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Psychic Self-Defense

by Dr. David Joshua Stone

Instead of calling this chapter psychic self defense, I could also have called it, "How to build a strong physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual immune system."

Most people just think of immune system as a part of our physical body. This is not the case, however. It is just as important, if not more so, to develop a psychological, and spiritual one. The effectiveness of your physical immune system will, in actuality, depend to a great extent on your psychological and spiritual one. This chapter will be an intense course in physical, psychological, and spiritual self immune system building.

Whether spiritual people like to admit this or not, life is a battle. The great Paramahansa Yogananda said, "Life is a battlefield". In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna implored Arjuna to "give up his unmanliness and get up and fight." We all have to learn to be spiritual warriors in life. The "Course in Miracles" emphasizes the importance of being "vigilant for God and His kingdom."

The fight we are all in is on a number of levels. First, we are fighting to remain conscious and alert and not fall into what I call "automatic pilot". Second we are fighting to keep our minds clear of negative thoughts. We are fighting to keep glamour, Maya, illusion and negative ego from taking over our consciousness. We are fighting to stay centered and balanced. We are fighting to stay in unconditional love, joy, even-mindedness and inner peace.

Sometimes we are battling to heal ourselves from physical disease, or dis-ease on emotional, mental, and/or spiritual levels. Sometimes we are battling fatigue. We are battling to control our subconscious mind and master our three lower vehicles or bodies. We are battling to remain in the consciousness that we are the God, Christ, the Buddha, that Atma, the Eternal Self.

One of the biggest things we are battling is not only the energies within ourselves that do not come from soul, but also we are battling the negative energy from other people and our environment. The spiritual path is like climbing an uphill mountain. It is up three steps, fall back two, up six steps fall down four, up seven steps fall back five. This is how everyone grows.

We have all learned in this planetary mystery school called earth life, we must remain strong. Now, I do want to say, that this battle does get easier, the higher one goes in the initiation process. The higher one goes in the initiation process the greater the self mastery.

In the early stages there is a great battle going on with "the dweller on the threshold" (negative ego, glamour, Maya, and illusion). As one gains mastery, these energies are subjugated and new positive spiritual habits are formed. In essence, over a long period of great battling and suffering we have finally reached a point of learning how to stay strong physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and not get knocked off center by the onslaught of negative energies of the inner or material world that often takes place.

In this chapter I am going to give you the understanding and the tools to easily win this battle, and gain self mastery, so life becomes much easier and more enjoyable. I am going to teach you how to protect yourself, just as a martial arts instructor would, except on subtler, spiritual and psychic levels.

Before I can do this, however, I first must give you a "wakeup call". Most people live their lives on automatic pilot, and live like automatons. They are totally unaware of all the negative forces that are at work. They are unaware of negative ego, glamour, Maya, and illusion until they step on the probationary path. Even more than that they are totally unaware of the physical, environmental, psychological, and spiritual onslaught of negative energies that confront the average person on a daily basis.

You cannot win this battle and gain self mastery until you know what you are fighting. This chapter will deal with helping you to develop an arsenal of psychological and spiritual tools to win this war. It will also point out the enormous barrage of negative energy that is coming from the environment, other people, the astral plane, the mental plane, and the etheric plane. To begin this discussion we first must understand what it is we are fighting.

Let us begin with the physical body and the physical immune system and what it has to contend with. Some of the things I am about to mention, you are already aware of, and some of them you are not, or tend to forget about in terms of protecting yourself.

In beginning our practice of "psychic self defense" I ask you to read this list with detachment so as not to get overwhelmed. After listing what we are battling, then I will teach you how to become "invulnerable and invincible" to their effects. For, never forget that in truth, we each are God, and as we realize this potential we are no longer victims of effects of anything. We are total masters and causes of our reality.

The Physical Things Our Physical Immune Systems are Fighting on a Daily Basis

The first thing, of course, our physical bodies have to deal with is pollution, especially if you live in a big city, although in truth there is pollution almost everywhere on this planet at this time. In a city such as Los Angeles, we have air pollution and the drinking water is totally toxic. There is enormous amount of sound pollution with car alarms constantly going off and the sounds of a big city. This affects us much more than we realize.

