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Orchestra of Cosmos

by Ben Arion

When we hear the expression “everyone is one” it has a meaning to it. The soul, God, The all or whatever name one chooses to give it is the energy that is everywhere, in everything that creates everything. 

We are all a part of the All and from the same source. We can’t be separated from each other, it is an illusion. We are all one, it is a universal truth. The big consciousness has separated to many consciousnesses and that is why we can experience ourselves and create unique experiences through the All. 

The creator wants to experience everything. We all have unique gifts to share. There is nothing and no one better than the other; we can say that we exist on different levels of consciousness. All souls on this earth are on their way towards the light and to a union with everything that is. This power that exists through everyone and all is pure, limitless and unconditional love, the source and the primary source. 

To be able to experience ourselves as who we are we also need to experience who we are not. Without opposites we can’t fully experience who we are. To feel warmth we need cold etc. Opposites make it possible for us souls to experience who we don´t want to be and that is necessary if we want to grow past them to be who we really are. 

Who do you choose to be here and now? The creator separated himself/herself in order to be able to experience himself/herself. Look deep into the eyes of the one you love, or look deep into your own eyes. Can you see the spark that is life itself and the all? Love is the power that gives life. On guitar strings we can play different tones, but it is always the same instrument. Tones can be called dimensions and they have their own unique vibration. 

The All is endless amount of tones in harmony. The whole universe is a limitless Symphony Orchestra and without your cling the cosmos is not in harmony. You send your tone throughout eternity. Dimensions are different tone placements that vibrate. If you raise the frequency it will not become audible or it will not be seen by your senses if it is high enough. X-ray waves which have a higher frequency of light penetrate through the skin and make skeletal parts visible. 

We also have infra red light and infra-sounds, which are being used much in today’s technology. The visible light is a part of our everyday life but that doesn’t make the unseen light no more unreal. The rainbow has seven colours, which are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, dark blue and purple. These form our colour spectrum which we can see. We have seven energy centers, called “chakras” in our bodies, starting from our occipital and going down from there. They have the same colours as our rainbow. 

Number seven has had a meaning in Christianity and in the Bible, where it is seen as a bridge between people and heaven. Sounds, light and colours are one and the same thing. A dance of energies. Think about this for a while…This shows that everything we see as real is limited to what we can experience with our senses. Everything in the universe has a unique vibration, even though one has two of the same kind of glasses they do differ from one another. This is the language of vibrations. 

I am glad that you are here and you are with us on this trip!

The last 60 years the UFO- phenomena has been known globally. The fact is that many of these ships are from Galactic Civilizations. This is nothing new, because we have had regular visits from outer space throughout ages of history and there are many holes in our evolution. Their presence has been mirrored in many cultures through pictures and writings. The well-known Bible has many descriptions of ships for the curious one. Our friends from the stars are very much like us on the outside and they come from many places in the universe. Hair, clothing, height, face, form and body structure vary. Of course there are also beings of reptile-like and insect forms. Variations in a thing we call life, have no limits. 

Some forms could look a bit bizarre to our eyes, while others could be more humoristic or very beautiful.  There are no right or wrong looks; it lies in the eye of the beholder. The depth of the soul is the same. We all have the divine spark inside us. We will always be a part of everything. With this point of view, everything will become unique. The Cosmos is squirming with life, just like it does here on earth in nature, seas and cities. Our nature –and animal life is a beautiful example of how creative the universe is, a microcosm in a macrocosm. 

We need not have a body to exist. We can go to higher vibrations with our light body. The Cosmos of the Creator is the canvas and you are the artist. It is not only a negative thing to be limited. We take a few steps at a time; otherwise it will be too much. Our cosmic friends can easily lower and higher their vibration and travel between dimensions. If they choose they can materialize themselves in our reality. Time is not linear. Past and future exist at the same time in the now. They are as well time travellers as cosmonauts.  They who visit us have the technique, but they are also spiritual in their being and thinking. 

They live in harmony and love. A love and understanding that we deep inside want to feel on earth. They are of course curious about what we do. In the universe everything is unity and in symbiosis. Of course they do not want to see our beautiful planet fall down and that is something that it won’t do either. There are many people who work consciously or unconsciously together with aliens in order to prepare the world for a cosmic meeting. They want to help us in awakening to a world where we no longer are controlled and limited, where we do not control and limit ourselves. The spiritual insight that is now being spread on our planet is made of a higher purpose, to remember who we are and to prepare the world for a first meeting. 

