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To What Degree has the Dark been Defeated?

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What is the current situation with the dark cabal that has been threatening the planet’s population for so long and particularly in the period following the Second World War? Can we arrive at an up-to-date report on their strength
or lack of it? 

Perhaps the most direct report has come from Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon on the Dec. 26, 2011 'Hour with an Angel' radio show. At that time he said that “about 67 percent of your Illuminati have been completely disarmed, disempowered, removed. The others? There are still some kicking and screaming.” (1) 

On Jan. 16, 2012, SaLuSa informed us that: “The dark Ones are being held in check and you will have noticed that they are no longer able to dictate what happens in the world. Their institutions are breaking up and with it their ability to command what happens in the different markets. … They will not be allowed to re-establish their empire. You are therefore still in the transition period and our allies are gradually completing the moves necessary to allow the changes to get underway.” (2) 

On Jan. 13, he said that “the Illuminati … have gone way beyond the time period given them to step down, and allow Humanity the chance to claim what is due to them and has been denied you for thousands of years.” (3) He explained what the Spiritual Hierarchy has offered the cabal, an explanation that echoes what Ben Fulford has also said. 

“The Spiritual Hierarchy have offered them a way out that would guarantee their safety, so that they could be held in secure surroundings until they were called to account for their crimes against you. We simply want them out of the way so that the path to Ascension can be opened up and in doing so, know that it will go ahead without interference.” (4) 

He tells us that the Divine Deadline is approaching beyond which the Galactic Federation does not need to pay any further attention to the cabal’s freewill. 

“Delaying tactics are not going to get them anywhere, as the Divine Date for a leap forward looms nearer which will authorize us to use whatever methods we wish, to reign in the dark Ones. Their supporters carry little power but are spread far and wide and it is mainly of a nuisance value. 

“They too are getting disenchanted with their responsibilities, as the golden egg will not be found in their nest and they will find that they will get little reward for what they have done for them.” (5) 

He tells us that their power structure has almost, but not totally, been brought down: “Our approach and that of our allies has almost disembodied the power structure that has held the dark Ones together. They encounter more opposition as people are rapidly awakening as to how they have been hoodwinked, and tricked into believing that steps taken in their name were for their benefit. In fact, the dark Ones have never worked for anyone but themselves to achieve their aim of world domination.” (6) 

He describes them as being toothless and reminds us that they have taken two previous civilizations down. I surmise that he’s referring to Atlantis and Lemuria, which, if true, shows how long they have been besetting terrestrial society. 

“They caused the destruction of two great civilizations and were so very close to adding yours to the list. It is now too late for them to alter their plans, plus our presence has limited their actions to ensure their failure. So Dear Ones, whatever you hear or read about vague threats from them, realize that they have had much taken away from them. Their roar may be frightening, but in reality they are more like the toothless tiger.” (7) 

He reminds us that focusing too much on them opens us to their influence: “The dark Ones may have been very clever or should we say crafty in fooling you for so long, but as Beings of Light you will not be in the least affected by their actions anymore. As with any soul, you leave yourselves open to the lower vibrations, when you focus too much on their fear-laden activities. So, yes, be aware of what is going on, but quickly move on and leave it in the past.” (8) 

Years ago, George Green revealed that the cabal had issued tickets to their allies for places in the deep underground bunkers, once nuclear war was unleashed on the planet. Here is George’s conversation with Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy on the subject: 

GG: And then I said, Ah, the heck with it. So, Desiree and I, we moved to Boulder, Colorado, and I said, I’ll just kind of kick back. 

But then I sat in on a meeting with the Governor of Colorado, and he’s discussing the underground facilities in Australia, and he got his ticket. 

I said: what ticket? 

[Pause] …He’s one of the chosen ones. 

KC: Oh, wow. 

Bill Ryan: George, I have to ask you, though, if there are a bunch of people who have tickets for these underground facilities in Australia and elsewhere… what’s the need to go underground at that point? Is it to do with war or to do with… 

KC: Nuclear fallout? 