The oceans are polluted. The fish of the Santa Monica Bay are filled with mercury poisoning. We confront fast food restaurants and ice cream parlors on every corner. Needless to say, the food is dead and not good for our bodies. The government fluoridates the water supply, which completely shuts down the immune system if you drink it. Our toothpastes are also filled with fluoride. Our dentists fill our cavities with mercury fillings which is one of the most toxic substances to the human body, with only plutonium or nuclear radiation being worse. After ten or fifteen years the mercury fillings crack and leak into our system and create absolute havoc. I would highly recommend that people have them replaced with gold or composite fillings.

Our government does nuclear testing which takes forty years to dissipate the energy from our atmosphere. Then they have nuclear waste which they have no idea what to do with. Their new brain storm is to use some of it to "irradiate" our fruits and vegetables, which has already been approved by our "protective agency", the FDA, which is the biggest joke in the universe. When our food goes through the check out stand they zap it again with some kind of radiation which allows the checker to not have to mark off the price with her fingers, so it is done automatically. Please realize this energetically poisons the food.

Then, of course, the farmers use massive amounts of pesticides on all our fruits and vegetables which we are consuming on a daily basis. Our soil and water is filled with nitrates. Our medical doctors have no training in diet or nutrition or holistic practices so instead they pass out drugs and antibiotics like candy. The antibiotics wipe out all the friendly bacteria and poison the liver. Throwing the entire physical body and immune system out of balance as the yeast grows like crazy. Then the average person goes back to the medical doctor who then runs "medical tests", with all kinds of more radiation, dyes, and high tech machinery that poisons the patient even more.

Then you go to the dentist and take x-rays and get a little more radiation. Then the government sprays the city with malathion-pesticide from helicopters to kill the medfly. The FDA, our great environmental protective agency, says that it does no harm to the human body. But they do tell you to cover your car with a cover over night when the spraying occurs because the malathion pesticide will take the paint off your cars. It won't affect the human body adversely, though!!!!!!!

Then there are all the electrical wires we have to deal with. It is finally coming out that people are getting cancer from being too close to these electrical power lines. This gets into the whole field of learning how to protect ourselves from low grade electrical magnetic frequencies. We are constantly being bombarded from radiation from our televisions, computers, toasters, microwave ovens, electrical cords, heating blankets, and on and on . . .

I saw on the news last week that cellular phones in cars are now causing cancer on the side of the head that the phone is held to. I also saw another special on television which talked about how police officers are getting cancer of the groin from holding the radar guns in their lap while tracking cars.

Our immune systems are battling aluminum poisoning that we are getting from using aluminum pots and pans, and using pie tins and aluminum foil. A homeopathic doctor showed me how I was getting aluminum poisoning from cooking my fish in tin foil. They are finding a correlation with Alzheimer's disease and aluminum poisoning. It is not just aluminum, but metal poisoning and chemical poisoning also.

Children are getting sick from the lead in the paint in many houses and buildings. The gasoline fumes from all the cars also causes lead poisoning. Living in a city, God knows all the toxic chemicals and metals we have in our system. People who drink the water can get too much copper in their system from the copper pipes.

Then because of how we have polluted the planet we have caused a massive hole in the ozone layer which causes certain ultraviolet rays from the sun to get through that shouldn't be getting through. This is causing skin cancers and other toxic affects.

The destroying of the rain forests has caused the oxygen level of the entire planet to be in danger of being thrown off balance. The massive amounts of cement that cover the earth doesn't allow the earth mother to breathe effectively which obviously affects us adversely. Our ground water is being polluted by toxic land fills.

Fast food restaurant hamburgers are killing people from the amount of bacteria in the meat. "Sixty Minutes" did a special on the chicken industry, and even the FDA found 50 to 60 percent of all chicken is filled with salmonella bacteria. Chicken also tends to be cancerous to the seventh generation of chickens.

The food that most people eat is filled with preservatives, chemicals, and additives, which is totally toxic to the liver. Besides this, 95% of the food in a supermarket is "dead food". There is no life force in it. Our inability to work with the nature kingdom and nature spirits, in a loving cooperative manner has caused these wonderful beings to leave the farms where our produce is grown, and hence the food is filled with only one tenth the life force it could have.

Then people live on coffee and sugar and artificial stimulants like chocolate and soda pop, which give a five minute rush and then totally deplete one's energies. Then the medical profession gives our children vaccines and make us have vaccines if we care to travel out of the country. Vaccines are absolutely poisonous to the immune system, and is one of the biggest frauds that has ever been perpetrated on the public.

