, have the experience of the bliss, know what is coming on that massive wave of love, understand that the energy comes in waves and how to surrender to it. If this is your experience then perhaps you are led to join with many of the New You group and actively hold this energy for the collective. 

The changes are indicative of our anchoring more fully in the 5th dimension, the dimension of change – of how to manage and manipulate change in positive ways. If we weren’t in the 5th, this experience and information would not be available to us. We might feel the Love but not the clarity and purity of what it truly means. This is an exciting time to be alive – so relax, surrender, open your heart and receive. 

Remember what was channeled for the Christmas Message: “Don’t wait, because the energy, the tsunami – it’s already not only at your front door, but in your kitchen, your bedroom, your basement, your attic. It is not a tsunami of destruction. The only thing it washes away is the old that no longer serves. And it is refreshing. The water is clean and pure. It is restored. When the Mother has said this is a time of recovery, of restitution, of restoration, she does not simply speak flowery. Open the floodgates and see, know, not simply hypothesize, think or feel, but to know truth of existence. In that opening, what you are really doing is jumping through the portal.” 

Love You, 


Παρασκευή, 23 Μαΐου 2014

A glorious period of harmony and joy is coming

Message from SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey for 23 May 2014 

As we are aware of the wider picture, we can assure you that good progress is being made, helped by the fact that the dark Ones are no longer able to do just as they wish. Their plan for total world control is no longer possible, yet they blindly continue to press on without any possible chance of success. Our allies continue to join forces and their power is growing faster than ever before. For our part, we observe what is taking place, so as to ensure that progress is made without interference. Many of you are intuitively following the plan for your successful future, which shall eventually remove any influence or presence that is not in accordance with the Light. The time is coming that will reflect your desires for freedom from the dark energies. When the critical point is reached, in the twinkling of an eye you will be uplifted into the higher vibrations, totally free from the lower energies. So, rest assured that regardless of events that are taking place around you, in the greater picture all proceeds well. 

At present, there is much happening on Earth, and those in positions of power who still hold on to the old vibrations are finding it becoming more difficult to impose their will upon others. The people have woken up to the subterfuge and games being played to prevent the Light from fully manifesting. They are seeing through the false promises and attempts to keep the truth from them. Such actions will be to no avail, as the Light has been firmly established upon Earth, and continues to grow at a fast rate. The affect is to reveal the lower energies for what they are, and people are no longer fooled by them. Events taking place are a mix of the different levels of energy, but in time they will be lifted up and leave the old ones behind. Indeed, there will be no place for them in the future and a glorious period of harmony and joy is coming. 

Your Earth has been the focal point for many civilizations that follow your progress quite intently. The outcome is far more important and far reaching than you can possibly imagine, and each soul that has been privileged to live through it will be widely loved and blessed. Each of you is essential to the future of civilization and your experience will be invaluable to others who will benefit from it. Once experience has been gained, there is no need for every soul following afterwards to go through exactly the same ones. You will find that evolution is constant and those who have gone ahead will always assist those following. You are all Brothers and Sisters and as One are destined to return to the Light. 

Your experiences on Earth can go from one extreme to another, depending on how far you have progressed towards the Light. Each soul has a particular path to travel and is at different stages of progress. However, many of you have been chosen to partake of the End-Times experience, because you have been through it previously and with your success will be able to also help others do the same. Beyond your present dimension, you will find that it is quite normal for other souls to reach down to help those who follow. You will always feel the urge to progress ever onwards, until you have once again returned to the Godhead. Many of you will have heard of “God breathing in and then out again” and it is your destiny that drives you ever onwards. You are presently on your journey back to the Godhead, having now come out of the darkness where you experienced separation from God. 

Knowing that you are all One, should help you see others in a new light, as you are all inseparable regardless of the experiences you have had. Now, those of you who have progressed and are ready to move back fully into the Light, will find that you see the soul of another within the human form. You will know that the body is only a temporary home for it and the experience needed to evolve. Intelligence does not necessarily mean that a person is evolved spiritually, and indeed some who appear to lead a very simple life are in fact well evolved. So, do not be mislead by appearances and if you are intuitive, you will know when you are in the presence of an evolved soul. Naturally, in the higher dimensions there are no problems in discerning who is evolved, and by their Light you shall know them. 