The science about their presence has risen enormously in the last years and most believe in life in the universe, but what they do not know is that they are already here. We also have regular people who have been contacted in dreams and who have been on board ships. 

The Unconscious is always filled and comes to the surface when the soul is ready. Our senses function in a way that if changes in awareness occur too quickly we have a tendency to push it aside due to fear. Our friends know this and never force the changes from outside, but let the change grow and slither like a grain. 

When the flower blooms from the inside and from the heart, you will feel the truth in your whole being. As humans awake and insight spreads itself like rings on water, it becomes bigger and bigger and together they wake up those who sleep. Many motherships are stationed around our earth and can accommodate hundreds of thousands of beings from many planets. There are also smaller crafts for shorter trips and discoveries. The armada of ships is enormous and the variation in size and form is being adapted according to purpose. There are motherships, which are 100 miles in diameter and with 12 stories. They can accommodate paradise parks with artificial sun, moon, fruits and a rich animal life from many planets. 

There are conference rooms, dining rooms, music rooms, movie rooms (where you can create the film with your thought at the same time that it is being shown) theatre scenes, apartments for the passengers, garage for smaller crafts and much more. You can also visit the big Data Library where comprehensive information of the universe is available. Everything is being shown with a holographic presentation. If you would visit one of their ships it would be classified as ultramodern. Ships are totally self-powered. Everything is about handling the creative energies of the universe. On the ships there are all possible visitors. It is like an enormous hotel. Open for everyone and free of charge. 

The fact is that their mothership is stationed around our planet now. They follow our evolution, everything we do. If you look up to the sky you can actually sometimes see smaller spacecrafts. But most often they are dematerialized. Soon they will materialize themselves to our frequency and show their presence more openly. 

In the Galactic Federation there are many member planets and civilizations from other galaxies who work with the Light. They share and create together. Planet Earth will soon be a part of this Federation, even though we don’t believe it. There are rules for a First Contact with civilizations. Partly there is free will in our universe. They don’t want to force their presence into any civilization and risk separating their unique traditions and ways of living.  Besides, inhabitants of a planet must have gone through some spiritual awakening before contact can occur. 

The Federation can be compared to earth’s UN (United Nations) but on a bigger and more conscious level. Our galaxy totally squirms of life and is far from empty and cold. For example, the planets Venus and Mars are inhabited, but life is on a higher vibration/frequency and the only thing that we see is the body of the planets which is on our dimension of light speed. We can compare it with layers of an onion. Our galaxy has so many planets that it would be hard to name and describe them all. The plans for a First Contact with the Earth have been going on since ages past and have been refined step by step. These plans are now being kept going fully and they will be expressed at the right moment, sooner than we think and definitely in our lifetimes. This is why you hold this book in your hands. We are not left alone with our development; we have cosmic guides on our side. They have always been here and followed our development and have had a loving finger in the game. 

They have stopped the military from exploding our planet when they have played with bombs, which could have been the end of the earth. They have also been with us in higher planes and guided humanity to go where we are today, and given humans ideas which have in many ways affected our spiritual and technological development. In our present reality, we often give the economy and technology the upper hand, which can lead to misuse of power and big catastrophes.  Free will is being accepted to a certain limit by the Galactic Federation. 

The line was drawn when we without responsibility started to play with atomic and hydrogen bombs. Then it was time to awaken the “kindergarden baby” and let them start the first grade. We produce things in order to make money here on earth. In a Galactic Society there is no money. Technology is being used to create for everyone and in love. We wake up in a faster pace and become more and more open to the idea about the existence of our cosmic friends.  We did not come to being here on earth just by accident like certain scientists theorize about our evolution. We are relatives with cosmic people. We have DNA from many different cosmic races. From a very long time ago, started the plans about establishing a paradise on planet Earth. On earth, people were meant to live together in a never before witnessed flora of animals and plants, but the dark forces interfered in the project for their own gains and disconnected ten of the twelve DNA-strings. 


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