To make this even worse, the military industrial complex, which looks at people as nothing more than objects, performs chemical warfare experiments using these vaccines to test out their experiments. One of these is, of course, AIDS, which was created by the military industrial complex. Don't be naive to think that this is the only disease they have purposely inoculated into the unaware American public.

Then, of course, the average person doesn't eat well, or exercise enough, and does not have a strong mental or emotional or spiritual immune system, so they get sick a lot. We are always having to battle to keep our own resistance up to battle all the viruses, colds, bacteria infections floating around, not even taking into consideration the sexually transmitted diseases.

The burning of all the fossil fuels is actually causing, for the first time in history, acid rain. No plant life can grow in acid rain. Another thing our physical bodies and immune systems must battle on the physical level is the lighting in most building and offices. The type of light bulbs in most office buildings is totally toxic to the human body.

One other factor that people have to deal with, that most are not aware of, has to do with the field of psychotronics and radionics. These are machines that send out energy waves that are supposed to be used for healing purposes. Of course, our military industrial complex has gotten hold of them and is using them for warfare purposes at times. This is also being experimented with in other countries.

Segments of our population are often being bombarded by these unseen electromagnetic energy waves and sometimes even certain individuals are targeted. In a similar vein, but less sinister, is the effect of all the radio waves and television waves and phone waves and satellite waves that we are constantly bombarded with. Some of these may be subtle, but they all have their affect.

Then there is a lack of what has been called negative ions from the stale air of city and apartment dwelling. The green house effect is causing temperatures to rise and also causing extreme weather conditions which can also be hard on the physical body, especially in some areas of the country.

These are just some of the factors our physical bodies and immune systems are battling on a daily basis and these things are the ones that are just on the top of my head. I am sure there are millions of other factors that I have not listed. It is amazing that our physical bodies and immune systems do as well as they do considering the assault they are under in our "modern society".

Before beginning my discussion on what you need to do to protect yourself from these factors, I want to give another list of the negative factors that our emotional, mental and spiritual immune systems need to deal with on a daily basis. Again we must first understand what we are battling, before we can gain self mastery and protection from these factors.

The Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Negative Influences Our Immune Systems Need to Battle Every Day

On a psychological and spiritual level first off, we have to deal with the negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, and energy from other people. This can often be very much like hypnosis, being performed on us in a waking state if we are not in a vigilant state of consciousness. Then our psychological and spiritual immune systems have to deal negative ego, glamour, illusion, and Maya in our own subconscious mind as well as the onslaught that comes from society in general. This takes the form of advertising, magazines, television, newspapers, and the media as a whole.

Our world has basically physicallized and institutionalized negative ego and lower self consciousness. It is everywhere and permeates every aspect of our society. We have to deal with the violence in television and in the movies.
We have to psychologically deal with all the bad news that is constantly reported and glamorized on the news. The words or lyrics in the pop music we hear are filled with the consciousness of addictive love. We have to deal with the bad moods, irritability, anger, depression, worry, insecurity, fear, criticism of our coworkers or family members, and even husbands and wives at times.

If we do not have a strong psychological and spiritual immune system, all this stuff gets into our subconscious mind, and depletes our energy, devitalizes us, and makes us feel bad. Then we have to deal with what the eastern religions refer to as the monkey mind. When the mind is out of control then emotions will be out of control and the physical body will be adversely affected.

Then we have to deal with negative astrological configurations, and biorhythms. When we become weakened physically, psychologically and spiritually we become open to psychic attack from the lower astral plane. In severe cases of weakness this can result in a type of possession. That must be protected against and cleared. Other types of people are battling obsessive thought anxiety and/or personality disorders. All these things become cleared as self mastery is gained and the four bodies and three minds become aligned and negativity is cleared out.

Other types of things we are battling on psychological and spiritual levels are alien abduction, and alien implants. Most of these abductions are performed by the negative extraterrestrial group called the Grays from Zeta Reticuli and the Orion sector. I will teach you how to protect yourself from these invasions. The Lightworkers are often under attack from the Dark Brotherhood, also known as the Black Lodge. They are not to be feared as long as you have the tools to remain in self mastery.

Some people have to deal with poltergeist, or earth bound spirits who have gained a small amount of vital force and like to play tricks on unaware humans. Then we have to deal with people in our lives whom I like to call psychic vampires, for they drain our psychic blood or life-force.