On Earth, there are challenges all of the time and whilst you learn them the hard way, it is also the quickest way to progress. Remember that you always have your helpers around you, and they are ready to assist you when help is needed. However, it is not their place to impose themselves upon you, and you need to ask for help to get a response. It may not always be exactly as you desire and remember that there is always your Life Plan to consider. Certainly you have freewill, but at the same time you have undertaken a certain Life Plan that is your path for any one incarnation. It is to ensure that you progress in a sensible manner as quickly as possible. However, you can always have further experiences if needed, and these can cover any area of your Life Plan that has not been successful. 

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and uplifted by the growth of the Light upon Earth. It will continue exponentially and already the benefits are being felt. Although there is still much work to overcome the prejudice between races, more people are beginning to see the link between them all. We will extend that understanding to cover all forms of intelligent life beyond your planetary system. Life abounds everywhere and as you rise up you will meet other entities who are also evolving. You have been kept from the truth about yourselves for eons of time, but soon you will learn more about your true selves. Bear in mind that you are not your body, and where needs arise, you can experience lives on other planets outside of your Solar System. You are also a Multifaceted Being and several aspects of yourself can experience at the same time. We tell you these things simply to broaden your outlook and understanding to prepare you for the future, as the time is approaching when you need to know the truth about yourselves. 

I leave you with much to ponder and also lift your consciousness higher, as you are nearly ready to move further ahead. We will of course be on hand to assist you assimilate the higher knowledge that goes hand in hand with your expanding consciousness. I wish you every success and send you our love to light the path ahead. 

Thank you SaLuSa, 

Mike Quinsey.

Πέμπτη, 22 Μαΐου 2014

The stresses upon you have been increasing enormously

Message from Saul via John Smallman for 21 May 2014 

This is a very difficult and stressful time for you all, especially as you pay compassionate and concerned attention to the vast amount of suffering and deprivation that is being endured by so many all over the world. The tsunami of Love is flowing powerfully and intensely through your illusory dream-scape. 

It is very effective and it is stirring up all your unaddressed issues, which have been lying like mud or sand at the bottom of the pond that is your unconscious, the vast hidden area of your mind where all that you could not bear to face has lain hidden for eons. All that “muck” has to be released and cleared away, so that the Light that each one of you carries with you constantly can shine forth brightly as divinely intended. As It does so, you will become increasingly aware of the divine Light shining forth from others – your heavenly brothers and sisters, the beautiful children of God. 

You are all brilliant and divine beings who have hidden your Light so well from yourselves that you have almost forgotten (indeed some have forgotten) that your true nature is an eternal and divine nature, which can never be discarded or lost. It can only be momentarily hidden from view, as you play your illusory games of separation. And, as you keep on being told, the horrendous era in which the illusion has been constantly presenting you with these painful and disturbing dreams is over, finished with, terminated. You are about to wake up, your awakening is imminent, and you do know this, so when you spend time in that quiet inner space, to which you all have access, allow that knowing to come to the surface of your awareness and embrace you. And it will! 

Allowing is the secret, but what often happens is that you are so keen and impatient to receive answers that you do not allow yourself to “hear” the Holy Spirit, your Higher Self, your favorite saints, guides or mentors, because your ego rushes noisily in to fill that quiet space with its own self-serving answer. It can’t abide quiet space! Discouraging distractions such as “I’m just imagining this” or “What’s the point, it’s not going to happen” or “Why would one of these spiritual entities waste their time talking to me,” then flood your mind. 

You can all probably offer your own examples of personal and discouraging “favorite” distractions. This is because your egos desperately want to be heard, all the time! You have all been in situations where you are listening to someone and an idea pops into your mind that you just cannot wait to share with the person who is talking, so much so that you either interrupt to make your point, or you focus so intently on that idea that you do not hear the remainder of what the other is saying. It is the same when you meditate and seek guidance, distracting ideas occur to you and you lose your focus. 

