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Your Journey to Full Consciousness

by Sheldan Nidle 

Once, long ago, humans were fully conscious Beings, almost God-like in their abilities. They lived in an abundant realm on Earth known as Lemuria. Then, approximately 300,000 years ago, a daughter colony, Atlantis, arose. It was inhabited, primarily, by the Pleiadeans and Centaurians. They had encountered the vast dark multitudes of Anchara, who were most directly responsible for inflicting malicious cruelties upon the Light. These Atlanteans pondered the vile conditions that existed at that time over a wide area of this Galaxy. Intrigued by the dark and its ways, they developed an insane desire to emulate its conditions and, eventually, to rule the entire Earth. An essential component of this was the Atlanteans' obsessive wish to enslave humanity in limited consciousness. Slowly, as the Atlantean rulers came to favor these ideas, they authorized a series of grotesque experiments. 

By the time of the Atlanteans' demise, their bizarre genetic experiments, to some extent, had succeeded. They had created a human with limited consciousness. Happily, remnants of Full Consciousness's magic remained, lying dormant and awaiting restoration. Only the proper sequencing had yet to be authorized. Approximately 13 millennia ago, humanity began its chaotic journey through the morass that is limited consciousness. In such an environment, where physical and Spiritual worlds had been violently disrupted, humanity seemed lost and incapable of adapting to its strange, new reality. Soon, the Atlanteans' distant cousins, the Anunnaki, appeared and, for a price, presented our distant ancestors with several options for survival. Guided by the evil Anunnaki, humanity reverted to its former glories. The cost, however, was that they worship the Anunnaki as gods/goddesses and obey their every whim. Now, we traverse the final stages of that journey. Let us look back, to see how far we have come and ahead, to where we are going. 

The Beginnings 

The fall of Atlantis, some 13 thousand years ago, resulted in a worldwide flood that devastated everything in its wake. Soon, it, too, was gone, leaving the tatters of humanity confronting a cruel dilemma. Gone were the trappings of an advanced civilization that had provided for every possible need. In its place were deprivation, inadequate shelters and rampant starvation. Into this world stepped a small, dark band of opportunists - the Anunnaki. This unfortunate situation arose because the Divine Plan temporarily declared Mother Earth a planet where the dark ones would seriously challenge Beings of great Light. There, the Light would gain a thorough knowledge of the dark ones and, from it, would fashion a greater wisdom. That wisdom would serve them well at a future time, when they would transform the whole of physicality. Gradually, through the early millennia, a series of great, post-Atlantis civilizations rose, fully dedicated to the worship of the Anunnaki. During that period, the first appointed earthly underlings of these 'sky deities' appeared. Initially, the Anunnaki treated these earthly rulers as their prime surrogates. They were the priestess/priest class, in charge of the various ceremonies and projects that their imperious 'celestial rulers' often commanded. 

Soon, the Anunnaki's appointees acquired several identifying traits. Some became as arrogant as their off-world rulers. Others, turning away from those who, supposedly, had created them, sought to restore the traditions of ancient Lemuria. Secretly, Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy and their Galactic Federation of Light supporters had provided them with this 'forbidden knowledge'. The first battles in the long, silent war to restore humanity to Full Consciousness had begun. With yet another cataclysm, the Bible's great flood, the Anunnaki ended this first post-Atlantean age. Once again, humanity was confronted, within the raging waters, by a most primitive and precarious dilemma. 

After the great flood, the Anunnaki treated humanity more cautiously and watched carefully as they achieved several Golden Ages. But, approximately 7,000 years ago, it all ended in a great and destructive fire that raged across the globe. Again, as a result of the influence of the Spiritual Hierarchy and their Galactic Federation of Light [a different perspective] supporters, the earthly subordinates began to seriously question the extent of the Anunnaki's authority. The Anunnaki decided that they would try once more to correct their mistakes. 

The Last Stages Home 

In the period immediately after the great flood, the Anunnaki established a few primitive city-states across the globe and enslaved most of humanity. In this harsh world, the Anunnaki felt more confident of their control and believed more strongly in unquestioned compliance to their will. Yet, even in this scarce and unrelenting realm, the Spiritual Hierarchy was able to find individuals and groups willing to inform humanity about the Light. From it emerged the great avatars and prophets and the origins of our major religions and religious philosophies. Slowly, the necessary agents were being put into place for humanity's re-awakening. 

This leads us to our present age, filled with miraculous inventions and endless possibilities. Since the inception of the electronic age at the end of the Second World War, humanity's consciousness has been rising exponentially. The base frequency of your physical body has increased considerably and a significant mutation of your RNA/DNA from 2 to 3 strands has begun. During the past 10 years, this process has approached a true crescendo. The process involves full integration of your physical and spiritual bodies. It will allow your physical mind to interact freely, on all levels, with your 'spiritual mind'. When completed, this process will let your spiritual essence (Soul) communicate freely with you. The inner direction that you lost in Atlantis will be restored. Once again, you will be a fully conscious Being. 

Clearly, the awakening of all humanity is underway. The dark, also, has felt this silent eruption. Be aware that the dark intends to issue the Light a strong challenge before acquiescing to its wishes. We are now entering such a period. It is crucial that we remain focused. Understand that massive chaos is our reality's last resort. Do not be caught up in it, or let its siren call throw you off-course. Remain centered and, when your levels of frustration become too high, take the time to find a calm and comfortable space within. Remember that the journey to 'now' has been tediously long. Realize how close you are to its glorious culmination. 

Take heart from this, and find comfort in the fact that you are not alone. Spirit is orchestrating the whole unparalleled symphony. This bizarre last movement will also be the most arduous. Beyond it, a coda and your ultimate triumph await! Breathe it in and feel the Joy! 


Spirit invited humanity to a great sideshow - limited consciousness. We all participated in the performance, which was staged to indoctrinate us in the upside down ways of the dark. Now, the show is about to end, so that we can be returned to the main stage - Full Consciousness. Never lose sight of these important facts. Whenever timings dishearten you, reread this article and understand three major points. First, you are NOT alone. Second, you WILL prevail. Third, it IS unfolding and WILL occur, in right divine time. Remember these words and, above all, remain focused, committed and sane. Selamat Ja!

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