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From Deep Sleep to Full Awareness

By Ben-Arion, http://www.cosmicnature.net & http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net

The more people know, the less shock there is when the day of contacting our universal sisters and brothers comes.

We can tell our friends about this so that they understand, because media is not good at doing this. The contact is going to happen in a couple of years, maybe tomorrow. You also know this, but think that it’s going to happen or might happen in the distant future.

The truth is that it lies very close. If you choose not to read further then it’s the right choice for you.  We always choose to open ourselves when we feel that we are ready. Now it’s time to get ready for the biggest adventure of the Earth, because that is what is going to happen. Aliens do not just look like as you’ve seen on TV. Most of them look just as we do, you wouldn’t notice any big difference.

On our planet we have groups like Europeans, Asians, Africans and so on, everyone with their special characteristics.  There are many more in the universe. On developed planets the characteristics are very much like that in humans. Small details like eyes, ears and face forms vary, not only “green people”, like media often likes to show them.


Hard to imagine? Yes, but soon it´ll be a reality. Soon the time is right, tomorrow or in a couple of years. We will see and feel the change. It’s happening already, but everything in this world is not visible before one “chooses” to see it.  Very soon will the changes be visible to most humans. For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Much will happen in fields like economics, politics, technology, nature and so on. The transformation will be felt in body, mind and soul.

Follow your heart, and be in presence, it helps a lot. Tiredness, changes in job situations, relations and so on are as usual. You get in a higher energy and integrate the real truth about who you really are. There is nothing strange about it, it is a journey from a deep sleep state to full awakening.

The memory of your limitless nature is getting harder and harder to ignore. Have faith in the deep feeling of magic that shines in you. Our roads may be seen as different, but in us there is a root of love where our roads make a union.

There is much happening around us that we don´t see, especially when it comes to Mother Earth. We hear about earthquakes and floods. There will be more.

The media shows only a fraction of the truth of what is happening on Earth.  One who seeks answers will have to find them on his own. The truth is that changes are bigger and stronger than anyone can imagine. Our planet is about to break out of its old shell and rise up to a higher frequency and that concerns everything that lives on her. As we humans cleanse our bodies and get sick, so does the Earth. She has taken much through millenniums because of our forgetfulness about who we really are. This will not be allowed to continue.

The so called UFO question will be open and the truth will be told. The media will get to know about this. It will be said pretty suddenly. When this has been done they will show themselves openly to us. Speeches will be held in the media about who they are, about the history of the earth, what awaits, who we are and simply, the truth will be told. Then people will open their eyes. These speeches will change the world. After that the flights over will be done. Everyone will clearly see their space crafts, which are driven by anti- gravitation and electro- magnetics and other technology that is totally unknown to us.

They are not unidentified flying objects, there are humans flying these multi-dimensional crafts.  There's nothing strange about it. People will accept this in their own way. Some will cry, others will be glad, some scared, pass out and faint and so on. The only thing you actually need to do is to smile. You are about to wake up to be the one you have forgotten all about.  The biggest shock will be for them who are in a deep sleep and are afraid to let go of the 3-D world.

They will get much support from many directions. Fear easily rises when one must let go of old structures.  Everything has its time and some will want to keep seeing things as they always have seen them to feel safe.  That is why the contact has been kept for a long time, to show the presence. This outer contact has also been an inner contact… To find the inner nature which has no limits. In the exact right moment comes our navy of Galaxies, our cosmic friends, to show themselves in the sky… So that everyone can see, clearly and vividly, without doubts. At the same time, messages will be sent on TV and radio all over the world. After that the divine and cosmic plans will set in and take us back to full consciousness.

The changes will be happy and uplifting for you all. The energy on the planet Earth rises strongly now, to make us ready for this big happening, that we have waited for so long.

To give an example: a cosmic man called Shimro from the Pleiades, as human as we are, decides to make a flight over us. He is dressed in pilot uniform with badges. He has a smile on his lips and shines kindness and joy. There is nothing supernatural about it. It was thousands of years ago that they were seen as “the gods from above”. Humans have just started to explore space and our space crafts are clumsy. They fight against nature and the universal laws instead of co-operating with them.  

Don´t believe everything you read about NASA and new technology. Much of the information is classified as secret and never reaches the media due to control. Technology that can replace oil and give an overload of energy has been discovered long ago, but has been blocked by humans who still want to have economic control. We have to realize that money very much controls humans now. Money is good if the energy flows, but leads to wars when people get greedy. High ranked ones in the military, some scientists and even big leaders know to a high degree of what is going to happen in the near future. It is mostly civilians who are still in a sleep.

They think that it is made up and nonsense.  Everyone works as usual and live their lives. Most are unaware of what is happening behind the scenes. When the curtain is opened, a shock might easily occur. Then we suggest that you take a deep breath. It´s not a question of them, it’s about being big enough to take responsibility for our planet and ourselves. Be as a member of the family.

Why can´t we see them now? Because they are in another dimension and reality. Another light frequency and vibration. Your eyes can register a certain frequency of light that your brain translates to a picture. Everything that exists in creation is vibrations of light that forms material. This is about to be confirmed by the world of science. Everything is energy and energy cannot disappear, only change form.


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