Meditation is a discipline that requires your focused attention and therefore you need to practice it seriously and regularly. Often you spend time sitting, intending to meditate, but other “important” stuff comes to mind distracting you. Then, suddenly, the quiet time that you had set aside has passed and you have to move on. But with practice you do become steadily more adept at disregarding the distractions that your ego tosses so enthusiastically into your quiet space. Persistence with your practice works. So persist, the odds of success are weighted heavily in your favor. 

Guidance or answers from the spiritual realms are very softly “spoken,” gentle, unintrusive. So, you do have to listen carefully and patiently, and that is very difficult for those of you brought up in the “high-powered, get it done” kinds of western culture where time is money and must not be wasted. As a result, you often respond with the first thought that comes to mind when dealing with a stressful or conflict-driven situation, and, as you have all doubtless experienced, it can frequently be the wrong one. 

Meditation is not only an essential practice to allow you to gain access to your guides and receive answers from them on issues that concern you. It also trains you not to react too quickly, and possibly impulsively, in your daily lives when communicating with others, but instead to pause and make space for all the appropriate responses available to you to present themselves, putting you in a far better position to deal with whatever the situation demands. 

So, yet again, I am stressing the importance of making “down time,” quiet time, uninterruptible time solely for yourself available to yourself daily. The stresses upon you have been increasing enormously, as more and more of the deceit and corruption on which the world – the illusory world – turns is disclosed, demanding that you sit up and take notice. 

The old days, when you thought that you could trust your duly elected governments and their agencies, and your supposedly “responsible” multi-national corporations to take care of the interests and well-being of the majority are long over. However, the hidden secrets and corrupt agendas that have been followed by those in positions of power and authority, whom you had been trusting to act on behalf of the general good – that whistleblowers everywhere are now placing in the public domain – are shocking and very disturbing. To be shown how blatantly your trust has been betrayed is stunning, and then numbing as that betrayal appears to be forever ongoing and unending.

The only way to relieve the intense stress that this unfolding torrent of deceit and betrayal is causing is by taking time out, daily. In that time, remind yourself that everyone, even one who appears to be totally evil and corrupt, is a holy child of God. When they, or anyone, behave badly, it is truly a call for Love. Only those in severe inner pain – pain that they most vehemently deny – could behave so abysmally towards others. 

In those quiet times, you relieve your stress by reminding yourselves that your everyday world of deceit, suffering, and corruption is an illusion, and that only Love exists. Love is unconditional, undiscriminating, and totally accepting of all of God’s children. During those quiet times make and renew your intent to be Love in action in every moment. When you make that intent, and then hold it and demonstrate it, you are very effectively adding to the field of Love enveloping the world. 

Love can be rejected or ignored, but It cannot be destroyed, eradicated, or overpowered, because It is infinitely powerful, being All That Exists. As you make the intent, allow the Love to wash over you and embrace you, feel It, and then forgive all who appear to be in opposition to It. Doing this is enormously powerful, it eases your stress and anxieties, and it truly does soften the hearts of those who seem most opposed to It, effectively wearing down their ill-advised resistance to It. 

Of course, many of you are already doing this, and some of you no doubt are feeling that it is having little if any effect. You could not be more wrong! Your loving intentions are changing the world and bringing all to awakening. Continue to do what you have been doing so well, and make a point of accessing your inner knowing, which confirms your certainty that your awakening is imminent. 

With so very much love, Saul.

Τετάρτη, 21 Μαΐου 2014

Be in profound Joy for what is transpiring across this blessed orb

Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy for 20 May 2014 

9 Men, 18 Moan, 10 Caban 

Selamat Jarin! We come before you with much good news! The dark cabal’s last efforts were unsuccessful. Events are now taking place that are to be the beginnings of a New Reality for surface humanity. The dark realizes there are forces at work which cannot be defeated. Individuals and groups came together at the end of this last decade and decided to form an alliance to push the dark and its heinous agendas into the proverbial dustbin of history. 