GG: Yeah. Nuclear fallout. (9) 

Wanderer of the Skies refers to this Illuminati plan and confirms for us that the deep underground military bunkers or command centers in which the cabal and its associates planned to live out the post-war nuclear winter have been destroyed, probably a mortal blow to the secret state. 

“Many of your leaders in politics have been mislead into thinking that they still have a ‘ticket on the boat’ when the ‘End Times,’ as they have been led to believe, will occur. No-one has informed them that their sanctuaries have been destroyed, so they continue to pass legislation destructive to their very families blissfully unaware that the consequences of their actions will be personal. They wrongfully believe they will have a place to go. 

“When they are made aware of the fact that they will suffer along with the masses, their astonishment over the deception perpetrated upon them will rebound to those who created it and you will see the undoing of many of the wrongs started by this very class of people.” (10) 

Of the Illuminati’s plan to start World War III to bring down the planet’s population from 7 billion to a more manageable 500 million, SaLuSa says: “You should not experience fear upon learning of the attempts that have been made to start a Third World War. We of the Galactic Federation have full authority to stop any such attempt, and our allies are briefed to intervene on our behalf.” (11) 

In the same message, he tells us that we would see “the beginning of the end of the powerful individuals that are the Illuminati. There is no escape for them and we have them in our sight the whole time, and there is no hiding place that we are unaware of. So, you see Dear Ones, there is no need to waste your energy worrying about their presence or what they are up to. The day has come when they shall be stripped of their powers and ill-gotten gains obtained at your expense.” (12)

On Dec. 19 of last year, he reported that the Illuminati “are defiantly hitting out, to make a desperate last stand, but it will not achieve anything for them. Now that you understand how they operate, you are able to prevent the fallout, which usually causes fear.” (13) He added that the Galactic Federation is protecting us from the threat posed by the cabal. 

“We of the Galactic Federation play our part in protecting those of you under threat, and in some instances have appeared to them personally to give that assurance. Be assured that all Lightworkers are known to us, and along with their Guides are led along a path that is least likely to lead to confrontation. It cannot always be avoided, but there are occasions when the dark Ones are those who are at a disadvantage instead of you.”(14) 

What makes the galactics’ actions seem so difficult to understand is that they obey the natural laws, whereas the cabal doesn’t. We’re used to the Hollywood version of events in which the white hats make a pre-emptive strike or respond with violence, whereas the galactics don’t use force to achieve their ends. SaLuSa tells us as much, when he reports on the destruction of the cabal‘s command centers. 

“[The Illuminati] stubbornly refuse to give in, knowing that any engagement with them requires us to obey the rules. We respect all life, whereas they have none at all, even when it comes to fellow humans. Life to them is expendable, and they will use it to gain over anyone who gets in their way. We on the other hand will remove our ‘enemies’ to safety, rather than kill or wound them. Therefore, you may be assured that we removed all personnel prior to destroying underground military bases. Anyone who says otherwise is untruly reporting events, and out to paint a false picture of us.” (15) 

On earlier occasions he emphasized the care with which the galactics approach confrontation with the dark: “The authority we carry does not mean we can proceed just as we wish, as there is a correct way to approach such matters that are important to your evolution.” (16) 

Part of their caution stems from the fact that, prior to the divine deadline, they cannot interfere with our karma for having created the situation we face on Earth today, as he tells us here: 

“As you should know by now, we only go as far as the Higher Councils authorize us, and we would not do anything that could be seen as interference. You have created your reality, and it is not our place to prevent you experiencing the consequences.” (17) 

He explains in more detail: “We are not allowed to stop the unfolding of karma that has been brought about by the actions of Man on Earth. If we did, we would be denying you an opportunity to learn from your mistakes, and we ourselves would incur karma. We are too wise to even consider it, but can often lessen the effects of the outcome. Our action is often beyond your understanding and operates on a Galactic level, and we are very much involved in the use and control of energies to bring balance to Earth.” (18) 

However, after the divine deadline, the Divine Plan for the Earth takes precedence over the cabal’s freewill and our own. SaLuSa refers to the matter here: “There is after all a Divine Date that still stands as the final one beyond which we shall no longer tolerate delay.” (19) 