We have to learn how to deal with what are called the negative elementals that are created by our thought forms, which latch on to our aura and drain us. We have to learn how to deal with psychological and spiritual illness. Just as physical disease is not contagious, for we can't get sick if we have a high resistance. The same is true on a psychological spiritual disease level. There is no such thing as a contagious psychological and spiritual disease, there are only people with low resistance within their psychological and spiritual immune systems.

This chapter will provide you with the understanding and tools to not catch the physical, psychological and spiritual diseases of other people. For our lesson is to learn to stay healthy, and bring the sick people to our level, not to fall down to their level. We must see them as God sees them, which is perfect and whole, and as the Christ they are. As the "Course in Miracles" says, "Sickness is a defense against the truth".

We must learn to protect ourselves from the psychiatrists, psychologists, ministers, and traditional medical doctors, because so much of how they have been trained is filled with negative ego concepts which values an over-emphasis on material reality, which has cut them off from the true realities of the soul and spirit.

We must protect ourselves even from the new age movement, and have great discernment, for there are many false prophets and cult movements in operation. We must protect ourselves and be super discerning in the field of politics where the negative ego is rampant. Politicians, as a whole, serve the republican or democratic party rather than their own soul, and Higher Self. Where lobbyists and special interest groups are allowed to operate in a form of legalized bribery.

Then we must protect ourselves from the media, for the newspapers and TV stations are run by the Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations (The secret government). Nine tenths of what the government tells us is just deception and lies. The Warren Commission tells that Oswald killed Kennedy and that it wasn't a conspiracy. They tell us UFOs don't exist when there are actual extraterrestrials of many species as guests of the government. They deceive us with a phony space program. They tell us what we want to hear and then things like Vietnam, Watergate, Contragate, phony drug war, loss of civil liberties are going on behind our backs.

Other energies we need to protect ourselves from are the energies that are actually embedded in the walls. The great spiritual Master Ronald Beesley used to say that hospitals should be burned down every five years. There is so much negative energy that has been embedded in the walls that it is amazing that anyone ever recovers at all.

This is true also when we move into a new home or apartment, or even office building. Another way we get poisoned is when we fall asleep at night watching TV. Whatever we are watching or listening to gets programmed right into our subconscious minds as we fall asleep. While we are sleeping we are in a somnambulistic state of hypnosis and 100% hyper-suggestible.

The same thing happens during surgery when we are under anesthesia. Everything the doctors and nurses say is programmed right in. In the future this understanding will be used for a positive purpose to accelerate healing.

Another way we are victimized if we are not vigilant is through subliminal advertising. It is supposed to be illegal, but it happens all the time. Subliminal messages either in visual or auditory form are placed within commercials, television, movies, music, radio and the likes, to program us unconsciously.

Then there is the military industrial complex which is involved with all kinds of mind control and psychic warfare experiments. If people really knew what was going on in this world behind the scenes they would never ever let themselves go on automatic pilot even for an instant. Not only is the government using psychic warfare, radionics, and brain washing weaponry, but the negative extraterrestrials are also. As I have talked about extensively in the chapters on extraterrestrials, this planet is basically at all-out war right now with negative alien civilizations who are trying to take over this planet and the people in this world are not even aware of it. What I am telling you is an absolute fact, and I am not being melodramatic in saying this. This war is not like the movie, "War of the Worlds" with physical bombs. It is a war of "mind control".

There are probably only a handful of people on earth who are not filled with alien implants. Why do people have a hard time remembering they have been abducted? It is called "mind control" and the negative extraterrestrial are masters of it. I will provide the tools and understandings of how to get rid of all your alien implants and prevent this mind control, and abduction process from taking place.

Then there is the whole field of black magic. It is the using of God's universal laws for an evil and selfish purpose. We must not be so naive as to think that this can't happen, for it can and does frequently. It is nothing to worry about as long as you keep your immune systems on all four levels working effectively.

Another thing we have to protect ourselves from is what I call disinformation. The secret government, with the help of agencies such as the CIA, have infiltrated all aspects of society that are opposed to their selfish purposes. What they do then is have CIA-type agents disseminate disinformation to confuse the public, so the public doesn't know if they are coming or going.

An example of this is at the extraterrestrial conventions. A quarter of the people presenting lectures, I bet, are hired by the government to present material to confuse and fragment the movement that is trying to educate the populace.

Another way we need to protect ourselves is from letting people touch our jewelry. People come up to us very innocently and touch our ring or necklace and there is an energy transfer that takes place. Now if it is someone you love this might be okay, however, to let strangers or people you don't know do this is to carry their energy with you from that moment on.