This process took just over half a decade to accomplish. What is occurring now is the manifesting of a number of policies that are to dramatically change how this reality operates. Included in this packet are a global jubilee and the resetting of the globe’s financial and governmental systems. These new policies are to encourage abundance, prevent widespread corruption and permit each individual to regain their personal sovereignty. The new governance is to allow you to interact freely with it and truly become its natural benefactor. Finally, there is the matter of Disclosure. This one action is to end nearly 13 millennia of lies, deceit and gross manipulation. 

What we now describe is a natural process, which often accompanies a rapid rise in one’s consciousness. As one increases in consciousness, a sacred morality begins to form within the individual and especially within the higher conscious bearing society. This frequently leads groups in that society to seek means to improve the condition of morality operating in its higher echelons. This phenomenon is occurring throughout your various global societies, whether they are sacred secret society members or participants in the true ancient ruling families of your globe. These individuals come together and formulate the strategy required to oust the dark “power brokers” of this reality. We have encouraged this natural process and given the wisdom for its success. As these groups come together and ease the dark ones from power, your societies grow in morality and prepare to give a general prosperity and freedom to all humanity. 

This rise of morality eventually forges new governance that recognizes the need to acknowledge our existence. Such governance welcomes our assistance and understands that a general responsibility is in play to permit humanity to become fully conscious. This is where our expertise can be expressed to you. Thus begins an immense exchange of data and wisdom. It is then that war becomes obsolete and the supreme need for divine service becomes apparent to all. This new degree of mutual cooperation becomes the bellwether for a new human epoch. You get to learn from your ancestors and discover your true origins. The past’s nearly 13 millennia become a history that teaches you about the dark and the dilemmas of limited consciousness. It is this wisdom that is to serve you well when you deal with the former members of the Anchara Alliance. In addition, you are to learn much as you remember how this present solar system was dismembered by various campaigns fought over the previous two million years. 

All of this is merely the beginning of a process that is leading you toward a great transformation. This process is to return you to your former selves. You are, after all, the progeny of those who openly defied the ancient dark rulers of Atlantis, and were punished by being dropped into your present state of consciousness. In the spirit of this long ago rebellion, you are being remade by Heaven into a fully conscious Being. It is this Being that is to produce a new Star Nation and permit a permanent galactic peace to manifest. You are also to become the hosts for conferences that are to include the representatives of literally thousands of nearby galaxies. In this mode, you are to unfold the Divine Plan for this sector of physicality. Hence, your future is bright, and now you are to experience a grand set of disclosures that are to tear away beliefs given you by your former overlords, the Anunnaki. These former sky gods are to be revealed, and with this a new era of truth, freedom and prosperity realized. 

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come before you with a blessing! Be ever thankful for Heaven’s mercy and sublime grace. Be ever ready to serve the divine and Be in profound joy for what is transpiring across this blessed orb. Heaven instructed us to come to you and ask for your prayers and supplications for the rising of a new world. It is One that brings with it freedom and the granting of spiritual sovereignty to all. Every aspect of this reality’s physical appearance is to transform. This great set of alterations is part of a grander plan for the manifesting of a new epoch for humanity and for the unifying of Gaia’s two realms. We come as harbingers of this new epoch and say in joy that the dark who relish their power and wealth are to see this taken from them. The blessed and the humbled majority of this precious orb are to have their day. This day is to come and bring you messengers such as us to guide you. Hosanna! Hosanna! 

These events are underway. Those who began this most precious journey are ready to manifest a whole series of blessed happenings. Each of these is to bring us closer to the day when we can formally appear before you. The lessons that we are to give are to permit each of you to realize what the dark espoused for millennia. These half-lies need to be seen in their true light and compared with what was said to humanity many thousands of years ago. The core of every religion is fundamentally the same. It is about Love and Light. It is about our grand spiritual union with all life. These points need to be reviewed and the true purpose behind them clearly revealed. Then and only then can one start to understand what our blessed brethren meant. In this, you can glean what you are about spiritually and see the true wonder in the Almighty’s infinite Creation. 