Moreover, once the time has run out for us to address our karma, a divine dispensation comes into effect that relieves us of the need to do more. SaLuSa explains: “With the End Times rapidly drawing so near, may souls have elected to take on all remaining karmic experiences. Therefore, for many it is a hectic time, particularly at a personal level. When you ascend, karma will have been cleared by you or ‘written off’ through the Law of Grace.” (20) 

“Coming out of your present cycle of Duality, you will not carry karma forward, which is why it must be cleared before you can ascend. The conditions are therefore in part necessary for souls to have the opportunity to do so.” (21) 

The Pleiadians through Greg Giles agrees that grace will assist us in our karmic clearing: “Grace is at hand, and all past karmic debts are being satisfied, as you are being prepared for your grandest adventure.” (22) 

Thus, prior to the Divine Deadline, the galactics must and do exercise restraint and circumspection, which is why their way of handling things seems to us to take much longer than what we’re used to. 

For the same reasons, the Galactic Federation cannot intervene in the conflict that occurs between nations, except to see that it does not escalate into war, SaLuSa tells us. This is so, even though the star nations have the power to neutralize our weapons. 

“We could stifle the guns of war, if so required by divine instruction, and at some stage that may be necessary. Meantime, we cannot interfere into the affairs between nations, and each altercation is another challenge to seek peaceful solutions. Unfortunately, there are vested interests that benefit from wars, that have no intention of stopping them until they get what they want… 

“The days of taking up arms to each other are passing very rapidly, and there will be complete world peace declared in the near future. We shall then be allowed to enforce it, and all war machines and weapons will be destroyed. Clearly, you cannot allow the existence of such low energies, if you are bringing the Light to Earth and are in the process of Ascension.” (23) 

The Galactic Federation itself can wage war, but prefers to accomplish its ends through peaceful negotiation. “There is no situation that our diplomats cannot overcome. Where you are concerned we have offered many times to bring peace to your world, but you will already know that our offers have been rejected. This time we answer the calls for peace from your population, and respond to the Divine decree that has put in place a date from which all wars will cease.” (24) 

The Galactic Federation plans to bring the cabal to justice after First Contact, as SaLuSa explains: “Almost on a daily basis, you are now learning about the truth behind many events that have been the work of the dark Ones, but hidden behind legitimate activities. The truth goes a lot deeper than you really know, but over the coming months it is going to be revealed to set the historical records right. 

“It will be presented in such a way, that no amount of denial will change the facts that support the accounts we will give you. We also need them to substantiate the actions that are planned, when many persons in authority are removed, because they have participated in criminal activities against you. At this point our concern is to get them out quite lawfully, and not waste time before they are replaced by those who are of the Light. 

“Over the many years, we have accumulated more than sufficient evidence to show which individuals have broken their promises to work for the people, and instead fallen for promises to get rich quick at their expense. Therefore, we can largely dispense with the laborious and long-winded trials that there is no longer sufficient time for. However, some crimes against you are of such gravity that a few individuals will stand trial, so as to reveal the full extent of them. 

“As you can imagine, such Beings are those who are of the Illuminati and controlled the plans to bring about world slavery of the Human Race. Clearly with Ascension so near to manifesting, they will eventually be removed, and spend their time at an appropriate level where they can reflect upon the effect they have had upon millions of Beings.” (25) 

In summary, perhaps two-thirds of the Illuminati have been disarmed and removed. Their command centers have been destroyed. Their plan to enslave the world lies in tatters. The remainder of the cabal continues to strike out, but have limited ability to cause harm. 

Prior to the Divine Deadline, the galactics are obliged to honor the cabal’s freewill and allow us to work out our karma. But after the deadline, they can deal more directly with the remaining dark ones, removing some and bringing others to trial, until the dark have been totally rendered harmless. 

However, it is not open to the galactics to use deadly force against anyone and so the Company of Light will not fight pitched battles against the dark – nor do they need to. The Light’s technology is superior. Their ability includes the power to render weapons inoperative. They are working within the natural laws to bring the rule of the dark on this planet to a peaceful end.


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