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Communicating with your Higher Self

© Sylvia Shanti Vowless QSM 

How can I develop communication with my Higher Self? How can I receive Its inner guidance? How do I discern whether or not my connection is truly from the God-Self level and not just my ego’s self-talk? These are among the questions I have most frequently been asked in my thirty-plus years' worldwide service as an international spiritual teacher. Why? Because people serious about their spiritual advancement and service are becoming aware that this highest kind of communication and guidance is available to every person. For centuries we’ve been told by churches and gurus that we cannot commune directly with the Divine, but must rely upon intermediaries instead. Even today, many still have the feeling that they’re not good or ‘advanced’ enough to make their own reliable connection, or that it’s better to rely upon other people who are perceived to have the necessary psychic or channeling abilities. 

Now, in this time of great change of humanity’s accelerated evolution, anyone who desires to tap into the wisdom of their Higher God-Self (also known as your I AM Presence) can learn to do so, no exceptions. This Superconscious Mind connection is innate in every person, so learning to invite and allow this inner knowing to come into your conscious mind is simply a choice you can make at any time. There are only two requirements: to know, not just believe that this is your birthright, and to accept that the Holy Spirit - the Divine Presence and communicator within or what the scriptures call “the still small voice of God” - is always available to you even though you may not be aware of it yet.  More powerful and encompassing than simple intuition, it will never lead you astray. 

However, just as one has to develop an unused or lazy muscle, it may take some practice to develop! But the good news is that it’s easier now than ever before. The energies of this century which Masters and sages have prophesied as the beginning of the long-awaited Age of the Holy Spirit, are helping humanity reclaim our inner power and mastery. 

Here are a few guidelines to help you get started - or strengthen your connection. But always remember that very rarely do people hear a voice! Real Divine communication usually comes as a deep “knowing,” a flash of inspired understanding or revelation, or sometimes a ‘downloading’ of awesome, enlightening spiritual information. And remember that guidance from your Higher Self is for you, not others. 

1.  Ask your Higher Self/'I AM' Presence to take charge of this process to ensure that you only connect with Its inner communicator, the Holy Spirit.  A powerful aid is the Decree and Invocation (at the end of this article) given some decades ago by the Ascended Master St Germain to help us with this most important step of mastery in our spiritual maturing and to help raise our energy frequencies. It’s most effective when used every morning at the beginning of your meditation and before asking any question, as it ensures that you won’t link in with spiritually unevolved astral or ET entities. 

2. Learn how to go into a deep meditative Alpha state and practice this daily. When your brain waves slow to Alpha state, you’re able to transcend your everyday thinking, self-talk and concerns that jam your inner 'lines of higher communication.' With practice, this inner stillness enables you to clear the static or interference and activate your receptive abilities.  Techniques like beginning with deep breathing, chanting, or sublime music can greatly help this process.  You will know you’re succeeding, when you start experiencing periods of profound peace or bliss, and when you are unaware of time and even of your body. 

3. A good way to encourage the development of your inner reception is to contemplate some deep spiritual concepts that you'd like to expand your knowledge about or understand, or to ask a question concerning spiritual matters. This higher communication is to help us become spiritually mature - not for asking such ordinary everyday questions as what socks to buy or what to do in mundane matters which are of no lasting consequence!  These things according to the Masters are our responsibility. 

4. If you have the slightest doubt or uncertainty just wait and ask again later. The Golden Rule is to ask, ask and ask again! Ask for confirmation and you will be led to reliable sources. Ask for more details. Using the list below will help you discern if your communication is from the highest level. You can ask for guidance concerning important life-changing or service issues, once you feel confident that your connection is strong and clear enough. 

Discernment is essential especially now during these times of increased interference from lower astral plane and galactic entities, so to test the source level and authenticity, always ask the following questions: 

i) Is the communication or information loving, gentle, compassionate? Connection with your Higher Self/Holy Spirit is never ‘loud’, hurried, angry, judgmental. Ego self-talk, however, can be any of these and often comes in very quickly with an answer or direction. 

ii) Does it leave you with a sense of total peace and calm? Is it freeing, positive, credible, helpful? It will never generate fear, panic, worry, urgency or anxiety. This means it will never be phenomenon-         based such as negative ET’s or spaceships are coming to take over, earthquakes/tsunamis are going to wipe out most of the population, etc. In particular, it will never give an actual date. This is because time is ‘elastic.’ 

iii) Is it empowering and uplifting, leaving you with a sense of absolute rightness, certainty and joy? 

iv) Does it leave you feeling loved, strong, secure and protected?  It will never suggest for example, you have dark energy around you, implants or the like. 

v) Does information received apply not only to your own understanding and growth, but gives spiritual principles and laws? Higher information can be applied to everyone, is always for the highest good of all and emphasizes our oneness. 

vi) In answer to personal questions …….. Does it suggest ways of seeing things, so you can arrive at your own solution or answer?  Higher guidance never tells you what to do, as this would be taking your power and free choice away. I have often found that my question is answered with another question that immediately makes the answer obvious! 

vii) Does it address your soul progress, which is the reason for each life experience? Your Higher Self never appeals to your ego by suggesting, for example, you’re the only one being given this information – you will have a special mission, special powers or fame and fortune – you’re a master, ascended, or of high spiritual status etc.  If the last was true, would you still need to be here?  Richard Bach explains this perfectly in his book “Illusion” …….. 

“Here is a test to find whether your mission on earth is finished: If you’re alive, it isn’t.” 



Received from Ascended Master Rakoczi/St Germain 


I AM all that I AM 

I AM one with the Infinite Mind 

I AM one with the Source of all life 

I AM one with all life forms and they are one with me 

I AM LOVE   -   I AM LIGHT   -   I AM PEACE   -   I AM 

In that which I AM, I invoke only the Light from the Masters and Teachers of the Higher Mental and Spiritual planes and beyond, and I refuse all communication which originates on the Astral Plane or is not working with the Will of God.    I  AM.

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