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6th Root Race Souls

By Matthew Thompson 

Who are the Sixth Root-Race Souls? 

When dealing with the question of the incoming wave of advanced souls that have been designated the "6th Root Race (6th RR)" [1], we must consider the discussion from their perspective as well as our own. Their abilities are not always understandable to the uninitiated yet to them they are completely natural, even if they do not fully understand them themselves. They are like a person with sight being asked to explain to people blind from birth what they see. The following is an attempt to give a more esoteric glimpse into their characteristics as based upon the author's personal experiences and insights and is not meant to be the final word on this subject, but merely food for thought. 

The 6th Root Race incarnations have open senses [2] that go beyond the physical plane. The Ancient Wisdom teaches us that there are many other planes of existence with the physical plane being the most solid or concrete. This was not always the way but at this point in humanity's evolution, we are now about as dense as we can get and are now on the upward arc which will lead to less dense, more etheric physical vehicles that our souls will eventually occupy [3]. The physical plane as we know it will one day disappear completely, several million years hence, and through this colossal process we, as spirit embodied in material form, will gradually evolve into finer bodies occupying space on more refined planes. Many of the 6th Root Race souls can already see and interact with these finer planes of existence despite being born into dense physical plane bodies. Their struggle is often in interpreting what they see, hear, know, or feel, for a hard-headed and concrete-thinking society in which they live. 

They bring a diverse range of gifts and qualities that should ideally find expression on our plane, but they are met with many an obstacle. These gifts and qualities can range from natural healing abilities to complicated societal, economic, and political problem solving skills, to psychic abilities of various natures. Some are able to invent new technologies that can help lessen the burden of physical plane existence. Unfortunately, whilst there are still Dark Forces upon this planet who want to exploit anything and everything to do with basic living, be it medical, economic, technological or even basic food supply so they can make money and control the masses, the plight of these souls who come bearing remedies to a lot of these problems is that they are constantly coming up against obstacles that in no right way of thinking should even be there. Unfortunately, the grief of these souls in light of this opposition is that they feel mired in the self-centredness and greed of this age and so they sometimes seek a way out through drugs, alcohol, or suicide, or by just simply retreating into obscurity. The stronger ones somehow manage to forge ahead and end up contributing positively to the evolution of the world. 

They have a consciousness that we will one day grow into. In their minds is implanted a sense of knowledge and service towards the Divine Plan, as they are souls who have come from the ranks of previous earthly cycles and are now situated at the turning point of another cycle, namely the transition period we are now in. In each great period of human evolution there is a certain number of souls that learn practically all there is to learn during that period and so withdraw into the higher planes until another period is reached in humanity's evolutionary arc and so they can "go back to school", as it were, and begin new lessons compatible with their level of advancement. Many of these souls have been waiting for considerably long periods of time before re-entering the physical plane. However, when we say "waiting" we do not mean that they just sit around in some higher realm twiddling their thumbs and being bored. All planes of life offer opportunities for growth and they have been, no doubt, occupied with the lessons available on their respective planes. 

The 6th Root Race souls are innate contemplators whose goal is to always move forward. Change is a natural attribute to them while mankind tends to resist it. But change is inevitable as evolution is inevitable. We, as a race, cannot truthfully expect to remain the same comfort-seeking creatures whilst our television sets and mobile phones become more impressive each year. Furthermore, we cannot seriously expect it all to keep going that way without there being any problems. 

One of the gifts of God is the human being's ability to contemplate their own existence. That this 'existence' would fall into a logical and intelligent plan with a stream of workers cooperating with that plan is a wonder to many people. Yet for thousands of years, the Ancient Wisdom has been teaching those prepared to accept it about the mysteries and realities of life and the processes of evolution. Those who partook of the teachings and profited from them became the advanced members of their respective civilizations and comprise the 6th Root Race that are now coming in to further the Divine Plan which is EVOLUTION itself. Therefore, this is what the 6th RR soul represents - an evolutionary step forward. If we can contemplate this simple concept, we will help break up the crystallization of our modern world all the more swiftly so that the ideas and thoughts of the 6th Root Race souls can have room to expand and grow. It is this simple. 