Any one of these things is not that significant. However, when you put them all together, it is quite significant. Another lesson of a similar nature is just the practice of hugging people. I certainly believe in hugging, however, as one becomes more sensitive to energy, certain people it is better to have less physical contact with as one's energy fields become more refined.

I will share with you an interesting story I remember reading in one of the Edgar Cayce books. There was a machine the Universal Mind recommended for the running of energy through a body in an electrical sense, that could accelerate healing in the case of a broken leg, for example. It was a fantastic machine and many people had great success with it.

This one man who bought one was having terrible results with it, and it was causing all kinds of other problems when he used it. He finally had another channeling from Edgar Cayce to find out what was going wrong. The Universal Mind told him that the problem was, that the man who made the machine was extremely angry the day he made that particular machine. The anger was stored in the machine, and every time he used it, he was running this other person's negative anger through his body. This makes you think a bit, doesn't it?

The same applies to the food we eat. You say to me that you like fresh vegetables, and you think they're good for you. Have you considered the process that they go through before they reach you? First they are planted in depleted soil if they are not grown organically. Pesticides and chemicals are used. The pesticides and chemicals keep away all nature spirits, so the life force in the vegetables is at a bare minimum. They are picked before they are ripened so as to make more money for the grower. What was the mood of the person who picked them? Were they angry, or depressed or in a bad mood? If so, that energy was transferred into the vegetables.

How about the man that carries them to the truck and unloads them? How about the produce man that puts them on display in the market? How about the grocery clerk who picks them up to register the price and weighs them? Then they go through their little radiation red light machine. If we are lucky they didn't irradiate them. Many of our vegetables are being irradiated and there is no written notification that has to be displayed that notifies the general public. All that is required is some meaningless logo that only one in a million would even know what it means.

So have you ever thought about the energy that is in that supposedly healthy vegetable? I will show you methods in this chapter of how to clear your food and water of these unwanted energies. One other thing that people do to their food of a similar nature is to microwave it. Hanna Kroeger, whom I consider to be one of the finest herbalists and healers on the earth today, has said that microwaving your food is an absolute blasphemy, and is absolutely "NOT" a new age form of cooking. It radiates the food in a most unhealthy manner. You can test this yourself with the use of a pendulum.

Now begins the fun part. In this next section I will begin the intensive training in psychic self-defense. I will begin first with psychic self-defense on the "physical level" and then move to psychic self-defense of the "psychological and spiritual levels".

Psychic Self Defense on the Physical Plane

On a physical level, of course, it is always good to burn high quality incense, or even better "sage" when you want to clear the psychic and physical atmosphere. This is a quick and easy method. However, if you want to super clear the energy, the best method of all is to put three or four tablespoons of Epsom salt into a small frying pan or small cooking pot that you don't need anymore for regular cooking. Then pour in rubbing alcohol so that it just covers the Epsom salt by a little bit. Place the pot in the middle of the room you want to clear and light a match to it. My wife and I like to sit and watch it burn like a "campfire". It is absolutely miraculous the results you can get. The entire atmosphere is burned of all negativity.

During the daytime, to amplify your energy field you can wear certain amulets or gemstones which are designed for protection and strengthening. One of the best kinds of all is to just wear a crystal pendant. Crystals amplify energy, and wearing a crystal or carrying one with you will serve this purpose in a most effective manner.

To protect yourself from low grade electrical magnetic frequencies I recommend getting a Tesla watch. It is a special kind of watch invented by Nikola Tesla that actually creates an electrical field around you that protects you from things like television, computers, power lines and so on.

If you go to your neighborhood homeopathic pharmacy and/or metaphysical book store you can also buy different kinds of copper coils that are much cheaper, that also work that you can just carry in your pocket or wear as a necklace. Your homeopathic pharmacist will know what I am talking about. You can also find them at the different whole life expos that come to most cities in the United States, or at metaphysical bookstores and shops.

Another important point is to not keep your television right at the foot of your bed. When you shut it off at night it is still emanating radiation and your feet chakras just soak in the energy.

The homeopathic pharmacy also has certain kinds of homeopathics that are for the specific purpose of strengthening your energy field and offering protection. I know there are certain Bach flower remedies for this purpose.