The beauty of the current situation is that the dark is befuddled by what the Light is doing. When you appear omnipotent for so long, the ongoing events of the day seem insignificant. Nonetheless, they are not. All the deaths, lies and never ending posturing are in reality to no avail. The Light has won because Heaven’s desires are now to manifest. The dark is slowly learning that its former way of doing things is no longer appropriate. Enough people presently recognize the “writing on the wall,” and simply do not believe in what is said or done. The emperor is losing not only his clothes, but also his power. A new way is been born. This way is to bring in truth, freedom and personal sovereignty for all. This way is to reunite us with all humanity and permit us to bask in the wonders contained within. 

Today, we went over what is happening across the globe. A New Era is being birthed. It is one filled with joy and the realization that your amazing talents can at last be fully known to you and to all. It is time to watch this manifest and see just how magnificent all of this can be! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Τρίτη, 20 Μαΐου 2014

The Morphing of Carbon Based Bodies to Silicon Based Makes Us A Vessel For Solar Energy

by Custos Astralis on May 19, 2014 

Many of us know that 666 is the equation for 6 protons, 6 electrons and 6 neutrons that is the equation for carbon based bodies. 

The equation for silicon based bodies is 14 protons, 14 electrons and 15 neutrons. 

Because our bodies are morphing to silicon based, we become a perfect vessel to create energy through ionization. 

Here is a video that explains ionization. 

And when our body becomes crystalline, we are then similar to the Pyramids made of crystal stones and granite stone sitting on top of limestone acryphers which are underground pores of water - which is why we have the need to drink a lot of water. Our carbon based body is converting to silicon based, when we remove blockages/issues in our life. When the shadows upon our energetic body are removed, we make room for our Higher Self to descend into our body. Our Higher Self is 100 percent silicon based. When this occurs, your body becomes the perfect vessel to create a process called ionization. Like a solar panel that is created from silicon and creating energy through ionization, so our vessels are able to create energy through the Sun. 

Someone might ask, how would we know if our Higher Self has descended within our body? You will definitely know, because it is like sharing your body with another entity. For example, if I do or think something that is not for my highest good my Higher Self will wag my head ‘no’. I know it sounds really crazy, but I am not the only person who has experienced these phenomena. Christians reading this may claim I am possessed… 

Here is a video that my guides led me to, that shows how a solar panel works. They use silicon material for the vessel and within the vessel energy is made through ionization, which is when an electron is bumped out of the atom or molecule. 

When your Higher Self has descended within your body and you practice exercises such as Qi-Gong, you connect yourself to the Sun/Source Energy and the Earth creating two currents of energy flowing through you. You are a vessel creating energy through ionization. You become electrically charged up. This helps to heal people or to heal or rejuvenate yourself. 

It is just like when you have an LED light and place it between two currents of water and it lights up. The reason it lights up is that this process bumps electrons out of the atoms that spark electricity for the LED light to turn on. 

Also there is another video that I have shared in my blog entry, "It Is Time To Activate Mother Earths Free Energy By Understanding How To Activate Your Own Free Energy." This video is called "The Pyramid Code High Level Technology." 

One scientist studying and measuring the energy around the Pyramid with an apparatus noticed that the pictures they took in Guatemala around the oldest Pyramid were filled with many Orbs. 

Many of us have taken pictures of Orbs perhaps in our living rooms or places where there is much energy. Well, where the vibration is very high, the higher beings are able to hang out and most of us believe those orbs are higher beings. 

Anyway, the Scientist said his observation is that the air seems to be clumps orbs of ionized air. Which is further confirmation that I am on the right track of how our body is creating energy. The higher beings would also be creating energy through ionization and just like the ionosphere being ionized it creates the Northern Lights and that is why when you have an OBE and meet with one of the higher beings they glow and their eyes glow. And they say that the Giza Pyramid once glowed as well. I guess that was during the time when it was up and running. 

Someone asked me in the last blog why we do not have Free Energy Now. I said that if enough people are seeing within their inner eye during meditation that a Pyramid upon their chakras is activated. Then we can influence and create it within our matrix. As within, so without; so without, As within. 

Love and Light, 


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