The 6th RR represents souls who have expectations about the harmony and general quality of life that ought to be present on earth, but they find it not.* This again is part of a larger problem, for on the earth plane, there is no such thing as homogeneity where souls are concerned. The mixing of the "good and the bad" has created what we have today - conflicts of interest. These conflicts of interest can be simple incompatibility in human relationships or on a larger scale, ending up in war. Such a state of affairs is especially disturbing and disrupting to these advanced souls as on the planes where they have been residing they have enjoyed the society of souls and soul groups of similar vibrations. On the higher planes 'like attracts like' to far greater effect than it does on the earth plane where the solidity of this plane can hide much. So these advanced and generally peaceful souls suffer to a certain degree because on earth things are not generally peaceful. 

The 6th RR souls have certain soul qualities [4] at their disposal, but they lack the insights of the 5th Root Race (5th RR) concrete mind. Their spiritual links make them aware of many things but because they have been long out of body it is imperative that those who would recognize and teach them about our world bridge the gap through education. This is the lynch pin upon which everything depends. The best thing that can occur is for open-minded souls from both sides of the situation to find each other. The 6th RR can offer us advice and guidance about the steps we are about to take into a more interdimensional existence and we of varying 5th RR levels can teach them about the problems we face today. There are, of course, opposing forces who cannot afford to have this level of education and cooperation succeed, but we must persist. 

These new incarnates may seem as you or I on the outside, but if you were able to see their more subtle and invisible bodies, you would see heightened activity in their pineal centre, the seat of the soul. Some of the 6th RR incarnations may seem quirky or eccentric and even bordering on insane. But one could also say that they appear more alive. This "aliveness" is a quality of the soul as it expresses its divinity through the sheer joy of being. The 6th RR can help us towards this happiness by teaching us more about the reality of nature. Given the right environment they will flourish, always seeking or expressing themselves so that all may be brought into the awareness of the Greater Light [5]. All we have to do is keep an open mind. 

If people contemplate living a life of joyful service, they will come a little closer to understanding the 6th RR. Although some 6th RR souls may get caught up in the outer world and side-tracked in all its glamour, there are many who have been raised well and have their feet firmly planted on the ground. We should not expect to find them all in the growing refuse of modern pop-spiritual titles where overly ambitious parents place their child with a psychic ability upon a pedestal, i.e., the indigo child phenomenon. Doing so may easily cause such children later on in life to reject their spiritual missions. We wish to stress again the importance of understanding that to have psychic faculties does not in and of itself equate to having a higher degree of spiritual awareness or morality. 

The Manu of the 6th Root Race has been careful about selecting and placing these soul types in the most intelligent and nurturing environment as worked out in plans made millennia ago, but this does not guarantee things will not go awry. "The work of the Manu is largely concerned with government, with planetary politics, and with the founding, direction, and dissolution of racial types and forms. To Him is committed the will and purpose of the Planetary Logos." [6] The dense earth plane can very often cloud the higher insights of many an advanced soul. Indeed, we witness today some promising light-bearers who become commercial and misdirected channels for not only their as yet un-transmuted lower selves but also for various entities on the invisible planes who have ulterior motives. Even the Manu cannot set aside the individual's karma whether that be karma brought over from a previous life or karma wrought anew in the current life. 

There are many 6th RR souls who find the glamorization of all these psychic-born babes and the commercialization of the new age arena dissatisfying and so keep working silently until they find a suitable outlet for their activities. It is these more advanced 6th RR souls whom we hope to work with through and beyond this transition period and we nurture the hope that by the Law of Attraction we will find each other. The author of this article realizes that the above characteristics, in a positive sense, are ideal and that during these extremely problematic times even these souls might have difficulties to surmount. Therefore, it may not be until much later, when the entire astral plane has been purged, that some members of this advanced stock comes forth in the name of mutual and willing cooperation to help in the reconstruction period. "And as they help us, we can help them also to adapt to life on earth and assist them in retrieving the level of their souls' evolution, through responsible rearing and education." [7] 

Many regular people on earth have a sort of ideal about the way the world should be, but most of these people view it from ordinary physical and emotional consciousness. The 6th Root Race soul views it from plans as directed by the Manu and those are not easily understandable. They all have the Manu's vision implanted into their subconscious and we can be watchful for those extraordinary individuals or groups that build upon that plan. 


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