Another absolutely must item every person should have is a "soma board". It only costs ten dollars and was created by Hanna Kroeger, the master herbalist and healer. The soma board is filled with herbs and crystals, and lasts forever. The idea is to put your food and/or groceries on this soma board before eating it. It completely clears and neutralizes all the negative vibrations that have been put into the food along the food chain I spoke of earlier. Hanna Kroeger's address is: 7075 Valmont Drive, Boulder, Colorado 80301. Phone 303 442-2490 or 303 443-0755.

Hanna Kroeger is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. She is totally of the Christ consciousness and must be close to eighty years old. I cannot recommend more highly that you get her books. She has a cure for AIDS, believe it or not, that costs $25, and works. She has cures for cancer and just about every disease known to man. She is a master of using a pendulum and my wife and I have checked out her claims with our pendulums and she is totally right on.

She has an apprentice teacher in the Los Angeles area by the name of Sherry Cash, who works out of the Balanced Life Centre, phone 818 348-8818. Sherry has all her books and products. She is a healer and can test you for all Hanna's products with her pendulum.

I, personally, think that Hanna Kroeger makes the finest herbs in the country. Part of strengthening one's energy field has to do with getting rid of all the residual toxins, viruses, and bacteria infections that have been stuck in our bodies since childhood. Seeing someone like Sherry Cash, and a good homeopathic doctor who does some kind of "vega machine testing" is essential.

A vega machine is just one of many types of similar machines that new age holistic homeopathic and naturopathic doctors are using to be able to instantly test a person for things like pesticide poisoning, mercury poisoning, metal poisoning, chemical poisoning, parasites, viruses, bacteria infections, and, in truth, any physical problem or weakness you may have.

If you have never gone to a doctor of this kind, I cannot recommend it more highly. In my personal opinion, these are the doctors of the future. With the help of these machines and homeopathic medicine you can be checked out in one hour for just about every disease known to man without having to take blood tests, or the invasive tests of traditional medicine. I am not saying you shouldn't have a traditional medical doctor, I am just suggesting you should do both.

Pesticides, chemicals, metals, mercury, and an infinite number of other possible toxins can be cleaned out of your system in a month or two months time using homeopathics and/or herbs. Since we are on the subject of food, I would also recommend you buy organic vegetables, and ask your produce man at your regular market if the produce has been irradiated. If it has, don't buy it.

I would also recommend, as much as possible, to buy beef or poultry from your health food stores that is grown naturally. You will never have to worry about bacteria poisoning, or meat that is filled with antibiotics, stilbesterol, and other shots, and chemicals. Hanna Kroeger has another invention called an iron ring, which you can read about in her books, or talk to Sherry Cash about. It is a ring that my wife and I have that we stand in for 90 seconds and it clears all the environmental pollution from living in a city out of the aura. You can make one yourself for less than five bucks with some strong wire. Sherry Cash might know of someone that can make one for you.

I am taking it for granted here that everybody knows the importance of eating a good diet. One of the ways that dark forces get us is when we are physically exhausted and over tired. Eating a good diet and getting lots of physical exercise is essential for building a strong immune system.

I would also recommend drinking six to eight glasses of pure water a day. This clears a lot of toxicity out of the body. It is also very important not to eat right before bed. Edgar Cayce said that doing this was the cause of nightmares for many people. It is also of the highest importance to get off coffee, sugar and artificial stimulants as they have a very great weakening effect on the body over time. On rare occasions or in emergencies only, it's all right, but not on a regular basis.

The idea of the spiritual path is to achieve even-mindedness and evenness in one's physical energy, so as not to be on a roller coaster. The question of whether to eat meat is an individual choice. Some types of physical bodies need it more than others. If you do eat it, don't eat too much, and try to get it as fresh and natural as possible. It must be understood that food does affect our emotional states. This is working with what is called the "law of similars".

Other physical types of techniques are to never cross your legs when sitting or standing. This immediately cuts off the flow of energy through your chakra system. As long as your aura is strong you cannot be affected by negative entities. All these tools and understandings are subtle but accumulated together have a very profound effect.

If you work with a computer it is essential to get some kind of protective computer screen. Hanna Kroeger also sells an inexpensive "computer pillow" which will protect you from this radiation.

Whenever you eat your food it is also a good idea to bless your food. A prayer that I learned, I received from a channeling of Paul Solomon from the Universal Mind for this purpose. "As you are created by God, adore thy Creator in what you shall do within my body and temple as I build it to His glory. Amen".

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